Status Update – Meeting and Briefing Today….

First, thank you for the continued support.  This is a highly unusual situation and far outside my comfort zone.   Over the past several years, y’all know I have dug deep into the investigative weeds behind all things associated with the Trump-Russia madness and assembled a complex set of research and evidence materials that are very troubling.

From the outset, my goal was simply to ensure that investigative operations within the totality of government would be aware of the hidden evidence that is not supposition, but fact-based with direct evidence.

Obviously a secondary objective, given the nature of the material, was to ensure those in positions of power and influence would know that we know….. and that fundamental knowledge would mean they could not hide it.

If they do nothing, the least We The People deserve to know is who “they” are.  Specifically who “they” are without equivocation.

Today at 2:00pm ET should be a conclusive point in that regard, as I am directly briefing those unknown and hidden people, actual badges, who have the power and authority to act.  However, that said, I hold no confidence and/or trust toward them.

This has not been easy.  Unfortunately, there exists a myriad of self-interests on an individual and institutional level who would not want this evidence to surface….. and so this odd game of briefing, obfuscation and intentional attempts to “not become aware” has been ongoing.  That’s a bigger story for another day.

After several -seemingly- purposeful delays, and some expressions of good faith which I am not sure are actually ‘good’ or ‘faithful’, we come to this moment approximately an hour from now.  The media, who I have briefed on the material, have been released from any/all prior confidences.  Additionally, I have released the name of the primary investigator (deep behind the Durham probe) to the same media. If those media voices do nothing, I will share who they are… until then, I grant them benefit of courage and patriotism.

It’s time to start asking some very hard questions…. but in order to do that, these voices first needed to know the material so those questions could be asked; hence, the exhaustive travel for in-depth briefings in multiple cities and states.

Nothing is supposition; everything is connected to deep and direct evidence of corruption that covers a variety of interests and numerous institutions.   The most adverse to sunlight are members of Mueller’s purposefully installed special counsel unit.  After the Obama administration left office, Andrew Weissmann and crew took over. They did things that only Machiavellian thinkers could imagine.   It will all come out; the question is when?

After another attempt to delay, I took a purposeful stance.  Everyone reversed course and we are back on track.

Expect no help from the Senate; they were participants. Today’s released obfuscation and nonsense from the SSCI is evidence in that regard.  The entire upper chamber is compromised; they know it, I know it, and a large part of the American electorate know it.

I dislike immensely not being able to just be the guy with a blog who outlines research material, provides the direct source information, and explains to people what is going on.  Recent weeks/months have been challenging because when your goal is to extend benefit-of-doubt, you do not want to impede any truthful efforts.  However, I have exhausted my ‘benefit-of-doubt‘ stash; I need to return to my original position: ‘THE TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA’.

So begins the worst/best phase of the Big Ugly.

Thanks again for all the support.

All in…. More later…



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  1. Legion of One says:

    Get ’em Sundance!!!!

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  2. Robin Ruprecht says:

    Reposting Loralie’s phone number info. Important for everyone to flood the lines.
    Dept of Justice: 202-514-2000
    Dept of Justice comment line: 202-353-1555


  3. randyg1 says:

    The truth may be on your/our side Sundance, but time sure is not…Drop the names, the investigator names, and the damn media names!


  4. tomluns says:

    When will the name of the lead investigator be released since we are told that it is not Durham.


  5. tomluns says:

    When will the name of the lead investigator be released since we are told that it is not Durham.


  6. Perot Conservative says:


    If I’m Durham / XXXXX, I propose to lavishly pay Sundance, and to do a “brain dump” – working 10-12 hours a day, reviewing everything, big picture, small details, etc.

    My guess: they won’t do it bc of egos or the bureaucracy.

    Durham? I’ve read a few articles out of Boston, and they paint a picture of a prosecutor who cut deals with a lot of known killers to take down one FBI agent. Is that his career success?

    Barr & Durham & XXXXXX: ABJECT FAILURE ON the BIGGEST CRIME in OUR NATION’s history?

    Unacceptable. Unacceptable.

    Someone has to get this information to Rush, JW, Don Jr., Sidney Powell, Lou Dobbs, and really, President Trump. Hopefully, many are already tapped in.


  7. Patience says:

    Lou Dobbs is asking, Is Deep State silencing Assange?

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  8. Cowz says:

    Appears Sundance was talking to a room full of ‘Deer in headlights’ Investigators.

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  9. Blue Moon says:

    Senate agrees with the Mueller report WITHOUT connecting the dots (I know-they don’t want to connect the dots cause that would expose the GO8). So does this mean they get a clean bill in all this?

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  10. bosscook says:

    I still want to know who was “whispering” into POTUS ear about appointments. As well as who the mystery alternate “investigator” is. I’m also believing Sundance is being very very careful about what he puts “public” (Twitter and here) because there are many many eyes upon him right now.

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  11. Patience says:

    Playing Phil Collins’
    “In the air” for a SECOND time at AZ rally.

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  12. RF Burns says:

    I have suspected much of this in regards to ongoing developments. I hoped for better but I KNEW the truth was going to be something else based on what rumors, circumstantial evidence, and my intuition told me.

