Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan Openly Supporting Sunni ISIS Caliphate Construction In Syria…


As expected the Syrian Kurdish controlled city of Kobane (Kobani) -located near the border with Turkey- is about to fall into the hands of Sunni ISIS extremists, and Recep Erdogan is doing everything he can to insure it happens.

[…]  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the coalition air campaign launched last month would not be enough to halt the Islamic State advance and called for greater cooperation with the Syrian opposition, which is fighting both the Islamic State and forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

“Kobani is about to fall,” he told Syrian refugees in the Turkish town of Gaziantep, near the border.

“We asked for three things: one, for a no-fly zone to be created; two, for a secure zone parallel to the region to be declared; and for the moderate opposition in Syria and Iraq to be trained and equipped.”

Turkish tanks and other ground forces have been stationed along the border within a few hundred meters of the fighting in Kobani — also known as Ayn Arab — but have not intervened.  (link)

For two weeks we have watched Erdogan do everything he can to facilitate the falling of Kobane into the hands of his Sunni compatriots, ISIS.   Erdogan’s request for a “no-fly” zone insures that Kobane, once lost, will remain a safe haven for the ISIS extremists.

erdogan-obamaKobane could have been saved by either U.S. or Turkish intervention.   However, both President Obama and Erdogan have done nothing to lift a finger to assist the Kurdish fighters in the border town.

To the contrary, Recep Erdogan has done everything in his power to insure Kobane was cut off from any possible assistance and/or intervention.   Erdogan even blocked the border using tear gas to insure Kurds from inside Turkey did not cross over and support their brothers and sisters in the fight to retain Kobane.

What seemed impossible is becoming more and more likely.

Each day that passes further affirms probability that Erdogan is positioning himself to be the leader of the Sunni Caliphate being constructed in Syria and Iraq.

Imagine if the Tea Party controlled Texas, and Texas came under attack from Mexico with plans to annex it.   President Obama not only doesn’t defend Texas, but rather positions the U.S. military on the inner state border, cuts them off from supply and refuses to allow any US citizen to assist their brothers and sisters in Texas.

You would know what he was doing right?  You would not need to ask questions – the motive would be obvious.

Erdogan is essentially doing the same thing with Kobane.

Now Erdogan is going one step further.   He is not only stopping Turkish Kurds from assisting Kobane, he is handing Kobane to ISIS and requesting a NATO enforced no-fly zone to allow the Sunni extremists free reign in the region.

In addition Erdogan is calling for the U.S. and allies to arm “the moderate opposition” to Assad.  Who do you think Erdogan perceives that opposition to be?  Yes, of course – ISIS.

The next step will be for Turkey to shift to the role of weapons supplier for the “moderate forces”, this will insure he controls the support into Syria.  Who do you think he will arm?  Yes, again – ISIS.   Erdogan’s primary goal is the removal of Bashir Assad so that ISIS can continue their Sunni expansion.

Once ISIS controls most of Iraq and all of Syria, they will move to attack Jordan from outside and from inside.   What will the U.S. do?  Nothing.

Again, the strongest probability exists that Erdogan views himself as the rising leader of this new Sunni Caliphate and he’s doing everything in his power to insure it’s success.

Obama Erdogan - Turkey

Erdogan’s ideological brother, President Obama, will do nothing to stop this strategic regional goal – and actually has done everything he can to facilitate it.

President Obama has been backing the Sunni side of the Islamist cause (e.g. the Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, HAMAS, various Libyan Fighting Groups, and obviously ‘non-Islamic’ ISIS) since he first came into office and delivered his now infamous Cairo speech.

Throughout the Islamist Spring Obama has given support to the Sunni goals; in Tunisia and Libya, then from Egypt to Syria and eventually into the new caliphate targeted Iraq, where he insured the U.S. troop presence was removed to facilitate those goals.

President Obama is not merely allowing ISIS to win, he’s actually assisted their objectives.   Obama provided them their General by releasing Al Baghdadi, armed them through Operation Zero Footprint (Libya) and other covert deals in Syria;  he’s removed our troops in Iraq out of their way and now, yet again, he’s hiding the overall scheme.

Here’s a question you’ll never see put to Josh Earnest:

If Joe Biden, and by consequence ‘The Administration’ was so certain Qatar was financing the rise of Jihad in Syria (Harvard Speech last Friday) then why did the U.S. send the Gitmo terrorists to Qatar?

To hide from the U.S. electorate Obama has generally disguised what he’s doing.   Hence you see the faux war in Syria carried out by a hand selected General John Kelly who Obama has leverage and blackmail pressure on.   Kelly’s job is to put on a good show of making little rocks out of big rocks while the media stay cluelessly ignorant to the fact that ONLY U.S. personnel are engaged in Syria.

Other than one sorte, by one country, the UAE on September 21st, no Arab country has lifted a finger.  But you still hear the term “coalition”; why?   It’s only for media and domestic consumption / deflection.

People using their old prisms and paradigms have proclaimed Obama’s foreign policy to be a complete mess, a disaster. Yet if you look at it with new eyes that understand the goals – he’s really not doing too badly.

From Obama’s perspective Egypt was going swimmingly until Brotherhood Islamist Morsi went too far and the Egyptian secular majority chose to put Fattah El-Sisi in charge.   That pesky freedom thorn obviously irked Obama and his entire administration.

Libya is now a hell-hole of various Islamist factional fighting under the sketchy guise of “Libyan Dawn”, aka al-Qaeda in Libya.

Why is President Obama doing all of this?

Perhaps it’s just a general confluence of ideology.   Obama is sensitive to the Sunni Islam version of their religion, and simultaneously he’s paying off the debt he owes to the Sunni powers that assisted his rise to power.

