Sunday Talks: Senator Ron Johnson – What Did Obama Know?

When ODNI James Clapper walked into the oval office on January 4, 2017, with “tech cuts” (transcript excerpts) from the Flynn/Kislyak phone call, essentially Clapper infected the White House with a paper record that the Obama administration was aware of the FBI investigating the incoming administration.  Re-creating plausible deniability was the primary motive behind the January 5th meeting and the subsequent Susan Rice memo.


Why is it important to understand the duality of purpose for the appointment of the special counsel run by the figure-head (in name only) of Robert Mueller?…

…Because from the outset the seventeen Lawfare lawyers who formed the resistance unit operation took control over the DOJ.

That was a large purpose of their installation. The Mueller resistance unit controlled everything, including every impediment to congress.

Despite the fact they should have been aware of this, many individual Senators and congressional representatives now claim they had no idea of this purpose. Setting aside their willful blindness; all that stuff is in the rear-view and only leads to anger in a debate that needs to look forward; the issue now becomes putting indisputable evidence, an actionable trigger, in front of them and forcing public confrontation. Action. Nothing else matters; drive action.

At the same time, USAO John Durham [and S.P. XXXXX ] are facing ‘irrefutable’ evidence that holds two purposes: (1) undeniable evidence of a very specific cover-up operation that came, purposefully, from the agenda of the resistance unit to throw a blanket over the most serious abuse of power in modern history; and (2) evidence that ‘we the people’ know.

It might seem odd at first, but knowledge that we know, and possess the evidence to prove beyond doubt, is an insurance policy in the quest for truth and justice. This includes evidence that cannot be ignored even if they disappear the delivery mechanism. The truth has no agenda, and in this case the truth is a weapon.

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153 Responses to Sunday Talks: Senator Ron Johnson – What Did Obama Know?

  1. The Devilbat says:

    Why not just go into those agencies who are anti Trump and fire every last SOB in a high position?


    • Hans says:

      Obama made thousands of the positions SES…
      they cannot be fired without due process.. that is a final “present” that Obama did just before leaving office.

      That’s also why they can tumb up their nose..

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      • rpcoastie says:

        Even SES can be easily fired forcing them to sue in federal court to get their job back which takes years and cost a $100,000. Alternatively, SES are easily transferred anywhere in the 50 states and to other agencies. Transfer them and they’ll quit!

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        • republicanvet91 says:

          Absolutely. There have been a couple of articles of transferring the HQ of the BLM from DC to western Colorado. The first I read discussed the the number of DC BLM employees whining about having to move to the sticks. The second article I read on it, there were a high number who quit.
          I haven’t seen much publicly or widely reported since then.

          Want to thin these agencies? Start moving their HQ’s out of DC.

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          • nimrodman says:

            Grand Junction’s not a real cosmopolitan and swingin’ place

            Of course, you can still get to the ski slopes from that side of the mountains as well as the other side, so there’s that


            • Charlie says:

              Colorado is suffering from Cali flight don’t transfer them from DC too.
              How about Alaska? LOTS of space for them to build, breath fresh air
              maybe see a little wild life. Give the wildlife a little something to chase.
              All happy thoughts.

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            • republicanvet91 says:

              Well then the cosmopolitan and swingin people of BLM DC should finally see what freedom looks like. If they don’t quit. I don’t really care.


        • jinmichigan says:

          Transfer them all to the newly formed Government Office of Busy Work in Nome, Alaska. Have them dig 6 foot deep holes through the permafrost and see how newspapers must be aligned to fit the greatest number in said hole. We will need a statistically significant number of test holes. Say 50k. Tools available: A rusty shovel with no point. Time limit: 2 days so that the permafrost doesnt melt causing global catastrophe.

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          • Skidroe says:

            I did not come up with it but I love the idea of putting “WE KNOW” on all of our mask. A 5 million Person march on DC all yelling “WE KNOW”. By the way I have called my Congress people and senators and told them “ WE KNOW”.Also we need to start a graffiti team writing” WE KNOW” all over America. As promised I hung my American flag proudly. Please don’t set back, do your part NOW! Waiting on my orders from THE GREAT SUNDANCE!

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      • tax2much says:

        Well they can all be shipped to Adak, Alaska where they can sit until retirement.

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      • WSB says:

        Criminal charges may be the exception.

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      • judah426 says:

        What is an SES government employee? Please forgive my ignorance on that matter.


