Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to Build Advanced Chip Factory in Arizona…

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has been in discussions for several years with both TSMC and Intel to build advanced chip manufacturing plants in the U.S. and extract U.S. supply chain needs from China and southeast Asia.  It appears his efforts, and the emphasis on global supply-chain shifts from President Trump, are getting results.

According to numerous media reports Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co (TSMC) is likely to announce this week they will build an advanced chip manufacturing facility in Arizona.  A manufacturing facility for advanced 5 nanometer chip manufacturing is a steep investment decision costing around $10 billion.

This shift in a high-tech supply chain will align with President Trump’s prior discussions with Tim Cook the CEO of Apple which led to a decision to invest in Texas.  TSMC is a chip supplier for Apple products; and Apple is moving to the 5nm processors in new devices. It looks like the movement of advanced industrial products away from China is underway.

(Via Appleinsider) – Apple supplier Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. is set to announce that it plans to build an advanced chip factory in Arizona.

Taiwan-based TSMC is the world’s largest contract manufacturer of silicon chipsets and has long been Apple’s primary supplier of A-series chips.

Now, TSMC is said to be on the verge of announcing new plans to build out an advanced 5-nanometer facility in Arizona, The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.  The decision, reached by TSMC executives at a board meeting in Taiwan on Tuesday, could be announced as soon as Friday. (link)

This move is a direct result of President Trump playing the economic long-game with an assembly of interests… one result within a much bigger picture.

President Trump has been creating a dual position for several years; this is very unique because it is the same strategy used by China.  By expressing a panda mask, yet concealing the underlying dragon, President Trump’s policy to China is a mirror of themselves.

Historic Chinese geopolitical policy, vis-a-vis their totalitarian control over political sentiment (action) and diplomacy through silence, is evident in the strategic use of the space between carefully chosen words, not just the words themselves.

Each time China takes aggressive action (red dragon) China projects a panda face through silence and non-response to opinion of that action;…. and the action continues. The red dragon has a tendency to say one necessary thing publicly, while manipulating another necessary thing privately.  The Art of War.

President Trump is the first U.S. President to understand how the red dragon hides behind the panda mask.

First he got their attention with tariffs.  Then… On one hand President Trump has engaged in very public and friendly trade negotiations with China (panda approach); yet on the other hand, long before the Wuhan virus, Trump fractured their global supply chains, influenced the movement of industrial goods to alternate nations, and incentivized an exodus of manufacturing (dragon result).

It is specifically because he understands that Panda is a mask that President Trump messages warmth toward the Chinese people, and pours vociferous praise upon Xi Jinping, while simultaneously confronting the geopolitical doctrine of the Xi regime.

In essence Trump is mirroring the behavior of China while confronting their economic duplicity.

There is no doubt in my mind that President Trump has a very well thought out long-term strategy regarding China. President Trump takes strategic messaging toward the people of china very importantly. President Trump has, very publicly, complimented the friendship he feels toward President Xi Jinping; and praises Chairman Xi for his character, strength and purposeful leadership.

To build upon that projected and strategic message – President Trump seeded the background by appointing Ambassador Terry Branstad, a 30-year personal friend of President Xi Jinping.

To enhance and amplify the message – and broadcast cultural respect – President Trump used Mar-a-Lago as the venue for their first visit, not the White House.  And President Trump’s beautiful granddaughter, Arabella, sweetly serenaded the Chinese First Family twice in Mandarin Chinese song showing the utmost respect for the guests and later for the hosts.

All of this activity mirrors the duplicity of China.  From the November 2017 tour of Asia to the January 2020 China phase-1 trade deal, President Trump has been positioning, for an economic decoupling and a complete realignment of global trade and manufacturing.

This announcement by TSMC today is one small part of a much bigger economic reset currently underway.  Beijing isn’t stupid, they can see themselves being outwitted and outplayed.  President Trump is winning.



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137 Responses to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. to Build Advanced Chip Factory in Arizona…

  1. Vince says:

    Apple also recently announced that they are moving 20% of their manufacturing to India.

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  2. litlbit2 says:

    Amen, remember yesterday’s advertisement, “when …….speaks the World listens! In the ……..in the real world insert President Donald J. Trump! MAGA/KAG 2020 more jobs for American Citizens

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  3. I think quite a few companies will find it much more lucrative to manufacture their wares in the USA rather than in china. I really hope big pharma will step up and make our drugs here in the states, (preferably red states).

