Black Lives Matter Con Artist, Shaun King, Demands All Images of White Jesus Destroyed…

Shaun King is a well known Black Lives Matter con artist who has grifted on racial grievance for a decade even lying about his own family and race.  Shaun King is white, provably white, and he found his professional & financial niche by conning black people, including Oprah Winfrey, into believing he is black.  [Shaun King]

After spending several years drumming up racial division King attached himself to the very first well publicized BLM effort in Ferguson Missouri. There was a lot of money to be made selling the completely false Mike Brown story; so Shaun King hooked up with DeRay McKesson to create the new financial conduit known as Black Lives Matter. His scams and cons are very well known to long-term CTH readers.

Together McKesson and King sell a toxic stew of Marxism, racism, and hatred; and as a consequence their business model intersects with Islamic extremism.  As we noted earlier there is a lot of similarity between 2010’s Islamist Spring and 2020’s BLM protests.  Here’s the latest example courtesy of the lying, liar who lies for a living:

Under the ideology of Black Lives Matter Islam is the dominant and preferred religion; Christianity is viewed as against their interests. The reason is simple, the doctrines of Islam are political, the doctrines of the BLM movement are identically political.

Within the overall U.S. movement Antifa is essentially white ISIS and the Black Lives Matter crowd are racial grievance activists funded by coastal liberals and Marxists.

Here’s a video from about five years ago when Shaun King was exposed as a white man making money from the “black movement”.  Watch how CNN anchor Don King instantly evolves into a defender and apologist…   These people are sick, mentally.


Con Artist

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353 Responses to Black Lives Matter Con Artist, Shaun King, Demands All Images of White Jesus Destroyed…

  1. Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

    They’re still gonna lose the election. 🙂

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    • nimrodman says:

      Yeah, but we’re losing our heritage, our history, and our antiquities

      Christian churches are next … Shaun specifically mentioned “stained glass windows depicting Christ as a white man”

      If you attend a church with such stained glass windows, you outta be starting a citizen-defense cadre in cooperation with your church and divvy up shifts to stand guard with whatever firearms you’re legally able and cartridges “with the most clips”

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      • nimrodman says:

        ps – I grew up as a child with such a church and thought those beautiful windows were absolute magic

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        • Super elite covfefe999 loves her President! says:

          I grew up attending a church with lovely stained glass windows too. I remember staring at them during services.

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          • Patrick Healy says:

            It not be too surprising to see history repeat itself.

            Where I live the sad desecrated ruins of two wonderful mediaeval Abbeys are a stark reminder of Satanism.
            In the 1640 to 1650 decade a “gentleman” called Oliver Cromwell raped plundered and pillaged all Catholic churches, monasteries, convents and country mansions which did not succumb to the “New normal”
            One of his most notable habits was to tether his famous cavalry to the altar rails of the sanctuaries after desecrating and destroying all statues, pictures and murals – and when leaving setting the buildings on fire.
            So every town and city in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales has its sad reminder of that era.
            One of Cromwells other little legacies are to be found in North America. He had the habit of kidnapping young fit men – mainly Irish for which he held a particular contempt – and sending them overseas as slaves.
            Most modern ‘re writers of history deny this and call them indentured servants. You can split hairs if you wish.
            So no – this white guy Davis (Welsh?) is a pathetic amateur – Cromwell, John Knox, Calvin and The Taliban perfected the art of the destruction of Catholic icons long ago.
            For one thing the U.S. does not contain enough material of old to destroy.
            Secondly I am sure it would be a bridge too far and the final awakening of American patriots to say “Enough!!!,”
            God bless America and President Trump – the last bastion.

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    • Michelle Durst says:

      They absolutely will‼️ Red wave coming in November‼️Trump 2020 to Make America Great (and even better) AGAIN 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    • The Green Avenger says:

      Love the new nickname for the guy, Talcum X!


      • baldowl says:

        If, by new, you mean several years old, yes it’s new. Takes a while for the rest of the internet to waft up into The Treehouse, I guess.


  2. lcsteel says:

    Excellent article on PJ media I highly recommend reading it-

    John Kerry Warns of Revolution in November if Trump Wins While He Lays the Foundation for It


    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      I think the Democrats may very well continue the left-wing riots throughout the summer. They want to wear the country down and make Trump look like a weak leader.

      While they may not come out and explicitly say it, the Left is implying the civil unrest will only get worse if Trump remains in the White House.

      I expect devastating and violent protests when Trump wins in November.

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      • jello333 says:

        “I expect devastating and violent protests when Trump wins in November.” So do I. But you know what? I am totally calm and prepared for that. I can just imagine on election night, myself sitting home watching on TV, and talking here with all my friends… and just SMILING. Even when the riots start in the streets, I’ll be SMILING. Knock yourself out, fools. We just signed your death warrant with this victory tonight. So enjoy it while you can… Trump is now unleashed, and you will be rounded up by the hundreds of thousands in the coming days. And you’d better PRAY that cops get to you first.

