Understanding Why The New York Times, Washington Post, Politico and Buzzfeed Cannot Tell The Truth About Spygate…

A terrific outline by Stephen McIntyre today [see here] provides a great place for CTH to outline the importance of the Wolfe leak and how far-reaching the consequences became in the reporting of the DC media.

McIntyre revisits how the FBI put together the Carter Page FISA application; and specifically highlights how parts of the application are purposefully built by the FBI using the Steele Dossier to fabricate something that doesn’t exist. The issue pointed out by McIntyre surrounds the designation for Steele’s primary sub-source.

By now everyone is aware the Steele Dossier was essentially just an assembly of loosely connected data points, innuendo, gossip and outright disinformation.  The sketchy dossier was, in essence, a file of tenuous opposition research that was assembled under a fraudulent premise of a valid intelligence gathering process.

The Steele dossier underpinned the FISA application.  The dossier, and the fabricated story within it, was used to get the FISA application.  As a result of the way the FBI officials specifically used the dossier to shape the FISA application evidence, the application itself is filled with misinformation.

Because the dossier lies, which transferred to the FISA application, have collapsed under scrutiny, the FBI defenders shifted to calling the underlying fraudulent information “Russian disinformation.”  This, they hope, will be their tenuously collapsing escape narrative; which needs to hold-up long enough to get rid of President Trump.

We all know the “Russian disinformation narrative” is nonsense, but it’s the only way for the conniving DOJ/FBI to escape; and it’s the only way for the Media to provide cover in the retreat.

The truth is the dossier was Clinton-DNC nonsense oppo-research; the FBI knew it from the beginning; and the DOJ-NSD was willfully blind.  However, that’s not the essential element for consideration here.  Instead think of the FISA application and dossier as two pieces of fraud that were not actually hidden, but well known to the media.

Go back to when the dossier was released in its fully assembled format in January 2017.  The entire thing was public.  The media had already received most of it from Steele in the run-up to the 2016 election; but it was essentially just unverified oppo-research.

Here’s the important part to remember….

In March 2017, SSCI Security Director James Wolfe leaked the fully unredacted Carter Page FISA application to journalist Ali Watkins.

As soon as Watkins received the application the media now held the Dossier (which was public) and the FISA application showing what the FBI and DOJ did with the dossier (the secret).

The dossier and the FISA application then became the cornerstone of all the DC reporting about the FISA content from March 17, 2017 forward.  It makes the media’s repeated denials of the Dossier as essential to the FISA application seem really bad in retrospect.

Think about this carefully and critically.

The media had the fully unredacted FISA application (but they cannot admit it).

The media also had the Dossier (which underpins the FISA).

The lies, manipulation, disinformation within the FISA application now frame every single report about what the FBI, DOJ and Intel Community were doing.  In essence, the fraud within the FISA application transfers into all the media reporting of the New York Times, Buzzfeed, Politico and the Washington Post about the FBI investigation.

As a consequence; and because the reporting was predicated/justified based on the evidence the media was physically holding, but could not admit; all of the FBI FISA lies transfer into the media.  As the FISA fraud collapses, so too does the media reporting which was based on the fraud.

The dossier was junk… it infected the FISA application.  The FISA application was junk… it was leaked…. and as a consequence infected the media reporting.  However, the media cannot admit how they wrongly reported on the FISA lies because they would have to admit they received the FISA through the James Wolfe leak.

How does this show up?

When the New York Times says the FISA application was based on Chris Steele’s primary sub-source; and they label the primary sub-source as a “Russia-based-sub-source”; they are reporting from the FISA application they are holding.  Their attribution is “according to a person familiar with the investigation”, but the underlying source material is their copy of the FISA application which makes the claim (which the New York Times cannot admit to having in their possession).

The information about Steele’s “Russia-based” primary sub-source transfers from the FISA application into the media’s uncritical reporting because they are relying on the FISA application and not accepting the FISA application was purposeful fraud to the FISA court.

This same type of information surrounded the Dossier claim about Michael Cohen being in Prague; and the media refused to accept/admit it was a false premise.

The bigger problem for the DC media is not as much how they used leaks from corrupt “people” within the FBI, DOJ and Intelligence Community; all carrying willful intent and self-interest; but also because the DC media is using corrupt and false evidence as the support for their reporting.  As a consequence the media is directly tied to the overall fraud.