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Why would they set up in blue states with bankrupt pension systems? Eventually they are going to come calling for their money. Right now the blue states are presenting themselves as anti business. People remember.

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      • Greeneghis Khan says:

        Liberals love taxation and Blue states are good at taxing aka stealing other peoples money.
        Political lines are drawn upon tax cuts vs tax increases.
        Schumer has been a loud voice against Trumps tax cuts
        Having said that why does the state of NY advertise 10 year tax abatements for businesses to locate there

        Must be something to that tax cut thing afterall!

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        • sturmudgeon says:

          Greeneghis: LIKE!


        • rrick says:

          It’s a bit more than that. Example: the ‘California Rule’ wherein a municipality or even a state cannot reduce a public worker’s pensions, or even the set-asides, unless other benefits of equal value are first offered.

          Sure, the states dug the hole but even after seeing it was a bad deal they cannot get out so easily. The courts have ruled on this several times.


        • noswamp says:

          In China you never own your property, the gvt leases it to each family for 70 years. Then it reverts back to the gvt.

          I see the same with the 10 year Tax rebate in New York. !0 years goes by pretty quick.


      • budklatsch says:

        I imagine the brainchild that made the decision to move Boeing HQ to Chicago is long gone.

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        • James Felter says:

          The last straw in WA state for Boeing was when the Seattle suburb where Boeing built their last WA factory enacted a confiscatory water runoff tax on the factory of 52 million dollars. Management realized that Seattle is evolving into Detroit. Seattle is to airliners as Detroit is to cars: a rich city built on a dominant concentration of an important industry plagued by politicians too rapacious to let the industry thrive. You don’t want to leave your capital concentrated in a Detroit–or in a Seattle. The city and the state it rules are run by a socialist machine which is ever more hungry and ever less constrained by law, economic awareness, or any common sense. Tech firms there tried to buy the recent Seattle municipal elections there (to drag the city back to the center left) and that blew back on them leading to further moves to the hard left by the city machine. Boeing moved FACTORIES to Kansas and South Carolina. The HQ is window dressing for political balance in the lobbying wars.

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      • GB Bari says:

        They shouldn’t.
        They should get smart and set up in red states with low taxes and low regulations.

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  4. Minuteman says:


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  5. carthoris says:

    Let’s slowly, but not too slowly, strangle the economy of that nation that declared war on all the rest of mankind.

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    • sarsfield says:

      I disagree. I prefer to go at a more measured yet firm pace to give china a chance to figure things out and not back them into a corner – too fast and they may overreact and do something dumb. i worry about those Navy destroyers in the south china sea w/o air cover since carriers are in port w/COVID.

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      • Ordinaryman says:

        Yeah maybe they will do something stupid like making and releasing a China Bat Corona Virus from that Bio weapon lab in Wuhan. /sarc

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      • Tim Cunningham says:

        I agree with you, sarsfield. Let’s pray that PDJT can find the ideal approach to achieve that goal – without a war.


  6. albertus magnus says:

    Best President EVER!


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  7. ParteaGirl says:

    Wasn’t during Xi’s visit to Mar-a-Lago that the Syrian bombing happened, and President Trump told Xi about it over a piece of chocolate cake? I love this man!

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    • E says:

      I believe the exact words were, the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake that you’ve ever seen,

      Who says President Trump doesn’t have a way with words…

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  8. cbjoasurf says:

    Winning Bigly !!!

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  9. Mike in a Truck says:

    The ChiComs made the worst tactical error they could have by attacking the United States with a bio weapon.They thought they were being clever but instead shoved a hornet’s nest down thire pants.

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    • Kristin DeBacco says:

      The Killer 🐝 Hornet 🐝 Boss lives here in the U. S. Of A. 👌

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    • Bill Dumanch says:

      And the response delights them.
      “We will NOT re-start UNTIL we find a vaccine”
      Paralyze the economy!
      (’cause you can’t vaccinate against 8 open variables)
      But, we’ll get…BILL GATES!
      Uh, Windows 8.1….
      He’s a doctor?