    So now we come to the pivotal moment. What is next? I know what I will do. I will seek TRUTH and an accounting to the same. I refuse to yield to our self styled betters who desire complete dominion over all aspects of our individual lives. I would sooner die on my feet, then live on my knees in submission to such hubris.

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    • D Coverdale says:

      Exactly. This changes nothing other than we now know the investigators don’t care to find the truth and are simply slow walking this to the election in desperation of avoiding anything. The compartmentalizations are ON PURPOSE.
      BY DURHAM.
      We all surmised this for months now. And what’s a name going to do?

      Trump simply needs to de class ALL OF IT.

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      • Tl Howard says:

        Care to explain who will take those tens of thousands of papers and make sense of it for the public? Oh, the MSM, you say?

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        • RF Burns says:

          Surely there are those Patriots out there, who would be willing and able to do so.

          Remember the story of the starfish being thrown back into the sea? What may be nigh insurmountable for the influence of one, is made a much lighter task for the many who are like-minded. As such is not ever beyond the ability of the Lord himself, or those who would pray to him to that end. Never give up, and never surrender.

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          • madeline says:

            For some reason the Kennedy family came to mind. They still have not seen all the documents from the death of JFK. What 50 years ago? PDT was going to release all of them but someone got to him and he held back. Wonder if this could make PDT realize how it feels to not have any finality to a travesty about you and your family. Maybe he will think twice about releasing.


      • cboldt says:

        A couple points.
        Investigations are compartmentalized by design, by habit, by institutional norms. Not many people have the moxie, time, curiosity, and care that will drive them outside the “usual way this is done.” This is true no matter how bad or how big. Safety in not sticking out neck.
        The other point is that Durham is not inherently an investigator. He is a prosecutor. People bring him certain things because those people want certain results. Investigators deceived a “want to be deceived” FISA court on Carter Page. Court is (usually) safe, it blames investigator.
        Government is 100% pass the buck game, for all practical purposes.
        That doesn’t mean the people should accept it. The principles in the DoI are timeless. The government really is out of control. Seriously. It cannot bring itself under control, will not happen by it’s own force. Something will bring it down, gravity, vandals, who knows. Fed grew too large, and will collapse of its own dishonesty and weight.

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        • Jeantexan says:

          I thought the nameless investigator
          Referenced by Sundance was the one with oversight to see that the dots
          Were all connected. What will revealing
          His or her name add to our
          Understanding? Is this person maybe
          A black hat assigned to make sure
          Durham and staff don’t connect
          The dots and stumble on the truth?


    • fansince51 says:

      Also my question. What’s next? What’s the entire plan step by step. Never settling for anything other than the desired end result.

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  13. ltravisjr says:

    It’s painfully ironic that when information is needed for investigation it is silo’d, but yet when it was needed for the actual malfeasance it was manifold.

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  14. Stop it. What if Sundance’s family, friends, and close colleagues are reading this?? How would you feel if you were Sundance risking it all for our country and this is what you read? At least go be his armed security. Go protect him rather than putting murder into the mix.

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  15. rebate456 says:

    Looks like some Treepers are as feckless as the public. Reminds me of the people in Exodus who complained that Moses brought them to the desert to die, instantly forgetting all the miracles that God did, using Moses, to free them. You’ve been lauding Sundance as some kind of superhero for years and now, when victory is THIS CLOSE, he’s a bum. When the traitors get their just rewards all of you complaining will owe Sundance a very big apology. If you have doubts, at least shut up about it, lest you look like a fool later.

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    • cboldt says:

      Sage advice.

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    • Sharon says:

      …..keeping in mind that comments that are “feckless” say much about the commenter, and absolutely nothing about Sundance.

      Frustrating to see, but also insignificant. There is a sifting that goes on in every crisis. It’s inevitable. And it’s ok.

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    • timetostandandfight says:

      I LOVE SD and CTH and all of the Treepers that support SD and the crew behind him. Buck up folks. This is where it gets nasty, and we KNEW it was coming and it is NOT sundance that caused this, he just showed us just how BIG and UGLY the monster WE IGNORED for DECADES has become!!
      Now, Stand and be counted, prepare your hearts for Battle and get your Armor on, both Spiritual and Physical if need be!!!
      America and OUR FAMILIES need us NOW!!!

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      • flatwesttx says:

        Yep. SD never claimed he’d show up, deliver the goods, walk out and world would be magically changed. The resistance has been doing this a lot longer and are organized. Time to protect our way of life, or not. Kind of comes down to that and SD did not create it he just has done what he can to expose it.

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  16. WeThePeople2016 says:

    I have more questions. If Barr/Durham is on the up an up, then why the stonewalling and delays with Sundance?? Why did they rush out the sloppy Clinesmith case? Why did Barr go running to Hannity and it was not previously planned??

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    • PacosMojo says:

      Because they most certainly are not on the “up and up@.

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    • furtive says:

      U answered your own questions.

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    • MVW says:

      “Why did they rush out the sloppy Clinesmith case? Why did Barr go running to Hannity and it was not previously planned??”

