New Hunter Biden Emails Show Sales of Influence to Chinese Interests – Millions Paid to Biden Family for “Introductions” and Legal “Assistance”…

One of the reasons we are not seeing more DC politicians talking about the Hunter and Joe Biden story is because they too participate in exactly the same system.  It isn’t only Joe Biden, his family and democrats selling influence and assistance to foreign governments; most of the senate and legislative leadership use exactly the same process to build wealth for their family.  At this point all those who remain silent are doing the same thing.

The New York Post has another censored example, this time with China, showing emails between Hunter Biden and his business interests.  The emails show payments to Hunter Biden and his business associates, and Chinese firms providing equity ownership to Joe Biden in exchange for agreements to introduce them to influential DC people who can benefit their business interests.  The intent of the communication is transparent.

New York Post […]  Another email — sent by Biden as part of an Aug. 2, 2017, chain — involved a deal he struck with the since-vanished chairman of CEFC, Ye Jianming, for half-ownership of a holding company that was expected to provide Biden with more than $10 million a year.

Ye, who had ties to the Chinese military and intelligence service, hasn’t been seen since being taken into custody by Chinese authorities in early 2018, and CEFC went bankrupt earlier this year, according to reports.

Biden wrote that Ye had sweetened the terms of an earlier, three-year consulting contract with CEFC that was to pay him $10 million annually “for introductions alone.”  (read more)

♦The biggest lie in modern economics, willingly spread and maintained by corporate media, is that a system of global markets still exists.

It doesn’t.

Every element of global economic trade is controlled and exploited by massive institutions, multinational banks and multinational corporations. Institutions like the World Trade Organization (WTO) and World Bank control trillions of dollars in economic activity. Underneath that economic activity there are people who hold the reigns of power over the outcomes. These individuals and groups are the stakeholders in direct opposition to principles of America-First national economics.

The modern financial constructs of these entities have been established over the course of the past three decades. When you understand how they manipulate the economic system of individual nations you begin to understand understand why they are so fundamentally opposed to President Trump.

In the Western World, separate from communist control perspectives (ie. China), “Global markets” are a modern myth; nothing more than a talking point meant to keep people satiated with sound bites they might find familiar. Global markets have been destroyed over the past three decades by multinational corporations who control the products formerly contained within global markets.

The same is true for “Commodities Markets”. The multinational trade and economic system, run by corporations and multinational banks, now controls the product outputs of independent nations. The free market economic system has been usurped by entities who create what is best described as ‘controlled markets’.

U.S. President Trump smartly understands what has taken place. Additionally he uses economic leverage as part of a broader national security policy; and to understand who opposes President Trump specifically because of the economic leverage he creates, it becomes important to understand the objectives of the global and financial elite who run and operate the institutions. The Big Club.

Understanding how trillions of trade dollars influence geopolitical policy we begin to understand the three-decade global financial construct they seek to protect.

That is, global financial exploitation of national markets. {GO DEEP}


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299 Responses to New Hunter Biden Emails Show Sales of Influence to Chinese Interests – Millions Paid to Biden Family for “Introductions” and Legal “Assistance”…

  1. joseywalesandtenbearsbarandgrill says:

    Friday could be a real ground shaking day…….Barr knew and so did Wray. They both wanted to keep silent and not interfere in a election where a complete fraud was the dem candidate. Neither deserve another day of the taxpayer paying their sorry azz. This country is in a world of sh^t!

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  2. Niagara Frontier says:

    There have been many MSM stories about Q-Anon recently, including a major piece on NBC tonight. Expect it to be brought up in the town hall tonight. Dems and media allies are trying to conflate Q conspiracy theory and this NY Post Biden story, encouraging people to just look away.

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  3. citizen817 says:

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  4. Ken Maritch says:

    No matter what happens in the next 20 days…. or the next 20 years…. I will die knowing the truth!
    I am not a sheep.

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    • Rosemary B says:

      I am pretty sure the world will not end while I am alive.
      There will be a lot of drama, . . . OH MY GOSH there is an incredible amount of drama going on.

