Beijing Bribery – Bartiromo Releases Exclusive Segment With President Trump: “Deep Seated Corruption” and DC “People are Protected”…

During an interview segment with Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson discussing the Chinese pay-offs to the Biden family, Ms. Bartiromo plays an audio soundbite from President Trump outlining the motive for DC to blame Russia not China.

As noted by President Trump the DC system cannot use China as the foil for their political attack narratives because Beijing has used financial schemes as an intelligence operation to compromise most of the more influential politicians.   The Chinese payments to Joe Biden and family are only one example; there are likely dozens of high-powered DC politicians who have taken bribes from the Chinese Communist Party; thus DC has willfully created a corrupt system of mutually assured destruction… ergo they must ignore.


Once you realize that Beijing has paid-off top level DC politicians for influence operations, you are well positioned to think about how much the Chinese Communist Party has paid to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Tom Donohue inc etc.  Once that light-bulb goes off you start to rethink the background motives for the number one lobbyist in Washington DC… and then suddenly a lot of things make a lot more sense.

(Source – Open Secrets)


Once you start to realize is that “lobbying” is merely the mechanism, then you can see how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the bag-man.

♦ Hunter Biden was the bag-man for the Biden family gathering up payments from foreign entities, laundering them through false businesses, and then redistributing the payments to the family members.

♦ Tom Donohue is the bag-man for the Chamber of Commerce gathering up payments from foreign entities, laundering them through the chamber, and then redistributing them to the DC politicians from K-Street.

It’s the exact same process.


(2018 – Open Secrets)

And remember, it’s the lobbyists who actually write the legislation.

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251 Responses to Beijing Bribery – Bartiromo Releases Exclusive Segment With President Trump: “Deep Seated Corruption” and DC “People are Protected”…

  1. This “draining the swamp” is probably as challenging as taking down the Soviet Union.

    • Winston says:

      No, -FAR- more challenging:

      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

    • Somewhere in Dixie says:

      I think D Day was easier.

    • Jimmy Jack says:

      Found this 2019 piece while looking for another article. Go down to the section on Biden. Giuliani specifically says they come after you ruthlessly when you go after “protected” people. He was referring to Biden. This supports your argument. The question becomes who exactly does this and how? How does it get stopped?

      Giuliani didn’t butt dial by accident. He found plausible deniability route to bring attention to the Biden Crime Family a year ago. Anyone who believe he accidentally butt dialed a key conversation like this and not talking about what to have for dinner is a fool.

    • ballgame17 says:

      Yes, but the USSR did fall like Humpty-Dumpty and it (hopefully) cannot be put together again. If PDJT gets 4 more and the Senate is held , then I see a chance to “drain the swamp” by making sure that the 7th Floor of the FBI will assure there will be deep investigations into the swamp creatures regardless of party or business affiliation. Also, the DOJ has to do their job well and that is my great fear.. There MUST BE real prosecutions! The CIA / NSA have to work for the good of national intelligence which is essential to opening that drain. ( The following is my military side opining) The Pentagon has been a rats nest filled with feather-bedders whose rise to a flag rank assures TOO MANY of them that they’ll live well as lobbyists commonly working against the American interests/ PDJT policies . These are ambitious people , to get a star they had to kiss a lot of a$$ ( military -industrial network) so they’ve been willing to lick the military, corporate and political sh*tpots for decades in anticipation of eventually getting their honey pot. Also, isn’t it interesting how many high -ranking generals are Democrats? So , there are many venomous and dangerous creatures in the “swamp” but you have to start somewhere. Mixing metaphors , if the snake does rot from the head down a lot of different viper’s “heads ” must roll as a starting point for ridding US of the swamp creatures.

  2. Don Anastas says:

    TREASON is running rampant through Congress. Biden’s are merely the tip of a giant iceberg!

  3. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    Biden’s son Beau, as Delaware AG took down Larry Sinclair, the fellow that was a potential risk to Barry Sotero, claiming to have done drugs and had man-on-man sex with him.

    There is also speculation about the demise of Biden’s wife.

    Pedophilia, murder, drug abuse, bribes, graft, embezzelment, black mail: a crime syndicate.

    • sDee says:

      I remember Sinclair’s blogging on Obama. Fake charges from AG Biden, collusion with the media, and cooperation from federal agencies. What stuck me was how brazen Biden/Obama would be to use Biden’s son to run the operation in the middle of the election.

      • Debra says:

        The ‘insurance policy’ to get Biden on the ticket and the pay-off was to free Obama from a threat.

