Interesting Segment – Trey Gowdy Discusses FBI Investigation and The Flynn-Kislyak Transcripts He Has Read…

On the topic of the FBI capture and use of the December 29, 2016, Flynn-Kislyak phone call…  First we had a hunch; then it became a suspicion… that evolved into a likelihood… that has now become a strong probability.

The capture of the December 29th phone call, which generated the raw “CR cuts“, was an FBI summary, modified for a specific interpretation.  Much like the missing 302 there is now a very strong probability the FBI ‘CR cuts’ do not represent the actual call content.

In this short interview segment Trey Gowdy alludes to one issue, and speaks directly to another.  First, the only reason the FBI opened the internal INSD review is because the information previously hidden has become public.  Second, the Flynn-Kislyak calls that Trey Gowdy has reviewed were “boring” nothing-burgers.  WATCH:


SELECTIVE CAPTURE – Did you note the part where the FBI told Gowdy some of the Flynn phone calls were “not captured”?  Wouldn’t it be a very convenient framework if the FBI was going to summarize one of those non-captured calls into a “CR cut.” 

FBI: “Oh, sorry, we don’t have the actual transcript, but we do have a summary of what we interpreted that call content to be.”  Huh, funny that.

Lastly, does anyone else find it odd that now is Trey Gowdy admitting that he viewed the Flynn-Kislyak phone call transcripts.  I wonder why he waited to say that….

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365 Responses to Interesting Segment – Trey Gowdy Discusses FBI Investigation and The Flynn-Kislyak Transcripts He Has Read…

  1. hokkoda says:

    It’s important how many bandwagon patriots there were in early 2017 grandstanding on Flynn’s grave. Everything that is Bob Mueller’s fraudulent investigation rides on Flynn. Think back to 2017 and all the Republicans tut-tutting about Russia, and their deep concern and grave intonations.

    Jensen’s review, precipitated by the two false FISAs, and resulting in DOJ dismissing charges, is like a dam that has burst. Suddenly, it’s patently obvious even to the most bitter left wing fever swamp partisan that the “conspiracy theory” is now a conspiracy FACT. (They just don’t care because they hate the President , so anything goes. See also: Judge Sullivan)

    Anyway, now that the dam has burst, the data is flooding out. It’s like any secret that gets out. Once the story collapses, everyone even remotely involved starts dumping what they knew about it either to save face or cash in.

    The FBI probably has another “302 problem” where what they claimed does not match what was actually said.

    People like Rice who are demanding the transcripts be released are doing what Schiff did a couple of weeks ago. Grandstanding, trying to inflate their personal protective bubble, and hoping for goodness sake nobody actually reads the transcript.

    What Grenell is saying about the rest of the transcripts is that if you read them together, the FBI’s selective edits become apparent. Flynn was doing his job, did nothing wrong, and the FBI did a version of NBC editing the George Zimmerman 911 call.

    I’ll also be interested to see if the IC has their own intercept of the Kislyak call via NSA that we can match up to whatever summary or cut the FBI produced.

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    • hokkoda says:

      Anyway, the IG Report was an earthquake portrayed by the media as a mouse fart, but the result was the DOJ and FISA Court determining the FBI had illegally obtained those warrants. The resulting Jensen review and DOJ dismissal are seismic shocks, too. It has Washington rattled. The media has no idea how to report it without revealing their own complicity and without admitting the whole Mueller thing was a fraud.

      The dam has burst. Expect a lot more Johnny Come Lately’s to come forward and talk about how they suspected this all along…and gosh what a shame it was…and they were the lone voice of reason…etc.

      The Obamaites will of course claim there’s a cover-up going on, and that additional declassification prove Trump is covering up. Yeah, it’s crazy, but consider their base.

      Like I tell the Progs on the blogs who try to argue this stuff, “Every single thing you think you know was told to you by the same people who testified under oath to Congress that everything they said on TV was a lie.”

      We’re going to find out we were wrong about some things. That’s okay. It tells us why Durham’s job is so hard…

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      • ann says:

        Like. 😄

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      • Ninja7 says:

        hokkoda, Thank you for the historical timeline of the events. It is GOOD to remember the timeline, especially since the “Conspiracy Theory ” has become Conspiracy Fact.

        The population that can think, I hope is waking up. The rest with incurable TDS no hope.
        The awoke population I hope is much larger than the TDS crowd.🤔🤔

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        • Dr-P says:

          It is not a conspiracy theory if there is an actual conspiracy

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        • botchedcasuality says:

          ‘To paraphrase C.S. Lewis in Perelandra: we can understand the lies in the same way that our waking minds can understand our sleeping minds. Those who are entangled in believing the lies can no more understand the truth than our sleeping minds can understand our waking minds.‘
          I saved this thought a few years ago when I vowed to never argue with
          (willfully deaf, dumb and blind leftice). Unfortunately I do not know and cannot credit the author.

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      • budklatsch says:

        Speaking of Johnny-come-lately, Trey Gowdy seems to be able to analyze the facts well after doing all he could to deny their existence when it mattered. He did little to expose the coup when it was right in front of the committee he chaired to be discovered.

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      • Doug Amos says:

        What is so difficult about Durham’s job? There is low hanging fruit everywhere. To date, lies have worked well; there is no one in handcuffs after a 2 year investigation. Lock somebody up! What have we got to lose?

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        • The Demon Slick says:

          It’s like the lawyer movie where they asked for a few documents and got 100 boxes of papers to sort through.


        • hokkoda says:

          In my view, what makes Durham’s job hard is that a lot of this coup rested on a platform of perfectly LEGAL activities. That’s what “by the book” is all about. It’s why they kept Crossfire Razor open – the FBI couldn’t legally interview Flynn without tying it to an active investigation. It was “legal”. We can respond that the CR investigation wasn’t properly predicated, or they were minutes from closing it out, but that is at least debatable and another layer of the onion that must be peeled back.

          The dossier is another example. There’s nothing illegal about the document itself. There’s nothing illegal about giving it to the FBI. There’s nothing illegal about looking into its allegations. The criminality is deeper down and easier to conceal in the fraudulent FISAs and lies to the FISA court.

          It’s not illegal to lie on CNN as long as you tell the truth to Congress and then Congress hides the transcript.

          It’s not illegal to edit a 302 or submit it late. That’s a procedural violation. The question is in what way was it edited, by whom and why. That’s harder to prove in terms of criminality.

          It’s not illegal to use “about” queries in the FISA database, and it’s not illegal to unmask US persons if you file the right forms.

          In many ways, it’ll come down to things like perjury, falsifying government forms, lying to a Federal Court, and then proving it was a criminal conspiracy.

          That’s what makes it hard.

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          • WhiteBoard says:

            Legal only if you dont get caught fabricating the start..

            meaning Forged TRanscript versus orginal recording provided by (foreign state).

            When PDJT said I hope you dont have any tapes Comey!… was when comeyand coup freaked – and they started discrediting him.

            PDJT has the tapes the day countries (NO COUP -IRAN ETC) wanted to win favor with him.

            that when EVERYTHING WENT INTO HYPERDRIVE – to use ANY MEANS to find it PDJT DOES HAVE TAPES ( 702 search – FISA snoop – Mueller look).

            in the end PDJT is one level smarter than obama (Clapper brief) – he doesnt get near the evidence.

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            • WhiteBoard says:

              Grenade Grenell removed this!!!!!!!!! hint hint

              “The FBI’s Legal Attaché Program was developed to pursue international aspects of the FBI’s investigative mandates through established liaison with principal law enforcement and security services in foreign countries and to provide a prompt and continuous exchange of information with these partners.”