DC media, specifically The NYT, Politico and Washington Post, cannot admit why they were wrong in their reporting without admitting how they were so grossly wrong; they received the leak.  The media cannot admit they received the leak without exposing James Wolfe.

If the media exposed James Wolfe, the larger story about why James Wolfe was never prosecuted would surface.  Thus the corrupt media, corrupt politicians and corrupt intelligence officials are tied together to the same fraud.

Can you imagine the ramifications if the New York Times were to admit they had a fully non-redacted copy of the Carter Page FISA application since March 2017?

Surely admitting they had the FISA application would explain why so much of their reporting ended up being factually false; but the bigger problem would be exposure upon the DOJ and DC politicians who were protected by hiding the James Wolfe leak.

The DC media is every bit tied to the “spygate” corruption as powerful senators, the Senate Intelligence Committee, the FBI, the DOJ, the CIA, the DNI and the aggregate Intelligence Community.

The purpose of the ‘fourth estate’ used to be holding public officials to account for their fraud and schemes.  However, as with this example the media hold a vested interest in maintaining the lies, fraud and disinformation they are supposed to investigate.

The irony is,…

…despite their unwillingness to admit it, WE KNOW.

And so we laugh at their inability to tell the truth.


Think about the scale of the reporting, and reporting on reporting, of anonymous leaks, false leaks, lies from “people with knowledge of the matter”, “government officials involved in the matter”, “people familiar with the matter”, “government sources” etc. all going in one unified and semi-coordinated direction – against the aggregate Trump administration.

We’re talking about thousands of hours of media TV pundits, thousands more columns written, and almost every scintilla of it based on originating intelligence sources -from the larger intelligence system- that are now being exposed as duplicitous and conspiratorial in the scale of their malicious intent.

This larger story-line has traveled in one direction. The narrative has only traveled in one direction. Each thread converging on codependent trails for collective stories all going in one direction. One big engineered narrative endlessly pushed. Think about how far the collective media have traveled with this story over the past four years?

Nothing within their collective need to will-an-outcome will change the media’s proximity to facts as the truthful story behind the DOJ and FBI corruption is exposed. The media are so far away from the place where the true story is they have no inherent capability to even begin to travel in the opposite direction, toward the truth.

The only way they could align with the truth is to admit that virtually every scintilla of their reportage over the past 48 months was inherently false or manipulated by the “sources” distributing the material for their reporting.

There’s not a single media outlet capable of doing that.

Think about a New York Times, CNN, New Yorker, Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, Yahoo News or Washington Post journalist now having to write an article deconstructing a foundation of four-years worth of lies they participated in creating.

Do we really think such a catastrophic level of corrupted journalism could reconstitute into genuine reporting of fact-based information?



[…]  This catalogue of factual errors and slavish stenography will stand out when future analysts look back at why the “MSM” became a joke during this period, but they were only a symptom of a larger problem. The bigger issue was a radical change in approach.

A lot of #Russiagate coverage became straight-up conspiracy theory, what Baker politely called “connecting the dots.” This was allowed because the press committed to a collusion narrative from the start, giving everyone cover to indulge in behaviors that would never be permitted in normal times.  (Continue Reading)

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230 Responses to Understanding Why The New York Times, Washington Post, Politico and Buzzfeed Cannot Tell The Truth About Spygate…

  1. railer says:

    Our host grasps it. The media is monolithic on these plots. They will continue to align with the Uniparty and the coup plotters to beat down all truth. Trump is refusing to confront that monolith directly, and this is the right course, as the collective monolith will crush any such attempt.

    Monoliths must be slowly eroded. Let the tectonic and atmospheric forces work to weaken them. Illuminate the truth and the data, and let it fester amongst the rot. We may not get the outcome we want, and we sure won’t get it immediately, but this route has the greatest probability of success for us.

    Make these bastards drop all charges on Flynn. They’ve all along been angling for Trump to give him a pardon, praying he would, to validate their plot. He’s refused, and now the country is on the precipice of exposing a massive element of this coup. One institution of the Uniparty is about to formally strip all legitimacy from the illegal plots of another institution of the Uniparty. This is huge. We’ve got the rats scurrying about within the monolith and attacking each other.

    We aren’t there yet with Flynn, and we may not get there, but it’s within sight. The slow patient road will deliver its first fruits.