      Simple virus stuff-zinc/z-pac, Vitamin C, Tamiflu or flu shot
      Not all people survive.
      Flu. Falls.
      Driving with Caitlin Jenner.
      But, if you give them just a ‘lil’ more’ power
      BUT, and this is {JULIA ROBERTS- ASS} BIGGIE
      Simple calming/suppression of the system(plaquenil) [I’ve been on it since they found I am a guy w/lupus] during the virus allows it to clear.
      French virologist (guy IS Worlds Best) discovered this.
      No Problem
      But, if they are searching-out that clue
      The elusive, un-obtainable vaccine
      They are off-balance
      Panda Wins.

      Until Trump…

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  10. Kirsty I says:

    Your great POTUS has been thinking about dealing with China for decades. He had China beaten long before he became the President.
    He was always saying that China “eats our lunch”, on trade.
    Short term, long term ~ he’s a stable genius all the way.
    God willing a second term!
    Praying to that end…

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  11. Caius Lowell says:

    Tim Cook is not my friend, and he is not America’s friend…

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    • mg says:

      i feel like Eve everytime i use my i-phone

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      • Caius Lowell says:

        Somebody online recently criticized my lack of conservative warrior fervor, and I fought back. The person with whom I was having intercourse — to use China Joe Biden’s phrasing — then said, “You bought your phone right?” I was left sans witty rejoinder.

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    • TradeBait says:

      The same thing he is doing to China he is doing to Apple/Cook and many other globalists headquartered here and with allies.

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    • cantcforest says:

      C.L. And neither is Bill Gates.

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    • jbrickley says:

      Tim Cook literally BUILT the entire Apple production and sourcing chain. It is what he is known for. He would do things like buy all the production capacity of flash memory chips to the point that other manufacturers were unable to source flash memory. Until the chip manufacturers brought new production lines online. The entire thing from sourcing components to logistics around delivering raw materials to manufacturing and shipping product around the world.

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      • jbrickley says:

        It is hard to wrap one’s head around just how big Apple is when they release a new iPhone. Imagine 747 freighter aircraft fully loaded with nothing but iPhones taking off every 15-20 minutes days before launch of a new iPhone. Then having that flow run nonstop for months. The factories cranking out nothing but iPhones in massive quantities from factories employing and housing 50,000+ workers in small city like complexes..


  12. TradeBait says:

    China will never fully understand what has happened to them because they are totalitarian communists. Fact.

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    • Brian in CA4 says:

      Totalitarian communists (CCP) can be very intelligent, just look at how effectively they’ve infiltrated our government, media and education system for several decades. Don’t underestimate them. I assure you that they very much understand that they’re losing this trade war, especially if our VSGPDJT is re-elected.

      To not be prepared for any further attempts by the CCP to prevent his re-election would be a mistake.

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      • GB Bari says:

        We wouldn’t know how to prepare other than for what we already know.
        But whatever it is, we shouldn’t be “shocked” and scared into paralysis.
        Just keep a clear-eyed, sober view and doubt 98% of what the media tells us.

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      • I’m not so sure they’ve gained inroads into the USG because they are oh so smart (not saying they are stupid) but more like they’ve been readily welcomed by quite a few fellow travelers within the USG.


  13. The Boss says:

    This move provides more security for TSMC production assets. Plus, the timing of this announcement couldn’t be better.

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    • Beau Geste says:

      This may be a necessary move to reassure Taiwan Customers that even if they are taken over by china aggression, there will still be ‘existential manufacturing capacity elsewhere.
      Semiconductor manufacturing plants, equipment and facilities are very long-term and expensive investments.

      Otherwise, customers feeling uneasy about China would move new production from Taiwan to India, Indonesia, Maylasia, even Viet Nam and the US.

      This is necessary for supply assurance of customers newly focused of a hostile, unpredictable, and untrustworthy china.

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      • noswamp says:

        I think it would be nice if we made Venezuela another state. Not so easy to do with Taiwan. Venezuela would be red from day one.


  14. jephfree says:

    Phase 2 Trade Deals have begun without chyna.
    America is Open for business!
    Trump 2020

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  15. merry says:

    new muckmaster boots arrived yesterday “made in viet nam” six year old muckmasters made in “china” rather have them made in USA and would pay more but guess nam step up from china..???

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    • Gary Siegel says:

      Chinese Exporters Dodge Tariffs With Fake Made-in-Vietnam Labels ://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-06-10/vietnam-cracks-down-on-chinese-made-goods-being-shipped-to-u-s

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  16. Captain Alatriste says:

    I live in Chandler Arizona and love to see more local quality employment and a large project like this has a large multiplier effect on the economy.