        So, both Beau and Hunter were pimped out . . .

      • WhiteBoard says:

        ever noticed how so many ENEMIES are teamed up these day?

        i theorize that they CATCH CRIMES and then LET THEM GO for mutual destruction later if they get caught.

        Hillary hates Obama and he HER (she partnered with Eliz Warren to fck Bernie to Force a JOE win that fcked Kamala)

        this forced Obama to work with Hillary – as she burns JOE with the CIA officer outting China killing.

        1 Acting AG and 1 SDNY jury owned by BARR (well the ACTING after he is fired) can get a grand jury in NY.

    • MfM says:

      Joe Biden’s first wife and young daughter were killed in an accident with a truck at an intersection. At the time it happened I’m pretty sure it was an uncontrolled intersection where the truck driver had the right of way. Biden was well known and there is zero chance that anyone would have let a driver get away with causing an accident, with deaths and horrible injuries without something happening.

      Joe made comments after the driver had died that he’d stopped to drink his lunch and caused the crash. The driver did not leave the scene and there was never any indication of him being at fault in any way.

      • Did you see the stories where Jill Biden’s ex-husband says that Joe and Jill were having an affair before the first wife was killed? They lied about when they met. Jill’s first husband gave her a Corvette and Joe wrecked it.
        Then Joe gave an interview and showed the interviewer a picture of his wife. Wearing a bathing suit. Joe talked about their sex life. Said he needed a wife that could be a great First Lady and lots of money.
        Perhaps everything about Joe has been a lie from the beginning.

      • James says:

        I read very recently that the drivers daughter stated that her father, having never been found to be at fault for the accident, carried the stigma of “Senator” Joseph Bidens false claim (read lie) that he was to his grave.
        If this one particular example, (and many others to numerous to tabulate,) doesn’t demonstrate that ByeDone is a despicable human being (feel free to substitute pos) I don’t know what does.
        Sorry for the lack of proper punctuation and what some may construe as “vulgarity” but I don’t mince words.
        I’m known for calling a spade a spade.

        • Lady Sid says:

          Has anyone else noticed the ABSENCE of “Dr” Jill Biden at campaign events recently? Maybe she’s ministering to her stepson Hunter;-)

        • Jimmy Jack says:

          I just posted a similar comment. Maybe Joe let a truth slip out – maybe someone did drink their lunch but it wasn’t the driver. Addiction tends to run in families.

          This man is a pig. There is something desperately off with him. How can anyone support this man who gropes kids like this routinely in public???

      • Jimmy Jack says:

        The driver’s daughter was upset about this because he was haunted by it his whole life. She had no idea Biden was saying these things.

        Maybe Slow Joe let a truth slip just a like he did with the voter fraud comment. Maybe she was the one drinking her lunch as it’s obvious addiction is a family problem and that tends to have genetic links. I don’t mean to disparage a deceased young mother but it’s a fair consideration.

  4. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;

    And saith unto him, “All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me.”

    And too many say, “Thank you, if you give them to me I will fall down and worship you.”

  5. Revelation says:

    Chris Coons might want to spend more time finding out why his daughter is on Hunter Bidens laptop…

  6. Patience says:

    Some close to VP Pence suddenly have Covid-19
    >A message to Pence????

    • Zephyrbreeze says:

      Maybe the infection of Trump and his cohorts is something that was not “unwanted” if you get what I mean. If he had not been infected early in Oct, then he would have been at risk for the final days of the campaign risking a very bad look of a Pres in the hospital days before election.

    • pyromancer76 says:

      Sorry, we’ve got to come up with something else. Treated immediately and aggressively – Americans doctors, real patriotic, scientific, American doctors, know how its done — covid becomes a pussy cat – for most. (Although, in this discussion, I hesitate to use this metaphor.) It ain’t dangerous, but it is infectuous.

      • Rhoda R says:

        It is dangerous to the same demographic that is endangered from the seasonal flu and any other infectious disease that might be wafting around. And for the same reason. There is no reason why the entire country should be shut down over it. People who are generally at risk know it and know how to deal with the seasonal infectious diseases.

        • Jimmy Jack says:

          I am concerned they are pushing masks and social distancing as permanent even after a vaccine. This is from the CDC today but I know it’s being pushed to state health departments as well bc I heard it straight from a state level director. They want this permanent. The longer we allow this to go on the more likely it is to become permanent.