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    • regitiger says:

      no matter what anyone else does or feels about it.

      i will spend every single day of THIS life doing my LEVEL BEST to make sure justice is served… and future generations will look back and KNOW that OUR GENERATION made a difference…one that nourished the tree of liberty.

      its up to US

      its always been up to US

      THAT message must be how we protect what is so precious and dear.

      with a full heart…i oath to put every ounce of my life behind this effort.

      God Bless America

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    • CW says:

      The Truth is easy. Pray and Listen. Oh,Obey,no matter how hard.


  5. oldersoul says:

    I don’t think the Masters of the Universe can hold back what’s coming. Turning off Twitter just makes it worse.

    They made a huge error by playing suppression games. And are now they going to suffer terribly from what is about to break through. As will the Biden group, the DNC, and the FBI.

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  6. I want to know who in the FBI made the decision to cover this up. Because I would bet everything I own that no investigation was even started, let alone conducted.

    I’ve been reluctant to get to this point, but now there is no doubt in my mind that the fbi needs to be dissolved completely. All employees barred for life from any government job. And forfeit any and all retirement benefits. And liable for their own legal fees. And have their assets seized through civil actions.

    Have I missed anything?

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    • OffCourseNation says:

      You missed the part about salting the earth above the buried FBI.

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    • BobR says:

      Who is reviewing the Bash investigation ? He says there is nothing there on the masking and that’s it?
      Perhaps a report was due and he had nothing because he did nothing. Of course on the taxpayers dime.


    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “the fbi needs to be dissolved completely.”

      Judicial Watch agrees wholeheartedly & unequivocally!

      Judicial Watch Director of Investigations Chris Farrell on the problems with the FBI and why the FBI needs to be shut down.

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    • cjzak says:

      I want to know that too and I want to know if Hunter dropped his computer off at that shop himself or if someone else brought it in? Why would he just ‘leave’ it there knowing what was on it? That whole process fascinates me because it just seems a bit wierd. Has the shop been open a long time? Who is the owner who took out the hard drive and looked at it? What’s his background? It’s an unbelievable story all the way around and the corruption it has uncovered is just mind blowing.

      Corroborate all of this and the Biden’s are toast, especially Hunter.


      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “if Hunter dropped his computer off at that shop himself or if someone else brought it in? Why would he just ‘leave’ it there knowing what was on it? That whole process fascinates me because it just seems a bit wierd.”

        People on *D*R*U*G*S* do things like that!

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        • donnymo says:

          Guarantee it had a virus or something routine so he had an intern or assistant drop it off for fixing.

          Intern/assistant quits days later and the crackhead completely forgets about it ever happening. The guy must have multiple laptops, why does he care about one missing?

          Cokeheads (crackheads x10 worse) are the biggest scatter brains. This happening isn’t at all surprising.

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        • RyderLee says:

          Deplorable Infidel ,
          That is a Great Answer to what I was
          wondering also ! I was trying to figure out
          Why he just didn’t go buy a new one !
          Your comment makes A Lot of Sense ! Thank You 😊


      • Kristin DeBacco says:

        What if it’s a setup by Biden? And there is going to be “proof” that it’s fabricated by Russia …. and voila! We have proof Russia is interfering….


    • Boydy says:

      Yes. Bill Barr will make sure they are all warned in advance that they are about to e fired. They can then resign and keep their retirement benefits. That’s what Barr did to help out Bruce Ohr, who Barr KNOWS should have been fired, and in fact JAILED.

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    • Bailey says:

      What is even worse is the betrayal by Barr that so many, many are feeling. This is not anywhere near disappointment, either. The DOJ and the FBI should be shuttered to clean house and Barr should be the first….- to be investigated. Will there be enough room in Gitmo?

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  7. OffCourseNation says:

    This is one fornicated up country.

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  8. Publius2016 says:

    Really wonderful that the New York Post founded by Alexander Hamilton exposed this PAY TO PLAY SCHEME!

    the editors deserve a real Pulitzer Prize!

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  9. UniPartySlayer says:

    Is twitter currently shutdown?