          • On the issue of opening the investigation to begin with, from the Horowitz report:

            As detailed in Chapter Two, the DIOG provides for two types of predicated investigations, Preliminary Investigations and Full Investigations. A Preliminary Investigation may be opened based upon “any allegation or information” indicative of possible criminal activity or threats to the national security; a Full Investigation may be opened based upon an “articulable factual basis” of possible criminal activity or threats to the national security. In cases opened as Preliminary Investigations, all lawful investigative methods (including CHS and UCE operations) may be used except for mail opening, physical searches requiring a search warrant, electronic surveillance requiring a judicial order or warrant (Title III wiretap or a FISA order), or requests under Title VII of FISA. A Preliminary Investigation may be converted to a Full Investigation if the available information provides predication for a Full Investigation. – Horowitz page 53

            How were they able to open an Full Investigation with hearsay as the only evidence? Who thinks that hearsay is an “articulable factual basis” ? Then they traveled to London; interviewed Downer and found that they did not even get the hearsay right, there was no offer of “assistance” from the Russians there was hearsay that the Russians had HRC emails. The analytics after the Papadopolous thread broke down expanded their web, with no further evidence to support any of the claims. At this point it was a false crime looking for a criminal. The Steel memo’s were not in play at the time they decided to go after Flynn, Page and Manafort. Those came into play later in the process as somehow justification that what they were doing was legit.

            We know the FFG was Alexander Downer; and we also know he told the FBI they got it wrong, he has said so publicly and its also in the Horowitz report.

            Footnote 169 of the Horowitz report:
            As we describe in Chapter Four, although the FBI first received reporting from Christopher Steele regarding alleged Russian interference in the 2016 U.S. elections in early July 2016, the agents and analysts investigating the FFG information (the Crossfire Hurricane team) did not become aware of the Steele reporting until September 19, 2016. We found no evidence the Steele election reporting was known to or used by FBI officials involved in the decision to open the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

            What possible justification did they have to keep this open?


        • valleyj says:

          Proving “intent” and you can include me in wondering why now Gowdy.


      • MJJ says:

        Recall how they handled Whitewater Grand Jury, as McDougal stated her full name “for the record” and then refused to answer any questions. McDougal’s Grand Jury testimony included her response: “Get another independent Counsel and I’ll answer every question.” She was publicly rebuked for refusing to answer “3 questions” about whether President Clinton had Lied in his testimony during her Whitewater trial, particularly when he denied any knowledge of an illegal $300,000 loan.

        U.S. District Court Judge Susan Webber Wright sentenced her for Civil Contempt of Court From 9 September 1996 to 6 March 1998, McDougal spent the maximum possible 18 months’ Imprisonment for Civil Contempt, including 8 months in Solitary Confinement, and she was subjected to “Diesel Therapy, the practice of hauling defendants around the country and placing them in different jails along the way.” McDougal was shuffled from Arkansas to “Los Angeles to the Oklahoma City transfer center, and then on to the Pulaski County Jail in Little Rock, Arkansas”. Following her release on 7 March 1998 for civil Contempt of Court and later convicted.

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      • icthematrix says:

        Covered it well thanks! Evil cabal exposed…details at 11.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      the COUP wants the FORGED and EDITED transcript to be released – hence training the public about transcripts in the UK hoax (they wanted to pin PDJY down to transcripts are real and we never record)..

      Grenell is going to release the Source Recording – from another country. and compare it to the forged transcript. and have that country testify.

      Gowdy is saying -= What next? are we going to go back and have to review all cases these guys did? (excellent lead in Trey – MYE next.)

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      • owtolunch says:

        You mean the millions of unauthorized intrusions and trampling of fourth amendment rights of American citizens…. Isn’t each violation a federal crime… How many perpetrators?

        How may congress critters knew about this and did not report these crimes to a sitting federal judge? Misprision of a felony for not reporting as a government official?

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      • MJJ says:

        How To Handle Media Reporters that took Illegal Leaks: Recall How Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald (James Comey Godfather To Fitzgerald Children), Investigating Media on CIA Leak Grand Jury Investigations.

        On 1 October 2004, federal Judge Thomas F. Hogan found Miller in Contempt of Court for refusing to appear before a Federal Grand Jury, which was investigating who had leaked to reporters the fact that Valerie Plame was a CIA operative. Miller did not write an article about the subject at the time of the leak, but others did, notably Robert Novak, spurring the investigation.

        Judge Hogan sentenced her to 18 months in jail, but stayed the sentence while her appeal proceeded. On 15 February 2005, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit unanimously upheld Judge Hogan’s ruling. On 17 June 2005, the US Supreme Court declined to hear the case. On6 July 2005, Judge Hogan ordered Miller to serve her sentence at “a suitable jail within the metropolitan area of the District of Columbia”. She was taken to Alexandria City Jail on 7 July 2005.

        In a separate case, Federal Judge Robert W. Sweet ruled on February 24, 2005, that Miller was not required to reveal who in the government leaked word of an impending raid to her. Patrick Fitzgerald, the same Prosecutor who had Miller jailed in the Plame case, argued that Miller’s calls to groups suspected of funding terrorists had tipped them off to the raid and allowed them time to destroy evidence. Fitzgerald wanted Miller’s phone records to confirm the time of the tip and determine who had leaked the information to Miller in the first place. Judge Sweet held that because Fitzgerald could not demonstrate in advance that the phone records would provide the information he sought the prosecutor’s needs were outweighed by a ‘reporter’s privilege’ to keep sources confidential.

        On 1 August 2006, a 3-Judge Panel of the Second Circuit Court of Appeals reversed Judge Sweet’s decision, holding 2–1 that Federal Prosecutors could inspect the telephone records of Miller and Philip Shenon. Judge Ralph K. Winter, Jr. wrote: “No grand jury can make an informed decision to pursue the investigation further, much less to indict or not indict, without the reporters’ evidence”.

        Prior to her jailing for Civil Contempt, Miller’s Lawyers argued that it was pointless to imprison her because she would never talk or reveal confidential sources. Under such circumstances, argued her lawyers, jail term would be “merely punitive” and would serve no purpose. Arguing that Miller should be confined to her home and could forego Internet access and cellphone use, Miller’s lawyers suggested that “impairing her unrestricted ability to do her job as an investigative journalist would present the strictest form of coercion to her”. Failing that, Miller’s lawyers asked that she be sent to a women’s facility in Danbury, Connecticut, nearer to “Ms. Miller’s 76-year-old husband”.

        On 17 September 2005, The Washington Post reported that Miller had received a “parade of prominent government and media officials” during her first 11 weeks in prison, including visits by former U.S. Republican Senator Bob Dole, NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw, and John R. Bolton, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. After her release on 29 September 2005, Miller agreed to disclose to the grand jury the identity of her source, Lewis Libby, Vice President Cheney’s Chief of Staff.

        On 30 January 2007, Miller took the stand as a witness for the prosecution against Lewis Libby. Miller discussed 3 conversations she had had with Libby. In her first appearance before the grand jury, Miller said she could not remember. According to The New York Times, when asked if Libby discussed Valerie Plame, Miller responded in the affirmative, “adding that Libby had said Wilson worked at the agency’s (C.I.A.) division that dealt with limiting the proliferation of unconventional weapons”. The trial resulted in guilty verdicts against Libby.

        Refusal to disclose source
        In July 2005, several months prior to her October 2005 resignation from The New York Times, Miller was jailed for contempt of court for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury investigating a leak naming Valerie Plame as a CIA officer. While Miller never wrote about Plame, she was believed to be in possession of evidence relevant to the leak investigation. According to a subpoena, Miller met with an unnamed government official, later revealed to be I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Vice President Dick Cheney’s Chief of Staff, on 8 July 2003. Plame’s CIA identity was divulged publicly in a column by conservative political commentator Robert Novak on 14 July 2003. Novak’s source was revealed to have not been Libby, but Richard Armitage of the Department of State.