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    • rrick says:

      I haven’t found information on where the plant is to be built. I would rather the Phoenix area than Tucson.


      • Tim Glave says:

        My family moved to Tucson in 1963. The town that I really wanted to retire to was Tucson. But as every lefty city does Tucson has turn into just another dirty unkempt lefty abode. I now live a couple hundred miles north of there. I predict just north of Phoenix. It’s really growing there. Good place for a plant. End note I left Tucson 10 years ago for good.


    • jbrickley says:

      A chip fabrication plant has fewer employees than you would think. Much of it is automated with robots in clean-room sterile conditions. But building such a plant would generate jobs temporarily and then you have maintenance to consider. It’s extremely high tech. But a few dozen employees could run the whole place. The process uses a lot of toxic chemicals as IBM was sued repeatedly over the early semiconductor manufacturing. The wafers get etched chemically many times with different substrates and layers of these wafers. Robots transport the wafers through each stage of production.

      TSMC Factory Tour


  17. Ploni says:

    PPE masks, unmaskings, the Red Panda mask . . .

    I’m sick and tired of masks!

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  18. Peter Divey says:

    Judge Sullivan has now ordered Flynn’s previous attorneys, Covington, to appear in his Court…This is becoming ever more weird.


    • Beau Geste says:

      sullivan is the Alice-in-Wonderland “Red Queen”..
      “Off with their heads” sentence before the verdict.

      General Flynn’s previous judge contreras was removed (did not remove himself) for unstated reasons, likely appearance of, or actual bias and conflict of interest – from his FISA court role.

      sullivan is quite clearly biased, and should be removed. sullivan had a biased unjudicial outburst against General Flynn as a traitor (without evidence or reason before trial) and illicitly proposed that the prosecutors go for criminal treason charges. Extreme, reversible bias…
      Seeking amicus input is an effort to distance himself from the appearance of bias, but it won’t work. Keeping sullivan on as a corrupt judge retains the focus on the courts and judicial system (specifically including the DC appellate circuit) being on public trial ,and being found guilty at the ballot box in November. If the dems judges and dem DOJ/FBI can extort and destroy a General, with madeup, fabricated false charges, they can do it to anyone. The only way to try to protect ourselves is vote out the dems who created the corrupt court system and crooked judges.

      sullivan will likely try to be a ‘hanging judge’ against Flynn and his first law firm (which may have been trying to minimize Flynn’s danger from a knowingly biased , corrupt judge), and minor criticism of the DOJ/FBI/van grack for lack of candor. van grack can be sacrificed t oget Flynn, Powell, and other honest people. sullivan will say this is to ‘protect the integrity of the court proceedings…’ DNN will believe him.


  19. oh_yeah says:

    advanced chips… for what


    • Mo says:

      Read they supply chips for the F-35 as well as to Apple.


      • oh_yeah says:

        how small are they


        • TheLastDemocrat says:

          5 nm!

          This is how small the electrical lines from one transistor to another are on your computer processor.

          Ten years ago, most of us had processors in our home computers that were 50 nanometer. Now, you can get a 14nm desktop processor that would currently be recognized as a very fast processor. Like a great i9 intel.

          As the “wires” connecting the “transistors” get smaller, you can put more on a chip. But it is far more difficult to make a 5nm chip than a 50nm chip.

          I don’t have any idea what chips they will be making in AZ. I am familiar with desktop CPU processors, and I know a little bit about laptop chips – atoms, and ARM chips. But this is just one area of the world of processor chips. But the technology is the same in either case. Smaller nm is more desirable, and more difficult.


          • TheLastDemocrat says:

            a chip for a home / desktop computer, itself, is about 1 1/4 inch by 1 1/4 inch, and is flat. Pretty thin. Maybe an eighth of an inch. You can search for them on sale at E bay and see plenty.

            Many types of chips are smaller. A “system on a chip” often are smaller than a small postage stamp. Smaller than a Chiclet. You have a chip in most car fobs, and they are small themselves.

            The smaller they can be, the more useful. (Although I prefer dumb car keys to these new ones with processors and other things in them.) It is difficult to send electronics down the hole where you are drilling for oil, but there are a lot of things you an figure out if you can get electronics “downhole.”

