Devin Nunes: Current U.S. Election Status, Combined with U.S. Intelligence Community, Equals a “Banana Republic”…

House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) Ranking Member Devin Nunes appears with Lou Dobbs to discuss the 2020 U.S. election as contrast against the known weaponization of the intelligence apparatus.


Keep in mind this is a member of the United States Intelligence Oversight group, the “gang of eight” saying the U.S. election is being manipulated by the U.S. intelligence community and political allies.

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161 Responses to Devin Nunes: Current U.S. Election Status, Combined with U.S. Intelligence Community, Equals a “Banana Republic”…

  1. albertus magnus says:

    John Solomon on his segment told the most honest truth..PDJT can declassify this information with a stroke of a pen. IF, this is the biggest scandal in American history, then if no one else will do so, PDJT has the RESPONSIBILITY to declassify this BEFORE the election. Otherwise, faced with HIS OWN realization that DeepState if covering it up, then HE ALSO bares the blame for it remaining hidden if he refuses to act.

    If the situation were reversed and it was Obama, you people would be calling for his resignation, not making excuses for him.

    Sorry, too much emphasis in this election of taxes paid or not paid, whether Hunter Biden used drugs and whether or not PDJT has condemned racism for the gazillioneth time.

    LET US KNOW. Once the election comes, if the wrong side wins, this will never see the light of day. And they will NEVER EVER let another outsider win the Presidency.

    But I know. Hannity and Joe D. tell us to trust the plan, while stomping their wittle feet in disgust at the delays.



    • WhiteBoard says:

      Lame duck period, stand by


      • John-Y128 says:

        If PT doesn’t win, he’ll be ignored during the lame duck period.


      • Justin Green says:

        Playing Devil’s Advocate again, just to throw out another idea (not the “Antifa is an idea” kind of idea – an actual idea):

        Maybe declassing hurts the investigation. By declassing, and removing redactions, you let the coup plotters know exactly what Durham and Team know, which only benefits the coup plotters.

        Politically, declassing won’t move the needle much. Anyone supporting Biden right now is impervious to facts, reason, or logic.


    • Farmkid says:

      Why wouldn’t Trump release?
      Something about himself that he doesn’t want known?
      Threats to his family?
      Deep state blocking and direct refusal to obey a command? Leading to upheaval.
      Advice of Barr, Jarod, or Ivanka?
      He has a reason,


    • John-Y128 says:

      With the stroke of a pen, PT signed a E.O. ending CRT training within the government but his order is being ignored by the State Dept, the EPA and the VA.

      If PT was going to declassify anything, he would of done it long ago!


  2. fangdog says:

    It is too bad Trump didn’t run for President 2008. It would had been easier to “save” America back then.


  3. Raised on Reagan says:

    We must win this.
    All a communist takeover needs is one election and our freedoms are lost forever.
    This election.


  4. Fromseatoshinningsea says:

    No president since Lincoln has been more representative of his country and its people than President Trump, he is the US, or what’s left of it. The forces destroying us from within are more vast than the Axis powers, they have unleashed tyranny, they have no regard for us, they claim to be American yet they organize a fake pandemic that’s just a flu, promote the destruction of our urban core, destroy small business, destroy our children with no education, burn the forests in CA including 4000 homes, perpetuate the wearing of an article of clothing akin to the arm bands worn by those of the Hebrew faith in Germany, and on and on.

    Please President Trump, your tried to work from within the system, your plan won’t work. You cannot work within the system, the system is too far gone. You sir, only you can save us, and there is only one move left and only about a week in which to make that move. You cannot work within the system, you must bring the system down yourself. The rallies are the proof, the American people are with you, and that’s all that matters, and We the People have more than just the right to know, we have the need to know, to protect our homes, our families.

    Declassify it all, everything. Release it all. If you do not and you hang onto the misconception that you can work from within the system they will stuff the ballot box, steal the election, destroy you, your family, all of us and our families. Release it all, challenge what’s left of Justice, military and law enforcement to treat those who committed treason and sedition accordingly, refuse to debate that washed up criminal under the conditions of another fixed, rigged media event, challenge him to a debate wherein he has no electronic, chemical enhancements, where there is no collusion with the network and moderator. End that charade as well, spare us and yourself from the embarrassment.

    We are running out of time.


    • Mike says:

      The President can order the declassification. I think it is clear at this point the CIA and FBI will refuse this order and beg Congress and the SC to back them against the President.


  5. SupY’all says:

    Right around the 3:00 mark, Nunez says that he is “quite sure the IG did not see these documents”. Seems to me this is exactly what Sundance was talking about over the summer, and it was he (SD) who brought it to their attention.

    You’re a treasure, thank you SD and team.


  6. John-Y128 says:

    ‘Federalist’s Sean Davis: CIA Director Haspel Personally Blocking Declassification Of Documents That Will Reveal Truth About Russiagate’


  7. Richie says:

    January 2018: Trump dismantles voter fraud commission.

    I was disappointed


    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Many states refused to cooperate so it was an exercise in futility.


      • Richie says:

        Yeah, of course they refused. Thats to be expected

        So, not so surprisingly, I found my first possibly fake attempt at voter fraud in my mailbox yesterday.

        It came in the form of a “voter notice” asking the recipient to respond and verify the address is correct and to sign and return card. The name on the card is a name that has never ever been mistakenly sent to my address before. Why Now? And after internet search, it appears the person has passed away.
        I assume I could just sign and return the card and then I will get a mail in ballot in the mail to vote like so many other illegal Democrats are getting. I can then go vote in person at the local polling place on election day as well.

        Is there someone I can report this to that can be trusted? The California local and state government is completely corrupt.


        • Missy says:

          Elections are STATE matters, but there may be some instances where feds may become involved in federal elections. The US Marshals may have an office near you, and there’s always the FEC, although it’s currently understaffed. I would do an internet search.


  8. islandpalmtrees says:

    The key for me is this statement “Keep in mind this is a member of the United States Intelligence Oversight group, the “gang of eight” saying the U.S. election is being manipulated by the U.S. intelligence community and political allies.”

    Manipulated, means to:
    To move, arrange, operate, or control by the hands or another body part or by mechanical means, especially in a skillful manner: synonym: handle.
    transitive verb
    To influence or manage shrewdly or deviously.
    transitive verb
    To tamper with or falsify for personal gain.

    The U.S. intelligence community is “tampering with or falsifying the election for personal gain”.

    Considering Nunes response above it is unlikely to be, to the benefit of the American Public.


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