        On 16 July 2005, The Washington Post reported that Miller could face criminal contempt charges, which could have extended her jail time 6 months beyond the 4 months then anticipated. The Post suggested that special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald was particularly interested in hearing Miller’s version of her encounter with Libby. Filings by Fitzgerald reportedly alleged that Miller’s defiance of the court constituted a crime. On 29 September 2005, after spending 85 days in jail, Miller was released following a telephone call with Libby. He had reconfirmed the release of confidentiality. Under oath, Miller was questioned by Fitzgerald before a Federal Grand Jury the following day, but was not relieved of contempt charges until after testifying again on 12 October 2005.

        For her second grand jury appearance, Miller produced a notebook from a previously undisclosed meeting with Libby on 23 June 2003. This was several weeks before Joseph Wilson’s New York Times editorial was published. This belied the theory that Libby was retaliating against Wilson for his Times editorial. According to Miller’s notes from that earlier meeting, Libby disclosed that Joseph Wilson’s wife was a CIA employee involved in her husband’s trip to Niger. Miller’s notebook from her meeting with Libby contains the name “Valerie Flame”, This reference occurred 6 days before Novak published Plame’s name and unmasked her as a CIA operative.

        Miller’s grand jury account was the basis for her last article in The New York Times. The newspaper published Miller’s first-person account, “My Four Hours Testifying in the Federal Grand Jury Room”, on 16 October 2005. Miller said she could not remember who gave her the name “Valerie Plame” but she was sure it didn’t come from Libby.

        Miller testified as a witness on 30 January 2007, at the trial of Scooter Libby, which began in January 2007. The trial ended on March, with Libby’s conviction on 4 of 5 counts on Process Crimes, though none of the counts had to do with actually revealing Plame’s name to the media???

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      • hokkoda says:

        I think that’s a possibility. The IC would probably have been eavesdropping on Kislyak. As Comey and Clapper said, they were tasked to look for Russian escalations of the sanctions.

        Depends on what Grenell means when he says they don’t have everything in the IC. OK, well, where did the FBI get it’s Kislyak call from? We’re all just speculating at this point. Did they make a cut of an NSA transcript? Did they get a copy from a foreign government? (which might be illegal). Did the FBI straight-up tap Kislyak’s phone?

        Lots of questions! Grenell seems to be saying that what DNI is declassifying will provide a lot more context.


      • dottygal says:

        Good theory. What is PDJY and MYE?


    • rondonmonson says:

      He didn’t speak of it openly, because those cowards had it classified. Since Trump hired him as a Lawyer, I bet he informed Trump on the issue. Here is the thing, however, the INTIMIDATION had an effect, the Republicans saw how Flynn, Stone, Manafort and even Trump was being dumped on by the Muller team and the Media, they had to be wary that they would be next, after all, you don’t have to commit a crime when the Dems and Media can spin a web on you and allow the FBI/CIA/DNI fill in the charges. I personally can’t blame anyone for being fearful of them at that time. They had to be thinking, damn, am I next. Remember, they came after Nunes and his family for a minute.

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    • MJJ says:

      The Refusal of Subpoena by Speaker Ryan and Trey Gowdy actually as bad as AG Jeff Sessions Recusal and led to ObamaGate Investigations Failures, ComeyGate FBI Rogue Cover Ups, MullerGate Russian Collusion Nonexistence, and losing the House Majority setting up ImpeachmentGate during the Climate Change VirusGate of Economic Devastation.

      What was Unforgivable is that both Speaker Ryan and Trey Gowdy ran away after making these serious Mistakes of Congressional Misuse and Impotence of Investigations that could have stopped these worthless, baseless, and feckless Investigations. Gowdy was Complicit and Ryan was a No Show and both making millions now. They are even worse than senator Burr, Feinstein, and Loffler making Money from selling off Assets after Intelligence Briefings.

      Gowdy still commenting on these Investigations and his weak failure when he had the Power is as bad Communists China Party Deceit is allowing the Virus to spread and British Climate Change Radicals creating Wrong Models of Death to Shut down Economic Prosperity and Stability undermine America Today and in the Future! They are American Quislings!

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    • Facecrook00014 says:

      So basically, the FBI, IC, ect can take most any call or conversation and selectively edit it to discredit or even worse make anyone a criminal? The courts nor defense don’t ask for the underlying evidence? Oh, ya, if you do, they threaten your family, and knowing what they have already done to you, you concede. Most of us would.

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    • MJJ says:

      President Trump needs to do what President Obama Administration used the 1917 Espionage Act with unprecedented vigor, prosecuting more people under that law for leaking sensitive information to the public than all previous administrations combined. Obama’s Justice Department dug into confidential communications between news organizations and their sources as part of that effort.

      In 2013 the Obama administration obtained the records of 20 Associated Press office phone lines and reporters’ home and cell phones, seizing them without notice, as part of an investigation into the disclosure of information about a foiled al-Qaida terrorist plot.

      AP was not the target of the investigation. But it called the seizure a “massive and unprecedented intrusion” into its news-gathering activities, betraying information about its operations “that the government has no conceivable right to know.”

      Obama’s Justice Department also secretly dogged Fox News journalist James Rosen, getting his phone records, tracking his arrivals and departures at the State Department through his security-badge use, obtaining a search warrant to see his personal emails and naming him as a possible criminal conspirator in the investigation of a news leak.

      “The Obama administration,” The New York Times editorial board wrote at the time, “has moved beyond protecting government secrets to threatening fundamental freedoms of the press to gather news.”

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    • MJJ says:

      This is why Admiral Rogers called for NSA Audits in 2016 in the Middle of an Election and when FBI John Carlin found out, Resigned to Retied from the FBI the next day?

      What was claimed rectified under Obama Administration in 2009 was not corrected and 2016 and 2017 proved otherwise…..NSA warrant less surveillance (“Warrantless-Wiretapping”) refers to the surveillance of persons within the United States, including United States citizens, during the collection of notionally foreign intelligence by the National Security Agency (NSA) as part of the Terrorist Surveillance Program.

      The NSA was authorized to monitor, without obtaining a FISA warrant, the phone calls, Internet activity, text messages and other communication involving any party believed by the NSA to be outside the U.S., even if the other end of the communication lay within the U.S.

      Critics claimed that the program was an effort to silence critics of the Administration and its handling of several controversial issues. Under public pressure, the Administration allegedly ended the program in January 2007 and resumed seeking warrants from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC).

      In 2008 Congress passed the FISA Amendments Act of 2008, which relaxed some original FISC requirements.

      During the Barack Obama Administration, the Department of Justice continued to defend the warrant less surveillance program in court, arguing that a ruling on the merits would reveal state secrets. In April 2009 officials at the United States Department of Justice acknowledged that the NSA had engaged in “Over Collection” of domestic communications in excess of the FISC’s authority, but claimed that the acts were unintentional and had since been rectified.

      This is why Susan Rice is worried Today!

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      • GT says:

        Why did it take Rogers until 2016 to call for an audit???? Those queries were happening, it sounds like, since 2012. For something as important and critical as watching a database as powerful as that why in $%^# did it take four years for a flag to be raised?? That database should have been monitored regularly and any unusual activity flagged immediately. Everyone is tooting Rogers horn but I have some questions for him.


    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      Trey Gowdy has a very odd smell about him.
      He refused to issue subpoenas when the Republicans held the House for the first 2 years of the Trump Admin. Same with the Senate.
      The Coup had active members and sleepers throughout Washington.

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  2. bo cat says:

    The other former house member that’s seen everything is about to become the full time DNI, release the Kraken……………………..

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    • I hope you’re right. But with Ric releasing a firestorm declassifications, wouldn’t a Senate confirmation of the previously withdrawn candidate seem to be in the deep state’s best interest?

      Either Mitch thought Ric was too dangerous, so starting over with Ratcliff would give them a month’s head start on narrative engineering… or Ratcliff may have a skeleton, or pseudo skeleton they found in his closet.

      Can anyone give me their theory as to why Ratcliff was given the blessing of Mitch this time vs. last? If he’s as dangerous as we have been lead to believe, why would the uniparty allow his confirmation?