      Because Barr was supposed to restore the DOJ. What Sundance has collected into an iron clad RICO indictment is that Barr has failed, either through gullibility, corruption or incompetence, or some witches brew of the 3. What ever it is Barr has failed and is hopelessly in damage control.

      What will he do? Resign? Recommit?

      What will McConnell do?

      What will Chief Justice Roberts do?

      DemonRats will do what they always do. Stab America and Americans in the back.

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      • doyouseemyvision says:

        Barr will stay on until he is kicked out. His objective is to keep us at bay for the deep state and the swamp. He will go back on TV telling us to be patient, his team is working slowly but methodically. This shouldn’t be political. Blah, blah, blah, blah.

        Not even sure he is in control as AG. The DOJ deep state controls the department. He’s just their PR face.

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      • Dutchman says:

        UNIPARTY will do what they always do.
        Stab America and Americans in the back.

        There, fixed it.

        EXCEPT; The ONLY way Uniparty McConnell and his cabal can continue to stab America and Americans in the back, is if he remains in STEALTH mode.

        If his obvious and incontrovertible guilt in the coup, resistance, mueller is EXPOSED, he is like the emperor, and Sundance is the little kid saying ;
        “But mommie, the Emperor is BUCK NAKED!”

        We and most PDJT supporters KNOW McConnell is complicit, but we PRETEND Republicons are “the Party of stupid”, or “play by marquis of queensbury rules”, which is pretending the Emperor has clothes on.

        WE KNOW.

        EXPOSE McConnell and Co.’s involvement, he is discredited.
        Once discredited, he loses the Power to effect Public Opinion and Public Policy.

        And THATS what Power IS.

        KNOWING that he played a key role in muh russia, mueller and all the rest, INCLUDING the persecution of Flynn, Stone and PDJT, would YOU vote for his reelection, if you lived in Kentucky?

        What, “just cause he brings home the bacon”?

        What, “but OUR Senator is MAJORITY leader, we don’t want to give THAT up!”

        Hello, he tried to drive PDJT from office!

        Who CARES about that little stuff?

        “I don’t care any moooore!”

        Oh, McConnell and Graham were the ones whispering in PDJT’S ear,…methinks.

        Buck up, the best is yet to come!

        Both barrels, Sundance,….
        BOTH Barrels!

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        • wolvybat says:

          Thank SD first always , And thank you Dutchman for showing me the clear picture in so many fewer words so that my fewer neurons can collide together into a coherent fusion !

          not to be confused with ” fusion gps” ughhh spit , puke etc.

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    • Heika says:

      Oh that would be because ‘reality’ (umm Truth) is what Sundance represents. Barr, Hannity? They are part of the game (the ‘Netflix show’).

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  17. USA Citizen says:

    Watch NEWSMAX on TV or your Smart Phone free. This network is much better than the FAKE NEWS LIES LIKE MSNBC, CNN, CBS, NBC, and ABC. This Network (NEWSMAX) will tell you the truth and things that nobody reports. It’s the most interesting network there is. It’s very informative and no FAKE NEWS. Please vote for President Trump on November 3, 2020.

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  18. WSB says:

    Lou Dobbs just made the announcement now. Introduces citing CTH.

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  19. Mary Fitzgerald says:

    “Expect no help from the Senate; they were participants. Today’s released obfuscation and nonsense from the SSCI is evidence in that regard. The entire upper chamber is compromised; they know it, I know it, and a large part of the American electorate know it.”
    Truer words were never spoken. Witness the pathetic heavily redacted report put out by Rubio’s committee which tries to stoke the Russia hoax instead of revealing the depth of the coup.

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    • hawkins6 says:

      Today, Rubio in a FNC video on POTUS’s Twitter site, referred to everything the FBI did against Trump as “very troubling mistakes” including the fraudulent FISA’s. Outrageous sell out language.

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  20. DesertRain says:

    At the Yuma Rally, In The Air has played twice in the last 30mins. Just now the song played right before the speakers began… so that song was last one heard by all …

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  21. Murphys says:

    We need the names so we can follow up with each person who rec’d the info, and sat on it; or – worse: who spun it to bury it or marginalize it.
    And we need to do it very soon as I imagine they sit and come up with an all on the same page debunking / re-packaging very soon

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  22. Perot Conservative says:

    Sundance has a passion for investigation & detail.

    These ‘investigators’ may be clock watchers, bureaucrats, slow walkers, Democrats, TDS enabled, on Facebook or watching porn, spouses often also working for the Feds, also Democrats, constantly thinking of their GS level & pension. And some likely part of the Resistance.

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  23. Paul says:

    Dobbs just reported on Assange/Wikileaks/Deepstate kill of proof Russia didn’t hack. Credited CTH. Now has Solomon on discussing with Dobbs. Way to go Sundance!

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    • zadatn says:

      London needs to be investigated too… Halper, Neil Ferguson, Dearlove. Pompeo over there sucking up to the very same people who tried to take down Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if this Virus was released by London. This is a global coup.

      Here are the players on the Dossier. That Baumgartner guy with Fusion even tweeted that it was a coup.

