Status Update – DOJ/FBI Investigative Research on The Road…

I’m going to attempt to clear up some information and speak as directly as would be deemed prudent as of 8/3/20.  This will likely jump around quite a bit.

♦ USAO John Bash – Lots of discussion amid multiple circles about what West Texas USAO John Bash might be looking into.  Is he looking back in time into the FISA(702) abuses that took place during the 2016 primary season?…. That would be in addition to the familiar “unmasking” aspect?…  and, if yes, what would that indicate?

Short answer is: no-one is certain.  AG Barr did mention that Bash is looking backward on the unmasking issues beyond the timeline scope of the 2016 presidential election.  That would indicate surveillance “unmasking” and FISA “minimization” would meld because essentially the terms are synonymous depending on the type of intelligence exploitation.

Prior Obama officials were “unmasking” names associated with FBI investigations simply to dirty them up to give fuel to the fraudulent basis of “Trump-Russia”; that’s the political weaponization of intelligence.  This did happen and Bash is cited with authority to review this carve-out of the ongoing DOJ investigation into DOJ/FBI intelligence manipulation.

However, if Bash is going into the issues of the NSA database being exploited for political opposition research via FISA-702 authorities (the intentional extraction of information with intentional non-minimization) well, that’s a more expansive kettle-of-fish than would seem to be possible to fully outline before the November election.

FISC presiding judges Rosemary Collyer (’16) and James Boasberg (’18) have already outlined the continued use of the NSA database for ‘unauthorized’ purposes. [Use Site Search Tool for details]

Is this something that AG Barr would authorize USAO Bash to pursue?… that’s a big question without answer.  We would hope yes, but think about the scale of that in totality to the interests of DC writ large… Ergo, I’m not confident.

Unmasking and Non-Minimization are essentially the same issue.  The former has to do with actual FBI and intelligence investigations; the latter has to do with using the NSA database to extract information (mostly unlawful use).  Unfortunately the general belief is that FISA(702) and NSA metadata collection, which includes the ability to review information on all citizens, are critical to national security.

Even with the findings of former NSA Director Mike Rogers about the systemic abuse he was not supportive of shutting the programs down.  So, with that in mind ,would AG Barr want to undermine an operational tool that is vital to the function of national security (as defined by the total apparatus) by having a U.S. attorney expose abuses?  See the issue….

Tangentially related to this NSA database aspect, it seems clear the exploitation is not just about targeting political adversaries.   This is about money and power.  While there is no direct evidence the NSA database was being used to make money, the mere fact that Crowdstrike was a contracting agency with access points to a more financially motivated aspect.

Were these “contractors” extracting corporate, business and financial secrets to sell and or trade and make money?  Is this the ultimate insider trading scheme in Washington DC?…  The answer is actually in the question.  What entity would not eventually use that access for this purpose… it is just too easy to make money.

Apply Occam’s Razor. Of course they did.

♦ USAO John Durham – At this point the noise around the likelihood of grand jury proceedings is very loud.  CTH knows the ¹lead investigator for the entire Durham probe (name intentionally withheld). We stumbled upon it accidentally during specific events in/around DC, and the entity was confirmed in an odd way when we attempted to make contact not knowing exactly what this person was doing.  A little funny story for much later, when things settle down.  Suffice to say we triggered some folks, bigly.   They didn’t know the nature of our inquiry and presumed we knew exactly who they were.  We didn’t, but immediately after their response, we did.  A little funny now.

[¹You might even say (I do) that discovery was divinely guided and inspired; because this was so random and yet so important no-one could ever get that lucky without some help from a universe of righteousness nudging.]

Here’s the parts that only a few people are able to comprehend…. bear with me this will be free-flow and typed thought on the fly:

Because of the sensitivity of the issues being investigated; and because even the appearance of politic in the investigation is fraught with peril; almost none of the people involved ever talk to each other.  This includes Barr and Durham and definitely includes Barr and XXXXX.

The term “delicate balance” has been used so much it now generates a gag reflex.  Every conversation begins with: “understanding all the issues are entwined in a precarious delicate balance”… and then the nudge-nudge, wink-wink, non verbal communication of interpreting between the lines starts.   After a while of playing this game the frustration is enough to make you an expert at turning billiard ball into a stress ball.  Annoying as heck.

When I share that most officials, staff and investigators are genuinely clueless, I do mean they are genuinely clueless.   This includes FBI and Main Justice officials. Thus the important reason for actually getting on planes, meeting people, looking in their eyes, watching their inflection and seeing their responses.

I know the difference when a person is using the Mamet Principle and pretends not to know…. believe me, most of these people are genuinely clueless – they are not pretending.  They are more concerned with who is getting the bigger muffin from the taxpayer provided snack bar.  They care far less about what middle-America thinks about their lack of corrective action on corrupt issues they are comfortable working with/in/around all day.

If there is a grand jury; and if the grand jury returns ‘true bills’ on specific targets; we still have a filtering issue of AG Bill Barr who will then have to decide which criminal characters will be indicted and which would be too institutionally dangerous to indict.  This seems rather stark to say out loud; but we would be naive if we didn’t think there was going to be some sort of filtering taking place even with grand jury outcomes.

♦Phase-2:  For some serendipitous reason back in 2018 when the depth of the deep swamp became very visible, CTH selected mid-August 2020 as benchmark date.   If action was going to be taken by corrective elements in the DOJ or FBI that action would need to be visible, publicly visible, mid August (two weeks from now).

If there is nothing that comes out of the DOJ and FBI by mid-August, CTH will do the very best possible to launch on “phase-2” which will include us exposing the names of the investigators/prosecutors and what they are specifically known to be doing.  While that’s not the purpose, there has to be a point at which ‘We the People’ get to say enough is enough… we are shifting from prudent patience to full sunlight regardless of the damage it does to the ongoing investigation(s).

Because that’s a pretty serious thing to do; there is an assembly of very smart people coming together right before that date, and these issues will be debated.  I doubt anyone could convince me not to go full combat; but I’m willing to listen up to the very last second of my own self-imposed deadline for justice.

Phase-2 was originally going be a full expose in a manner of platforms on a key aspect that underpins the historic DOJ/FBI and Mueller Special Counsel operation.  That goal is still primary; however, it will also include telling as many people as possible whose doors need to be knocked upon to ask the questions about inaction.  Based on the feedback when we knocked the mystery doors it is likely the investigators (and others) will go bananas if their role is made public.

Once people absorb the severity of the dual systems of justice; and once a very specific issue is thoroughly understood; I am very hopeful a national response will be triggered.

♦ Lastly – In the last several days issues in the background of CTH have been challenging.  Comments are being dropped, filtered and disappeared that are totally out of our control.  We have no idea if WordPress is the cause or something more nefarious.  Regardless, please be patient the admins are working furiously to release all the comments that are being captured/blocked through some unknown technology we appear to be encountering.

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651 Responses to Status Update – DOJ/FBI Investigative Research on The Road…

  1. ivehadit says:

    It struck me hard and made me sad to hear the President say in an interview with BarStool that while now he has more fervor he also has more animosity. How he has withstood all this is extraterrestrial. I am sad that so many have tried to harm this patriotic, brilliant and generous man.
    So on to Nov. 3! For we NEVER give up! We Neverr give in and we NEVERr back down. We will fight on to victory and we will WIN, WIN, WIN!

    The angels and archangels and all the company of Heaven are with you, Sundance…and you, our beloved Mr. President.

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    • waterthelibertytree01 says:

      He deserves to re-claim his time and get even with the traitors in our gov’t x 1000

      We are in unprecedented territory, coup/ no peaceful transition of power…..distopian leftist/marxist everything vs WE THE PEOPLE.

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      • 28angelica28 says:

        Yes. Why can’t we the people, who were so brazenly deprived of our four years of a Trump Presidency by a bunch of rogue Deep Staters and Obamaites, stand and proudly proclaim “I’m reclaiming my time”. Come back in 2024 and see if President Trump is re-elected then. You screwed him out of one term, we won’t let you be the jackasses you’re so aptly represented by without a fight. 4 more FIRST TERM years! Follow that up with 4 more re-election years!!

