Prayer Requests – 10

Please share any prayer requests you may have for friends or loved ones here….

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1,924 Responses to Prayer Requests – 10

  1. Bionic_Granny says:

    Asking for prayers for my brother Donald who has just been diagnosed with cancer, The tumor is in a sinus cavity very close to his brain. My SIL is very upset and having a hard time dealing with it. He is having an MRI to see how invasive the tumor is. We thought he had had a stroke as his speech was slurred and he was having bad headaches. He may also have some heart issues.He had to be tested for the CV and that came back negative(a big blessing.) We are a large family and most of us still live fairly close to each other. Thank you all for being the warriors you are.

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  2. potus2020 says:

    prayers for myself, employment, lose place to live -five days-zero $ left, i am suffering

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