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      • bo cat says:

        The vote was 48-45, just what he needed to get it done. Ratcliff was the one in there reading everything. You have a strong chief of staff now. Move Grenell to the head of NSC.


        • MJJ says:

          Add General Flynn as White House National Security Adviser as soon as Wirt of Mandamus makes Judge Sullivan Dismiss the FBI and Investigate FBI Wray Waiting Refusing FBI Sentinel Lost 302s be Published.

          Bring 39 Obama Appointees Publicly Walked into Grand Juries to Testified Under Oath There was No Russian Collusion but ask did they ever committed an Illegal Leak under Grand Jury Oath as well.

          Then bring in Each Newspapers Owner, Editors, Reporters and ask who gave them the illegal Leaks Material and hold them in Contempt of Court in County Jails until they Answer just like what happen under President Obama to Media Illegal Prosecutions, Comey’s Godfather Fitzgerald Scooter Libby Prosecutions, and under a Federal Judge Sirca Watergate Type of Judge demanding the Truth just like they did to Susan Carol Henley McDougal Grand Jury Stalling and Contempt of Court!

          Then Perp Walk the Obama Appointees in Handcuffs with Media Coverage and that are Charged with Illegal Leaking and Process Crimes Lying to Grand Juries. A Perp walk, walking the Perp, or frog march, is a practice in American law enforcement of taking an arrested suspect through a public place, creating an opportunity for the media to take photographs and video of the event.

          Offer Immunity to those that admit the Truth and Hold Over for Trials with GAG Orders and any Violations make them wait in Prison like they did to Manafort! The Uses of Muller Weissmann Team of Democratic Investigative Tactics to get to the Truth can be justified as they did the Muller Investigations and Prosecutions!

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      • They may well hope that, being a legislator like them, he might have loyalty to their class. It doesn’t matter, so long as the Flynn transcript is made public. It’s all over, including the millions (sorry, oh foolish ones — and you, little dog Media, ptui) who were misled into voting for Obama/Soetoro in the first place (even I didn’t do that, and as a professionally distracted physicist,I voted Democrat for President through 8 straight presidential elections, before The Great Impostor — funny how epithets for Little Lord Barry multiply, like rabbits even).

        What is coming, for all of the deluded, is The Great Disappointment (!) — a veritable Armageddon — in all they believed so feverishly before. Then we will have to work on getting them back on their own two feet, off of their backs (they’ll want to lie down, and we can’t let them, nor give them any hope it is all a dream — those who WON’T snap out of it, politicians like Pelosi, Schiff, etc., will have to be put out to pasture, hee-hee-hee-hee-hee…sorry, I can’t stop, when I think about that, /s).

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      • Fred Ohr says:

        I want to think that after unleashing Grenell, Ratcliffe now looks like the lesser of two “weevils”. I hope the Senators are wrong.


      • Erik Heter says:

        I think the quick confirmation of Ratcliff was desperation after the way the Grennell was absolutely hammering the deep state with a nuclear-powered sledgehammer. They are simply hoping that changing the DNI at this point will be a break in the continuity which leads to some relief and less sunlight. Let’s hope Ratcliffe disappoints them.


    • MJJ says:

      In 2013, the United States Department of Justice, under Attorney General Eric Holder, came under scrutiny from the media and some members of Congress for subpoenaing phone records from the Associated Press (AP). Under similar justifications, a 2010 subpoena approved by Eric Holder implicated Fox News reporter, James Rosen, as a possible co-conspirator under the Espionage Act of 1917.

      Investigators gained access to the times of his phone calls, and two days of Rosen’s emails. Stephen Jin-Woo Kim eventually pleaded guilty to violating the Espionage Act for communicating North Korean nuclear test plans to Rosen. These investigations provoked considerable criticism from major news organizations, and precipitated the revision of media guidelines at the Department of Justice.

      On 17 May 2013, the Washington Post reported the Justice Department had monitored reporter Rosen’s activities by tracking his visits to the State Department, through phone traces, timing of calls and his personal emails in a probe regarding possible news leaks of classified information in 2009 about North Korea. In obtaining the warrants, they labeled Rosen a “possible co-conspirator” with Stephen Kim.

      In a written statement, the Justice Department said it had followed “all applicable laws, regulations, and longstanding Department of Justice policies intended to safeguard the First Amendment interests of the press in reporting the news and the public in receiving it.”

      Some analysts have described the Justice Department’s actions as “aggressive investigative methods”, that have a chilling effect on news organizations’ ability to play a watchdog role.

      Fox News contributor Judge Andrew Napolitano commented: “This is the first time that the federal government has moved to this level of taking ordinary, reasonable, traditional, lawful reporter skills and claiming they constitute criminal behavior.”

      On 24 February 2014 the Attorney General Eric Holder signed the final new rules that lay down the guidelines for the U.S. Department of Justice on seeking information from journalists. The Attorney General’s Order No. 3420-2014 mentions it lays down the “Policy regarding obtaining information from, or records of, members of the news media; and regarding questioning, arresting, or charging members of the news media.


  3. Mo says:

    Trey Gowdy needs to go back under whatever rock he recently crawled out from under. For all we know this Massengill is giving signals to the coup plotters by reminding them what they told congress back when they were asking for the transcripts. He’s as useless as Jeff Sessions in my book. Paul Ryan is the man behind the curtain giving all these douchebags like gowdy, sessions, whitaker, chafetz, lintsy, etc, air time on Fox news. Everyone of them is a useless effiminate waste of space.

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  4. Both Flynn and Rice want the Director’s Cut released for different motives. If Comey doctored the transcripts, that exonerates Flynn and lets Obama blame Comey. even though Obama is guilty as hell.

    I fully expect to see Dueling Notes-to-Self amongst the Rats.

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  5. Paul Gable says:

    The new FBI internal review looks like a Lawfare-contrived plan to give Emmet Sullivan an out. He’ll suspend his amicus circus until the new review is complete (next year, after the election).

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  6. gda53 says:

    I can’t say I know exactly what Trey Gowdy is, other than a potentially extremely able prosecutor (lawyer), and at the same time seemingly (and frustratingly) “all hat, no cattle” when the chips are down.

    If someone I really trust in turn trusts someone else, then usually I extend trust to that person as well.

    I really trust Devin Nunes. Next to PDJT he’s the guy I trust the most.

    Now Devin Nunes definitely admires Trey Gowdy and speaks well of him up to today. And to me it sounds like he trusts Trey as well.

    So whats that all about?

    Let me add that the guy who supposedly “outed” Trey last week, the slick silver-tongued tall young feller from Florida, is someone that I don’t really trust.

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    • WhiteBoard says:

      Trey reminds us constantly a few things:

      1 congress has no presecutorial power (we only inform public
      2 his supeona power is with the house majority ( he points to Ryan in a dont shoot me way)
      3 He got the fbi on record (evidence) letting them tell their story (lie) that can be used against them (this assist the clean out – all he can help with he cant prosecute)
      4 he joined Trumps team briefly (informed then left – legally)
      5 he said comey may look like the good guy (he hints brennen roped him)
      6 he says look at the emails between comey and brennen

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    • Ninja7 says:

      gda53 & Whiteboard, Thanks for the comments and perspectives. It gets frustrating with the slow pace of what is occurring. Reminds me of the saying “That when you are up to your eyeballs with alligators you may forget that the reason you are there, is to drain the swamp”

      What many of us have seen, read etc. is that this Swamp (UniParty) is deep and wide. Happy that something appears to be happening, the outcome that I pray will happen is that our country is restored. That President Donald J Trump, HIS family, friends, staff and cabinet are safe.

      Also, for the Treehouse as a refuge from the craziness from the MSM.

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    • donna kovacevic says:

      Matt Gaetz, I believe him more than Howdy.

