President Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize For Work on Israel-UAE Deal…

♦President Trump’s foreign policy approach brought North and South Korea together away from the table of conflict.  ♦President Trump’s foreign policy approach brought Serbia and Kosovo together away from the table of conflict.  ♦President Trump’s foreign policy rallied the Gulf Cooperation Council to stop Qatar’s support for Islamic extremists via the Muslim Brotherhood. ♦President Trump’s foreign policy brought Turkey and the Kurdish forces together away from war and conflict.  ♦President Trump’s foreign policy created a ceasefire to stop the bloodshed in Syria.  President Trump mediated a cessation of hostilities between India & Pakistan in the Kashmir region. ♦President Trump’s foreign policy brought Israel and the UAE together…

These are just a few examples of Trump’s effective doctrine; previously Moon Jae-in said President Trump deserved the Nobel Peace Prize; and yet leftist jaws are agape as he is nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize in 2021.

(Jerusalem Post) US President Donald Trump was nominated for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in reaching the agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Fox News reported on Wednesday morning.

Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a member of the Norwegian parliament and head of the Norwegian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, submitted the nomination.

Tybring-Gjedde had previously submitted a nomination for Trump to receive the Nobel Peace Prize in 2018 for his Singapore summit, which hosted Kim Jong Un.

“For his merit, I think he has done more trying to create peace between nations than most other Peace Prize nominees,” Tybring-Gjedde told Fox News.

“It is for his contribution for peace between Israel and the UAE,” Tybring-Gjedde, a member of parliament for the right-wing Progress Party, told Reuters. “It is a unique deal.”

In addition to the Israel-UAE deal, the nomination letter to the Nobel Committee cited Trump’s “key role in facilitating contact between conflicting parties… such as the Kashmir border dispute between India and Pakistan, and the conflict between North and South Korea.”  (read more)

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79 Responses to President Trump Nominated For Nobel Peace Prize For Work on Israel-UAE Deal…

  1. TwoLaine says:

    I saw the headline this AM and could only imagine how much it must have hurt for “news” outlets to pick it up and share it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. Nagothm says:

    As funny as it would be to watch liberal heads ‘splode round the world when he gets it, honestly, no good person has received the award in decades. Doubtful that this would get traction. But hey, it’s Trump. He makes the impossible possible by lunchtime.

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  3. modspell says:

    Not that this award amounts to much considering past winners, but its media value is enormous.

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  4. warrenjay13 says:

    I no longer even glance at the media….did their heads explode? Lol

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  5. jumpinjarhead says:

    He will never “win” it in spite of the substantial bases for it, especially compared to the ludicrous award to Obama before he did ANYTHING to deserve it—and he never did.

    The entire process, like every other “institution,” has been thoroughly co-opted by our enemies for partisan political purposes, both internationally and domestically.

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    • Simple Citizen says:


      Great to see you here today.

      Now, now…Barry (the child of the CIA) won a prize, banked the money and then went on to bring covert WARS to much of the Middle East. Always good to win a PEACE prize and then start a few WARS; makes total sense to me.

      Certainly, I will agree with you that PDJT is not likely to win, but I am not ready to fully give up hope yet.

      All my best,
      Simple Citizen

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      • jumpinjarhead says:

        I should not have been so absolute in my view. Miracles are ALWAYS possible.

        Great to see you as well.

        Together in the REAL struggle!

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        • Simple Citizen says:

          Always on your right if you need me.

          Praying for you and yours!

          All my best…

          P.S. Really appreciated your analysis, over weekend, of tactics used by the domestic terrorists; I kept quiet so as not to be redundant with our other friends here, but I am very appreciative of your experience. Thank you.

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      • Linda K. says:

        Perhaps the Nordic race will flash back to their Viking roots and bravely award Trump the prize he so richly deserves.

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    • doyouseemyvision says:

      It may depend on who he is up against. If they pick someone else, that person damn well better have done something more impressive. Otherwise the Nobel Committee will again be criticized to no end, and they know it.