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        • mello says:

          I used to feel confident – only a few short months ago – that Trump will be re-elected. Now I see that the left will stop at nothing to steal it. So my question is, will those of us here that understand what has been going on, rise up when Trump is “defeated”?


  3. James Brian says:

    We need to ignore idiots, We have had people like this for ever but now we are paying attention. Why? As long as we Don’t let them change Our Country, Let these fools try or say what they want. We have let them take and take and WE need t stop this ASAP.

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    • Risa says:

      While we weren’t paying attention, every facet of our society was overtaken by the Left and used to produce what we are seeing. Our schools, universities, sports, entertainment, media….all controlled by Leftists intent on completing the “fundamental transformation” Obama promised.

      This is serious. We are in trouble and to deny it is suicidal.

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      • The Phantom Stranger says:

        Exactly – most of the institutions that would normally oppose such radical politics by the Left have either been bought off, corrupted, or scared to death they will face recrimination if they speak out.

        I expected most of academia, media and entertainment becoming little more than pawns of the Left. What I didn’t expect were multinational corporations so easily complying, not to mention entire branches of the government like the judiciary.

        Trump’s presidency so far has revealed how thoroughly the Left dominates the major powers in DC. Everything from intel agencies to most Executive branch employees below the political appointee level are firmly on one side of the divide.

        This is not a temporary, passing fad. Large swaths of civil society have been completely overrun in critical leadership positions by leftists bent on advancing the Progressive worldview by hook or crook.

        I’ve been thinking seriously about possible solutions. If Rinos are controlled opposition, which they operate as in reality, someone needs to fracture the Democrats into two or more parties.

        There are openings to drive a wedge into Democrat politics. A younger, more charismatic Bernie Sanders type that wanted to run as a third party would suck away millions of votes from them.

        Everyone knew Bernie was a cuck for the DNC and had no intention of running as an independent presidential candidate. But that model is waiting for a younger person to seize it and wreak the Democrats.

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    • nimrodman says:

      “As long as we Don’t let them change Our Country”

      Ummm … haven’t you had your TV on?

      What? Months?


    • Vince says:

      We need to pay very close attention to these people

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      • Dax Jaket says:

        Yew, attention with knives, guns, and other instruments of their elimination.

        According to the UN Convention Against genocide, erasing a people’s heritage, religion, culture, values traditions, and history is an act of genocide.

        Our City, State and Federal govts are allowing and thereby complicit in the mass murder of the American people.

        Genocide never stops until the all of the Nazis and conspirators — like Gates and Soros snd all of the public officials they bought off are dead.


  4. clodfobble says:

    Grifters gonna grift. It’s not that hard to figure out who they are.


  5. christinewjc says:

    Can someone please do a search on Startpage by putting in “Obama Foundation tweet George Floyd” and click on the photos? I tried to paste here but it didn’t work. I’m admittedly tech challenged. There are screen shots of a post done on that Twitter site that has an image of George Floyd on a poster, but the tweet was done on May 16th, a week before Floyd’s death! There was a second post under it written by a fan that was dated May 17th. Coincidence?


    • Val says:

      Google Results:

      «The Obama Foundation did not publish George Floyd photo before his death
      | AFP Fact Check
      Claim: The Obama Foundation posted a tweet on May 17, 2020 with a photo of George Floyd, eight days before his death in police custody
      Claimed by: multiple sources
      Fact check by AFP Fact Check: False
      ImageReuters › article › fact-check-th…

      Fact check: The Obama Foundation did not tweet a photo of George Floyd before he died …
      Jun 11, 2020 · Social media posts have made the false claim that The Obama Foundation tweeted a photograph of George Floyd a week before he …

      ImageAP News ›
      The Obama Foundation didn’t tweet an image of George Floyd eight days before his death
      Jun 8, 2020 · CLAIM: A tweet from the Obama Foundation featuring a picture of George Floyd went out on May 17, more than a week before his death, …

      Obama Foundation didn’t post image of George Floyd protest sign before he died
      7 hours ago»


  6. eric says:

    these people are sick.


  7. sync says:

    A scuffle between D.C. protesters broke out just outside the new “zone.”


  8. sync says:

    “Every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”- ‘1984,’ George Orwell

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    • The Phantom Stranger says:

      One could say Orwell was prescient about the coming future. More likely is that the globalists and Left read Orwell not as a dire warning, but as an instruction manual.

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  9. Todd says:

    The President should go on television and show America what The BLM website says. How hard is that?


    • Marc says:

      And who will air it? Private TV networks don’t have to broadcast Presidential addresses so only OAN, Newsmax, and FOX intermittently will give him the airtime. The MSM actually gives legitimacy to state run news like the CBC.


    • sammie2 says:

      He is too busy promoting the free felons from prison act and how great african american employment is.


  10. Vince says:

    We can defend these statues and other art peacefully. Their protesters lock arms together so it is hard for the police to separate them. We can surround the art and do the same. Yes, some of us might get beat up, but images of peaceful people getting beaten up by these kids won’t look good, and we can take the narrative back.


  11. Bluto says:

    I think churches might want to think about boarding up their stain glass windows until this whole thing gets settled.