        • BWTraveler says:

          The Senior Executive Service (SES) is comprised of the men and women charged with leading the continuing transformation of government. These leaders possess well-honed executive skills and share a broad perspective of government and a public service commitment which is grounded in the Constitution. The SES was designed to be a corps of executives selected for their leadership qualifications, not their technical expertise. It is the keystone of the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978.

          SES can be/are moved from agency to agency, in top level management positions for oversight of government agencies – But not over the security agencies, but this info has been deleted from their page I think.
          There was information on the Wayback Machine a week ago but I can’t find it now. A search on the Gibiru Search engine however will turn up more reading material for you.

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      • Jederman says:

        “Obama made thousands of the positions SES…”

        “Restructure” and eliminate those positions. We are down to a battle of wills. The Left will never quit until they’re stopped. Given the fact that they are avowed commies/socialists… and all things anti-American and anti western culture there can be no coexistence.

        The old paradigm of the dem and rep party is kaput. The dems no longer embrace our governing system or our culture. It shouldn’t have come to this but it has and it’s now us or them.


    • Louis Genevie says:

      Right. Trump should have fired all Obama leftovers on Day 1 of his presidency, or shipped them off to Northern Alaska.


  2. The Devilbat says:

    Why not go into every anti Trump agency and fire every single high level person there?


    • jelly34 says:

      Probably THE man to ask why nothing is EVER done about anything,would be good old Mitch.He knows where all the bodies are buried.


  3. TreeClimber says:

    SP XXXXX, huh?

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    • aussiedicko says:

      SP=Special prosecutor?
      Only guessing. But wouldn’t that be a shock.

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      • TreeClimber says:

        I’m certain of it. Saw that little tidbit and sat up ramrod straight. No wonder Sundance is hopeful…

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      • Tl Howard says:

        When an AG appoints a special prosecutor, doesn’t that have to be made public?

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      • olddog35 says:

        A special counsel investigates allegations to determine if there has been a crime. [ Mueller]
        A special prosecutor can only investigate actual crimes. [ S.P. XXXXX ]

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        • dcnnc says:

          Special prosecutor is appointed by AG to Investigate a federal official and is an attorney from outside the Government. Important note…..

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          • hocuspocus13 says:

            Does anyone have the COURAGE to indict Obama?

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            • grumpyqs says:

              I sure hope so because Lt Gen Flynn has been thru a 4 year living hell for some good reason, like being a witness against Obama, hence, the importance of him NOT being convicted of perjury! America NEEDS to go thru this revelation!

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            • Right to reply says:

              They may not indict Obama, but I will spend my last penny on this earth donating to Flynn to sue Obama. In such a setting more info/docs would be released.


            • DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

              If we’re looking for a man of immense courage, I suggest we call on Fightin’ Roy Blunt. I get exhausted just watching Fightin’ Roy out there battling for truth, justice, and the American way. We’re so lucky to have Fightin’ Roy in the Senate leadership . . . as well as his colleagues Bulldog John Thune, Battlin’ John Cornyn, and Mad Dog Mike Enzi. Mitch McConnell really knows how to spot and develop courageous lieutenants.


    • flapjackEd says:

      WP won’t let me “like” this, but I LIKE it.


  4. OW21 says:

    AdRem – Just FYI – the articles and comments are probably not getting the likes and replies that they normally would. I am unable to “like” anything and only about 50% of my posts or replies are making it through. I know you talked about this problem the other day, but just thought you would want to know it is still happening….

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  5. OW21 says:

    What’s SES?

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  6. Raptors2020 says:

    # 2 – evidence that we the people know..

    James Comey went on MSNBC, with Nicole Wallace, and bragged about how easy it was to frame General Michael Flynn. The studio audience laughed.

    A leftist’s sense of decency and fair play is a mighty tiny target; in their value system, if you’re not a leftist, you must be a bad person who deserves punishment. The latest iteration is coming from BLM – all non-leftists are racists.

    Making leftists/Democrats aware of all the malfeasance in the Obama administration and waiting for the outrage to well up, is waiting for Godot. They exist on purely Manichean (good guy/bad guy) terms. We made them aware that Hillary had taken $millions in bribes: they didn’t care.

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    • trialbytruth says:

      True but that’s not our audience. Talking to Satan will entertain him. The possessed have very little hope. The affected however, the frightened, the lost,.the confused those are our targets. If they push back hard move on if the question your knowledge show them knowledge.

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      • jelly34 says:

        Probably THE man to ask why nothing is EVER done about anything,would be good old Mitch.He knows where all the bodies are buried.c


    • littlebird160 says:

      They’re aware. Libs/leftists/progs/etc. must pretend not to know things. The most recent example was Jerold Nadler stating that there were no violent protests in Portland, OR. Just as Baghdad Bob denied the presence of U.S. forces in Baghdad.