    I don’t know bc I have never had any social media. I saw this predictive setup 18-20 years ago.

    If the product is free, you are the product.

    Cancel all your social media. You give them the power.


  10. Prof Frink says:

    The only time this will matter is at the polls on Election Day. Other than that, nothing will come of this…


  11. delighteddeplorable says:

    Interesting article about Rudy’s authentication process. This isn’t his first rodeo. Yeeeehaw!

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  12. LafnH20 says:

    For too long, the American people were told that mammoth multinational trade deals, unaccountable international tribunals, and powerful global bureaucracies were the best way to promote their success. But as those promises flowed, millions of jobs vanished and thousands of factories disappeared. Others gamed the system and broke the rules. And our great middle class, once the bedrock of American prosperity, was forgotten and left behind, but they are forgotten no more and they will never be forgotten again.

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  13. LafnH20 says:

    34:30 mark


  14. Bubby says:

    Did AG Barr ask the FBI? Did AG Barr know during the fraudulent impeachment? Good to know at least the House Republicans have asked!

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  15. thedoc00 says:

    There is a reason the State Department has hidden its communications.

    Alignment of the State Department’s communications with Biden E-Mails and likely others would lay out allot of the basis for the “trillions at stake”.

    The State Department is responsible for Export Licenses. They are the major execution of the influence wielded by VP Biden and Long Term Congressional (House and Senate). Those licenses LEGALIZE the exporting of US Technology, Money, Know How and Manufacturing Know How across all the economic sectors by the puppet masters. That is why Hillary wanted to be Secretary of State and, if Pompeo is still Deep State IC, the reason Pompeo was anointed Secretary of State by the Swamp (melding IC and State). The amount of wealth and value passing through the State Department is astounding.

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  16. And the blitzkrieg against the corruption machine that is the DNC-media complex begins! Today’s prolific posting at CTH and others is making my day.


  17. slopoke1 says:

    The running MSM narrative is that this is a Russian disinformation effort and that all the emails are fakes. I am sure the FBI will call in Crowdstrike to have a look to verify it’s authenticity.

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  18. Rick says:

    I am raging with cold anger that has reached a boiling point. The events of the past 48 hours is what we would expect from the Chinese Government, not here in America.

    Facebook and Twitter stick it up the a$$ of Patriots once again. All our Republicans in the House and Senate can kiss my 66 year old a$$! We have been shadow banned, minimized, and censured ever since the President came down the escalator in June of 2015. They have done nothing for us and our 1st Amendment Rights! Screw all of them!

    The censoring of news in regard to Old Joe (POP} and his crack-addicted son Hunter, should be immediately and expeditiously addressed. Why no hearing for Twitter Jack until next Friday?? Pure BS! Knuckle-dragging Republican Neanderthals. Do nothing rubes who should all be thrown out of office! Facebook Zuckerberg ponied up with the Chinese to interfere with our Election, to destroy the Republic by censoring Patriots and protecting a feeble, compromised and conflicted money grabber posing as good old Joe. A 47 year farce hoisted on all average Joe Blows!

    Cruz, Jordon, McConnell, Hawley, Goetz, Tillis, Johnson, and all the rest should be at Facebook and Twitter Headquarters tomorrow morning, demanding that this BS stops immediately or legislation will be passed in 48 hours that will dilute their stock equity to zero and their use of open bandwidth a federal offense. Instead, we have the likes of Ben Sasse on the phone with his constituents lambasting the President, the only willing fighter and able for the Republic.

    Sad indeed. We must turnout in numbers that they would never have imagined. The President needs four more years to flush this cesspool Of Deep State traitors and to demand the resignations of Wray, Haskell & Barr the day the election is called in his favor. Enough! This is our last stand…I pray for our victory and the chance to save the a Republic…Lose, and we are beyond the point of no return.

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  19. Gary Lacey says:

    The MSM latest: the Biden e-mails….if true…..did you catch that….”