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    • Issy says:

      gda53: I don’t trust Gowdy. Yes, he and Nunes worked together, but Gowdy never fully supported the President. He was in the Haley, Rubio camp, and while I can’t point to anything he did to hurt Trump, he didn’t do anything to help him when he needed it, He saw two years ago much of what was in the classified documents that are coming out now.

      I expect he was indeed an excellent prosecutor.


  7. Scf says:

    Keep it up Sundance.

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  8. Jester says:

    Does everyone remeber when Trump publically warned Comey that there may be tapes? I wonder if he meant it, not just in context to their conversations, but to this issue as well.

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  9. PVCDroid says:

    There is something wrong with these supposed good guys holding onto this info and not screaming murder a long time ago. Just waiting to see which way the wind blows? Come on!

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    • Child of Morning says:

      I never heard a scream even from Nunes. It is hard to not see even him in a new light. I mean how is it possible that you go on TV and say anything other than “everybody is testifying under oath that they have zero data, zero evidence and even zero hearsay, that Trump colluded with Russia”. Nunes was one of Trump’s most active defenders and now even looks kinda lame.


      • GTOGUY says:

        I suspect that is because he was under such scrutiny at the time. Recall, they made an ethics complaint against him for revealing that there was unmasking not related to Russia, and he had to sit out the rest of the investigation. I give Nunes a pass on that.

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      • Ninja7 says:

        Child of Morning, That testimony was given in a CLASSIFIED setting. Plus you had Adam Schiff coming out and implying that there was “Lots of Evidence “. Now we know that is wasn’t so. Giving out information from a classified setting can lead to jail time.

        Just as President Reagan said “His Liberal (Now progressive) friends think that so many things are True, unfortunately they are not.” Or something to that effect.

        With the Lame Stream Media (Mockingbird) the population (thinking ones) are seeing that they have been lied to.

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      • dilonsfo says:

        Nunes did do that screaming. Took it straight to President Trump. House Intelligence called him a liar and then the house removed him from his intelligence committee position. Now, all that Nunes divulged turns out was true.

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    • Issy says:

      PVCDroid: You nailed it. That’s exactly what most of them did. Gowdy was the best fence straddler of all…until recently when he seems to have awakened.


  10. paintbrushsage says:

    At least Trey helped out with clueing everyone off to some transcripts were not captured. Maddening that he must have known Flynn was not guilty long ago. You can’t trust politicians.

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    • Elle says:

      That is a good a good point. I noted someone appeared to be doing that recently (can’t remember who, probably Lindsey). Using the media to communicate in plain sight.


  11. taxpayer here says:

    Well, now we can see why adam schiff wants to have phone conversations with kizliak (sp) because the actual call is gone and conveniently in it’s place is what the fbLie wants us to think was said in the form of transcripts. Yeah. No. Thanks.

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  12. carterzest says:

    Sidney tweet:

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    • JimWVa says:

      How did General Flynn’s previous criminal defense counsel at Covington Burling zealously represent and competently advise their client regarding his plea to the false statement criminal information, without retrieving and consulting with General Flynn with the actual recordings of the Kislyak conversations? If the attorneys in that firm did not retrieve and use those recordings in their representation of General Flynn, in my mind, the ineffectiveness of their counsel to General Flynn in this case is confirmed.

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    • Aeyrie says:

      Yup, carterzest. I would want to compare recordings to transcripts and “cuts” too! Great interview with :Bongino. Recorded on Thursday May 21. Have a look:

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    • Craig says:

      Wow! Look at what Sidney Powell is saying. The crooked FBI have a transcript of a call between Flynn and Kislyak that was poor quality and had dead spaces. The FBI transcript just filled in “what they thought Flynn and Kislyak were saying. This is worse than the KGB of Russia, And we are supposed to fear Russia. The KGB could learn things from the FBI!

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  13. republicanvet91 says:

    “I wonder why he waited to say that….”

    Exactly what I was thinking. I am starting to despise Gowdy as much as I do Paul Ryan.

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  14. republicanvet91 says:

    I have noticed both Gowdy and Whitaker have stepped up their TV appearances.

    TV is fine after the fact for the sheep too stupid to realize those same people (Gowdy and Whitaker) could have done so much more when they were in positions to act.

    After the fact appearances on TV don’t mean jack.

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    • johnnyfandango says:

      Agreed. This article sums up the fecklessness of the Republicans. Time to weed more of them out of office.


    • Issy says:

      Whitaker was Session’s Chief of Staff and cut out of all the dirty dealings in the doj. Then he was acting AG until Barr’s confirmation. He was not expected to nor did he do anything. It is also not expected that former employees reveal what went on in their tenure in the department. There may also be legal boundaries. Now that it is public knowledge, Whitaker is free to discuss it.

      I think Whitaker is a good man. I think Gowdy picked a side early on and it wasn’t Trumps. He was honest enough and his legal training prevented him from participating in the coup and lying about Trump, but he wasn’t very helpful. Someone here said it better, that he waited to see which way the wind was blowing before making comments.


  15. GTOGUY says:

    Funny how now Schiff and all the Dems want those transcripts released. Don’t recall hearing that for the past 2 years. More like “let’s impeach the Mo…..Fer !”


    • dilonsfo says:

      Everyone is calling for the transcripts but no one is calling for the recordings. Hell, I could write up some transcripts right now…and then say Opps, the recordings have gone missing.

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      • TwoLaine says:

        I could too. Especially if I were getting paid to do it. 🙂

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      • Eugene says:

        Hmm, wonder why they never played any recordings during Nixon’s impeachment. That was based on transcripts as well. The deep state teaching into their old bag of tricks.


        • dilonsfo says:

          Good point. FBI claiming the recordings are very bad, cuts out parts and can’t hear other parts. Said there were 2 separate recordings.


  16. ChampagneReady says:

    It is believed that there were other FISA warrants during the dirty cop period besides Carter Page. In fact, I have seen reports as far back as two years ago suspecting that there were SEVERAL.

    I have always thought that a perfect candidate for their purposes would be Roger Stone. That would be a Rosetta Stone of goodies for them. Who possibly better to tap and surveil than this 40 year friend of Trumps, who is as in-your-face as you can get and all but gave Mueller the finger on national TV appearances daring him to indict him.

    With their total flagrance in their belief that they could get away with telling the FISC anything and getting their FISA warrant, it would have been a piece of cake to create an affidavit tying Stone to WikiLIeaks, which connects to guess what …….. Russia ! And there we have it. The perfect convenient “suspicion” that Roger Stone could be collaborating with that nasty adversary on behalf of the # 1 target –Trump.

    Wouldn’t it be just the cat’s pajamas if it turns out that my suspicion bore fruit.

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    • Aeyrie says:

      Lol, you may just get your pajamas, Champagne Ready. And the fruits to go with them!


    • MAGA Minuteman says:

      Spying took place. All the FISAs were after the fact and were submitted to justify all the spying that already took place. I believe it’s call parallel investigating or something like that.

      That’s the whole big nut about to crack/dam about to break. If Ms Powell and the good guys can draw sunlight onto spying that took place without any FISA assigned or other proper means, then they reveal how the NSA database was weaponized. No unmasking request needed for Flynn because he was the target. Using the Flynn case as the example to prove unauthorized spying too place, they are setting the stage for exposing all the other unauthorized spying that took place.

      The Flynn case is the camel’s nose under the DC Swamp tent.

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    • TwoLaine says:

      Stone even challenged them in court to show him the server that was supposedly hacked by an outsider tied to Assange. The idiot judge said not relevant.

      What? You don’t even have a case if the server wasn’t hacked by an outsider, and we all know it wasn’t

      Crowdstrike wins again.

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  17. richard verney says:

    Whilst it would be better to have copies of the recordings of the calls, especially the 29th December call, we know that the transcripts are nothing burgers as Gowdy alludes to. Consider:-

    (i) Having reviewed the transcipts, on 4th January, the FBI decided to close down the investigation on Flynn, because they had found no derogatory information/evidence. This confirms that there can be nothing adverse in the transcripts/cuts.

