Peter Navarro Discusses China and Their Leverage Over Joe Biden…

As most CTH readers are aware Peter Navarro is one person in a small group of of five close advisors on all things related to trade and President Trump’s America First economic policy. [Ross, Lighthizer, Mnuchin, Navarro and Kudlow]

In this episode of American Thought Leaders Jan Jekielek sits down with Peter Navarro, Assistant to President Trump and Director of the Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy. The primary topic is the U.S-China conflict and by extension the ramification of Joe Biden being compromised by the Chinese Communist Party.

Because Peter Navarro deals with the White House strategy against the Chinese dragon, the national security threat within the Biden compromise is particularly unnerving.

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36 Responses to Peter Navarro Discusses China and Their Leverage Over Joe Biden…

  1. GB Bari says:

    I saw this earlier from a notification from Epoch Times A must watch.
    Thank you Sundance for posting this.

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    • MIKE says:

      It is a good watch. This Jan guy does great interviews, asks great questions, and tries to keep the interviewee honest, like he did with Navarro at the end, when he asks about the Trump/Wall Street connection the left uses to bash the President .
      All this without the hannity type sensationalism, build-up, interruptions, and eventual letdown. Good stuff.

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      • GH says:

        I disagree when it comes to Jan (I’ve watched around 15 of his interviews) perhaps it’s Jan’s style, but he often appears to be unprepared. Jan’s questions kinda makes him into Captain Obvious. I do agree that Jan’s interviews are w/o INTERRUPTIONS or sensationalism, I finally just stopped watching Hannity either live or on YouTube. IMHO Hannity is a form of controlled opposition.

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        • Marc says:

          You don’t get as rich as a media pundit with no accolades or degrees like Hannity without being a mouthpiece for someone far more richer and powerful than yourself.


    • GB Bari says:

      Pete doesn’t mince words. He looks right into the camera and without hesitation labels both Wall Street and Silicon Valley “sociopaths.” God bless this clear-eyed man who is unafraid to speak truth to power.

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  2. milktrader says:

    He’s not pulling punches

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  3. C2C says:

    Thomas Paine Podcast episode 47:

    FBI director Chris Wray’s law firm, King & Spaulding, represented the Russian Oil company that the Chinese CEFC was trying to acquire a percentage of, the deal that Bobulinsky describes.

    Wray was a partner with equity in the law firm & scrubbed all reference about it from his law firm bio once he knew he was being considered for head FBI. Plus, Wray’s got Millions $ in Russian investments in his portfolio.

    Hunter Biden is whom Wray’s firm was negotiating the purchase with, going behind Bobulinsky’s back.

    Of course Wray sat on the laptop….. he’s in on it.

    Billy Barr’s law firm represented a 3rd party that was in on the deal too, they were the “broker” …my description.

    So Barr’s involved in the Hunter deal as well. No indictments, no arrests, part of the coup.

    No written disclosures about their conflicts in their confirmation documents.

    Who recommended these guys? Who vetted them? No one with any ethics it appears.

    If Trump knows about this, then his comment about Barr & Wray being very nice to Joe & Hunter makes even more sense. He see’s his enemy clearly. God give Trump strength.

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  4. tax2much says:

    If only Jeff Sessions had the inner strength of Peter Navarro these last four years would have been so different.

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  5. Jorizabeth says:

    Navarro is accomplished in his field, but practical and involved in how those financial matters affect the people. He doesn’t stand off, he’s all for us!

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  6. ann says:

    Excellent interview, We are so fortunate to have Team Trump. Appreciate navorto’s forthright assignation of responsibility for this deadly bug to the Chinese government .

    “Wall Street (and Silicon Valley) are sociopaths “. ✅

    A digression to share

    As the DNC/Media/ enables mayhem and primal crowd behaviour escalates, , i reach a threshold for processing cognitively painful information, so to speak. . Determination and committed will never waiver, my withdrawal is because I’m unable to emotionally detach.

