Why is The New York Times Outing Lower Level FBI Spygate Operatives? Case Agent 1: Stephen M. Somma…

A previously incurious New York Times is now exposing members of the FBI crew who participated in fraud upon the FISA Court.  Are the corrupt former top-tier FBI officials starting to position lower-level FBI participants as scapegoats?

Inside an insufferable article, engineered to defend the need for the DOJ and FBI to continue using FISA intelligence gathering information against U.S. persons, the New York times outlines Stephen M Somma as Case Agent 1, the handler for FBI confidential human source Stefan Halper.

(NYT) […] The Page report criticized an F.B.I. agent for ignoring that very procedure as part of half a dozen personal failings that included not passing on the information from the C.I.A., singling the agent out as “primarily responsible for some of the most significant errors and omissions.”

It identified this person only as Case Agent 1. But he is Stephen M. Somma, a counterintelligence investigator in the F.B.I.’s New York field office, people familiar with the Russia investigation said. The F.B.I. declined to comment. (link)

“Case Agent 1” is identified in the IG report as “primarily responsible for some of the most significant errors and omissions in the FISA applications.”  Stephen Somma had the responsibility to verify the accuracy of information underpinning in the FISA application.

Somma was also the FBI handler for Stefan Halper, the Cambridge professor who contacted, met and secretly recorded Carter Page, Sam Clovis and George Papadopoulos while using an undercover FBI agent code-named Azra Turk as his assistant.

The exculpatory information gathered as a result of those wired recordings was ignored, never shared with the FISA court, and buried during the investigation in order to continue a false framework for the FBI to continue targeting the Trump officials.

So why is the New York Times exposing Stephan Somma now as “Case Agent 1” according to “people familiar with the Russia investigation”?

Given the timing, risk exposure, and the corrupt nature of the FBI officials involved in the investigation, it looks like the top of the Crossfire Hurricane team are throwing FBI case agent Stephen Somma under the same bus as FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith.

Your thoughts?

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382 Responses to Why is The New York Times Outing Lower Level FBI Spygate Operatives? Case Agent 1: Stephen M. Somma…

  1. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • MJJ says:

      Sundance has been more accurate on his reflections on what happen with documentations that reveal President Obama Administration, DOJ Appointments, FBI, NSA with Transitional Holdovers were responsible for Major Violations of FISA Court Warrants, Illegal Complicity Investigations, & Intentional Criminal Incompetence.

      Reforms can only come forth either by providing Immunity for All that will First Submit to Full Disclosure then Public Hearings then Agreements not to Work Again in NSA, DOJ & FBI and Associated Law Enforcement.

      Finding out How and Why all this happens is more Important than any Governmental Prosecutions and keeping those Individuals out of the System of Justice Departments, Intelligence Agencies & Judicial Branches in the Future is Safeguarding Americans, America and the Free World.

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      • Pat Parke says:

        What makes you think they will abide by any agreements they enter? Weren’t they responsible for upholding the ethical code and employment agreements when they were executing a coup against our president? What happens when the next president declines to honor the agreement?


        • MJJ says:

          @Pat Parke… Excellent Point and welcome any and all ideas on how to get to the bottom, come up with ways of Admission, Confessions, & Immunity Agreements.

          1. POTUS Trump Reelection is the real threat to all and any of them. Knowing Second Term President Trump Won’t Let It Go Until Answers Happens.

          A. Trump Can Call For A Dershowitz Commission That Will Enable Cooperation Or Prosecution. When Few Will Crack To End Investigations, Lawsuits, & Others Will Come Forward. Special Prosecutors Including State Assistant Attorney Generals Teams, Retired Federal Attorneys Seeking Justice Can Be Assigned To Each Person Terminated, Resigned, or Retired. Reporting To The Commission Not DOJ!

          B. POTUS Trump Can Release All SSCI, Documents & Emails Alone Will Foster More Prosecutions. Trials Are Expensive & Like Weinstein Can Happen More Than Once In Washington, New York & Virginia Venues On Same Crimes of Obstruction, Mail Fraud, & Other Process Crimes. This Information Is Now 5 Years Old So No Reason To Keep It Secret And Will Alone Loosen Tongues With Avoidance Of Expensive Lawyers.

          C. Civil Lawsuits Will Also Bring Forth Discovery Expenses & Criminal Trails For Trials As Well. Carter Page, General Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Bijan Kian, Other Victims Of FISA Warrants Intentional Incompetence.

