Tucker Carlson Questions Government Decisions Using Flawed Statistical Models…

Earlier this evening on Fox News, Tucker Carlson outlined a disconnect between dire national health models that predicted mass deaths and a reality not close to predictions.

[Review IHME Coronavirus Model HERE]

As Carlson notes there are few professionals explaining why there is such a significant difference. Additionally, if we have shut down our economy based on models that were incorrect, well, when are we going to re-open our economy? Lots of questions… and unfortunately no-one seems to be allowed to ask them.


In the final analysis this crisis is going to come down to a very tribal set of decisions about when to re-engage the operations of U.S. society. Additionally, what changes and rules will be instituted as a result of some areas wanting to re-open, while others demand the continuance of an extended shut-down.

Red states -vs- Blue states. Urban -vs- Rural. Tribalism making the rules for those within specific geographic boundaries. That part of post COVID-19 panic is inherently predictable.

However, the disparity will need to be reconciled; and for that solution the Administrative State will likely demand the application of science as a solution. We can already hear these arguments within the discussions.  Totalitarianism always shifts the discussion to science when disconcerting conversations are unavoidable. [See the Fabians]

The solution will be a COVID-19 vaccine; and to re-enter a full society everyone will be expected to get vaccinated to secure all other members of society. However, given the pesky issues with liberty, a mandated vaccine protocol will probably not pass muster.

Therefore those who wish to have unrestricted access to the entire country will be those who accept the vaccine. Those who do not accept the vaccine will have less choices.

Again, the solution returns to this outlook.

If you accept the vaccine, the state will register your compliance. Or not; it will be your choice. However, your access to society will also be based on your decision.

That’s what is coming at the end of this…

Choose wisely.


If you wish to cross between boundary zones you will need to carry a “vaccination passport” as outlined by State Advisory Minister Bill Gates.

There is no cause for alarm.

All of the best citizens will be doing it.

Your vaccination passport will allow you free travel throughout the U.S.

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270 Responses to Tucker Carlson Questions Government Decisions Using Flawed Statistical Models…

  1. Scott R Leubner says:

    The greed & corruption behind Coronavirus.

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    • Deborah Fehr says:

      If we can find this out, President Trump must already know..and they must know he knows, is he giving them the rope to hang themselves? He has to play nice, until this is over..and they want it to last as long as possible, the longer it goes on the worse the economy so the Dems can blame Trump for mishandling things and a bad economy. I do believe that once this dies out, the economy will come roaring back…look at the stock market already..these guys are getting desperate…the window is closing…this virus is weak and dies in the heat, I also heard that going outside is better not worse..so they cant perpetuate the lies much longer. I hope the Dems keep their track record of losing, and Trump keeps winning. Once this is over, there will be no stopping him..


    • treestar1313 says:

      Oh no, your video is gone! Can you tell us about it?


  2. Very important article, lots of great info about DR. WHO.
    Another Commie on the take from China.
    He wanted to appoint the murderer Mugabe as Goodwill Ambassador. What happened- Satan was too busy?


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    • Shyster says:

      The real issue isn’t if the head of the WHO is a commie in China’s pocket, but rather, and here we go again, how it is that the U.S. is the largest contributor to the WHO and our federal bureaucracy failed to do anything whatsoever to make sure a solid honest person was in charge. It was an utter failure of the federal bureaucracy again that let our tax dollars be sucked up by an organization that is corrupt and turned against us while the American citizens pay for it. This federal failure is an endemic problem with our entire federal government. And in this case, it has cost thousand of American lives. Tear it all down.

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  3. Dogsrule says:

    So an observation I have, since I am a very visual person, is that for years we have been watching the Chinese wearing facemarks on just a normal day. Has anyone noticed that we all look like China now? Is it just me or is there some significance? Is this a plan?


  4. JRD says:


    Zeke (everyone over 75 should be subjected to “Death Panels”) Emanuel, Frankenstein Fauci, and Bill Gates way is NOT living.

    I’m not afraid to meet my Creator and I don’t want to live in their Communist world.

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  5. MfM says:

    There are 3 (likely others can think of a few more) areas where I think a major change could happen and have no effect on the everyday lives of people.

    1. Stop importing all the medical supplies from China.

    2. Wash your hands more often and certainly after using the bathroom… and use the towel to close the water & open the door.

