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President G.W. Bush Speaks To The Nation, September 2001

The following video incorporates an audio recording that was made by a Detroit radio station, WOMC FM, in October 2001. It contains excerpts from two speeches – President Bush’s oval office speech the evening of September 11, 2001, and the … Continue reading

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Memories of Sept 11, 2001

The thing that really stands out in my memories of Sept 11, 2001, is the astonishing unity of the majority of Americans – sadness, love of country, enormous anger towards our enemies.  Remember the members of Congress standing on the … Continue reading

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Honoring The Fallen

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When Needed, Old Glory Is Always There

Written by Mitch Albom, and published in the Detroit News/Detroit Free Press, September 23, 2001. That our flag was still there through the gloom and despair, hanging on porches, flapping in schoolyards, painted on cheeks of young mothers whose husbands … Continue reading

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The Few, The Proud…….The Dogs Of 9/11

We have all heard that heroes come in all shapes and sizes; sometimes the most unassuming person rises to the occasion and meets the challenge. And sometimes it is a very special type of animal, a rescue dog. In the … Continue reading

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The Better Option?

He stared toward a cloudless sky A tear was present in his eye. What did he see I wondered loud this man of strength did not look proud. I stood and watched a box filled square contemplating upon his stare. … Continue reading

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The Fireman’s Friar

Listed as Victim 0001 on his body bag, Father Mychal Judge became one of the most recognized images of the victims lost to us on September 11,2001. Robert Emmet (Mychal) Judge was the son of Irish immigrants. He grew up … Continue reading

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