Tucker Carlson Begs Republicans to Stop Being Democrats…

Tucker Carlson used his opening monologue tonight to beg Republicans to stop being Democrats.   Most of what Carlson outlines is accurate, especially the “Nikki Haley waiting in the wings” to return to the UniParty rules part.

The end solution is the appropriate course.  We The People must take action to force a resounding Trump reelection, and then demand the GOP abandon their leftist alignment.

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296 Responses to Tucker Carlson Begs Republicans to Stop Being Democrats…

  1. chuckthetech says:

    Bravo Tucker tell it like it is…grassroots groups who vote rightly are the only thing spineless politicians understand!!!!

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  2. Pokey says:

    Tucker has always been a believer in our Constitution and he is, like myself, very afraid of what becomes of our Constitution if we lose this election. The left are throwing up every road block they can think of because they also know this is the year they have to win. The fallout will be terrible, no matter how it come out in November. So, everyone better have their boots on for this election. Do not settle for allowing potential Trump voters to just give up instead of fight to win this election. We need everyone to be all in.

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  3. islandpalmtrees says:

    Will President Trump have enough time, to save the republic.

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    • zorrorides says:

      Tucker’s point is that the Republican office holders, party, and voters must NOW BEGIN DOING EVERYTHING THEY DO AS IF THEY BELIEVE the Constitutional Citizenry’s responsible, ethical, republican code for living.

      Instead, the DC Republicans don’t lift a finger to assist Trump. Tucker said YOU must convince your personal office holders to change their attitudes immediately.

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      • islandpalmtrees says:

        Tucker, is right. But, how?

        Protesting in the streets will start a civil war. MSM and the Democrat leadership are working with the Antifa-BLM Mob.

        We don’t have enough money to buy the Republicans in congress off.

        Calling your representative – will likely be met with the answering service.


        • Alex1689 says:

          Congresscritters and local state pols are not usually as difficult to track down to buttonhole as you think. And I don’t mean showing up at their houses. Not sure about what is happening in this time of Covid, but normally you have to do is track down the standard breakfast, lunch, and charity auction fundraising glad handing circuit. The Jones County Republican Womens Club annual luncheon, the Smith County Republican Campaign Committee cookout, the annual charity auction for the Moose Lodge. Sometimes their offices will even donate lunch with County Council member Taylor, and for $25 you can have the RINO all to yourself for 45 minutes of straight talk. Takes some effort, but it can be one way around the auto pen letter.

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        • budklatsch says:

          I get daily, most often several times a day, emails from Graham and McConnell asking for financial donations and I’ll be damned if I will donate a penny to either. I only send money to PDJT

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        • budklatsch says:

          I get daily, most often several times a day, emails from Graham and McConnell asking for financial donations and I’ll be damned if I will donate a penny to either. I only send money to PDJT

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    • john edward lorenz says:

      maybe if reelected definitely not if he isn’t. The war is ongoing. Marxists only have their earthly goals to achieve , they never have, never will, but they are relentless rather than reasonable.

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  4. mugdiller says:

    Tucker’s family was terrorized by Antifa last year and had to move from their home (he was not at home and his wife hid in the pantry while thugs pounded on the front door, then later tagged his driveway). He’s a man on a mission.

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    • Caius Lowell says:

      Most Republicans would have folded, but not Tucker, or Donald…

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    • Les Newcomb says:

      Yes Mugdiller Tucker’s family was terrorized last year. Makes me wonder to this day why he felt the need to impress President Trump of the seriousness of this whole Coronavirus crap. Remember?? Even drove two hours to meet down at Mar a Lago. PT initial reaction along with many others that this was a hoax of sorts and my goodness! How right we were. I’m afraid we’re going to need a lot of prayers to get this turned around. This scam is clearly running away from us. Tucker Carlson needs to continue to bring on the good guests to refute Fauci et al. Lord help us.

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    • cattastrophe says:

      Tucker went from correct to warrior. When I say correct I mean right on the issues not politically correct. We all need to be warriors in whatever way we can.

      Bongino gave a perfect example of how we as citizens can have an effect even if it’s just a phone call and as I’ve repeated and he repeated, THE LEFT NEVER GIVES UP. NEVER. We’re lucky if we even see them retreat for a minute but any time they do retreat it’s just to regroup. They are never discouraged, complacent or demoralized no matter the outcome of what they’re doing. We must have this attitude in everything we do. BTW do you know who else has this attitude. President Trump.


    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      Tucker has been on fire lately and he’s the right man for the right moment in these dark days. Everything he’s said has been correct but I never thought anyone with a national platform would bring them up. He’s a ray of bright light on what has otherwise become a very leftist Fox News.

      I hope it’s not true but whispers indicate Tucker may very well retire from television after the election. That may be why he’s speaking so freely and burning bridges with the Republican establishment. I imagine currently elected Republicans are spooked now to go on his show.


  5. zombietimeshare says:

    “Tucker Carlson used his opening monologue tonight to beg Republicans to stop being Democrats.”

    Said Senator Pierre Delecto (R-INO): “I disagree.”