            Before long, we may have powerful processors in our eyeglasses, our hearing aids, and so on. They have already developed an imaging camera in a pill-type vessel you swallow. It posts instragram updates as it passes your duodenum and so on.

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          • TonyE says:

            Well, TSMC uses technology from Cymer/ASML… and Cymer is based in San Diego country.

            EUV light sources are required to make those small traces.


  20. 6079 Smith W says:

    Macro Analytics 04-30-20 Main Street Shock!

    The Collapse of Main Street and Local Tax Revenues Cannot Be Reversed

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  21. alliwantissometruth says:

    This is what’s so terrible about the fakedemic, the President was on the cusp of truly turning it around and getting American business back into our country where it belongs

    He’s obviously still working on it and getting results, but the fakedemic is really putting a crimp in the works

    The President needs to start touting his continued success on the business front, his extraordinary prowess in all things business and his ability to once again make our economy the best in the world

    The democrats have weaponized a bad flu strain to the point of collapsing the economy, destroying lives and putting a new world order into motion, all the while taking away the Presidents weapons of massive rallies and the MAGA agenda

    Hopefully he’s working on something to force the country open again, but his message should be “I built the best economy in the world, so who do you trust to rebuild it?”

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  22. jimrockfish says:

    Used to do a lot of business with TSMC in a previous life when I worked at Burr-Brown before they were gobbled up by Texas Instruments.

    Not a lot of good quality manufacturing jobs here in Arizona so this is welcome news. Takes a lot of support positions to run a fab so lots of jobs.

    Thank you President Trump and Sec. Ross.

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    • The Devilbat says:

      I loved Burr Brown’s analog chips, they were hard to beat. The only problem was that they were a lot more expensive making them harder to justify into a design. TI still sells them but they are still way too expensive unless one is designing for high end markets such as military and aviation.


      • jimrockfish says:

        That’s the problem with becoming un China. People need to be willing to spend a bit more for a quality product that supports their own country and fellow citizens. We all got used to our cheap Chinese crap. It was an awesome thing to see all the international customers we had buying our stuff we made right here in Tucson. 1993-2001 for me. Good times and a great learning experience. There were a few wolverine type upper managers who had a way of getting things done. Tom Brown would wander around the plant and say hello to anyone. Great American success story.

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  23. MostlyRight says:

    The ASU/Tempe, Chandler, Gilbert area of metro Phoenix is positioned to boom in high tech manufacturing. Low humidity, predictable, sunny weather, cost of living. Right next to CA, where every business owner with a brain is learning CA is not the most business friendly. LA County announces shut-down until August as AZ ends lockdowns. All the CA universities going online in the Fall while ASU, UofA and NAU open up. Not to mention people moving from East Coast and Midwest urban density and decay and politics and weather to a place where the virus doesn’t seem to like the sun and heat.

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    • DesertRain says:

      Big tech corridor building up out East near Williams Airpot. Lots of land. SRP supporting development with large solar energy implementations. Of course Intel has been in the valley for many years.


  24. hokkoda says:

    Several big plants in Colorado Springs 10-15 years ago when everything got outsourced to China. Good to see maybe we’ll get some of this industry back…

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  25. sonoftrump says:

    President Donald John Trump= THE GOAT…Greatest Of All Time

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  26. islandpalmtrees says:

    Who owns Taiwan-based TSMC? Is it a Chinese owned company?

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    • Gary Siegel says:

      Taiwan owned. Main base of operations in Hsinchu in Northern Taiwan, also has operations in Washington State, Singapore and Shanghai.

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    • 3 big campuses on Taiwan.

      TSMC produces over half the world’s semiconductors.

      Massive risk to USA of China takeover/disruption

      POTUS & Wilburine are paving a path out of Obama’s National Security Wilderness.

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      • islandpalmtrees says:

        Excellent find —
        “Massive risk to USA of China takeover/disruption”

        Knew their had to be a reason. How did you arrive at this piece of information?

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  27. Beau Geste says:

    Importantly, the domestic job growth will not happen in the corrupt, high-tax, decaying, business-abusive big dem cities where the politicians steal money and productivity to enrich themselves and their friends. It won’t happen in the captive states of these crooked thieving cities.

    Why start a business in a state that will destroy the business, require political “insurance’ payoffs, and harass your workforce?