    (ii) Had there been anything damning in the tanscripts/cuts, Mueller would have used these in his Report, to bash Trump and strengthen the Russian collusion/conspiracy hoax.

    (iii) Had there been anything damning in the tanscripts/cuts, there would not simply have been a leak to the press that Flynn had talked with the Russians, but rather the contents of that call would have been leaked to the press, so that the press could further bash Trump and his staff, and further make out that they are in the pocket of Putin and doing Russia’s bidding etc.

    (iv) Had there been anything damning in the tanscripts/cuts, then the van Grack would have used these when dealing with Ms. Powell’s request for further evidence, not previously disclosed by the DOJ. Why not provide evidence that assists the prosecution, but refrain from disclosing evidence that weakens the prosecution case.

    It is all smoke and mirrors and diversionary tactics. Various fractions have different reasons for now (Irepeat now) wanting their release. Everyone knows that there is nothing prejudicial to Flynn in them.


  18. Alec Rawls says:

    I like the part where the White House and the entire IC was really really urgent to spy on Flynn for the super urgent reason that NOTHING WAS HAPPENING!!!

    “Hey, we dumped a pile of shit on Putin’s head and he is not blowing up. That is vewwwy vewwwy suspis-suspis-suspisscious.”

    If he HAD blown up that would have been vewwwy vewwwy suspisscious too.

    I’m guessing that was the expectation: that Russia reacting to their blatant provocation would create a sense of danger that would justify spying. When nothing happened, well that was even more suspicious.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Craig says:

      Reply to Alec Rawls May 23, 2020 at 4:00 am – Great comment. The FBI is investigating because “nothing is happening”. Also, if “something is happening” we are going to investigate. The total corruption of the Judicial system hard to believe. It reads like a fantasy.

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    • Issy says:

      Alec: Not to mention the fact, they already knew why the Russians weren’t reacting. This would work well later with the Russian collusion narrative when they went after Flynn.


  19. Angus says:

    :: this was a good challenge
    :: thank you.
    :: Here you go:

    :: START

    :: This is a test.
    :: this is only a test
    :: I prefer win shell if you do not mind
    :: it has the most peculiar carrot escape
    :: that I have taken advantage of.

    Angus on May 22, 2020 at 9:59 pm

    Test exercise:

    Replace the first period with a conjunction (any will do).

    :: here we are talking about an oxymoron.
    :: A moron.
    :: This is obvious to 100 people.

    Let us for a moment look at this onomonopea:

    :: here we are saying that if a child
    :: inserts any conjunction that they will
    :: get the meaning
    :: this I kinda important
    :: it means the FBI has your stuff

    … by the book as it relates to law enforcement [but] from a national security perspective […] concerns …

    Forget that this email may be bs dictated or written by a lawyer (with a password) without a single doubt agreed to (but not directed) by Obama.

    — two sides of mouth

    You have a huge problem here.

    — speaking out of two sides of the mouth
    Two (+more) access arenas.

    This is out of control.

    :: by out of control we mean that FBI
    :: can enforce civil law (constitution)
    :: and national security (outside = no law)
    :: it doesn’t take a genius to realize
    :: these are logger heads.
    :: stroK probably knows this
    :: he is not very smart though.


    :: now we are going to show how stupid
    :: federal is
    :: we are going to rub it in there faces
    :: here

    Apparently we were sold that giving the FBI more power after 911 would remedy the failure (who wants to take off but not land – duh (wray looks like someone who would believe that – xnay)).

    :: so, the riddle is,
    :: there were people training to take off
    :: no interest in landing.

    :: big riddle 😉

    :: MOVING ON …

    Now the FBI is concerned about these things:

    :: now we identify the two contradictions

    Law enforcement
National security

    :: now we show how stupid it was
    :: to add this power after they failed to
    :: succeed at performing the first.
    :: this was so stupid.
    :: no riddle here. Super obvious
    :: who thinks the FBI has been stellar ?
    :: yeah, didn’t think so.

    WOW, what a promotion !!!!!!!!1111!1!1!1!!11
    Let me ask for a moment:

    How well do these things mix in the hands of a fallen man (we are all fallen) ?

    You know what this means.

    —- oh wait, looky here:

    :: now we are gonna look at who was
    :: running it,
    :: we will find
    :: wait
    :: wait for it
    :: yep – same guys who
    :: tried to remove YOUR PRESIDENT.
    :: SAME GUYS
    :: did you read ?
    :: SAME GUYS ?
    :: Moving on ..:

    :: old guys
    :: almost dead
    :: no use to me

    Who has run this dumpster fire since:

    , And

    Wait for it ….

    Wait …


    Oh wait, look. A raging dumpster fire.

    :: ready ?


  20. Angus says:

    :: now we are going to talk about this
    :: we are going to talk about how the
    :: fisa bill and the court is a sham
    :: it is a sham because the recording
    :: is there regardless of what the court says
    :: the taps are there already.
    :: they just need someone with
    :: low enough scruple to go in.
    :: to get it
    :: this is why you thought there
    :: were logs.
    :: there are none.
    :: you are without paddle.
    :: I’m sorry. You don’t have what you think
    :: you do.

    Fisa is a joke.
    Now that you have deduced on your own what are what you are today calling “tech cuts”, you know they will always be there.

    You know this.

    The fiber repeaters (windmills) are built.
    No one is tearing them down.
    Or digging them up.

    :: above we are saying that there is no
    :: way the toothpaste is going back in
    :: the tube.
    :: there is now way to turn other
    :: countries off. Do you not understand?
    :: you can’t turn off what everyone has
    :: already.
    :: duh.

    Did anyone need to consult fisc to do a tech cut ?


    :: you go to sleep with a Rodgers pillow.
    :: he did what he could and signed off.
    :: It’s very messy.
    :: you are mistaken.

    They did not.

    :: they don’t need fisa or you or me.
    :: they will get it regardless.
    :: fisa is a cover for when if the rare
    :: case it needs to be brought to court.
    :: usually leverage does not need to be
    :: brought to court.
    :: it is utilized outside of the law.
    :: do you understand now ?
    :: fisa is a cover.
    :: fisa is a joke.

    :: copish ?

    :: the fiber repeaters run under water.
    :: I am not going to tell you where they are.

    They don’t care so much about the fisa law.
    If they don’t have the law as pretext
    They have no reason to come up with
    Intercepts. But the intercepts are leveraged.
    Hence they need the law as pretext.
    They don’t need the law to blip fiber optics.
    Those lines are live.


  21. Julian says:

    He waited until now because Trey. Trey’s why.


  22. Conservative_302 says:

    There is no excuse for the RINOS who stood by and did nothing to help Trump while he was literally fighting for his life and freedom during Obamagate. No, nada, zilch. Obamagate was not a fellow employee using the copy machine at work for personal stuff. It was about destroying a 33 year general, deploying SWAT to arrest Roger Stone whom is old and has a wife who is deaf, attempting to completely destroy Trump, his family, etc. and overturn a presidential election. All these pundits stood by, hailed Mueller, and left Trump and others hanging. Uh! They are no better than Biden telling black people they are black if they don’t vote for him. They just don’t care about you and me.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Craig says:

      Reply to Conservative_302 May 23, 2020 at 5:18 am – I agree with your comment. The RINO’s, Vischy Republicans, GOPe and UniParty are worse than the Democrats. At least the Democrats are upfront with their criticism of President Trump.

      Liked by 2 people

  23. RockyBalboa says:

    So we know they shaped (made up) the 302’s. Now we learn that they shaped (made up) “the cuts”. Who could get away with in their daily lives? Teacher’s making up grades, police officers making up reports, insurance adjusters making up claims?? These are not the “premiere law enforcement” people they think they are. They couldn’t work in the “real world” because they couldn’t hide their lying work product there. Federal Bureau of Idiots. We Know.

