Prayer Requests – 10

Please share any prayer requests you may have for friends or loved ones here….

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  1. angellestaria6674 says:

    My companion and faithful fellow-Treepers:

    Out of a great conversation I had with Valerie Curren here on this prayer thread over the course of the last couple of days, she had mentioned something that got me to thinking of sending her a couple of poems I previously posted in the daily Presidential and Our Father Prayer threads.

    I was going to email her the piece I posted right before Christmas of 2018 about a dreadful time spent in Moscow, Russia many years ago, but our very proficient and on-top-of-all-things-here Ad Rem culled it out of my past comments and was kind enough to post it here in this thread.

    My thought to and for all of you who will read it is this:

    I hope my piece will encourage each and everyone of you who are in distress, whether you are sick or have family members who are sick, have had loved ones pass away or any other painful situation you are facing in life. I hope this presentation will lift you up in faith and hope of the Lord your God’s care, love, peace and faithfulness to be with you, to be close to you (He’s already in your heart!) and is and will yet make His great comforting Presence known to you in your hour of distress and trial.

    The circumstances of which I write in my poem were indeed, so incomprehensible that there are no words to describe all the worst of pain, torments, agony, fear, dread, terror, blackness of soul and what seemed to be a hopeless black hole back then. But the Lord intervened in supernatural, miraculous, even creative ways that kept me alive and got me out of there in one piece. That was over 40 years ago. He wasn’t finished with this life yet. I was barely over 20 years of age. And to think, part of His plan and road ahead of my life back then, was to be part of this wonderful site, and yes, even to be sitting here right now at 4:53am-EST typing these words of love and encouragement to and for you. I wouldn’t have missed this for the world!

    Having said all that, I will say that as close to me as He was, giving great(est) grace in the face of impossible odds of surviving, HE IS, THIS PRESENT DAY & TIME, JUST AS CLOSE TO EVERY ONE OF YOU NO MATTER YOUR SITUATION. Some peoples’ trials and sufferings are greater than others, but the Lord our God is the same yesterday, today and forever and is equally present in all His love, comfort, mercy, grace and perfecting will with all His people in all of their trials. Keep that precious truth in mind while you are going through the fire and the flood, the wind and the storm and the darkness of Hell itself trying to trip you up with fear, panic and dread. Perfect love casts out all fear. Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty…and that includes liberty from fear and dread.

    This is why my piece is here on this thread. I’ve not shared these things with very many, but it’s the only reason I share things of past life. It’s basically the premise and reason for my being part of the CTH community to begin with.

    This prayer request thread is a great ministry and is one of the greatest things online that I have ever come to. Not everybody gets miraculous deliverance, but all true, devoted God-worshiping Christians get His fullest grace and mercy of love, comfort, peace and His perfect will in their lives. And for that, it is good to rejoice and offer the Lord His due thanksgiving, glory, praise and worship.

    Bless all of you. I love all of you as if I knew you as closest personal friends in real time life. The Lord has profoundly, by His Holy Spirit, been moving upon and in me these last few days for all of you.

    I believe the Lord has yet a greater purpose for the Conservative Tree House aka The Last Refuge. I am believing great things for this site, for Sundance, Ad rem, Menagerie, staff and every single one of you Treepers, however and whatever that perfect will of God for each and all of us is.

    Shalom always and forever,

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  2. justfactsplz says:

    It’s me again. I am on coumadin for life because of having blood clots twice. For my surgery I have to stop taking coumadin and take lovenox shots to bridge the gap before and after surgery. My doctor had me stop the coumadin last night. They ordered the lovenox shots and I was to start them this morning twice a day. Human insurance co that I have had for my prescription drug co for several years decided they aren’t covering the drug anymore. The generic costs two thousand dollars which I cannot do. The doctor is trying to get prior authorization for the drug but Humna has not answered them. I am trusting God to protect me in this. There is no substitute drug.

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  3. justfactsplz says:

    It’s me again fellow prayer warriors. I am on Coumadin for life because of having blood clots twice. When I have surgery I have to stop the Coumadin and bridge the gap with Lovenox shots twice a day. I stopped the Coumadin last night and the doctor ordered my Lovenox shots. I have Humana drug coverage and have had it for several years. Never had a problem with them. Well,they decided they don’t cover the drug and the generic costs two thousand dollars. There is no substitute. The doctor is trying to get prior authorization but Humana hasn’t answered them. I was to start the shots this morning. The last time I got them for my hip revision surgery they cost me $35.00 18 months ago. I can’ afford a high co pay for this. I am trusting God to protect me.

    Also, Gary’s beloved cat, Buck Shot has been missing since Sunday. He has never been missing for more than an hour. Gary has been crying his eyes out. He rescued the little guy from under his boat when he was about five weeks old and raised him. I have noticed Gary has been having problems with his emotions and is also at times very grouchy and snappy with me. It is all part of this long journey of the Alzhiemers. I thank God he is highly functional.

    I am resting I God’s peace and in His presence. I start each day sitting with my garage door open and thank God for all of my blessings, this home, every thing big and small. I thank him for His beautiful creation. Yesterday he sent me birds again. Not cardinals. Little tiny birds. There were two of them. They flew in the garage and sat on the chair next to me and stared at me a long time. I looked at every little feather. Then they broke out in a beautiful song before flying away. God has used birds many times to let me know He is near when I am going through tough times. It gets my attention so I can listen to the Holy Spirit.

    In the evening I sit and watch the sunsets. Each day is different in color and the clouds are different. I thank God for that every day. I have found much joy in God’s creation and it is very calming to take this time to spend with God. If you are going through tough times find a calming and peaceful place to thank God for your blessings. I also do this when the physical pain overwhelms me and God helps me with it.

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    • patrickhenrycensored says:

      Praying your needs are met, justfactsplz
      Been feeding the wild feathered for years.
      The symphony at my place never ends.

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    • There are not adequate words of my own so I’ll share more of God’s Word with you…–bbiAkScmQHaF7&pid=Api

      May the Lord Bless & Keep You, may He make His Face to Shine upon You, may He lift up His Countenance upon You & give You Peace. May the Peace of God rule Your Hearts & Minds in Christ Jesus. Lord be with JFP & Gary in Your comforting Presence, Your healing Touch, Your steadfast Love, Your Joy (in the midst of ongoing sorrows), Your Hope, Your Name, Your Light, Your Life…open doors that no man can shut, shower them with blessings, & make smooth paths for their feet that You light & strengthen them to travel.
      In Jesus’ Name & Love

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      • justfactsplz says:

        Thank you for the beautiful verses and pictures. Cardinals are my favorite bird. Had them the last three places I lived but haven’t seen any here but I have heard them. That last verse is my favorite from a child. Be strong and of a good courage, Joshua 1:9

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        • Glad these blessed you & perhaps lifted your spirits just a bit. God continue to minister to you all that you need according to His Riches in Glory in Christ Jesus (sorry if that’s a repeat, for I’m replying by the “bell” not at the page). Blessings!

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    • Joe Blow says:

      May the Lord be with you through your procedure, justfacts. His creation is a beautiful thing to behold, especially when one needs to refresh, rejuvenate, or adjust their perspective, as is often the case for me.

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  4. Dear Treepers, Josiah & I are just wrapping up our day at the University of Michigan Hospital with his Nephrology Team visit (doctor, dietitian, & social worker). We got his blood draw before the appointment & don’t have those results yet. I’ve written a detailed post about today’s visit at the more medical/Josiah-focused blog here if anyone wants details, but overall things appear to be going well:

    When I hear about the liver bloodwork I’ll drop a line here. We are praying for No Liver Transplant Rejection, especially since I erroneously lowered his anti-rejection dosage for two weeks & he’s only been back on the “regular” dosage for a couple of days.

    Thanks for your many prayers on behalf of my family!!! God Bless & Keep You All!!! 🙂

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  5. justfactsplz says:

    Treepers I am sorry for two similar posts yesterday. I was typing the first one and hit a wrong key and it disappeared. I did not see it post so wrote another one.

    it has been an exhausting day. The doctor went around and around with Humana and finally got the shots approved on an emergency basis, the generic ones. By the time the approval came through it was late tonight and pharmacy about to close and I had to hurry and borrow money which I hate doing for the $277.00 copay. Just for one drug, it’s insane. Anyway I was able to get a shot tonight. Otherwise I would have had to cancel my surgery. God did make a way and answered prayers.

    My preop stuff is tomorrow in Orlando and will take most of the day. Praying all goes well with that. Thank you for praying.

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    • Joe Blow says:

      Praise God! He does make a way! Prayers for a successful preop.

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    • bcsurvivor2 says:

      hi Justfactsplz,
      Jeepers, so sorry you are facing even more “stuff”
      As you know Ma” will be here with me in a few days. YAY, can you believe it.
      We would love to come visit you while you are in the hospital, if you like….where two or more treepers are gathered in His name….
      Anyhow, Ma” has chemo today and the a bigly long flight coming up. I’ll send AdRem my email and phone # so she can forward to you.
      Are you at Orlando regional? Or Florida Hospital, now Advent Health?

      Read all the posts here everyday..
      peace and prayers for everyone

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      • justfactsplz says:

        Hi, bcsurvivor2,

        I will be in Orlando Regional hospital. My surgeon is a trauma surgeon there and is worth going there instead of the small town surgeons. He has done well on my other leg.

        What a way to meet people. I will look a wreck and may even be out of it when you come. With my hip revision surgeries they sent me home the second day. I have a feeling they will send me home the day after. To think my first hip repolacement they kept me five days.

        Ad rem has permission from me to give you my email address. Maii was supposed to give you that and my pone number.

        See you soon. I have something to look forward to now.

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        • bcsurvivor2 says:

          Hi there,
          So glad your surgery is a go.
          Would it be more convenient for us to visit you at your home say about Friday of next week?
          We could bring a lunch and help with any chores you and gary need done. Grocery shopping even.
          Ma” can’t walk a lot and i have hurt my back, with sciatica kicking up so walking for me is we’re a mess.
          My sister -in-law is a Chaplin at Orlando regional, she would visit you if you like. I’m sure she knows your doctor as she works in the trauma unit.
          At any rate I am looking forward to meeting you.
          Will be in touch. Just please let me know if you need anything………
          peace and prayers,

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          • justfactsplz says:

            What a trio, I can’t walk right now either, lol! I got a call today from ORMC about some Base Camp I have to attend the morning after surgery and the afternoon after too. Sounds like propaganda time to me Siigh! So, maybe it would be better to wait and come to my house. After Base Camp I will be furloughed home anyway. By Friday I should be more with it too. May be groggy day after surgery. Would love a visit from your Chaplain sister in law.


            • angellestaria6674 says:

              Got a few minutes to get on say hi to some of you.

              Still praying for you and will continue to do so.

              The Lord is faithful…and with you!

              Shalom always, stay strong, lean upon the Lord!