    • GH says:

      I don’t believe a word of it. Anyone with more than a couple brain cells saw this coming…but the American people ain’t falling for it this time

    • visage13 says:

      They don’t want him to show up tomorrow for the supreme court vote,

    • johnnyfandango says:

      Fire Ray. He’s going to get fired after election anyway so might as get a head start now. He’s been obstructing investigations of obvious crimes.

  7. MicD says:

    And all of a Sudden –
    The Chinese Princesses line the streets waving American Flags.

  8. Mike in a Truck says:

    Not only has the Red Lizard bribed, bought off,and blackmailed D.C. Pedocrats and no doubt some Repubs, K St., CoC, Hollywhores,MSM Whores, but they also know who the pedos are. Starting to trickle out with Crackhead Hunter. There are many more to be exposed. THIS is why they hate President Trump. “We all will hang from nooses”

    • Kroesus says:

      Just two weeks ago it was reported they bought $1M in Crowdstrike stack. I wonder what that buys Piglosi and her husband. He already got a $40M loan from PPP illegally earlier in the year.

  9. fillemup01 says:

    Bribery/lobbying is a Washington institution. The Clintons and Bidens elevated shakedowns to an art form. Of course, Al Gore, Schumer, Pelosi, and others deserve honorable mention. This payola scheme has been going on a long time, enriched a lot of politicians on both sides of the aisle. Trump is disrupting it and they don’t like it one bit. The reason we’ve never seen venom directed at a sitting President like this is because most of them have been complicit in it.

  10. dufrst says:

    All roads lead to a China. There are too many coincidences, meaning there are none. I’ve been saying this for awhile.

    China has a plan and wanted to use the US to achieve their objectives for China 2025 (Global Supremacy) and 2050 (Global Hegemony). The word globalism simply means China’s rise at the expense of the US.

    US corporations and their politicians have bowed to the billions China’s market promises them in exchange for their know how. Politicians are but agents and just like any agent they get their cut when deals are made. China figured out that they could more quickly achieve their objectives through K Street. The K in K street practically means the Key to the USA. China has had that key since its entry into WTO.

    Initially, corrupt US politicians sold the public on the idea that engaging in trade with China and bringing them into modernity would benefit US national security and our economy with cheap goods. They supercharged the consumer driven economy which meant big job losses in the Midwest and urban areas for the working class. This led to greater consumer debt levels, greater drug use and an overall economic growth malaise that necessitated increasing government social spending. Wars were launched by the political class as distractions, while they gave away the store for big bucks to China.

    I can go on and on, but we know the effects and it’s why the American people turned to President Trump an outsider. But little did we know the extent of Chinese infiltration and exfiltration of our nation until we’ve witnessed everything that has happened these past 4 years from the corruption of the intelligence agencies, the justice system, the judicial system, congressional committees, the media, and Big Tech!

    Trump beating China on Phase 1 trade deal prompted China’s release of the China virus, a biological attack on the West. China had a plan for 2025 to get to global supremacy where they surpass the US in technology and global economic influence. This then would feed their goal of achieving global hegemony on 2050 which is when they anticipate having a military that would be large enough to deter even the US military from any activity the Chinese wish to undertake such as annexing Taiwan or overrunning South Korea.

    China is heavily invested in the defeat of Trump. They have their handpicked candidate in Biden. They have a pliable political class in the UniParty. They have Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Wall Street that have already sold out to them. They already favor the Chinese market over the US market. The Key is the presidency because the President signs all the checks. They don’t have the Presidency and we better make sure they don’t with Joe Biden!

    If we lose this election, I fear our nation will be lost. We have to allow Trump to finish the job. He’s the only one who understands the extent of this deception and corruption. He’s the only one with the courage to take it down and expose it for the American people can see. He’s the only one who can decouple from China and elevate democratic states such as Mexico, Brazil and India as market alternatives for our corporations. He’s the only one who will get our military and alliances focused on the true evil that is the Chinese Communist Party. We need to let this man finish the job! Get out the vote!!

    • Exactly. This is WW3 being waged by China. It does’nt look like WW2, but we are more advanced now. What is the purpose of War? To break the enemy’s will. To control his resources. And, what were the downsides of conventional war? The victor becomes responsible for the enemy population – their care and feeding . The Chinese dont want that part. All they want is control – over our resources ( in particular our agricultural resources).