    Liked by 4 people

  24. Jenevive says:

    Maybe there are tapes..on the Russian side.. and POTUS knows?
    Remember how freaked out they got at one of those conference
    when POTUS had private conversation with PUTIN..they wanted to
    get the interpreters notes..Maybe Putin gave POTUS some info.

    No doubt Putin is a bad guy and not to be trusted but even he is likely
    tired of this constant Russia, Russia everywhere. hiding in bushes , under
    our beds..nonsense..

    And if this Kisliyak is such a spy that you can;t talk to him why did the DEMS
    invite him AS THEIR GUEST to POTUS SOTU address..

    Liked by 3 people

    • Roger Duroid says:

      Yes, not a PEEP from msm bout that. The same kisliyak that sessions met in his office and was used to recuse from russia invest. Insane

      Liked by 2 people

  25. TwoLaine says:

    Wasn’t one of Sidney’s many complaints with this judge and this case that the judge had already allowed summaries of other alleged “evidence”?

    Liked by 2 people

  26. TwoLaine says:

    Does anyone remember what happened when PapaD tried to withdraw his guilty plea?

    Papadopoulos sentenced to 14 days in prison
    The former Trump campaign aide was also sentenced to one year of supervised release after pleading guilty to lying to the FBI during its Russia probe.
    7 Sep 2018

    “Friday’s hearing took a dramatic and unexpected turn when Papadopoulos’ attorney Thomas Breen lit into Trump, arguing that the president himself was more culpable than his client.

    Trump, Breen said, “hindered this investigation more than George Papadopoulos ever could,” by calling the FBI’s Russia inquiry a “witch hunt” and casting doubt on credible allegations of wrongdoing by his associates.

    “The president of the United States, the commander in chief, told the world that this was fake news,” Breen said, contrasting this with Mueller’s “professional” and “well-prepared” team.

    Breen suggested the president’s dismissive attitude towards the issue and the investigation encouraged a Trump backer like Papadopoulos to dismiss the probe’s significance and left him more willing to deceive investigators.”

    Read more:

    That is what PapaD’s attorney said in the courtroom about his own client and the President of the United States.

    George Papadopoulos dumped by his own lawyers as the former Trump aide embarks on a ‘self-defeating gambit’
    by Sonam Sheth
    13 Nov 2018

    “Breen responded to his then client’s tweet by telling The Washington Post, “Most of our clients listen and follow all of our advice, some follow most of our advice, some follow some of our advice, some follow none of our advice.””

    Read more:

    Of course they go to Fake News WaPo for a response.

    PapaD should file a lawsuit against them too. I suspect they were never interested in getting him off. All they did was railroad him, just like Flynn’s original and highly overpaid attorneys.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Angus says:

      Yes, two laine,

      He (papa) was a useful tool.
      Not smart enough to be in on it,
      But quite conceited enough to be duped.

      Lots of people who weren’t “vetted” enough,
      But what can one expect ? Perfection ?
      He (Trump) was an outsider.

      That’s my take.
      It will be ok.

      (Worst case everyone was trying to set him up,
      Then we are screwed so let’s not consider that for now)


      • TwoLaine says:

        What planet do you live on?


        • Angus says:

          Earth, I think.



          • TwoLaine says:

            How is it then that you think, “(Worst case everyone was trying to set him up,
            Then we are screwed so let’s not consider that for now)”.

            he WAS SET YUP. Period. No doubt about it.

            But go ahead, dig your head in the sand and pretend there’s no there there.


        • Angus says:

          You think it was smart for him to be just joined a campaign for POTUS, and then meeting with random foreigners he didn’t know whom he now calls losers ? Yet sticking around to chat about whatever ? Maybe get a free drink ?

          While representing possible future POTUS ?

          Nah bro, not smart.

          Very naive.

          This is USA.
          Not Greece.

          He is bush league.


          • TwoLaine says:

            Both private citizens earning a living and Presidential transition teams, volunteers or otherwise, meet with foreigners. Get used to it.

            There is no law against talking to foreigners. If I missed it, please provide a link.


          • botchedcasuality says:

            He was a plant, Papa D was no innocent Jetsetter bouncing around Europe, collecting cash payments. His payoff? A book deal and his ten minutes of fame.


          • botchedcasuality says:

            He was a plant, Papa D was no innocent Jetsetter bouncing around Europe, collecting cash payments. His payoff? A book deal and his ten minutes of fame.


          • Eugene says:

            The hardest thing to admit is that you have been played a fool. I don’t think Papadopoulos was as naive as he is portrayed. I also wonder if everyone wasn’t trying to set President Trump up. They may all have been in on it. I mean everyone as in not just the “Obama” team. I don’t think the other person gets that it is even a possiblity. Double agents is what I took that to mean. Playing a fool is effective sometimes. Sometimes it’s better to play the victim.


    • TwoLaine says:

      Ex-Trump campaign aide Papadopoulos says applied for pardon
      by Nathan Layne
      25 Mar 2019

      “His disclosure of the pardon pitch came on the same day that he released a book in which he disavowed his guilty plea, claiming he did not lie to the FBI and was unfairly pressured by Mueller’s prosecutors into cutting a deal.

      Papadopoulos says Mueller’s team threatened that if he did not agree to the plea deal, he would be charged with the more serious crime of not registering under the Foreign Agents Registration Act for his Israel-related work.

      Papadopoulos said he believed there were grounds to withdraw his guilty plea. Among other factors, he cited advice from his previous legal team in early 2017 that it was acceptable to deactivate his Facebook account, a move that led to an obstruction charge.”

      Read more:


    • TwoLaine says:

      Shocking, they are Chi-Town lawyers…


    • TwoLaine says:

      Seems like they aren’t fans of American citizens period.


  27. bluecat57 says:

    I’m still wondering why he resigned mid-battle. He really isn’t doing anything tohhelp us or stop them. I’m extremely curious about the why.


  28. Bogeyfree says:

    Remember there are now 3 missing fib documents…….

    1) Original 302

    2) Full Flynn / Kislyak Call Transcript

    3) The Report Nunes said the FIB brought to the gang of 8 meeting when the told them they had nothing on Flynn. As Nunes said after they briefed us we never saw the report document.

    And Wray sees nothing wrong that training won’t fix………………

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    • Perot Conservative says:

      Four (4). Sidney Powell says there are 2 missing 302s.


      Are many of the NSA people below Mike Rogers Swamp?

      We’re not hearing anything from the new NSA Director, Paul Miki Nakasone.


  29. Perot Conservative says:

    Don’t forget President Trump’s (?) lawyer’s phone message which had it’s meaning changed 180 degrees. By Weinstein?


  30. dwpender says:

    Might it have been the UK who not only “listened in” on the call, but actually generated the “interpretation” that served as the basis for the “CR?” Did the FBI EVER hear the full content of the December 29 call(s)?

    What a tangled web.


  31. henry says:

    Such umbrage, Trey. How Faux…Amazing how a simple phone call can be made to say “THAT” but an interview can be chopped to say “THIS”.
    Is there a Statute of Limitations about to expire?


  32. doohmax says:

    I ask again. Does anyone know if the FBI can shut down any further disclosures if there is an “ongoing investigation “? It would seem quite handy to have this excuse to prevent the release of any further damaging documents while the FBI investigates itself. I would love to be able to do my own IRS audit of myself.

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  33. doohmax says:

    I ask again. Does anyone know if the FBI can shut down any further disclosures if there is an “ongoing investigation “? It would seem quite handy to have this excuse to prevent the release of any further damaging documents while the FBI investigates itself. I would love to be able to do my own IRS audit of myself.


    • regitiger says:

      we are past that….certain persons may be forbidden..because THEY are investigating directly.

      but Grennell (by position of authority)..and the “free” press (not MSM, make no mistake calling that apparatus “press” a lie factory industry)..the “free” press can and will make this information publicly avail.

      now the real question, one that I believe you are really seeking to ask..

      with the release of this damning material, will main justice actually do anything with it?