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  6. We didn’t hear directly from Brandon “today” but here is part of the leader’s update from their blog that pertains to what B had been doing the other day & perhaps continuing to do. I posted it here since Ad Rem started the new page…

    “Today, we spent the entire day at the work site so I anticipated much more physical labor than the spiritual work we were focused on before. But, of course, the Lord continued to reveal himself to me in amazing ways. We first drove through the cemetery to see the dump and learn more about the impact it has on this city. Actually witnessing the culmination of extreme poverty and unfathomable brokenness was sobering and heartbreaking. In a place that seems so hopeless, I was taken aback by Manuel’s (one of the Guatemalan people we are serving with) faithfulness to seek God regardless. His desire to love others like Jesus does definitely set the tone for the day and prepared us to set ourselves aside for the sake of others.

    The work site mostly entailed pushing wheelbarrows of sand back and forth, shoveling, mixing cement and removing nails, among other tasks. Since the work was somewhat repetitive (though physically demanding), God allowed a lot of time to bond with our team, those we were partnered with in service and some wonderful local children. While we were shoveling, several kids ran up to us and – despite not even being able to speak the same language – eagerly began to help us and continued to do so throughout the day. I was amazed by their complete willingness to serve so happily and I felt so lucky that God calls me to do the same: that he loves us so dearly that we get the chance to be a part of his divine Kingdom work, whether that means building a house or just playing soccer with kids.

    In such a short time, it is so apparent to me that the Lord is here in Guatemala and he is certainly moving. How gracious is he to give us so many reasons to rejoice.

    “Though you have not seen him, you love him. Though you do not now see him, you believe in him and rejoice with joy that is inexpressible and filled with glory, obtaining the outcome of your faith, the salvation of your souls.”
    1 Peter 1:8-9″

    There are more details about other aspects of their work on their blog, but no pictures yet:

    Thanks for your prayers on behalf of Brandon & this missions team in Guatemala. Blessings!

    I’ll post future updates in reply to this comment, hopefully…Thanks

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    • My husband got a couple of brief messages from Brandon today. He’s doing well, though very exhausted. Great things are happening in Guatemala. Please continue to keep them in your prayers. They are scheduled to be back home very late on Saturday.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        What a horror for Brandon to be able to serve in this capacity. This experience will stay with hi for the rest of his life. Praying for his safe return home.

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        • Perhaps you meant “honor” rather than “horror”…

          Yes we think he might be in a bit of culture shock when he gets home & has to muck it out here in the valley of life rather than those overt mountaintop triumphs they are hopefully experiencing there. They have a big adjustment coming home from hunting camp–a familiar place with familiar people & activities. Going back to work on Monday will probably feel a bit surreal to him too.

          Thanks so much for your prayers!!! Blessings

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    • Michael heard briefly from Brandon late Friday. This was their last full day in Guatemala. He’s already hoping to go on next year’s mission’s trip for this has been such a special time. Apparently he has made some close friendships along the way & is having a hard time saying goodbye. Please pray that this trip ends well & they will glorify the Lord throughout the process.

      He’s supposed to return very late Saturday, just before midnight. We’d appreciate prayers for their safe return & for the Lord of the Harvest to reap mightily from their Guatemalan adventures. Thank you for your prayers!

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  7. Weeper says:

    I hope this posts. I wanted to take a minute and thank everyone who has been praying for me. They’re working. No, I’m not “well”, far from it, but I am feeling better after last Friday which was the toughest battle yet in this fight.

    I wrote a poem that I’d like to share:

    She walks outside in her house dress
    The light peeks through, right before dawn
    Dew on the grass and birds singing
    As she sits in her spot on the lawn

    She reflects on her journey to this point
    How she got here, she hasn’t a clue
    But the battle is long, and she’s only begun
    Counting scars as she powers through

    She has no time for things that are phony
    Be it news, or fake sympathy
    But some days she must put on a brave face
    To preserve a sweet memory

    Sometimes are better than others
    Worth a nod, or a tap, or a shrug
    She tries to press on in her best light
    When really, all she needs is a hug

    She has very few she can count on
    Some have made clear they don’t seem to care
    But a feeling that nags her is so strong
    She’s been remembered and lifted in prayer

    Please don’t leave me sweet feeling, I need you
    I wake every day believing you’re real
    If you go I’ll be sad and quite lonely
    So you’ll live on in my heart….that’s the deal

    I’m so thankful that I found this site. It’s kept me company many a day. I write. It’s a small way to contribute and express my gratitude.


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    • Thanks for sharing Weeper. We’re still praying for you & many other needs here. May the Lord continue to comfort, heal, strengthen, sustain, encourage, & enfold You in His arms of Love. Blessings (Oh & Angelle wanted me to share that he’s praying for you too!)

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      • Weeper says:

        thank you Valerie for the reply and the beautiful pictures. please tell Angelle that I said hello, and thank him for me.

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        • OK Weeper…Blessings

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        • angellestaria6674 says:

          Hey Weeper….

          Got a couple of minutes to get on here so am saying hi to folks and letting you know, I am still uplifting you in prayer every day.

          Shalom and the Lord’s blessings upon and for you,


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          • Weeper says:

            hi angelle – I too have issues posting things, so I’m not sure if you will see this. how sweet of you to take a minute to reach out to me. I’m battling along, the next step will be 5 weeks of daily radiation and more chemo (weekly). they’re trying to help my pain, and hopefully “unblock” my kidney. fingers crossed (again). you, along with phc and the other Treepers in need, are in my prayers as well.

            take care and god bless,

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            • angellestaria6674 says:

              You can sure count on me and us.

              I have a neighbor with kidney issues, only one left, the other got a cyst and blew up on him. His wife said he screamed and cried like a baby. His one kidney is stage 4. 12 hours a week dialysis.

              Kind of close to friends with kidney problems, so I will be asking the Lord to help you, especially with the pain. I know kidney pain personally. Many doctors say prostrate cancer and kidney pain are 2 of the worst kinds of pain they deal with.

              I am allergic now to 99% of all pain meds, so whatever pain I have, heart, spine, CNS, whatever, I have to go it alone and by the grace of God. I do have a large heart of care for people going through severe pain.

              Just know, even when I am gone from here for periods of time, I pray for all you everyday no matter my personals. Will do so as long as there is breath in this body.

              Hang in there, and hang onto the hem of the Lord’s garment. His grace and mercy is soooo great. He will help you! And in spiritual prayer, care and love, so will we.

              And so appreciate your prayers for the rest of us to.

              Shalom always. Stay strong.

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    • Oh WONDERFUL Weeper! I was praying for you last night…THANK YOU for the update. It is so encouraging for those of us that pray to hear about progress (or lack thereof) so we can pray more specifically.

      God bless!

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      • Weeper says:

        you are quite welcome. in my case, anything positive, little as it may be, is good news. Monday I visit the oncologist who won’t be happy that I had to have another tube placed in my back. seems he and my urologist don’t “communicate” enough. It’s time I put a stop to that, cuz it’s my health that’s suffering. let’s keep praying that we can internalize this tube soon, and my right kidney continues to function as it should. I’ll update again next week.

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        • justfactsplz says:

          Thank you for the update, Weeper. You are never alone. You can write anytime day or night here and various ones of us will answer, day or night.

          Your poem was beautiful. How gifted you are.

          I hate that you are lonely Weeper. I prayed that God would wrap you in His loving arms and give you a big hug. We all need hugs. I am sending a big cyber hug to you. May God sustain you and strengthen you and comfort you.

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        • Weeper,
          Getting the docs to talk to each other can be a real struggle. Maybe you can print in BIG LETTERS the tel info of your urologist to hand to the oncologist? 🙂
          Still praying about those tubes and you’re healing.

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        • piper567 says:

          will do, Weeper.

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  8. Good News. We heard from Liver Transplant & All of Josiah’s liver numbers look great! He did have an elevated white count so they want us to see his PCP if he develops some type of illness. Ever since his transplant he’s had nearly constant sinus issues (the docs claim that’s unrelated to transplant, but only God knows). I wonder if he may have picked something up from Brandon who was pretty sick after getting his travel vaccines. I never asked B if any of the vaccines were of “live viruses” for I think we’re not supposed to expose J to them, if possible.

    I’m just thankful that my med refill faux pas didn’t appear to have any lasting negative impact on Josiah. Perhaps this data could be applied in encouraging his Liver doc to consider J going on the weaning off anti-rejection drugs protocol. The Nephrologist would like to see his Prograf reduced or eliminated since it’s so hard on his kidneys. Managing J’s medical needs is quite the balancing act!

    Thanks for your prayers on his behalf! You all bless us so much!!!

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  9. Here’s an update from one of the team leaders on Brandon’s missions trip. I’m sharing it as is for I have no further details to expand or clarify things. I was glad to see that Brandon made the blog post by name. By the way they should be in the midst of their travels home right now. The ones returning to Metro Detroit are scheduled to arrive just before midnight today!

    “Day 5
    3/13/2019 0 Comments

    Today, I went for a run with Kevin and Gerardo before breakfast which was delish per usual. The devotional this morning was hastily put together and delivered by yours truly. The topic of it was suffering. After that, the group split up like it has been and Jessie, Andrew, Ann, Brandon, Katherine, Ellyse and I went to the elementary school in the morning. We went over John 3:16 with the classes that yesterday’s groups didn’t get to. We made some bracelets with different colors to represent different aspects of the Gospel. Different age groups had varying levels of receptivity, as I’m sure you could imagine, but hey, the seed was planted so that’s what matters. That was essentially the gist of the morning at the school, and then it was time to head back to the church for some regrouping and some awesome food. In keeping with tradition of the week, we all were very full after lunch so we ended up lying on the floor to try to calm the tummies before leaving again.

    We got to the university, got out of the van, and walked about 20 yards before stopping to pray as a group. Before we could even pray for God to bless our time and bring people to us, one of the teachers at the university asked our group if we could come talk to his English class and talk about God. The teacher joined our prayer circle before we headed out to his classroom. It was absolutely WILD how speedy God moved. We ended up going to the garden and splitting up into seven conversation groups- one white person per group. Ann’s group had awesome conversation, mine was not as spiritual but it was still good I think. Andrew’s and Brandon’s groups bought them some shucos after the group which was really cool to see. Even after group time was over, some people from my group stayed behind and Katherine talked to them for a bit longer. We lost Brandon and found him a bit away talking to four girls who were talking to him about a project for their English class. The English teacher we saw suggested he go to that area since it was near the English building. It was cool to see Brandon so naturally talking to them. We were there until it was time to head back to the church for dinner, which was some pasta with chicken and THERE WAS CAKE TOO!! During dinner, Andrew shared his slice since I took up too much time last night so he didn’t have time to. It is always awesome to see what makes someone tick and what makes them into the person they are today and Andrew’s slice was no exception.