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    • Dale Wenger says:

      Can you post the Lou Dobbs piece?


    • 63bdc says:

      I guess I should have been watching Lou on TV instead of listening to Trump’s Yuma rally on line.

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    • YO says:

      Yes but they did not out the prosecutor.


    • Dutchman says:

      There are TWO key aspects our enemirs have defended against exposure;
      A) That Russia didn’t hack the DNC and DCC servers.
      MAINTAINING that has been ezsetial for them, for obvious reasons, as it sets up the Justification defence.

      B) That Republicons in Leadership in Congress have been involved, from the beginning.

      So long as they could conceal those two aspects, all else, they felt, could be slow walk released.

      Destroy those two firewalls, and its a mortal blow to the enemy.

      So, one down, one to go!

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        The most interesting thing that I got out of Millenial
        Millie’s Shadowgate video was Tore’s statement about

        Basically, she said that anytime a “hack” occurred,
        it was him or his minions. She even went so far as saying
        that “hacks” were his M.O.

        So if he wanted to stir something up, plant circumstantial
        evidence, frame someone, a hack would occur.

        “The good guys” were the ones getting hacked. Unless
        they were Republican. When the Republicans would get
        hacked it was to show that they were up to no good.
        Planting of collusion. When it was the dems, it always
        traced back to Russia.

        What wasn’t said was that Hillary had already seeded
        the clouds on that issue by talking about Putin and Russia’s
        interference. She played the prosecuting attorney side
        by doing so. The crowdstrike hack discoveries were the
        “evidence” that was admitted into testimony.

        Disclosure: I was in a lengthy trial awhile back. Won’t
        say what over, but it was a loo loo. Found out a lot
        about how evidence is put into play as admissable .
        The listed document or item is shown, the number is
        read off, and then the defense or prosecution argues
        why or why not it’s pertinent to the case being presented.
        The judge has the final arbitration, after hearing
        arguements from both sides.

        The role of the judge in all of this has been usurped
        by the media.

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      • steph_gray says:

        Lou already has been laying the groundwork for complicity of the Senate Rs. He was zeroing in on McConnell tonight the way he did Paul Ryan when that jerk was in power.


        • Dutchman says:

          Yes, Lou has been one of the LONE Voices, for some time calling out Mitch and Linsey, in no uncertain terms.
          Even Devin never takes the bait, and won’t say anything Negative about Mitch and Senate Republicons.

          MITCH has long been recognised as the most feared man in D.C. He can destroy your life, with one phone call.

          DOBBS calls him out, but nobody else.

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  24. California Joe says:

    I have worked side by side with dozens of federal prosectors over the years in mostly very complicated and sophisticated white collar criminal investigations both pre-indictment and through the trial. I have never seen a single Assistant US Attorney who wasn’t 1000% knowledgeable about every single detail of the evidence, the crimes or the criminals. This is complete bullsh*t!

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    • III% says:

      Did you ever know one that wanted to let a case just “go away” because it was a bigger hill than they wanted to tackle? Do a little wheeling and dealing on some pleas to make it “look good”, leaved the really nasty stuff behind, and pretend like it was “a matter of being able to prove it”?

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    • furtive says:

      That’s why they leave public service…


    • zephyrbreeze says:

      That’s what I’ve heard from others too. They know every line in every document.

      So if the document came originated with the DOJ, do you think someone withheld it from the Durham probe? How could a bunch of key documents from the same organization not make into into the hands of the lead investigators?

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      • sangerweed says:

        “1000% knowledgeable about every single detail of the evidence, the crimes or the criminals.”

        “They know every line in every document.”

        Funny, that is not what people like Rosenstein, Comey and Yates said when testifying about their signature on FISAs.

        Again, these people in the “just-us” department are either blithering idiots or crooks. My vote is both.

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      • California Joe says:*t Durham put a Female Democrat lawyer in charge of the investigation and she was the Connecticut Attorney General complete with her lawsuits against gun manufacturers and energy companies. What did he think she was going to do?.

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      • Ray Runge says:

        Maybe Christopher Wray and his brood?


    • Pew-Anon says:

      I’m not sure I agree with the whole “silo’d” theory either, given that no such phenomenon was observable in the Mueller probe. Rather than a silo’d Durham investigation, I am more inclined to think it is merely a case, as SD often observes, of “pretending not to know certain things”.

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    • cboldt says:

      Is that you, Hannity?
      What you say is true in run of the mill case, but not government in revolt case, not in banana republic political case, not in whitewash case.
      If small town Podunk can have corrupt justice, so can big-city and federal government.


  25. Richie says:

    If anything, maybe this will lead to thousands of us who read CTH to coordinate rotating meetings of protest at pre arraigned locations (Rod Rosensteins house) Dont worry, Protesters are immune form getting the flu.