    3. Cover a cough or sneeze.

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    • buckturdgison says:

      4. Stop importing all immigrants from China

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    • Mike Robinson says:

      “Wash your hands with soap and warm water.” Viruses basically can’t survive soap.

      4. Don’t touch your nose or eyes. (Your mouth leads directly to an acid-filled death trap.)

      Even though these simple precautions sound utterly mundane – and, they are – most virus transmission, unless it occurs through an insect, occurs by contact.

      Yes, there is a reason why the bus-crew wipes down the table at a restaurant when they remove the last patron’s dishes, and why your waitress won’t let you sit down until this has been done. “Health department regulation,” of course, but with solid justification.

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  6. The American Patriot says:

    You can hand over your Treeper card as you exit out the door!


    • Shyster says:

      Really you moron. I don’t carry a Treeper card, I carry a truth card. What are you a cultist? You sir are an unpatriotic POS, who advocates group think rather than critical thinking. Name one thing in my post that is in error you boot licking fool. Let’s see critical analysis rather than unsupported criticism. Your lemming devotion to stupidity is what got this country into problems in the first place.

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      • The American Patriot says:

        BAN TIME!

        You were never a Trump supporter in the first place!


        • Ryan says:

          If you can’t see that Trump is doing a horrible job right now YOU SHOULD BE BANNED. I am beyond disgusted with Trump right now as he stands at the podium with Fauci and Birx while showing us stupid ass models. Something is going on right now and it’s very disturbing.

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        • Shyster says:

          Wow, really, is that the best you have? You sound like a twitter leftie sitting in your mom’s basement trying to get Tucker takin off the air for saying things you don’t like. Lest I remind you, you are nothing. You don’t decide others free speech, you don’t speak for the Treehouse, you don’t speak for Treepers, you don’t speak for anyone but yourself. Try intellectualizing your fascist lefty positions with intellect, facts and argument. Until then, I will respect your right to voice your opinions no matter how stupid they are.


  7. 335blues says:

    What really has got me angry is:

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    • 335blues says:

      The numbers for the seasonal flu are like a built in control. If the economy shut down is working then both seasonal flu and Wuhan flu numbers would be affected. If not, then neither would be affected.

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    • Mike Robinson says:

      Ummm, you already know that answer. “No, it wasn’t.”

      World-wide(!) we attempted something that had never been attempted before … and it didn’t do a damned bit of good.

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  8. dwpender says:

    I would greatly respect Tucker if at this point, he did the following mea culpa:

    “I was right when I beat the drum that this was more serious than most thought. However, I now admit that I was wrong in proposing a national “shut down,” because I had not fully considered how that would work, the devastation it would cause, and the difficulties in reversing the policy once begun. I now admit that “the cure was worse than the disease.”

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  9. The Insane Left– that designation most clearly demonstrated, for all to see, by their Trump Derangement Syndrome (cf., Bernie Sanders’ anti-President Trump, not anti-Biden, concession speech today) — is riding on the back of a general incompetence among scientists, across all of the earth and life sciences.

    Individual immune system support is the answer to this or any infection, and vaccination is simply not the answer. Nobody in the media is being honest in showing the covid19 death rates in the context of other, seasonal viral outbreaks; this highlights, basically, what I have been saying, in that “we don not have a legitimate federal government now”, aside from an honest an amazingly competent President (who yet continually gives his sworn enemies too much rope to continue their treasonous activities).

    It might help if these “vaccine experts” remembered “Give me the courage to change the things I can, the patience/faith to abide the things I can’t, and the wisdom to know the difference.” They cannot solve this within their vaccine specialty. But theirs is a cult, just like the Insane Left brought together by Obama, and they WILL NOT question it, or think outside of it.

    This is precisely the same course that “global climate” science has taken, to utter and habitual faliure wherever and whenever it is compared to the hard reality.

    We are confronted by false cults on every hand, and a nation and world divided to distraction by so many false, competing dogmas.

    The next time someone says, “ban guns (or anything else of any good use)”, tell them, “let’s ban unquestionable dogmas, like yours, first”.

    And study my internet writings, which are all based upon my discovery of what will be the next general human paradigm, when our species decides to go forward again rather than backward.

