Prayer Requests – 9

Please share any prayer requests you may have for friends or loved ones here….


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2,524 Responses to Prayer Requests – 9

  1. kurt72 says:

    This is the first time I have read these prayer requests being a fairly new Treeper. I am simply stunned and amazed at all the love here. I have always believed that this mortal life is just the beginning of our real lives that continue on into infinity and across the universe. Some refer to this as Heaven. Our painful lives here are to build our eternal character as we take our place in Gods Kingdom. We learn and practice love, faith, peace and service to others. This is simply doing Gods Will. This learning will continue as we come close to God. There is no end.
    Jesus showed us the way.

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  2. thluckyone says:

    Precious Treepers, Sundance and Ad Rem,

    Please pray with me that I can find the job that’s right for me. I’m relatively new to the CTH and I’ve been met with SO MUCH warmth and welcome that I now realize I should have come to you for prayer before now. I won’t burden you with all of the reasons why I think I’ve been turned down so much. Our beloved Heavenly Father KNOWS what’s going on and He knows who YOU are and He knows who I am and He knows what needs to happen. He is not surprised by any of this.

    I’m also asking that our Lord will grant me the wisdom and humility (yup, I realize the danger of that prayer) to know how to think about all of this, how to move in this situation and how to respond to HIS leading when the opportunity is presented. Work will allow me to further participate in the wonderful community where I live – and where I comment – in SO MANY ways.

    You all don’t REALIZE how important all of you are to the well-being of all of us who participate here! You’ve helped me keep my SANITY! I sincerely believe it is God Himself that led me to this incredible community! I wish I could just adopt you ALL! Anyway, please just pray with me about this “job” thing and I’ll keep you updated. May God’s Grace in Christ Jesus watch between thee and me until such time as we are gathered to Him. THANK YOU!!

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    • justfactsplz says:

      thluckyone, prayers went up for you. I do not doubt God led you to CTH. I know he led me here over five years ago during a very rough time. It wasn’t long before I discovered this prayer thread. Wolverine prayer warriors have prayed a lot of people through difficult times in their lives. There is genuine love, warmth, and wisdom found here.

      God wants to give good gifts to His children. You asking for wisdom and humility pleases God and I believe He will give them to you.

      I am praying for your job situation. I pray that God will open the door to the right job for you and close doors to those who are not. God will lead you in the right direction. When we are in the right job we are happy and often times God uses us to help others while we do that work.

      So glad you found us and please do keep us posted.

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    • Sha says:

      theluckyone may God lead you to were your supposed to be in your job search. Best of luck.

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    • mariegrace says:

      Thluckyone I am praying for you. Our God is faithful. It has been three years for me also seeking employment. I know our God will come through in his time. I can gratefully say that I have never been without, God always provide a way for me. I know a great job is out there for you and I and others. God bless us all.

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  3. kurt72 says:

    A job is to provide survival not value. Too many people view themselves and their self worth through their employment rather than who they really are. It’s great to have an enjoyable career but it’s not ones whole life. Discovering and and then doing Gods Will is our purpose as His children. It may be volunteer work that is ones true vocation while working at something else for pay keeps you alive. Seek within to find these answers.

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  4. Sha says:

    Justfactsplz I’ll be praying for your surgery to be a success. Just because I’m not here a lot doesn’t mean I forget about you are any one else here.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      Thank you Sha. I have reinjured my rotar cuff in my left shoulder and can’t get a shot of cortisone in it before the surgery. It is hurting worse each day. I didn’t need one more thing to be in pain. If I move my arm even 1/4 inch it is excruciating.

      We recently bought a new bed because of my bad back. It has helped but it is very high off of the floor and at 5’2″ I have to use a step stool to get into it. I won’t be able to do that after surgery. My recliner and couch are too low to safely use after hip surgery. I was really worried about what to do as I can’t afford another bed right now.

      God always answers prayers even little ones. My old neighbor who is a nurse has a brother who just moved into a furnished house that snowbirds had. He didn’t need one of the full beds and is giving it to me. We can set it up in the living room where I will have t.v. and watch the goings on in the kitchen, lol. Later I will put it in our vacant guest room next to G’s room.

      My old cat that is blind in one eye has been missing for 24 hours. I have been crying my eyes out and there is no sign of him. Prayers he is okay or that he doesn’t suffer are appreciated. I have had him 11 years and he as old when he adopted me.

      Well, it hurts my arm to type so I will just shut up. It is so good to hear from you and I hope you are liking your job. We miss you here.

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      • thluckyone says:

        jfp, praying that your beloved “old cat” safely finds his way “home”. Praying also for your surgery on Wednesday and the pains that currently are attacking you. Thank you for letting us lift you up. Be blessed! You are a blessing to many.

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        • justfactsplz says:

          Thank you so much. Ben is still missing. He was an outdoor cat that adopted me back in 2008 and was old and blind in one eye then. He has been so lovey. I made him an indoor cat as much as I could but he liked to go out but usually came back in quickly. I never let him out after dark. Gary has Alzheimers and let him out after dark. He said Ben loved on him and said goodbye then wanted out to go die.

          We have feral cats that hang out at the home behind us because that lady throws food out for them everyday. Two half grown cats had two liters of kittens in our yard. Something kept happening to them. So Gary gets a hold of a gray striped one and brought it in about a week ago. He went and bought it kitten formula and food and it is eating fine. It is probably five weeks old. Gary is taking care of it, already has it spoiled, and named it Buckshot. It even plays with my tiny Chihuahua. But still, I would rather have Ben back. It’s not knowing what happened to him that hurts the most. I would like to have buried him or taken him to the doctor if he was hurt. He wasn’t sick.

          I have been helping G. all day and putting clean lines on her bed killed my arm. Her second neck surgery is tomorrow. She will have no part of going to rehab afterward and I won’t be able to help her after my surgery. I hope they won’t be too rough with my arm at the hospital because it will be awhile before I can go to the doctor for it.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      Thank you, Sha. I replied a bit lengthy piece and it didn’t post. It must be in the spam bin. I am suffering now with an old rotar cuff injury I didn’t need right now. Surgery is Wednesday. I am getting close. Will be glad when it’s over.

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  5. Sha says:

    Please say a prayer for my mother in law and father n law the doctors are saying she is finally losing her battle with cancer. My father n law lost his 1st wife to cancer and now he’s being told he’s losing his second. I have prayed for her but my heart is telling me the lord is ready for her to go home. I really hope I am wrong.

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    • thluckyone says:

      With you in prayer for her, Sha! Thank you for giving us the privilege to pray with you.


    • justfactsplz says:

      Sha I get the same feeling about your mother in law. She has fought a long battle. I pray that God will ease her suffering and bring her safely to her eternal home. I pray that God will comfort your fagther in law and heal his broken heart. To lose two wives from cancer is tough to handle but God will be by his side. I pray for your husband also as I know this must be hurting him too. Hugs and love.


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