    After dinner, a group of us hopped in the van with Rolando to go get some ice cream at Pops. It was a nice little detour on the way back to the hotel. We ALSO got to learn a lot about Rolando since we had plenty of time to ask questions because he got lost on the drive to the hotel…
    Nathan and Katherine shared their slices today which was another dose of coolness to get the inside scoop on their walks with Jesucristo. It seemed like we would be wrapped up by 9 pm BUT there was a blog to be written (this one) and many MANY flowers to be cut up for tomorrow’s lesson at the school so that happened instead. Also, Kevin’s name is now Gordo, that’s from the worksite today.”

    Thank you so much for praying for Brandon & his team! God Bless all Treeper Prayer Warriors!

    PS this was taken directly from their blog here:

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    • Brandon’s home safely with many tales to tell. God was definitely glorified & the love of Jesus shed abroad through this trip. Thanks so much for your prayer support!!!

      Oh, the “slice” referenced in their blog post quoted above referred to “a slice of life” kind of like their intimate testimony time within the missions team. This took place throughout the trip & knit their hearts together as they each shared part of their broken road journey that brought them to the foot of the cross…Blessings to All!

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    • Just a little nugget from Brandon’s trip reminiscences. Apparently Wednesday was the only day he went to the schools instead of the work site helping in building a home for one of the church families. Being at the school was a real stretch for Brandon primarily due to the language barrier. He got a chance to work with a more advanced English class at the college later in the day & no one else in the team ended up joining in with that small group of young ladies much. The next day one of the leaders & the pastor of the Wayne State University church Brandon usually attends went back to that English class & shared the gospel with them. He lead them in a salvation prayer & 3 students raised their hands!

      These were the only “known” conversions that the team was aware of. B was a bit sad not to have been there to witness these young people surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus. However, I pointed out that his interactions with the students where he shared the love of Jesus with them were instrumental to preparing their hearts to receive the Lord later. So too, I believe, were all our prayers on behalf of that trip…

      Rejoice Treeper Prayer Warriors, we were a small part of God’s work in Guatemala & part of the process of those souls being led to the cross of Christ! This is Fruit that will Remain & each of us that prayed were part of the laborers helping to bring in the sheaves for the Lord of the Harvest! Just a bit of encouragement & thanks for your prayers!!!

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  10. Ad rem says:

    Dear Treepers….

    Angelle has business that will take him away from the TreeHouse for a while. As he’s having a bit of trouble with WP, he’s asked me to post the following for him…

    Family Treepers:

    I have a prayer request of my own tonight. You are a very diligent and faithful bunch of praying people, so I am going to draw on that tonight.

    Letting you know that I will not be here for awhile. I have to take some time to tend to some things and responsibilities the Lord has put in my life. So this comment/request will be the last for awhile. I don’t know how long. Could be shorter or could be an extended period of time.

    I will hate being away as TCTH, especially this prayer request thread, is near and dear to my heart. I have never felt so close to people I have never physically met. But that’s because it is the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ in us that binds us together in His Body. His love and communications with us know no geographical boundaries or physical limitations.

    But do know, those of you here that are in need, sick, going through great troubles, those of you I have grown to love, pray and care for, I will carry all of you in my heart of love and prayer no matter where I go and in whatever task is at hand that I have to engage. You can take that to Heaven’s Bank.

    So my request tonight is that the Lord will maintain a decent run of heath as I do have a couple of serious health issues that can blow up and become critical in a minute’s time, heart issues being one of them, CNSystem issues another.

    But my more pressing request above that is for the strength of God to help me accomplish what is ahead, things that face difficult odds and are beyond my natural scope. But when did the Lord ever call His people to be able to get things done in their own strength without needing His heavenly strength? I request you to pray that the Lord will give me the wisdom to understand and accept His perfect will and the strength of Heaven’s power to get some things done, things that could be very helpful to a number of people in a lot of places. I am not a young man, but it seems that the Lord doesn’t look at our present physical state of things when He calls you to get up and get going and engage whatever path it is He sets before our feet. Wisdom, timing, knowledge are all essential and critical ingredients in upcoming tasks. I am reminded how the Lord strengthened Paul to get up and get going the day after he was stoned and left for dead.

    I do not want to walk one single step in my own limited wisdom and strength.
    For me, it is the perfect will of God or nothing.
    Nothing more. Nothing less. Nothing else.

    A special thanks to Ad Rem and her kind words, communications and help.
    Also, a special thanks to Valerie Curren for all her encouraging words and sharing.

    Valerie, Patrickhenrycensored, Weeper, 4Sure, justfactplz, I will continue to uphold all of your needs as long as there is breath in me. Also for Valerie’s son, Josiah. Joe Blow, thank you for your big heart of care and participation in this thread.

    Prayer never, ever retires.

    Bless all of you and may our God be Mighty in your lives, peace in your hearts and minds, strength and healing in your bodies, light in your darkness, and the rich in the Kingdom of Heaven’s blessings in every aspect of your lives.

    Hold on to the horns of the Altar and hang on the garments of Jesus Christ. He is with you, in you and for you.

    Jesus said, I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU OR FORSAKE YOU. And his Name by which He is called coming back on a white horse is: FAITHFUL & TRUE.

    Shalom always and forever,
    In Christ Jesus,
    Your brother and servant,

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  11. Just checking through my email I found this message from Angelle. He still needs our prayers & wants us to know that he’s remembering to lift us up in prayer too.

    God bless & keep all the precious Treeper prayer warriors! In Christ, Valerie

    “A bare second’s hi to you and yours.

    In the thick of weeds, but still praying for our sick and injured Treepers.

    Will not ever forget them in whatever circumstances I find myself. Never! Ever!

    The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ knows no bounds or limits.

    I just hope there are, at least a few, praying for me like I am praying for them.

    Appreciate you and all faithful, praying Treepers.

    Bless Grandma!

    I trust and believe our God is watching over all of us in our trials and tribulation of a thousand evil things against us, to our last breath as we offer up the sacrifice of praise and worship of our hearts before and unto our God.

    Shalom always and forever…and remember this sovereign thing about God:

    PSALM 115:3 Selah

    Your brother and servant of Jesus Christ,


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    • Angelle,
      Not sure that you can get online, but I am praying for you! Prayed for you in church today too. 🙂

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      • Thanks, Wisdom. I’ll send this to Angelle in email too. God Bless!

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      • angellestaria6674 says:


        Got just a few minutes here, so wanted to get on and thank you for your prayer. I would have not known about your kind comment had not Valerie copied it and sent it to me via email. And thank you, Valerie!

        Your prayer in church was helpful. Sunday evening started out rather brutally so that the rest of the night was not looking to go well, but the Lord stepped in and made things work far better than I would have thought possible. That’s an answer to prayer, your prayer, Valerie’s prayer, the prayer of our Treepers here, and I must mention my beloved sister (sibling).

        I continue to pray for all of you here, especially those in need on the prayer request thread. It is a wonderful, heavenly “obligation” when the Lord puts people on your heart in a special way.

        We are family here in the Treehouse, family in and of God regardless of geographical distance between branches. Same Tree. The Lord is the Eternal Trunk and Glory of the Everlasting Tree of God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

        I wrote an allegory several years ago called THE JOURNEYS OF EMMAUS & JABEZ: The Great Tree…and the Tree in the allegory is Christ. If I can ever get around to getting it on WordPress, I would like to post a link to it here. It will make you think a little different about our Treehouse of the Last Refuge.

        Love and appreciate all of you,
        Shalom always and forever,

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        • Oh Wow Angelle, this is just wonderful to hear. God binds us together whether we know one another “face to face”–at least in this life’–through prayer. What a privilege it is to pray for you, and so encouraging to hear that the prayers are effective. (I know I should not be surprised, but it is still heartening).

          God bless you and be assured you’ll stay in my prayers. 🙂

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          • angellestaria6674 says:


            I love to let people know that their prayers are effective. Sometimes we don’t realize the magnanimous potency of what has happened when our prayers are answered.

            When we stop and think about it, that means that Almighty God and Creator of the heavens and the earth….has listened to us, has actually answered us….it’s phenomenal….that relationship between Creator and His creation….us. Quite wonderful.

            Can we even begin to imagine the greatness of all of us being together in the glory of God and Jesus Christ whence comes the time this earthly attire is retired and changed into the likeness of the Eternal Son of God?

            I’m typing this and it’s just knocking me out, the wonderfulness of what we can have here, but the greater thing that yet lays ahead of us for all Eternity.

            Bless you and thank you and all here for your participation in this thread…..which has become dear to me and I am drawn to more than the others as important as the issues of the day are.

            Shalom always and forever!

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        • Angelle, since you sent me a copy of the Journeys…I’d be happy to copy it onto my blog & put a link to it, with your permission, of course…Blessings!

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          • angellestaria6674 says:

            Oh, please do. Cuz I just don’t have the time to fight with WP to get a blog going.

            You can share it with anybody you want. I purposely did not copyright it so it could easily be shared without infringement.

            So good for you and thank you sooo much!

            Lloyd Marcus started reading it the morning he got it. I’ve been very close in touch with him. He is a most faithful brother in the Lord’s Body.


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            • OK, I’ll try to do this on Thursday (if I get that needed break from taxes)…& I’ll copy you the link here & in email…Blessings!

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              • angellestaria6674 says:


                I am praying for the Lord to help you with tax stuff.

                My sister would be all in with you in that. She knows the heavy burden of tax season…60-70 hour weeks nearly ruined her health before she had to leave it.

                Valerie, again, one more time, thanks for care and prayer!


                …and we will agree in the Name of the Lord for Josiah!


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    • angellestaria6674 says:

      Valerie, another thanks for getting my message related. So appreciate you doing that.

      WordPress is giving me fits in this little bit of time I had to get on here, so it didn’t post my first reply to Wisdom’s comment about praying in church for me.

      I will email you with some thoughts in a couple of days.

      Just prayed for Josiah. The Lord keeps him on my mind and in heart daily.

      Shalom and have a great week with family.


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      • Sorry WP is being such a pain. I’ll try to watch for your email…but feel free to let me know by the “bell” & I’ll post your response to Wisdom, if you’d like.

        Thanks so much for your prayers! Josiah’s probably had more prayers over his life, even before birth, than the rest of my family combined! It’s breathtaking to see how far the Lord has brought him from the days when the “experts” said that he’d never walk nor talk, never read nor write!

        Hope things are going well with you, your health, & your “mission”. You remain in my prayers as the Lord reminds me to pray. Blessings!

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        • angellestaria6674 says:

          If I can get back to u this evening, I will. It is 9:48am-EST…and a wild ride…without sleep. Nothing new to me for years. Believe it or not, there are people, children and families from way back then that are alive today because God gave me and those faithful with me, His power and strength to go long periods without sleep…but I was much younger then. But hey, the Lord isn’t concerned about our physical age. He got Moses started at 80!

          Thank u sooo much for your prayer, care and concern. Only God knows what the prayers of the Body of Jesus Christ mean to me, right now, today!

          Just know, I give it back to you as I am holding the Lord to be faithful and true to all of our prayers for Josiah. I am absolutely believing that the Lord is going to make Josiah a great vessel of the Witness & Testimony of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of Heaven’s will to be done on Earth. This is how I am praying for him.