      • How do you destroy the enemy’s will? By breaking all the things that give life meaning – family, church, education, marriage etc etc. Break all the cultural norms, break the institutions and you have pretty much broken the society.
        All this pansexual, transgender garbage s designed to do exactly that.
        Then destroy language. Words dont mean what they used to ( eg. “liberal”). Once we can no longer trust words, we can no longer have a system of laws. people lose the ability to distinguish truth from fantasy .
        Next up will be – destroy the enemy’s “money”. Once the US Dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency – WW3 would be over.
        No bullets would have been fired in the entire process. After all , this fetish over handheld devices that emit metal pellets at high speed – is so 19th century.

        • We are not in a Clint Eastwood movie anymore!

        • gensensibility says:

          “Liberal” was debased a long time ago. A word that has more recently lost its meaning is “Justice”. There is no such thing as “social justice”. It is such a rubber phrase that it can be stretched to cover riots, looting, murdering cops, no bail for crimes of all sorts, etc. Whatever social justice is, it bears no resemblance to justice.

  11. visage13 says:

    And Open Society Policy Center, 2nd on the list is George Soros.

  12. islandpalmtrees says:

    I agree with those who think Homeland Security Committee Chairman Ron Johnson is scared and worried.

    Now for the point, like a good antibiotic President Trump must remove all the infection or the infection will return, if the patient is to live. When he wins the 2020 election, he will be faced with a huge number of corrupt people in Washington DC. All the coup members will remain in 2021 and will still be working to obstruct the President. This includes the IC and many members of all three branches of the government.

    So the monumental question is, if you can not use the Justice System to correct the problem then how can the President get it done given the size of the problem! We are talking thousands of corrupt people. Too large a problem for Grand Juries and for Special Councils.

    This seems to leave only “Martial Law”, after the election. So, don’t be surprised, when it happens, it’s overdue.

  13. A2 says:

    The mainstream wankerati may not cover this, but the local press certainly is??

    Watchdog sues for CFIUS investment records involving Ukraine, Hunter Biden

    This is a 12October article, but even more interesting is the sidebar on all the related stories. So the information is getting out.

    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “the local press”

      Thanks for the link. I live in a first ring suburb of Buffalo and do not recall ever hearing about the Buffalo Chronicle.

  14. I.......... says:

    Johnson deflected on the last question.

  15. Deborah Fehr says:

    they should look into the Island that the Bidens own(ed) not sure if they still do, but it was just a boat ride away from Epstein Island. What a wonderland for a pedo like Hunter…and possibly Joe.

  16. lolanonni says:

    Johnson hesitated answering Maria’s question as to why Hunter Biden has not been interviewed. Hunter probably and Joe definitely know who else is in bed with the Chinese or other governments and these people won’t be all D’s. All, should be looked into, especially the long-time politicians. All those R’s who have been viciously attacking Trump should be investigated as well. I wonder if Kasich is one of these RINOs who have gained from being part of the swamp. They are feral because they have something to hide in the deep swamp and much to lose if these are uncovered. They don’t want their money pit to be exposed.

    The draining of the deep swamp is a monumental task. I wonder if it can be done in another 4 years seeing from reports that it is so deep and so extensive not only in terms of the people involved but also in the ventures that these power-hungry, money-hungry scums have stepped into. Drugs, sex and pedophilia, money-laundering, arms dealing…. In addition, POTUS has already been hampered during his first term by a DOJ that has been soft-pedalling and kicking the can further out in what, I believe, is their hope that these issues can eventually be buried and forgotten. It seems that they are part of the Deep Swamp’s cover. Just look at Wray who is so obviously compromised and yet is the Director of the FBI.

    Let us hope that all these do not become just “another election story.” Hilary is still walking around with no jail cell in sight! God willing, PDJT wins and new people are brought in who are real outsiders that can look into all these with feet running from the ground on day 1. Otherwise,4 years will again have passed with no real results. it will be just another big story that peters out until the next election when “bombshell” stories are somehow dug out again and stokes up our hopes that something will finally be done.

    • A2 says:

      Take a look at this it may change some of your opinions?

      ?Ok, hold onto you hats…many have figured this out already…but here is the scam in a nutshell.

      Privatbank was the international money laundering hub for all of the Kleptocrats…

      Ukraine was central to #SlowJoe’s ‘foreign policy’. Think of the fired prosecutor.


    • Debra says:

      I feel that since the ‘deep state’ has so hampered our VSGPDJT in his first term, that the leverage should be wratcheted up to insist they concede THIS ELECTION as a condition of letting some minor players out of the ‘treason’ category and into the ‘retired’ category, with 2016-2020 revealed to be the time an American businessman took receivership of this country on behalf of we, the people, in order to prosecute the country’s corrupt government.

