Sunday Talks: Senator Tom Cotton Discusses, China, Micro-Tech (Semiconductors), 2020 Election and Elizabeth Warren as Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary…,

~ Tom Cotton Summarizes The Stakes of 2020 ~

What Senator Tom Cotton discusses in this interview is essentially what’s at stake in the 2020 election; and as an extension why radical leftists, democrats, media and Wall Street are united against their ‘America First’ enemy, Donald Trump.  There are trillions at stake.

The Chinese Communist Party influence over Wall Street and U.S. multinationals is very well known.  The CCP influence over Big Tech, and U.S. tech labs is starting to become more widely known; along with revelations about CCP influence inside major universities.

The Trump administration have direct policy positions to counteract each of these CCP influences; however, CCP financial beneficiaries from Hollywood to sports and pop-culture, to universities and ultimately U.S. politicians, do not want to lose affluence.


Behind a great deal of the visible resist Trump movement (whether financial or ideological) is a CCP dragon wearing a panda mask and writing big checks to keep the resistance operations strong.

What better laundry operation could exist to benefit the CCP than Black Lives Matter? Beijing can ship funds to BLM in a myriad of ways, and that money is then transferred –via Act Blue– into the coffers of those political voices supporting Joe Biden’s campaign.

Some smart sleuthing by Raheem Kassam and Natalie Winters at The National Pulse shows the donations made to Black Lives Matter actually go to ActBlue.  From there ActBlue takes those contributions and sends them forward to the Joe Biden Campaign.

While the Biden campaign insists it doesn’t support efforts to defund the police, it may happily profit from Black Lives Matter (BLM) efforts, and is complicit in taking money from an organization partnered with those spearheading the dangerous policy that has already taken root in Minneapolis, New York, and Los Angeles.

After reaching the BLM homepage, which features a “Defund The Police” petition front and center, if a user chooses to donate, they’re rerouted to a site hosted by ActBlue and prompted with the message: “We appreciate your support of the movement and our ongoing fight to end state-sanctioned violence, liberate Black people, and end white supremacy forever.”

Joe Biden is the top beneficiary of the ActBlue’s fundraising efforts.  (link)

This means donations to Black Lives Matter are actually a funding mechanism for Joe Biden 2020; and that explains why national democrats (Pelosi) and the DNC have changed their position on BLM as an activist organization, and now embrace them openly.

The financial arrangement also further solidifies the purpose for BLM (Obama/Holder) to align with the AME Church network (Clyburn, Sharpton, et al) which facilitates the DNC agenda (Biden, Perez, et al).

The 2020 financial problem that was being faced by the Democrat National Committee was solved through the use of Black Lives Matter as a funding mechanism for the 2020 election.  The more money the resistance movement can push into their BLM advocacy, the more money that actually flows into the DNC for 2020.

As of May 21st, ActBlue has donated $119,253,857 to the “Biden for President” effort.

It’s a smart workaround and provides a back-door for all of the Hollywood and social influence crowd to use.  By supporting donations to Black Lives Matter, the leftist movement writ large is essentially funding the DNC.   The BLM movement is simply a vessel for them to use and exploit.

Keep in mind you are now hearing of multi-million donations to Black Lives Matter from big corporations.  Any corporation that pays into this scheme is actually paying to fund Joe Biden 2020 and the Democrats.  Now all of those “donations” make sense.

Over the past couple of weeks, in the wake of the protests over extrajudicial killings of Black people, tech companies have made tens of millions of dollars in commitments to racial equity organizations. (link)

The scale of the DNC effort to enhance national antagonism based on race now makes much more sense.  The Democrats are exploiting activism and outrage in order to fund their national political campaigns; and it’s likely the average donor has no idea.

Black interests are not only being exploited by Democrats for votes; their community concerns are also being used to siphon money from their special interests.  Typical.

With that knowledge, does this look a little different now?

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91 Responses to Sunday Talks: Senator Tom Cotton Discusses, China, Micro-Tech (Semiconductors), 2020 Election and Elizabeth Warren as Joe Biden’s Treasury Secretary…,

  1. Lenny says:

    It is getting real close.. God help us all.

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  2. Henry says:

    Lieawatha now Wapum Hoe.