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        • Alleycats says:

          We should pull a “Andrew Breitbart” and claim that phrase for ourselves. Reclaim our time that deep state and resistance asshoe’s stole from us.


  2. First off. Not sure if it helps with the comments issue. I have not had any issues at all with comments posting the first time in a timely manner. At least for the last few weeks anyway.

    Our country seemed to have no problems more than any other country for our first 175 years or so. Since the early 70’s though, a mindset seems to have materialized that we cannot exist without the FISA act and/or the NSA/Intelligence agencies. Look at all the attacks on our country that have been thwarted, they say. I say bulls**t. Name me one plot that was stopped solely by either.

    On the contrary, the only attacks that have been stopped have been due to other factors. Human intel developed solely apart from FISA/Intel, tips from other countries or tips from someone within the plot itself. Human incompetence on the part of the bad guys or just dumb luck by a good guy being at the right place at the right time.

    Now look at all the successful attacks. They were successful because either we didn’t know anything about them or we were warned and did nothing. Or we had bits and pieces of the intel, but because it was hidden within a billion bytes of rubbish, we couldn’t put it together.

    I wish I could remember the insider that testified in front of congress that not a single domestic plot was thwarted solely by FISA or an NSA/Intel intercept. Overseas plots uncovered mainly by military intel sources were stopped, but even then, too many were not.

    The only reason I bring all this up. I’m pretty confident that we could do away completely with FISA/NSA on the domestic side and be okay. Anyone in government that says otherwise has an ulterior motive. It’s time we got back to constitutional government. If it’s not too late.

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    • Ohio Cyclist says:

      There may be some thwarted attacks where there has been no public disclosure. And you certainly would not know about any of these if you were not among those stopping them, or among those attempting them.


  3. Truth seeker says:

    Sundance, with all due respect. I think 8/15 is too soon. I would set labor day as the benchmark for Phase II. Barr, Durham, Et al, have all said to expect something by the end of summer. I feel that’s always labor day. I would give them till then, but no longer.


    • ziegler von strahn says:

      Nope…. there are… political considerations…
      There is DOJ rule about charges and such with X amount of days of the election. Mid-august is where that deadline falls. Basically, SD knows this as well, and is basically telling them, we know if you dont act before then, you wont before the elections.

      So we’ll force your hand.

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      • SanJac says:

        Is everyone involved running for office or President ? If Joe Biden commits murder will the DOJ wait until after the election to prosecute or investigate him ?

        The DOJ sits silently by while politicians and The MSM and corporations and many others influence the election including Osama and the DOJ will do nothing as to not influence an election ?

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      • Just a question – Is this really a DOJ rule or policy? It sure sounded to me AG Barr when asked if he would not promise not to prosecute anyone before the election and he responded “No” that it is a not a rule or policy, but a past precedent wit no basis in law/rule/policy.


        • ziegler von strahn says:

          Click to access ag-memo-election-year-sensitivities.pdf

          Simply put, politics must play no role in the decisions of federal investigators or
          prosecutors regarding any investigations or criminal charges. Law enforcement officers and prosecutors may never select the timing of investigative steps or criminal charges for the purpose of affecting any election, or for the purpose of giving an advantage or disadvantage to any candidate or political party. Such a purpose is inconsistent with the Department’s mission and with the Principles of Federal Prosecution. ~~~~

          Policy. Not a Law.
          Anything Barr does is going to be construed as political regardless. But this is the shield he is hiding behind, and if you watch the hearing, he mentioned this while having “I reclaim my time” screamed at him, so understandable if you missed it.


          • Thank you ziegler von strahn! I doubt I could have found anything like that in 2 months of constant searches.
            Having read it twice (2x) and noting who was US Attorney General in 2012 (Eric Holder) and reading between the lines, it sounds like he is telling DOJ employees to lay off any indications of election-related crimes (in other words, leave our election malfeasance and money laundering to candidates alone).
            I do not believe it was AG Barr’ s intent to hide behind this “shield”. Further it is a Policy and can be changed with the stroke of his pen if he desired, although at present I see no reason to change it. These investigations have been ongoing of many months(years). There is no way sedition/treason/conspiracy to obstruct justice can be overlooked.
            JMHO. Thank you again.

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          • BitterC says:

            Seems to me following the 60 day rule if Durham is ready in Oct would be delaying the unsealing indictments for political reasons, too.

            I expect Durham is proceeding without any regard for 11/3/20, as it should be

            People demanding action before the election are making Durham’s probe appear political imho


      • amazed treetop downlooker says:

        AYE, Patriot !


    • MfM says:

      Nope, to far out and they won’t do anything.

      They have to literally have to know it is coming if they don’t do anything.

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    • chojun says:

      “By” is generally regarded to be “no later than”.

      I think mid-August sounds about right. Just because Durham was delayed on Grand Jury proceedings doesn’t mean that he sat on his hands for a couple months.

      Grand Juries are likely being presented with overwhelming evidence. I agree with Sundance that there will likely need to be a ‘filtering’ effect. I’m certain that organizations like the FBI are fatally flawed from their inception and will need to be rebuilt in order to be corrected. Barr may decide not to blow up the institutions but to instead replace its leadership.

      A single-tier system of Justice is the highest American ideal. “All men are Created Equal” isn’t just a platitude. It’s not just an idea. It’s a universal concept founded on natural law and its partial adherence to has resulted in the creation of the world’s sole true superpower.

      Barr and Trump must either restore this or declare the end of the American experiment.


    • Mouse says:

      The twitters are already working to inoculate:


      • MfM says:

        The leftists in the country aren’t going to believe anything. They are going to be working overtime trying to spin this.

        It’s the politicians and those pushing their buttons that are important. I’m not sure what I’m hoping to see, but I wouldn’t be surprised if their were charges, some resignations for ‘health reasons’ and perhaps some other serious side effects.

        On one hand I’m hoping this goes smoothly and the swamp lets itself be drained when things fully come to light. But I’m also hoping this gets really, really nasty with some well known politicians on the left spilling the beans and ratting out others.

        To me the far left will believe anything they are fed. What we want is the middle to see what has happened and vote more of them out in November. That will take some well known Democrats getting on board with denouncing what happened. Some of them are such good actors they will have the people (not us) believing they got played by the uni-party and didn’t know that X, Y and Z were happening.

        It’s like in a criminal investigation, the person that rats out first gets the best deal when they rat out their friends.


      • Boots says:

        FTA (in link above)
        “Undoubtedly there will be lots of authentic looking documents that Hunter Biden was stealing millions for dad or that Joe masterminded the Russia hoax to take down Trump. Get ready for some theater.”

        If I Had Twitter
        Authentic documents? Like Barack Barry Hussein Soetoro Obama’s online long form birth certificate, the one with different fonts and multiple Adobe layers?


    • jleonard14 says:

      More delays? Really? You’re on board with that? The clock is ticking and I don’t like what I see.


    • jazzbogie says:

      Heavens no! I think even two weeks is too long. I am also uncomfortable for Sundance to be out there too long without the story being made public. And I fear something will happen and Sundance won’t make it public.


  4. tuebor says:

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    Given the dispersion all these “parallel” investigations I’m fairly confident that phase 2 will have to be initiated by Sundance. I’m living my best life and optimistic for the future but real change will be driven by WE THE PEOPLE not the DOJ/FBI.

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    • alisongurk says:

      I have never been so optimistic. As I read the article, the words divine providence and serendipitous came to mind. Then, Sundance used them. This is an absolute leap of faith for all of us who believe in our Constitution and that our Founding Fathers were divinely inspired. It’s very simple- we believe in the mission, we trust the coach that is directing the team, and we are ready, so very ready. If not now, when? If not us, who?

      God, please hold Sundance in the palm of your loving hand.