      Hence, President Trump, it could be argued, really doesn’t begin a ‘real’ first term until he wins the 2024 election.

      2020 + the chants for 12 more years = 2024 + 2(4 year term)

      • doyouseemyvision says:

        These deals happen all the time, and it is depressing you bring it up. One would think the honorable thing would happen that the loser graciously concedes, and it is aggravating to think a negotiation has to ensue. Once it happens, then it will be the process forevermore. I fear you are prolly right.

    • You know that azzhole POS romney is one of the compromised ones too.

  17. VVV VVV says:

    Martial law. And then line them up and shoot them. I‘m embarrassed to be an American.

    • Rhoda R says:

      No. Look at all those MAGA rallys and car/truck parades that are happening with only loose local organization. Nothing to be ashamed of with those people. What I am is INFURIATED with our political class in DC however.

  18. To few commies at the top of China

    To many of China pushed down by the few

    China’s elite at the top to greedy for their own good

    The resistance outside to dispersed for the few real commie to reach and kill

    The use of crime entrapment does not have mass application

    The fight was underground but now Trump and the resistance counter attack
    to effective and China central control to far away to defend

    Gold and power alone in the hands of a few never wins

  19. Nessie509 says:

    Sadly, the pay for play process isn’t illegal. The relatives of the politician obtains employment with a foreign corporation due to their relationship to the politician. A portion of the relative’s salary goes back to the politician.
    So long as the politician declares the income and pays the tax, he hasn’t accepted a bribe under the current definition of bribery.
    The same applies to campaign funds among relatives. Take the case of Rep Omer of Minnesota. The excess and unused campaign funds are declared as income to her husband who performed work as a contractor for her campaign. She may use the funds as his lawful wife who is spending his income.
    Sad Star of Affairs. But, legal.

    • A2 says:

      Many people do not understand this. There are lots of ways to launder money that flies under the radar.local governments are particularly adept at this. Probably explains why city governments are perpetually Dems.

    • gensensibility says:

      What was all that about quid pro quo? I thought that quid pro quo was illegal and impeachable. It seems to me that if a quid pro quo can be established, then Biden is toast.

    • Jeffrey Coley says:

      It may be legal … but if it’s public knowledge, it won’t go over well.

  20. Liberty Forge says:

    Here’s an interesting Tweet regarding China:

    • Jeffrey Coley says:

      As an aside – why oh why do people make sex tapes? Has anything GOOD ever come of one? Not speaking about the “fake” ones that are really porn for publicity.

      • cattastrophe says:

        Your looking at it from the point of view of some one who isn’t a brain addled pervert. If they are willing to make these tapes why wouldn’t they share them. Their lack of moral fiber and good sense is why their involved in the first place. Decent people who wouldn’t do this kind of thing of course wonder why anyone would.

  21. deplorable says:

    1) China $$$ ==> U. Penn.
    2) U. Penn. $$$ ==> Biden

    Since 2017 alone, when the Biden Center opened and after Joe Biden announced he was running for President in April 2018, the university received over $70 million from China, …

    Penn has paid Joe Biden more than $900K since he left the White House. What did he do to earn the money?

  22. ATheoK says:

    “you are well positioned to think about how much the Chinese Communist Party has paid to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Tom Donohue inc etc”

    Which make Donohue a FARA agent.
    Has he filled in his forms?
    Has every Congressman/Senator filled in their FARA paperwork if they accepted money from China?

    Such arresting thoughts!

  23. furtive says:

    The hammer

    “. “All Federal agencies were hacked and information collected on the agency, including the White House and their employees,” the website states.

    The 600 million documents of illegally harvested documents when stacked one atop the other stood 30 miles high.

    The FBI and DOJ knew what Hunter Biden and Joe Biden were doing. They had the proof. They buried that evidence that showed America was being redistributed and sold out to her adversaries.“

  24. Freedom says:

    Its all very nice that this is coming out and I am quite sure all of us have no problems believing it. However why should the average demoncrat or undecided believe it. For four years we have been screaming about crimes on the other side and the release of documents to prove it. At this point there is not one arrest and the hoped for documents are still hidden. From the point of the average demoncrat or undecided our assumptions about crimes on the other side are ‘’all hat and no cattle”.
    We need to release the documents

    • yucki says:

      Without media presenting the contents in a format people can digest, documents won’t get traction. Treepers will get it, so will the Gateway Pundit and American Thinker, but that’s preaching to the choir.