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    • trnathens says:

      I respectfully disagree

      I know they called Source #1 a “confidential human source”, but it’s not a human, it’s a computer.

      “Source #1” = NSA Database

      They personify it to mask its identity. In other situations they refer to it as a PERSON. They can DO THAT because sources NEVER come into court to testify. Imagine always being able to refer to a “confidential source” that had “provided accurate information” in the past “resulting in successful prosecution in other cases” when you’re filling out a search warrant? You’d NEVER be denied! But you’d be talking about a computer.

      The redaction isn’t “Russia-based sub-source”, but rather “CIA sub-contractor”
      They were playing a sleight-of-hand trick, replacing Steele for the NSA database.

      “Interview with sub-source” means they went back to double-check the information that the subcontractors found, because there were issues that didn’t jive or make sense.

      Footnote 389, the redaction is “live human being” or some word combination that means the same thing.



      • railer says:

        Not sure what that all has to do with my post, but whatever.

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        • G. Alistar says:

          Regardless of the argument that the NYT editors will be able to hide their complicit behavior in this coup by the technicalities such as “confidential human source” vs. an NSA data base is yet another (among thousands) that demonstrate President Trump is right to call them Fake News. And to think this wicked, dishonest and sinful behavior is protected by the first amendment is disgraceful and a slap in the face abusing their constitutional privilege. Pure politics with NO regard for the truth. Sadly, there was a time when the like of NYT and WAPO live the credo….”democracy dies in darkness.” FAKE NEWS!


        • trnathens says:

          Because you’re right when you say that “now the country is on the precipice of exposing a massive element of this coup. One institution of the Uniparty is about to formally strip all legitimacy from the illegal plots of another institution of the Uniparty. This is huge.”

          It IS huge. It is HUGER than most understand. That’s why I posted under you.


      • Michael says:

        Very good insight. Thank you.


    • Ironclaw says:

      Don’t just make them drop all charges against Flynn. Force them to make him whole. Pay him back for every cent he has been forced to spend on his defense and pull it out of Mueller, Weissman and all of the other crooks that did this to him


  2. They think they’re Speaking Truth to Power, but they are Speaking Power to truth. Their job is to assist the PermaBlob in lying to us.

    It’s an odd twist of history that the Soviet Press was more honest than ours. At least they didn’t really pretend, like the Wolfe Who Cried Ali.

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    • MJJ says:

      Disagree, has more keeps coming out it is clear there were over reactions, professional misjudgments and even confusion on what to do to protect what National Security and Counter Intelligence has to do right away to investigate anything and anyone along with many Professionals compounding mistakes as well.

      It happen after Pearl Harbor with Japanese Internment Camps, it happen after 911 with Patriot Act Privacy Investments Exclusions, Inclusions with Misinterpretations, it happen with the Iraq War Prison and Torture Techniques done without Bad Faith?

      Clearly, it looks like it happen during the 2016 Election and subsequent 2017 Transitions. Still, it also known much confusion on how DOJ-FBI failure to enforce FARA Violations using Section 951 as a predicate to obtain FISA Warrants. While at the same time, only 7 Cases in over 50 Years have been FARA Prosecutions are exceptionally extraordinary. The NSD use Section 951 in Espionage Clandestine behavior of individuals in the Intelligence Service. However, the DOJ-FBI Counter Terrorism System commingles both FARA and Section 951 cases, so mistakes in haste can cause the apparent of impropriety or non-compliance.

      This is the job of USAAG Durham to figure out just like he did in the Iraq Torture Cases recommended for prosecution but later determined no bad faith was intended by those carried out their duties.


  3. Trey Dawg says:

    Accessories to treason in fact. They actually published lies and disinformation while having both pieces of evidence in their hands. This makes them participating parts of the coup. Where are the middle of the night FBI raids?

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  4. Can the DOJ go back and charge Wolfe with a more serious crime?

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  5. JiminCO says:

    It seems to me that great help might come from the Bully Pulpit.
    I envision, at the right time, that the President opens an evening National Address from the Oval Office. Trump calmly gives history and exposure to what he, and his administration has uncovered about the real secret cabal within the Deep State/Media to commit crimes against the Constitution and Free Election system. This starts with his exposure that (True Patriot!) Adm. Mike Rogers met him at TrumpTower, informed him of the spying, and when Trump reported (Truthfully) that his office had been “wiretapped”. Spend an hour going narratively through Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers, on to Andrew Weissman and through Mueller. Spice it with the NYT, Wash Post, MSNBC, CNN baloney, and report to the thinking American People that a grave felonious injustice has occurred in American History. (Dwarfing Teapit Dome and Watergate).
    Then, announce that Durham will be sending down indictments the next day.