    • johnnyfandango says:

      Sadly I agree with you. I don’t have much confidence in our Government as it’s pretty much outsourced. None of our elected officials write or read the bills written for them. Once elected, they skim money to themselves and family and sell out to special interests for re-election funds to keep their seat.

      It’s up to private, unfunded, investigative journalists like this site, to expose the truth, lay out all the evidence and inform the voting populace. Then we the voters take action accordingly. Vote these bums out.

      Nice work, keep confronting, thank you for connecting the dots and exposing what frauds and rot our government has become.

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  5. Beau Geste says:

    The sensitivity to ‘no appearance of politics” is absurd. Of course prosecuting criminal politicians who commit crimes can be called “political” – hopefully they might not be re-elected if they are criminals.
    But the obama DOJ and AGs holder (‘wingman’ held in contempt) and lynch were completely ‘political’.
    That DC scoundrels are too stupid to understand corruption is also not credible. All of the “SES” senior executive service, need to be removed for failure to do their jobs of supporting the President. The essence of our Constitution is the peaceful change of government personnel and relinquishment of power (which corrupts absolutely). We were founded on not having permanently ruling Royalty. But now we have a permanent SES including secret spy agency Royalty passing down their feifdoms to progeny, friends and relatives.

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    • glissmeister says:

      Yes. The entirety of the SES needs to be abolished. Institutionally, politically and pathologically it was always a dangerously naive notion, however innocently intended.

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    • willyboy says:

      Well stated, Beau. As Sundance posed, “So, with that in mind ,would AG Barr want to undermine an operational tool that is vital to the function of national security (as defined by the total apparatus) by having a U.S. attorney expose abuses? See the issue….”

      My question is, “How well does the national security function when its primary players prevent exposure and punishment of government malfeasance against its citizens in the guise of protecting its citizens?”

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      • Beau Geste says:

        willyboy, obviously not well. They couldn’t even watch the Boston Bombers WHEN THE RUSSIANS WARNRD THEM. And they missed the 9/11 terror plot despite multiple warning signs.
        But they can spy on congresscritters, and opposing politicians, and thousands+ of US citizens and support epstein’s pedophile endeavors, plant $10,000 on people they don’t like (papadopolous) and try to arrest them for it when they do not have it even before customs declaration, and protect hillary’s crimes, with ease and dedication.

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    • allin4freedom says:

      I encourage everyone to read the Certificate of Commission for military officers and note in particular the phrase, “special trust and confidence”. Essentially, it means that said officers can be burned with a hotter flame, compared to others committing a like offense, if they choose to violate this trust and their oaths of commission. And rightly so; together they entail a duty, a commitment, do die in their fulfillment if necessary. Does any other position within government carry a declaration of special trust and confidence? If not, why not? Someone tell me, why are the likes of Omar, Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders, and Tlaib, to name but a few in the rouges gallery, and who fervently believe what they espouse, why are they not charged with perjury and removed from office for violating their oath to support, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States? Enquiring minds want to know. I took that oath in 1972, and I will keep if called, but I pray we can stop this madness short of the civil war these weasels are fomenting.

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      • Missy says:

        I am with you. There should be severe penalties for those persons who violate their oaths, and easy access for citizens to file a complaint. Severe… Like drawing and quartering.

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    • Missy says:

      The Constitution prohibits aristocrats… Which these turds are, in spades.


  6. bill1371usmc says:

    For those who have never read this letter in full. It bears great resemblance to what “WE THE PEOPLE” , “WE THE TREEPERS” have before us. For those who doubt the true forethought of our Founding Fathers please let this letter from Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith sink in. Although this was written 233 years ago, put Jeffersons words into the context of where we are today and the tactics used to put us on the edge of this precipice.

    Thank you Sundance for all you’ve done, and all you will do, and thank you to everyone here willing to keep America alive as the greatest country in our worlds history.

    From Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 13 November 1787
    To William Stephens Smith
    Paris Nov. 13. 1787.Dear Sir
    I am now to acknolege the receipt of your favors of October the 4th. 8th. and 26th. In the last you apologize for your letters of introduction to Americans coming here. It is so far from needing apology on your part, that it calls for thanks on mine. I endeavor to shew civilities to all the Americans who come here, and who will give me opportunities of doing it: and it is a matter of comfort to know from a good quarter what they are, and how far I may go in my attentions to them.—Can you send me Woodmason’s bills for the two copying presses for the M. de la fayette, and the M. de Chastellux? The latter makes one article in a considerable account, of old standing, and which I cannot present for want of this article.—I do not know whether it is to yourself or Mr. Adams I am to give my thanks for the copy of the new constitution. I beg leave through you to place them where due. It will be yet three weeks before I shall receive them from America. There are very good articles in it: and very bad. I do not know which preponderate. What we have lately read in the history of Holland, in the chapter on the Stadtholder, would have sufficed to set me against a Chief magistrate eligible for a long duration, if I had ever been disposed towards one: and what we have always read of the elections of Polish kings should have forever excluded the idea of one continuable for life. Wonderful is the effect of impudent and persevering lying. The British ministry have so long hired their gazetteers to repeat and model into every form lies about our being in anarchy, that the world has at length believed them, the English nation has believed them, the ministers themselves have come to believe them, and what is more wonderful, we have believed them ourselves. Yet where does this anarchy exist? Where did it ever exist, except in the single instance of Massachusets? And can history produce an instance of a rebellion so honourably conducted? I say nothing of it’s motives. They were founded in ignorance, not wickedness. God forbid we should ever be 20. years without such a rebellion. The people can not be all, and always, well informed. The part which is wrong will be discontented in proportion to the importance of the facts they misconceive. If they remain quiet under such misconceptions it is a lethargy, the forerunner of death to the public liberty. We have had 13. states independant 11. years. There has been one rebellion. That comes to one rebellion in a century and a half for each state. What country before ever existed a century and half without a rebellion? And what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon and pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure. Our Convention has been too much impressed by the insurrection of Massachusets: and in the spur of the moment they are setting up a kite to keep the hen yard in order. I hope in god this article will be rectified before the new constitution is accepted.—You ask me if any thing transpires here on the subject of S. America? Not a word. I know that there are combustible materials there, and that they wait the torch only. But this country probably will join the extinguishers.—The want of facts worth communicating to you has occasioned me to give a little loose to dissertation. We must be contented to amuse, when we cannot inform. Present my respects to Mrs. Smith, and be assured of the sincere esteem of Dear Sir Your friend & servant,

    Th: Jefferson

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  7. Deplorable_Infidel says:

    “Based on the feedback when we knocked the mystery doors it is likely the investigators (and others) will go bananas if their role is made public”

    That is too bad for them, because the Statue of Limitations for many crimes is 5 years. Ten years for conspiracy, but PDJT will not be in office then. Washington, District of Corruption, has a habit of cover-ups, as well as kicking the can down the road.

    Just ask anyone that is a public figure at Judicial Watch. This is year 4 of the President Trump Administration and he does not even have the Executive Branch fully staffed! JW is still be stonewalled in FOIL requests.

    “Inspector General reports are where the truth goes to die” – Chris Farrell, of Judicial Watch (several times on FNC, FBN & C-SPAN)

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    • William the Comptroller says:

      Just like the running out the 5-year clock on the statute of limitations for James Clapper’s perjury in front of Congress… which was a “Gimme” case!!! Imagine what would have been thwarted if Sleepy Sessions woke up to indict him in 2017?

      By the way, Mr. Barr, what is the status on the perjuring “witnesses” from the Brett Kavanaugh hearings? Is Avenatti’s star witness going to indicted or what? Seems like an easy case that a new law school hire could handle in an afternoon…..just sayin’…
      Heck, has anyone videotaped Blasey Ford since then to see if still speaks like an 8 year-old or has windexed her smeared glasses? Or met her “BEACH FRIENDS”???

