Thoughts on Durham, Barr, Jensen and DOJ Production to Sidney Powell From Time Outside the Wire…

The document production by USAO Jeff Jensen to Michael Flynn attorney, Sidney Powell, provides an opportunity for me to share a detached research opinion from my ongoing time outside the wire in the center of the swamp.

No matter what open source information is collected; and no matter what evidence congress can assemble; the toxic political environment in DC is the primary driver of DOJ investigative events.  It shouldn’t be, but the reality of action reflects an uncomfortable truth. Here’s my opinion on what is happening.

Attorney General Bill Barr is trying to split the baby against two competing narratives.

♦ On one hand there is enough evidence to indict former officials for gross abuses of power, falsifying information to a FISA court (violating fourth amendment protections); manipulating investigative effort for political purposes; weaponizing the intelligence apparatus of the U.S. to target political opposition, and then using their positions to cover-up their corrupt and unlawful conduct.

♦ On the other hand there is a current highly toxic political environment; consisting of elected politicians and a fully vested branch of government; attempting to cloud the reality that corrupt former government officials worked hand-in-glove with deceitful media, which includes agents of Lawfare, who collaborated in the effort.

This leads to current DC officials and people within those remaining institutions saying: “there are delicate balances.”

In my opinion, in an effort to thread this needle -and considering the timing of the 2020 election- Bill Barr is using the document production from Missouri USAO Jeff Jensen as a backdoor method to provide the information he will not/cannot put forth in a press conference, report or series of indictments. This is why Jensen is providing new information to Michael Flynn’s defense attorney Sidney Powell.

The U.S. Attorney General knows Powell will make this information public; therefore Powell becomes a conduit to receive significant amounts of evidence previously hidden by the Special Counsel (Weissmann/Mueller) cover-up operation; the “insurance policy” of sorts. Barr is essentially funneling information through Powell in lieu of a report which would include much of the same evidence.

This is just how all indications align.  Occam’s razor.

Much of the released information has no direct bearing on Flynn *IF* there was going to be an alternate use of the evidence.

Bill Barr is splitting the baby.


More to come….


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400 Responses to Thoughts on Durham, Barr, Jensen and DOJ Production to Sidney Powell From Time Outside the Wire…

  1. grlangworth says:

    The chances are AG Barr has a pretty good reason to sidestep any ‘bull in the china shop’ aggression. How many senators do you think have their oars in this tank — L.Graham, those Dhimms & Repubs running the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence…there’s a bunch of others. PDJT doesn’t need the Durham indictments to win this election — he’s running that stroke-bound Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. down into the ground-house every 3rd day of this campaign. If I were the President, I would encourage DoJ not to deter the New Justice’s selection and appointment, and allow the electoral college slaughter of the Dhimms to continue on its merry way. We should be focused on winning more Senate seats, not enraging the ones we already have. It’s most important for PDJT to have numerical majorities in both houses. He has time to cajole them into place, issue by issue after 20 Jan 21. So…that’s what I think.

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    • bessie2003 says:

      Thinking the same, there’s most likely a pretty good reason to present this information in this manner, could be as simple as not giving the Uniparty any reason to ramp up the daily rioting into something more dangerous, especially given all the civil war talk so many are entertaining themselves with;

      Wondering what the chances are for these disclosures to create their own snowball effect, educating the voting public of just how bad the hoax has been while freeing the AG and his people Durhan/Aldenberg to focus on completing their job and allowing the President to focus on seating the new Justice and win his re-election campaign.

      The Senator from Wisconsin, Johnson, has been a nice surprise lately too, another voice speaking up, louder, and bolder, adds to the potential for that snowball growing until it reaches avalanche size.

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    • angryyt says:

      spot on


    • cattastrophe says:

      Cajole for now until we can replace them with good people next election. That is if we can manage to even remember what needs to be done by the time that rolls around. My faith in President Trump is resolute. My faith in the electorate is nil. Those of us of good will have let the left jerk us around for decades, until they perverted every belief and institution into unrecognizable filth and destruction. President Trump is doing everything possible to save us I’m wondering if we have the will to save ourselves after he’s gone.