          I did get a reply written to wisdom early am this morning, although not as the first better reply that WP would not post.

          Thank u so much for your offer of help. It means a lot!

          Though geographical distance “seems” to separate us…it appears that the Holy Spirit of God and Jesus Christ makes nonsense of mortal and physical barriers….an easy thing for the Lord to shatter and straightly walk through as He keeps us together in one, holy mind, thought, faith and spirit of love together here in the Treehouse as we share in the Body of Jesus Christ.

          Appreciate you and yours.



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          • Beautiful. With Joshua & Caleb go on up & possess the land! I’m still smiling & thanking the Lord that he’s laid us, & Josiah in particular, on your heart. Blessings!

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            • angellestaria6674 says:

              Oh gosh…that’s the best thing anybody could have said to me today.

              What a wild and wonderful panoramic view of Heaven’s intention for us here on Earth…

              Thank you for words wisely written!

              I am with u and ur family all the way!


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              • 🙂 accidental grace abounds here…

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                • angellestaria6674 says:

                  Okay, I am spiritually laughing because I have to believe that you “really know” that none of this is accidental or incidental.

                  But hey, if accidental grace abounds….🙏👍

                  So now, short of sleep, finishing morning work, I have to go out and get something to eat, eat it, and try to get a little bit of sleep, crash.. cuz this evening and night is going to be heavy duty.

                  So know, if I don’t answer.. it’s because…

                  Love all of you in the Lord!


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                • wondered if you’d jump on the “accidental”…hmm…grace=unmerited favor. What a mercy that we don’t have to earn that favor with God! Get that rest & gear up for what’s ahead! God be with you.

                  Joshua 14: 6-15

                  6 Then the children of Judah came unto Joshua in Gilgal: and Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite said unto him, Thou knowest the thing that the Lord said unto Moses the man of God concerning me and thee in Kadeshbarnea.

                  7 Forty years old was I when Moses the servant of the Lord sent me from Kadeshbarnea to espy out the land; and I brought him word again as it was in mine heart.

                  8 Nevertheless my brethren that went up with me made the heart of the people melt: but I wholly followed the Lord my God.

                  9 And Moses sware on that day, saying, Surely the land whereon thy feet have trodden shall be thine inheritance, and thy children’s for ever, because thou hast wholly followed the Lord my God.

                  10 And now, behold, the Lord hath kept me alive, as he said, these forty and five years, even since the Lord spake this word unto Moses, while the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness: and now, lo, I am this day fourscore and five years old.

                  11 As yet I am as strong this day as I was in the day that Moses sent me: as my strength was then, even so is my strength now, for war, both to go out, and to come in.

                  12 Now therefore give me this mountain, whereof the Lord spake in that day; for thou heardest in that day how the Anakims were there, and that the cities were great and fenced: if so be the Lord will be with me, then I shall be able to drive them out, as the Lord said.

                  13 And Joshua blessed him, and gave unto Caleb the son of Jephunneh Hebron for an inheritance.

                  14 Hebron therefore became the inheritance of Caleb the son of Jephunneh the Kenezite unto this day, because that he wholly followed the Lord God of Israel.

                  15 And the name of Hebron before was Kirjatharba; which Arba was a great man among the Anakims. And the land had rest from war.

                  Hopefully above you’ll see some images related to Joshua & Caleb, whose spirit abounds in you, my brother! (sorry Ad Rem for too many links–again)

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                • Ad rem says:

                  Found this in the bin…. 😦

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          • josiahcurren says:

            Hello. Whoever wrote this, thanks for mentioning me in your prayers.

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            • angellestaria6674 says:

              Hey there Josiah…

              It’s odd sometimes how the Lord picks and chooses certain people and puts them on your heart in a special way. You are one of those people. So is your mom, whose prayers I cherish and am grateful for.

              I am praying for the Lord to make you a great vessel in the Kingdom of God and Heaven. He needs great vessels today like He had in the Bible. And He can lift up anybody from anywhere to do that with them. It is not our strength, but His strength, mercy, love and grace that works in us by His Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

              Thanks for writing back. I know you don’t know me from Adam, but I’ve got you covered in prayer on this end. Every. Day.

              Take care, God bless and
              Shalom forever and always.


              PS: Please tell your mom hi for me.

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              • Oh, thanks Angelle, for writing directly to Josiah…I’ll have to see if he actually read it for he never passed along your “hi”. Communication is an ongoing work in progress around here. Hope you are feeling better & making headway in those challenges that God is laying before you. You remain a blessing & an inspiration. God Bless You!

                PS I’m almost done with the tax stuff, hopefully tomorrow the final details will be done. Thanks so much for your prayers…


                Hopefully you’ll see some encouraging scriptures above (sorry again Ad Rem…)

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              • PS I hope you saw the Joshua & Caleb stuff I shared up thread (with the scripture pictures very skinny & on the right) as Ad Rem said it was stuck in the bin for a while. That was meant to encourage you too. Blessings!

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                • Gosh, I missed that. Will go back, find and read. Thank u so much! Today, especially this morning, things went south and bad. (Not health issues, but just as important.) But the Lord helped me get a handle on just a few minutes ago…4:01am-Friday.

                  Will go to bed here in a few minutes for an hour ie so, but at least in peace.

                  Btw, what is thw bin thing?

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                • “the bin”, as best as I can piece together, is when some post doesn’t automatically go through, perhaps it’s like in the “trash” but is retrievable. Sometimes when someone posts something but it doesn’t show up they ask Ad Rem to check “the bin” to see if it got sent there.

                  I probably get sent to the dunce cap corner with too many images or links shared in a post–some type of automatic safety net. It’s hard to choose just a couple of scripture images, especially because some never post or show up…

                  Get some rest & restoration & may the Lord overshadow you with His presence, provision, & peace…

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                • Ok, now I know where some of my past comments prolly went.

                  U could be given a dunce hat for far worse than posting too many hard-to-choose-from images.😉

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                • Oh, I did see that. I remember reading Ad Rem’s comment about finding that in the bin. But tomorrow, I’ll read it again on my laptop where it will stretch out better.

                  Again, thanks for being faithful to encourage the Body of Jesus Christ. We need this ministry amongst us as we are being sorely pressed by many evil things all around us day by day and night by night.

                  The Lord, He it is Who is FAITHFUL & TRUE!


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                • It’s also kind of great that in some ways He’s getting practically 24 hour prayer here because of all our different schedules…& all without a guild-ridden sign-up sheet.

                  “God bless & keep you. The Lord lift up His countenance upon you & give you peace!”

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                • Agreed. The greatest continual thread on Earth is the one of holy prayer going up to the Throne of Jesus Christ.

                  Thk u for my favorite benediction. I will go to nap on that.

                  And 4 u 2!

                  Shalom always!

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                • So nice to “chat” with you in practically real time. God with God & Godspeed

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                • I know. I know. Love it, tho it’s been a rare commodity here of late. Gotta jump in these days while I still can a little here and there. 🙂

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                • I was gonna head to bed but Brandon needed me to back him up to wake up so I Finally jumped back on the Prayer Request page!

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                • Here I am already….got about 30 minutes at best of sleep. In a pressure cooker…could use special prayer today. My events are NOT unrelated to the events of our nation today.


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                • Praying for you Angelle–Blessings, Peace, Strength, & Joy!

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                • A 1000 thanks 4 that. I mean it. Sometimes I think the prayers of my brothers and sisters are my lifeline here of late…on the other hand….I know it! 🙂👍

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                • God’s got this & you in the palm of His hand…hang on to Jesus for that whiplash inducing wild ride! Blessings

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                • U bet I will!

                  Hey, I survived getting hit from behind by a guy doing about 110mph…but, no broken bones, “whiplash”, cuts…oh, did I mentioned that he pushed my little car from 55 to about 90….me being unconcious while the car steered off and hit the concrete barrior? All on a bridge over L. Ponchartrain….

                  I couldn’t help but think of that accident in 1978 when I read ur word whiplash.

                  We are survivors by and only by the greatest grace, love and mercy of our God.

                  Yea and Amen.

                  Off to bed for my little nap.


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                • Oh my, what miraculous & wondrous tales of deliverance you have to share my brother!!! Thank God for His tremendous mercies shown mightily in your life!!! Blessings

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                • When so blessed and protected by the Lord our God…we must speak up for Him and testify of so great a grace and heavenly mercy. If we don’t, we fail to praise and worship Him as God: The Lord Who is FAITHFUL & TRUE.

                  SHALOM…and best! AS

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                • Oops, GO with God (God is Always with God–what a genius error!)


                • I gotcha. And finally off to bed (chair really) to get up and start it all over again here shortly.

                  Please say hi to Josiah for me.

                  Goodnight and best!

                  PS: yes, genuise error and truth…cuz…

                  God with God…yes each of the Godhead is with each of the Godhead always and forever!

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                • 🙂 I told J your message–Blessings

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                • Well, before going to bed this morning, I went back and read that again. I just turned my phone around to make it easier to read as the screen flips sideways.

                  I never tire of reading that occasion with J & C.

                  I’ve had the Holy Spirit get me to that portion about Caleb so many times. The Lord let him know that he wholly followed the will of God…and that he was of a different heart and spirit of faith.

                  I wish more here would tag on my username and read my allegory, though few would probably want to read 40 pages worth. It would really encourage some here.

                  I am no longer the young buck of the past, but these past 2-3 years have prepared me and geared me up to coming greater exploits of God than all my years before. This is why I love the story about J & Caleb, especially Caleb.

                  Here I am, older, serious health issues, fighting against very powerful forces of hatred, etc…yet I keep getting this basic message from the Holy Spirit…

                  “All of your past….but you haven’t begun to see the coming greatness and glory of the Lord about to land on planet Earth.

                  Selah and Shalom

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                • When I put that J & C stuff together (I’m not re-reading it now so this is from my fractured memory) the part I was particularly wanting to find was where Caleb declares that he still has the strength of a much younger man & is “well able” to go up & possess the land.

                  What as amazing warrior’s heart he must have had. & then given the desert die off he was actually the Oldest Member of the children of Israel on that journey toward the promise.

                  Given the Golan Heights stuff in the recent news I actually wanted to see if Caleb’s portion may have been in that “hill country”…but I never got around to looking at that.

                  For me, besides the ancient warrior with the vigor of youth, I’m moved by how he granted his daughters an inheritance, including the upper & lower springs, if memory serves. This speaks of deep spiritual truth I have yet to explore but it always stirs my heart!

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                • I just found this in my unreads, but it wasn’t in my first group you see when you click on the bell.

                  Anyway, it’s why I love Caleb’s account. God honored his first faith by keeping his physical basically in a time capsule while all the others, except Joshua died in that 40 year judgment. So at 85, he was every bit as good as when he was 40.

                  Bodies and age are nothing too hard for the Lord to preserve and/or invigorate. One breath of the Holy Spirit and you’re as good as new. I am waiting for the next breath…and my next visit to Heaven…last one was 1985.