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    • Gerry says:

      Agree big time. Appearance of politics? They wanted to depose the POTUS and they are afraid of implicating politicians? Any Executive Branch official that handled, reciewd or used that information should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

      That is the bigger story than Rosenstein and the FiSA, it’s the pre-FISA violations that is even more troublesome. It’s the 4th amendment violations of hundreds if not thousands of citizens from 2012 before they had the FISA, to change and influence a Presidential election. Why is that not a no brained for Durham and Barr?
      SD, go for broke. Bare knuckles not cold anger.
      I hope Phase 3 is a mass rally at the DOJ building. The silent majority I am sure will want and need to be heard before the election.


      • Gerry says:

        Another thought for SD. THE OUTRAGEOUS SLOGAN APPROACH.
        Since this effort is difficult to explain to not only the average uniformed person, but the uniformed government official, why not do what the Dems do.
        SD and any cooperating parties need to make an outrageous simple declaration to cut to the chase, something along the lines OBama and BIden spied and our freedoms died. Democratic not “Russian interference” in TWO Presidential elections. Let them defend the outrageous accusations. Let people then ask the important questions. If the presentation is too granular they won’t be able to follow it.

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  8. islandpalmtrees says:

    Sundance writes: However, if Bash is going into the issues of the NSA database being exploited for political opposition research via FISA-702 authorities.

    What if, they have taken this to the next step, already. Are they now, removing data? Call it “THE BIG REDACTION”.


  9. zimbalistjunior says:

    SD, I am not sure if the name you are hinting at is Michael Mukasey, and I doubt it is, but either way, if you can, I suggest you contact him. He has the experience (former AG), the intelligence and seems to be following the scandal closely enough to understand what is going on. And of course, he has the connections to help things proceed.
    Not certain whether he is more Deep State than an ally but I’d guess he is one of us. Maybe ask Sydney Powell, or others whether he is one of us, so to speak..

    Most importantly, he can give legal strategy to how to approach this. As I’ve said before, I fear that any approach which will allow for the deep state to simply reply with ‘mistakes were made, but they were made with a view towards NATIONAL SECURITY, and thus exempt from criminal investigations, is doomed. We need to bring in the illegal conduct which is assuredly not ‘national security’ related, namely the Hillary Clinton email server investigation, into the conspiracy equation. Mukasey gets that.


  10. DeWalt says:

    “Based on the feedback when we knocked the mystery doors it is likely the investigators (and others) will go bananas if their role is made public”

    As Hamilton stated to Jefferson, ” If that be the case, Then it is unavoidable.”

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  11. WeeWeed says:

    Your posts are getting through just fine – read the post on the problems we’ve been having. With EVERYBODY.

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    • DeWalt says:

      This is acting just like shadow banning. Only doing it to certain posters.


      • steph_gray says:

        I don’t see evidence of anything like shadowbanning. My posts so far have merely been delayed (for an unusual interval this week), until, I presume, Ad Rem and team had time to un-bin them.

        Shadowbanning would imply that CTH itself is hiding posts. That is not at all logical, and also insinuates bad things about our gracious host and his team.

        If you think WordPress is picking and choosing, that’s another story – but I doubt they have the knowledge or resources to do anything at that level…

        However, the possibility that some sand is being thrown wholesale into some gears, without particular discretion, from some unknown quarter, is pretty sound at this point.


    • islandpalmtrees says:

      I am on a VPN to this site. See the difference.


  12. sarasotosfan says:

    There is something unique about Trump in this circus and it is the personal animus that Obama and Trump had for each other. This animus could certainly be a major factor in how Obama found himself entangled in a conspiracy to take Trump down.

    All Obama can do is hope he can drag an addled brain Biden across the Presidential finish line ahead of Trump and his odds of success grow longer with every passing day.


    • Truthfilter says:

      I have long believed that Obama’s animosity toward PT started when citizen Trump drew national attention to his questionable citizenship.. After the White House put a birth certificate online (which many said was a forgery), DJT challenged Obama publicly even more. He proposed to pay a few million bucks to a charity of Obama’s choice if Obama would produce his college entrance records and passports. Obama didn’t produce the records. That’s when it became clear to me that Obama had something to hide. PDJT knew the truth. About a lot of things.


      • doyouseemyvision says:

        I’ve always suspected this was the case, but after watching Trump’s comments and tweets for 4 years, he NEVER says sh#t without it being absolutely factual. Ever.

        Your comment confirms this to me even more. Not because Obama ignored him, but rather that Trump had no compunction to challenge him because he had the hard cold facts. He wanted Obama to know that he knew.

        Another comment and truth: ‘We found gold in those walls’ when the Oval office’s electricity was being upgraded. That was after he claimed he had been wire-tapped by Obama. Many laughed. I didn’t. I knew he was telling the truth.

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      • sarasotosfan says:

        Yes and I would bet Obama still does not have it. Obama was an intelligence community tool. They had control of him.


  13. Learned Hat says:

    What possible collateral damage would not be justified in uncovering the biggest abuse of power and political scandal of our time? It makes no sense. Halper, Mifsud, Steele, Dearlove, Downing . . . burn them and anyone else who knowingly interfered with the sacred democratic process and transfer of power in the country that has been a freaking beacon of light for the world for 250 years.

    I see no sources and uses, methods, confidential classification . . . anything that should need to be balanced against.

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  14. Zorro says:

    Is anybody getting any response to “we know” communications sent to pols, bureaucrats, media, etc.?


  15. I just wrote this person; a friend sent it to me because I was wondering if corporations can deny entry to customers based on something like a mask; they used to discriminate against people based on skin color and that’s illegal. I asked him to let me know if he finds out if this is actionable.

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  16. Redeemed says:

    I have a hunch. What if all of this known (to us) collision and spying is just a diversion from something else. Perhaps they could all go down with a serious and secret investigation into pedophilia, human trafficking and crimes agains humanity.

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    • tygtyg says:

      bingo!!! Redeemed….
      You win Post of the Day!


    • bosscook says:

      I’ve been banging that drum for awhile. People, sadly, pay more attention to salacious and sexual stuff…last night I had opportunity to sit and talk with several 30-somethings….they ALL are very aware of Maxwell, the sex trade crisis, and pedo/satanists…some of them even participated in wknd rallies to draw attention to it. But I bring up the coup/corruption, and they are barely aware. I’m obviously happy that young people are paying attention to and are very upset about the heinous crimes perpetrated on innocents….perhaps the growing awareness will tie into the massive government corruption. It’s my theory it is EXACTLY what they (the guilty) are hiding…both personally and by blackmailing others. It’s sex. And money.


    • bshaw7369610 says:

      Redeemed, myself and another poster posited this very idea on a thread last week. When PDJT signed that EO about child trafficking over a year ago, a light went on in my head. I thought, this is it, this is how he’s going to get them. Nobody in their right mind is going to come out against a child trafficking law. And one thing I’ve noticed is that a LOT of these scumbags seem to be directly tied to many of these infamous billionaires that find themselves ensnared in these pedophilia situations.

      Trump knew that lots of these people were into this stuff simply from being rich and famous. And this is also why the swamp feared and hated him so much. They KNEW/KNOW he knows their secrets. And furthermore, they KNOW he never partook in their disgusting behaviors. Thus meaning they had no way to blackmail and or control him. Making him their worst nightmare. He had the means and the money to become the first purely American president we had seen, probably since the late 1800’s. And this scared them to death. And rightfully so.

      Hence, Trump make a major order of business to be combating child trafficking. He knew he could snatch many of these sickos up in the fall out.

      I believe your instincts are correct. And this will be the downfall of many, and the ace up the sleeve for Trump.

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  17. Ackman419 says:

    I’ve got my 10 ready.
    If the briefs are similar to Spiropoulos’ recent example (I think they will be), this will be as easy as a few beers with friends.
    We all KNOW. The difficult part is laying it out with concision.


  18. OffCourseNation says:

    “So, with that in mind ,would AG Barr want to undermine an operational tool that is vital to the function of national security (as defined by the total apparatus) by having a U.S. attorney expose abuses? See the issue….”

    Vital to the function of national security as defined by the total coverup apparatus, not by anything that is actually vital to American national security or even useful to actual American national security. The ‘national intelligence complex’ almost never contributes anything positive to national security and often hurts it. Harry Truman got wise to them and they have only gotten worse.