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      • Curt says:

        Your post is spot on. Most Americans, including RINO politicians, have been sitting on their hands while the leftist Democrats dictated policy for years. Donald Trump is the only reason these politicians have recently shown any guts. He is a disruptor. They get their temporary courage from him. When he’s gone are we going to go back to politics as usual? You can bet on it. As you say, “do we have the will to save ourselves?” Sadly, I don’t think so.

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      • grlangworth says:

        The phenomenon of feedback can be utilized to thwart corruption. Competition for every opportunity in these “Zones”, School Choice for every student, Free public markets for ALL medical services …U.S. consumers do like a lot of choices. The more choices the more free. Don’t be downhearted. It’s an old but beautiful song we have to remember and sing to each other.


  2. owtolunch says:

    Congrats on the final photo of Barr at end of article…It says it all….

    Barr knows he has thrown a huge pile out into the public eye that cannot be unseen…

    True investigators who write about this whole mess along with additional information like the recordings of Biden and Poreshenko – multiple hours, are being released as we watch….

    The FINCEN reports to Treasury being released, admissions by Morgan-Chase on laundering money all fit in this toxic stew….

    Barr just sitting back and watching… He knows who is dirty and is observing how they respond…

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  3. JE says:

    If true, then, in an odd way, it’s advantageous that General Flynn remains in limbo.
    It couldn’t be by design, could it?

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  4. Mike in a Truck says:

    This is nothing but a crap parade. President Trump speaks glowingly of Barr. Why? He also speaks highly of Xi.Is it a case of praise your enemy or is Barr replaced after the election? One things certain the primary criminals are not scared because they keep running their mouths in the media.

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    • nimrodman says:

      yeah, praise your enemy, I think you hit it on the head

      I believe it’s PresTrump’s style, bred in over a lifetime of negotiating deals

      You speak highly of your opponents, as if we’re all honorable men around the table
      Disparaging any opponent runs you the risk of scuttling the deal

      There’s a dynamic in Asian culture where there’s a premium in no one having to look bad, to lose face.

      If you confront or force anyone into the spotlight for poor performance, poor form, poor decision …. it’s you that is the worse offender.

      I think we saw an example of this style of PresTrump in his Charlottesville remarks. He referred to “good people on both sides” – on the right he had in mind the senior uncle who took his nephew to the protest because the Confederacy is in their heritage and they didn’t want to have the statue taken down. There had been a news profile of them.

      Dunno who he had in mind on the left – but that reinforces my point, he was willing to extend the compliment even if there was no one on the left who deserved it.

      I’ve seen other examples of this tendency and point of style with PresTrump

      I think it gets misunderstood, to the point where some on our side think him a traitor for attributing any positive attribute to villains we know are villians. But I think they miss the point and take it to be substantive, not realizing it’s just an aspect of PresTrump’s personal business style.

      it’s similar to the Congressional artifice – “My good friend from Utah … the esteemed gentleman from Oklahoma …”


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      • mspsgt says:

        Nimrodman, if I may add one more point to your comment, President Trump often says things like “He’s really been good, he did an outstanding job…” about some of his most ardent enemies or political rivals when they do things he likes. I believe he does that also to try to steer them in his direction. Like you said, there are a lot of people inside the beltway who don’t understand Trump’s tactics.

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      • sDee says:

        I agree with your assessment Nimrodman. Trump has instinctual leadership skills. Amazing.

        I worked for decades for a US high tech company that did business worldwide.. Many times I was assigned to VPs investigation/fixing complex issues – technical, busuness, and sometimes ethical, all wound up together. The public statements and internal briefings to the technical teams NEVER disparaged anyone, even the guilty. Those of us in the technical ranks were often frustrated by this, but in the end these VPs turned it around in ways that the company won, the customers won and those of us doing what was right were rewarded. The culprits got their due in time usually quietly.

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        • Aeyrie says:

          Exactly, sDee! The best and most respected boss I ever had always said “Praise in public, berate in private.” Always followed that advice when it became my turn to be a boss. It never steered me wrong. I recognized and appreciated that technique in PDJT the first time I saw him use it years ago. If more folks did the same the world would run much more smoothly, imho!