          D. Judicial Conduct Investigations Of The Appearance Of Impropriety Under The Federal Code of Conduct for United States Judges Will Be Investigated When They Knew Of Violations Alone And Won’t Support DOJ, FBI, NSA Violations, Incompetence, Or Rules Violations and Unmasking Lawsuits As Well. Federal Judges Have Been Impeached For Lesser Accusations, Allegations & Evidence.

          E. Finally, Previous Witness Offered Plead Deals & Testified Under Oath Be Given Immunity On What They Were Told to Say & Now Regret It By Identifying Prosecutors, investigators & Any Staffers That Suborn Such Perjury Now Under Immunity!

          F. Follow The same Prosecution Pathways President Obama DOJ Did Against Media Reporters, Companies, & Corporate Boards That Were Successfully Held Accountable For Accepting Classified Leaks More Than Any Other President Administration In History. More Reporters Were Put In Jail Than any Other Previous Administration! President Obama took National Security Leaks Seriously! President Trump Can Justify The Same Procedures & Enforcement!

          These are ways it can be done so all Reforms can be done and to insure it never happens again. Prosecution Absolute Immunity May Have To Be Curtailed As Well When Obstructing & Delaying Such Investigations Of American Due Process Rights!


          • MJJ says:

            Unlike some in Media & Concerns on what really happen. I am advocating Anyone go to Jail if they are willing Tell the Truth what they think and know went Wrong and help explain how and what Reforms can be put in by DOJ, FBI, NSA Rules they won’t need New Legislation. It allows everyone to come clean but only if they tell the truth why they did such things. They would not want that happening to them or their families either.


    • R0cketman says:

      Like nobody at the FBI or DOJ listened to the recordings OTHER than this guy huh?? wow how stupid do they think we are?


  2. Redzone says:

    Previously we learned that James Baker was Halper’s handler and that Halper was involved in the takedown of Flynn and others. Baker was State Dept, I believe.
    Now, they are suggesting that the FBI was Halper’s handler.

    Is there something to gain from saying Halper’s handler was the FBI versus James Baker? Or, how many handlers did Halper have?

    Could this somehow be an attempt to make Halper’s involvement seem like it was only after the Crossfire Hurricane start date rather than before, which sinks the ship?

    Remember how they tried to conflate Hillary’s server with the supposed hack of the DNC and the supposed hack of Podesta? There are still very smart people that get confused among these three. Seems like they may be starting the same process with Halper.

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  3. rebelinme2 says:

    So, the gist of it is that the one who was given the Hillary generated pack of lies to obtain the FISA is guilty of not being able to tell that they were all lies. How about charging the ones who offered the lies and stop blaming the victim of their hoax… yes, I see him as a victim since no one knew they were lies until they were investigated at depth and all the hidden evidence came out. He would have had to have access to all the emails and other evidence that came out during the Mueller investigation to have known that the application documents for the FISA were lies unless he was in on the set-up. The fact that he didn’t know the application forms were lies pretty much tells me he was an innocent pawn.

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    • Jan says:

      I would truly love to believe what you say. If they chose which parts of the dossier they gave these underlings, than you have some leg room to argue for this poor schmuck. But if he read the whole dossier and the “peeing” scene, then he had to know somebody’s lying/making things up.

      We still have Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe, Mueller, Page, Strzok, Ohr, Brennan, Clapper, OVomit, Susan Rice, Hillary, Podesta and a few others who knew there was no “there there” and yet they persisted in the game and still participate in it TODAY with the lying media in lock step with them.

      I don’t feel sorry for any of them–not even this schmuck. They swore to uphold the Constitution. Not one of them did.

      And now we also have the Squad & Bernie to worry about.

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  4. convert says:

    Absolutely. Obvious part of the plan. I laughed out loud when someone shared this article on Twitter. They gotta start leaking some unknowns that they need to be scapegoats for the mess. I feel no sympathy, even though we know they were just following orders from higher ups. What will be interesting: how much they can reveal about the dirty Deep State masters.

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    • IGiveUp says:

      It’s good for the day-to-day Nazis to get punished too–the just following orders type. Of course the major war criminals must be tried and imprisoned or sentenced to death as well.

      Nuremberg would be a good model. Doesn’t anyone want to end this war? It’s really dragging on. Jail the perpetrators and begin the de-Nazificiation process of that part of the population that were brainwashed supporters.

