Brutally Honest – President Trump Calls Top FBI Coup Plotters: “Human Scum”…

Earlier today President Trump took a question during the coronavirus task force briefing about Roger Stone’s upcoming prison confinement.  During his answer President Trump hinted toward a likely pardon for the individuals unfairly targeted by corrupt FBI and DOJ investigations…. calling the top tier of the former FBI “Human Scum”. WATCH:

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221 Responses to Brutally Honest – President Trump Calls Top FBI Coup Plotters: “Human Scum”…

  1. rickinhouston says:

    Weiner Laptop, Imran Awan, House Impeachment, Steele Dossier, Mueller Investigation, FISA lies, Crossfire Hurricane, Epstein Island, Feinstein chauffeur, Loeffler et al. insider trading, Julianne Assange / Seth Rich / DNC hack, Wolfe (controlled) leaks, Hunter Biden Ukraine, Hunter and Joe Biden China.

    That’s really quite a long list. I’m sure I’ve missed a few things.

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  2. CharterOakie says:

    I’ve watched every WH presser for weeks now. Love how POTUS is outing the various presstitutes and then blistering several of them with his withering responses to their stupid, deceitful questions.

    The man knows how to win. And he does win. It’s just that simple.

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  3. Christy Seaberg says:

    President Trump tells it like it is! Straight out. Every day these so called journalists through ees out “gotcha questions ” & he throws them right back. Their behavior is despicable.

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  4. dottygal says:

    I think Human Scum is putting it nicely. Speaking of Presstitutes, why isn’t anybody covering the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden? What happened to “Believe Every Woman”?! During the Kavanaugh Hearings CNN ran 700 stories about POS Blasey Ford’s allegations that weren’t true. It seems like they only cover negative stories about non-Dem’s.

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  5. Trump Train says:

    There is nothing walking the Earth more despicable than the msm/deep state scum

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  6. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    IMHO the worst example of lying human scum in yesterday’s Press Conference came when some smirky old grey haired “journ0list” in the back asked why the president supported the angry protestors illegally gathering in various state capitols. VSG TRUMP responded that they had valid grievances and appeared to be well behaved. Also, they carried a lot of American flags. To further attack the president & his supporters the jack@ss reporter interrupted him claiming that he saw Nazi Flags too.
    That’s the big LIE. Swastikas on some signs were in reference to the tyrant governors & mayors and their unconstitutional mandates & decrees. The jackal caught the president off guard and he responded with something about that not being good and unfortunate.
    If the anti-American media tries to smear the good patriots once again today the president should force them to “Prove it with visual evidence. Otherwise they should stop making false claims.”

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  7. hokkoda says:

    While I share the President’s feelings towards scum like Comey, Brennan, Strzok, Page and the others, I would also suggest that the media is going to set this up to have any and all trials declared mistrials due to what the Leftists in the military have tried using: Undue Command Influence. In other words, the coup plotters cannot get a fair trial because the President has poisoned the jury pool.

    If you see that kind of reporting, then you know that indictments are coming. Right now, the coup plotters are all still in “I was duped!” mode such as when Comey claimed the entire investigation was “7 layers below” him. (which Barr correctly called an outright lie). If you see the media narrative shift to the coup plotters cannot get a fair trial, then you know the walls are breaking down on them.

    Yes, I understand that the DOJ cannot get a fair trial within 200 miles of Washington D.C. which voted something like 96-4 against Trump in 2016…

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    • BGCT2VA says:

      A little eloquence at this time might go a long way. Trump may find that a better way of expressing his disdain resounds more loudly.

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      • hokkoda says:

        It’s not in his nature to be silent about it, particularly when asked. There are times when I wish he would just smile and say “Justice is coming.”

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        • 1nikao says:

          He is referring to the scum that floats on the top of the swamp.
          I think everyone understands, quite eloquently, what he is referring to.
          There is no need to mince words.
          I still believe there was much more dangerous plotting done by those scum than has been/may be revealed.
          I would never put it past any of them to attempt the murder of my President or those in his family.
          He didn’t call them piles of sh!t, that is pretty eloquent, don’t you think?

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    • Scooter says:

      You make a very valid point. But I believe Trump, Barr and Durham are much smarter that these mental midgets. I actually think the FIRST indictment will be for Eric Holder. Someone we haven’t heard too much about EXCEPT that his law firm is the one that “represented” General Flynn and who’s law firm “lost” exculpatory evidence and who has been quite vocal on Twitter as of late. President Trump hasn’t said a word about Holder so they can’t make the argument that his jury pool has been “poisoned”.

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      • hokkoda says:

        I tend to think we’ll see small fish get fried first. The Clinesmiths and Pages of the coup. Clinesmith’s indictment seems pretty clear-cut. He falsified the FISA application, then falsified the supporting documentation in an attempt to cover is tracks. Naturally, the questions are who else knew and who was giving him instructions? Based on what we know, probably Strzok. Page appears to have lied to Congress about the start of the investigation and when the FBI learned about Steele’s connections.

        This is more like a typical criminal probe. There’s an actual crime committed (illegal spying), along with a small group conspiracy to commit those crimes. Seems to me the small fish come before the big fish. The only way Holder gets rolling into this is if Durham does a deep dive into the FISA abuses in 2012-2016 since the former AG would have had people in his office signing off on many of those activities.

        The targets are Brennan and Comey. Though I would love to hear that Durham has indicted both in the coming weeks, I think we’ll see the small fish fried first.


  8. signer1 says:

    If Trump says you are Scum, you are scum. He may not be my spiritual advisor, but he recognized HRC for what she was.

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  9. Yes, Scum is too nice a word to describe Comey, McCabe, Obama, Strzok, Page and all the lying treasonous rats who ran @FBI into the ground! They R the reason its called the Federal Bumbling Idiots!

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  10. Shyster says:

    After the polls close on election night, Trump needs to sign pardons for Manafort, Stone and Flynn so that each can be saved from their respective corrupt prosecutions at the earliest moment. If Trump wins, too bad, I’m here for 4 more years and I don’t really care what you think. If Trump looses, at least it was done at the earliest moment possible and another too bad on his way out.


  11. theasdgamer says:

    Calling the coup plotters “human scum” is unfair. It’s a putdown to human scum everywhere.

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  12. mickjt says:

    Simply put, When Democrats win elections they think it is their ‘Turn To Steal’, it’s as simple as that!


  13. 1nikao says:

    I love me some Donald Trump, President of the United States of America!

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