      THAT..isn’t a terribly difficult question to answer.

      of course not! remember what this case distills down to, when it becomes a main justice case..even a small stab at it:

      it implicates the broad secret police spy state that has expanded and continues to expand allowing it to unconditionally hoover up and USE any and all communications from american citizens, with no actual reason of suspicions to do so.

      recently, CONGRESS has passed amendment (last week) that allow the IC to collect ALL BROWSER DATA FROM AMERICAN CITIZENS.

      the timing of this was no coincidence.

      what ALL of these corruptors up to and including WH STAFF and the complicit CONGRESS want is for these programs to continue.

      have to ask yourself:

      why is TRUMP not talking about killing the law to spy on american citizens?

      it’s about power…even if it means some really corrupt people never go to prison.

      it’s about the power of the state to spy on its own people, when and how it chooses..which is increasingly becoming more and more obvious to many..

      this case and those that might travel with it, threaten to expose those legal powers for what they really are.

      a freaking ATM machine that prints money for anyone who happens to be in a power of authority to wield it.

      THIS is why trump isn’t talking about it.

      the truth is that this IS THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE. Eating from it, corrupts….

      beware…be on guard…we are watching one of the biggest efforts in modern history to protect the most prized powers.

      do not look away.


  34. help4newmoms says:

    Lastly, does anyone else find it odd that now is Trey Gowdy admitting that he viewed the Flynn-Kislyak phone call transcripts. I wonder why he waited to say that….”

    Gowdy was waiting to see which side would win.

    Liked by 3 people

  35. Timothy E Gardner says:

    He is finally talking because he got called out… he is fake as F imo.


  36. Anon says:


    Lastly, does anyone else find it odd that now is Trey Gowdy admitting that he viewed the Flynn-Kislyak phone call transcripts. I wonder why he waited to say that….

    I think you this interesting:

    Trey Gowdy Podcast: Devin Nunes and the Origins of the Russia Probe

    Start at 37:01. In the segment Gowdy and Nunes explain that they were constantly being lured by the DOJ and the Democrats to commit acts that could be interpreted as Obstruction of Justice. It was so bad, that both Gowdy and Nunes refused to look at classified documents. And when it came time to view classified material Nunes would try to send Gowdy and the reverse, because of that threat.

    So, I don’t know the classification level of the Flynn-Kislyak calls, but I know Gowdy had a lot of fear and maybe still does.


  37. TwoLaine says:

    “FBI: “Oh, sorry, we don’t have the actual transcript, but we do have a summary of what we interpreted that call content to be.” Huh, funny that.”

    Yeah, that would have gone down real well if President TRUMP had just provided a summary of his 100% perfect call with the new President of Ukraine in their next shampeachment hoax.


  38. Roger Holberg says:

    ‘Gee, I don’t know. Doesn’t this sound a lot like the FBI’s 302s where the agents write down “their version of what the subject said? What does “CR” mean to the FBI – Creative Riting?”

    Liked by 1 person

  39. islandpalmtrees says:

    It seems to me, that if the following is true then we must deal with the possibility that former President Obama was given a fabricated interpretation of the Flynn call. I must say, that I’m not ready to deal with the possibility that Obama was merely a pawn of the FBI.

    What could the FBI, hope to accomplish by providing a fictitious, fabricated report on Flynn to the former president? One that they support.

    Sundance writes:
    “The capture of the December 29th phone call, which generated the raw “CR cuts“, was an FBI summary, modified for a specific interpretation. Much like the missing 302 there is now a very strong probability the FBI ‘CR cuts’ do not represent the actual call content.”


  40. Rick says:

    Declare martial law and examine financial transactions and communications every all judges. Anyone making money traceable to George Soros, Bill Gates, Rockefeller Foundation, Big multi corporations, have military tribunals for.

    Hold military Tribunals for the ‘by the book’ clan, send out the military to deport all illegals. Now you can end marital law. 🙂


  41. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    The CR cuts of the sinister Flynn/Kislyak phone call provided by the World’s Premier Law enforcement agency:

    A drawing of a picture of some handwritten notes on a stained bubble gum wrapper.


  42. thomas says:

    Trey just wants cocktail party invites…


  43. regitiger says:

    Sundance, Sidney Powell,

    with respect.

    Can you please subpoena the call record from GENERAL FLYNN’S Cell Provider and roaming ISP wrt Dominican Republic.

    Or just get it collect it…..I can show you how this is done…..

    (Sidney I have sent you contact information to make this happen…If it pleases you, we can also collect all of the other calls made between your client and kissie)

    then release it, as soon as possible..the entire actual call!

    do NOT WAIT for the “officials” to be “first” on the release of the manufactured phone transcript.

    God Bless
    bucklin the swash

    Liked by 2 people

    • Erik Heter says:

      Or maybe wait until they do and catch them in yet another lie? Either way, I like your idea.


    • Spooky says:

      All Sidney Powell can do is request that the court issue the subpoena which Rogue Demorat Judge Sullivan is not going to do. Aside from that do we know if Gen. Flynn was using a garden variety mobile phone or was he using a secured device? I don’t know which but it seems weird that an incoming NSA would be conducting classified diplomacy over an unsecured line.


      • regitiger says:

        secure phone. over cell provider in DR??



      • regitiger says:

        oh I think you underestimate what powell is capable of.

        this coup has attracted some very interested parties.

        Powell needs to file the motion at least. have that filed..make that motion publicly noticed.

        we will wait for the courts continued fraud which will come in the expected refusal/block.

        then we will release. all of it.
        .raw unsalted and compleat.


  44. Troublemaker10 says:


  45. rayvandune says:

    Requests for Clarification:

    1. Did Flynn call Kislyak, or did K call him? Have heard both ways.
    2. Was there one call or several calls? And by “calls” I don’t mean re-dials after the connection dropped.
    3. Was the Flynn – Kislyak call within the scope of the finding of “no derogatory findings” statement by the FBI investigators, and how do we know one way or the other?
    4. What was the trigger for the PNG expulsion of the 35 Russians, at least the for-public-consumption version, and what do we know about the actual trigger, who pulled it, and why?

    Any help will be appreciated!


  46. Spooky says:

    Don’t know about anyone else but I am sick and tired of Roosterhead’s act. When he had a chance to defend the presidency, President Trump, his party, the American People and the rule of law he did nothing except praise the coup plotters and corruptocrats. Because of the likes of Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy, Kevin McCarthy etc. Republicans lost the midterms. They are all a bunch of contemptible frauds, cowards and sellouts and I hate them.


  47. RJ says:

    I never liked Paul Ryan nor trust him. As for Gowdy, I at first liked his style but over time I got tired of his presentations because there was no “fruit” produced: Maybe I got lost in his use of language.

    Today, I trust neither of these guys. As a matter of fact, when they appear on my television screen, I either mute it or change channels. As for Fox News…I go to Lou Dobbs at Fox Business, Maria B. is there too and she is great. Martha M at Fox News is ok, but Tucker Carlson just may be the new and improved Eric Sevaried.

    I use various internet sites to gather my news, going all over the world, taking as much time to understand a story or event as I choose. I like thinking I am an independent in some ways.


  48. 7californian says:

    Beware, Gowdy is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Sundance your abilities amaze me.


    • regitiger says:

      gowdy is exhibit number 4,563,897

      why we have been and continue to ask the wrong people to fix problems.

      on one day every four years “we” have pretended to be represented.

      that’s the reality.

      voting and only voting is the least powerful thing a citizen Patriot can perform.

      want change…? real change?



  49. William the Comptroller says:

    It looked like Martha McCallum was wearing a human-leather jacket made from excess skin from Rep. Fatty Nadler’s last bariatric surgery skin harvest around his love-handles.


  50. Zephyrbreeze says:

    Remind me why all communications are not recorded by NSA? Is that because these National Security Committee devices are military encrypted?


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