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  5. trialbytruth says:

    The ride is going to get bumpy. Hopefully there is a Bigfoot chassy under that bus.

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  6. Zimbalistjunior says:

    Som(m)a is the new wonder-drug: lulling us into silent acquiescence.
    Offered up by the leaders of the (deep) state to keep us happy and dumb.
    Brave new world indeed.

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    • boogywstew says:

      When I read the name, “Somma”, I immediately googled “Brave New World” to get the correct spelling. I also can’t shake a sneaking suspicion that the “Somma” presented today is phony in some way. “Something stinks in Denmark.”


      • Austin Holdout says:

        Maybe a test human sacrifice to see if the Trump Support Base Gods (or AG Barr) will be satisfied with this pound of flesh?

        Or maybe a crack forming in the relationship between field offices or between FBI HQ and the New York field office?

        Or the opening thread to a new narrative like this “poorly trained novice field agents brought unfair blame to the innocent and highly professional and unbiased FBI HQ staff?

        Pre-emptive finger pointing between the CIA and FBI?

        Durham, Barr or the New Sheriff in Town at the ODNI doing their own strategic leaking (if reporting this already publicly known info to The NY Times can be considered a leak) to try to “flip” a small fish?

        Someone trying to create the impression that the CIA (hence, the story being “leaked” to NYT) has started throwing shade on the FBI to prompt counter-measures from the FBI wing of the Coup Plotters?

        Somma’s scorned Ex-girlfriend or the guy in the next cubicle who got passed over for a promotion Somma got instead? I have a vivid imagination.

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        • Unsk says:

          “Maybe a test human sacrifice to see if the Trump Support Base Gods (or AG Barr) will be satisfied with this pound of flesh?”

          Definitely a concern. AG Barr looks like he has been searching for a strategy to protect the upper management of the DOJ and FBI and this “blame the underlings” strategy may be it.
          With the NYT outing this agent, you can safely assume all the right Deep State people approved of this gambit.

          With Grennell being named the DONI and the likelihood that he may declass all the embarrassing memo’s, the pressure in on Barr from his Deep State buds to find a way to save the Brennan/Comey/Mueller gang right away.

          BTW, the jury is no longer out. Barr is definitely dirty after his FISA reauthorization ploy.


      • Sassy says:

        Curious if the guy even existed before today, I searched his name and came up with this: https://www.hist.cam.ac.uk/seminars/seminar-pdfs/2011-2012/intelligence-seminar-programme-mt-2011

        … about a 2011 seminar in the UK that featured Halper (has an email address), Somma in regard to the “2010 Russian illegals case,” and Richard Dearlove, once of MI6, who claimed in early 2017 that “what lingers for Trump may be what deals – on what terms – he did after the financial crisis of 2008 to borrow Russian money …,” thus suggesting Trump was beholden to Russians.


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  7. Bob, Esq. says:

    It’s all just a continuation of

    The IG Report Hustle
    On those rare occasions when the FBI/DOJ gets caught red-handed abusing its power, it immunizes itself from prosecution with an Inspector General Report—pardoning an exhaustively detailed accounting of its bad acts with a rubber stamped finding of “no evidence of political bias,” “improper motivation,” or malice. Detailing the bad acts creates the illusion of honesty while relieving the pressure of public resentment and dissuading calls for further scrutiny. The technical term for transparency about bad acts for which you’ll never be held to account is “taunting.”

    The genius of the IG Report hustle lay in its exploitation of our need to believe that our protectors and guardians of justice would never betray us. Thus, it’s predicated completely upon Hanlon’s razor; which states that one should “never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.”

    In the hands of the intellectually honest, Hanlon’s razor is a decent rule of thumb for preliminary analysis. In the hands of perfidious bureaucrats, it’s the central pillar of deep state tyranny.

    To wit:

    Weeks before the release of the Inspector General’s report on the Carter Page FISA application, a draft was leaked to the Washington Post and New York Times. The Washington Post said the report would “[refute] accusations of a political conspiracy by senior law enforcement officials against the Trump campaign to favor Democrat Hillary Clinton, while also knocking the bureau for procedural shortcomings.” Whereas the New York Times said it would “absolve the top ranks of abusing their powers out of bias against President Trump.” It went on to say that the report portrayed “the overall effort to seek the wiretap order and its renewals as sloppy and unprofessional….”