                  Most people would not believe me if I told them what actually happened in that experience. And it’s why I am acutely aware what is coming our way from the Lord of Hosts and the Kingdom of Heaven. ISAIAH 42:14

                  A lot of turbulent rivers of war and battles have passed under that Bridge since then. But still, sooooo much ahead. Need a refreshing after 34 years non-stop. 🙏

                  And yes, you remember right about Caleb’s daughters.

                  It was great to communicate on here today.

                  And remembering my sister, I will be happy for you to have that nagging tax monkey off your back. Kinda like that old Alka seltzer com’l…oh what a relief it is….right?😄

                  Talk later. Shalom and best for all yours!

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                • Thanks for sharing again, Angelle. Have you written about your 1985 vision/visit of heaven? Josiah had a vision of heaven during his Liver Transplant surgery. I’ll see if I can find where either of us wrote about it…(I got too tired to search his blog for his versions so this is what I could “easily” find from my stuff):


                  The above is my archived version of the original blog post capturing Josiah’s description of heaven. Other times he said that he could hear God’s smile…


                  The above post deals more indirectly with J’s faith & his amazing heart for the Lord even when facing spiritual challenges.


                  This one is fairly lengthy & contains some insights that I believe come from the Lord & were initially sparked by what someone shared here at the Treehouse.

                  Blessings on your battles!

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                • I will respond to this in an email to you later this evening.

                  I will read your links. Promise.

                  Because of my own experiences with the Lord, heavenly realms and too many actual, physical miracles for any natural mind to attempt to rationalize about…

                  I would have to believe that Josiah’s experience was real, holy and heavenly given to him by the Lord.

                  Under the gun today, even right now as I type this comment reply to you…but yet driven to stop a minute and respond.

                  God keeps us of the Body of Jesus Christ strategically connected per the needs of the Kingdom of Heaven and His Eternal (already worked out) plan from Beginning to End.

                  I live, suffer, war against a thousand evils of resistance and hatred, yet, believing in the sovereign power of Almighty God, embrace great, heavenly inspired hope accordingly.

                  I’ll try to get an email to you later this evening.

                  Love you and yours and especially our suffering, sick Treepers.

                  Also, kinda under the gun of weather hell later today.

                  Shalom and best of God’s Heart for you and all of yours.


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                • Oh Angelle, please Never take time to reply to me in a way that puts you further under the gun. These interactions will keep. Be refreshed & may the Lord guide & direct your footsteps & give you His peace that passes understanding so that you can find rest & refreshment for your soul! God bless & keep you…Praying…

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                • Thank you for being so considerate.

                  In a email, I’ll give you more info about that experience. There were 2, one in 1983 and the one in 1985. It’s the kind of experience that is best shared with a selective audience.

                  I’ll read more on one of those links you gave me that houses selective CTH comments. I thought that concept was pretty neat.

                  Anyway, I am working tonight, but because a couple of other things have temporarily gone sideways, I actually have a little more leeway to be on here while working tonight. I love it when I can.

                  Blessings and your prayers are invaluable!

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                • Have just replied to your email.

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                • You may want to take a look at my comments over in Menagerie’s Palm Sunday posting.

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                • Thanks for the heads up 🙂


  12. Blue Ridge Mts. Va says:

    Kentucky Family Asks for Help After Fire

    WEST LIBERTY, Ky. (WYMT/WKYT) – A mourning West Liberty family is asking for help after a father and daughter died in a house fire Saturday.

    Sister station WKYT reportsthat the Morgan County Fire Department responded to a call from a neighbor who saw flames and smoke coming from a home on Sand Lick Road. Timothy Gambill, 44, and Skyler Gambill, 9, were found dead inside.

    Neighbors described Skyler as a daddy’s girl and said the two were very close. They ask that the community offer at least one thing to the grieving family: prayers.

    “Pray for the family. I don’t wish that on anybody. I’ve seen a lot in 30 years fighting fires, doing rescues in several states out West – forest fires, brush fires. It never gets easier,” said neighbor Patrick Acton.

    The family is in the process of making arrangements and a fundraiser has been established to help offset funeral cos

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  13. Seen on today’s open thread:

    crossthread42 says:
    March 26, 2019 at 1:50 pm
    LORD, PLEASE GIVE ME Strength! To endure this!

    As most of ya’ll know, My MIL just passed from cancer on Sunday Morning..
    Coping with My Misses & FIL in grief & Mourning..
    Of course Cerebrating My MIL’s Life
    Her Funeral is on Thursday..

    Now I just received yet another Call, I knew was coming, though, NOT THIS soon..
    My DAD ,
    Well, I got the Call ..
    You need to come up here NOW .. ASAP…
    So please Treepers..
    I thank everyone for the Kind comments & Replies I received the other Day..
    Concerning My Mother in Law.
    I need a short Prayers for Myself & My Misses..
    Thank you everyone for your continuing support,
    God Bless,,
    David & Angie

    Please pray for CrossThread & his family during their grief & complexities. Thanks for praying!

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    • Joe Blow says:

      Prayers for crossthread & his family for the Lord’s peace & strength.

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    • angellestaria6674 says:

      Absolutely with you in prayer!

      Remember that the Lord’s Great Heart of love and mercy is far larger than our hearts of pain and burdens.

      He will pick you up like a lamb and carry you. He is our tender, loving Shepherd. No sheep is insignificant or too small to Him.

      You have good prayer friends here in the Treehouse who will diligently pray for you.

      Let’s also remember the Michigan family mentioned above.

      Shalom and blessings for all here.

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  14. josiahcurren says:

    Hello Conservative Treehouse

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    • trumpismine says:

      So glad to hear from you! been so busy as of late, but have been checking on you via Valerie’s comments on your latest adventures.
      God Bless you Brother in all your endeavors, T.I.M,

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    • Hi Josiah. So glad you stopped by the Treehouse! I love you!!!

      I’m going to ask the Treepers that read this comment to pray for your job application. If it’s God’s will then He will open that door for you to work in Antonio’s dad’s business…

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  15. josiahcurren says:

    Hello Conservative Treehouse

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  16. Ad rem says:

    Treepers…..this came to us today via our email:

    I am asking for prayer for my 26 year old son Ben, who is addicted to meth, homeless, and extremely mixed up/angry. Please help me pray for him to be released from the addiction and find his way back to a life of light.


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  17. Sayin’ hi to all of you here on this prayer request thread.

    It’s nice to get a little unexpected break. When I do, I try to get on here even if only for a few minutes.

    Still praying for all of you in need every day. That prayer in me for you does not cease. And I so appreciate your prayers coming my way as well.

    There is sickness and pain among us of the CTH. But no doubt, we have a very healthy Tree here to dwell in together in our faith in God and love for one another.

    Shalom and may God truly bless and lift up every single one of you to His Face and Presence, and comfort you in your needs and give you the grace of His peace.

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    • Angelle,
      Good to hear from you and that you got a bit of a break.
      I am likewise working pretty much 24/7 for a couple of weeks on a big project with looming multiple deadlines.

      BUT, I do keep all the Treepers prayer requests in my prayers. It is wonderful how God will trigger a memory during the day so that I can pray.

      What a wonderful web we have binding us together, though few of us (I think) have ever met in person.

      PHC, Valerie, and Crossthread, as well as Jase, you are on my mind. 🙂

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      • Wisdom…

        Couldn’t have said it better. For being geographyically distanced, the Lord keeps all of our hearts around here pretty close together in His Holy Spirit.

        Love and care and prayer for our sick and needy treepers becomes quite a natural spontaneous spiritual combustion in our hearts so that it is easy to remember to lift them up to the Lord. Almost like breathing.

        My breaks are getting shorter and shorter, so when I get a few minutes to take a breath, I come here for a refresher with Treepers. It is a comfort station in a very mind bending long-running and proliferating situation.

        But God knows our limits, our needs, our weaknesses and our strengths and He works His perfect will in, through, by and for us accordingly.

        Thanks for the kind reply. It was much appreciated. 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

        Shalom and God speed!

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  18. rrick says:

    I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all they marvelous works. I will be glad and rejoice in thee; I will sing praise to they name, O thou Most High.
    Psalms 9:1,2

    In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.
    1 Thessalonians 5:18

    Recently my mother received a check for a large amount loaned to a loved one for which she has waited a several years, much longer than anticipated to receive this. Mother had been faithful in prayer that this repayment would come and when, at long last, it did come, she was happy and thankful. Her first words were that God did provide and not a moment too soon.

    While mother could afford what over the years became a large amount, it did have an impact on her emotional state. I often remind mother of Philippians 4:6 for she does have a difficult time avoiding anxiety, it is as if it is her natural state. I digress.

    So this money came back and all at once instead of drips and drabs. About the timing, mother has wanted to take a lengthy visit with her childhood friend who lives clear across the country. These octogenarians have been concerned if they will ever see each other again. And now they will, God willing.

    About that timing, I have had my own experiences several times. In business and in my personal life, monies past due or simply forgotten about have been received as if out of the blue. And at a moment none too soon for I do recall that at each instance I was in a pinch and I really needed that money. Twice, I recall the remittance was exactly the amount I needed.

    In telling this to some friends, they too had experiences when money did come unexpectedly and it was for the exact amount they had needed. I have related my experiences several other times to different persons and they too told of how they had similar experiences and it was for the amount they needed.

    How can the convergence of what might be a desperate need and the unexpected appearance of money to fulfill that need exactly be explained? The only way I know is that the divine providence of a living God is at the center. When such things happen in our lives, they present opportunities for us to give thanks. This is a blessing to us for it reminds us of God’s love and grace and to glorify Him.

    O, give thanks unto the LORD; for He is good: for His mercy endureth forever.
    Psalms 136:1

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    • Joe Blow says:

      Amen, rrick. He does provide! I had a similar experience not too long ago. The company I work for—we’ve been struggling lately, & one of our clients who had an unpaid debt had disappeared for quite some time. But as the Lord would have it, he crossed paths with us once again, & not only did he pay the debt but also brought more new business. All of this at a time when we really needed it, & it’s buoyed us since.

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    • What beautiful blessings…thank you for sharing!

      You reminded me of a time when I was in college & embarrassed about some of my clothing (we grew up w/ basically K-Mart or Sears or homemade stuff–now I shop resale so even Wal-Mart prices produce sticker shock) & I prayed a fairly selfish & shallow prayer that God would somehow help me get some nicer clothing.

      The Lord moved on a perfect stranger’s heart, a black man (I’m white) & he took me to a more upscale store, Dillards, I think, & bought me a beautiful dress & designer Evan Picone shoes (the only designer stuff I’ve ever owned unless inadvertently picking something up second-hand). I wore them to some special events over the years & always was reminded of God’s faithfulness & grace & felt a bit like a princess (not my usual state).

      Anyway this was a zero-strings attached gift out of the blue & straight from the Lord. I was truly overwhelmed with God’s specific care & direct answer of my pretty frivolous prayer. It was also humbling to have a perfect stranger shell out a decent amount of money (he insisted & helped me choose the items) on my behalf. Thank you for stirring up that buried treasure of a memory by sharing your & your mom’s stories. Blessings!

