A Possible Inflection Point – ODNI Ric Grenell…

President Trump appointed Richard “Ric” Grenell to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the surprise appointment begins immediately.  Within minutes the media intelligence apparatus displayed apoplexy at the announcement.

All of the right administrative state interests are visibly triggered by the appointment; and it appears this could be a key turning point in President Trump’s push-back against the permanent intelligence apparatus that has targeted his administration for three years.

It does not seem accidental the appointment of Ric Grenell as Acting DNI comes after AG Bill Barr publicly displayed his weakness in managing the DOJ and FBI.  When the U.S. Attorney General chooses to complain about POTUS tweets making it “impossible to do his job” via public statements, the underlying message is an AG unwilling to do his job.

The challenge for the Office of the Presidency has been executive leadership unwilling to confront visible corruption within the DOJ, FBI and Intelligence Community (IC).

Failed executive leadership includes Jeff Sessions (DOJ), Rod Rosenstein (DOJ), Chris Wray (FBI), David Bowditch (FBI), Dana Boente (FBI), Michael Horowitz (OIG) Mike Pompeo (CIA), Gina Haspel (CIA), Michael Atkinson (DOJ-NSD/ICIG), Matt Whitaker (DOJ), Dan Coats (DNI), Rex Tillerson (DoS), James Mattis (DoD), the list is long.

The evidence of ongoing efforts to undermine the presidency have surfaced in everything from the FBI not addressing rampant politicization, to an Intelligence Community Inspector General (Michael Atkinson) willing to facilitate an impeachment effort.

Further evidence of continued institutional politics is visible within the dynamics at Main Justice, and internal issues around the Roger Stone prosecution and politicized sentencing recommendation. Despite grand prose, and looking beyond words, AG Bill Barr has done little to impede ongoing corrupt endeavors within the DOJ and FBI.

He talks a good game, but actions speak louder than words.

The only corrective action taken by Bill Barr has been when a corrupt DOJ issue is so well known and unavoidable that covering up the issue is no longer an option (Liu). Despite requesting, and receiving, unprecedented executive authority to review all intelligence information and agencies (May 2019), no corrective action is visible; and, as noted in the example of the ICIG impeachment effort, the corrupt systems continue unabated.

There has been an IG report on FBI conduct showing evidence of DOJ/FBI politics in the Clinton investigation (Mid Year Exam).  That report showcased members of the FBI taking gifts in exchange for media leaks; yet those leaks continue – nothing done.

There has been a scathing IG report on the action of Andrew McCabe highlighting instances of lies under oath to investigators; again – no consequences.

There has been an IG report on James Comey mishandling of classified information and illegal leaks to the media; again – nothing done.   There was a separate break-out report on Comey’s creation and political use of his office and written memos stored in secret files in his home. As outlined during visits by FBI agents the FBI Director kept the memos hidden and never informed the investigators. Result: nothing done.

There has been an OIG report on FISA abuses, which overlaps all four prior DOJ-IG investigations since January 2017.  That report showed the construction of specific false documentation to achieve a political agenda and illegal surveillance warrants by lawyers within the FBI…. The result, the OIG says with straight face they cannot determine if political bias was part of the motivation or decision-making; ergo, nothing done. [Yet]

It does not seem accidental executive leaders at the DOJ and FBI claim no evidence of political bias exists, while simultaneously the DOJ, FBI and IC refuse to unredact, declassify or release documents where evidence of political bias would exist.

The Office of the President has been under investigative assault for more than three years from the same highly political agencies hiding evidence of their bias. The same institutions accusing the President of abusing power, are the exact same institutions abusing power.

Worse still, the OIG FISA report is a great example of AG Barr reviewing in advance information within a report; and yet the report itself is fraught with contradictions, irreconcilable claims, examples of non-corrected abuses and was even modified after publication to remove evidence damaging to the institutions and participants.

With all of this in mind it is no surprise to see President Trump tweeting a little frustration when contrasted against another blind Attorney General praising current DOJ and FBI officials; who have done nothing, except talk, while stacks of IG reports containing evidence of corruption -from 3 years of investigation- sits on office shelves gathering dust.

Knowing an alignment of Legislative Branch and Executive Branch politicians and officials continue to work toward his removal; and understanding the same institutions that need to approve of nominations of executive officers, ex. the Senate Intelligence Committee, are the very same institutions participating in the ongoing removal effort; the dynamic of the Deep State protecting itself is very real.

The legislative branch has created an internal system of checks and balances where their oversight gets to check, approve or deny, anyone who would be a threat to their power.  It really is a remarkable constitutional breakdown within the framework of government.