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    • Dedmanawake says:

      Democrat Verse 1:1 Do what thy will shall be
      be the whole law.
      1:2 The end justifies the
      1:3. By any means necessary.


      • The surprising thing for me was how easily our ‘national pastime’ of baseball could be corrupted so easily. At a time when public participation of going to games has been stopped , these cowardly millionaire owners have bent over 180 degrees. MLB = BLM !


        • 1nikao says:

          And I see people conti ue to put their lives in hold to watch every stupid professional sports game. It’s simply an addiction to a pastime that gives no mind to any of its fans.
          I will NEVER watch another professional sport. NEVER.
          Kneeling for the national anthem is pjssing on our national identity.
          All who kneel are anathema.


  7. Unsk says:

    It is patently absurd that Obama and Biden are not called before the Senate in open session under oath to explain the January 5th 2017 meeting and to answer the damning questions about how they tried to spy on and intimidate the incoming Trump Administration.

    I am actually glad that the stimulus bill failed. Millions of Americans need to feel the pain of no stimulus checks because that is what a Biden Administration will look like when they have no job in the future. A dose of reality may do wonders for understanding what really is going on.

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    • trialbytruth says:

      I seem to remember political drama in the energy crunch unemployment extension… A week without a check put alot of people back to work when it was restated those still not working for there money. I am working from 45!year old memory but it seems like it happened a couple times.

      Any one else remember the energy crisis and the ever shifting job categories that qualified for spe ial bennifits.??

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    • WSB says:

      obama and Biden should only need to be called before the [S.P.XXXXX].

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      It is patently absurd that Obama and Biden are not called before the Senate in open session under oath to explain the January 5th 2017 meeting

      To do what you suggest would end up patently absu…



      • 55praises says:

        I agree with you; a Congressional hearing would be a waste of time and blood pressure medicine. Rather Grand Juries and trials with common everyday citizens chosen from the entire U.S. as jurors, because the crimes committed were against us all!


    • gebridgett says:

      I want my stimulus check NOW!!! /sarc

      Unsk, I’m with you. I’m pleased It failed, because I don’t need it but I know someone who could benefit from a $1,200 donation.

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  8. MightyMustardSeed says:

    Sundance has the spirit of Caleb. God tells us that Caleb had a different spirit, than the 10 who went with him to make ground reports for taking the land.

    Caleb CORRECTLY saw the opportunities because he had the spirit of optimism, and remembered the purpose of GOD. By Caleb’s spirit, he obtained the help of God. Numbers 14:24

    We must come with a strong vision of optimism to pierce and reject the lies that have fallen over us. We must not have a mind set of fear, and projection of darkness. WE MUST shake off the slave mentality.

    We must resolve to have an unwavering vision of what America is, and of her promise and greatness. Ten out of twelve came back with a bad report. The ten INCORRECTLY gave the power to their enemy.

    By GOD’s grace we already possess this land. GOD has given US THE POWER over our enemies, by faith in His might. Our faith must say, Yes there are giants wishing to harm us, but our GOD is bigger than those giants!

    WE MUST be wise stewards of America’s greatness, and confront the degeneracy of our current government, and their allies. By faith, WE HAVE THE POWER over those working to destroy America.

    We are ONE NATION. We are UNDER GOD. We are INDIVISIBLE. We demand LIBERTY.
    We demand JUSTICE FOR ALL.

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  9. pierredelecto says:

    S.P. = Special Prosecutor.
    Is Sundance is informing us that a Special Prosecutor has been appointed?

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  10. pierredelecto says:

    Robert Mueller’s involvement is also because he has a significant stake in it.
    He was FBI Director when Obama’s domestic political espionage program began in 2011.
    The FBI would not have been conducting domestic political espionage on behalf of the Obama White House without FBI Director Mueller’s direct knowledge and personal involvement.

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  11. Joel says:

    FTA(last paragraph)-“This includes evidence that cannot be ignored even if they disappear the delivery mechanism. The truth has no agenda, and in this case the truth is a weapon.”
    Thank you Sundance for your long time pursuit and enlightenment of all readers(both lurkers and active commenters). We do indeed continue the use of your information(for me over the last decade) and consider this to be the time in history, “Now is the time for all good men(everyone) to come to the aid of their country.” Everyone active in the comments and all Constitutional Republic Citizens lurking here are actively ratcheting up your information to family, friends and those who’ll receive the truth. God bless you Sundance and all here in the CTH.