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  19. Weeper says:

    Battling cancer is a full time job, and I’ve been working overtime lately. Thought I would take a minute to write an update. As I’ve said many times, writing is therapeutic for me. I so appreciate this forum and the opportunity to share.

    Next week (hopefully), I’ll begin daily radiation treatments, on the tumor in my bladder, that will last 5 weeks. In order for the radiation to work optimally, I need to have chemo (once a week) with it. Originally they were going to put me on a non-platinum based Chemo that isn’t as harsh, but found out yesterday…, that won’t work. My oncologist wants to start me on a new drug as soon as he gets it approved in a month or so. I won’t “qualify” to take it if I’ve had 3 different types of therapy….so, I have to take one of the platinum based Chemos that I had last spring (that didn’t work) 🤢😢.

    I still have the tube in my back, draining my kidney…..and I will continue to have it for the foreseeable future. My kidney HAS to function so I can take this Chemo, and they won’t even think about internalizing it until after the radiation. We briefly entertained having the surgery to remove my bladder, but 2 surgeons, my urologist, my oncologist, and my radiologist all agreed….no, too dangerous (it’s an extremely radical, difficult procedure with a long recovery time). My pain level has continued to increase, so they’ve started me on pain patches….but they come with their own hassles. Highly regulated, have to have hand written prescriptions, not available in all pharmacies, need an “arm and a leg” approval from the insurance company… tremendous stress to relieve pain…….trade one issue for another.

    We focus now on praying that the chemo does its job and “boosts” the radiation so it kills the cancer cells in my bladder wall. Getting to a point where the stents can be removed from my bladder would go a long way in making me more comfortable. We’ll see if we get there. Again, thanks to everyone who has me remembered in their prayers. I can feel it, it helps more than I can ever express.

    God bless –
    Hugs, W

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    • Joe Blow says:

      Praying ceaselessly for you, Weeper, that the chemo will work. May the Lord keep you & bless you.

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    • Weeper. I’m right there with Joe Blow in prayer for you.

      Every. Single. Day.

      Our Great Physician knows exactly what your body needs and what needs to happen. I lift you up before Him right now as I type these words. I especially pray for Him to comfort you with a peace that passes understanding. I well understand the fear that hits us at times when going through a serious health issue. I think that fear sometimes is worse than the issue at hand. If the Lord will give peace, that can greatly enable the body to respond better.

      Stay strong and stay in a mode of praise unto the Lord your God.

      Shalom and blessings.

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      • Weeper says:

        thank you so much angelle for taking time out during your limited early Monday morning visit to respond. sorry I didn’t respond yesterday (Monday), I wasn’t online much. I will tell you, Sunday night into Monday I woke up around 2am. Not unusual nowadays, needed to take pain meds. something told me, check your iPad….I saw your message, was able to fall right back to sleep…..and yesterday, while packed through with activity….Chemo in the morning, radiation in the afternoon….I managed it well.

        unfortunately, the pain patches didn’t work on me (even doubling them up), so a waste of time, energy, and money there. today I’ll get written prescriptions for pills, that “hopefully” I won’t have to take as often, that will work. the goal is to get me through the next few weeks to see if the radiation does its trick. fingers crossed, hands together!!!! 🤞🙏

        bottom line, the prayers are helping me. just knowing that you and others are circling the enemy, with me, helps me fight.

        blessings to all my Treeper friends,

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        • Hey Weeper,

          It’s Wednesday morning and am so glad I ran over here for a sec to find your reply.

          If I remember right, I believe somewhere earlier here in this thread, you wrote about not having a lot of people and support around you. It seems I recall a poem you wrote that included reflections of being alone at times.

          I pray for your physical health issue for sure, but I have made it a special point for the Lord to be near you by His Presence, to make up for not having a lot of support. That part of your situation has really touched my heart to cause me to prevail upon the Lord in that regard.

          I grew up in a Christian home with 2 parents, but any number of things have happened over the years that have put me in an “orphan” position, separating from much of what was most precious to me for long periods of time. So that part of you being alone, at least to some degree, grabbed my attention.

          We do have an amazing unity of the Holy Spirit and the love of God here among us in this very special branch of the Treehouse. And Ad Rem is on top of things here and is faithful to post info and needs for us to know about and pray for. Ad Rem and Menagerie, in my book, are integral, significant factors and caring hearts in TCTH. Wouldn’t be the same without them.

          I hate not being able to be on much right now, but it seems no matter what of even critical work issues, the Lord gets me here so that I don’t miss what He wants me to read and pray for.

          Hang in there, Weeper, a whole lotta prayer going up to Heaven’s Throne for you…for Patrick, 4Sure, justfactsplease, Valerie’s son, Josiah, others…God’s heart is very tender towards and for His struggling sheep….all of us who are in that great, heavenly sheepfold of the Good Shepherd.

          Btw, if you comment or reply and I don’t get back to it right away, I have not forgotten. I’ll catch up to it the next time on here.

          Shalom and may the Presence of our Lord be with you this day. I will prayer for you right now in Jesus Name!


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        • 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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    • Weeper,
      Praying for you and for relief and effective treatments! I’ve not been here much for about a week (heavy work commitments) but keeping you in prayer. Particularly praying about the tube and discomfort. Hang in there!

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    • Thank you for sharing so fully from your intensely personal & painful journey. May the Lord continue to lift you up & pour in the oil & wine of His Spirit & provide His healing & refreshment for your body, soul, & spirit. May you experience Jesus as your yokefellow so that you Truly Know that His yoke is easy & His burden is light. May He also smooth the path before your feet in all areas, medical, financial, personal/relational, behavioral, psychological, radiological, & spiritual. God Bless & Keep You, Weeper

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  20. Pete says:

    Prayer request: A friend of mine is in a coma from a car accident just a day ago. She is 33 and is a very kind woman. Her family lost an Aunt in the same accident. I’m asking for prayers for her family and that my friend recovers fully with no lasting problems.

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    • Joe Blow says:

      Pete, I pray that the Lord will watch over your friend & bring her out of her coma with no lasting effects. I also pray that He will comfort her family with His everlasting love. God bless.

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    • Very heartbreaking to hear that.

      Prayers before the Face of God going up from us to Him for them and you.


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    • Pete says:

      UPDATE: My friend woke up! last night. She is talking to her family and is moving around (slowly)!!!

      Praise God in the highest!!! Thank you all for the prayers. She will need more prayers for complete healing!

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      • Joe Blow says:

        Amen! Thank you, Lord!

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      • What wonderful news! Will keep praying for her and for her family. Please keep us posted as you can. 🙂

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      • Great to read these words, Pete.

        God is so merciful. We don’t even begin to know.

        Got hit from behind on I-10 in the New Orleans area in 1978 by someone doing 110mph. I was in a little Datsun B210. Lost consciousnesses and control of the car, got pushed up to 90mph and slammed head on into concrete. No scratches, broken bones…and here I am today to tell about it.

        God’s power of preservation is incomprehensible. He doesn’t always answer prayer the way we expect and desire Him to, but He knows what He is doing and doesn’t release us from our earthen lives until His time for us to join that great Cloud of Witnesses in Heaven.

        Will continue prayers for your friend.

        Shalom and be blessed!

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  21. Ad rem says:

    Dear Treepers…

    Received a prayer request in the email this morning from Sandra related to our good friend JFP…

    Pease post for me that she would really appreciate some thoughts and extra prayers from her Treehouse friends.
    She is having complications and a very difficult recovery and rehab from hip surgery and will write details when she is able.

    Thank you.

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    • Lumina says:

      I’ve been hoping no news was good news….JFP you’ve been in my prayers. I keep seeing red cardinals pictures or figurines that remind me of you and hope your cardinals are visiting you as you recover… I have never seen a real red cardinal. My Grandma liked them, I’m not sure if she ever seen one as I don’t think they’re in North Dakota or northern Montana…but their little town’s school mascot was a cardinal….

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      • Joe Blow says:

        I, too, had been praying her recovery was going well. I’m so sorry to hear there have been some complications. May the Lord provide her with continued strength, endurance, & mercy.

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    • On. It. Now.

      Glad I have this little bit of early am Monday time here every week so I don’t miss out on too many prayer requests and needs being presented here. So many needs. But our God knows the exactitude of every one and wants to work in our hearts to pray for them.

      We may not know them, but God does. They’re family to Him, making them family to us.

      Bless you Ad Rem…and SD and Menagerie. (I’ve not had a chance to read her post about autism.) Hopefully will get to read a couple of SD’s postings this morning.


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  22. From today’s open thread–good news!

    The Devilbat says:
    April 6, 2019 at 12:34 am
    Thanks for your prayers.

    The old bat had open heart, quintuple bypass surgery in January. I asked at the time for your prayers and they were obviously sent. Guess what??? They worked. I feel like a brand new bat. The medicine I am on is making me itch like a cat with fleas but I am hoping that can soon be fixed with a change in my prescriptions. Thank you and God bless all of you who said prayers for me. I really needed them. Again, may God bless all of you who cared.

    The bat.

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  23. Bionic_Granny says:

    Mandy update: Today is Mandy’s 32nd birthday!. This child was supposed to die at age 5, but God had plans for her. She has had 2 heart transplants and a kidney transplant since then. she is only having to test for rejection once a month now and is doing really well. today we pray in thanksgiving for all the blessings God has bestowed on Mandy.

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  24. josiahcurren says:

    The countries that have seen my blog are Canada, India, Australia, Ghana, Hong Kong, South Africa, Honduras, Sweeden, Jamaica, Japan, Denmark, Barbados, Ecuador, Russia, Italy, Ireland, Dominican Republic, Egypt, Papa New Guinea.

    Those are the Countries off the Top of my head.

    Please pray for the Word of the Lord to go forth in these nations. Please pray for more countries to come to my blog.

    Pray for the Lord to minister to the hearts and minds of the leaders of these nations.

    Jesus loves u all.

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  25. josiahcurren says:

    Pray for President Trump.

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    • Amen, he’s often doing God’s work & certainly being used by the Lord.

      You might not know this but almost every morning on the Presidential Thread here “grandma” posts a prayer. This is the one from this morning:

      Grandma Covfefe says:
      April 12, 2019 at 12:21 am
      🦅 MAGA—KAGA
      Thank You, Lord, for President Trump, his MAGA Team, and all his supporters.
      Lord, keep them all safe in all they do and go daily. In Jesus’ Name we pray……..