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  10. Mike Robinson says:

    PDJT, on the advice of many people whom he still considers to be experts, made these dramatic decisions – as did many other governments around the world. The hypothesis was that changing human behavior patterns would “flatten the curve” of the disease outbreak. We are now seeing solid data which shows that this is not the case. There are simply too many ways by which any virus can spread.

    “Social distancing,” and “self-quarantine” of those that are not believed to be sick at all, has been particularly disastrous … and, “we should have known better, based on practical experience.” A virus cannot jump a gap between people. The odds of someone (who did not just sneeze in a most-discourteous way) conveying a virus particle to you by air are essentially zero. We cannot identify, from among those who “now appear to be healthy,” those who “just haven’t come down with it yet.” Yet, somehow, we imagined that it was actually necessary to try to indiscriminately confine everyone to their homes. We all are aware of how colds and flu can spread in offices and classrooms, yet we shut down the entire economy.

    The most important lesson to be learned here – first – is what “the mis-application of science” can quickly do, when those who mis-apply it wield government powers. The second – to be applied immediately after we “stop doing this” (which MUST occur at once!) – is to be damn sure that it never happens again.

    We … were wrong. Didn’t intend to be wrong, didn’t plan to be wrong, but … wrong, we were.

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    • The American Patriot says:

      In the manner of thinking, we might as well practice this during the flu season. The thing here social distancing or quarantine will not prevent someone from getting the flu.

      The issue here is that there isn’t a cure or vaccine to counter this virus. I even heard that taking ibuprofen makes it worse. That is why people are freaking out.

      In the end it’s all about common sense……a big thing missing in today’s society.


  11. John says:

    Interesting interview with Prof. Didier Raoult on the different roles of doctors and medical researchers.

    The interview is in French. Turn on closed captions. Then try to remember your high school French.

    Here is the link to the video:

    Basically, he is saying that it’s the job of a physician, when confronted with a sick patient, to use the best treatment available. Also points out the great number of physicians world wide that are using HCQ.


    • John says:

      Here’s a rough translation:

      Q: Professor Didier Raoult, how do you see the latest developments in the coronavirus epidemic in France?

      DR: At the general level, I cannot judge very very well what is happening in France, because there are data that I lack, but with us it is what you can see (see slide)
      – we have to detect and treat a lot of patients you see that we are on a really very decreasing curve; We were detecting an average of 350 new cases per day, and ten days later, we are find scarcely 100. So things are much better in terms of the number of patients.

      By the way, all our beds are no longer occupied. People proclaimed, gentlemen there were always Nostradamuses, predicted that we would not have ICU beds, but these are turning around in the usual fashion. As usual the Nostradamuses are wrong and in this regards, things are improving. I know there are a lot of people waiting for the publication of the cases we are dealing with. We are finishing the analysis of 1000 cases that we have treated. Results are very reassuring about this treatment and we did not have cardiological problems with any of the patients that we treated and on which we have results. The treatment shows an efficiency ity which is larger than that of the other series that we have seen to date, so all is well — a little patience it is necessary — for this work to be finished <>.

      Q; What do you think the situation in “ehpad?” <>

      DR: I am worried because I am not very convinced by the strategy of blind containment, that is to say, of confining people, e.g. in the hold of a ship, who are negative and mixing in people who are positive; this strategy often ends with everyone becoming positive, and the question we ask is, whether the same thing will happen in the “ehpads?”, we put the target population — who are most sensitive — we see in the study that the people who die are people who on average are 85 years old — so the real target if you want death risk for this disease it is precisely the people of age, and if in it we mix in people who are affected, without excluding carriers, such a strategy is something which is likely to have adverse consequences which in terms of number may be extremely substantial. So I continue to think the same way <>.

      I am an infectious disease doctor and I think that it is necessary when faced with an infectious disease and it’s been 42 years that I do this job, I always see patients once a week, it’s my duty to stay in contact with reality and not become a doctor-administrator. You have to mgive yourself the means to make a diagnosis. You have to isolate contagious people. You have to treat them. So,I think that’s it that’s what you have to do. That’s what I do. I think that’s what we need to do, because this is the basis of our profession/ So we have seen what is going on in Italy and Spain — they started to test in a massive way and to treat, and we see the curves bending very very quickly. And in Italy in Spain I think that is what it’s necessary to do.

      Q; What do you think about the current controversy over the treatment, about which aspects are crystallizing?