    • Gary Lacey says:

      “if true”. Did the MSM ever state that Russian Collusion……””IF TRUE””……I don’t ever recall the MSM actually added the term “”IF TRUE”” to Russian collusion

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    • Danielle says:

      They dont know what to do(msm) This is why President Trump is brilliant. NO ONE knew this was coming besides the people involved, even the repair man who sent out the copies. So if this was kept under wraps I can only imagine what else has been.

      Rudy said on OAN there are bigger bomshells coming. He looked calm and relaxed, just like President Trump did tonight. Their confidence is reassuring in these dark times of our great country. Stay strong patriots! I have a feeling a lot of things will change once President Trump is re-elected.

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  20. A Fortified City says:

    So then what Biden did wrong was get caught is that we’re saying. Is this a just another variety of lobbying that our politicians are doing. So is this standard operating procedure in the halls of Congress and all of DC. Sorry, just trying to wrap my head around this cause you know this is pretty big.
    With corruption this rampant and this complete what in the world can be done. This has become a customary way of life for them. They are entirely comfortable with all of this after so many decades.

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  21. Right to reply says:

    Once again, had the laptop not been taken for repair, we would never have known. Now, just imagine what Hillary and Kerry were up to. Hillary’s emails destroyed, phones etc Why were the files on Bush’s destroyed by the NSA a few months ago?

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  22. Bogeyfree says:

    Please don’t forget on top of the Hunter Laptop, the fbi also has or had……..

    1) Wiener Laptop and Contents

    2) Mifsud’s Two phones – collected by Barr and Durham themselves

    3) 47 Hard Drives turned in by the Hammer Whistleblower in 2015

    4) 31 Phones used by the SC during their PT witch hunt/frame job

    5) PapaD’s serial number from the 10K of frame money they tried to plant on him

    6) Could have easily confiscated the DNC Server but didn’t

    7) Could have easily confiscated HRC non secure server but didn’t

    8) And finally who in their right mind gets unequivocal proof via Adm. Rodgers audit and Judge Collyer’s 99 page report that there was a Massive NSA Contractor Spying Operation where just during a 6 month audit they found 85% of these searches were illegal, AND DOES NOTHING ABOUT IT?

    The downright corruption and obstruction of justice IMO is just mind boggling.

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    • Bailey says:

      They have done all their collecting of devices, emails, harddrives. The next thing you know it will be published in such a way as to indicate ” we have all these so they wont hurt you anymore”… or some such other verbal nonsense and the entire subject and all the players will slowly fade awsy into other overriding story of the day.


  23. Bogeyfree says:

    Added a new question for Barr and frankly it may be the best of them all……………

    Please spread far and wide.

    Every American should start with this very poignant question #1 below and then drill down and follow it up with these 26 specific questions that AG Barr owes answers to every American.

    IMO the answers will tell us all everything we need to know as the truth can not and must not stay hidden.

    But first We the People already know that……

    The Dossier was a fraud
    Russia Collusion was a fraud
    The DNC hack was a fraud
    The FISA warrants were based on a fraud
    The charge on Gen Flynn was a fraud
    Impeachment was a fraud
    The plan all along was to frame/smear PT to distract from THEIR crimes

    AND on top of all this, there was a massive illegal NSA Contractor spying operation conducted against hundreds if not thousands of Americans for years for the purpose of leverage, power and money.

    And yet NONE of this has registered any indictments.

    It truly is stunning that ALL of this has resulted in a big ZERO from Barr and Durham after 2 years.

    Now let’s begin with the questions.

    1. How does the office of a U.S. president; and more importantly the republic itself; survive a coordinated coup effort involving all three branches of government; while simultaneously those in charge of exposing the corruption fear the scale is too damaging for them to reveal?

    2. Is the Wiener Laptop still in the possession of the FBI and have you or Durham ever seen/reviewed its contents? If not why not?

    3. Have you or Durham ever deposed FBI SSA Robertson who was a first hand witness of the contents/investigation of the Wiener Laptop 600K emails? If not why not?

    4. Have you or Durham ever deposed Julian Assange, a first hand witness on how Wikileaks got the DNC emails and if indeed it was via Russians like the Mueller team told everyone? If not why not?