    The former lure of big cities: concentration of people, services and opportunity, convenience of commuter rail, subways and other mass transit is now a necessary and dangerous hurdle and barrier to run the infection gauntlet every day. Rather than offset the disadvantages, the former lure adds to violance, gangs, drugs and political lawlessness as reasons to avoid the big city cesspools. What hardworking investment banker, entrepreneur, lawyer, mediamogul, TV actor/crew, importer, exporter fashionmogul, broadway-theater-musician etc would want to be in the center of a fetid cesspool of infection capable on sudden notice of confining and forcing death of nursing home and elderly citizens in communal living, riding a multiuse cab, being increasingly attacked and taxed without mercy? Can’t even go to Central Park. Walking dead cities. The new businesses locating elsewhere can remotely can read all about it in the NYT as it happens. Late ‘re-opening will only hasten the further declines of detroit, baltimore, chicago and new york.

    Companies, financial operations, trading businesses all now have been forced to operate remotely, and are now transitioned and used to it. The dem state governors are acellerating and sealing their fate.

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    • POTUS is letting all Americans decide whether and how to TAKE FREEDOM BACK.

      The seething anger is building like a volcano preparing to blow.

      Americans of every stripe are rethinking everything in life and “getting outside the box” like trapped rats, relentlessly looking for ways out of lockdowns and ways to survive.

      Businesses are reinventing their business models; dumping marginal lines of business and products; closing underproductive facilities and releasing underperforming employees.

      This shutdown will ignite the fires of American ingenuity and innovation like the globalists could never have imagined.

      This TASC announcement will become the SHOT HEARD ROUND the WORLD to Make-in-America.

      It will drive multiple domestic ecosystems … and likely a Fast-Follower competing investment from Intel … which looks to have missed a First-Mover opportunity for massive Public-Private Partnership funding.


  28. Mo says:

    Thanks for the torrent of polysyllabic technology pontificating.

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    • regitiger says:

      aim to please


      • Mo says:

        Is battery life more dependent on size of the chip 5nm / 28nm or due mostly to the requirement to run larger displays?


        • TheLastDemocrat says:


          More computing power, and or greater nm, takes more electricity.

          Battery life on a Dell Chromebook 13 is 4 to 5 times longer than on Dell Latitude E7250. Chromebook is lower powered processor, with Chrome OS which is designed to carry out typical functions (web browsing) with less computing power than the E7250, with Win 10 doing who knows how many things simultaneously in an over-wrought manner.

          Screens are not that different. The electricity burned up by the processors are really different.

          The “GHz” is what matters. A processor, unless asleep, is throwing power down the line in a regular cycle constantly. This constant cycle is the Fetch-Execute cycle. Moment by moment, it throws another cycle through the processor. What is different when being used versus not being used is what is being fetched and executed. If at rest, then nothing, basically. Although it has been a long time, maybe the DOS days or Win 3 days, since the computer might actually be doing nothing while at rest / not being called upon to do something.

          This constant activity is why your battery runs down even when computer (or cell phone) is not doing anything except being “on.”

          These two computers might be using 10 watts and 20 watts when being used. This is exactly the same as having a 10 watt, or 20 watt, light bulb on.

          A fast desktop processor may burn 80 to 100 watts while under modest demand.

          Our smart phones use about 2 watts, I believe. Plus, laptops and cell phones have different hibernation modes to have them do less when not being used.


        • Mo says:

          I’ve been using Samsung since S3 stopped upgrading every two years at S7 edge. It’s pretty cheap to replace now when i inevitably crack the screen and i’ve never had a battery problem with it but do miss being able to open the back cover for a quick battery swap if necessary. I wish i had your skill to hot rod a classic to overcome planned obsolescence.

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  29. islandpalmtrees says:

    Is Taiwan-based TSMC, a Lawfare type company, indirectly controlled by Communist China?

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  30. sturmudgeon says:

    care to pare that down to those of us (like me) who do not comprehend all? thanks.

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  31. Eaglet says:

    Technology is one of TSMC’s cornerstones. TSMC has the broadest range of technologies and services in the Dedicated IC Foundry segment of the semiconductor manufacturing industry. The IC Industry Foundation strategy embodies an integrated approach that bundles process technology options and services.

    TSMC collaborates with partners to ensure that all services supporting those technologies represent the best practices in the Dedicated IC Foundry segment. To that end, TSMC and its ecosystem partners deliver the largest portfolio of process-proven IP and libraries, and the IC industry’s most advanced design ecosystem, a.k.a. Open Innovation Platform® (OIP).