    The radicals and sheeple wouldn’t digest it, but enough true Americans would, and the Death of the Democratic Party may follow in time.

    The Telecast and Print Media might not cover the address, but the bullseye will be squarely on their slimy little foreheads.

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    • Moe Grimm says:

      Excellent post Jim. And as you say… at the right time, calmly with the overwhelming abundance of now way past irrefutable facts much of which is .gUv supplied at that. Mike Rogers revelations is a great opening. Amazing he’s been silent this long. Maybe even the normies will get it.

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    • G. Alistar says:

      This speech should be given by the Attorney General with Durham at his side the night that indictments are filed against a Comey, Storzk, McCabe, Yates,(others) and that slime ball democratic Senator from Virginia, Mark Warner. Notice, I didn’t mention Hillary or Obama. They need to sweat it out for a year waiting for the dirty cops to FLIP and spill the beans.


  6. Justmom says:

    One additional point: Ali Watkins was a Buzzfeed reporter when she received the leaked fisa app from Wolfe, shortly thereafter, she was hired by NYT. The corrupt politicians and their apparatchiks CHOOSE the “reporters” who will support their narrative.

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  7. Moe Grimm says:

    Surprised Sundance didn’t link back his also excellent report on SSCI Burr – Warner et. al./Wolfe/Watkins/fbi about 6-7 wks.(?) back. And of course, now I can’t find it in my 116 pgs. of .docx notes since mid-spring 2017. I should mail them to Barr-Durham as STILL not one (1) indictment and no proof any grand jury has been impaneled at all. To me they need at least five (5) to handle fbi, Dept. of Just-Us, State Dept/clinton cabal, cia, nsa, dni clapper.. and whatever they also lead to for all these Felonies and Treason spanning these 3 letter “agencies.”

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  8. John Obidienzo says:

    “We’re talking about thousands of hours of media TV pundits, thousands more columns written…”

    And a few Puke-litter Prizes to boot.

    The Senate Intelligence Committee will hold a confirmation hearing this Tuesday
    For Rep. John Ratcliffe, President Trump’s nominee for Director of National Intelligence.

    Easy to predict that outcome. If he is confirmed, he is one step from AG.

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  9. ColdCanuck says:

    “This same type of information surrounded the Dossier claim about Michael Cohen being in Prague; and the media refused to accept/admit it was a false premise.”

    I haven’t seen where anyone has pulled on this Cohen/Prague thread very hard. It’s been confirmed that THE Michael Cohen has never been to Prague, yet an entire fanciful narrative involving who he met with and when and why and what happened made its way into the Steele dossier. And expanded over time… why wouldn’t this story be complete from the outset?

    And I’m sure I read that cell system records eventually revealed that a different Michael Cohen born the same year was in Prague around the time that Trump-associated Michael Cohen was alleged to have been there.

    Now that’s intriguing. Who would have been able to determine before inventing the story that after it’s publicized a search of cell system data will provide potentially damning corroboration that Michael Cohen was indeed in Prague? That it was a different Michael Cohen could turn out to be a pretty big oops because presumably that kind of cell system metadata isn’t sitting out on public servers, and tracing its source could turn out to be embarrassing.


    • MACAULAY says:

      I think your point is one I believe Sundance has previously made.

      Russians thinking up dis-information would not likely make up this story. It just wouldn’t occur to them to do it.

      But, crooks in the Deep State, Susan Rice for example, doing illegal Queries in the Database, who pick up the wrong Michael Cohen in Prague—would take it and run with it.

      Sundance explained it better, but it’s one of the factors which tends to prove Clinton/Fusion GPS/OBama Operatives were making up the Dossier—not Russians.

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    • Your Tour Guide says:

      Cohen in Prague= taint by inferrence.

      The narrative is that Trump, Flynn, Don Junior
      are all being influenced by Russia! Russia! Russia!