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        • nimrodman says:

          thx, sDee

          so apparently a well-established practice in the business world

          a glaring contrast between business practice and – for example – bureaucrat practice


  5. After reading the BARNETT interview I really see Sundance’s point about an info back channel to the American people – and to the writers of history. Perhaps Barr splitting the baby comes down to getting the info out w/o having to dirty the DOJ by indicting some of their own. A controlled explosion to relieve pressure in an effort to contain the damage within the FBI. Barr wants Sullivan to let DOJ quietly close the Flynn case, but Sullivan is blinded by TDS thus forcing Barr to reveal even more egregious FBI (but not DOJ) behavior.

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  6. amjean says:

    Perhaps there is a delicate balance here concerning “existing”
    members of congress who were involved. We do not need our
    republican senators outed as complicit or worse when we need
    the senate to remain in republican majority for President Trump’s
    next term. Those individual arms can be twisted to do the right
    thing (meaning voting for President Trump’s future agenda).

    Of course, I would be thrilled if John McCain’s role was publicized;
    might wipe off the smirks and evil faces of mother and daughter.

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  7. teaforall says:

    After the election it is time for President Trump to take the gloves off and fire everyone who has not been on board. I want a CLEAN SWEEP. Release everything to the American people.
    President Trump owes all his supporters the truth and nothing but the truth. DOJ FBI CIA NSC IC AND ALL FEDERAL EMPLOYEES WHO ARE CORRUPT
    It Is Time No More Mr Nice Guy

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  8. Cueball says:

    How can Barr still allow Chrissy Wray & the FBI to get away with the obvious misuse of power?

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    • Aeyrie says:

      In addition to “Location, location, location!” you could also add “Timing, timing, timing!” It’s about priorities and timing. 1. Get re-elected 2. Hold the Senate 3. Take the House. 4. Then CLEAN house.

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      • readyandable1 says:

        It is a nice thought, but we all know what a Republican controlled government looks like, we just had it from 2016-2018: Nothing on President Trump’s or conservatives agenda got done, and most of them participated in a *literal* coup against our President.

        The same situation is not likely to produce any different results.

        I no longer live with hope when it comes to our failed state. I only live by precedent, and until new precedent is set, there is no reason to think things will play out any differently than they have demonstrably proven they already have in the same or similar circumstances.

        Our state is failed, until it is not.


    • tojak says:

      barr and wray have the same goal…. Protect the failed “fbi” and the criminal fbi agents at all costs…


  9. lambgraham says:

    So the political crime in the history of the United States hangs in the balance on an election that is compromised by mail in voting because the coward (I say treason) Barr-zini fails to act.
    In my opinion Barr-zini was appointed to run out the clock and protect Mueller and the corrupt politicians involved in the coup.
    Barr-zini compromised this investigation from the start;
    1- Restrictions on rules of evidence
    2-Not naming Biden and Obama as subjects in the investigation because they are political figures.
    3- Delayed opening the unmasking investigation (April 2020 in the middle of a pandemic.)
    4- Allows the corrupt Wray to conceal, reclassify, and destroy evidence.
    5- According to Fitton and Sydney Powell the DOJ and State Department worked against them in their respective cases.
    6- Allows Weissman to call on the DOJ to not cooperate with the Durham investigation
    7- Apparently there have been limited interviews with potential subjects and when conducted appear to be not very thorough.
    8- Refused criminal referrals on Comey and McCabe and as of yet not acted on criminal referrals from Nunes.
    9- Allows people in the coup to continue to work at DOJ (Bruce Ohr) and FBI.
    I disagree with Sundance’s theory that Barr-zini is “trying to walk a fine line”. I believe President Trump is on to him and conveys that with every rally (Let’s sees what happens). He did not allow Barr-zini to speak at the convention but Giuliani and Grenell did. Also the polls are beginning to turn in Trumps favor which forces Barr-zini hand. I speculate that after the debates when Trump exposes Biden and victory is more secure, the heat will be on Barr-zini to bring results before the election or he will be fired shortly thereafter.

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  10. Puzzled says:

    Nothing has made more clear that the deep state and their media allies hold the controls. They work hand in hand to determine when to use criminal allegations/investigations to create the political narratives that too many American people seem to buy. So it is corruption but also ignorance that is destroying the country. One can not work without the other.