    5. Have you or Durham examined if the FBI ever investigated the murder of Seth Rich as there should be an easy FBI report in the system? If not why not?

    6. Does the FBI still have the 47 hard drives turned in by the Hammer WB back in 2015? If not what happened to this evidence?

    7. Have you or Durham ever deposed the Hammer WB who was the actual USER and first hand fact witness of the Hammer Program and who they spied and extracted data on? If not why not?

    8. Was exculpatory evidence withheld by either Attorneys and or Agents in the Flynn case and if so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime or at least referred Attorneys if applicable to the Bar?

    9. Do you still have Mifsud’s phones that you and Durham personally confiscated in Italy and what was on them and is there any communications between him and people on the SC team?

    10. Where is the missing Flynn 302 and isn’t it a crime to alter a 302 and if so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

    11. How many Americans were unmasked by the Obama administration and isn’t unmasking a crime? If so why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

    12. Have you or Durham gotten FBI SSA Dugen’s testimony and read his surveillance/investigative report about the Carter Page FISA Leak that possibly includes people in the Senate? If not why not?

    13. Is leaking a FISA to the media a crime and if so, why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

    14. If you and Durham knew the Dossier was a lie and it was used in the FISA Court application and lying to a FISA Court is a crime, then why have you not pursued prosecution of this crime?

    15. Have you deposed Warner and asked about his involvement if any of the CP FISA leak? If not why not?

    16. Did you confiscate any Senate staffer’s phone and if so did it show any texts pages being sent to a reporter?

    17.Did you find anything relating to the CP FISA leak on Senator Burr’s phone that we know you confiscated?

    18. Have you or Durham depose Crowdstrike regarding the DNC hack? If not why not?

    19. Why have you not declassified all of the RR scope memo?

    20. Knowing via Adm. Rodgers NSA Search Audit and Judge Collyer’s 99 page report that there WAS massive illegal searching and abuse of the NSA database by contractors, making it a National Security Issue, have you or Durham done or requested a COMPLETE audit going back to 2012 of this NSA Contractor Abuse to fully see the extent of the illegal spying as documented? If not why not?

    21. Did you ever trace the PapaD 10k dollars they used to frame him and where it came from? If not why not?

    22. With 31 government issued phones that were wiped and are potential evidence in Durham’s Investigation, have you gone to the NSA or carriers to retrieve these emails and texts? If not why not?

    23. Based on hard documentation, is it not a crime to plan and approve a fraud/hoax on a sitting President that led to an impeachment hearing and 4 years on Presidential abuse based on a known lie and if so why have you or Durham not prosecuted anyone for this fraud?

    24. With the recent evidence that shows Obama knew as far back as July 2016 about the fraud on PT are you or Durham going to interview the ex President to better understand his knowledge and or involvement and why he didn’t warn PT post Nov. election? If not why not?

    25. How is it after 4 years of non stop abuse, fraud, lying, leaking, money laundering and a coup on a sitting President you and your entire DOJ team can’t seem to find one crime?

    And now the new one……..

    26. Now that we know the FIB had the Biden Laptop since Dec 2019, when did you become aware that your FBI had it and have you asked Wray why he didn’t do anything with it as the President was being impeached?

    The bottom line is ALL of what we have seen these past 4 years has been a lie, a frame job with the clear intent to smear and take down PT and many in the FIB, DOJ and IC KNEW it from the start while also conspiring with many in the media to feed this lie and coup.

    The more people we can equip with these questions the better chance one day somebody will hold AG Barr accountable to the American people.

    So everyday I am going to be like that CTH poster who posts “anybody arrested yet” except mine will be these unanswered questions.

    Because the answers to these 26 questions IMO will tell all Americans if we truly have one system of justice or if that was all lip service and if this investigation was ever truly about getting to the truth and justice.

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    • Bogey- BRILLIANT. At last somebody is asking the right f****** questions.

