New Yorkers Flood Florida – Governor DeSantis Writes Executive Order Requiring 14 Day Self-Quarantine…

Approximately 20,000 to 40,000 New Yorkers are currently arriving in Florida daily as they flee from the epicenter of the most explosive coronavirus outbreak.   However, if the elderly are the most vulnerable; and if isolating the most vulnerable population is the best course of action; and with the largest population of older residents living in Florida; then why are New Yorkers allowed to travel to Florida?

According to data released by Governor DeSantis: Monday saw 190 direct flights from the New York City area into various Florida airports. If 150-200 people average per flight, that’s 28,500 to 38,000 New York metropolitan area residents arriving in Florida today.

In an attempt to mitigate the inbound infection spread, today Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed an executive order requiring all arriving New York and New Jersey residents to be screened upon arrival and self-quarantine immediately after arriving in the state.   Not sure how policing compliance is possible.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said Monday he is issuing an executive order mandating that anyone arriving on a flight from New York City and the surrounding area submit to self-quarantine for two weeks as he tries to avoid issuing a statewide shutdown similar to other states.

DeSantis said in an address from his Tallahassee office that more than 100 such flights arrive daily in Florida and he believes each contains at least one person infected with the new coronavirus.

He said he has been in contact with federal officials about curtailing such flights, but has not yet received a response. He said arriving passengers will be screened by health officials and law enforcement and told they must self-quarantine. He said those travelers will not be allowed to stay with family or friends, because that is one way the virus is spread. (read more)


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420 Responses to New Yorkers Flood Florida – Governor DeSantis Writes Executive Order Requiring 14 Day Self-Quarantine…

  1. CM-TX says:


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  2. MfM says:

    It’s not just Florida that is getting New Yorkers running away.

    Here in PA, I’m see cars on the road and in driveways indicating people have come to stay. I’m sure it’s the same with Conn, Vermont …. and other States that they can drive to.

    I hope the Governors of those States beg them to self quarantine. In my part of PA, we are well into our second week of self distancing and the great TP run.

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  3. Roger says:

    Its bad enough that the New Yorkers and New Jersey folks come down here with their liberal crap politics, now they bring more disease.
    We need a 25 foot wall on our northern border and close all airports to flights from up north.

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    • aarmad says:

      Wait until they start sending bus loads of illegal aliens then. Not good!


    • daylight58 says:

      Better idea… Just build a wall around NY state.


    • GrantsLounge says:

      Build it along the Mason-Dixon Line!


    • theasdgamer says:

      Like rats leaving a sinking ship…Florida needs a moat on its northern border–stocked with gators, which should be plentiful…let the Florida Air National Guard escort inbound flights to Cuba.


    • JiminCO says:

      In pre-Christian, pagan societies, when a plague hit, the healthy people would bolt to the countryside or any other place,leaving the old and sick to just die. Christianity blossomed when those secular cultures saw that Christians remained behind to aid/nurse the sick, sometimes to their own deaths.
      With due respect to self-sufficient New Yorkers, we hicks out here in the sticks are sick and tired of New York City whiners, perpetual “victims” of something, who demand that Gubmit do something to cure all of their ails.


      • EBL says:

        I generally agree with the meaning behind your post. Christianity vs secularism is not the battle. Hygiene and quarantine are necessary until a viable therapy, community wide immunity or an effective vaccine are available.

        The Black Plague in Europe was post-Christ. Even later, the French nobility of the 18th century believed that bathing caused disease which is why perfume was so popular. Interesting things you learn when you tour Versailles.

        Interesting to note that the Jewish communities did quite well versus the Christians during the Black Ages. The Jews followed their cleanliness laws while the Christians didn’t wash properly. Fewer rats and fewer transmissions of disease.

        A potential viable therapy was reported about a month ago. Trump was blasted for mentioning it about a week ago. Below is the link to a larger follow up study re hydroxychloroquine plus zithromycin therapy. It’s not double blinded, but if you know a therapy works with little downside, and you purposely allow people to die to prove therapy effectiveness, that’s criminal negligence.