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  26. shevee says:

    I’m sure this was already posted, but just in case …

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  27. Anacapri says:

    Lou Dobbs interview John Solomon today’s show re: Julian Assange
    Lou Dobbs credits CTH mentions Assange post

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  28. jello333 says:

    My take:

    Each investigator/team is locked in their own private compartment. They’ve got the info they’re collected on their own, and that’s about it. All they’ve got is a handful of unconnected puzzle pieces. There are many such teams, each with their own puzzle pieces that are entirely different from the pieces other teams have collected. In fact, they probably don’t even know exactly how many other teams there are, or how many pieces any of them have. Nobody knows if all the pieces have yet been collected, or even how many pieces the finished puzzle will have.

    Enter Sundance. He goes to one investigator/team and borrows their puzzle pieces. Then to the next team and borrows theirs. Then the next, and so on until he’s got them all. But there are still a few pieces missing… fortunately those are pieces that Sundance himself had all along. And once ALL the pieces are in hand, he goes back to the individual teams, dumps the whole mess in front of them, and says “Here, NOW put it together.”


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    • D Coverdale says:

      How? How could SD get that info from them?


      • nimrodman says:


        Government investigative teams routinely hand over their investigative information they’ve assembled to “a guy from Florida”?

        … in what world?

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        • Maybe it’s more about what they’re not investigating. “We’re not looking into that,” could be the response. Perhaps SD figures it out by process of elimination?


        • If Then says:

          Open source documents, nimrod.

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          • nimrodman says:

            thanks all the same, Then, but that’s kind of a trite response

            Jello’s scenario implies actual meetings and information exchanges:

            “He goes to one investigator/team and borrows their puzzle pieces. Then to the next team and borrows theirs. Then the next, …”

            Jello didn’t say “He reads news sites and finds stuff online …”


            • If Then says:

              The wording that Jello used may be misleading. But, news sites? No. Government documents, court filings, etc – available to the public.

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              • If Then says:

                Correction: not JUST news sites, not PRIMARILY new sites.

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                • nimrodman says:

                  thx for the further explanations

                  yes, I took Jello literally
                  words have meanings, I usually choose them carefully and presume others do as well

                  I presumed Jello meant literally “He goes to one investigator/team …”
                  Meaning – you know – “He went” … “to the team”

                  If the intended meaning was “He gathers documents compiled by one investigator/team …”
                  then I had no way of discerning that from the printed word

                  Perhaps i could have caught on if there was an introductory disclaimer “Here, I’ll spin you an allegory of how I think it might have gone …”

                  ps – I’ve seen Sundance’s later post citing Jello’s comment, you probably have by now as well

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                • If Then says:

                  Understandable if you haven’t been reading every Sundance article … for a few years. Yes, I read it before I responded to you.


      • If Then says:

        He’s said it numerous times: open source documents – accessible to the public.

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      • ncedgar says:

        Does Deep Throat live?


    • Pew-Anon says:

      Too bad the Mueller probe had no such impediment.


    • oldersoul says:

      In government, process dictates. Process rules all. For most of government, process is their raison d’etre. Most all of the federal government army of workers is intentionally disciplined to the strict process of their department, agency or other organization. Acting outside the process results in swift punishment. But it also allows them the concealment, the shelter, from performance and results as is demanded by the private sector.

      It is almost a sort of penal culture. Everyone is safely imprisoned in their apparatus.

      Separation of Powers in that town, and the never ending turf wars among the sibling departments, furthers that fear to never venture past the established boundaries. Collaboration among rivals is almost a form of domestic MAD strategy; they all have dirt on each other. In that sense, they are all in on it in a broader sense.

      And that is the fencing used to maintain the compartments. Even executives at the highest levels are circumspect to look too far outside the established limits of their domain.

      And that is how bad actors can exploit the system.

      At the elected official levels, different fencing and methods of compliance are employed.

      To get a 30,000 foot view, especially where political elements are involved, as Sundance is presenting, requires jumping high over the fencing to see and connect the totality. Few officials are willing to do that. Even fewer still are able to do so. It used to be the job of the Fourth Estate. But that has been thoroughly corrupted and compromised into passive co-conspiracy over the years.

      To a large extent, Sundance is doing their old job now. Hopefully, with a cadre of equally committed and fearless media partners.

      And if the intended audience refuses to see the totality, the blinding light of public disclosure and knowledge is a very persuasive tool. Scandal and public revelation is still kryptonite to bureaucrats, politicians and operatives of all types.

      Sundance has chosen a very wise strategy. It is now or never in any event, as I believe we have reached a Waterloo point with our broader adversaries in recovering the Republic.

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      • rebate456 says:

        Wow – beautiful writing and easy to grab hold of. Thank you! You are right about process. I recognized it immediately because I come from 20 years of gov’t, only at the local level. We did not have the high opaque fences because we all did everything, but at a larger Silicon Valley city where I later worked you could see the attempts to create them. Woe unto you if you stepped in someone else’s territory. One big difference between local and feds tho’ was that the citizens could walk right in and yell at you right to your face, so bad behavior was stopped quickly It is the citizenry that keeps the locals honest, not the press.

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      • j'accuse says:

        I think the American people are behind protecting the republic but they have been fed outright propaganda by the MSM. I certainly couldn’t have predicted in 2016 that nearly every major traditional news outlet would synchronize with false reporting (by cherry picking, use of anonymous sources, fake experts and use of hearsay on hearsay quotes) and employ media propaganda tactics straight out of a 1930s Soviet training manual.