  19. Newhere says:

    Man, time feels short. If Sundance is compelled to “go nuclear” in mid August, it seems we have precious little time to apply pressure.

    Some practical questions for our community: for those of us whom are isolated and surrounded by friends and family openly hostile to any of this — whom do we focus on as our ten briefees? Is it even worth venturing into hostile territory. I have TRIED …. and the hostility makes me think time is better spent elsewhere … but I don’t have an elsewhere. I count 1, maybe 2 people who are open (one a Trump supporter, the other open-minded) who’d give me about 30 minutes on this before becoming overwhelmed. But I can stick with them and deliver it in pieces. So, there’s two.

    I keep hoping once I have the material, I’ll be able to create a gameplan for reaching even closed and hostile minds. But as of now — on the front end, without the material in hand — I’ve only identified 2 candidates.

    Anyone else in this boat?

    Another thought is to look at my local government (county & state) — not even necessarily elected leadership, but staff that are in relevant agencies/positions to influence have subtle or overt influence, if armed with information and become aware. Local gov workers might feel compelled to meet a citizen for a quick coffee (my town aint that huge). Obviously they aren’t in a position to have direct impact on accountability — but we’re talking about injecting truth like an IV into the veins of mainstream thinking. Local gov staff might be liking tapping a good vein. Any thoughts on this, and which local gov agencies or positions one might address?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Ackman419 says:

      Take inspiration from SD and step outside the wire.
      It’s not uncommon to be in your position. I understand.
      But now is the time to take some chances and expand your circle.
      Reach out. Get creative. Use your resources differently.
      You will be pleased when you make some new connections.
      It will invigorate and validate you.

      God Bless and guide you!


    • TreeClimber says:

      I too am in the same boat (possibly slightly more hindered.) The Treehouse is my social crowd. I have one friend who is ultra-liberal – not even in a mean way, just so completely deceived and convinced that Trump is evil that nothing will get through to her; we have a tacit agreement to ignore each other’s political posts and remain friends despite incredible political differences – and one friend who is conservative-leaning but so overwhelmingly busy that she would never have time to listen. And that is the extent of my social network.

      Nor do I have transportation or babysitting to go meet anyone in person. I know Sundance has said our job was to make presentations, but other than my husband, I have no way to do so and no one to do so to.

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      • TreeClimber says:

        Just re-read and realized how pessimistic and cop-out this sounds. I’m seeking suggestions more than having a moan.


        • Newhere says:

          I hear ya, Treeclimber. I’m thinking of setting up a pseudononymous email account to post here in the comments at CTH, so that I can connect to a few folks directly (anyone who recognizes me from my posts and wants to connect), so those of us who rely on CTH as our sole intellectual/political community can find each other.

          Then when we’re sufficiently certain we know each other through “dummy” email accounts posted here, provide real email/contact details for direct contact without the anonymity shield. Of course need to be careful; I’ve been reading and posting here for almost 4 years, and would look for ways to be sure I’m corresponding with real Treepers!

          A fellow Treeper suggested this as a way to get into direct contact without broadcasting personal details on the world wide web.

          So please consider same, and keep an eye out for a posted email, if interested!

          In the meantime, know you’re not alone! As Ackman notes, we gotta get creative!


          • TreeClimber says:

            Ooh, I do like that idea. =) All my emails are anonymous, actually, and I have a couple still active. xD A primary and a secondary… I’d be happy to make a CTH-specific one, as if anything happens to this site (not unlikely, considering what’s going on,) I’d be heartbroken to lose communion with people here. I suppose the Open Thread would be the place to post such things? Would that even be okay with the mods?

            As of a few hours ago, I put myself under self-imposed radio silence to try and lessen the mods’ workload. I broke it because I really was interested in replying to you; I will now return to lurking.


            • Newhere says:

              Treeclimber, thanks for replying again! And yes I see your point on giving the mods a break! 😉
              I am nervous about pulling the trigger on this …. just worried about somehow compromising any other accounts with my lack of savvy on tech security (for that reason, I’m generally not on social media…..). Otherwise, I’d just link an email address right now.

              Tell you what — keep an eye out on this Friday the 7th, I’ll post under one of the open threads (the one prefaced with the Lord’s Prayer), and either I’ll have my act together by then and post an email address, or I’ll at least post something about it on the topic. If I do post an address, I might put it on another thread too … but I’ll definitely post on that one!

              Hang in there!


        • guest4ever says:

          Don’t know if it would work, but church? Or known online and in-persons?


    • As one with loads of experience in trying to introduce revolutionary information of critical importance, to a populace earnestly dedicated to ignoring it, I would say don’t worry about any more than those first 2, to start with; definitely try your luck with someone you know first. I can’t get even my brothers and sisters interested as they should (my oldest sister, six years older at 78, bought my book early on, years ago, but I can tell she can’t get into it, it’s just too far out there, from the modern easy consensus — which is failing, please note, across the board, and spectacularly now as in climate science and immunology. Bottom line: It’s not just politics, Beav; the Grownup World has gone nuts, trying to ignore new knowledge, and new sunlight.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Every single like minded friend I have won’t go
      into the weeds past the sidewalk. Complain about
      what’s happened, have a cursory knowledge of
      events. Not a single one goes here, The one that
      did said it was “too hard to follow”. The guy has a
      degree in chemistry, for god’s sake!

      I think that it might come down to this. Find people
      that are inquisitive,actually paying attention. Some’
      of these people you will find unlikeable. Some of
      these people will annoy you. But, you realize that’
      the same goal is being gone after, so it’s them
      you tell. On the plus side: human nature.

      Some of the people that you find the most
      obnoxious at work are the ones that everyone
      goes around repeating. Still mulling how to do this
      quickly and effectively, also.


    • MakersMark says:

      Newhere, I’ve asked four people I know to read today’s Status Update article. I’m aggressively promoting Sundance, and these four are my top students.

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    • If Then says:

      I would use a *sort* of reverse psychology APPROACH and ask those lefty libs you know: “PLEASE HELP ME! I don’t want to be made a fool of …” — BE TRULY HUMBLE. “Would you please go over this with me and make sure that I understand things correctly and I’m not being bamboozled?”

      Be sincere – that should be easy if you truly do want a clear understanding of the facts. Be respectful – you must respect and care about their opinions on other matters – voice that respect.

      In other words, do NOT approach people with the attitude “I’m going to show them a thing or two, about just how wrong they have been. I’ll convince them that I have all the insight/answers and they’ve been brainwashed/stupid.”


    • Sbrgirl says:

      How about the local Republican party or a civic group? We have a county group made up of many retired LEO and ex-military; althoughthe group does not declare itself Republican,
      they are conservatives. Anybody you know from church?


    • Owwm says:

      Thank you for stating your situation, I too have a very limited circle of friends. My Man Code is four.

      So, as per my prison and job corpse ministries I present and teach being very familiar with the lesson or scripture used. Pre think what opposition will be replied. When Sundance releases plan B I intend to become an expert. Then I will engage strangers where I am comfortable. Lowes, Home Depot and Menards.

      Without hesitation I will engage in conversations about building products and use each opportunity to talk about plan B material. Never pushy. Know when to stop. Earn credibility in the surrounding you excel in.

      I have 90 plus percent support with witnessing in this fashion. Hope this is an encouragement to you.


    • chuparosita says:

      Newhere, I would start with any person whom you trust who is open to discussion. Since your circle of friends is small, reach out to individuals who may reach more than ten, e.g., a pastor, a real estate agent, a teacher, etc. I have reached out to 8 individuals. One is already involved, six are waiting for Sundance to launch Phase 2. And I am working on more. We will win this; God is on our side.


    • J Gottfred says:

      “I’ve only identified 2 candidates. …
      Anyone else in this boat?”

      Yes, Big time!