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    • HorsegirlforTrump says:

      Brilliant Bogey, great questions great post, please repeat as often as possible


    • Firing Wray, Barr and Haspel (sp?) TONIGHT will not adversely affect the election – IMHO.
      Finish campaigning by adding END GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION and MAINTAINING LAW AND ORDER as part of every speech.


    • David A says:

      Perhaps add one or two more, such as;
      In looking at the heavily redacted release of pertinent information, it appears that the redactions only purpose is to protect the guilty. Is this not obstruction then?


    • warrprin1 says:

      This is excellent, Bogey. I’m trusting that you won’t mind if I’ve copied it onto a Word doc, and plan to use this comprehensive list locally at every opportunity.

      Tomorrow evening will present a good start-up occasion because I’m going to a meeting with an assemblage of our county’s GOP people. I’ll have plenty of copies ready for distribution, and will credit you, as the brilliant mind who assembled this stunning list.

      We have to fight back, amigos. The in-crowd is counting on it all fading away with time, and with no accountability. Isn’t that right Mr. Barr? This is a way to rage against the machine – with example after example at our fingertips.


  24. jx says:

    Biden’s computer, HRC computers/email, Dennis Montgomery’s hard drives, Weiner’s computer… poof. All disappear into the DOJ/FBI black hole.

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  25. citizen817 says:

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  26. Troublemaker10 says:

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  27. TRProst says:

    There is more than enough evidence for the FBI to seek a FISA warrant on members of the Biden family. After all, that is the precedent the FBI set in the 2016 election.

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  28. Related Topic:
    Cutting off the swamp’s Chinese money
    “Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday asked Washington’s think tanks to disclose foreign funding, warning of Chinese and Russian backing for the institutions known for wide influence on US policy.
    “Washington’s think tanks have for decades served as homes in waiting for US experts when they are out of government and most aggressively seek funding — although foreign money is most likely to come from nations friendly to the United States.
    “Pompeo called on think tanks that seek to cooperate with the State Department to disclose ‘prominently’ on their websites any foreign funding, including by state-supported entities.”
    When they hide the money, it pays to follow the money…

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  29. lavender blue says: guest article says Isaac the computer guy initially called Senator Mike Lee… never returned his call. The silence of Uniparty Big Club boys speaks volumes.

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  30. CNN_sucks says:

    Gosh. I missed those men who fought in WW2. Right now what we only have are spawn of satans. violent antifa and blowhard billionaires who only worship money.

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  31. biff0101 says:

    “Bagpipe” Barr and “Sally” Wray are sitting on the following: Wiener Laptop, Hunter Biden Laptop, Unmasking Issues, Flynn 302, Seth Rich evidence, Hillary Clinton emails, Clinton Foundation information, Uranium One information, Mueller/Weissman probe misdeeds, McCabe text messages, Comey leak information, Awan brothers/Wasserman-Shultz laptop scheme, Senate Intelligence Committee leak information/plea, FISA corruption, Judge Sullivan misdeeds, Obama/Iran deal money laundering, Sleepy Joe Biden grifting and corruption, NSA spying information, Halper/Misfud/Azra Turk/Brennan CIA operation both domestic (illegal) and foreign. What the hell are these clowns doing??????

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  32. Julia Adams says:

    Can anyone believe that ABC News didn’t ask the Democrat candidate running for President of the United States about the biggest story in America today–involving corrupt payments to his son while he was vice president. The fix is in.

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  33. doyouseemyvision says:

    Rudy mentioned Whitey Bulger’s nephew is involved. Chew on that one.

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  34. regitiger says:


    firing Barr right now isn’t smart

    here is why

    it creates resistance from the senate (see McConnell) to confirm Barrett… Barrett confirmation can be viewed as a type of mutually acceptable agreement compromise between POTUS and McConnell. allow barr to drag and you get your high stakes votes splitter for two major effects:

    election crisis that is predictable

    firing barr AFTER election IS smart. regardless of a neck hold agreement conjured by McConnell… POTUS can deliver the big foot to McConnell who is left with far less markers to use…

    firing barr AFTER election clears hard walls and hurdles.. how are DOJ AG.nominated? in two ways…in normal.. by SSCI..but with agreements in place before election with Mitch…and Christmas breaks and naturally a senate recess… POTUS can pounce to select acting.

    what am missing?