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  3. doc00 says:

    Time to realize that the democrat party no longer has candidates nor even members of government. The people elected or running for government under the banner of the democrat party are place holders, from demented Joe B to the youngest democrat member of congress elected in 2018. The votes are for the DEMOCRAT PARTY.

    The Republican Party is moving that direction at slower pace and election of the President in 2016 has slowed the pace greatly, hence his existential threat to the finical puppet masters, who belong to NO PARTY by the way.

    The point of disagreement I have with SD is on the status of China Inc. They are actually members of a larger global group that includes US and EU elites, with possibly a few very rich thrown in.

    George Soros is NOT a member of the ruling counsel. I consider him one of the major “trunk strings” controlling the democrat party, which at this point is the blunt instrument of choice as it has proven to be the most easily directed and easily aligned with violence prone leftist movements (to include Islam).

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  4. RePete says:

    Joe Biden looks Lost and confused. I don’t understand this strategy, yet.

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    • jmuniz1 says:

      They like that so they can control him. Like they did Obama. Ted Cruz wife worked for Bush 2 and Obama. Ted thought he was going to be President. He is not a citesen.

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      • sDee says:

        Citizen, yes. Natural born citizen, no. Just another proof point of how easily their propaganda can convince a free people to erode the foundations of their own Constitution.

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    • An oddsmaker tries to set the odds such that a gambler has a true 50% chance of winning.
      Similarly, as a political strategy, Dems hope that any ambiguity re the identity of the actual Dem candidate for president 2020 is at its maximum level, in other words, 50% chance it’s Biden, 50% chance its not.
      Maximum ambiguity freezes the President out of a more careful planning process re which states will be most critical. For instance, if the nominee turns out to be especially popular in a particular contested state, the Presudent, if he knew this, could take action NOW to offset this fact.
      Keeping the President in the dark carries enormous Dem adavantages on so many levels.
      Lastly, parading Biden as the presumptive nominee unifies the Party of Obama around his VP and will draw in more donations than any other candidate ever could. Therefore, if and when Biden drops out or is outvoted at the convention the DNC will have benefited from fundraising off the Obama brand, the most potent brand Dems possess.
      ( I’ve posted before that we will really know when magazine covers begin to go full-on Biden. This hasn’t happened yet!)

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  5. listingstarboard says:

    Maybe God has other plans for China.

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    • Jan says:

      Got my fingers crossed on your points AND 2, 3, or 4 more rounds of the coronavirus in China to keep them busy trying to keep their economy going instead of having time to thwart us.

      I have my panda mask on.

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  6. Avi says:

    while the MSM is gaslighting us with polls, polls that we trust are even showing a downturn for the president. he needs to get his groove back. He should never have stopped the cover pressers. free ads for an hour.
    and is he playing rope a dope with the protestors ? if so he better hit back soon

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  7. Add to all this Black Lives Matter financial contributing, the recent outspoken vocal admission that it’s co-founder is a “trained Marxist”. Nice self admission. The other, not so surprising revelation is that close to 75% of the useful idiots carrying BLM banners and signs in the streets, are white ‘soy boys and karens’. To many educated, hard working blacks, that is inwardly and awkwardly repulsive. Once again, Leftists and Communists stealing their banner and flags and unfairly pushing to the front of their parade”

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    • Debra says:

      I still hold the opinion that the high school kids, young, and restless, and bored — due to not having school and being cooped up — were chomping at the bit to do ANYTHING that they fell right into protest lockstep, thus upping the appearance of a larger group than what are the loudest voices in this mess.

      Just another aspect of the Wuhan virus that is manipulating those whose emotions are confused enough to begin with . . .

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    • Redhotrugmama says:

      Do you have a link to where the cofounder admits to being a trained marxist? Just had a discussion about BLM with a good African American friend that wqs Republican now she has flipped to Dem:(


      • Mello says:

        To Redhotrugmama: Quoted from an article published on June 25 in the NY Post

        “Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a newly surfaced video from 2015 that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists” – making clear their movement’s ideological foundation, according to a report.
        Cullors, 36, was the protégé of Eric Mann, former agitator of the Weather Underground domestic terror organization, and spent years absorbing the Marxist-Leninist ideology that shaped her worldview, Breitbart News reported.
        “The first thing, I think, is that we actually do have an ideological frame. Myself and Alicia in particular are trained organizers,” she said, referring to BLM co-founder Alicia Garza.
        We are trained Marxists. We are super-versed on, sort of, ideological theories. And I think that what we really tried to do is build a movement that could be utilized by many, many black folk,” Cullors added in the interview with Jared Ball of The Real News Network.”