      The Dems and Deep State will be lobbying not to select him, election year and all that. The winners will be announced first week in October.

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  6. gingergal says:


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  7. DiogeneseVindicated says:

    Very well deserved Mr. President. It’s a crying shame the significance of the award was soiled and stained by the last presidential recipient.

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  8. Kirsty I says:

    I hope he disdains it.
    I hope he calls it out for the nonsense that it represents.
    This prize was given to Al Gore and Barack Hussein Obama and PLO leader, Yassar Arafat, while they ignored Irena Sendler in favour of these men.
    They are political, they do not care for human beings.
    Yassar Arafat died as a billionaire. His wife, who lived in Paris was the sole recipient.
    The people in Palestine did not receive running water or medical help. He kept all the money.
    These are the people who claim the Nobel PEACE Prize!

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    • TonyEuropa says:

      No, I think he should really embrace it and give it a YUGE bump in credibility.

      Imagine the speech he could give.

      They’d have to bring quite a few wet vacs to clean out the explody heads afterwards.

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    • doyouseemyvision says:

      He will be statesman-like and accept it on behalf of his country. Then donate the proceeds. He will show how it should be done and restore the prize to its once greatness.

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  9. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    I’m sure a “whistleblower” or an “anonymous” source will be forthcoming with a report on the Presidents insults about the Nobel prize committee… Better yet there may be a book in the works…

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  10. MfM says:

    Compared to Obama he certainly deserves it.

    He might actually get it if he does even more. During the next four years I can see a peace agreement between North and South Korea and more in the Middle East.

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  11. Gunner says:

    No one more deserving of such recognition. That said, the Nobel Peace prize is severely tarnished and until the committee admits their errors (which they won’t), I would hope that POTUS simply expresses his gratitude for the nomination and then says ‘no thank you’.

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  12. thrawlbrauna says:

    That is my president..

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  13. Ernesto Ledesma says:

    Who has done more than Trump the past three years?

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  14. woohoowee says:

    The best president, evah! One of the most loved presidents of all time, worldwide 🙂

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    • Simple Citizen says:

      Perhaps top 5!

      Still like George Washington first, then Tom J., then either Garfield or Taft, then Cool Cal and then PDJT. Certainly, I do not think he would mind the company.


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  15. Caius Lowell says:

    Trump’s foreign policy makes 0bama sad…

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  16. cccp3-o says:

    Peace is the Prize. This is the plan.

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  17. Tl Howard says:

    Biden and Dems will be very happy over what Tom Cotton just said about abortion since he’son POTUS’ list of possible nominees.

    I would rather POTUS and Cotton had NOT given them this issue for the NOv race.

    LIke it or not, most Americans, regardless of party are not fond of totally revoking Roe v. Wade. There are millions of “shy” voters on this issue and they won’t be on POtuS’ side unless the GOP and Trump attack the third trimester abortions.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      Also, a lot of college students would likely have sat out this election but with this issue front and center, they will vote…and not for Trump.

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      • TreeClimber says:

        You’re discounting the work groups such as SFLA are doing.

        For what it’s worth, when I stick up for the unborn and preborn on places such as YouTube, I actually find myself with an ideological ally or two now, as opposed to standing alone. There are more of us who are pro-life than you think, and more and more brave enough to speak up.

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        • Eileen McRae says:

          I am quite pro-life and feel it is an abomination to God that all those “good Christian” Democrats are for policies that murder a life in the womb! There needs to be a “Human Rights Tribunal” that advocates for the rights of the unborn! Who speaks for them?


    • helmhood says:

      President Trump is the most pro-life President, advocating for the unborn, since Ronald Reagan.

      Life is ALWAYS a winning issue.

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    • theoldgoat says:

      This has been a growing movement with more women coming down against abortion.
      I don’t see abortion ever being abolished, but it should never have been allowed to grow into a type of birth control method. While I am strongly against it, there are difficulties in shutting it down completely. To go back to “back alley abortions” isn’t good. To allow abortion right up to birth, or even after birth, which the left are pushing needs to be the main focus of this issue.

