Sunday Talks: Sidney Powell Outlines Biden Transition Team Member Peter Neffenger Part of Smartmatic Voting Machine Fraud – CIA Also Connected to Dominion Software…

Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell appears with Maria Bartiromo to discuss significant evidence of vote and ballot fraud.  Ms. Powell highlights several areas of ongoing investigation from software designed to manipulate ballot results to payments from vote counting companies to local/state officials.

Ms. Powell also notes the CIA has a relationship with Dominion and Smartmatic software providers who have used their election counting products in foreign countries.  The subjects within the conversation are very alarming and includes statements about identified algorithms used to manipulate the counting. Ms. Powell states the evidence is so overwhelming there is likely going to be another election.  MUST WATCH:

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860 Responses to Sunday Talks: Sidney Powell Outlines Biden Transition Team Member Peter Neffenger Part of Smartmatic Voting Machine Fraud – CIA Also Connected to Dominion Software…

  1. Nina kelly says:

    Great now lets get Trump back in, screw Biden

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  2. trapper says:

    Now this gets interesting. Claims the German servers that were seized were CIA servers, so American property, that the military took control of them, and that both Wray and Haspel were left out of the loop.

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  3. Simon Says says:

    Votes are cast. No reason to hold back until winner emerges, unless your looking from Biden headnod to signal final coverup nail in research into Trump-Russian hoax and coup. Where’s the investigation? Election’s over except for the crying.


  4. Simon Says says:

    Votes are cast. No reason to hold back until winner emerges, unless your looking from Biden headnod to signal final coverup nail in research into Trump-Russian hoax and coup. Where’s the investigation? Election’s over except for the crying.

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  5. DaPicayune says:

    Please, Sidney,… don’t feed the Kraken for a few days before you release it,….. we want that Monster starving for Marxist Dim/M$M/Rino meat when it hits the streets and courts.

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  6. Ron Hyatt says:

    … “the evidence is so overwhelming there is likely going to be another election” And did you know if you put a hat on a Snowball in hell it will last a long time/


  7. sandlotball says:

    All I see are people on infotainment shows.
    Not. One. Vote. Overturned.
    Wake up people, they vote was stolen and, like every other crime we know of, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.
    We need to stop deluding ourselves that our beloved President can stop the steal.
    It’s time to prepare our resistance and take measures for protection. We are now the hunted and without a protector.

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    • jmclever says:

      They have to let the ppl who don’t get down in the weeds with Sundance know what’s going on. With even the small town local papers and every “news” outlet proclaiming Biden as winner they have to fight the PR battle as well as the legal battle. PR will be harder.

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  8. Cocoon says:

    Powell needs to stop the history lesson and show when and how votes for Trump were cancelled or transferred from Trump to Biden.
    We don’t have time for anything else.

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  9. Founders191 says:

    The focus on fraud must be on “lowering the mail-in ballot rejection rate!”

    2016 GA-16 TRUMP 2,089,204 (51.05%) – CLINTON 1,877,963 (45.89%) = 5.16%
    2020 GA-16,TRUMP 2,457,880 (49.24%) – BIDEN 2,471,996 (49.52%) = 0.28%
    2016 Georgia mail-in ballot rejection rate: 6.4%
    2020 Georgia mail-in ballot rejection rate. 0.2% <– THIS!

    This metric was is manually adjusted by humans on the Dominion Machines.
    Who made these adjustments and when. What 'exactly' were the 4am 'updates'

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  10. minnesotamike55 says:

    It’s very simple.
    Does the electronic vote count match the paper ballots?
    After that, the question is how many of the paper ballots were invalid?
    How in hell does the American public get to demand that the reported numbers actually match the ballots?

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    • 1987bear says:

      Only paper ballots Ga machines have are the ones computer prints out AFTER tabulating results. Votes can be changed, then the ballot is printed.


      • minnesotamike55 says:

        An audit scan of those paper ballots on an independent scanner machine to verify that the paper printout matches what was counted would be required. I don’t know how we get there on that one.


  11. Raised on Reagan says:

    More do, less talk.

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  12. President-Elect TwoLaine says:

    Sidney on Rush with Mark Steyn right now.

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  13. President-Elect TwoLaine says:


    12 Jun 2008

    Glenn Simpson (Crooked Fusion GPS) even wrote about this is 2007:

    “In 2006, the Wall Street Journal reported that Smartmatic “would sell its U.S. subsidiary [Sequoia] to end a review by the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. into whether Smartmatic is partially owned by the Venezuelan government.” Bob Davis, Smartmatic to Shed U.S. Unit, End Probe Into Venezuelan Links, WALL ST. J., Dec. 22, 2006, at A6, article available for purchase at The Wall Street Journal also reported a Department of Justice investigation into whether Smartmatic had engaged in bribery or tax fraud. Id.see also Bob Davis and Glenn Simpson, U.S. Authorities Probe How Smartmatic Won Venezuela Election Pact, WALL ST. J., Dec. 1, 2006, at A9, article available for purchase at (“The company says it paid $1.5 million to a Venezuelan consultant who is close to the Chavez government and helped to win Smartmatic business. The allegation being investigated is that Smartmatic actually paid as much as $4 million to the consultant, then deleted a substantial portion of those payments from its corporate records to hide the extent of its payments to a friend of the Chavez regime.”).”