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    • Julia Adams says:

      After the election and assuming Trump is re-elected, it would actually be better to retain Barr for 6 months and have him do his job, with several conditions met.

      1) Reorg the FBI by ordering Barr to fire Wray plus the involuntary termination of all of Wray’s direct reports and purge one level of managers below them as well.

      2) Demand that Barr terminate all Obama era holdover DOJ attorneys still on staff. All of them.

      3) Require Barr to install a new Deputy AG, a Trump loyalist, with full control and powers of the AG and have that new person run the DOJ, matrix reporting line to Trump

      4) Barr retires on June 30, 2021

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      • namberak says:

        I like it. There’s always churn when a term ends and this would put a placid face on what would amount to the proverbial bureaucratic blood bath. To your second point: this highlights one of my real disappointments in PDJT. He came into office, I think, believing that 44 was an horrific, malevolent incompetent. DJT’s also, obviously, a very seasoned business executive and that said, I can’t quite understand why all the 44 holdovers weren’t canned on the first day. It seems to me one of the jobs of a transition team should have been to have prepared a list of replacements and put them in place immediately. I’m sure the argument would be made that that would have been destabilizing, but I would remind that when we have a government shutdown, well, that’s not really destabilizing so who really would have noticed?


  35. Curt says:

    It all means NOTHING. The bFBI has had this same information on the computer in their possession. They hid it away. They may even have destroyed the hard drive. If Biden gets elected he immediately becomes highly susceptible to blackmail from foreign operatives who know exactly what he’s been doing. There is no end to this incredible political shit show. What’s sad is that nothing will become of any of it. Barr & Durham have been dogging their feet. Wray is as dirty as Comey, if not worse. Gina Haspel at the CIA is dirty as hell too. There will be no justice. If President Trump is re-elected he needs to appoint non-career bureaucrats to these positions. Dear God we need some accountability….

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    • Winston says:

      “If Biden gets elected he immediately becomes highly susceptible to blackmail from foreign operatives who know exactly what he’s been doing.”

      OR very easily impeached, transferring the throne to Harris since that’s who the Dims are voting for anyway (along with just voting against Trump). Consider Pelosi’s recent 25th Amendment talk, too. Is it really a threat to Trump, or a hint to Dim voters that that’s the plan anyway?

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  36. Cocoon says:

    In a nutshell, our POTUS was Impeached for requesting info/evidence from a foreign leader on a corrupt politician and his family which the FBI had two months prior to his being Impeached!
    And the only reason this came up is because a US Citizen did not trust the FBI and DOJ and made a copy before providing to them.
    We need a reckoning and POTUS is just the guy to do it!


  37. namberak says:

    “One of the reasons we are not seeing more DC politicians talking about the Hunter and Joe Biden story is because they too participate in exactly the same system.” Truer words were never spoken but I’m not sure very many folks have connected those dots.


  38. Winston says:

    And, meanwhile, the propagandized, games and circuses addicted sheep who could make a real difference and massively hurt China and all of the multinational corporations who manufacture there instead of here in an end-around run around “our” bought and paid for pols by BOYCOTTING “Made in China” whenever possible do this instead:

    China Sells Dollar Bonds Directly To US Buyers For The First Time, Gets Record Demand
    15 Oct 2020

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  39. old sneakers says:

    And remember, there are emails in there that say Joe gets 50% of any loot. This is not just Hunter….

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Screaming Eagle says:

    Like Pat Benetar screams: – “Fire-a-Wrraaaaaaaay !!


  41. BofTruth says:

    It is income tax fraud if Joe Biden didn’t declare, on his income tax returns, the “1/2 salary” payments Hunter documented in an email that he gave to his father, Joe!

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Popscott says:

    Think about it…….The FBI had possession of the Biden laptop at the same time Congress was impeaching Trump for calling for an investigation into Hunter Biden and Joe Biden…. What is wrong with this picture.


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