      DR: I admit that it took me a long time to understand, because for me it is very simple. Once again, this is a disease that occurs, and we aren’t familiar with it — the only ones who know it are the Chinese. We know the sensitivity of the virus to a certain number of products when we test them. In these products there are new molecules that we do not know the toxicity of. We also have old ddrugs that we know very well, in that they have been prescribed billions of times. The Chinese and Koreans who encountered the first wave treated it using this product that everyone knows very well and they say it works to control the disease. In China control measures have been detection, a bit of isolation in the risk areas but not in the whole of China, and then treatment.

      I could not imagine that this treatment triggers controversies of this nature, butI realize that this is primarily an opposition between doctors and people who have finished being, or who are not, doctors.

      I am struck to see actually there is a survey when you ask doctors around the world at the 37% of doctors around the world are treating with hydroxychloroqine.
      In France the number of physicians who give the drug without saying so it is considerable. I was struck to see that in my own CHU (Centre Hospitalier Universitaire) the people next to us who encounter patients infected with the virus treat them with hydroxychloroquine, and there is a gap between medical practice and people who confuse medical practice and research and each time you see a sick person, this is a patient and not a research object — you cannot transform the patients into a research object.

      This started very early on, because when we received patients who came from China, I immediately proposed because I always think the same we must immediately detect if there is one that is positive I wanted to do even on the plane and put a swab three hours later I would have said here is positive let you talk about the negatives, but you don’t put them all together. Well I was told me not at all that makes a prod to find out if someone is contagious and research you have to ask for a committee to protect people after they are managed so that it is very fast this committee lost 1/4 hour because and in a strange way the people on the plane who said that you have to sign a paper for yourself because to search to find out if you are contagious is to research do not even understand what they are being told said sent

      There are certain types of people who have gone mad with methodology with the fact that everything and research that is disconnected from the fact that one must know if people are carriers or not. It is not research, it’s the practice of epidemics that when people are sick we have to treat them with the drugs we have, which we know are not toxic. Finally, the ? drugs are something that we were distributing without even a prescription two months ago, and now we don’t even know how we’re going to treat people in the city who have lupus or rheumatoid arthritis who have been taking this drug for 20 years if we notice it on the plated or we won’t be able to give because you can’t mark the diagnosis on it it would be something that is completely impossible in the context of medical confidentiality. You cannot explain why giving yourself a prescription drug is prohibited by law

      And so we are in a real conflict: Is it medical practice or is it research but it is not research that we do it is first of all medical practice so much the better if we manage to increase our knowledge from this practice of this new epidemic but the objective that we have for us the doctors is not to do the research of self said and I still have some more just well placed to pass for a character does a lot of research in my life but first our first care is that is our first point

      And I regret that there is no very solemn intervention as viable more and more of my respectable former colleagues Professor Marc Anaky who directed the ASM the Former President of the High Authority of Health – – and I would very much like the council of the order for which it is the responsibility to pronounce on this question of the limitation of the capacity of the doctors has judged by themselves of the therapy that it is capable of giving with molecules who are also old also known as easy to use their prohibition of prescription it is a very deep attack at the base of our trade which is to prescribe according to our level of knowledge the best possible treatment for the patients whom we have in front of we.

      This is the very basis of medical practice and in particular the types people have gone crazy for two years that if we were in the phase of the most dangerous drugs in the world 2 billion people who have done this you can not imagine that all people who were going to Africa created chloroquine data and they made an electrocardiogram for years warning them that he was going to have a torsade de pointes finally it’s completely crazy.

      So we went crazy because it’s people who don’t do medicine who talk about medicine. Medicine is something to practice daily, caring for people who are sick and we give them treatment, and not tell them to “go home you and if you can’t breathe come to the hospital”. That’s not medicine. So I’m happy because I had a feeling of strangeness because everyone says that I’m the one doing this, but it’s not me, it’s the doctors who do that so I’m glad to see that the other doctors are practising like me because they are reasonable.


  12. AJ CASTELLITTO says:

    I think this has to end now. We can be careful, but trust is gone. Are they still tracking cases of the flu or are they all corona by default? Carlson was right to be concerned at first when others weren’t (not Trump so much) and he’s been on fire now!

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  13. Puzzled says:

    Parts of the government are trying to run-up the death numbers. See last paragraph.

    Click to access Alert-2-New-ICD-code-introduced-for-COVID-19-deaths.pdf


  14. antiqueiron says:

    Does anyone know how Fauci & Birx got on the task force?