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  6. Caius Lowell says:

    One of my so-called “conservative” friends has worked with both Romney and Rubio, which makes me believe he isn’t very conservative at all. There’s an asymmetric incentive dynamic at play here that SD has mentioned. That is, conservatives can never outwork liberals because conservatives have talent and interests outside of politics. For liberals, Democrats, socialists, Labour, and communists, politics is all they do and all they think about. Political power is their god.

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    • Ozark says:

      Both Republicans and Conservatives need to get up off their ass and do something.

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    • Cyberfoy says:

      Which is why we need social conservatives in office. True believers. People of faith.

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    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      For many liberals, a life-long career in government is their dream. Few conservatives grow up dreaming of government as a permanent career.

      It will never become law but term limits for every Federal office in DC would stop about 70% of the Swamp’s corruption. Career politicians are a cancer on our government.

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  7. Marcus Aurelius says:

    Seattle police finally moving in to clear out CHAZ/CHOP:

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    • Caius Lowell says:

      Look at that diversity! Why don’t ray-cyst Americans appreciate it? Why it’s just like a little bit of Nairobi, Lagos, Tripoli, Jakarta, or Caracas right here in America! Thank you god-king 0bama for bringing this diversity to America! 0bama akbar! 0bama akbar! /sarc

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      • Mr e-man says:

        The first year we invaded Iraq 600 American soldiers died. I saw that same year 600 black kids were murdered in Chicago. And 600 in Detroit. And 600 in NYC. And almost 600 in Baltimore, and on and on.

        I realized those cities are war zones. Now here we are 2 decades later and the same number of people are being murdered. Black Lies Matter doesn’t care about black lives. They care about winning elections so they can graft onto money and spend it on themselves. If they cared, they would be protesting against the murderers in those neighborhoods. Fat chance of that. And it isn’t becasue of the police.

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  8. maxxheadroom777 says:

    We now get a half-dozen emails a day from “Trump” and the RNC, asking for money. We reply to every single one saying, “We support President Trump. We despise RNC. We do not want one red cent of my money going to RNC. How do we do that?” So far, no reply. Grrrrrrowl….

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  9. Kaco says:

    We need to tell the Republicans that we do NOT support Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Matter is a communist, marxist organization funded by George Soros and operated his goons. Furthermore, any financial support going to BLM is going to Act Blue. So we need to tell our Republican congressmen, you are supporting Democrat politicians when you support BLM and they are supposed to be the GOP. And BLM has proven themselves time and again, they are a violent, radical, anarchist group. We do not approve of statues or history removed. We do not approve of unlawful behavior or disorder.

    They need to brand the GOP the party of all that Tucker said, equal under the law, equal opportunity. Also, that they are the party of peace, not violence and rebellion. That they are the party of American citizens first. We really need to nail them on that one.

    I will start writing my GOP Representative and one Republican Senator.


  10. Almost Half of Congress are Lawyers…..Both Democrat and Republican…..Politically connected Lawyers protect other Politically connected Lawyers regardless of Party affiliation…..We are a Republic run by corrupt Lawyers, corrupt Politician Lawyers, Judges and un-elected Bureaucrat Lawyers(FBI, SCOTUS John Roberts)…..The corrupt Judicial allows it all…..Corrupt Lawyers are destroying our Republic…..75-80% of Lawyers are registered Democrats….You tell me where the problem is…


  11. John F. Sullivan says:

    The RNC is subsidizing the Post Office.


  12. babrightlight says:

    Sadly, we vote for the less of two evils. Trump and perhaps a couple dozen Republicans actually care about America, the rest care only for themselves. I remember Paul Ryan’s excuse when after 8 years of promising to change healthcare if they became the majority–well, they became the majority and then Ryan admitted that they weren’t use to leading as if they had to prepare for it. That’s not leadership. Many Republicans are windsocks so if we get the right kind of breeze, some things may get accomplished. With Democrats, there is no hope.

    The uniparty is real. Choosing between Repubs and Dems is like bonga bonga or death by bonga bonga. We get screwed either way. The first step is get rid of all Democrats. Step 2 is get rid of all Republicans. It’s a process but a most necessary one.


  13. woohoowee says:

    It’s obvious the Republicans are doing everything they can to throw this election to the Democrats, again.

    Since we’re stuck in what .Gov claims is a two party system but the two parties are actually one party, do we have any legal recourse? We are not a free people and have been serially abused by .Gov, not the least of which is having everything stolen from us both individually and collectively, while UniParty/.Gov keeps the lies flowing about anything and everything.


  14. Moe Grimm says:

    I wonder how accurate these polls really are. Even if those “margins of error” are off as much as 10%+ these polls to me still constitute an indictment of the American electorate. Personally I would ask those polled (also problematic) WHAT they would do differently, let alone that he’s done it despite the historically unprecedented treasonous conspiracy against all of us here with Trump as the proxy. Is it because of PDT’s “offensive” twats via a forum he shouldn’t be using to begin with? WHAT do they think they’ll get with Biden besides demographic replacement of those who built this Country. If it is to be Biden who now wants 4 years to demonstrate what he has the past near 40 – we’re finished anyway and the only way back is by force. I also wonder how many here are prepared for that as this is much more than what most “think”. Provisions, skill, a Hard Heart, and and more.