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  11. RickInHouston says:

    That Barnett interview blows my mind! The SCO basically had no moral compass. Joking about it makes it so much worse. They did not care about their oath to the law. All should be disbarred, at the very least.

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  12. Pale rider says:

    I think we all get caught up in weeds sometimes and can’t let go enough to read the times we live in. All this is ancient, meaning it’s been going on for thousands of years and nothing will change. Well, unless God moves on this evil.
    The power is snatched up and corruption just gets worse until some sort of strong man comes in and kills off a few million people, starting with the morons who thought the devil plays nice.
    Look at the powers that be, their insane. Spirit cooking? Pedophilia? Child trafficking and I’m pretty sure child murders. What lies beyond is even worse.

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  13. Adding to lambgraham’s comment: 10) Barr said last February that he was “happy” with the Roger Stone prosecution and conviction (including, by logical implication, that infamous CNN-overseen, military invasion of Stone’s house in the night):

    full transcript of abc bill barr interview

    We have to wait until after the election now, because Barr was dogmatically opposed to EVER exposing the existential threat of this political-class-wide corruption. And after the election, nothing will have changed, in the minds of a deluded nation. The election itself is an obscenity, even if Donald Trump wins as expected by all of us here, because the Insane Left Democrat party is no longer legitimate, since 2008, but only an organized criminal mob and an insane cult. And though the Republicans are not insane, they too are criminal.

    If President Trump doesn’t fire Barr, and put in a Rudy Giuliani or Sidney Powell, after the election, with instructions to “Release the Kraken” against all of this open criminality, then he too will have failed America’s founding ideals….(yes, I am avoiding writing the W__ word; you all will have to face it on your own anyway).

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  14. Jederman says:

    Bondo’s job is too difficult because of ” the toxic political environment in DC is the primary driver of DOJ investigative events…” and “current DC officials and people within those remaining institutions saying: “there are delicate balances.” His solution? Kick the ball down the road and leave the all the corrupt perps in place. None of who are the least bit contrite and will only continue their efforts because there is no downside to crime and corruption in DC? What’s the point?

    It only adds to the additional layer of disgust and loathing for our corrupt institutions because we now KNOW, in detail, about much of their corruption and see that there are no consequences for being corrupt in this country.

    Barr’s “splitting the baby,” whatever that means only makes it worse. Clearly, he serves DC not the citizens.

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  15. convert says:

    Yes, I get it. Barr is sitting on a grenade. The republic is on a knife edge. If the Repubs don’t have control of all 3 branches– WH, senate and house— this will all be buried forever. And it’s possible guilty people will walk in all this because to actually charge or fire all the people who deserve it would unleash a civil war—the Dems think that’s justified. Scary, difficult times. Pray without ceasing….

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  16. Daniel says:

    He’s not just splitting the baby. He’s forcing them to END the persecution of Flynn. They know what Barr is doing and they know the way to make it stop is to end the persecution! BRILLIANT!


  17. okiedelta says:

    The most encouraging conclusion I draw from the release of these docs is that there is almost certainly a large cache of even more damning proof.
    There is a plan. Open with an attention getter, follow with a slow buildup, close with the irrefutable and unforgettable.

    Somewhere along the way the bad actors have to choose where they will stand on the “arc of history’, to quote the Chief Instigator.


  18. OldParatrooper says:

    Glad to see the FBI acknowledged (even if only internally) that the Flynn Intel Group was registered under FARA and that satisfied the requirement. As soon as the accusation came out, I searched the FIG web site and discovered that they were registered as agents for Turkey. Of course after the company folded the web site was taken down and that particular bit of information vanished.


  19. profshade says:

    After three years of drip-drip-drip, this is just more torture, I feel, to those of us following the evil. All bombshell revelations are extinguished as the media throw their bodies over the evidence. No indictments, no wide coverage, or even a hiccup loud enough to be heard by the majority of the American people.


  20. jx says:

    I have a very different view.

    Barr is not “splitting the baby”, he is covering up the most enormous crimes in US history. He is failing to perform his sworn duty. There are no “delicate balances”, just his non-feasance and cowardice. His prior inaction is why now on the eve of election, the election is trotted out as an excuse for ongoing inaction.