        I’ve seen the video footage of her discussing that she is a trained Marxist, can’t find the link

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      • Sir Bruce says:

        As a starter, go to Patrisse Cullors, BLM co-founder, admits she is “a trained Marxist.”

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    • skipper1961 says:

      Being in the trade show industry (please pray for us?), I have some peripheral knowledge of just how EXPENSIVE those graphic (usually vinyl, aaah! fossil fuel products!!) banners cost. Pretty confident that NO unemployed, man-bun wearing, ethnic studies major is footing the bill for them! WHO is?!! And how do they know how to spell anything without “emojis”?

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  8. Parker Longbaugh says:

    Without the re-election of President Trump combined with solid control of the Senate our nation is in genuine peril. We have seen first hand the Democrats and their uniparty pro Chamber of Commerce and CCP allies will never stop until we the people are gone.

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    • David M Kitting says:

      There are 330 million people in the US. Around 24 million are government workers. Just how do We The People supposedly get ‘gone’ ? Who’s going to make the donuts?
      My unsolicited advice would be to first, slowly back away from media exposure, then take 2 fishing rods and call me in the morning.
      Trust God.

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  9. StevieDee says:

    Elizabeth Warren at Treasury!!! Oh my Gosh!!! That ought to be in every commercial from now until November. I just can’t even . . .

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  10. StevieDee says:

    Look at that photo of poor old Joe. His plastic surgeon must not have liked him.

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  11. billshiloh says:

    Oceans of our young men’s blood has been spilled for America and we are going to lose it
    …..without even putting up a fight !
    Unbelievable as this sounds it is happening ,right now and right in front of us.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      She’d have another personal slush fund like she did before . Sorry can’t remember the name of it but it was either Mulveney or Mnuchin dismantled. Yah. They want her hands on money she can funnel.

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  12. jengancworld says:

    Testing testing 123

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  13. RJ says:

    I think Senator Cotton has presidential potential, thought it for some time now. I like his military combat experience as a life event that stiffened his spine and brought reality into his life in a way most combat vets understand. But he has other gifts to offer, wait for them to be expressed.

    I also note with this Black Lives Matter and Antifa that they have chosen to go to cities (and states) where it appears women have been elected to powerful positions of governance. I wonder if the female perspective, being unique and specific, may dominate their decisions of toleration that appear to be taking place. If they get crossed, will this same sensitivity take a 180 degree turn and bring holly hell down on these agitators, even going a step too far in dominance?

    I remember reading the thoughts of Margaret Mead years ago, which has generated my thoughts on these women who have attained political power. I look how many of them treat men, at all levels in society. It is a dynamic one should pay attention.

    BLM has not stayed within our shores, it has traveled to Europe..why? Youth, the coming generation is demanding it be heard, one way or the other.

    That is not new, but what is new is that little pesky smart phone, the one that can communicate around the world faster than anyone ever imagined. It’s impact is coming into focus, sharp focus I sense.

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  14. Skeeball says:

    I really enjoy employing the Alinksy tactic of ridiculing the left for their support of Joe Biden who is funded by major corporations and voted for the Iraq War.

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    • FreyFelipe says:

      Around 2 or 3 weeks after the start of the Iraq War, Biden actually praised Bush for his “Great Leadership” on Iraq. There is a tape or transcript of it “out there somewhere”.

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  15. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    All of this lunacy is to increase the dnc’s campaign piggy bank?

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    • WSB says:

      When you need to launder American taxpayers’ money through major corporations and China, it takes a bit of work.

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      • Missy says:

        Makes you wonder….How many other countries have this money-laundering scam going, besides Iran, Ukraine, and China? Those are the big dollar ones, but are there others? Do the newbies in thenSenate get smaller countries, while the senior ones get the higher-dollar ones? This is beyond disgusting.

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  16. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    Corporate America and Wall St hated the idea of Pocahontas as president because of her crazy economic policies. I bet this isn’t sitting well with them.