      I live in Kalifornia. It’s not about getting 10; its about getting the word out to those who can influence. I am an officer in an American Legion Post and we cannot by law be political, but I do my best to say how I feel in a non-political way (“Governor Newsom has limited our opening so we cannot do your wedding, celebration of life, etc., but we would love to have you a member, here’s how you apply”)

      You may well become one of the most influential by taking an interest in others and reaching out to them. It’s not about numbers; it about doing what you can!

      God bless you!



      • steph_gray says:

        Though thoroughly behind lines, I do have MAGA and libertarian friends I can talk to – partly because I have been assiduously searching for and identifying such for my now 30 years living in my vast moonbat wasteland. A handful, and a group mtng is probably not in the cards, but I can talk to each one by one, I’m hoping.

        Later this week my plan is to go with one of them to a meet and greet with a Congressional candidate who is prevetted as MAGA from a contact I trust. I fully intend to ask whether he’s ever heard of the treehouse, and just springboard from there as best I can.

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  20. ZeddWorld says:

    I vote full APOCALYPSE NOW!




  21. J Gottfred says:

    I told a long time very conservative friend about CTS, however it was after the site was locked down. Has the procedure changed for new members? What vetting is required?

    –Time to get ready!

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    • nimrodman says:

      The Treehouse website has NEVER been “shut down”

      From time to time Sundance will require a password for a very, very small number of select posts

      They can almost be counted on one hand, and I doubt they exceed two hands since I’ve been visiting since 2011

      You’re operating on a misunderstanding


  22. OffCourseNation says:

    “If there is nothing that comes out of the DOJ and FBI by mid-August, CTH will do the very best possible to launch on “phase-2” which will include us exposing the names of the investigators/prosecutors and what they are specifically known to be doing. While that’s not the purpose, there has to be a point at which ‘We the People’ get to say enough is enough… we are shifting from prudent patience to full sunlight regardless of the damage it does to the ongoing investigation(s).”

    You must, therefore know that there are two means of fighting: one according to the laws, the other with force; the first way is proper to man, the second to beasts; but because the first, in many cases, is not sufficient, it becomes necessary to have recourse to the second.
    – Niccolo Machiavelli

    If all else fails, hit them with a hammer.
    – Murphy


  23. johnnyfandango says:

    A ”delicate balance” , oh Lordy and the Obama perps applied this process with such care during their tenure. Why should our side. Gag reflex is spot on. I want to see it all investigated, large and small. Let it all hang out, we’re all adults, we can handle it.

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  24. starfcker says:

    Under Clinton/Bush/Obama we let the too-big-to-fail banks in conjunction with the CIA and the State Department become a separate de facto government, toppling states around the world. That was just a warm-up for the big one. Us. If you read John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hitman, the strip mining of smaller governments around the world was just another warm up for turning those tactics on us. Holder built a corrupt DOJ and FBI to last, quite frankly it’s been unbelievably effective. The destruction of the Soviet Union was a practice run also, suddenly 30 people owned everything. So here we are. Time for reckoning.


  25. mtnforge says:

    The WordPress insects are getting ready to delete The Last Refuge.
    I can say this because they did all these things mentioned in this post, before completely disappearing my blog, ‘dirt people’ with no warning whatsoever. Quite a few blogs running off WP’s platform in the Alt-media have gone to the wind.


    • hokkoda says:

      I hope they’ve got a plan B if this site gets ripped down by WordPress. Something similar happened to those “frontline doctors”…their web hosting service said their actions violated the terms of service and kicked them off. It matters not that you violated the actual terms of service, and by the time you fight it, it’s over.

      People in the Government Party are working FURIOUSLY to destroy online opposition. The unspoken, but open, secret of Trump’s 2016 victory isn’t some bizarre fantasy about “the Russians”. It was how grass roots Republicans/Conservatives went completely outside the approved communications channels to keep each other motivated, share information, and actively combat the media’s false reporting. Hillary passing out as she was dragged into an SUV gets covered up and buried by the MSM….but it was widely circulated online within seconds.

      They’re not going to allow that sort of thing in this election.

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  26. Summer says:

    Sundance, you demanded declassification of certain documents for years without setting any arbitrary deadlines or expressing any concern for upsetting the “delicate balance.” You were posting your finding as soon as you uncover certain facts and realized their significance, and were updating your version of events with additional details as soon as they became available.

    To hell with the delicate balance, the self-imposed deadlines and melodrama. If you have something to publish, do it now because I can guarantee you that nothing is going to happen by “mid-August” or even by mid-October. NOTHING.

    Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today.


    • MfM says:

      On one hand I agree with you, don’t wait, do it now. But on the other I think Sundance is working the system.

      If he just throws the bomb it isn’t clear exactly what will happen and to whom. There maybe friendly casualties.

      He’s given a deadline and given people info they didn’t have. It’s likely they have info that Sundance doesn’t. I’m praying that this blows a big un-repairable breach in the dam holding back the swamp.

      The goal for me, isn’t to tear apart the country, but to clean it up and move forward.

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    • 55praises says:

      That Sundance has thought this through and is praying for guidance is what makes the coming destruction different from what is happening to large Democrat-run cities. There the idea seems to be to wreck it all; here the idea is precision cuts, as a doctor removes cancer, or lances a cyst.

      You may be right that nothing will move beforehand. I think of it like a discussion between two generals of opposing sides, meeting in the space between armies with a flag of truce flying. It’s worth that effort.


  27. Robert Smith says:

    I vote WP issues are nefarious. Too convenient and otherwise shutting down the site would be too blatant.


  28. Toward the end of the post, I was thinking that it sounded like Sundance should just get a mask and a cape and a long sword, and go Zorro on these “authorities” (who just think they are observers on the beach, as it were) in his “interviews”….Then I read:

    “I doubt anyone could convince me not to go full combat.”

    Far from it.


  29. minnesotamike55 says:

    I worked in a large metropolitan county assessors office for 13 years and yes, there is an abundance of oblivious. I came from engineering background which was all about cost vs benefit decisions based on objective research and testing. Use data from the past and critical thinking skills to somewhat predict the future in order to make decisions. They looked at me like I was from Mars when I suggested everyone should learn and use checklists in order to avoid errors and to evaluate a process by constant tracking of results.

    I believe all government suffers greatly from a “that’s the way we’ve always done it” mentality. It also suffers from a lack of productivity measurement along with the inability to comprehend how a different approach could work. Some of it is from union mentality and some is from lack of market forces attracting the best and brightest. There is also promotion factors that favor hiring anyone inside over an outside candidate.

    A simple decision making process of listing positives on one side and negatives on the other is unknown to some in government. Six sigma and quality movements that stress zero errors just twists the brains of many Gov workers. I can totally understand Sundance’s frustration,

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  30. Doppler says:

    “FISC presiding judges Rosemary Collyer (’16) and James Boasberg (’18) have already outlined the continued use of the NSA database for ‘unauthorized’ purposes. [Use Site Search Tool for details]

    “Is this something that AG Barr would authorize USAO Bash to pursue?… that’s a big question without answer. We would hope yes, but think about the scale of that in totality to the interests of DC writ large… Ergo, I’m not confident.”

    We read the detailed information Sundance has uncovered pieced together over and over, over time, and then suddenly, insight hits us like a punch in the nose. There were four independent contractors performing tens of thousands of unauthorized searches of the NSA database, over a four-year period, apparently “authorized” by an unlawful “inter-agency memorandum of understanding.”

    If this wasn’t the intelligence backbone of the Deep State, then what is it? Who were the agencies and signatories to the agreement? Who were the four contractors? What were the searches and what did those searches reveal? Who received reports analyzing the results of the searches? This is the whole ball of wax. This is the main plug which, if yanked open, drains the whole damn swamp. Generally, if you place a noose between the head and backbone of an organism, and pull hard, the whole organism is choked to death while being lifted up for all to see.

    If Barr thinks he can get away with cutting off a leg here, a tentacle there, plus several fingers, and leave the organism alive, just smaller, then he, too, is a party to the most unconstitutional usurpation of power to suit the few blanketed by secrecy ever.

