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Big Bear and Big Panda Just Joined the Discussion – Vice President Mike Pence Reveals Central American Invasion Horde is: “Financed by Venezuela”…

Well, there it is.  Quietly within the deliberate words from Vice-President Mike Pence a revelation that explains the origination of the Central American invasion force.  For those who are not deep in the geopolitical weeds, the subtlety can pass unnoticed; … Continue reading

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Justin Trudeau: No Trade Deal With U.S. That “Doesn’t Continue Exemptions for Canada’s Cultural Industries”…

All our propaganda are belong to us… In comments yesterday about the likelihood of Canada joining the U.S-Mexico trade agreement, Justin from Canada stated emphatically that his country would not join any trade agreement that removes Canadian protectionist policy on … Continue reading

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Canadian Government Moves To Block Freedom of Speech in Effort to Prop-up Justin…

Under the auspices of making moves to block election interference from outside interests the government of Justin from Canada is moving to block internet content critical of Trudeau and his policies. Simultaneously and ironically, the same Canadian government is spending … Continue reading

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Back to School in California….

Things have become a little more challenging for kids this year….

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Mad Maxine Follower: South Dakota Police/FBI Arrest Antifa Activist With Guns and Extensive Bomb-making Material…

When Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters demanded the advancement of political violence, many began warning she was lighting a fuse for a resurgence of activity similar to the Weather Underground bombings.   As if on cue, a few days later former domestic … Continue reading

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Boston University Graduate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Explains “Economics”…

According to DNC Chairman Tom Perez, Ms. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is “the future of the Democrat party.”  Ms. Ocasio-Cortez has a bachelors degree in “economics” and “international relations” from Boston University. Born in 1989, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez is a millennial and a … Continue reading

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Two Free Speech Activists Released After 72 Hour Detention By British Authorities for “Incorrect Thoughts”…

I was waiting to see where this story went, and to hear first-hand from the two people arrested and detained in British prison for daring to want to interview Tommy Robinson, before coming to a conclusion.  In essence two people … Continue reading

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