    Click to access SequoiaSmartmaticReport61208.pdf

    CFIUS was involved.

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    • President-Elect TwoLaine says:

      Why is Hugo Chávez Involved With U.S. Voting Machines?
      by Richard Brand
      28 Mar 2006

      The greater threat to our nation’s security comes not from Dubai and its pro-Western government, but from Venezuela, where software engineers with links to the leftist, anti-American regime of Hugo Chávez are programming electronic voting machines that will soon power U.S. elections.

      Congress spent two weeks overreacting to news that Dubai Ports World would operate several American ports, including Miami’s, but a better target for their hysteria would be the acquisition by Smartmatic International of California-based Sequoia Voting Systems, whose machines serve millions of U.S. voters. That Smartmatic — which has been accused by Venezuela’s opposition of helping Chávez rig elections in his favor — now controls a major U.S. e-voting firm should give pause to anybody who thinks that replacing our antiquated butterfly ballots and hanging chads will restore Americans’ faith in our electoral process.

      Read more:

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  14. mike diamond says:

    TRUMP,Will Win!,keep Praying!

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  15. mike diamond says:

    TRUMP,Will Win!,keep Praying!

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  16. LtoL says:

    They are trying to steal the election what are we to do. They are trying to close down the conservative treehouse what are we to do?

    Sundance how can we followers of conservative treehouse do to help you. By helping CONSERVATIVE TREE we are helping our beloved President.

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  17. Rich Vail says:

    There cannot be another election. What will happen is that I’d the vote thrown out, the state house of representatives will choose the electors, IF they don’t choose in time, and no candidate has a majority of electors, then then each state will cast 1 vote in the US House of representatives. If no candidate then has a majority the House of Representatives will choose the president. Thats only been done once in the 1800s.

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    • FrankieZee says:

      I just don’t see Trump winning this. I see the judges bailing out on any cases brought before them. I also see the state house of representatives also folding like a cheap Chinese suit. The pressure that will be brought on these people will be unbearable. Already Chuck FU Schumer is saying no court will overturn the election. He is setting the courts up already. Trump’s lawyers better have stone cold hard evidence to prove that their was cheating going on. And right now, we cannot count on the Supreme Court doing the right thing. I pray that I am wrong.


      • ReglarMerican says:

        Frankie, The Lord may have already answered those prayers.
        About 74,000,000 MAGA voters are highly motivated and can protect our Electoral College voters, push back on Chuck U Schumer et al. Stay strong!! Keep those righteous prayers lifting up!!!

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      • As a Man Thinkth says:

        Screw the court drama, we all know where that ends.
        Skip directly to Marshall Law, arrest, prosecute with military justice and sentence low hang fruit to life w/o parole…Crack the code, force them to give up the big guys…


  18. Puzzled says:

    The election results were cooked and the media has the narrative, safest election of all time. Next story board has Moses coming from the sky to carry the Biden inspired vaccine to save the people. Talk shows with bended knee and head, so President Biden how does it feel to be a hero? Science wins, facts matter here is your savior, you’re not worthy but he is even mandating the vaccine for you lowly, evil Trump supporters. It is B grade movie stuff.

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  19. Northern Lily says:

    Ok, question: if Fox has gone off the deep end, and finally signalled who it stands for (the left), and is shutting down people who say what it doesn’t like (is it Judge Jeanne, and someone else who was staring to talk about George Soros), why are Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani still allowed to speak?? Remember when Sundance said a while back that they fed info to the media and the people to shape even what the conservatives thought? I hope if they have real info regarding voter fraud they get it to the courts fast because time is ticking on.

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  20. mikeyboo says:

    I would like to donate to the Treehouse by check. Can you me an e-mail letting me know where to send the check- and to whom it should be made out? ( You have my e-mail address )
    Yeah, I know but I am an older person and prefer to send a check-particularly in these contentious times.


  21. Dwayne Diesel says:

    Discussing this with uninformed rube, the ignorant portion of the population, or those liberals who just pull wool over their own eyes has become fun.