      🌟 “ “Because the poor are plundered and the needy groan,
      I will now arise,” says the Lord.
      “I will protect them from those who malign them.” ” 🌟
      — Psalm 12:5
      ***Praise: Update: President Trump’s approval rating is 55%(overall) and 58% (economic)
      🙏 Pray:
      — for extra protection for President Trump and MAGA Team
      — for new strong, loyal leaders taking over positions of those who recently resigned
      — for our Fighting Patriots on the frontline: Tom Fitton, Jim Jordan, Kris Kobach, Doug Miller, Stephen Miller, Candace Owens, Sidney Powell, Sarah Sanders and many, many other Patriots….
      — for AG Barr to do the right thing for Our America
      — for removal of Ilhan Omar from Congress
      — for Constitutional Amendment to abolish Electoral College, to be DOA (Dead on Arrival) in Senate
      — House Bill allowing illegal aliens to vote, to remain DOA in Senate
      — all illegal voting be exposed and corrected
      — for Congress to get rid of border/immigration loopholes soon
      — our American WALL…build it with speed and safety for WALL-builders
      — for Guardian Angels protecting all our borders–air, land and sea–against invaders
      — for our Military, Border Patrol, ICE, LEOs, Border Patrol Horses and border dogs
      — Trump Storm Coming
      🦅 “I couldn’t care less about the campaign. This is not a campaign. This is now about people.This is about telling the truth”.
      🇺🇸 — Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America — 🇺🇸


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  26. From today’s open thread!!! Treepers hanging & supporting each other in the real world. This is great to get a good report about Ma’i & JFP–Blessings to all

    bcsurvivor2 says:
    April 10, 2019 at 11:48 am
    I can tell you that Ma’ii just spent two weeks here with me in central Florida! We had a blast. That lady can sure shop and eat lol. We even made the hour drive and spent the day with justthefactsplz. What fun…the three treepers.
    Ma’ii who doesn’t care for cats, fell in love with my Felix and wanted to take him home. So now she and her family are looking for a kitten to adopt.

    Just wanted to let you know shes ok but has a bit more chemo and then on to healing.. a grand fighter she is.

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    • Here’s more from Eve from today’s open thread:

      bcsurvivor2 says:
      April 10, 2019 at 3:42 pm
      Don’t know why I can’t reply to the responses to my previous post???
      Ma’ii was in a lot of pain (neuropathy) from the chemo. And very tired…she would sleep 12 hours at a stretch. She was supposed to stay for a week but I asked her if she could extend her stay for another week. My goal was to give her a place where she could just rest. Thankfully her hubby worked out the logistics so she could stay.. Cool beans.

      My dear friend who is part Cherokee and her daughter came over and Ma’ii and my friend quickly became fast friends, as I knew they would. All the ladies spent the night…my poor hubby…way too much estrogen bouncing around our house. i think for once he was glad that he’s working 7 days a week, just to get away from us all.
      Ma’ii and my friend and her daughter cooked us a fabulous traditional English dinner, Ma’iis mom is English and we had a great feast. I made white chocolate macadamia nut ice cream. yum!

      JTF house is super cozy. I’m glad they were able to secure it. Just a sweet house. Her hubby Gary is wonderful and put up with us women.
      It was just a wonderful 2 weeks all around.

      I know Ma’ii will write a tale about her visit soon.

      isn’t it grand that we all met and became friends trough the Treehouse?

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  27. Dear Treepers, thanks again for your many prayers on behalf of me & my family. Would you please lift up my twins again. Brandon apparently sprained his ankle last night in a late soccer game. The pain kept him up much of the night so he’ll get less than 2 hours of sleep before work (he did get a multi-hour nap before soccer thankfully). He’s supposed to accompany his boss into one of the Metro Detroit Ford plants today (he’s never done this before) & there is a pretty big contract on the line so he’s likely going to try to push through the pain…

    As alluded to above Josiah recently put in a job application at a local business within walking distance from our home–he doesn’t drive & this would be his first ever job. He heard about the job opening from his former Para-Pro, they’ll still keep in touch occasionally, & he went there with his Respite/CLS Worker to apply that same day. It’s for a small part-time dish-washing position for like 8 hours per week, which is probably a perfect fit for Josiah right now.

    The unique thing is that this position is in the catering business of one of his former classmate’s family, a severely impacted Fragile X Syndrome (somewhat like low-functioning autism) young man. This student’s father has been very visible in our locale community & is now actually our local representative in the Michigan House, & he’s a Democrat (Josiah is a very Conservative Christian)!

    Josiah has never wanted to go “through the system” to get a job & so has been reluctant to get help for his challenges that way. I’ve been concerned about his SSI & Medicaid (I have a lot of peace of mind about his medical situation knowing that Medicaid picks up co-pays &/or deductibles on his health care so we don’t have to limit the services he gets due to financial issues, as much as possible) so he cannot work too many hours…Anyway it would be great if this is a door that the Lord might be opening for him.

    Please pray for God’s Will in all these things, that He would be glorified in all these circumstances, & that He would guide & direct the footsteps of all involved in these situations. Thank you, again, for your many prayers for my family. You continue to bless us all mightily!!! In Christ, Valerie

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    • Joe Blow says:

      That sounds like a wonderful opportunity, Valerie. I pray that if it be His will Josiah would get that job. I also pray for healing for Brandon & continued success in his work. God bless!

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      • Thanks Joe! God was merciful to B today so that the planned Ford excursion got delayed til maybe next week–he really wanted to go. He’s walking much better but still in decent discomfort. That didn’t keep him from going on a missions outreach adventure less than 24 hours since his injury. Always appreciate your prayers & encouraging words–Blessings!

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    • Valerie,
      Will be praying for God’s perfect wisdom and plan for BOTH your twins. Heavenly hugs to you

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      • Thank you so much Wisdom! God Bless YOU!!!

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        • How is Brandon’s ankle?
          I hope the visit he had a few days ago with his boss went well, and perhaps is leading to interesting job opportunities for him. And that the right opportunity will arise for Josiah as well. Helping young men find their way in the world these days can be tough (as a mother of a son I can empathize a bit 🙂

          Keeping your boys in prayer.

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          • Thanks so much for your prayers, Wisdom!!! Brandon’s ankle is slowly on the mend (he didn’t play soccer last night trying to avoid furthering the injury). He’s still limping around a bit but no longer needs to ice it or take pain meds. He & his boss didn’t have the Ford plant trip that day so that is getting re-scheduled. Lately his “department”, his boss, B, & the other young guy have been involved in painting & prepping an area of the shop that is going to be opened up to the main floor to expand the company’s capabilities making due/do? with a building that they’ve been outgrowing for years.

            Josiah had an interesting experience yesterday. His friend who’s gotten him into assisting with football coaching the last couple years invited him to a baseball game. There they saw one of the football coaches they’ve both worked with before. This man also helps special needs people get work. J’s friend helped him with a follow-up contact with that coach so this is another lead that could eventually result in work. Josiah didn’t want to work with “the system” to get a job but I don’t know if the coach is actually part of “the system” but a part that J is comfortable dealing with because of their previous interactions. Regardless, God’s got his hand on J (as He does with us all) & will surely open doors of His choosing in His time.

            Do you just have the one son? How is he doing? We’ve got the twins & our daughter at home still & our oldest, married for almost 2 years now, is just across the street (ironically–I’m no Doris Roberts/Raymond’s mom) though we don’t see too much of them, though they did come over for a righteous feast of a steak dinner my husband put on last weekend on one of our warmer weather days…

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    • Valerie

      Will add these family needs to all the other I am praying for your family. The family that stays and prays together is the family who can survive and prosper in whatever comes by hand of the Lord…together.

      I did reply Josiah’s comment about the nations who have seen his blog. Was so glad to read that. It cheered me up!

      I was supposed to get back over here last night, well, you know how that went. I didn’t finish my email to you until about 5:30am this morning. It’s just how things went. Earlier tonight I sent you Part I of those other words I promised early am this morning to send. It’s not a long email like the one this morning. Going to go get part II done and sent before too long here early this morning.

      I have felt driven to get these things to you while I have the time.

      This has been a very emotional couple of days. And in all this, I am before God like never before for all the precious people here I love and pray for. I am expecting some real answers from the Lord. I had to take a few minutes, relax and post some comments on SD’s thread featuring LI interviewing Devin Nunes…had to do it just to relax a little before continuing the rest of tonight’s work.

      It is amazing, this spiritual joint-heavenly connection some of us have engaged here at the CTH, never having met or see each other. Truly, it is God’s work.

      Love all of you. Please say hi to Josiah, Michael, even Brandon for me.

      Shalom always and forever.

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      • Angelle,
        Praying for God to sustain you physically and mentally as you work so hard right now.
        I was thinking about your post regarding serious car accidents. Our son was hit from the side and the car flipped 100%, essentially totaled but he walked away without a scratch, praise God! I think some heavenly angels protected him and the air bags did not even give him bruises…

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        • So glad to hear that about your son. My angels had to be my air bags because there wasn’t any. My glasses flew out the blown front window. I was unconscious for awhile, but other than that…well, like you say, Praise God!

          I thank you so much for your prayer. It means a lot. Just like that prayer you prayed for me that Sunday morning in your church service. I won’t forget that. Valerie was glad to read about that too. Prayer is really powerful, even here online, because our Head, Jesus Christ, is everywhere by His Holy Spirit. He knows no distance or physical parameters.

          You know, I have said this to many Christians for many years…that is…

          When we stand before God one day, He is going to show us all the many times (probably 1000s) He protected us and kept us one step from death or otherwise terrible circumstances. He’s going to show us that time on the highway that somebody was drunk, or on drugs, or both, or texting and they were going to cross center line head-on to our car….and all kinds of other circumstances He intervened and we didn’t have a clue.

          The Scriptures say:

          ***He daily loads us with benefits. PSALM 68:9
          ***His mercies never end; they are new every morning,
          great is Your faithfulness. LAMENTATIONS 3:22-23

          That’s why I strain to be thankful every day, even on days when there “seems and appears” to be nothing good about it and darkness and evil are all around. Those verses are still true no matter our present circumstances.

          Again, thank you so much for care and prayer. Always love to connect with you here.


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      • Thanks so much for your prayers, Angelle. You could add my daughter Clarissa to your list as she’s getting ready to head into Finals this semester. She’s also considering transferring to her 3rd college, one in the city of Detroit on whose campus she, Brandon, & Josiah (sometimes) attend church (the church that B went on the Guatemaa Missions trip with & that he helps out with the Lighting ministry)…

        Thank you for sharing your writings with me–what a precious gift of poetry & mysterious spiritual insight you have!

        The Treehouse is a crucial place for brothers & sisters to meet in faith & share our hearts. I’m close to convincing Brandon to get a WP blog so perhaps I’ll get him to stop by & at least read what people shared/prayed about his Guatemala trip…always a good thing to get the warriors of a younger generation prepped for battles to come.

        God Bless You, my precious Treeper brother…

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        • I did read that about Clarissa in one of ur emails the other day. So I will include that detail in prayer. Finals are demanding and transfers all not always easy and smooth.

          That would be great if Brandon sets up a WP blog. Bet he could make great use of it. It would certainly enlarge his sphere of communication. Was glad to hear he got a bit of a time break for his ankle to heal a little. Ankles are complex things. Well any good rad-tech would tell you how complicated feet are and how there are so many bones.