  12. Mark G Ryan says:

    Ask any camera technician, and any dermatologist and they will tell you that ALL people are the same color, just various degrees of intensity. This crap of classifying by color is ridiculous and insane. This is discrimination as to intensity, not color. The point was classically made by Garrett Morris in a satirical SNL 1970s skit where he was emphasizing that his contract with NBC required him to portray anyone darker than Tony Orlando. At the time, this was taking the race thing firmly in the right direction, and things went well for some time. But now all I see are provocateurs and instigators trying do undo the last half century of race relation progress.

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  13. Laurie Walker says:

    According to the US Census Bureau, the white race includes people from the Middle East and North Africa.

    What the hell is he talking about???


  14. Suzy Jules says:

    He was asking for prayers for his sick mother. Certainly not to Jesus and His mother, probably Baal or another devil minion.


  15. Suzy Jules says:



  16. Suzy Jules says:



  17. jello333 says:

    I don’t understand what the big deal is about King’s race. I mean, I thought we’re now allowed to identify however we want.

    Like me… a few days ago I identified as a millionaire, and filed all the very legit looking loan documents to finally get that Aventador I’ve been wanting. Weird though… I got a phone call earlier today from the bank and instead of telling me I’d been approved for the loan, they said some bank big shots (“officers” they called them) would be stopping by the house any time now to talk with me in person.

    Kinda strange… but it’s okay, I’m just looking forward to showing off my new wheels in a few days. What’ya think? Blue? Yeah, me too…

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Isn’t this a fun new world where we can all identify as anything we want to be? Oh, and according to Nitwit Tehran Nan, who doesn’t know how to read it before she signs it, we can also have free health care while we identify as whatever we want to be.

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  18. Talk about wanting a race war.

    Are the Republicans just complicit sell outs who are just greedy or so weak we can’t hear or see them standing up for or culture and history?


  19. laurelmarycecilia says:

    Our Lady of Sheshan is depicted as Chinese; it’s an inspiring image of the peace that comes from Our Lord. I love it !
    a white westerner


  20. namberak says:

    I kind of wondered when we’d hear from him. You can’t have a race war without Talcum X.


  21. WDS says:

    All houses of worship must now prominently display the 70’s version of black Jesus painted on velvet and affixed to the lectern. (40 oz. Olde English optional)
    So let it be written, so let it be done!
    – Talcumus X


  22. WDS says:

    1970’s black Jesus on velvet paintings on all church lecterns.

    So let it be written,so let it be done!

    – Talcumus X


  23. TwoLaine says:

    Anyone else get the irony in this? THIS IS RACISM.


  24. arsumbris says:

    It’s amazing that anyone falls for Talcum X’s his racial con artistry.
    The guy is Rachel Dolezal with a moustache.


  25. Can there be any doubt about the RINOs’ willing participation in the insurrections?
    The only missing piece of the puzzle is where does the President really stand?
    The only Constitutional power a president has in unilaterally ‘declaring’ war is when the enemy “is at our shores”.
    Mr. President, “the enemy is not at our shores he is within our shores”.
    Let’s see if he responds.


  26. Erik Vornoff says:

    It would so much easier to destroy Shawn King instead of all those images.


  27. Wake Up Democrats! says:

    The Left Democrats are behind the Black Lives Matter. This is a EVIL Organization that wants to overthrow our country and start their own country. This has nothing to do with helping the Blacks, it’s a EVIL Organization funded by the rich Democrats and George Soros who want to destroy our country to start their own Communist and Socialist country. The only people that would profit will be the high ranking Democrat Politicians and the Movie Stars and the Elite who will take over our country and turn it into their own paradise. They will take your homes and give it to who they think deserves it more. The Democrats are joining Black Lives Matter, which is really a Cult. Chop is also a Cult. President Trump has to stop this or this Cancer will spread in every city. Cults are led by killers who want people to bow to them and wash their feet. Sounds like Hitler. Please vote for President Trump in 2020.


  28. Debbie says:

    President Trump’s emphases must be placed on this Mayhem going on from coast to coast. President Trump has jurisdiction over these Federal grounds and statues. He needs to show it. Stand up to the thugs. Trump is our leader and people are afraid of these domestic terrorists. All the culprits responsible for bringing down statues and looting…lock them up! It will curtail thugs foolishness. Females will quickly turn from Trump, if they feel he is not competent to ensure safety. Trump put an end to mayhem and continue to improve economy, he will definitely win. Trumps needs to make this country safe again and if he dont, he will lose. Trump needs to become pro-active with the thugs. Screw the media and what they say if Trump interfere. Darn if Trump do and Darn if he don’t. The Dems and Media will degrade Trump, anyway. People are afraid.


  29. Russman says:

    Shaun King is a complete idiot and has no idea what Jesus stands for. Jesus is a loving person who loves all and he is the Son of GOD!!. Shaun King is a complete racist trying to remove all things white. Read the Bible and show us where it says Jesus was white. I feel sorry for him because those who go against God’s son will be destroyed by God. Why is everything against whites now, isn’t that racist? Yes it is.


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