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  31. amwick says:

    So all of the Mods are very busy.. please just skip this and carry on..

    Ty Stella, Wee Weed and Ad Rem…

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  32. alrisu says:

    This operation against our Republic is bigger then most can imagine as I see it. To have vast honey traps to corrupt and blackmail huge segments of our society over many many years. Putting their people into so many positions through out our country and black mailing many others is overwhelming in scope. To bring oligarchs of wealth, technocrats, politicians, judges, prosecutors, scientist, intelligence, violent gangs, Muslim Brotherhood and China into a vast conspiracy is staggering.

    John F. Kennedy in 1961 said,

    We are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding it’s sphere of influence, on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations.

    It would take amazing planning and timing, to oppose and to bring into the sunlight, so we the people would support what is hard to believe. It would take such a “delicate balance” as to avoid all the traps set for anyone who would try. Can you consider just the sleepers alone that are pretending to be a part of the fix and yet are the enemy. A war like operation that uses infiltration instead of invasion.

    We had Judges that would not decide a case by the law and prosecutors that would not prosecute. Law enforcement that would not arrest and sometimes flip the charges to the victim. George Carlin used to say there is a big club and you ain’t in it. From my observation it’s big coven. President Trump always said it’s a witch hunt.

    This operation would have to be broken into manageable pieces. Brought forth in the right order to bring justice. President Trump has said, ” I caught them all and this may be my biggest accomplishment.” I hope so.

    We need Judges that follow the law. We need control of the Senate and probably Congress. And the executive branch cleaned up, patriots instead of traitors. We would need to expose all those media and hollywood voices. Countries around the world would have to join together to oppose China.

    Funny thing is that it looks like President Trump has done most of that already.
    I believe we are seeing a huge operation to give this country back to the people.
    I also believe we are seeing President Trump and a large group of patriots brought together and anointed by the living God to accomplish this.

    Donald Fagen Lyrics

    Standing tough under stars and stripes, we can tell
    This dream’s in sight
    You’ve got to admit it
    At this point in time that it’s clear
    The future looks bright

    On that train, all graphite and glitter
    Undersea by rail
    Ninety minutes from New York to Paris
    Well, by ’76 we’ll be A-OK

    What a beautiful world this will be
    What a glorious time to be free
    What a beautiful world this will be
    What a glorious time to be free

    Get your ticket to that wheel in space while there’s time
    The fix is in
    You’ll be a witness to that game of chance in the sky
    You know we’ve got to win

    Here at home we’ll play in the city
    Powered by the sun
    Perfect weather for a streamlined world
    There’ll be spandex jackets, one for everyone

    What a beautiful world this will be
    What a glorious time to be free
    What a beautiful world this will be
    What a glorious time to be free

    On that train, all graphite and glitter
    Undersea by rail
    Ninety minutes from New York to Paris
    (More leisure for artists everywhere)

    A just machine to make big decisions
    Programmed by fellas with compassion and vision
    We’ll be clean when their work is done
    We’ll be eternally free, yes, and eternally young

    What a beautiful world this will be
    What a glorious time to be free
    What a beautiful world this will be
    What a glorious time to be free

    What a beautiful world this will be
    What a glorious time to be free
    What a beautiful world this will be
    What a glorious time to be fre


  33. Bogeyfree says:

    People and Events 2009-2016 – For those Interested in timelines & coincidences

    2009 – 2012 – Hammer Program (Launched Feb 4, 2009 – Fort Washington, Maryland)

    2009 – 2012 – Operation Fast & Furious

    2010 – Rosatom purchase of Uranium One announced

    2011 – Over throw of Libya Government and murder of Gaddafi

    2012 – Benghazi Attack (Sept 11, 2012)

    2012 – Post Benghazi – Sharyl Atkinson’s computer hacked

    2012-2016 – NSA/FIB Contractor Program

    2013 – IRS Targeting scandal

    2016 -2019 – Russia Collusion Operation

    John Brennen – 2009-2013 WH Security Advisor & 2013 – 2017 Dir. CIA

    James Clapper – 2007-2010 – Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence (oversaw NSA)
    2010-2017 – Director National Intelligence

    Eric Holder – 2009 – 2015 – US Attorney General

    Robert Mueller – 2001-2013 – Director FBI & 2017-2019 – SC for DOJ

    James Comey – 2013-2017 Director FBI

    Rod Rosenstein – 2005-2017 – US Attorney for the District of Maryland, 2017-2019 Deputy AG

    Barrack Obama – 2009-2016 – President of the US


  34. Lynch O'Higgins says:

    It might be useful to brief Mr. Victor Davis Hanson on the detailed timeline of the coup against our republic.

    Mr. Davis Hanson as an excellent communicator, has a large audience.

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  35. amjean says:

    I don’t care that they were/are clueless; it is their job to know what is going on and protect
    our constitution, our country and its people. At this point I fear there are only a few people
    such as President Trump, Jim Jordan, etc. who are on the side of truth, along with a few
    reporters online.

    One thing I do not want to hear from anyone is “We can’t open up that “can of worms”
    or “pandora’s box”, etc. because to indict/prosecute that person(s) would seriously
    damage the citizens confidence in our government system”; i.e. the FBI, CIA, DOJ,
    previous president, vice president, secretary of state, previous presidents for the last
    few decades, etc. etc. etc.


  36. Bogeyfree says:

    So if congressmen and even the DOJ don’t have this all pieced together, how could PT?

    My point is I bet PT is relying on Barr as well who Sundance just said doesn’t communicate regularly with Durham and XXXXX.

    So how can PT be fully up to speed? He can’t IMO. He is trusting Barr.

    So isn’t it time to take the Sundance truth and evidence directly to PT?

    My answer is absolutely YES and I bet Sidney via Gen. Flynn could help arrange this meeting.

    The other option is we go to Eric and/or Don Jr.

    Sundance, are you willing to go to the WH?

    Liked by 1 person

  37. vikingmom says:

    I just keep wishing that we could find a handful of Patriots in DC who love their country more than their reputation… Who would acknowledge that they were spied upon and have been blackmailed and that it is happening in massive numbers throughout our government. I think once a few started coming forward many more would follow and the dam of secrecy would finally collapse.

    Liked by 4 people

    • John Taylor says:

      Most likely Democrats themselves were spied upon and Blackmailed, remember Maxine Waters statement about Obamas huge database. And she specifically mentioned Democrats running for Office


      • vikingmom says:

        But there have to be Republicans who were spied upon as well – Obama would not have wasted all that time and energy simply to keep his own party in check.

        The fact that SO many Rs have refused to support President Trump in any way certainly suggests that many, if not most of them are compromised. (Yes, Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy, everyone who retired in 2018, Mitch McConnell, Richard Burr, Marco Rubio…I AM talking to you!!)

        And the number of Judges AND media “personalities” who are either being blackmailed or bribed (or both) is probably at least 75% IMHO…


  38. Doppler says:

    “Unfortunately the general belief is that FISA(702) and NSA metadata collection, which includes the ability to review information on all citizens, are critical to national security.”
    To preserve liberty in our time, given our digital age, means to regain the right to privacy. “The right of the people to be secure in their papers and effects . . . .”
    The “general belief” you refer to is totally bogus: very few people understand the scope of the invasion of privacy that has occurred, at the hands of both the NSA and of Big Tech. Those on the inside who do understand because they have access to it have all been corrupted by it. They use it spy on their girlfriends and neighbors, their customers for targeting ads, the financial officers of companies for investment opportunities, and their friends and enemies by those playing power games at any level. They mock those who don’t have the power and don’t suspect (e.g., Zuckerberg, on why people provided him with all their confidential information “they’re dumb MFs.”) We are forced to “agree” to it by lengthy contracts of adhesion required to access our technology with each upgrade.
    The “general belief” you refer to, Sundance, is the product of unprosecuted lies to Congress, deception, pompous manipulation, sophisticated contract-drafting targeted at unsophisticated members of the public. It will disappear like swamp vapor, once people become fully aware.
    Bill Binney created “Thin Thread” to enable all the law enforcement enabled by the internet without invasion of our privacy, except upon warrant issued upon probable cause. The people who overrode Binney, adopted PRISM or whatever it’s called instead, stone-walled and sought to punish him for his whistleblowing, enabling the Deep State, need to be exposed and punished, or their names dishonored


  39. Bogeyfree says:

    Sundance has done a wonderful job with breadcrumbs that include RR, EH and RM

    But in an earlier tweet Sundance said forget Uranium One which I think is a mistake. Why?