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  17. Mike in a Truck says:

    Knock knock Billy Bagpipes…maybe an investigation into campaign finance shinanagins?

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    • FrankieZee says:

      So much shit to do and so little time, especially after Billie Bagpipes has squandered so many months to doing nothing. If Trump can’t get back to doing rallies, I suggest he start going to 1 to 2 businesses a day in key battle ground states like he did in Pa and Wisconsin. These events actually act like mini rallies with all the people lining thee streets to see him drive by. And does he go back to doing the pressers to get his message out to the people. This is not for me, but for the people who appear to be wavering or maybe they just want to get their hopes ginned up by seeing and hearing from him.

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  18. alonzo1956 says:

    Thanks Sundance especially for the pic of Biden! The look on his face closely resembles the words that he speaks.

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  19. FreyFelipe says:

    “There are trillions at stake.”

    And even more importantly, freedom of speech, the wellspring of all liberty, is at stake. Already, with people intimidated by tyrannical political correctness, now supercharged by BLM, the ChinaFlu weapon, and with the troika of internet fuhrers, facebook, twitter and google stomping their jackboots on more and more, freedom of speech is already in the process of being strangled to death.

    If Trump is defeated, the Fat Lady will have sung, and at the top of her lungs. There will be no freedom, nor kindness, in sight, and no one left to come and rescue us off what will seem like an Island from Hell that will have been taken over by moral pygmies.

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  20. northwoodswatcher says:

    SYSTEMATIC VOTER FRAUD continues to be the issue which makes every other issue irrelevant.

    After all, what’s the point of putting all of this effort into educating swing voters and getting out out core voters if the demonRATs are going to steal the election anyway?

    Tactics like mail-in voting and illegal alien voting demonstrate to anyone with eyes that they are already stealing it.

    Add in demonRATs’ reprogram-the-electronic-voting-machines fraud, not to mention busing in voters from out of county or state and the old reliable don’t-clean-up-the-voter-rolls-so-dead-folks-can-vote trick, and we are going to face a tough choice.

    Nixon learned this the hard way in 1960, but Republicans haven’t.

    Since President Trump has not acted to forcibly terminate sanctuary cities/states and has let demonRAT mayors and governors continue to massively violate their citizens’ constitutional rights via so-called “executive orders” (i.e., Gestapo edicts) — and to use the long arm of the law to persecute citizens who lawfully resist this tyranny — we are down to one alternative come November.

    That alternative is called the “Pinochet Option.”

    Browse the excellent article below about the heroic steps General Augusto Pinochet took to rescue Chile from its similar descent into communist barbarism.

    What Pinochet Did for Chile:

    America’s demonRAT communists are in all-or-nothing fight mode. Are we?

    The Republican reluctance to face facts by using violence to quell violence is admirable at a theoretical level. But in the “Death Wish” places where people live, citizens are yearning for a few regiments of Charles Bronson. Check out the article below.

    De Blasio’s performance grows worse by the day, making NYC unlivable:

    Cuomo and de Blasio are both candidates for federal arrest for sedition and treason for their rabid support of the BLM/Antifa terrorism, and also for their aiding and abetting insurrection in support of sanctuary cities/states.

    In fact, ALL OF THE demonRAT governors and most of the mayors are candidates for federal arrest for insurrection, sedition, and treason.

    The steps Lincoln took in putting down insurrection are of course the classic case.

    For example, Lincoln’s Enrollment Act of Conscription shocked a population already tired of the two-year-old war. In New York City, which makes a habit of being on the wrong side of most American wars, a mob of some 50,000 New Yorkers terrorized the East Side of the city in the summer of 1863.

    President Lincoln didn’t hesitate to march combat troops from the Union Army of the Potomac, fresh from fighting the Battle of Gettysburg, to New York City to put down the draft riots. Some 6,000 to 10,00 federal and state troops remained encamped around the city for several weeks afteward.

    Recall that this occurred at a time when a large and influential demonRAT Party was in power in NYC. New York State’s popular governor, demonRAT Horatio Seymour, openly despised Lincoln and his policies.

    Yet Lincoln didn’t wait for the NYC mayor or NY governor to ask for the President’s help in stopping the riots.

