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Macron Cracks Down on Yellow Vest Protests – Blocks Champs-Elysees Avenue, Replaces Police Chief…

Following a weekend of clashes, violence and stores burned in the city of Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron has replaced the police chief and announced blockades to keep yellow vest protesters away from key tourist destinations. PARIS (AP) — France’s … Continue reading

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My Unfair Lady…

AOC Denies Being a Puppet Candidate, She’s Not Being Entirely Truthful… Amid growing revelations surrounding Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as a puppet candidate, enlisted by a group of far-left activists, Ms. AOC tweets a firm denial. (AOC Tweet – Handler Saikat Chakrabarti … Continue reading

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Senator Lindsey Graham Discusses FISA Abuse Investigation…

Chairman Lindsey Graham appears on late-night-interuptus to discuss his Senate Judiciary investigation into allegations of FISA abuse, etc.

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Michelle Malkin CPAC Speech: “CPAC at the Bridge”…

Mrs. Michelle Malkin delivered a strong call-to-arms at CPAC surrounding the insufferable Big Club’s republican corporate agenda toward immigration. Wolverine Speech and Transcript Below: . [Transcript] Good afternoon. Thank you to CPAC for the invitation. My name is Michelle Malkin. … Continue reading

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He Speaks Big Truth – “A Message for Hollywood”…

A young man who lives in the area of Los Angeles has a message for the Hollywood elites that speaks truth.   WATCH: . Within that seven minute speech this young man foretells of a future that is exactly what CTH … Continue reading

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Number Eight – Bernie Sanders Announces Presidential Bid…

Plowing the field.  The Bern crowd has no idea how the DNC machine is setting them up. Senator Bernie Sanders announces his decision to run again for the presidency in 2020. . Two points:  First, Bernie’s primary value is his … Continue reading

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Amazon Cancels Plans to Build Headquarters in New York City….

Amazon announced today it was canceling a plan to build new East Coast headquarters building in New York City.  [The planned building in Virginia will go ahead.]  The company said it would not look for a new location to replace … Continue reading

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