    Because in life everyone comes to a fork in the road and makes a choice.

    I believe RR fork was Uranium One.


    • BitterC says:

      Not to mention according to Solomon’s new book, “Fallout”, the whole reason for the Russian collusion campaign smear was to deflect from Uranium One. He says a former Clinton campaign worker told him their internal polling had indicated that Clinton Cash was the biggest scandal of all the Clinton scandals. FWIW


  40. Silent American says:

    Even with a full reveal, it is going to take several million peaceful patriots showing up in Washington DC to let the deep state and uni-party know that we are fed up and are not going to take it anymore. If they don’t get the message, the compact is broken and all cash going to Washington should stop. If power comes from money, then let’s stop the money!!!!! Absent that, then what happens, happens! I am not willing to lose my beloved country.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. marksmanjax says:

    May God lead the way!


  42. Bogeyfree says:

    I wonder if Sundance has talked with this guy?

    Quite the thread.

    If not I would suggest a DM ASAP!


    • Bogeyfree says:

      I don’t tweet but would someone DM johnheretohelp and see if he would give a copy of his Nunez tape to Sundance assuming he has copies?

      Or at least email Sundance so they can connect and he can share what he knows with Sundance as this sounds like it could be another piece of the puzzle.


    • horseyb says:

      This is the probably the Baltimore group when Rod Rosenstein was in charge that targeted Sharyl Atkisson. Read her account of what happened after Benghazi – it’s chilling but doesn’t get to the level that John apparently saw when he was there.


    • YeahYouRight says:

      I just tried. He can’t be mrssaged through Twitter. Compelling story; exactly why white hats hide.


  43. Perot Conservative says:

    One of the few to publicly say there is a Grand Jury seated.

    John Ligato, a retired FBI Special Agent, writes an interesting take on the Durham investigation. Includes possible attorney questions – on publicly available (contradictory) information.

    Compares John Durham to General Patton.

    Conservative Business Journal: FBI Special Agent Reveals Why It’s Sudden Death and Durham is Our Last Hope

    ** “Durham has convened a federal grand jury which consists of between 16 to 23 US citizens. The only individuals present inside a grand jury room is a court reporter, the prosecutor, and witnesses. Hearsay is admissible….” **

    “Although this is a complex case, it is also one where many of the subjects have already indicted themselves….”

    “…John Henry Durham is our last hope for justice served. We seem surrounded by the enemy and our society is fragile. What has always separated us from the barbarians at our gate is law and order.”

    “If the Durham investigation results in some guppies washing ashore, then the justice system is broken. Lock the door and turn the lights out. We can only hope that Durham can channel is inner Patton and level lady justice’s scales.”


  44. Richard Whitney says:

    I bet that the contractors worked for Brennan’s The Analytics Corporation, and Brennan used that information against Trump and others here and probably marketed it to our enemies in Beijing and Tehran, where he has contacts.


    • Bogeyfree says:

      Or we could ask Dennis Montgomery the Hammer WB what happened to the data he extracted from 2009-2012? Who did he give it to?


  45. icthematrix says:

    Having our contact plan already in place is key. Identify key people who you know are influencers. They can be local or anywhere, but they should have a voice and some courage to share. This is your personal list.

    The next list are your direct government representatives, both local, state and federal. Email and phone. Send the email AFTER connecting by phone. Get the full name and direct line of their representative that you speak with. Tell them you have a direct source to your local media representative and will be sure they know that the REPRESENTATIVE knows. THAT is a red alert signal for politicians.

    The last list is media. Start with your local paper and TV station. Research to obtain specific reporter’s names and try to contact them directly (and try to find someone who has not demonstrated excessive bias against the President….I know…that’s hard). IMPORTANT: have a clear message ready as relayed by Sundance. The “CONSPIRACY NUT JOB” filter will be ready to initiate at any moment. You must be friendly but direct, with clear specific information as facts. Tell them these details are being offered to reporters around the country, and someone will be breaking major news with it…but only if they give attention to it ASAP.

    Make your lists now. Do your research now. Be ready to launch 🚀


    • Bogeyfree says:

      As a team I also think we should begin to list the groups, associations and organizations we have strong connections with and can feed the Sundance truth and evidence packet to quickly.

      Between PT, Rush, Hannity and Bongino my guess is they reach 150m people everyday!

      The packets needs to be hung at


      • Dave Radetsky says:

        Bogey – Good idea, and I think getting to far more show hosts would be important. Many regional and local conservative talk show hosts have very solid, loyal audiences. Those add up to a lot of listeners quite quickly. And we also need to remember that the national shows don’t have numbers as high as most people think, that’s why local and regional shows are so important and effective. (It’s important to remember that the big shows have listeners, but many of the small shows are extremely powerful with their listeners. Rush and Hannity have good sized audiences, but remember, for example, that Rush claims 25 million per week, which is probably about 5 million per day. The per week number has to include everyone who listens every day and most of the listeners are repeats, not once a week listeners. Hannity is the same way in the way he claims is numbers, which he says are 20 million per week.). Local hosts often have hundreds of thousands to a few million daily listeners, depending on the metro area they are in and also whether they are syndicated. We need to make sure we don’t miss them.


        • steph_gray says:

          Please add Howie Carr –

          I do know he reads here – he’s mentioned the treehouse several times. So maybe no need, but he’s got a very good show with a daily growing audience.


  46. MikeN says:

    Could Bash be going back a full decade? Was Bill Kristol spied on during the Iran Deal? It would be hilarious to watch Mitt Romney defend Obama’s spying on the Romney campaign.


  47. Paul Ponzelli says:

    One of the techniques the Left did was to overwhelm POTUS with so many accusations that he and his defenders had to spend so much time defending against the accusations, there was little oxygen left to go on the offense against the accusers. And on the occasions they tried, the media complex dismissed it by saying that was just a feeble attempt to make their accusation go away. So for most of this presidency, they kept pummeling him with accusations they never had to prove.
    Regardless of how true or compelling our information will be, it needs to be delivered in a massive offensive so it can’t be dismissed with a couple of news stories. It has to be be relentless, so it keeps popping up again and again, in different places. In other words, it has to overwhelm the media’s defensive shield.

    Liked by 1 person

  48. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    re: “AG Bill Barr who will then have to decide which criminal characters will be indicted and which would be too institutionally dangerous to indict.”
    Doesn’t this get us right back to James Wolfe, Part Deux? where everyone walks? ie, too big to fail?


    • Free Speech says:

      Andrew McCabe was rumored to have said if they arrested him he’d spill everything on everyone. He can pass that info right on down to those below him (Clinesmith) to give them the same firewall.


    • help4newmoms says:

      Who could be more institutionally dangerous to indict than the President and they were ready to indict him. No one is above the law. Enough.

      Liked by 1 person

      • YeahYouRight says:

        Notice, however, that indicting any OTHER president is absolutely off limits! A breach of protocol!

        Yet, they lie in wait for President Trump’s last millisecond in office, handcuffs at the ready.


    • doyouseemyvision says:

      Then our counter argument is Bill Barr is obstructing justice and he is protecting a 2-tiered justice system. And that needs to be made loud and clear. Relentlessly until he does something or quits. We can’t afford to have an AG in the job who refuses to do it.


  49. kleen says:


  50. Marycontrary says:

    The timing for Washington to cross the Delaware was in God’s hands. The timing was perfect and we have a free republic. God has us all in his hands still. We pray for His exquisite plan and the timing of it all. May He use each of us as needed .

    Liked by 2 people

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