      Anything that can be linked ( by inferrence) to
      any and all things Russia related will be used
      at any and all opportunities. Prague= Russian
      satellite. Cohen in Prague= Cohen ready to
      be influenced by Russia, because he’s in a
      Russian satellite. The fact that they are 20
      years off on the satellite logic doesn’t matter.

      Sheep don’t update their thinking. The fact
      that it was the wrong Cohen doesn’t matter.
      It’s an opportunity to give Cohen a taint of
      being an old USSR sympathizer by being
      in one of their former branch offices.

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  10. The Demon Slick says:

    There’s no Russian disinformation. That’s just another lie. The steele dossier was given to steele already written by Clintonistas like Cody Shear and David Brock. His job was to launder it back as Russia Russia Russia.

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    • jaggggg says:

      Don’t forget Sid Blumenthal……he’s thick with Shear, here there and everywhere that some form of corrupt Clinton work is being done.

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      • Raptors2020 says:

        And the lovely Nellie Ohr.

        There’s an episode of the Simpsons where Bart becomes a shoeshine boy for the Mafia. When the FBI raids, all the gangsters proclaim Bart was their Godfather. And actually, under conspiracy law, a tiny player can still be guilty.

        I believe the Russians were actively part of the Russian Collusion plot for years. They had a huge investment in Hillary (Uranium One). The Russians wanted Hillary to win.


  11. Fools Gold says:

    Meanwhile Director Wray is on top of it…/s /spit

    To clarify, this is not a “small group” that needs to be hung following tarred and feathered by 50 brigades of well armed militia American Patriots! IMHO it’s the only solution to a tyrannical goverment.

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    • trump20162024 says:

      “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
      – JFK (1962)


  12. Mac says:

    Human society has always had two distinct factions; the rich and powerful and those who are neither. Human nature being what it is, there are always a number of people who want to gain wealth and power or keep the wealth and power that they enjoy. Within these factions, there exist subgroups which vie for dominance within the larger faction. he media has always been used to support one or another of the subgroups within the wealthy establishment faction. The MSM never supports the lower class unless it somehow benefits part of the upper class.

    Now, in the late 1950s and early 1960s, populism began to rise with the post -WWII economic boom. Non-Establishment groups became a danger to the established wealth and power class of this nation. The Civil Rights movement was absorbed into the Establishment and the Black population was bought off, through welfare and other social service nets. The Black family was largely destroyed, as well. The drug culture was expanded and encouraged, especially among the lower classes. Steps, largely economic, were taken to limit the growth of, and even to spur the reduction of, the middle class, in the US. And the news media and popular entertainment media participated in this. The are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Establishment.

    Now, fast forward to 2015. The nation has been trapped in a stagnant economy after an economic recession. US manufacturing is being outsourced to foreign countries. Upward mobility has bewho are en effectively stopped for the bulk of the American populous. More and more of the wealth of the middle class is being taken from those who earned it and distributed to those Americans who did not earn it or to parties overseas. And, the elected political class turned a deaf ear to the pleas of the middle class for redress. So, in 2018, there was a populist revolt, in this country. The middle class elected a President who, while technically a member of the upper class of wealthy Americans, was determined to Make America Great Again and saw that being achieved the same way he had achieve wealth, by freeing the economic worker class from oppressive government control. This caused the Establishment and their lackeys and henchmen, including the MSM to unite in an effort to destroy Trump and populism. This failed to work and, instead, spawned the rise of populism globally. And that is the point we were at in February of 2020. Then the novel coronavirus appeared on the scene.

    Now government agencies and economic interests knew of the virus as early as late November or early December 2019. Nothing was done about it because it was recognized as being kitte more dangerous than seasonal flu. When the impeachment of Trump failed, suddenly a seemingly coordinated media hype of the COVID-19 virus began. According to reports, this virus was so virulent and deadly that it was apocalyptic. As it was identified in nations around the world, politicians, wholly owned by the Establishment, began to shut down their nations and economies, based upon the advice of scientific “experts” also in the pocket of the wealthy Establishment. These actions critically hamstrung the global economy and forced the middle classes to rely upon government largess to survive. And, the politicians were controlled by the wealthy Establishment. To maintain control of the “response”, the media was used to create ever more terrifying reports of the deadliness of the COVID virus. Steps, such as herding most of the population into grocery stores without masks or other protective measures, were taken to maximize the spread of the disease. “Legal” steps were taken to outlaw the gathering of common people to make it more difficult for them to compare notes and push back on the draconian measures instituted by the Establishment to control them. As the push back began, especially in the US, the media began inventing wild claims of an even deadlier “second wave” of COVID which would decimate the population. Now, after being told that masks would provide no meaningful protection, everyone had to wear one. The theory that widespread testing was necessary before the economy could be opened back up was circulated. And now we are subjected to a never ending barrage of how COVID infections have destroyed people’s lives. Naw. It is simply business as usual.