    When you’re looking for a semiconductor manufacturer, you need one that can handle all of your applications. We work with many sectors and platforms. Our technology drives some of the top equipment and products around the world.


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  32. Perot Conservative says:

    Fantastic news. But given President Trump has a maximum of 4.5 years, maybe even just 2.5 years, given the last 2 years are traditionally seen as ‘lame duck’ … time to quicken the pace.

    USMCA inked – key. South Korea and Japan first stage trade deal inked. UK and Japan trade deal #2 in the works.

    Tariffs on China, and it looks like China won’t fulfill the trade deal purchase targets.

    IMMEDIATE: Bring back Big Pharma and key electronics. The quicker the tariffs, the quicker they return / move.

    EXECUTIVE ORDER: death penalty for any Chinese company shipping fentanyl to the US?

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    • TSMC is Huawei’s major chip producer, just remember this.

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    • Beau Geste says:

      I like your death penalty for fentanyl and any other drugs, for any country not stopping the manufacture of ‘extra’ drugs.
      Plus criminal prosecution to recover any assets in the US.

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    • POTUS can multiply the leverage vs Fentanyl by announcing a 5% Tariff Increase on ALL CHINA IMPORTS following any month that we intercept Fentanyl crossing the border, because China PIONEERED Fentanyl. 😂

      … Following FauChiCom’s protocol for classifying any death of an infected patient as a ChiComVirus Death regardless of Co-Morbidities.


      • Beau Geste says:

        The chinese are still (properly) PO’d that the british forced them to be addicted to opium, destroying their culture, in order to finance tea and other chinese imports. So they apparently take a certain degree of satisfaction in knowing the fentanyl trade they enable is endangering our culture. But the US didn’t fight the ‘opium wars’, and the chinese government of course knows where all the fentalyl drugs are manufactured, and could stop it immediately.

        The illegal drug trade is very profitable for china, the US Drug gangs, the big-city Dems the big-city gangs are rumored to bribe to continue operations, and occasionally historically rumored, the CIA off-books income operations. Illegal drugs also deplete other countries as well, of course. The US should formally and loudly insist the chinese prosecute the illegal drug makers and traders, raising the issue while the rest of the world holds china responsible for the china virus destruction wreaked on their countries as well.


  33. DesertRain says:

    I’m in AZ. Was Michael Pillsbury just on with Lou Dobbs? I caught conversation on the topic of a Chinese Bank in Trump Tower with a super powerful network signal. Was the China Bank involved in the reason for Trump to suddenly move out of the tower back in Nov 2016?


  34. Mo says:

    Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. – May 8, 2020 – TSMC (TWSE: 2330, NYSE: TSM) today announced its net revenues for April 2020: On a consolidated basis, revenues for April 2020 were approximately NT$96.00 billion, a decrease of 15.4 percent from March 2020 and an increase of 28.5 percent from April 2019. Revenues for January through April 2020 totaled NT$406.60 billion, an increase of 38.6 percent compared to the same period in 2019.

    Someone was buying a shit ton of product the first three months of this year if you take out they were down for April but still had a huge increase year over year. for the period January-April 2020


    Liked by 1 person

    • 335blues says:



      • Mo says:

        “TSMC deployed 272 distinct process technologies, and manufactured 10,761 products for 499 customers in 2019 by providing broadest range of advanced, specialty and advanced packaging technology services.”

        WHO knows who was buying in Jan Feb March – just thought that was interesting since China was supposed to have closed factories early in the year. TSMC seems to have customers all over the world. I imagine if i’m Tim Cook and plan to produce my phones somewhere other than China i would want to stockpile some supply before CCP eventually strikes to shut down Taiwan from the West.


    • Correction based on Morningstar:
      Q1 Revenue was $10.3 billion.

      First-quarter sales were $10.3 billion, up 45% in USD terms and 42% in NTD terms year over year. Advanced process technologies (16-nm and below) accounted for 55% of wafer revenue, led by 7-nm products for the latest iPhone and AMD’s newest server and PC chips. By segment, smartphone and HPC were both up over 40% year over year. Gross margins rose 160 basis points sequentially to 51.8% due to higher capacity utilization. Second-quarter sales are expected to be at a midpoint of $10.25 billion.