    When they deny anything nefarious or just say I’m sore- I just follow up by saying “Fine, let’s see what we age are on…I then list how poll watchers were denied access, ballot counters too, the harvesting of votes, and other deeds that have been caught being done and documented- I don’t even touch on the electronic shenanigans- I go mention Biden only ballots, next day retrieval, etc. They usually agree to an extent that those things have happened. They have excuses but agree to them (you can’t deny it- too many instances with video). And once they agree…I throw the bomb out there: I’m glad you think those things are ok because We conservatives will now go the same but we will block more than you, harvest more than you, we will do what was fine but in a bigger scale.

    And just like that, in an instant, they always seem to change their minds…it’s now all of a sudden illegal and you can’t do that….

    I just say- oh, and then you agree those doing it now should go to jail and illegal votes should be discarded (all illegal votes- Trump and Biden)….

    Typically I get the- now you’re just going overboard…

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    • guest4ever says:

      Dwayne Diesel—Good on you!!!

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      • Dwayne Diesel says:

        Guest, the people defending this are nothing but hypocrites. It’s why I turn it back on them:

        Oh, that’s fine, you don’t have an issue with not allowing poll watchers to have access even with the correct paperwork, you are fine with collecting ballots after legal deadlines, you are fine with Joe Frazier voting, you are fine with not validating signatures on magically appearing ballots, you are fine with magically appearing ballots outside the chain of custody, and you are fine with stopping and starting counts? Ok, that’s cool. So we conservatives can do it in 2022? On a bigger scale?

        Them- uhhhhh well no, you can’t intimidate people and restrict access, you can’t harvest, you can’t just bring in ballots outside of chain of custody, you can’t just find ballots.

        They literally just don’t care how duplicitous they sound. They don’t because they have been told they are right for so long they possibly can’t see postulate anything other than what they have been hand fed.


  22. czarowniczy says:

    “…the CIA has a relationship with Dominion and Smartmatic software providers who have used their election counting products in foreign countries.”

    And how many times have I posted that the Company’s the US’s ‘point of the spear’ when it comes to regime change overseas? How little effort would it take for that same mechanism to be turned inward to illegal effect regime change here? Either overseas or internally here the use of dedicated resources to circumvent the will of the people to the needs of the elite has received scant attention or interest until now. I wonder how many foreign governments will now start pawing through their old election files to look for Smartmatic tampering and to whom they’ll trace it back to?

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  23. Shadrach says:

    I guess someone has already pointed out somewhere that Peter Neffinger was an Admiral in the Coast Guard (which is under the DHS umbrella) and also headed TSA (another DHS component) under the Obama administration?

    I just read the article and this page of comments and didn’t see anyone remarking on its importance.

    Especially since CISA (the one that said our election was the most secure ever, LOL) is also a DHS component.

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    • ReglarMerican says:

      That alphabet soup keeps dissolving.
      First the see eye eh, then the eff bee eye, now the dee aytch ess also needs to be taken apart and some how reworked or its component parts salvaged, if actually needed at all.
      Looks like most of what they did was against American citizens.

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  24. Daniel says:

    This money for family members is a HUGE warning shot. This should, in theory, cause politicians involved to “find the mistakes” and declare Trump the winner.

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  25. ReglarMerican says:

    This is interesting …

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  26. glennhanson says:

    Someone wrote under her similar interview with Lou Dobbs on Youtube that if she can pull this off people will be writings songs about her for years to come. I added my ‘like’ to the hundreds of others on that comment.

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  27. jersey814 says:

    Sidney is an wonderful woman and excellent lawyer, but she and the rest of the team are pitted against the deep state and as yet , I have not seen one victory against them.
    God help our children and grandchildren.


  28. MicD says:

    If it feels like an “Iron Curtain”
    It is an Iron Curtain.

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  29. Paul Vincent Zecchino says:

    Compelling information which thus far has yet to stop the coup.


  30. Ken Wheeler says:

    In Atlanta we have a news anchor on WSB radio named Eric Ericsson. He pretends to be a conservative. I have listen to him for years slamming President Trump. He sometimes runs cover for the deep state. Such as he was doing today, trying to convince us that there is little to no evidence of voter fraud in Atlanta. He is lying.


    • Puzzled says:

      Sounds like most local news. Avoid it until you can dump it. Don’t financially support anything or anyone who seeks to destroy our country. They all lie.


  31. dbobway says:

    Floyd Co. in Georgia found 2,631 ballets that the Dominion computers didn’t count.
    3-1 Trump votes.
    The first ‘big’ smoking gun. The state assembly is about to meet over this.

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  32. guest4ever says:

    Not really directly tied to this voting mess, but, I think it could be related to the entire fraud mess, so I’m posting it here. I think it’s good news though, or portends good news!


  33. ReglarMerican says:

    Multiply by all the counties in Georgia.


