Two-Tiered Justice – DOJ Informs Andrew McCabe He Will Not Be Prosecuted for Lying to FBI Investigators (3 Times, Under Oath)…

The Department of Justice has informed former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe he will not face criminal prosecution for lying to FBI investigators.  The lawyers for Andrew McCabe shared the DOJ letter:

The DOJ inspector general had previously sent a criminal referral based on the OIG investigation of Mr. McCabe leaking to the media and then lying to FBI investigators four times, three times under oath in 2017, about his activity.  [OIG Report HERE]

During an immediate appearance on CNN the former FBI Deputy Director criticized the Department of Justice for putting his “family through this experience.”  McCabe said it was an “insult” and a “disgrace” for the DOJ to put him through this for two years.

Lawyers for Mr. McCabe released the following statement:

As a reminder, this was the previous summary from an investigation carried out by the Office of Inspector General:

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840 Responses to Two-Tiered Justice – DOJ Informs Andrew McCabe He Will Not Be Prosecuted for Lying to FBI Investigators (3 Times, Under Oath)…

  1. Michael Young says:

    Well, I’ve went and busted a blood vessel in my eye. They’re not going to investigate Vindman either. The “white hats” completely struck out today and I’m beginning to lose hope.

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    • Jederman says:

      It’s worse. Vindman was selected for the Army War College. They think he’s 06 material.

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      • Greg1 says:

        That’s going a little beyond promoting him to get rid of him.

        That’s straight up rewarding him.

        He will never have a command where he has the actual respect of the troops.


      • glissmeister says:

        You think they are off the hook? I think the deciders are waiting for the other investigations to complete facts not yet in evidence.

        There are much larger investigations under way that may make the prospective actions against McCabe and Vindman just declined look rather minor and somewhat petty in comparison. We’re still at the very beginning of what’s yet to come.

        Some may correctly think McCabe and Vindman still have plenty to worry about. The big problems are not ripe but are ripening more with each passing day. The law often works like a seamless web. They and others are dynamically ensnared.

        Like flies with one foot entangled; their wings are still moving and there may be hope for escape. The big spider has yet to move. Patience and timeliness are essential traits it has evolved to master.

        Watch them buzz and writhe. They are entangled by virtue of their actions and associations. Nothing will change the nature of their circumstances, especially those that arise from their actions. They will not escape who they are and what they have done. Only the spider decides how it will come.

        I take the President at his word when he said: “We caught them all.”

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    • vladdy says:

      Gotcha. Me, too. I was hopeful there for awhile, with Barr giving all his “Look what a patriot I am” speeches hither, thither, and yon….No more. The fact that he’s not even blasted as a “liar” all over the place,, while that’s not even considered controversial for PDT, who on top of that, gets serial impeachments (we know it’s coming) and ongoing oversight by midgets like Schiff and Nadler…but with, McCabe, it’s that he just “lacked candor…”

      ….and the idea that now he’s acting like the wronged party, where if PDT says anything, he’s called “overemotional” and all kinds of other names…AND…that it’s a the same time that the crooked, lying “forewoman” of Stone’s trial is in the news…No words for my disgust.

      And one of the worst things is, I’m sure (although no TV for years) that the corporate media is breaking out the party hats, noisemakers, and champagne… and gloating — as the left always does when they get a win. (They can’t win with any sportsmanship or class and can’t lose with any, either.)

      Not going to get my hopes up anymore. Barr’s obviously so deep in the swamp that he’s planted roots there, with no hope of anything good coming from him. We, the people, have no legal representation – haven’t had it this century, with first Bush and his Patriot Act, then O with his DOJ that only took cases against the “historically oppressed,” then Sessions and now Barr.

      And people want to give the government control over our health care?? Give me a break! If they can’t do justice, they’d for sure mess up health. (Sorry for rant. Just so over this crap.)

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    • RLTW says:

      Chow thief Vindman is a product of eliminating all standards in order to allow women to be able to graduate Ranger School. That Ranger tab on Vindman’s dress blues means nothing.

      Likewise…all standards for SFAS and SFQC have been eliminated so that women can be Green Berets. The Special Forces Tab and the Green Beret mean nothing.

      My SEAL brothers… has the Trident been defiled as such?


  2. gadeplorable says:

    I will absolutely go to the polls this November and vote Trump -straight GOP ticket.

    That being said, I can’t continue to follow the breadcrumbs only to be lead further away from seeing someone actually indicted, let alone actually do jail time for their crimes.

    The swamp appears to be deeper than anyone imagined. Win re-election Mr. President, then burn it down to the ground.

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  3. MVW says:

    Well, giving McCabe a get out of Jail Free pass answers the question whether Barr is bent.

    Too many indicators before, but this latest action makes it clear. Our POTUS will have to take action at some point. With the House dirty with Democrats and Senate with Uniparty RepubliRats, November election will be vital.