      I don’t see this as an issue which would sink President Trump’s election chances. Opening dialog is a better position for POTUS than what the Dementia Joe position is on this issue.

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  18. H.R. says:

    Well, this is a first. Someone who actually is doing things that bring about peace in the World is getting nominated.

    I find it hard to believe we’ve run out of murderous tyrants, who are the usual recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize. Maybe the guy who nominated President Trump suffered some sort of severe head trauma.

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  19. OffCourseNation says:

    If Trump gets a Nobel Prize for Peace, Bush and Obama should both get a Nobel Prize for Endless Wars.

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    • OffCourseNation says:

      I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its stupidity. Preventive war was an invention of Hitler. Frankly, I would not even listen to anyone seriously that came and talked about such a thing.
      – Dwight D. Eisenhower

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  20. Deplorable Canuck says:

    If they gave it to him it would restore my confidence in what I think is otherwise an award given to self-adulating leftest! It will never be the same to me since Obummer got it!

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  21. margarite1 says:

    Obama got away with a lot for a long time because he is black, left, and educated – even though he really never accomplished anything other than shooting his mouth off. I’m so glad Trump is calling him out – people need to see the reality of actual accomplishments compared to total BS.

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  22. alliwantissometruth says:

    “Make the Nobel Peace Prize Great Again”

    (by giving it to someone who actually deserves it like Trump instead of terrorists and terrorist appeasers)

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  23. Dee Paul Deje says:

    The Russians must’ve hacked the Nobel Prize computers.

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  24. wtd says:

    Ok. Usually I’m too humble to alert people that I’ve been right about the Middle East for the last several years when *all* of the mainstream conventional wisdom “experts” got it wrong. But that day is not today.

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  25. lambgraham says:

    Best President in my lifetime (67 years old). Too bad the Chinese Virus hit our country. It is the only thing the Democrats can use in their attempt to defeat President Trump.

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  26. jjs says:

    Got a very good friend in Mexico. We both are wondering why no drug cartel violence as of late (hope it stays that way)? Could it be Trump and the wall and getting along with leaders on a personal level helps? On the other hand, Obama never had a friend in the world except Muslim terrorists.

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  27. avocadodipp says:

    President Trump is the first President in 40 years NOT to embroil America into a new foreign war. That is wonderful! I am so tired of seeing our young men and women being maimed/destroyed. Wars that create opportunities for people like Biden and his corrupt family, who use the confusion to make millions of dollars.


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  28. Sandalwood111 says:

    This is such great news. No one has worked tirelessly for PEACE like our Beloved President, Donald J. Trump.

    Remember in May of 2017 when he traveled to the Middle East and spoke to a large gathering of leaders? He told them in essence that we wanted nothing from them except their “partnership.”

    He didn’t bow to them the way Obama did. Hopefully, I can find it on YouTube.

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  29. Bill says:

    Teddy Roosevelt’s foreign policy was best summed up with his phrase “Speak softly, but carry a big stick.” The “Big Stick”, of course, was the US Military.

    Every US President since has continued this Big Stick, military first policy when confronting our adversaries. And it worked, up to and through World War Two.

    Dwight Eisenhower, on the cusp of retiring as a five star general and supreme commander of allied forces during WW2, and as US president for two terms, warned the country of the expanding influence of the Big Stick players that he re-named the “vast military/industrial complex”. He was uniquely qualified to do so.

    Since coming together to defeat both Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, over the ensuing 80 years, the VMIC has failed – from Korea, to Vietnam, to Iraq, to Afghanistan, with the loss of over 100,000 young American lives and hundreds of thousands of casualties.

    This was the record facing President Trump when he assumed office.

    He rightly questioned the “Big Stick” approach, believing that there was an alternative to such an unnecessary loss of life.

    The Trump Doctrine is now clear –
    Replacing bullets, mayhem, and loss of life with trade and tariffs as our confrontational weapons of choice. (Keeping the US military at the ready, but in reserve).