    Lincoln didn’t let the city stew in its own juice.

    Lincoln recognized that he could not let the nation’s largest city be lost to looters and lawlessness.

    Lincoln didn’t give one short sh#t about the “optics.” New York City was American territory and he wanted it the hell back.

    Republicans had better wise up. Playing by the rules is fine — unless the other guy is thumbing his nose and stealing the election right out from under you — and challenging you to do something about it.

    It way past time for us to do something about it.

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    • FreyFelipe says:

      Mark Twain on Democrat Style Voting.

      Where did all these Democrats come from? They grow thicker and thicker and act more and more outrageously at each successive election. Now yesterday they had the presumption to elect S. H. Dwinelle to the Judgeship of the Fifteenth District Court, and not content with this, they were depraved enough to elect four out of the six Justices of the Peace! Oh, ‘Enery Villiam, where is thy blush! Oh, Timothy Hooligan, where is thy shame! It’s out. Democrats haven’t got any.

      The only man I ever knew who could counteract this passion on the part of Democrats for voting, was Robert Roach, carpenter of the steamer Aleck Scott, “plying to and from St. Louis to New Orleans and back,” as her advertisement sometimes read. The Democrats generally came up as deck passengers from New Orleans, and the yellow fever used to get them right and left – eight or nine a day for the first six or eight hundred miles; consequently Roach would have a lot on hand to “plant” every time the boat landed to wood – “plant” was Roach’s word. One day as Roach was superintending a burial the Captain came up and said:

      “God bless my soul, Roach, what do you mean by shoving a corpse into a hole in the hill-side in this barbarous way, face down and its feet sticking out?”

      “I always plant them Democrats in that manner, sir, because, damn their souls, if you plant ’em any other way they’ll dig out and vote the first time there’s an election – but look at that fellow, now – you put ’em in head first and face down and the more they dig the deeper they’ll go into the hill.”

      In my opinion, if we do not get Roach to superintend our cemeteries, enough Democrats will dig out at the next election to carry their entire ticket.

      – Mark Twain; Early Tales & Sketches, Vol. 2 1864-1865, (Univ. of California Press, 1981), pp. 313-14.]

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    • The American Patriot says:

      Do you know how hard it is to go up against an extremely, very dangerous enemy like this?

      It takes a level of dimensional strategy to defeat this grave evil.

      Trump knows their plan. Evil people have to display proof to make the appropriate action! Then you take them down. It is slow but can prove costly if you rush to action like what Furher O wanted him to do against his army by sending in the military.

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  21. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    Yes, it all makes sense.
    What I’m not spotting yet is what strategy President Trump is using to start pushing back.
    I absolutely do not believe any polls but I wouldn’t say it feels like winning right now.
    Sundance, any thoughts?

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    • MelH says:

      Trump laid the problem of Voter Fraud ion the Department of Defense the second he won the election. I’m not sure he has that department on his side anymore, if he ever did, I AM sure he is as worried about it as we are, and he has PLENTY of proof of the fraud that happened in 2016.

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    • The American Patriot says:

      Because you lack dimension and show a lack of faith!

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  22. mazziflol says:

    “[…]donations made to Black Lives Matter actually go to ActBlue. From there ActBlue takes those contributions and sends them forward to the Joe Biden Campaign.”

    Must not be true because Facebook says so…

    (and they cite this article)

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  23. rharkonen says:

    It would be great to see daily updates here giving contacts for getting EFFECTIVELY involved in the 2020 election, local, state, federal. Especially with regards to monitoring process (document and reveal fraud schemes before election, not 4 months later), get out the vote, ballot harvesting (if they are going to do it and no one is going to stop it, it means we have to do it better).

    Doing a search on the subject of election volunteering leads to web-sites that point people to left-wing organizations.

    Sending money to RNC and hoping for the best obviously isn’t the most effective thing since they seem more incentivized to lose.

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    • PittyPatty says:

      I am thinking of getting involved with True the Vote. You can volunteer and be trained to work in the polls or be a poll watcher. They also need donations. I heard the background of the organization a few years ago but don’t remember it now. They definitely want fair and honest elections, though.

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  24. Spectre says:

    Dems have a losing strategy….

    Hyping CV19 “cases” to shut down the economy….

    Hyping racism to promote division and anger…..