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    • pierredelecto says:

      This is true only after that knowledge and evidence is released to the public. Only then can it not be stopped.

      But as Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings discovered, your life is in serious danger in the time between assembling that information and publishing it in a public forum. Spreading the information via word of mouth only puts those contacts in equal danger.

      None of us should ever become complacent and lose sight on the fact that people have been killed to cover up what was going on.

      Julian Assange is still alive only because he is too infamous to kill. But he will never be heard from again. He could have released the truth about Seth Rich to the public when he was still free to communicate. He would be a free man today if he would have. The truth shall set you free.

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    • WSB says:

      I am concerned about any ‘disappearance of the delivery mechanism’, as that pertains To a specific entity.

      One if by Land, two if by Sea.


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    • gensensibility says:

      It’s too late to kill the messenger. Too many people know. The only tool they have left is character assassination. Look for that.

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      • gensensibility says:

        If anything does happen to SD, assembly of a division size force on the capital mall might get their attention. Deep state figures know that so I don’t expect them to go that far.


      • Perot Conservative says:

        Ignoring the information is another route.

        Yes, look how they came after the Texas doctor from Africa.

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  12. littlebird160 says:

    They’re aware. Libs/leftists/progs/etc. must pretend not to know things. The most recent example was Jerold Nadler stating that there were no violent protests in Portland, OR. Just as Baghdad Bob denied the presence of U.S. forces in Baghdad.

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  13. Eric says:

    I like those initials.


  14. AceODale says:

    It seems assumed this evening that Sundance dropped the hint that his mystery person is a Special Prosecutor.

    I’m sceptical of that Interpretation since the appointment of an SP is not an event that would be kept secret. Rather more likely, Sundance is suggesting that an SP is the next step in Durham’s investigation.

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    • sundance says:

      Your assumption is false.

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    • BitterC says:

      After doing some searches, it would seem the power to appoint a special prosecutor lies with the AG, except I can’t find a Special Prosecutor as still being a tool in Barr’s belt.
      Everything I read talks about Nixon and then how they chg’d the law a couple times and what we now get are Special Counsels.

      However, NYPost report on Barr appointing the USAO from TX to look into maskings as the appointment of a Special Prosecutor, so….I am confused.

      Suffice it to say Barr has brought an outsider in?


  15. Eric says:

    POTUS picking at Ronna McDaniel now. He knows something’s coming. I think there will be Republicans outed too, if not charged formally.

    Let us remember a lesson from Rush during the Obama presidency. Obama ran for re-election once again as an outsider, claiming nothing in his first 4 years had been in his control. It was false of course.

    Trump can legitimately run again as a political outsider, especially when it comes out the Uniparty was conspiring against him and the American people the whole time. I hope the theme is about to be set for the fall.

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    • Merkin Muffley says:

      Lindsey Graham, Richard Burr, and John McCain would be my guesses.


      • DefenderOfTroyDonahue says:

        Are you guessing that Graham, Burr, and McCain are the special prosecutors … or future indictees? I’m guessing that the mystery special prosecutor might be former NY Senator Alfonse D’Amato … but I have no inside information.


  16. Anyone remember during the Trump Administration first year, when Project Veritas recorded a rabid young woman who was proudly part of the “resistance”? She later lost her job, but she made it clear that they are legion.

    Senator Johnson is definitely running up against further “resistance,” especially in the State Department.


  17. bertdilbert says:

    “At the same time, USAO John Durham [and S.P. XXXXX ] are facing ‘irrefutable’ evidence that holds two purposes: (1) undeniable evidence of a very specific cover-up operation that came, purposefully, from the agenda of the resistance unit to throw a blanket over the most serious abuse of power in modern history; and (2) evidence that ‘we the people’ know.

    Here is my 30,000 foot view.

    1. Muller’s FBI and Brennan’s CIA did a MOU allowing private contractors to access the NSA database to spy on Americans.

    2. A surge in searches in late 2015 triggered the NSA, who performed an audit. The audit revealed that 85% of searches were illegal. Around April 2016 the NSA shut down the searches.

    3.The next day Mary Jacoby (Glenn Simpson wife) goes to the WH. The WH must have known what was going on and they hashed out a plan.

    4. At minimum, Hillary Clinton and the DNC were the beneficiaries of the spying. Who paid Glenn Simpson to produce the Dirty Dossier? Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

    5. Parts of the Dossier was stolen information from the NSA database and laundered through Christopher Steele. The fake evidence dossier obtained FISA warrant is used to continue spying and justify previous illegal use of the NSA database

    6. General Flynn is a huge problem and must be dealt with. He is set up by the FBI.

    Suddenly I got sleepy. Isn’t it interesting how the guys that started it all, Mueller and Brennan, ended up on the other side to cover it up?