    One exception is American Thought Leaders,

    Jan Janvovich’s calm demeanour and plain, direct style of interviewing makes his content an oasis of sanity.
    conversation is a lost art only for those who choose to lower our cultural standards, we cannot rely on classrooms to coach students in communication skills or to practice objective intellectual restraint., yet these are critical for sustaining civil self government. Rational fact based two way discussions come natural when taught by parents, in the home, practiced at table and in spaces free of electronic babble.

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  7. Baby Hurley says:

    You can thank B. Clinton (NAFTA) for the rise of china leading to the inherent corruption of holding US political office and the likes of a usefull idiot like Joe Blow running for our presidency. It’s not just Biden but the whole of DC, US Intelligence, MSM and Big Tech are all on the CCP payroll. This is why PDJT is so aggressively standing up to chy-na and why the swamp is so aggressively going after our President. Pray that we get four more years…and pray one more term will be enough.

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  8. rah says:

    Worth every minute.

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  9. Ospreyzone says:

    Peter is not afraid to say that Wall Street is Sociopathic. Someone else told us that long, long ago.

    “Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.” – Thomas Jefferson

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    • rah says:

      There are exceptions to every rule. My founder ancestor was a merchant. George Clymer was one of only 8 men to sign both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He was a rich merchant and in the Continental Congress was #2 in charge of finance. He lost over 1/2 his fortune during the revolution and was chased multiple times by the British.

      I want my reparations with interest! (sarc).

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      • ATheoK says:

        Without reaching for the history books, as I remember he bought the Colonial Army a lot of basic necessities. Plus, the British were fond of seizing/using his property when they could.
        And yes, the British/Tories just missed Clymer several times.

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  10. A Fortified City says:

    The Democrat Party are no longer, they have finally become Communist the end result of liberal thought.
    Clearly Democrat Governor’s such as in Minnesota and other “Democrat States” are pure and simple communist.
    I do not think of Biden as Democrat he has embraced the communist. The Communist movement is every freedom loving person’s dreaded enemy.
    As I now see it they are no longer RINO’s they are communist wanna be’s.
    We need to wake up to the fact we now have an arm of the Chinese Communist Party masquerading as the Democrat Party. Who as you know have always been left but gradually have moved further into a socialist/ communist ideology.

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  11. madeline says:

    If there is a up side to this Covid crisis is that it has really shown us the tenuous situation we are in regarding our Government and the players.

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  12. Silver Sunday says:

    I don’t remember how I discovered Corey Lynn of “Corey Digs” but she is a powerhouse of investigative journalism. She puts out reports many of which you can read on her site. Some she puts behind a 6.00 pay wall so you can download the 30 or so page reports she does. She is a treasure!!

    This one I have linked shows a VERY clear connection to the Climate Change ideology. It is in fact stirred up by Chinese propaganda. Our useful idiots here in America buy it lock stock and barrel giving no forethought to the consequences as Nevarro says in the interview. I have linked Part 2 – it has charts as well. Extremely eye-opening. Also amazing is she shows Tweets from Donald J Trump in 2013!!! talking about China and Climate Change. He has known so much for so long and when he told Biden “You know why I ran? I ran because of you Joe, you and Obama did a terrible job.”

    From this must read report….

    “…There are three individuals who have played vital roles in taking advantage of the U.S., running specific deals to benefit China, and focusing on monopolizing the energy and technology industries, among others, from high positions of financial authority, two of whom have flown under the radar with most people. This report exposes some of these endeavors….”

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    • MrTea says:

      Texas A&M climate research published on how Chinese emissions were disrupting North American weather patterns 6 years ago. The Chinese even helped pay for the research! Evidence was ignored by all MSM though NatGeo site picked it up. China, the biggest and fastest-growing polluter and currently building massive coal-fired electric plants both inside and outside (Turkey, Pakistan) of the country. Also uneported.


  13. ujijin says:

    “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil…”—1 Timothy 6:10

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  14. drse12 says:

    i want to know the details of how Barr and Wray got their jobs. I want to know every detail.I think Donald Trump owes this to the people.

    Barr and Wray make possible all of the political evil from the 2016 coup to the present.

    There is no way these two should be the investigators; they need to be the investigated.


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