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    • TonyE says:

      (1) It was 2016, not 2018. Think of Starwars: 2016, The Rise of Trump, 2018, The Deep Estate Strikes Back and, hopefully, 2020, Return of Trump.

      (2) I think Trump is playing the Coronavirus hoax very well. In the beginning there was little evidence and it was manipulated towards a 2.2M deaths in the USA. He sort of went along, doing somethings that really helped (shutting down China/EU flights) and let the Deep Estate sink in its own lies… From 2.2M to 240K, to 120K to 60K, etc… Fauci has had to STFU pretty much. Trump did release a lot of money for smalle businesses but pretty much held the line on Pelosi and the Progressive’s new normals.

      IMHO, as a real estate developer, I’m sure Trump doesn’t like everything he has to do, but you don’t have to win all the battles, you have to win the WAR. In real estate, the real money (and risk\) is with the developer who ultimately sells the properties. Everybody else is just hired help (hmm… that pretty much defines the professional politicians, huh?).

      Despite the best (worst) efforts of the American Progressives and Globalists (Tyson and Smithfields (chinese owned, btw) being the latest to fight Trump) IMHO they have pushed too hard ( Gov. Loathsome shutting down The OC’s beaches, only) and we now see the Return of the Trump.

      What we ought to do, is HELP, don’t take it sitting down like a good block fascist. Do something about it. Personally, I’m helping finance my local GOP guy running to make the Commie from UCI a one term carpetbagger in the House.

      I also go shopping as needed, I’ll wear mask OK and perhaps gloves, but that will come off in a month.

      And yesterday, for the first time in more than two months, we had Sunday Dinner at home. It was great, outdoors in our shaded atrium, in perfect 74F… good rose champagne, home made bread, fancy tuna/egg salads, fruits, my usual fantastic cappuccinos… Screw Loathsome, we are opening up and we are enjoying life.

      That, enjoying life again, is the best offense against the Commies and The Deep Estate.

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        The thought hit me that the mask thing is just a re-do to
        see how evident it is that people can be controlled. When
        you see people looking their most absurd, it’s when the real
        threat is way overstated, or little or non-existent.

        And the ones trying to establish control look at the pictures,
        observe what they see nearby, and know that they are

        Can think, offhand of two different, absurd practices
        during my lifetime that lend a bit of support to the the
        initial thought ( weird evidence on how people succumb
        to control).

        1. Burning of bras during the initial push for feminism.
        ( This one was more media manufactured. No one
        I knew back in early 70s Ohio had either witnessed
        or participated in the practice).

        2. The “Pink Pussy” hat for all the anti Trump feminist
        protests. How many people would, willingly, look so
        beyond the pale stupid without thinking they were
        fighting the good fight against ultimate evil? How
        many narrative engineers sat back and laughed
        themselves breathless at all the dupes that they
        had under their control?


  13. Zy says:

    Here’s the thing, the James Wolfe leak was exposed and pursued in the legal system to a certain extent. Even though Burr and Warner were involved, it wasn’t a complete secret or coverup. What forces are responsible for this mishap in the coup’s plan?


    • MACAULAY says:

      Perhaps just lower level FBI assigned to catch leakers…doing their jobs…not realizing they were catching a dude who was leaking at the request of corrupt but powerful Senators.

      Wolfe said he would subpoena every Senator on the Intelligence Committee. That’s when the Fix went in.

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      • G. Alistar says:

        Several FBI guys who were/are honorable…..note, we are getting almost daily releases of more and more dirt associated with the seduction and coup plot. Wonder what goes on in the minds of Comey, McCabe and Obama (many others) as to “what’s next” to be leaked or released. This genie is outta the bottle and this ain’t going away…. p.s., this drip, drip, drip of document releases, the Horowitz report, the Flynn exculpatory documents, Nunes/Jordan releases, POTUS tweets, Judicial Watch, social media guys like Techno Fog and our own Sundance almost seems like a well planned approach. IF all this info came out at once, it would be ignored with focus on a virus. It’s growing into a tidal wave that even liberals and democrats cannot ignore.