        A large part of the Reagan revolution was to stop the growth of big government because of the founders’ warning that power inevitably corrupts and results in tyranny. Reagan didn’t succeed in reducing bureaucracy by much but did in the movement toward privatizing certain govt functions which can be performed more efficiently in the private sector. But the federal govt has become like the ever expanding universe. Democrats regard it as a job’s program and a major source of power such that they now aggressively oppose any attempts to cut a single job from the leviathan. With the efficiencies and capabilities of IT alone, we should be able to cut the size of govt in half. We should also decentralize and regionalize the bureaucracy and transfer power away from Wash DC. There is little justification anymore for all agencies to be clustered in DC. It only breeds more corruption.

        The framers warned us and as usual, their warnings have proved true and we ignored them. Obama was able to hire enough ideologues to corrupt the DOJ by setting up fiefdoms of power within the department and many of them are still there with their phony notions that they can ‘resist’ laws that don’t jibe with their dogmatic worldview.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Missy says:

          See It’s time. Smaller districts, House reps office from home, traveling infrequently to DC; Senate offices from state capitals, lobbyists have little access; constituents have local access to their rep, smaller staff, greater accountability.

          Amendment is already ratified by several states. This is the time. We will either change or be changes.


    • wolvybat says:

      make that 15 likes ! Amen Jello & SD ! Godbless Keep SAFE ! Love from all of us I presume.


      • I won't back down says:

        Holy crap!

        Well done Jello, your own little post in response.

        I am looking now for the apologies from anyone who gave you crap.

        This is about the most fun I’ve had on CTH in 3 years


    • James Wolffe says:

      I just hope he starts his presentation with a short synopsis of his findings and conclusions. That way they’ll know why they are reading all the details where the evidence will lead them. Time is always of the essence.


  29. DesertRain says:

    Call out John Solomon… what specific material has Assange received but not presented?

    Liked by 1 person

  30. Bogeyfree says:


    Based on this meeting what is your confidence level (0%-100%) that there will be indictments before Nov 3?

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Nigella says:

    I wonder why they wanted another 24 hours?

    Liked by 2 people

  32. furtive says:


    Liked by 3 people

  33. DoggyDaddy says:

    One of the great speeches in our history unfortunately does not get the attention it should. On August 1, 1776 (the day before the Declaration of Independence was actually signed), Sam Adams stood at the State House in Philadelphia and delivered a speech on American Independence. To those who did not want to stand for liberty Adams said,
    “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude than the animating contest of freedom—go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” (Sounds like today’s Congress and government bureaucracies at all levels.)

    And for those who would stand for liberty (Sundance and all Treepers), Adams concluded his speech with these words,
    “Your adversaries are composed of wretches who laugh at the rights of humanity, who turn religion into derision, and would, for higher wages, direct their swords against their leaders or their country. Go on, then, in your generous enterprise, with gratitude to heaven, for past success, and confidence of it in the future. For my own part, I ask no greater blessing than to share with you the common danger and common glory. If I have a wish dearer to my soul…it is—that these American States may never cease to be free and independent!”
    God speed to all who stand for liberty!

    Liked by 5 people

    • III% says:

      While I do admire the man,and that speech in particular, I’m not so willing as he was to let those that would put us in chains “go from us in peace”. Letting those types go in peace means that it will be only the sooner that, once again, Americans will have to fight off this type of ideology.

      Liked by 1 person

      • timetostandandfight says:

        Not at all what he said. He said those who do not mind living UNDER tyranny that he hopes their chains hang lightly on them. The same he told go in peace, we do not want you as countrymen go live like the paltry dogs that you are. Those who would bind us are warned that we will run them through just the same as they would us.
        You need better reading comprehension and more History lessons. In my opinion anyway.

        Liked by 1 person

      • jessetmims says:

        @ III%… Re “I’m not so willing as he was to let those that would put us in chains “go from us in peace”. Letting those types go in peace means that it will be only the sooner that, once again, Americans will have to fight off this type of ideology.”

        I agree. The Founders should never have allowed those who remained loyal to King George throughout the Revolution to continue living in America. They should have been hanged or sent back to whatever country they came here from.

        As I have often said, I believe that many of today’s Democrats/liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Communists (they’re all the same today) are most likely direct ancestors of those King George loyalists.

        Liked by 1 person

    • A Very Great Man along with the others who came up with the Constitution of the United States of America…American History Lesson being taught right here on CTH…

      Much Appreciated!!!


  34. Papoose2007 says:

    Tweet this
    President Trump has declared it several times: “We caught ’em! We caught ’em all…Yes, it amounts to Treason…”

    I tend to believe him.

    Thanks to the Rag Tag Bunch of Conservative Misfits. One and All.

    Liked by 5 people

  35. icthematrix says:

    As this is unfolding, with their compartmentalizations of evidentiary silos, it is clear this was both by structure and by design. The swamp is filled with lawyers. Their JOB is to create legal loopholes when desired, or legal pits and dead ends as needed.