    Don’t kid yourself. This is getting under the skin of a majority of Americans….

    Their media bubble prevents them from honest feedback….

    This is not a winning or positive message. People won’t buy it outside of LibCenters of self delusion and Group Think.

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    • TarsTarkas says:

      All they need is to get a large enough voting minority in the right states to cheat their way to victory. And if they still can’t scream fraud and continue to #Resist.

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  25. Trygve says:

    If trillions are at stake, I don’t see how they would need to jump through such contrived hoops to obtain a few measly hundred million in campaign contributions… Something seems off.

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    • WSB says:

      It may depend on who the skimmers are. It is how the Clinton Foundation worked.

      Money from the State Department went to USAID. USAID went to the country of club player dictator A. Club dictator A would skim and then make a donation to the CF or CGI.

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  26. John says:

    “Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.” – Sun Tzu

    “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must seem inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.” – Sun Tzu

    “Engage people with what they expect; it is what they are able to discern and confirms their projections. It settles them into predictable patterns of response, occupying their minds while you wait for the extraordinary moment — that which they cannot anticipate.” – Sun Tzu

    “If your enemy is secure at all points, be prepared for him. If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected.” – Sun Tzu

    “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.” – Sun Tzu

    “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” – Sun Tzu

    “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” – Sun Tzu

    “When strong, avoid them. If of high morale, depress them. Seem humble to fill them with conceit. If at ease, exhaust them. If united, separate them. Attack their weaknesses. Emerge to their surprise.” – Sun Tzu

    “He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight.” – Sun Tzu

    “Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the attack.” – Sun Tzu

    “The quality of decision is like the well-timed swoop of a falcon which enables it to strike and destroy its victim.” – Sun Tzu

    “Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.” – Sun Tzu

    “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

    “When the enemy is relaxed, make them toil. When full, starve them. When settled, make them move.” – Sun Tzu

    “The opportunity to secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.” – Sun Tzu

    “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.” – Sun Tzu

    “The greatest victory is that which requires no battle.” – Sun Tzu

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    • MelH says:

      That right there is the Trump Playbook! Thanks, John. In Trump we must TRUST!

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    • New Nonna, Again!!! 🤗 says:

      I do think he’s gonna spring some amazing surprise before the election that will pretty much give him the upper hand in the election. I Really do. He’s not this ‘stupid’ to be caught helpless in all that’s going on.

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    • New Nonna, Again!!! 🤗 says:

      And I think his ‘playing’ the media is all part of his Sun Tzu act. He plays into their hands, plays the ‘bumbling fool’ while we KNOW he’s a VSG!! He’s THAT good!

      I pray for President Trump ALL the time. Thank you, Donald. We love you. We know you’re out to save America despite the trillions at stake and the plans and many evil, bad actors out to get you. Thank you.

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  27. cheryl says:

    I have yet to wear one and I will never wear one unless I go visit my sister in the rehab center someday when they finally let the poor woman have visitors.

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  28. Zimbalistjunior says:

    SD, has your general opinion on Cotton changed in last year or so?
    Still, proceed with caution?

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  29. Jederman says:

    But these donations are NOT in truth for slow joe. They may be going to his campaign but an extremely high percentage of the donors know that joe doesn’t know what time it is anymore.

    They are donating not for joe but merely against PT and his America first agenda. Where is Barr on this? Is this legal?

    PT, IMHO, should arrange a series of forums that support a conversational setting where he can walk the dog, step by step on who is who in this battle and why. He needs to explain in as sterile and concise way as possible why China is contributing to joe and what it means to (self aware) every day Americans.

    It’s clear that rallies are iffy but he must communicate what he knows about dem corruption, who is really supporting the Left, why they are doing it, who is doing it and what (gulp) would happen if they got slow joe into the WH and who would actually be running things. Then, most importantly what the terminal glide of our way of life looks like if that happens.

    If we think it’s abusive to be forced to wear masks, think what it would be like and what else they would force if they gained the WH, senate and house.

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  30. skipper1961 says:

    Am I the only Treeper who has a hard time trusting Mr. Cotton? Wasn’t he in the “Sea Island Gang”? I hope my suspicions can be allayed here.

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    • WSB says:

      Jury’s out…IMHO.