    • Mac says:

      The Wolfe leak was common knowledge in Washington and it was also known that his bosses on the SSCI knew about the leak and probably was involved in the leak. There was more than likely a credible threat that the leak would be publicly revealed. To protect the fat cats on the committee, an Oswald had to be found.Wolfe was the scapegoat. He was promised a minor criminal charge and no jail time in exchange of taking the fall.


  14. Eileen McRae says:

    The media see “truth” as a dangerous thing to be in the possession of the proletariat. Thus, the media docilely complies with the ruling class to ensure that only misinformation and lies are told. It is in this fashion that the media becomes the propaganda tool for the elitists. Herr Goebbels would be immensely proud of the American media today!


  15. Joel Snider says:

    Because they were culpable?


  16. Elle says:

    That article Sundance linked by Taibbi is very interesting. It was written in March of 2019. Given my cynicism that the self-worth and self-esteem of our leftie self-proclaimed intellectual betters is completely wrapped up in hating Trump as a ritual to prove they run with the “elite” herd, I have a slightly different take.

    Taibbi’s article is a great summary of how the press was willingly duped, to push the specific lies and slander fed to them. It is a brilliant summary.

    Taibbi writes “ The sequence of events in that second week of January, 2017 will now need to be heavily re-examined. We now know, from his own testimony, that former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had some kind of role in helping CNN do its report, ”

    My cynical take was not that Taibbi had some moment of clarity to save the Soul of journalism, .. but perhaps….rather he was realizing what Sundance is touching on above.

    I read Taibbi’s piece as almost as a heads-up, a belated warning to his colleagues that they had been duped by Clapper and the intelligence agencies to do perform their dirty work. While it may be Taibbi experienced some sort of self-enlightenment that negligently undermining the foundations of our Republic was wrong. But the cynic in me can’t help but wonder if it was his realization that he and his colleagues might actually have to stand before a tribunal to answer, not just for bad journalism, but for actual crimes of criminal conspiracy. It almost seemed an oh-snap moment that Brennan and others had conned them into willingly and knowingly carrying out very serious crimes that could make them willing accessories to Clapper’s and corrupt officials’ crimes of treason.

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    • Laramie Evan says:

      Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald (who I like very much) share one thing in common: Hatred for Republicans and nearly all things conservative.

      That said, each is intelligent enough to see what is going on with left wing journalists. But, neither is capable of swallowing their pride enough to admit that their hatred of conservatism might have been misplaced.

      So, they end up in this place where they’re calling out their (former) colleagues for being dupes and stooges. In this they are surely correct — or perhaps even a little short of the mark. Some of their former colleagues were fully in on the game. They weren’t duped at all.

      But, they can’t separate themselves from their leftwing tendencies. So, everything you read from either of them has to include some form of genuflecting to their former leftwing colleagues: Conservatives are [evil, stupid, misguided, corrupt] . . . fill in the blank. They have to include this sort of thing at the outset of each of their columns or else they’ll lose their lefty card. To be a critic of their former colleagues, they have to signal that they are still part of the tribe — just one who will call out some of the excesses.

      I read both of these guys a little bit. But, it’s always ironic when they get to the Conservatives are [evil, stupid, misguided, corrupt] part because they never include specifics. The only specifics deal with the abuses in left leaning journalism because . . . they don’t have specifics on conservatives. It’s all genuflecting an virtue signaling to their former colleagues.

      Interestingly, Taibbi is now trying to make a go of it alone, just like Greenwald did about 7 or 8 years back. How long before we see Taibbi on Tucker Carlson?? His head would explode first, I think.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Elle says:

        So true! Well said. The tribal force is strong with these conservative haters. It reminds me of what it must have been like when whites in the south started realizing that perhaps blacks were not their God given housekeepers. The term ni**** lover in the 20’s was likely as damning as “witch” was in Salem or “Trump Supporter” is today. “Racist” has lost much of its power due, as is inevitable at some point, enough good people say, enough!” Kind of like the COVID bell curve, there is a point that the community develops enough herd immunity to counter these pathogens of pride/hate/fear/envy that drives this type of thing.