    When the report was finally released, the Washington Post, New York Times and “Fourth Estate” et al. absolved our oppressors by parroting ad nauseum the IG’s conclusion that it “did not find documentary or testimonial evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced the decisions to open the four individual investigations.”

    James Comey knew the IG Report’s foregone conclusion long before Horowitz began his investigation. Thus, he had his op-ed prepared well in advance of the report’s release—betting it all on Hanlon’s razor:

    The Russia investigation was complicated – not surprisingly, the inspector general found mistakes, 17 of them, things the FBI should have done differently, or better. That’s always unfortunate, but human beings make mistakes. Inspector-general reports are valuable because they offer the chance to learn. …

    But most important, Horowitz’s report found that the investigation was opened and conducted under the rules, finding no “evidence that political bias or improper motivation influenced [the] decision” to start it or how to run it.

    While tweeting a link to his op-ed, Comey taunted the nation he betrayed:

    So it was all lies. No treason. No spying on the campaign. No tapping Trumps [sic] wires. It was just good people trying to protect America.

    Translation: “Too bad there’s no ‘documentary evidence of political bias or improper motivation.’ After all, that would conclusively prove treason. Tisk, tisk. I guess it was just good people making unfortunate mistakes while trying to protect America. (grin)”

    To paraphrase General Orders, 26 September 1780:

    James Comey, who directed the FBI, lost to every sentiment of honor—of public and private obligation—by delivering up this nation to its first and foremost enemy. He and his deep state co-conspirators believe Hanlon’s razor keeps them from the gallows pole. Happily their freight train of tyranny has been derailed by Footnote 8. The providential train of circumstances which led to its discovery affords the most convincing proof that the Liberties of America remain the object of divine Protection.

    Footnote 8 Cuts Hanlon’s razor.

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    • As a Man Thinkth says:

      Facts Horowitz, just the facts…you perform audit of policy and procedure…I would expect the Attorney General to review your report/facts and assign prosecutors as warranted. Currently, the IG role appears to be investigator, jury and judge…

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    • mtk says:

      Case Agent 1 identified tentatively as Stephen M. Somma, answer this…
      Did you or did you not, when providing knowning false information to the FISC, “Did you do so at the direction of superiors?” If not, then it is fair to say, you allowed your bias to enter into your work products. It is an either or, you can have it both ways.
      Where you ever interviewed by IG Horowitz’s team?
      So besides making false statements and assertions to those filling FISC documents, you lied to the OIG, since how else are IG Horowitz’s reports able to maintain the position that bias didn’t entering into the work products of the FBI/DOJ during Crossfire Hurricane and the Mueller investigation.
      Everything is crashing down around you as being the guilty party, your the one left without a chair, now that the music has stopped.

      You are facing serious accusations/crimes. You have played an instrumental role in defrauding the citizens of this country, you have blemished the FISC in the trust the Patriot Act extends the FISC to act in good faith in securing the American People causing great uncertainty in the value of renewing the ACT, and more importantly you have caused grave damage to the Institutions of the FBI and DOJ by providing false statements that your superiors used to carry forward an investigation in good faith of predicted built on your falsehoods.

      Roger Stone is facing some forty months in prison for trying to unravel your lies and misdeeds. Mr. Flynn was/is being railroaded by those using your falsehoods that created the zeal to carry forward the logical conclusions of your fraud.

      Do you now still stand by your assertion that you acted independently of the direction Leadership?

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      • G. Alistar says:

        Excellent….how do we know that Mr. Somma has not been asked these questions by Durham’s team? And/or that he has not flipped in order to testify against Comey, Brennan, Clapper and other Obama Administration corrupt actors? Perhaps…..


  8. lcsteel says:

    It’s obvious that they are trying to keep it as far away from Obama as possible.

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    • Too bad, it goes to bathhouse bari and follows all the way down the chain to nearly everyone in upper level “government” positions and the permanent burrowcracy.

      The entire system was undermined over the 28 years from ghw bush to bathhouse bari. We should all be able to see it… if we look closely.

      Just look at the huge number of national “mass murders” buildings blown to bits, evil, division and chaos in this time period.

      WE were supposed to have FALLEN.

      Bring it President Trump, the Reckoning Awaits.

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  9. simplewins says:

    Hopefully this guy decides he ain’t going down for all this and starts singing, if he isn’t already. Finger Andrew Veisman.