        To keep this post on point. The NY area airports should have been shut down a week ago. The governor should stop all flights into FL from the TriState region except via US government or for normal commercial shipping. Realize that FedEx is routed through Memphis. Not sure where UPS is routed through.


  4. aarmad says:

    Better get the National Guard on board or you will be overwhelmed if you already aren’t!


  5. louche9 says:

    it’s true that we’re all Americans, but personal needs buying and hospitalization are strictly local, and tens of thousands of new personal needs on an already overburdened supply is never going to be met with open arms.

    There will be much useful info to come from this, however. If there is a noticeable spike in Florida Coronavirus cases in the next couple of weeks, a spike in hospital admissions, that will provide medical stats and make more of a case for the usefulness of staying put. If there is not much change, that will give more credence to the suspicion that there’s a great deal of media-fueled hype to the actual dangers for most people.

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    • JiminCO says:

      Well, Yeah, Louche9, but when you gin up helpless people’s emotions about a flu virus, they will instinctively run, run, run—and to Hail with the overtaxed Emergency Rooms–they will demand to be treated, because, well, they are New Yorkers !!.


  6. rickinhouston says:

    Too bad the Democrat migraters still won’t ‘get it’. It’s their votes that put the people in place that put them in this mess. If they’d learn to pull a Republican lever, much of this would not have happened. Democrats have been blocking all that has been needed to get done.

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  7. MicD says:

    CHICOMMS started this SNOT and didn’t tell anyone it was loose.


  8. CarolynH says:

    If I was the governor i’d close the airports

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  9. Joey Bagadonuts says:

    I work on Cape Cod and have been noticing a lot of NY plates on the Cape.

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  10. JAS says:

    Just watched another presser by De Santis today. He doubled down! Now looking for NY residents that arrived in FL up to 3 weeks ago and will quarantine them too. And he had the numbers in hand. He said that when this whole thing started the flights from NY to FL dwindled to about 20 a day. Yesterday before the quarantine went into effect there were 190 flights! 180 the day before!


  11. boomerbeth says:

    Only Fl airports upon arrival:


  12. Pyrran says:

    Escape from New York?


    • Mr. Morris says:

      If I was a New Yorker and my governor Cuomo was bitching and moaning that he did not have enough hospital beds, or masks, or ventilators, etc. etc. etc., I would probably flee to another state. Why stay in New York? The Governor, during his televised daily briefing has suggested the state he runs is totally unprepared.


  13. theasdgamer says:

    In support of New Yorkers in Florida, I am hosting a self-quarantine party…you all are not invited.


  14. WOW, that’s just great! I just paid for an extra month’s rent for my parents who are elderly who were supposed to leave Florida on the 29th (we live in the epicenter … Westchester County, NY) because her doctor felt it was safer for her stay in Florida. Why do I see Florida’s cases going up exponentially because of this! How is DeSantis going to enforce the “self-quarantine”.


    • boomerbeth says:

      60 day jail sentence.

      The Florida Department of Health “shall take any steps necessary to ensure the screening and appropriate isolation and quarantine of individuals covered by this order.”
      Florida health officials are directed to coordinate with the Florida Division of Emergency Management, county and local governments and law enforcement agencies “to effectuate the isolation or quarantine outlined above.”
      Anyone who violates the order is subject to a second-degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to 60 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $500.


    • JiminCO says:

      WOW !
      You have a fail safe shield against the Corona Virus, ConservMom! You have A.O.C. the magic bartender—-Just call and she’ll put on her cape and fly right down to save you.


  15. TPW says:

    If New York is that bad why are fkights going in and out of there Cuomo?


  16. boomerbeth says:


    DeSantis, speaking at a press conference, said he will sign an additional order to make his original mandate apply retroactively to anyone who has traveled to Florida from those states in the last three weeks.
    The additional order will also require travelers provide the names of people they’ve been in close contact with in the state.
    “Now is the time to take care of yourself, stay away from crowds, stay at home as much as you can and do the right things for yourself and your community,” DeSantis, a Republican, said.


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