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    • cattastrophe says:

      Yes he was. My opinion is that because he is totally against war they convinced him Trump was a warmonger. He’s seen since, that is not the case. Unless Cotton starts giving political speak garbage or sides with lies about Trump, I believe he has decided he’s on Trump’s side for the countries sake. That’s all we ever have to go on along with how they vote.

      Liked by 1 person

      • IF Cotton is putting ‘feelers’ out and testing the water for a possible 2024 run; he better be a Trumplican, especially after Trump’s 2nd term begins, because Josh Hawley is sounding more and more like a Trumplican and (from my perspective), he always has been with Trump. That’s how Hawley got elected, if I remember correctly.

        Liked by 1 person

  31. jmuniz1 says:

    They like that so they can control him. Like they did Obama. Ted Cruz wife worked for Bush 2 and Obama. Ted thought he was going to be President. He is not a citesen.


  32. jmuniz1 says:

    They like that so they can control him. Like they did Obama. Ted Cruz wife worked for Bush 2 and Obama. Ted thought he was going to be President. He is not a citesen.


  33. Fools Gold says:

    Sure would give me a warm and fuzzy feeling if we were hearing about grand jury indictments beginning tomorrow. July 4 is coming which we will celebrate but it I’d buy a lot more fireworks this week if some big fish or a bunch of small fish were landed to fry prior to our family 4th celebration!


  34. SanJac says:

    Where is the DOJ and the FEC and the IRS ?
    It is against the Law for any 501c3 organization to be involved with any political campaign. It is against the law for ALL donations to go straight to ACTBLUE then to many pass throughs. Thousand currents and the tides foundation are gobbling up a majority of these donations then sending them to the DNC and the global money laundering network.


    • Missy says:

      I would love to hire a high-powered attorney to file a formal complint with the FEC, RIGHT NOW, against BLM & ACTBLUE. Republicans have a voting mjority on there right now. Two vacancies still to be filled. We could do a Fundly fundraiser. If 2000 of us donated $20 each, it would be a start.


      • BitterC says:

        I’m still waiting for the FEC look into the claims made by Donna Brazile herself that #Herself grabbed $84M from the DNC for her own campaign….not to mention the British dude she hired for Russian dirt

        Liked by 1 person

  35. The American Patriot says:

    Blatant violation against Campaign Finance Reform!


    • Jan says:

      Please…campaign finance reform is only applied to Republicans (God knows they’re syphoning money like the Democrats). Democrats are given further funding sources for their campaigns by the FEC.


  36. jeans2nd says:

    And for all his hard work bringing us the truth of the BLM and ActBlue connections, Raheem Kassam has been kicked off twitter.
    Now isn’t that special?

    Liked by 2 people

  37. Spurwing Plover says:

    Newsflash Joe Biden looks to hire the entire membership of the Legion of Doom for his Cabinet

    Liked by 1 person

    • cattastrophe says:

      His campaign managers are making all the decisions or deciding Biden should make that decision. Written statements are all you see from Biden with his name stamped at the bottom.

      Even with all possibilities open about what the Dem’s will do and a daily grind of gloom and doom I think their plans are going to crash and burn in a humongous way. I’m not talking about just the election I think it will be a big crash long before that with Joe and his handlers at the center of it. It will be something that all the lying will not get them out of.

      My predictions are as good as the next persons so there’s mine.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m gonna add something to your post cattastrophe; which I agree with.
        I believe that the majority of the citizens in the USA (330 million of’em) are really sick and tired of staying at home, most losing money, (including this family) dealing with and living on Rationed Items (buy what you can get; not what you want), the looneys with masks, gloves and everything in between, no happy chit-chat in the local stores, doom and gloom, churches closing, elderly are still stuck at home, regardless of how well they feel (which makes them feel like crap!), kids can’t go to school or play like normal outdoors or in the house or anywhere for that matter; Hell, you can’t even walk into a bank to make a deposit or inquire about a loan….without an appointment or doing it online.
        This is just a short list to keep this simple but enough is enough!
        There is no way that the majority of eligible voters will actually vote to Continue with the BS or even Worse than this tyranny by electing Joe Biden.
        I don’t care what the polls ‘say’; they are lyin’, just like the lyin’ MSM…all of them are lying!


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