        I know lots of truly (otherwise) very nice people who HATE Trump supporters with ever fiber of their being and absolutely feel noble wallowing in their disdain. I don’t get it.

        Perhaps Taibbi wants to wash his hands of these crimes, but unfortunately he has a job where banishment is certain if he strays too far from the herd. It would be tough


      • G. Alistar says:

        Excellent….and demonstrates why this drip, drip, drip of incredibly damning information has been going on for the past several months. More to follow….


  17. Laramie Evan says:

    If Barr wants to unravel this and find out who else is corrupt within the DOJ, he might start by figuring out who within DOJ maneuvered the Wolfe prosecution to US Attorney Jessie Liu, who also was responsible for other soft prosecutions and cover-ups. https://thepatriotwatchdog.com/breaking-president-trump-pulls-nomination-of-corrupt-deep-state-us-attorney-jessie-liu-to-treasury-dept/


    • Joemama says:

      If the corrupt persons are found, I suspect they will be the same ones that keep sending all the friends/associates of PDJT to the courtroom of biased, corrupt judge Amy Berman Jackson.


  18. leon0112 says:

    This is a nuance, but I keep wondering who contributed the Michael Cohen in Prague information. I suspect that a FBI contractor searching through the NSA database for Michael Cohen made a mistake and found that another Michael Cohen went to Prague. I suspect that it was Glenn Simpson, Nellie Ohr, or some other Clinton fan. I wonder if we could find out about all those searches done by the FBI contractors.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. leon0112 says:

    This is a nuance, but I keep wondering who contributed the Michael Cohen in Prague information. I suspect that a FBI contractor searching through the NSA database for Michael Cohen made a mistake and found that another Michael Cohen went to Prague. I suspect that it was Glenn Simpson, Nellie Ohr, or some other Clinton fan. I wonder if we could find out about all those searches done by the FBI contractors.


  20. Richard Whitney says:

    The Wolfe leak had a watermark. That is, it had an incorrect date. Watkins reported the watermarked leak, which betrayed its source So I don’t get how the MSM can avoid admitting they received a leaked classified document.
    I recommend reading the Wolfe indictment, it is a beauty. I think we will be hearing more about that episode sometime in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. harold canelos says:

    If there ever was a time to prosecute under the RICO statutes, this would be it.


  22. Webster says:

    Did anyone definitively find/state evidence that the FISA was leaked from Wolfe to Watkins? I know there was circumstanstial guessing it was texted (number of texts aligned with number of pages of FISA; also, how stupid is it to text message that? Why not photograph it and hand over and destroy the memory card?). So he got 2 months for lying, but at Cumberland prison, pretty much a vacation camp that’s super easy. I know there’s a thousand data points of corruption in this whole spygate and Russia hoax scandal, but a bunch gets complex, most of it is deep in the weeds. So 99.9% of the population doesn’t know, understand or care. And if that’s the case, the media doesn’t have to talk about it. And if that’s the case, no politicians or anyone gets pressured or gets in trouble. Deep state plausible deniability, and anything can be “explained away”; and there was a “slight” chance some things could have been true from what someone somewhere told them so that’s why they had to investigate. The FIB was still taking orders from the previous president, and ignoring authority of the current lawful president.


  23. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Most of us here have known this.

    Maybe, as the “Show” continues, more of our fellow citizens will come to realize this:

    The Corporate Media are the ‘Pimps’

    The Reporters/Journalists are the ‘Prostitutes’

    The Politicians/Staff/Bureaucrats are the ‘Johns’

    And Law Enforcement ain’t Law Enforcing.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. konradwp1 says:

    To see the utter depravity of the New York Slimes, it is worth going back to February 2018 and reading their repeated attacks on the Nunes Memo and their boosting of Schiff’s mendacity.

    They had possession of the full unredacted Carter Page FISA warrant since March 2017. They had the Steele dossier in 2016. Therefore they knew everything they were publishing in February 2018 was completely false. They published outright lies. They did so knowingly and with intent.

    Truly the establishment media are the enemy of the people.


  25. John Drake says:

    Well on with the show. There’s no News Like Bad News…even if it must be fabricated. That’s what sells subscriptions, garners viewership and get clicks. It is often a Lie presented as the Truth under the presumption that its a pragmatic solution…that the ends justifies the means.

    “Generally success or failure is a might determinant of ethics.” – Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’



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