    Barr will not be AG forever, and he can be among the first prosecuted. It’s up to him. Act or be acted upon.

    The States need to protect their citizens from the cabal of Federal agencies who attempt to substitute their will for that of the States’ citizens. The Federal government is a creature of the People acting through their States. The extraordinary corruption of the DOJ – and others – requires an extraordinary response. The States can form a Special Prosecutor charged with investigating and prosecuting every single participant in the coup and coverup, regardless of their position in the DOJ or the Senate, or any other position within the Federal government. How? Via the Article V amendment process. An Agency separate from Federal government control can be instituted. It can be vested with necessary authority superior to the Federal government. And, very importantly, the Amendment and the Agency it institutes must have explicit sunset provisions.

    I have opposed the “Article V convention” crowd, for a number of reasons. It is fraught with danger. This idea, nascent as it is, is perhaps even more dangerous. I hesitate to even propose it, but extraordinary corruption requires an extraordinary response. A coup attempt can not go unpunished.

    I much prefer the Attorney General perform his sworn duty.

    Back channel release of information is meaningless without prosecutions.

    Failure to prosecute does not preserve institutions, it destroys them.

    Failure to prosecute is tearing at the country. If the coup plotters are not prosecuted the United States is finished. Do your job, Barr. Do it and do it now.

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  21. PCS says:

    And, if Trump wins, and decides he’s done with this crap and decides to kick over ALL the tables in the temple, Barr is screwed.

    Trump could easily fire Barr and appoint Rick Grennel or Sidney Powell as interim (or permanent if there was any way to get them approved) and sunlight everything. Declassifications galore and let it burn.

    We can hope, anyway.


  22. Screaming Eagle says:

    Chrissy the Sissy Wray let his mask drop with that ridiculous “white supremacists” are the greatest threat to our country speech, earlier this week. Trump should have fired him on the spot for such a preposterous deflection / projection statement. He’s clearly one of THEM and by THEM I mean elite lawyers, not even close to being a street wise, true law enforcement official. In fact, the agencies FBI, MSA, CIA detest real cops as a core belief. they only hire Ivy League Lawyers. Real cops are considered barbarians in their progressive agenda. This culture started to take hold back in the early Clinton days in the 1990’s and has grown to infect the majority of officials that make up the agencies.

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  23. burnett044 says:

    Scum will always cover for scum…..and there will always be those spineless ready with excuses for not acting//
    “The smallest action is worth much more than the biggest intention.”


  24. minnesotamike55 says:

    A back door for info? Because the lamestream media will not report on anything that goes against them or the democrat narrative?

    How about an executive order forcing the FCC to allow a prime time slot for a consortium of alternative media. Hell, even force the alphabets to allow uninterrupted and unedited 5 minutes at the beginning or end of their broadcast for the consortium to use as they wish. Rules would be set up to prevent the big money from over ruling the little guys. Lets say these segments would be called public service announcements from small business startup media. They each would get a turn as long as they met a basic criteria that is set up by a “Consumer Media Fairness Commission.” They would also be allowed to criticize other media companies

    Twatter, Fakebook, etc would also be required to allow the CMFC to post anything at any time. I see this a bit like when public television and radio were set up to provide alternatives except with safeguards that prevent it from ending up a liberal sinkhole like PBS and NPR are.

    Something needs to happen to diminish the monopoly of the big three.


  25. jeans2nd says:

    Your thoughts seem to be the most logical and accurate.
    One small quibble – one suspects DNI Ratcliff, and perhaps even former Acting DNI Ric Grennel and Kash Patel, had a larger role in these doc releases than AG Barr.

    Morning Joe and MSDNC were in complete meltdown this morning. The MSDNC crowd believes AG Barr is wickedly smart.
    One almost feels sorry for them.


  26. atomichillbilly says:

    Here’s the thing:
    Barr may be the attorney general, but he is definitely not in charge.

    He can’t do all the work that mutinous and belligerent underlings refuse to do.
    “They” are calling his bluff.

    Barr doesn’t have full control of his institution.

    The swamp still refuses to capitulate even though they KNOW they are busted.
    They simply refuse to let go of their power.

    Barr is too much of an institutionalist to take a flamethrower to his beloved institution.

    Someone else will have to do it for him.


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