  15. MBB says:

    If the story is true that Tucker drove down to Mara Lago to warn Trump, he has a fake apology to our country for ruining the economy.

    Since he always ran his company with the idea that you can hire anyone and if they prove themselves, keep them on. If they fail, fire them. This does not work in government. There are so many deep state people who steer him wrong and in fact put in people whose goal is to ruin him. I wonder if Pence and Pompeo are the people who often recommend these deep state losers. I would like to see him get a loyalist in there, someone like Meadows or Ratliff or one of the people who worked on his behalf during the impeachment.


  16. Shyster says:

    I saw what you did, except for my original post, probably for the best and unnecessarily heated. It’s your forum, you run it as you deem best.


  17. prtomr says:

    What better way to do away with our Constitution than by declaring a national emergency due to a “bug/virus” that we may catch by being in close proximity to our fellow citizens. Quarantine us to our homes and use the power of the police/governmental authorities to enforce the quarantine. I do believe that there are a lot of people paying attention to how the “sheep” behave in our current circumstances and, once in power in the future, they will not hesitate to hoist this scenario on us once again to our great detriment. We may be there already.


  18. Mary Ann says:

    Never let a good crisis go to waste..
    Sneak your own incentives into a bill and when it passes ask for more!
    Push digital currency because money is dirty.. it will save lives in the end..
    Rob Peter to pay Paul until Peter calls in his debt and the pockets are empty..
    23.9 Trillion in I.O.U’ s..


  19. Fools Gold says:

    Well SUNDANCE trump said last night he’d like to open with a bang and knows full well what you’re talking about. I think you should remember about 2 other things he said:
    1) he knows who the D freaks are but is ready to call them by names
    2) he said he would help the people under them anyway
    3) he said he would open the the economy as fast as possible and my interpretation is if your a read state or anything near that color you’re opening as soon as the death toll starts to trend downward

    I believe My President and have no reason to believe he want handle the opening of the economy no different than he did this virus “using” the press.

    no worries mon…👍🇺🇸


    • Fools Gold says:

      Sorry thumb typer and iPhone no mix well with grammar, spelling, and word press and I’m to tired to fix. If ya got a question hit reply. I did mean to say red state not read (but that works too. Also Trump isn’t ready to battle the Dims until the trend line points down which will be sooner rather than latter…


      • Fools Gold says:

        By the way Trump and his wolverines ask for $250 billion more for small business and a payroll tax cut. Both I support. demoncraps have the ball but everyone and I mean both party voters I suspect agree with me. To me it’s like having a BIGLY crow bar to loosen a rock. That was last night, tonight on faux news their reporting Trump requested $251 billion. Imagine that…/s


        • Fools Gold says:

          I suspect the 1 billion more is to pay lobbyist thru their constituents…remember Paul Ryan was put in faux for his lobbyist advice…/s


  20. Kulak69 says:

    “Why were the math models so wrong?” Because Fauci & Co. consistently fail to explain their underlying assumptions, scope and methodology. You can’t even start writing code without clear, relevant starting assumptions; context. Stipulating that their earliest applied predictive algorithms were the best available, this sort of statistical study is an iterative process, incorporating data & trend analysis, weighted to the results that you can observe. IMHO, ignoring data because it’s “anecdotal” is suspect methodology: Screen it carefully and use a lower weighting factor, if you don’t trust it as much.
    Like the weather prediction math-models used by real meteorologists (not ‘climate scientists’) a predictive math-model becomes more representative, if never perfect, as current data is added to historical, with long and short-term trend analysis applied and continuously refined. Related tools include probability, fractals, etc. See also: “Hurricane tracks.”
    Finally, in a proper scientific conference, these high-profile DC hotshots would never get away with presenting raw numbers without first describing at length the assumptions, scope, rationale and methods by which they were generated and then tracking how those assumptions change, to continuously refine the math-model. That is also how we can measure success or failure.
    Apologies to the CTH crew for all this dry-ball, but credentials are a dime-a-dozen inside the DC Beltway, so I listen for their content, not their titles. Angelo Codevilla described their prediction numbers as “meaningless” and this is why I believe he is correct.


  21. This is the best hour i have spent on understanding the Virus problem. Mark Meadows called Zelenko. We are at war.


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