    Despite this, Sundance is doing what Julian Assange has not yet been able to do; used the evidence laid bare to bring truth to the coup. Barr and Durham can slow pedal this easily enough, well past the election. BUT, they cannot hide it.

    My hope now is that this brings pressure to them for further indictments (limited yes, but leading to increased pressure on them to turn evidence that helps peg the cabal leaders). What this also does is force Barr to examine and address the sunlit facts whenever he issues his “summary” on the actions of the deep state against the President. Remember, he promised such a “report” before the elections as “the American people need to know“.

    Now Sundance has educated Barr on exactly WHAT IS KNOWN AND WHAT NEEDS TO BE TOLD.

    Liked by 4 people

  36. Patriot1783 says:

    Yaaaaa 122’ in Yuma, AZ

    Do you think Biden could handle this??

    Liked by 2 people

  37. margarite1 says:

    What is the name of the real investigator behind Durham? Are we supposed to learn this today and if not when? Or did I miss it?


  38. mazziflol says:

    Is this the “cohesion between the party’s old guard and young “ the democrats are highlighting?


  39. zephyrbreeze says:

    Pres. Trump speaking Now.

    Liked by 4 people

  40. Bogeyfree says:

    So who is the real investigator?

    Is that still being exposed and what if anything is the real investigator focused on??

    Is Durham’s Investigation still a head fake or just an incompetent investigation?

    I truly appreciate what Sundance has put together and done here today but it raises so many new question.

    I wonder if he would consider a Q&A thread and Sundance picks the questions he wants to and can answer?

    Liked by 1 person

    • D Coverdale says:

      Yeah, the shadow investigator SD says exists would be really telling……
      Can Trump do that? Can he appoint his own investigator to oversee the entirety of the investigation and report to him?

      Liked by 1 person

      • DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

        According to the Constitution … the president IS the executive branch of government. There is NO executive branch outside of his person.

        All of those bureaus, all of those departments are extensions of his person. The president … Trump or otherwise … can perform, or order to be performed, any lawful function of the executive branch … which is HIM.

        Liked by 2 people

      • ziegler von strahn says:

        in a word yes.
        Who appoints the director of the FBI? The president.
        Who appoints the Attorney General? The president.
        Who is explicitly called the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the United States? The President.

        Would everyone in D.C. not sitting in the oval office scream bloody hell over it?

        Liked by 3 people

        • President Thomas Jefferson demanded an investigation into a political opponent – Aaron Burr, for treason.

          Ultimately, the President has power to protect the Federal Government from enemies foreign and domestic. Exposing and preventing a coupe de tat, certainly rises to that occasion.

          I would even argue, Trump has an obligation of his oath, to prevent a coup de tat and enforce law & order on those that have.

          And I believe Trump believes this too… but knows that it’s the ultimate last bullet to ever be used. It’s a last resort because its so controversial.

          Knowing what we know about Trump… he will fight. He will no relent to crooks. He will fire that metaphorical bullet, if he has to.

          Liked by 4 people

    • HoosierDaddy says:

      William Aldenberg

      Liked by 1 person

  41. calbear84 says:

    Now I have the “can’t like” disease.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Papoose2007 says:

    Apparently, he doesn’t need them to say it.. He said it. And, I believe him. He Knows.

    They’re All in it together. The swamp is mucky for a reason. That doesn’t make President Trump a fool.

    Liked by 2 people

  43. Speculation from Sundance activity today on Twitter.

    He has met with Rudy Giuliani recently, hence his tweeting photos of Rudy today

    Notice the picture of Barr playing what looks like bagpipes and Rudy looking down in that direction with an “I don’t what the hell Barr is doing” look.

    B/c of meeting with Giuliani, Rudy now has the packaged evidence from Sundance – hence Rudy’s tweet today

    Again… this is all my own speculation just based on two cryptic tweets

    Liked by 8 people

    • D Coverdale says:

      Someone explain how Trump can inject Rudi into this fustercluck of a non investigation if he isn’t already and get this indictment-arrest show on the road.


      • Right Wing Gal says:

        That is where the frustration on this thread is coming from. It’s not directed at Sundance, it’s directed at the fact that we feel like we were built up just to be let down, yet again. We already knew the Swamp would protect itself, but we were led to believe that maybe, just maybe they would be forced to do their jobs just this once.

        We’re 11 weeks from the election and still NO INDICTMENTS. It’s pretty clear there won’t be any before the election and while I adore Sundance for his bravery and tirelessness on this issue, it’s pretty clear everything will be swept under the rug under the guise of “ignorance” of those supposedly in control of the “investigation.” The frustration is not directed at Sundance, it’s at the fact that only us peons seem to ever face justice.


        • steph_gray says:

          I am not at all frustrated. Looks to me that sundance is doing exactly what he set out to do.

          Not everyone here actually listened to what that was, evidently.


    • David DeAtkine says:



      • Dutchman says:

        Wow, like a bunch of children “are we THERE yet?”
        Sundance has shared with inveztigators, to give them first option.

        Apperently bupkas, but now “they know WE KNOW”.