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  18. Ackman419 says:

    Somebody big must trust S.D. a whole bunch; assuming this mystery person is a SP
    SD is amazing.

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  19. I could be wrong, but I’ve been wrong so many times before that I’m used to it. S.P. stands for Secret Person.

    Two years ago we saw the same pattern. Wait until right before the election before starting to get serious about investigating anything. If they were really serious, those subpoenas would have been issued in January of last year.

    Senator Johnson may very well be serious about uncovering the truth, but the turtle is not. McConnell is the holdup. But if I were Senator Johnson or any other senator, I would publicly let my constituents know. Because that is ultimately who these senators work for.

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    • Old Dawg says:

      If only that were true. Your premise, while true in theory, is not relevant in 2020, or for that matter, hasn’t been relevant for about a hundred years. Sadly, our “representatives”, who are supposedly, “public servants”, are anything but representatives and public servants. The overwhelming majority are narcissistic, lazy, and corrupt, without integrity or love of country. Very few are vets.


  20. On a side note, I’m in the final days of packing before the house is officially sold to the new owners. It’s been extremely painful for me, as this is the final end of what I thought would be where the two of us would grow old together. I just need prayers if possible.

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    • torvynne says:

      I’m so sorry. Of course I’ll pray for you.

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    • WSB says:


      We are also at this point looking at places to move to. Would so much rather do as you hoped…stay in the same place for the rest of our lives.

      That seems no longer to be possible. Our state has turned against us. Financially, it just may not work. And, as you, we will be crushed to leave.

      However, as an interior architect…there is also a freedom of change, a shedding of physical things, and satisfaction of finding new adventures!!!!

      Never be belabored by your physical possessions, only your spiritual ones! Carry those to new heights!

      🙏 🌸

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    • lotbusyexec says:

      Justoldcowboybill, I will be praying for you and your family. Picking up and starting anew is not easy after a certain age. I was thinking about that today as my husband and I are contemplating a similar decision. If this is any comfort, just know that your new adventure will be just that and embrace it as much as you can. The only constant in life is change and I just have the feeling that you and your partner will make the best of ALL that awaits you both. If you both can accept what challenges are presented to you each day with a smile and a “We CAN do this attitude” you will be A-Ok. A day hemmed in prayer seldom unravels 🙏💙

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      • The catalyst that started this was my wife divorcing. It’s not what I foresaw in our future.

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        • doohmax says:

          Bill. Just saw this post. I’m sorry for your loss. Prayers to you, my friend. You are never alone.


        • WSB says:

          Separation through death or divorce is the most difficult aspect of life, and I can feel your anguish. Stay cheerful and find strength through others who can help you. One day at a time. You may find new strengths you never knew you had!

          We are facing tough times, as our host writes above. Many sacrifices are being made by Sundance and other people to keep our country from falling. And we need all of our soldiers and cowboys to remain steadfast. Treepers are also ready to assist through prayer or open thread advice and encouragement. Stay engaged here!

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    • mncountrygirl says:

      Sad this is happening to you. Difficult at best when you are young but literally overwhelming as we age. “Footprints in the Sand” has always helped me through some dark times in my life . God bless you.

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    • botchedcasuality says:


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    • TwoLaine says:

      I truly understand and will add your name to the list, next to Sundance and Team, and all Treepers here.

      P.S. Remember, you never know who you might meet because of this departure, or what God has in store for you next. The path has been cleared. I will also pray for this, and many surprises yet to come and much fun.

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    • doohmax says:

      Bill, I’ve always considered Home is with my soul mate, wherever that might be. Keep the faith. All will be well.

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    • sierravibe says:

      I get it, Cowboy, having been through something similar, and carry you in my prayers.


  21. spoogels says:




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    • 55praises says:

      I am beginning to think of our Senators and Representatives (the irony of that word speaks volumes) as partners of one big Law firm. They play the game Twister everyday, their minds and bodies becoming more twisted and pretzel-like each day that passes. They know that most people are busy living their own lives, and to this point have practically done whatever they wished. Unfortunately for them, more of US enjoy puzzles and figuring things out. And more and more of US know we can do much, much better. God is lifting the scales from our eyes for a reason, for such a time as this. May we look back someday and see His handiwork more clearly! To God be the Glory, amen.