    God Help our Nation.

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    • Jederman says:

      Not only was he handed a get out of jail free card, he has a platform to beyouch about how HE was screwed. No contrition. No introspection. He certainly must know that half the country thinks he’s an unethical, lying POS.

      There really is no good reason to have faith in bondo or our system of justice and there hasn’t been, but what else do we have. It just takes time I guess for the realization to take hold. None of them can be trusted and they don’t trust us. It’s best to avoid them.

      I’m now getting the impression PT doesn’t want to expend the political capital to lay the DoJ to waste. Tweets, ok whatever. They’re easy. Putting together a team and building a coalition to purge the corruption not so easy. But hey, check out the jobs numbers and the stock market. The best every, I can tell you that… . On and on.

      Now everyone hangs their hat on the Durham investigation results. At this point, Durham could have every perp screwed to the floor and the corrupt in the Do”J” will find a way to not refer anything meaningful for prosecution.

      It’s every man for himself. We still have to pay our taxes though.


  4. Charlie Currie says:

    Jury nullification is a thing. Expect it. It’s the way of the swamp.


  5. Snellvillebob says:

    So now do we have to hope a bus does the job our entire FBI and DOJ could not?


  6. Marcia says:

    Retired Magistrate here: This has not been a good week for President Trump supporters who wanted to see some type of punitive action against McCabe and Vindman.

    However, I keep reminding myself that it took years to get us into the mess we are in now and it will take years to get us out of it.

    President Trump has accomplished so much in three years doing most of it himself. He did come in as a novice and trusted those political pundits who gave him advice about who to trust; unfortunately most of those people were deep swamp. President Obama weaponized so many agencies that it will take at least the next election of President Trump and another fighter after him to clean up the mess.

    I had hope in Barr; however, that pretty much vanished when he went public about what President Trump’s tweets. If Barr had a problem with it he should have discussed it with President Trump; not go public with it. President Trump is just reflecting the frustration many of us have over the obvious lack of any action taken against those who deserve it and those who really haven’t done anything wrong, or have committed a “gotcha” (process) crime get the book thrown at them.

    Tomorrow is another day and today I am going to enjoy Valentine’s Day with my husband of 30+ years along with continuing to pray for President Trump and our country!

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    • Sunflower says:

      “I had hope in Barr; however, that pretty much vanished when he went public about what President Trump’s tweets. If Barr had a problem with it he should have discussed it with President Trump; not go public with it.”

      Exactly. A smart man wouldn’t have given the MSM any more fuel to pour on the fire against our president. What a disappointment he is turning out to be.

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      • Yy4u says:

        A smart man wouldnt have given the MSM any more fuel, yes…but a saboteur would.
        As I wrote yeaterday, Barr is an honorable man but his loyalty is to the government not the president, the country, the law OR the people. He is there to save the government, his only raison d’etre. POTUS needs to recognize that and focus on reelection, We and he need to adopt the mantra “revenge is a dish best served cold”. After reelection…if we back him and give him the House AND Senate THEN is the time to take a fire hose, sand blaster and flame thrower to the Swamp. Right now they are ALL against him.

        And by the way, the Uniparty Swamp is sending Bernie the same message.


      • hawkins6 says:

        Great post Marcia. I hope you and hubby have or had an enjoyable Valentine’s day.

        The rot in the DOJ is too deep to fix with band-aids and with tweet rattled Barr distancing himself from his boss it doesn’t look good. Some people in the DOJ, believe their 2 tiered decision making is justified because they are members of a privileged class that is elevated far above the “smelly Wal Mart” class or anyone associated with Trump.

        As we all know, when an agency investigates itself, the odds of a fair and unbiased outcome are usually zero to none. Therefore Trump supporters like Flynn and Stone will never be treated equally to “upper class” elite people like McCabe and Wolfe by this DOJ.

        The concept of guaranteed equal justice in the USA is dead. How you will be treated by the DOJ depends entirely on who you are and who you support. It has happened to certain dirt poor or racial groups in the past but under Barr’s watch the millions of people that support Trump in the USA seem to have joined those lower tier groups.


  7. Ernie Hemway says:

    Hello, hello, hello. Washington? Is there anybody in there?

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    • OhNoYouDont says:

      Ain’t nothing ‘grand’ about a ‘DC Grand Jury’.

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      • Does anyone believe that even the greatest prosecutor ever could get a woke DC grand jury to indict any of the high profile perps we have been talking about? Its like breaking a hole in three foot wide brick wall with your head. Politically, speaking the DOJ cannot admit this. Barr by himself can only issue informations based on misdameanors carying a sentence of six months or less.

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  8. Flight93Gal says:


    Thanks for putting a positive spin on this entire criminal fiasco.

    My only fear is that many voters may get discouraged because JUSTICE continues to be denied for ONE SIDE ONLY.

    Comey, McCabe and now Vindman–free as birds and laughing at all of us.