        He has now shared, and released media from agreement, so THEY are being given a chance.

        Lets wait to see what THEY do.
        WILL they name the investigator?
        WILL they ask inveztigator “Exactly WTF have YOU been DOING, for the last year????!!!”

        Stay tuned, …..same Sundance time, same Sundance channel!

        There is obviously more to come.


        Liked by 2 people

    • 4sure says:

      Maybe Rudy is going to reveal that Biden is mentally ill. as we all know. Title of book ?


  44. Are we close to the print and share directive? As I recall we will soon be called upon to do so!

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Perot Conservative says:

    So are all these people a head fake? I thought THE RULE OF LAW & JUSTICE would Trump “process”. My naivete.

    1. John Durham (CT) / SpyGate
    2. John Bash (West Tx) / Unmasking
    3. Jeff Jensen** (StL M NKO) / Gen Flynn
    4. Scott Brady (Pittsburgh) / Ukraine
    5. Nora Dannehy** (CT) / Lead Prosecuting Attorney?
    6. Anthony Scarpelli** (DC) / Chief of Violent Crime; RICO & International experience.
    i. Holds Top Secret and SCI clearance.
    ii. Commands 23 senior attorneys and 20 investigators.

    Additional attorneys
    7. Richard Donoghue (EDNY)
    8. Tim O’Shea (DC, formerly Eastern District of Virginia)
    9.-10. Jeff Rosen attorneys
    11. Audrey Strauss (SDNY); Leakers?

    12. Neeraj Patel (CT)
    13. Andrew DeFilippis (Manhattan), high-profile terrorism cases

    Former FBI Veterans
    1. Timothy Fuhrman (Alabama) (Had been retired.)
    2. Jack Eckenrode – praised James Comey


    • Nope, they just work in silos. And Durham doesn’t necessarily do what you would consider ‘SpyGate’, it’s likely a bit more limited than that.

      The second issue is what do they know already?
      If SD’s example is correct, and the Durham team doesn’t realize that the July 2018 letter of the FBI to the FISC contains clear & material lies, then they still have a lot to learn. I can’t imagine anyone investigating this for 2 years and not realizing that by now.


  46. Puzzled says:

    So the Clinesmith plea deal for a slap on the wrist isn’t associated with any cooperation agreement. They just took one piece of low hanging fruit, that a 10 year old could have done faster and charged much more seriously. Yikes they are clueless. The Deep state is having a party.

    Liked by 2 people

  47. Recovering Economist says:

    Rock & Roll, Lock & Load! We need to burn it down if necessary, and my view is the corruption is deep, particularly at the DOJ & FBI. It’s tiresome to hear the canard the 99% are great people. No doubt there are some great people, but where have they been for the last 4-6 years? To quote @EmeraldRobinson:

    Current score on Spygate:

    No charges: Obama, Biden, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Strozk, Page, Ohr, Pientka, Priestap.

    Plea deal: Clinesmith

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pokey says:

      Never forget Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, and Samantha Powers. And don’t forget the evildoer in chief Hillary Clinton with her side kick, Bill. Seems like the list is pretty much endless, So here goes my take:

      No charges: Obama and all of his personal appointees. All who were US Senators during Obama’s administration, all who held leadership positions in the House of Representatives during Obama’s administration, thousands of Washington DC bureaucraps doing it for The One, Every one of the media people who do whatever they are told by their respective ownership groups, all of our educators who push the collectivist claptrap into our children’s minds, and the dogs owned by every last one of them.

      Plea deal: Clinesmith

      People who give a damn: The few remaining Americans who have not been censored or cancelled online.

      What to do about it: DONALD J TRUMP, 2020!


  48. MACAULAY says:

    Well, Sundance has just posted this on his Twitter:

    “Despite this coming from FISC to AG Barr and into Senate Judiciary Committee; Durham team unaware of the letter dated July 12, 2018.”

    I can’t figure out whether to I am most Stunned or Disgusted.

    Thank you so much Sundance. Please think about it for a while and then tell us how to keep on the fight. You should of course write a book, and I will buy several. Perhaps you can identify one or two people —still in Government—who have behaved most malevolently in this affair, and we can go to work on every legal way to make them regret it.

    Sad day, but got to keep fighting, somehow.

    Liked by 1 person

  49. kleen says:

    Something is not making sense.
    Sundance is saying is all compartmentalized. Got it!
    So, Huber, Horowitz, Durham, Barr, everyone knows that. DC knows that.
    Yet some of them go on TV to tell us they are investigating it. They never say: We are investigating however, don’t expect anything since its’ all compartmentalized and we have no access to everything we need to have… So we may not find anything.

    What I’m trying to say is that, they know, and their investigation are always a scam. But they keep us hanging so they can run the clock.

    What doesn’t make sense is, why aren’t the good guys saying that? Bongino, Fittom, Lou Dobbs?

    They have to know. Hannity has to know. If they don’t know… how does SD knows? It can’t be impossible.

    People on our side are all hopeful and tick tocs… The crooks walk around smiling and making tons of money. Not a care in the world because they know.


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