In a larger context the entire dynamic fits the overall left-wing aim of diminishing the United States as a global superpower who have meddled in the Middle-east far too long.

Unfortunately there are going to be hundreds of thousands caught in the ISIS slaughter as the loss of freedom gives rise to the full force of Islam.

After all, Freedom and Islam are antithetical to each other.



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16 Responses to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Erdogan Openly Supporting Sunni ISIS Caliphate Construction In Syria…

  1. LetJusticePrevail" says:


    “We asked for three things: one, for a no-fly zone to be created; two, for a secure zone parallel to the region to be declared; and for the moderate opposition in Syria and Iraq to be trained and equipped.”

    Now, just think about those 3 requests for a moment:

    1) A no-fly zone—who would that benefit? Certainly, the IS has no real air support capabilities. Wouldn’t the Assad regime be bombing the IS, and not the Kurds?

    2) A secure zone parallel to the region— How would that benefit, or provide support to the Kurds defending Kobani? If anything, it only cut off any support from Kurds in Turkey, and closed off an avenue of retreat for the Kurds already in Kobani.

    3) Training and equipping the “moderate” opposition in Syria and Iraq — What “moderate opposition” remains that has not already formed pacts of either mutual non-aggression, or even outright cooperation with the IS? And (at this stage of the game) how would “training” even be practical for the Kurds already in Kobani?

    Erdogan doesn’t seem to be as good of a liar as Obama, does he?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. BigMamaTEA says:

    Is this not treason, with a capital T?!!

    Liked by 2 people

    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      Not in Turkey. Suppression of the Kurdish secessionists is one of the priorities. This is a great opportunity for them. They get to sit back and watch while IS weakens both the Kurds AND the pro-Assad forces.


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  4. Irish Eyes says:

    What is Russia doing? Reportedly Putin supports Assad. Why doesn’t he arm the Kurds or strike ISIS? Surely he’d enjoy calling Obama’s bluff and making him look useless.


    • czarowniczy says:

      He’s playing Turkey big time, just like the West is, but with bigger stakes; he’s just not running around like an idiot saying any politically expedient thing that pops out of his…mouth…like the West is. Russia has a lot at stake here and a geo-political opportunity it hasn’t had in a century and it’s not about to blow it. Watch for Russia to start pushing for Turkey to take a bigger role in the goings on – most likely with Russian (Iranian) backing.

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  5. czarowniczy says:

    At the end of WW I the Allies bough the defeated Ottoman Empire to the peace table. The Turks wanted to retain control of their own lands, including Syrian and what are now Iraqi lands. The Allies forced them to cede their lands, divided them up along the lines the Europeans wished and put the Turks back in the corner where they basically stayed until NATO decided they really needed them to block the Russian Black Sea fleet. To lure the Turks into the European fold the prospects of NATO and EU membership were dangled in front of them – hey got one and only half-assed got the other. Now the Europeans and the US want Turkey (BTW, NATO’s 2nd largest standing military) to take on ISIS as neither of them have the balls.
    Erdogan has all of the card on his table, he has ISIS helping solve his Kurd problem, the ISIS forces in Iraq are, ironically, occupying almost the exact slice of Iraq that the Ottomans did, he is getting tons of goodies from the Russians who want his help in Syria, Iraq and Turkey sort of ‘out’ of NATO, he’s seeing the old Ottoman areas the Allies took from him coming into anarchy and up for grabs but most importantly he knows the Europeans and Russia see Turkey as THE new regional power there who’ll cement the area together. The West and Russia will play him as his huge army will be able to flatten ISIS in short order while neither of them have the basing capability, nor national strength, to do so. Erdogan will bluster and fluster as he lets the drama play out, until all concerned recognize Turkey as Ottoman II, allowing it some sort of dominion over its old lands in Syria and Iraq. Remember earlier on when I’d pointed out that ISIS has early-on occupied the choice oil fields in Iraq bordering Syria? ISIS’s lines almost exactly matched the old Ottoman lines and I’m betting Syria will ask for, and get, some sort of concessions in restoring a Turk-leaning Sunni political structure in Syria and land (oil field) concessions in Iraq. As soon as the West and Russia (both will do do rather than allow one to get the leg up) recognize Turkey as the regional power and give Turkey some of the concessions it wants, Turkish military will go through ISIS like a Brush Hog through daises. Why are we so willing to believe what Erdogan says when we don’t believe what our equally duplicitous leaders say?

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    • Irish Eyes says:

      I guess the Kurds will be the losers in this Realpolitik game. Turkey wants to be rid of them & everyone else considers them expendable. Too bad for them and for all the other victims ISIS will massacre while the power brokers are playing chess.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Wave goodbye to the Kurds, first as a nation-to-be and, if they don’t sit down and shut up, as a people. I know this is ancient history and doesn’t matter, blahblahblah, but all you need to do is look back at the Turks who, under the cover of WWI, massacred around 1.5-million Armenians. The apologists say that the numbers aren’t exact – actually they are probably low – so the genocide’s irrelevant or they say that it was the ‘Ottomans’ and not the Turks so …you get the idea. Turks learned that all they had to do when they turned the genocide hose onto a new peoples was to do it sloooooowly under the cover of fighting a terrorist group and the West, who needed Turkey as a strategic partner, would look the other way.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Irish Eyes says:

          I was just thinking about the Armenian Genocide today. Deja vu all over again.


          • czarowniczy says:

            We think of it as ancient history but mention it in the media and see how fast the Turkish apologist section of their embassy’s on the phone to you. I particularly like the excuse that what killings were done were ‘political’ and nor ‘religious’, it’s just coincidence that the killers were Muslim and the killees were not.

            Liked by 1 person

  6. sundance says:


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