Coronavirus Testing – Coming Very Soon There Will be an APP for That…

The White House has announced that magnanimous big tech firm Google has ‘voluntarily’ joined the federal government (within the national state of emergency) to assist citizens with the effort to voluntarily ‘test’ for the coronavirus.

As announced the details are under rapid construction, but don’t worry during a crisis there’s no need for prudent pause.  Trust is a currency.

President Trump noted today that over 1,700 data collection engineers from ‘big tech’ Google have been assigned by tech executives to create the system.

Google is undertaking this effort as a ‘free service’ to the American public. Everything is free, including the test.

Soon you will be able to use your hand-held transponder to sign-up, register for testing, and find your local neighborhood testing (dna collection) site.

Also noted, in a partnership with big corporate multinationals like Wal-Mart, CVS and Walgreens, citizens will be able to drive up to their local parking lot and have coronavirus ‘testing’ done without ever leaving your vehicle.  There will likely be instructions to bring your transponder (phone) with you to facilitate a faster ‘check-out’ process.

As soon as the other big tech and social media companies recognize the proactive nature of the system it’s likely Apple, Facebook, Twitter and all social media platforms will create links to the Google HHS data-hub to assist with citizen registration and fulfillment.  Lots of that pesky red-tape eliminated under the necessary framework of a national emergency.

Imagine the valuable database that will be assembled.  Obviously Google is doing this out of the kindness of their heart; and spending the multi-millions needed due to their inherent disposition of protecting the American public.  We can imagine the process will be deployed with an App allowing you to flow seamlessly throughout registration and collection.  All of the best comrade citizens will participate; don’t miss out.

According to the announcement Google is rapidly constructing the internet framework where you will be able to register your personage, locate your testing site and then schedule the voluntary drive-through collection; likely without further need for enhanced on-site registration so long as you carry your transponder (phone).

It’s free.

It’s an emergency.

What could possibly go wrong.





Think about it….

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327 Responses to Coronavirus Testing – Coming Very Soon There Will be an APP for That…

  1. shipley130 says:

    President Trump better ensue Google will not use that information in any way in the future.


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