    Almost every flash point threatening the U. S. that existed before Trump’s election has been (or is) being addressed… without the loss of American lives.

    Trump inherited:
    Expanding ISIS Caliphate in the Middle East;
    Belligerent North Korea and its growing nuclear threat;
    Expanding Iran-sponsored terrorism throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa;
    A growing China threat – military and economic.

    In three years:
    Isis has been destroyed;
    North Korea has been neutralized;
    Iran has been boxed in;
    China has been confronted and is reeling economically.

    Without the reported loss of one US military life. This is extraordinary.

    These achievements (and many others) would not have been possible with a faltering US economy. For the effective application of the Trump Doctrine, the US economy had/has to be humming.

    Every world economy wants a piece of the
    American consumer.

    Economically, prior to Covid, as a direct result of the President’s policies, the stock markets were all trading at historic highs. Employment among blacks, Hispanics, women were either at historic highs or the highest level in decades. Unemployment and those on Government assistance were at the lowest levels in decades. Our economy was booming.

    Trade deals with India, Japan, Mexico and Canada were negotiated to the benefit of the US economy and worker. The decades-long trend of companies moving offshore was being reversed, repatriating thousands of good-paying American jobs.

    In addition to the obvious domestic benefits, these results were a strategic necessity for the Trump Doctrine to succeed.

    The application of the Trump Doctrine Trade/Tariffs) has saved untold thousands of American lives, has created hundreds of thousands of American jobs, and is directly responsible for the historic normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, Israel and the UAE, and keeping rouge nations in check.

    And, is the reason why President Trump was nominated for the Noble Peace Prize.

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  30. Patriot1783 says:

    The fact that President Trump is the first President since President Carter to not have started a war while at same time promoted peace during his term is very telling and reason why Carter was awarded the prize.

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  31. MaineCoon says:

    And these are the 5 people who make the determination.

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    • doyouseemyvision says:

      Just read that the deadline for submission for 2020 awards is Feb 1, 2020. Therefore, Trump is on the docket for the 2021 award, not the 2020 award that will be announced in early Oct, next month.

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  32. trapper says:

    Ohhhhhhh …. so THAT’s what that was. The rapid fire popping sounded like corn popping in the kitchen. It was just liberal heads exploding all over the place.

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  33. devilman96 says:

    That strange popping sound you hear in the background… It kinda sounds like a ketchup packet when you step on it slowly…

    That’s the liberal heads exploding.

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  34. DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

    I love President Trump . . . but I don’t think he measures up to recent winners like Abiy Ahmed, Denis Mukwege, Nadia Murad, Juan Manuel Santos, the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet, Kailash Satyarthi, Malala Yousafzai, Tawakkol Karman, Ellen Sirleaf, Laymah Gbowee, and especially Martti Ahtisaari.

    Giving the award to President Trump would be quite a step down after those giants of peace.


  35. republicanvet91 says:

    Regardless of whether POTUS gets the prize or not, it certainly points out how worthless and undeserved O’Bungle’s prize was.


  36. DeWalt says:

    He should decline it. It would cheapen his Presidency.


  37. The Middle East is not our problem or job to use our country and our military and threaten our security and sovereignty in order to bring peace to. This has zero to do with the American people and our nation and our history. Trump is only to use his public office to work for the American people, not the foreign states of the Middle East, their foreign histories and foreign conflicts.

    “The agreement could also give the UAE access to previously off-limits U.S. weaponry, such as advanced drones and possibly F-35 combat planes.”

    Great. So our country is now the evil war machine of the world owned by the DoD and is being used for making the military Dod revolving door arms makers richer while threatening the security of our nation and the world by pushing more deadly weapons into the world. This is not the 1776 nation founded for “We the People” under our 1787 Constitution. Non-intervention is American.


  38. rebelinme2 says:

    They only nominated PDJT so they could get mileage from passing him over. Frankly, not getting it would be a higher standing than getting the useless thing after the ones who have been presented in the past. It is as valued in my eyes as is an Oscar award.


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