This is the accurate backdrop to consider President Trump appointing Ric Grenell to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.  However, this appointee will now have the full and focused attention of the SSCI and Intelligence Community, the Eye of Sauron.

Those who trade the currency of power within the institutions of the deep administrative state will align in common cause against DNI Ric Grenell in the same manner they are aligned against President Donald J Trump.

Government officials, politicians, beltway media, dark money corporations, DC lobbyists, DC activists, political networks like FusionGPS and a host of intelligence community allies will immediately engage in a series of political attacks due to the risk Grenell represents.

There is no boundary to the weaponry they will deploy.  There is no upper or lower limit to the lies the resistance can/will create. The DC Orcs will attack this DNI relentlessly.

History may likely identify Grenell as the first President Trump appointment who did not come from the controlled files of those around the oval office selection processes.

When CTH first used the term “Big Ugly” in 2016, it was written from the context of outsider Trump eventually having to take on the UniParty establishment, that includes both Democrats and Republicans.  When the institutions of DC power are threatened, pretenses of political parties are dropped.  Institutional preservation becomes paramount because all downstream indulgence is connected to the same trough of power.

Washington DC is a business enterprise; not a currently functioning government.

There are trillions at stake.

 warner and burr

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778 Responses to A Possible Inflection Point – ODNI Ric Grenell…

  1. Parrot says:

    You’re correct….
    This is Incredible. Did the Don finally appoint someone who just might possibly NOT be a Admin Stater, Never Trumper, UniParty, sleazy lawyer or fabian socialist hack?

    Yep, I can hardly believe it, his appointment track record being as appalling as it is etc……….


  2. oldguy05 says:

    I’m thinking nasty here. When will we be presented with a sexual scandal involving this man? We haven’t had one surface for a while. The playlist is limited and Brennan just used the Russia card. Can’t easily use the racist card in this instance either.

    I’m sure they think we proles will believe a new accusation of perversion especially seeing that Mr. Grenell is openly homosexual. So what’s it to be? Homosexuality, inexperience or incompetence?
    My money’s on the sexual accusation.


  3. Parrot says:

    Now let’s call a garden trowel a shovel.
    The chances of the USA electing a practicing homosexual President is nil.
    The Pete guy is therefore a waste of bandwidth and time.


  4. OhNoYouDont says:

    Trump told reporters aboard Air Force One while traveling to Nevada from a Colorado campaign rally that Collins is among the candidates in the running to be nominated to fill the position that has not had a permanent occupant since Dan Coats resigned last August.

    Collins previously worked as a lawyer and served in the military prior to running for public office.

    His nomination would likely draw scrutiny from Democrats who have raised concerns about politicizing the intelligence agency and staffing it with loyalists rather than career professionals.


  5. OhNoYouDont says:

    Sue Gordon, former top ODNI official, heads to Microsoft


  6. Yeah, I get his vocalism against the Presidents enemies, except this guy is also a big homopromo activist. He celebrates his immoral lifestyle and uses it in favor of promoting World War Gay. This is the campaign to use covert action, economic sabotage, assassination, trade and commerce policy, diplomacy, and the military to end regimes which still criminalize homosexuality. So, after a generation of shedding American blood and treasure to foist democracy by bayonett on foreign countries we are going to shed it to foist homosexuality and buggery by bayonetta on foreign countries. WTF!

    Sundance, I think you are looking at this from an angle to which is limiting your ability to see the other anti-American agenda which is being developed here. As ambassador he did some things for AFD and some nationalist oriented politicians but most if not all were public statements. We’ve seen very little in actual covert strategy to promote Patriots in NATO countries by thks administration. However, we have seen lots of push to make the military and intelligence community safe havens of sodomy. Now, with this appointment we get a militant homosexual who undoubtedly will be making promotions of homosexuals in the community and directives and policies institutionalizing World War Gay. Not good at all.


  7. Mary Van Deusen says:

    I’m absolutely thrilled with this appointment. It gives me hope that some parts of the swamp will, indeed, be drained. Just sending back these anti-Trumpers to their previous assignments will be a big help. If they can replace some with pro-Trumpers, it will just get better.

    And I’m also thrilled that Trump has appointed the first gay ever to his Cabinet. This is groundbreaking and will be a slap in the face to everyone who accuses Trump, falsely, of bigotry. The hope here is that we will cut into the gay voters who would automatically vote for Democrats. Who knows? We might also move some of the big money donors to the right side.

    Liked by 1 person

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