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  10. samwise163 says:

    My thoughts. I want the big dogs. I want Rosenstein. I want that pencil neck weasel to serve time for his complicity in this coup. That’s all.

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Not mm: Senator Mark Warner, D., Virginia. He Just makes me wanna puke any time I have listen to him speak. Worse than Obama and Comey…..and that his really corrupt.

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  11. Retired IG says:

    For the NYSlime’s to call out Somma.( at the bidding of their MASTER”S of the Universe (or so they think) is a game of “Pin the Tail on a DONKEY.” Finished reading Sidney Powell’s book “Licensed to Lie” this morning at about 4:00 am. Mainly about how Enron and associates were wrongfully prosecuted forever and ever and ever. Same OLD BULLSHIT. The FBI not providing exculpatory evidence for the defense. Same ACTORS at the FBI then as it is now. SAME AS IT EVER WAS. I could have been reading about the General Flynn case instead of Enron.
    And then to read here now they are going to shovel the excrement remaining from their crimes over someone much lower on the food chain causes me to want another shot of cognac just to NUMB myself out once again. The Department of Justice should be renamed “The Department of JUST MY ASS.” We DO THE CRIMES YOU DO THE TIME. SUCKA,s.
    Leader’s and Director’s they have been assigned to be by their Master’s of the So Called Universe. Money and power PROMISED for shunting aside the concepts and the pledge to serve.
    They are serving alright. BY LICKING their Master’s BOOTS. Talk about SLAVERY. It withers my spirit that the likes of the devils in the pictoid above DARE SAY THEY WERE EVER SERVING the US of A.

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  12. toothpick says:

    This is a dangerous point of inflection for the conspirators, once you start pointing fingers lookout

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  13. Genie says:

    Somma, Ennis, and Kohler were all New York FBI Counter Intel. All three were noted last May by Mollie Hemingway as having contact with Halper through a seminar they conducted at Cambridge in 2011.

    The NYT started to push them under the bus last May, but the bus was moving only a couple of inches per day.


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  14. Dim Osmab says:

    Lets see his texts

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  15. trnathens says:

    “A previously incurious New York Times is now exposing members of the FBI crew who participated in fraud upon the FISA Court. Are the corrupt former top-tier FBI officials starting to position lower-level FBI participants as scapegoats?”

    In January 2018 Sundance wrote that “Information from Justice Department leaks and the Intelligence Community (writ large), generally appear in the Washington Post, New York Times, NBC…”

    We’re starting to see the beginning vestiges of pushback (show me the underlying intelligence), so is it possible that this isn’t the former upper echelons setting the stage, but rather current, legit, members of the IC are telegraphing, “We’ve got one of your guys, and we know he’s not insignificant. Have a nice day!”

    Is it possible?

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  16. Cathy M. says:

    “Are the corrupt former top-tier FBI officials starting to position lower-level FBI participants as scapegoats?”

    Uhhh, YEP. That’s upper mgmt.’s policy,

    whether Somma is an a$$ kisser, yes man, gross incompetent, caught between a rock & a hard place, (i.e.don’t want to out mgmt) or plain worried that he’d be transferred to Siberia or fired.

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  17. freepetta says:

    NY SLIMES sucks!!

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  18. TradeBait says:

    Just developing scapegoats for the all hat no cattle finish.

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  19. Ironclaw says:

    Ok, now take this guy and the guy that falsified evidence to defraud the FISA court and start railroading them until they are broken and penniless, Then, offer them an out if they turn on the people who put them up to it.

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  20. MR52 says:

    Kinda off topic but I was looking something up the other day when I ran across the court documents for the DNC email leak. and I noticed that the DNC has included Joseph Mifsud in their lawsuit Was that a read herring?

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  21. Amy2 says:

    Regarding the timing, is this in response to Lindsey?


  22. Mike Lee DelMarcelle says:

    They wouldn’t be offering up any sacrificial lambs if they didn’t have to. This shows they are nervous about something.

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  23. Don says:

    Offer prayers.
    These are dead people walking……. One slip of the tongue- or even a bolder confession- (like Epstein’s chauffeur) and boom gone before you can say “Epstein Seth Rich”……reminds me of a lawyer movie a young Tom Cruise did….. Getting squeezed by the mob……and having to figure out how to save your skin…..

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  24. TreeClimber says:

    You appear to have an auto-correct, Sundance. The codenamed honeypot was Azra Turk, not Azura.