      As of January 16th,
      Historically, TSMC’s capital expenditures ranged from $10 billion to $12 billion, with management now expecting between $15 billion and $16 billion for 2020 after recording $14.9 billion in capital expenditured in 2019.

      $10 Billion investment in Arizona facility will be MASSIVE!

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  35. oh_yeah says:

    so… contact tracing is good


  36. Shyster says:

    POTUS can no longer play the panda/dragon game given the Chinese intentionally, by allowing international flights while shutting down interior Chinese travel, seeded the world with the virus as though it was a cadre of dirty bombs aimed at all of our major cities. We all know the result of the bomb blasts: 30 million unemployed, 80,000 dead, pensions and futures destroyed, 50% of small business destroyed, and the near bankruptcy of our healthcare system nationwide. The people will no longer understand POTUS’s panda mask approach and quite frankly continuing to employ it will not be acceptable and will only hurt POTUS. ITS TIME TO MAKE THIS IN TO A VERY OBVIOUS COLD WAR BECAUSE FRANKLY, WE ARE FIGHTING FOR OUR SURVIVAL.

    Liked by 1 person

  37. Well, I will applaud it until I see they are actually producing wafers from Arizona…


  38. Brian in CA4 says:

    Hey regitiger…I mostly agree with your technical pontification, but like I also tell my son (who loves his droid based Samsung phone), teenage girls and corporate IT departments don’t care about those things and will continue to buy the iPhones.


    • regitiger says:

      i don’t hate apple……I own an ipad…It makes a great chopping board.

      don’t get all annoyed that one guy in interland happens to think apple is not all what it is cracked up to be.

      I’m old school tech…what works dependable, in demanding use, with long life…has always been my interest.

      I just can’t see the idea ever parting with a thousand bones for a “smart” phone. or even 500 or even 200…seriously…it’s a phone that allows you to squint at a browser…yaaah…lol

      maybe 1000 pesos…

      call me cheap.


      • Brian in CA4 says:

        No worries…I hear you…I’m also old school tech and designed my first embedded system on an 8086 chip. I did lots of programming on both, but PC is way better than Mac. I’ve owned several iPhones, but every one of them were purchased by my employer. Every time I asked for something different they said “no”.


  39. Brian in CA4 says:

    As most of you know, most of the Apple iPhones and iPads have been made in China by a company called Honhai Precision. They are the largest contract manufacturer in the world and also make systems for HP, Cisco and other US electronics companies. Honhai’s large factories are in China, but they are a Taiwanese corporation. Most of Honhai’s employees are in mainland China. The CEO of Honhai is necessarily very tight with the CCP. This suits China’s purposes as it blurs the division between China and Taiwan. It has also given China leverage in Taiwanese politics.

    This is one of the reasons that President Trump has been negotiating with Honhai to expand their smaller operations in the USA and “anywhere but China”.


  40. 335blues says:

    I wear no mask. My mind is a blunt instrument.
    I call on all right thinking countries of the world to completely disconnect with communist china.
    The CCP is the scourge of the world, and they are responsible for many, and possibly most,
    of the problems in the world. By disconnecting with china the goal is to destroy its economy,
    and therefore weaken the CCP so it can be removed from power. Xi is a psychopath who
    harbors delusions of ruling the world. And he truly believes he is the world’s rightful emperor.
    The chinese people deserve to be free from the mafia that is the CCP.
    And the world should help them find their freedom.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 6079 Smith W says:

      Point of fact, for the past 50 years China’s Red Mandarins have been propped up and groomed by world governments, banks, corporations and stock exchanges, including our own, to be the paradigm, the prototype of the “new normal” that’s unfolding right before our eyes right here in these United States of America.


  41. iwasthere says:

    This is huge. I’m informed about the industry. We have lost almost every semiconductor fab facility in the country. To be sure, 5 nano, we don’t have a single plant, well maybe Katsills Ny IBM fab which has been strategically supported. To get real private commerical enterprise back?? Sea change . This is why I love the Trump.

    Liked by 2 people

  42. NJF says:

    VSG POTUS45!

    Both graphics are perfect too.


  43. Kaco says:

    My only concern about Taiwan is, will it be able to maintain its sovereignty from China?


  44. rickb928 says:

    Bringing a (the?) major corporation from Taiwan also serves to reinforce our commitment to permanent Tawainese independence and sovereignty.


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