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  22. Deborah D says:

    “During times of universal deceit telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” George Orwell
    Thank you, Sundance!!

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  23. I think “SP-XXXXX” is just that “name that has never come up and only a handful know”, upon which, Sundance has said, the Durham outcome depends. I think I will call him Alfred E. Neuman (see, I don’t trust the guy already, after all this time).


  24. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    Thank you for posting that.

    Short of actual transcripts, I was encouraged by a rare sense of urgency.

    He made it clear he is done giving these understandably reluctant agencies any more time to play their hide the. Documents game.

    Keeping in mind the current painful acknowledgement the FBI sat on clear evidence of awful goings on with regards to Jeffrey Epstein and company,

    And the illicit exploitation of NSA info,

    And of all things regarding Gen. Flynn,

    I am thankful I am not in any way connected to FBI Director Wray.

    I think I remember a comment made by President Trump shortly after AG Barr was confirmed, something to the effect that Bill Barr is set to become the most disliked person in the U S Government.

    We shall see.

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  25. hocuspocus13 says:

    I for one will not shed a tear to see Ronna McDaniel go…

    Ronna never challenged the 2018 Mid Term Elections results

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  26. rich33y says:

    Last week Sundance told us “there is one name that mattered, andi ti wasn’t Jon Durham”. Lot’s of people started guessing about what witness might hold key information.

    The one name that matters is the name of the Special Prosecutor currently reviewing John Durham’s criminal findings.


  27. teeheeman says:

    Sen Ron Johnson: “I’m a pretty tenacious guy.” I know Ron Johnson and indeed he is a very tenacious guy. If God-willing justice is served in the Spygate scandal of scandals, my senator “Ron-John” will be part of it. The guy is a principled businessman, not a politician. He knows right from wrong, and he gets things done.

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    • 55praises says:

      You are fortunate to have a good Senator. In WA the Seattle area out-votes the rest of the state. Our Senators numbingly vote in lockstep with other Democrats. With our governor making highly controversial and economically disastrous mandates re COVID-19, and Seattle’s mayor and city council making decisions favorable to increased violence and rioting, perhaps people in that area may change their thinking/vote.

      Maybe. But not counting on it.

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  28. TwoLaine says:

    2nd try today.

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  29. TwoLaine says:

    To AG Bill Barr and CONGRESS,


    And we do not want it by IG Horowitz. He had his chance, and we don’t trust someone who calls the phony dossiers “election reports”, and who tells us there was a lack of candor instead of PEOPLE LIED.

    We want outside investigators. NO ONE from The Swamp.

    Citizen 1

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    • allin4freedom says:

      I have always found it odd that agency IGs are subordinate to the agencies they are “inspecting”, submitting their reports to their agency superiors for review “to insure accuracy and fairness” before sending them on. Seems a bit “off”.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        100%. It is insane, but that is how they do CYA in The Swamp. That and not letting you fire crooked lying employees, and taking their pensions and bennies away to pay for the cost of their wrongdoing.

        All audits should be done by outside sources. I don’t trust Congress either. Not one bit, never have. They pretend to do things and don’t.

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  30. Perot Conservative says:

    We can’t get the information from our own govt/State Dept? Why not a simple request to the Dept of State IT department during one recess?

    Give us all emails from the following people from June 2016 to Jan 2017.

    And why wasn’t this done 2 years ago? Can we not get our own gov’t email?

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  31. warrenjay13 says:

    At once Jesus spoke to them, “Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid.”
    Peter said to him in reply,
    “Lord, if it is you, command me to come to you on the water.”
    He said, “Come.”
    Peter got out of the boat and began to walk on the water toward Jesus.
    But when he saw how strong the wind was he became frightened;
    and, beginning to sink, he cried out, “Lord, save me!”
    Immediately Jesus stretched out his hand and caught him,
    and said to him, “O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”
    After they got into the boat, the wind died down.
    Those who were in the boat did him homage, saying,
    “Truly, you are the Son of God.”

    Pray…have faith, hope, and love….we All need to walk…stay focused on truth.

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  32. avocadodipp says:

    Something I am confused about – maybe someone here can enlighten me.

    Is Mr Durham and Mr Bash both considered to be Special Prosecutors? I’ve noticed the press would always accentuate “Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller”, but NOT doing so with Durham or Bash. Not SP’s or major downplay…?

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    • WSB says:

      Robert Mueller was brought on by the Justice Department entitled as Special Counsel. The special counsel can only refer cases to the Attorney General, who at the time was Rod Rosenstein before Barr took over.