          That “mysterious” spiritual insight has come at agreat cost. Remember the parable of the field, and the pearl of great price.

          44 years ago, taking a midnight walk in NOLA in my then neighborhood to just commune with the Lord, the Holy Spirit spoke quite distinctively to my mind and spirit and basically said…”You can have the same caliber and power of spiritual knowledge, wisdom and understanding that Paul had, but the cost of it will be great.”

          Oh! What I didn’t know what was ahead of me that monumental walk and occasion! Good thing He doesn’t let us see it all then. But he did tell Paul that he would suffer many things for the Lord. That fall night was His way of telling me the same. And I have, but still now revving up for greater and more expansive things of God and the Kingdom of Heaven.

          I was emptied out after I clicked on send for part 2 of what I emailed you earlier this morning. But I needed to read that again, to be reminded of the great revelation and power of what He gave me 19 years ago. Some of that is about to unfold.

          I want you to know you are the first online friend who has ever gotten that part 1 & 2 I sent you hours ago. There’s got to be a reason. I don’t cast my pearls before swine.

          There’s one more piece in that same grain of Holy Spirit inspiration…my piece, A CHRISTMAS SONG OF LIGHT, perhaps the jewel piece of all. I’ll get that to you before I go off.

          We are indeed all precious Treepers together in the Lord’s sight and Heart. After all. He is The Great, the Tree of Life.

          Shalom always and forever…and best!

          Liked by 2 people

          • It’s God’s mercy, I believe, to spare us from too much knowledge of what is to come. The “thy word is a lamp unto my feet & a light unto my path” passage makes me think of a small light that only lights up the next step or two along our journey, not the whole path before us, lest we become overwhelmed with the magnitude of what we are to face.

            I like that scene in C. S. Lewis’ “The Horse & His Boy” tale where the Lion Aslan accompanies Shasta & Bree along the cliff-side road. They have no idea in that thick fog that their companion is protecting them from the treacherous drop-off nor that He is a great & terrible beast capable of taking them both out should He so choose. In their ignorance they are protected & comforted whereas in their knowledge they are terrified & overwhelmed.

            The Lord is surely gracious to us all & doesn’t overburden us with knowledge we are not yet ready to bear. However He does give us the grace & strength to endure the next step on the path before us, even if we’re incapable of comprehending the torturous journey we’ve undertaken, should all fore-knowledge be granted us, with our sanity/confidence intact.

            I guess that’s (at least partially) why He’s said “My grace is sufficient for you & my power is made perfect in weakness.”


            Hopefully above will be some scripture images pertaining to Grace–Blessings!

            Liked by 2 people

            • I stopped a serious work detail at the behest of the Spirit of God presently working Who moved me to take a sec to check my phone. And I find this wonderful message, graphics and perfect scriptures from you.

              I will have some things to say in reply to this later this evening after another attempted, probably futile nap…LOL…that will help you understand and discern why I sent you what I did, even if some things seem to be hidden in shadows of how the Lord works with and in us.

              Just know that sometimes God presents things to us that He knows we can’t perceive, discern and understand the fulness of at the minute and hour He gives as such.

              Thank you so much for this message. It means a lot to me.

              Today, I ended up getting no sleep during the few am hours I tried to get a nap of 30 minutes, perhaps a few more on good days…while…

              …starting a new sudden problem of a strange ear and head thing that took a weird twist about an hour ago. Just like that from one 60 second minute to the next. I’m thinking Job.

              The devil’s timely devices against us seem innumerable. But they are not. Only the works of holy, godly truth, knowledge, wisdom and absolute-sovereign power and Authority of the Kingdom of Heaven are of such.

              Okay, gotta get back to it because my early morning window of time is running out.

              You and your family have become so precious in the love, care and prayer of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ in me, for you…don’t know why and don’t care. All I have to hear is His precious Voice! That and that only is what I follow of our great God’s Heart to do His faithful bidding!

              As always…Shalom!

              PS: So glad Josiah replied my comment. Kinda made my day. 🙏🙏🙏👍😉👍🙂🙂🙂

              Liked by 3 people

            • Your given reference: II Corinthians 12:9…

              Meant a lot. How well I understand and live in that state of God’s grace, mercy and live…for the sake of others and many.


              Liked by 1 person

  28. Nigella says:

    A prayer for the poor 5 year old boy who was thrown over the railing down 3 stories.So sad

    Liked by 8 people

  29. Ad rem says:

    Another email request for prayer from “Bonnie”….

    Please keep my husband and me in your prayers as we deal with the challenges of aging ~ my brilliant, talented husband is showing signs of dementia ~ We ask for God’s grace ~ and your prayers as we deal with this ~

    Bonnie and Bob

    Liked by 6 people

    • Ad Rem, just saw this and will add them to a long, growing list of needs. As intense as my life and schedule is, I am driven, almost as a second nature to be praying for all these people off and on throughout day and night. I do thank God for the ability to keep more than one river flowing at the same time.

      I’ve seen dementia in people I have loved. It’s a hard thing to live with and deal with, especially when an older couple has been in a long, close marital relationship.

      May God have mercy and compassion on Bonnie and her husband.

      I am one of the souls who believes in miraculous healing. I will be so glad to see the Lord restore those great gifts such as healing. His church really needs it today more than ever.

      Here is a little piece of music you might enjoy. It’s very soothing.

      Appreciate you here in this thread!


      Liked by 2 people

  30. Jean says:

    I just wanted to let you know the good news: 3+- years ago my niece’s husband, Rick, was diagnosed with colon cancer. I asked you to pray for him. After lots of medical treatment, he went into remission, I believe it was over a year ago. About 2 weeks ago he went in for a scan; and was declared free and clear of cancer.

    Liked by 7 people

    • Joe Blow says:

      Praise God! Such great news, Jean! Blessings to you & your family.

      Liked by 3 people

      • Joe, it is always so good to come here and see your support and prayers for all the needs. Your comments really cheer me up. It seems wherever their is a need for prayer, you are right there to offer your consolation and prayers! Grateful that you are a regular contributor here. I don’t know whatever needs you may have in your own life, but I seriously pray for the Lord to bless and strengthen you for being such a staunch, faithful prayer supporter and heart of care for His people here.

        Shalom and be blessed, you and all of yours.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Joe Blow says:

          Angelle, I’m so very touched to read this. It warms my heart that I’m able to offer you even a small measure of comfort amidst your grueling schedule. I always try to put myself in the position of someone who may be in desperate need of prayer, but who may fear that no one will be there to see it. I never want anyone to experience that fear. I want them to know that no matter what may be going on in my own life on a given day, I will be here to pray for anyone who should ask. That has not always been an easy thing, but it is a necessary thing.

          When I first pulled up my branch here at CTH I did not enter this Prayer Thread, until I was moved by the Holy Spirit. He has prompted me to do many things in my life, & not all promptings come with the same emphasis—this one was quite strong, however. I would stop in once every few days at first, but soon the Lord put it on my heart that that wasn’t enough, so I started coming every day. As my parents’ health situation began unfolding I quickly found myself asking the wonderful members of this faith community for prayer, & they have been there for me in my own time of need in a way which I had never experienced.

          Thank you so much for glorifying God through your own words & your work, & being another member of the Body with whom I am so blessed to have fellowship in this Tree. May the Lord keep you & strengthen you each & every day.


          • Joe, I think when people bless us in a special way, we need to let them know that. It helps encourage and strengthen their positional place and faith in the Lord that He is actually using them as an extension of His own Heart. You know, as Paul wrote, that great mystery, Christ in you.

            Your reply here was a great blessing, and as you said, warmed my heart also. The thing that stands out is the emphasis you put on the Holy Spirit’s action and moving in and on you to engage your place here. Well, that’s easy for me to see now. But that is also why I ended up getting more involved in this thread, by sheer thrust of the Holy Spirit to listen, love and prayer for our needy Treepers.

            CTH is also called The Last Refuge, but even within the CTH, this prayer thread is the Last Refuge for some. And we must give of the Lord’s Spirit in us to make sure they spiritually get what they need in their travails…and that includes comfort and peace as health issues can really stoke the fires of fear in the mind.

            Am intensely involved in a harrowing, up and down, always have to adapt schedule, yet the power of the Lord’s love for these has nested deep in my heart so that now it is second nature to pray for all of these several times a day, night, whenever. They are in my thoughts frequently. It’s part of the benefit of developing and nurturing a consistent communion with the Lord through the Holy Spirit. Praying should be like breathing. I try to live in a constant state of communion with the Lord. If I didn’t, truly, seriously, it would be the end of me or least my sanity.

            Btw, if you haven’t yet, if you click on my name, it will bring you to an allegory I wrote called THE JOURNEYS OF EMMAUS & JABEZ: The Great Tree, Part I. I think it would bless you greatly, Printed out, it is a 40 page read, so not just a few minutes. I posted that mostly for Treepers to read. I don’t do any other social site. Haven’t for years.

            Anyway, be blessed and may the Lord remember the kindness and love of your heart for and towards all here.

            Shalom and best,

            Liked by 2 people

    • Just awesome, Jean.

      Praise be unto our loving, faithful Father and Lord Jesus Christ!


      Liked by 3 people

    • Wow! That is fantastic and thank ou for sharing with all of us. Blessings to you both.

      Liked by 3 people

  31. From today’s open thread:

    Also please pray for my cousin Becky who had surgery for a huge blood clot in her leg, she’ll hopefully be home from the hospital tomorrow. & from our church this prayer request…

    “Please also pray for Jeff M, as he is scheduled to have his kidney transplant surgery tomorrow. Please pray for him to remain healthy, for his cousin (who will donate) to be protected and that she will not have any complications from her surgery.
    Thank you for all your prayers.”

    God Bless all Treeper Prayer Warriors! Christ is Risen!!!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Joe Blow says:

      Prayers for that poor child, that the Lord may restore his health & comfort his family.

      Prayers for your cousin Becky, Valerie, that the Lord may quickly bring her back to health.

      Prayers for Jeff that the Lord may watch over him & his cousin & his procedure be successful.

      God bless!

      Liked by 3 people

  32. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Praise! Update today about Landen:
    “We have good news to share with you all on this Good Friday! Our miracle child Landen is showing real signs or recovery. New test results have been positive, though he remains in intensive care with a long road ahead. Our faith in God, and our Savior Jesus, is strong and we are gaining more reason for optimism day by day. We continue our request for privacy as we focus on Landen and thank you for respecting our wishes. Just know that we all feel your overwhelming love, prayers and support – He is answering our prayers and they ARE working. Please continue to pray for Landen and his family, every single prayer is important. Thank you so much from all of us and have a blessed Easter weekend… ” Source:

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Grandma Covfefe says:

    “Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.” ~ 3 John 1:2

    I have not forgotten any of you and am waiting for some names to come back…..i visit every day and been praying for all of you daily.
    I love you all.

    Easter Blessing to you, Dear Treepers. You are loved!

    “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”
    ~ Philippians 4:19

    Liked by 1 person

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