    I saw a long time ago you said in a comment that it was okay to point out misspellings, please don’t take it as me being condescending. 🤐

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  25. atomichillbilly says:

    When they start throwing their stooges under the bus is when stooges start remembering more details (read: spilling their guts).

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  26. atomichillbilly says:

    When they start throwing their stooges under the bus is when stooges start remembering more details (read: spilling their guts).


  27. BMF says:

    There are several possibilities why the NYT has a sudden and unexpected interest in FISA corruption.
    1. As you point out, the Deep State wants to limit the damage and give up low level scapegoats.
    2. The NYT has read the IG report and they see what is coming and want to get ahead of the story
    3. The NYT wants to deflect their involvement by outing the FBI. Look there, not here.

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  28. Dwayne Diesel says:

    Sundance, I do have some thoughts….glad you asked.

    First, this smells like a big scapegoat plan. Since 2016 the NYT’s has denied all illegal activity. They barely recognized the FISA abuses until they truly had to say it was abused.

    Second, I don’t think it’s going to work. If I was this Somma guy…I’d be on the phone with my lawyer (my own private lawyer not a DOJ supplied hack). This agent has to know how information is leaked and to whom by which agency. This is why I don’t think this works out for the higher ups as long as this agent isn’t a total rube.

    Somma will become the first guy to flip IMO. Now, I say that with a caveat- he has to have something to provide and if he was smart he will have something to provide. Heck, I keep emails in my current job and other documents to CMA because I know my boss likes to at times “forget” things.

    Just my simple half a cent.

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  29. railer says:

    Sounds like they’re going to Wolfe their way through this. Rather than start with a little fish, squeeze him hard and get a guilty plea with a potential decades long jail sentence, forcing the guy to cooperate as you go up the ladder and prosecute the big fish malefactors, they’ll throw the little fish into the mill and hand him a minor conviction and immediately sentence him to a minimal sentence so he is not incentivized to help a major prosecution of the big fish.

    The guy will then get a lifer payoff if he keeps his mouth shut. Bloomberg has dropped a $1/2B on a boutique presidential run, and counting, so you may depend Deep State has the necessary drops of cash available to fund this guy’s closed mouth. It’ll probably come out of Pentagon grey budgets, in fact, so we’ll be paying for it, much like we paid for Stephan Halward’s “projects”.

    Hate to be cynical like this, but it all seems pretty obvious, and Barr has proven he’s not interested in investigating and exposing all this. Why would he? He’s Swamp and Deep State. His job is to protect his confreres. He wasn’t hired by Trump, he was hired by McConnell.

    I see now why the Swamp and Deep State is desperately all in for Bloomberg. Trump blew up Biden, and they have nobody else to carry their standard and keep all this buried, except Bloomberg. I’m voting for Sanders in the partisan primary, but my wife isn’t as devious as me, she’s voting Trump. I think Trump will defeat any of ’em, but Sanders will provide the best background to expose all this corruption.

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  30. Cocoon says:

    Durham and Barr will be providing some news prior to Barr’s Congressional testimony in late March.
    This is some leaked and exposed info to make the case for those who knowingly perpetrated fraud on the Court


  31. Conservative_302 says:

    I don’t think Trump will rock the boat until he wins the reelection. Grennel is just a taste of what is to come. After he wins reelection, the gloves will come off. His hands have been tied his first 4 years. Imagine what he thought he could do which was hijacked by Russia and the resistance. He’s done an amazing job by himself and with the help of a loyal group of people. I thank God for Trump. Imagine how Bernie would combat the Corona virus if he were our president. We’d all be infected with it because he didn’t want to take action and seem racist. No one would listen to him because everyone one knows he is a crackpot fool.

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  32. evergreen says:

    Trump was briefed by Clapper on the dossier–that he dismissed as innuendo…and whose purpose in the briefing was only to make the president aware of said innuendo.

    That briefing and content was then given to the media to run with. Do not forget that this was a coordinated series of events from the highest levels. Operatives were operatives. They were not conductors.


  33. Zephyrbreeze says:

    The New York Times likes to be the one to break news, and shout “SQUIRREL!” By throwing out the name of the case agent, they allow their leftist readers to feed on the carcass of that name.

    The NYT’s tries to protect their readers from feeling the cognitive dissonance of knowing that the supporters of the President were right all along about McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, etc.