      John Durham is entitled United States Attormey for the District of Connecticut. He was assigned by our Federal Attorney General at that time – William Barr – to investigate the origins of Crossfire Hurricane, which became a criminal investigation in October of last year.

      Durham can indict directly.

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  33. s.t. says:

    “Setting aside their willful blindness; all that stuff is in the rear-view and only leads to anger in a debate that needs to look forward”
    “Action. Nothing else matters; drive action.”

    very important for everyone to understand and internalize this.
    this is the one advantage the other side possesses – they are always advancing.
    take that advantage away and see how firm their footing is.

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  34. libertymel says:

    The second I read the “by the book” bs I thought, “As opposed to what, Mr. President?”.

    As opposed to the way they normally handle investigations, of which he’s well aware?

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  35. jpf16c says:

    Halper, Halper, Halper… dig deep into his involvement… he’s the one IMHO that crosses streams between agencies… you don’t get open ended contracts, who was he working with specifically. Nuland, Gaeta, Downer, Lakhova lead to Flynn and Papadapolous… not enough focus on the Papadapolous aspect, for the guy central in the launching of CH there is very little focus on this. The FBI knew they had nothing in Aug and spread the net via “analytics” to Flynn, Manafort and Page but the entire operation should never have gotten past Go after Downer told them he never said anything about Russians offering help…


  36. valleyj says:

    Who told Susan Rice to write that email to herself?


  37. VandalizeDuhMastuhsAlgorithms says:

    Here is a portion of yesterday’s Sunday Morning Futures show with Maria Bartiromo talking with Senator Ron Johnson, R-WI.

    (My Two bit opinion- Maria B. is an unheralded Godsend to us. She seems to know what questions to ask, sometimes pointedly, but then she lets her guests really give as detailed an answer as they need. Let’s hope and pray for good things from these kinds of interviews. I think they both Know.)

    p.s. Senator Johnson also pretty well explained how the subpoena authority has been used, even if informally up to this point, during the two months he’s had that authority…

    Full transcript Available here:

    “I want to get your take on your other major work. And that is your investigation into the transition from the Obama administration to the Trump administration and your investigation into the conflict of interests around Hunter Biden as it relates to Burisma and Ukraine.

    We had more evidence this week that the FBI knew that the dossier was garbage, that it was just hearsay and made up in a bar. And yet Jim Comey and his colleagues kept pressing forward to re-up warrants to spy on Carter Page and get a window into the Trump campaign.

    Tell me about that and what the latest is on that story. And, by the way, while you’re doing your investigation, your colleagues on the left are trying to take you down with a disinformation campaign.

    JOHNSON: Well, again, we’re trying to assemble a puzzle.

    We — I think we basically know what this picture is, but we’re trying to get all the pieces of the puzzle. And, of course, Democrats have a huge advantage of us in our investigation. Some of them know exactly what they did. They know where the balls are hidden. And they have done a pretty effective job hiding the ball.

    One of our problems is obtaining documents from these agencies. And, Maria, understand, I mean, I will posit this question to you. How many people in the State Department do you think voted for Hillary Clinton vs. voted for President Trump?

    I can’t tell you my frustration how difficult it is getting information out of agencies that are supposedly controlled by this administration, but simply aren’t.

    BARTIROMO: Mm-hmm.

    JOHNSON: And so they know exactly what they did. They’re being — they’re doing a very good job of delaying our ability to obtain the information.

    But we are starting to fill in the pieces of the puzzle here. For example, now we do know that these initial briefings with President Trump were really part and parcel of investigation into President Trump.

    BARTIROMO: Right.

    JOHNSON: So, what we have done this week is, we issued four letters.

    They, of course, got leaked, not by us, but they got leaked. But we are getting far more granular, far more specific in our requests for information as we learn more.

    And I’m actually hoping that the White House gets engaged and gets into those agencies and just makes sure that we finally — that the American people finally get to understand and see the full picture of the corruption in the transition process that occurred.

    BARTIROMO: We have copies of those letters. Let’s show them on air, because you are asking — and you sent a letter to Secretary Pompeo. You sent a letter to Secretary Haspel. You sent a letter to Bill Barr.

    And you’re asking for all records related to Christopher Steele’s contact with the State Department. You’re asking for records related to meetings or communications between Glenn Simpson and State Department officials.

    You also want to know about Stefan Halper and what Stefan Halper was paid. I know that the Office of Net Assessments paid out initially $244,000 to Stefan Halper to write a report on China and Russia.

    Can you tell me a little about that?