  25. Pat Childs says:

    The problem is Wray is clearly corrupt, a treasonous criminal, and Barr , who has mysteriously disappeared for 14 days now, appears to be preparing to cover up for the crooks as if that was always his job. We were hubered again. There is not a single Federal lifer who will obey an single directive of Trump exactly. Instead they will call a Democrat to disclose the order, then sabotage the policy, and then get promoted for doing so.

  26. Retired IG says:

    Why were so many of the Biden deals named after Rosemont? Wasn’t that the name of the law firm Hillary used to work for in her “cattle future trading days?” Just asking and wouldn’t be surprised if Hilary isn’t a part of the Biden family syndicate. Heck. She might even be the Queen Bee behind it.
    Haven’t gone into the attic yet to look for my VHS copies of the Godfather series, but I suspect many people in the next few weeks might find the severed head of a horse on the end of their beds when they wake up in the morning. We’ll never hear about if they do, but my gawd,.talk about the song “FREAK OUT.” Which in their cases should be “FOUND OUT.”
    Finally, the mortal enemies of President Trump and the USA of A are being forced to go out and dig their own graves. Should be deeper than six feet.

  27. Retired IG says:

    I like this better.
    Godfather – Horses Head

  28. omyword says:

    Lets go back a bit. Pompeo has a meeting with the state governors and tells them most of them are listed as either friendly or not friendly or may be friendly by theccp. That is open to being on the take aka corrputable or already corrupt.
    Kansas was letting them know the admin was onto them.
    We then have the chyszneese consulates in various places such as Houston shut down. Then here come the Hunter tapes and bidness parters emails. And then the media blackout which got so rough, we lost the internet for a few hours. There was a massive global ddos attack. Now Joe is calling a lid on his campagining.

    There will be news on Hunter in 24 hours or less I have learned. Hopefully not true.

    The chyszeese ccp are evil.

    Epstien did not kill himself.

  29. teeheeman says:

    God Bless Senator Ron Johnson!!! A courageous and committed man. He will continue to push as much as he can.

  30. Jeffrey Coley says:

    The unhinged hatred of President Trump, first and foremost, is based on his America First economic policy upsetting the Beijing gravy train; and secondarily on his other policies that upset kickback and skimming schemes all over the world from the JCPOA (“Iran deal” – lots of sweetheart cutouts in that) and the Paris Climate Accord (lots of money to be made buying selling and trading “carbon credits” and other indulgences.)

    The Masters of the Universe couldn’t tell the truth: So they embarked on a four-year smear campaign about “Russia-Russia-Russia” and accusing President Trump of every trigger word offense they could think of. Thank God President Trump is a unique individual in that he doesn’t CARE, and in fact, he FEEDS off of their hatred. God bless President Trump, and I pray that he not only gets a second term but in this go round he has learned to hire people who AREN’T compromised members of the insider club in DC to “drain the swamp.”

    Get somebody in at FBI, CIA, DOJ, etc. who wants to burn them to the ground and crucify the traitors.

  31. A Fortified City says:

    Well, I’m glad to have all this overwhelming evidence that China easily stole all our good stuff with the of help traitors that we elected.
    Now what I really need to know what can I do besides vote, call and text these traitors.
    I’m still looking for our movement to start moving.
    This corruption is to invasive to large and a few good folks poking around at with warning and threats does nothing.
    Well, we see in a few days if we do indeed have a landslide election that’ll help tremendously.
    If instead it falls into utter fraud and chaos then that’ll be whole different deal.
    However we can let our sorry a** Republican politicians yield the government. Our spineless Republicans official (RINO)will concede to a fraudulent win because it’s all the same to them.

  32. botchedcasuality says:

    How much did Senator Warren take, Madam Pelosi, Schiff, Feinstein, Warner, ???
    These scumbags are withholding a tiny fraction from taxpayers, many in dire need.

  33. Jimmy Jack says:

    Found this 2019 piece while looking for another article. Go down to the section on Biden. Giuliani specifically says they come after you ruthlessly when you go after “protected” people. He was referring to Biden. This supports your argument. The question becomes who exactly does this and how? How does it get stopped?

    Giuliani didn’t butt dial by accident. He found plausible deniability route to bring attention to the Biden Crime Family a year ago. Anyone who believe he accidentally butt dialed a key conversation like this and not talking about what to have for dinner is a fool.

  34. Jeffrey Coley says:

    Is Hunter Biden REALLY a blackmail threat? I mean, everyone already knows he’s a drug addled degenerate and pervert. Will more revelations of the same damage his rep?

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