  15. jimrockfish says:

    Why do McConnell and Graham never get primaried successfully? Voters are apathetic and just keep voting the same way they always have. Asleep at the wheel.

    Hopefully Boebert in Colorado will win the general election. That’s how we need to do it.


    • Alex1689 says:



    • dbobway says:

      In NC RINO’s run free. This is a state and local politics problem.
      ThomTillis should have been primered, but the State NC RINO slaver party are entrenched. They shut down the primary before it started. We’ve been on the Democrat radar, for more than a decade. S.Carolina is no different, same with most of the southeastern states.
      My personal take is, when PDJT got elected, I saw no replacement for him. Well I would vote for Governor Ron DeSantis right now. NC Governor Roy Cooper needs to be put on prison. President Trump put NC back to work. Roy Cooper is doing everything in his power, to destroy our economy. Our state Rino legislature is putting up a lame fight for us.
      I think Trump takes NC and Florida, easier than 2016. Ohio looks good, and Pennsylvania and Michigan looks pissed off enough to take down sleepy Joe.
      I can only dream what the President will do, when he isn’t in campaign mode. GW took a nap and watched our economy implode, in his second term. Obama created a shadow government.
      President Trump will be off the leash, for us Americans.
      I’m calling 2022 the RINO reckoning.
      If PDJT wins in November he will set the terms, of the only party that can save our nation.

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  16. Stillholdinghope says:

    Tucker was spot on (as usual), but the only missing element in the equation of getting the Republicans to actually uphold the Constitution as well as representing their constituents, is the power of “K” Street. If powerful corporations and political interests through their lobbyists continue to pump obscene amounts of campaign contributions (money/bribes) into the Congress, the Senate, the Judiciary (through favorable job offers for family and friends) and Presidential political PACS through questionable shrewd money laundering techniques. Then the interests of their lawful masters (the people) will be ignored and that’s assuming our election/voting systems have not been thoroughly compromised (fat chance)!

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  17. TwoLaine says:

    If you are like me and hadn’t seen the aforementioned Mike Braun interview, what an idiot LOSER!

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  18. Moe Grimm says:

    Tucker Carlson is an American Gem. Red pilled American GEM who seems to have against all odds escaped his “cali” based upbringing and as litigate heir to Swanson Foods. I’m sure Fox media (today suposedly having canned of all people Ed Henry) is desperate for a way out of his contract then give his time slot to Uber Cuck Sean “rank-‘n-file” Hannity who can give more time to Graham and that raging imbecile Mark Cuban. Donna The Bra Brazile along with ditz contingent Ingraham-Bream get bumps too. More bandwidth for Hannity’s favorites Graham, raging moron Mark Cuban, Ari Fleischer et al ad infinitum. Next on deck? Lou Dobbs, Maria Bartiromo, then Liz Mac… in just about this order. Mark Levin’s contract is allowed to simply time out. Today there’s

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  19. The American Patriot says:

    The RINOs won’t return because the Trumps are taking over the party!

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  20. The American Patriot says:

    WordPress sucks!


  21. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    Alabama: do not allow Sessions to win the July 14 runoff.


  22. Unpopular opinion:

    Tucker is controlled opposition (he does not know it). He keeps attacking the Republican party in the election year. If the Democrats get the House again, President Trump will be impeached again.
    If the Democrats get the Senate, forget any conservative judges or cabinet appointments. They will block everything that President Trump does. EVERYTHING.

    Even Mitt the traitor is better than any Democrat. I hate his guts, but if you dispassionately look at his voting record compared to the Democrats voting record, he still is much better. (That’s not his plus, it just shows how utterly insane and destructive the Democrats are).

    President Trump needs the Republican party. If we can get MAGA candidates let’s get them, because they are best. But stop the lies that Rinos are same as or worse than Democrats. The voting record simply does not show this.

    Facts matter.

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    • Raquel says:

      Trumplandslide, I agree. Everybody is singing the praises of Tucker . If my memory is correct, he was a never-Trumper. He still doesn’t come out in complete support of the president on a consistent basis. Did he mention the president in this piece? I don’t think so. He said that we need a leader. Apparently he doesn’t think President Trump is leading. Maybe Paul Ryan is breathing down his neck! Sorry, but I still can’t seem to muster up complete trust in Tucker. Let’s see how he acts as we get closer to the election.

      Right now we need unity in the Republican party. The Republicans need to rally around this president as never before and be very vocal about it; especially since it’s an election year! The democrats see the lack of loyalty as a chink in the Republican armor. If it is only rinos running, a rino is better than a democrat; especially when the democrats stick together so much. It is rare to see a democrat separate from the party. Do I wish there were no such thing as a rino or the uniparty? Of course, I wish they weren’t so; but President Trump has been a master so far at getting party support, at least better than I thought was possible a few years ago.

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  23. Allan L. says:

    President Tucker Carlson. Sounds really good.

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  24. CharterOakie says:

    Outstanding monologue, though a rather simplistically stated plan for bending the party to the will of average Americans.

    Corruption remains endemic.


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