    The NYT has to carefully manage the psychology of their readers, and leftist political supporters, because not only will this information be read on their pages, it will be circulated. Now the left can think, feel and claim moral superiority over the right because WE did not have this name, and therefore we couldn’t possibly have been right all along.

    “If you believe anything you read online, you don’t understand the game that’s being played.”

    –Patrick Bergey, whistleblower and creator of ShadowNet, the IT black psyop “fake news” programs used in Iraq, and now being used against US citizens and people everywhere. http://www.VictimoftheSwamp.com

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  34. ahem says:

    They’re starting to throw out a few small bones in hopes it will protect the more important players in the fraud—most especially that criminal Obama. It’s like setting a small contained fire to prevent being engulfed in the conflagration.

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    • John-Y128 says:

      Well America’s *.edu’s are not going to rewrite the history books of their hero, the ‘1st black president’ of the US as the corrupt community organizer that he really is!


  35. Chilidog says:

    This is a distraction. It ultimately doesn’t matter what information was being fed to these willing accomplices. The question that needs to be answered is, Who is Mifsud? We’re three years into this nonsense and the deep state still doesn’t have their story straight on this question.

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  36. John-Y128 says:

    Durham’s hard at work on the poor SOB’s at the bottom, sh!t rolls down hill, someone’s has to pay, so AG Barr can declare DOJ/FBI integrity has been restored. DC makes me sick!

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  37. leslievb3 says:

    Same playbook used against Trump. DOJ says X number of arrests were made for collusion with Russia. Now X number of arrests of low level never heard of nobodys will be convicted for Spygate, while all the masterminds of this heinous seditious crime walk free. This was always going to be one big coverup. Who knew there was a rug that big?

    Liked by 1 person

  38. e says:

    I wonder what Sean Hannity thinks about this….he always says 99% of the FBI are good cops….so how does this Stephen fit into the picture? How many dirty cops are there?

    Liked by 1 person

  39. minnesotamike55 says:

    You can bet there are people in the mainstream media that know this whole scam on the American people is turning out to be true, and they have not been involved in reporting that truth. So, let’s start getting something out there so we can claim that we did report. It’s a CYA to obfuscate their bias and lack of fair reporting. This is their first pick that still protects the big players.

    Liked by 1 person

  40. waawash says:

    NYT once again is outing/sacrificing low-level deep-staters to shield the upper-level leaker class. I can scarce remember a time when the bigots at the NYT used their resources to report salient and irrefutable truth to Americans. Do they not know that Castro’s buddy Bernie is all too willing to march NYT editors into Central Park for public hangings?

    I’m only a little bit ashamed to admit…it’s satisfying to witness the NYT committing slow motion Seppuku. ;-


  41. ATheoK says:

    “But he is Stephen M. Somma, a counterintelligence investigator in the F.B.I.’s New York field office”

    “Your thoughts?”

    I’m baffled.
    Is Stephen M. Somma, counterintelligence investigator, a sacrificial pawn?

    a) Stephen M. Somma is a weak link in the IC community and is sacrificed to prevent his going state’s evidence?
    A possibility.

    b) Stephen M. Somma getting outed is solely as a distraction ploy.
    A distraction that obscures reality; and is similar to preceding lawfare distractions. Similar to lawfare distraction ploys Sundance describes elsewhere.
    Especially, if Somma did not commit the actions as deep state claims; e.g. prosecuting Somma indemnifies Somma from double jeopardy via a correctly targeted prosecution because we have been fed a purposely indistinct outline of Somma’s motivations and actions.

    Making a rush to prosecute Somma the wrong action at this time.
    Make sure Durham is addressing the Somma issue. If not, assign a prosecutor to investigate.

    Hades! Assign prosecutors to follow up every Horowitz intimation and insinuation; including Horowitz!


  42. leighdiaz3973 says:

    Not sure it’s a good idea to throw chum in the water when you boat leaks


  43. Say, shouldnt the NYT have its blue check mark taken away on #deadbird?

    I thought doxxing a super secret special agent was verboten…
    Who was it that did get suspended? Some low end Dhimmi echo-chamber like ButtFeed, Vox, Raw Sewage?


  44. Yup, its more FUD from the Deep State agitprop press, on command. “Look over here, a squirrel!”

    to distract from what I imagine is causing a run on Depends in DC and Langley and Quantico.


  45. Thomas O'Reilly says:

    Somma and the young lawyer go down quietly and serve some short time. Followed by a book deal.


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