    JOHNSON: Well, again, what we are doing is, we’re becoming much more specific in our requests.

    I got subpoena authority that was quite broad. The members of my committee wanted us to first try and get the information on a voluntary basis. We have been doing that for the last month.

    But I’m losing my patience. We have given people every opportunity. Personally, I’d be surprised if you didn’t start seeing us issue some subpoenas to some individuals in some of these agencies.

    But, no, we are — we have learned more. We have gotten more specific in our requests. Some of our requests are broad, because we just don’t know what we don’t know. We don’t know what we’re really asking for. But some of our requests are very specific.

    There’s probably not that much information. These agencies should be able to get that information. They probably already have it. There’s probably classification issues.

    BARTIROMO: Right.

    JOHNSON: Or they will use classification as an excuse not to give it to us.

    But we’re pressing for it. I’m — again, I’m losing my patience. We’re going to start compelling some of this probably in the near future.

    BARTIROMO: So, in other words, you’re going to do subpoenas next week? Will you issue subpoenas next week?

    JOHNSON: Well, it wouldn’t surprise me if we start issuing subpoenas. It’s a real possibility.


    In the past, we have spoken about the transition period, with the unmasking. And I have asked you repeatedly, how high up the ladder does it go?

    I had a chance to ask Valerie Jarrett that question this past week on “Mornings With Maria” over on FOX Business. I want to play this exchange for you. And then I want to ask you that question again.

    Listen to this.


    BARTIROMO: Did President Obama direct any of this?

    VALERIE JARRETT, FORMER SENIOR PRESIDENTIAL ADVISER: That’s not how it works. That’s not how our investigations work, that we leave that to the intelligence community to bring forward information.

    And the dossier, I would imagine, would be one piece of a much bigger puzzle.

    And so, if you’re saying, is it important to make sure that there isn’t influence — and, actually, the Mueller report didn’t conclude that there wasn’t any wrongdoing. In fact, he was explicit in saying quite the opposite.

    And so I don’t think we should read in where…

    BARTIROMO: Well…


    JARRETT: … there hasn’t been actually any conclusion to that effect yet.

    You’re making statements that actually haven’t been proven…


    BARTIROMO: Just to be clear — just to be clear, Robert Mueller said no collusion.

    Michael Horowitz, the I.G. of the FBI, said that the dossier was — quote, unquote — “an essential piece” of all of this investigating of the Trump campaign. Essential piece was the word Michael Horowitz use.

    So, you say it was part of a larger mosaic. We have no evidence of that.


    BARTIROMO: Senator, this is the first time we have heard from the Obama administration. She said it doesn’t work that way.

    JOHNSON: Well, you will notice she didn’t answer your question.

    She just talked about, in general, what the process should be. That’s not the process they followed. It is very clear that there was corruption at the highest levels of, certainly, the FBI. We have evidence of it.

    I’m looking forward to John Durham wrapping up his investigation. I personally believe that the intelligence community was involved in this thing.

    Their initial goal was to exonerate Hillary Clinton, when — so that she could win the election.

    When she lost the election, their goals shifted to first — first and foremost, I think, sabotaging the Trump administration, which they have done a pretty good job of, also, I think initiating this diversionary operation, the smokescreen to cover up their wrongdoing…

    BARTIROMO: Right.

    JOHNSON: … the fact that they — they used all the awesome powers of their agencies to investigate their political opponent. They didn’t want that revealed. It’s being revealed right now.

    So, again, Valerie Jarrett simply isn’t answering the question. That’s our job. We need to get the information. But, as I stated earlier, they still have so many of their supporters in these agencies. They are doing a pretty good job at hiding the ball.

    It’s hard to extract the information. But I’m a pretty tenacious guy.

    BARTIROMO: All right, Senator, we know that. And we will be following your investigation.

    Thank you, sir, Senator Ron Johnson.

    We will be right back.


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  38. kansasguy says:

    I think you are correct that the Weissmann team ran the DOJ from an inside, operational standpoint. However, I firmly believe that Weissmann was taking orders from Schumer. After the 2016 elections, Schumer was one of the two Democrat leaders in Washington. His job was, and is, to protect Obama and Hillary.

    Schumer called for Sessions to recuse himself. He warned Trump that the IC “can get you six ways from Sunday.” He called for the appointment of a special counsel.

    Thank you for all of your unbelievable work and effort.


  39. Jesus Schwarzkopf says:

    I can not envision Johnson moving the ball down the field prior to the 2020 November election. He MIGHT be obfuscating 5% less than the Muslima, Valerie Jarrett.


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