  34. USA Citizen says:

    The High Tech like Twitter, Facebook and Google are censoring only Republican comments. These High Techs are Liberal Democrats and they are so BIAS AND CORRUPT!!! Twitter censored President Trump 111 times and Joe Biden “0”. That is how Crooked and Corrupt the Liberal Democrats are. Why do DUMB DEMOCRATS vote for them??? DUMB AND DUMBER!!!


  35. Don’t know ’bout you all but I went all liquid today for first time in 20 years. As the news comes out this week and next I think the markets will realize their Buddys in the “press” have NOT told them the truth (surprise) AND The market will tank.


    • jello333 says:

      I don’t trade stocks, but I’ve done a lot of Forex over the past few years. But right at the moment, I’m kinda scared to hold any big positions because something big could happen at any moment. And all it needs is a tweet or off-the-cuff comment by any number of people and… zoom!


  36. bigsky51 says:

    When do we expect the Krakken to be released?


  37. Patience says:


  38. Patience says:

    fund a mental trans formation


  39. Kulak69 says:

    QUESTION for Treepers:

    Did you experience an internet outage late in the evening of Election Night, say within an hour or so, of midnight EST? I sure did. And for once, it wasn’t my shaggy computer, but the internet “System” itself unavailable for a bit. Maybe like a very big s/w patch pushing through it? After a complete reboot I was back on. It was OFF, then ON. No intermittent service period in between.

    If it was just me, then disregard. But if many internet users experienced this same outage simultaneously, then…Be-No-Coincidences.


  40. Cocoon says:

    I like Sydney.
    But we need evidence NOW!!!
    In just a few weeks, the page will be turned.
    You need that long just to have the story go national.


  41. President-Elect TwoLaine says:



  42. RedCar says:

    More bright, shiny objects to look at. Unless someone can generate some actual results we are just flapping out gums.


  43. Curt says:

    Let’s see here. Dominion voting systems were developed 20 years ago and used in Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez election. They have since been updated and exported all over the world are are being used extensively in the US. So it begs to question: ‘Where the hell have our politicians been on this issue?’ We just take it on good faith that these machines and the software that they use is not hacked with algorithms that manipulate the count? All of a sudden, out of nowhere, and one day after the most important election in our time the Dominion vote counting machines are a problem? Actually, as I understand it, there is no way to even audit the vote count! The horse is already out of the barn people! We are told to accept this because the machines say it is so. This insanity is our own fault and that of our elected politicians for not recognizing the danger long ago. I am old enough to remember elections that were legitimate and the vote counting, done manually, was never in doubt. Honestly, I do not even trust the ‘local’ elections where I live in California anymore. We, citizens, have not been diligent in our duty to safe guard our republic and now the terrible consequences of that laziness are upon us.


    • Professor G says:

      I don’t know the answer to your question, but I will state the obvious. You can’t assume that the politicians or the bureaucrats believe in the Constitution. But, since the servers were housed in Germany in a CIA server farm, that is a big clue about what is going on. Also, the CIA and the Justice Department were not notified in advance of the raid. That is another big clue. I get all of my information from open source research on the Internet. It is out there and it is being censored,but there is a lot more to be learned.I personally believe that the President performed a sting operation, but I can’t prove that. Maybe Ms Powell will provide the details as she makes the case in court.


  44. Curt says:

    Interesting anecdotal story here: Monday evening my wife and I met friends for dinner. We’ve known these folks for 40 years and I know their politics are conservative. Accompanying them was their 32 year old son. He is a graduate of West Point and served with the Army in Afghanistan for two years. Much of the diner conversation was about the election. What I found astounding is that these good folks accepted the election results even though they didn’t think Trump had a chance of losing. When I questioned them further I was surprised to learn that they were clueless as to Dominion issues, vote harvesting, the dangers of mail in balloting and many other issues. Some of these things they had NEVER even heard of. When I explained these issues they seemed nonplussed. Their lives are filled with other priority issues, some of which seemed, ‘to me’, less important than the election. I was struck by the lack of outrage or even suspicion about the election results. I guess I shouldn’t have been… The difference between these folks and their Democrat counterparts is noteworthy. The Democrats seem to pay attention and are dedicated to doing whatever is necessary to win. These very good people take it for granted that all is well. The lack of healthy skepticism is just astounding.


  45. Byron says:

    Sidney — same exact thing happened in Ecuador during the general election in 2017. Referring to the whistleblower that came forward regarding the election in Venezuela. Guillermo Lasso (conservative challenger) was beating Lenin Moreno (incumbent party)…. all of a sudden the “system” went offline and there was a 2 hour pause in ballot counting. When the process resumed, all of a sudden Lenin Moreno had take the lead. Smartmatic was involved in this general election. Multiple articles in both Spanish and English can reconcile this. The is a national security matter!


  46. ericmuet says:

    Interesting. Dominion has a bunch of response on their home page now.


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