    If voters stay home and DO NOT vote for POTUS again, it will be based on an inability to even mildly drain the DOJ/FBI swamp.



  9. jack says:

    Did Mccabe sign any of the FISA applications?


  10. Sunflower says:

    I’m so depressed after reading today’s news. I suppose I knew deep down that these bass turds were never going to be brought to justice while others like Flynn and Stone are facing jail time for doing much less. It all really boils down to who your friends are, doesn’t it? If you are in Trump’s circle…look out. Otherwise, the others get a Get Out of Jail Free card by the Dept of “Justice”.

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  11. Parrot says:

    The ultimate Insurance policy kicks in again: the DoJ simply refuse to prosecute.
    They won.
    There is no way to replace the AG and most of the DoJ elite.
    The Admin State is now the first tier of govt.


  12. treehouseron says:

    Imagine what they’re going to do to Hope Hicks now that she’s back.

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  13. litlbit2 says:

    Wow! For all out there just starting on a career may I suggest money laundering, lying, corruption, spying, alterations for body bags, if possible leaking any secrets or advancing any FAKENEWS you should apply ASAP to AG Barr. “I will not be intimidated” as I run this cesspool of approved liars, spy’s, corrupters, the best Taxpayers and Foreign money can buy! Playing Bagpipes is a bonus.

    FYI, NO Tweeting it limits mental capacity.🙈🙈


  14. I can’t remember who or how many Branch Hangers said it, but statements were made in TCTH that the FBI can not investigate itself and the DOJ will not prosecute what they do investigate.
    Truer words were never spoken.

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  15. hawkins6 says:

    Well, I guess this is what Tweet distracted A/G Barr meant when he told P Trump to basically shut up and quit tweeting about legal matters and let him do his job. How many $ millions will McCabe now receive from the people’s Treasury for unjust harassment etc. The absence of Jesse Liu from the DOJ has not changed their 2–tiered indictment policies at all. I guess if any member of a politically acceptable Resistance group conspires to depose a sitting President and ruin his family that will never be considered a crime either in the USA.

    Lesson sent–Some lies are more egregious than others based on who you are and not the lie itself.

    What’s the next priority on the Barr DOJ’s agenda? Refocus their immense legal powers against Gen. Flynn and his “insubordinate” lawyer Sidney Powell.


  16. gabytango says:

    I am just as infuriated and feeling defeated like everyone with today’s happenings. BUT, I have to hold on to my belief that Trump has God’s anointing, and that means that God is in charge. God always makes a way when there is NO way. So, we must faithfully keep on praying expectantly to see how God will resolve this. His ways and thoughts are superior to ours, and He always does things none of us could possible dream up. Keep the faith. Prayer moves the hand that moves the world!


    • Bradley says:

      Keep the faith gabytango. God IS in charge. Trump is not there for nothing. Right now Barr is sending out all sorts of bat signals that basically say- “we know this looks terrible” hang in there and justice will be done. And Donald Trump is tweeting to make injustice known but ALSO showing his support for Barr. It is coming out that many cases, not just Flynn’s are under review. It ain’t over for McCabe. Not at all.

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      • vladdy says:

        I didn’t get that from his insulting of the president, blaming him for Barr’s own inability to do his job. If it’s so impossible, Barr, it’s not the fault of the president keeping in touch with the people. Try looking in the damn mirror,

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  17. Rose says:

    Still think Durham is doing a real investigation, it’s clear the deep state snivel service runs the country and they’re gunning for conservatives while letting criminal demorats walk day after day.


  18. paintbrushsage says:


  19. Cavt says:

    Republican/conservative has a lack of candor with the feds=jail time and ruin Dem/lib has a lack of candor with the feds=nothing/have a nice day/join cnn and write a book
    Sorry guys, but this tells all we need to know about Barr’s already sketchy DOJ/FBI. Don’t count on anything from Durham, he’s just stretching it out to buy time.
    Bear in mind laws can only used to punish us not them. And act accordingly–


  20. Magabear says:

    Andrew “lacks candor” McCabe is a POS, regardless of being in or out of jail. He can stuff his righteous indignation up his behind.

    Didn’t really expect much to happen to Mr. Lacks Candor, but he should be in jail.


  21. DiogeneseVindicated says:

    This is a punch in the gut. My hope in the future of America just took one below the waterline and I am speechless.


  22. Chieftain says:

    Okay, now with the Barr announcement that the Flynn case will be reviewed by an outside prosecutor I think this is a set up for dismissing the Flynn case.
    If McCabe is not prosecuted for lying, then how can Flynn be prosecuted?
    He cannot.


  23. billybob says:

    Anybody arrested today ?


  24. Rock Knutne says:

    It’s beginning to look like president TelePrompter is gonna go down in history as quite a consequential president after all.

    Not in the way we Americans would appreciate but nonetheless he’s managed to fill every institution and alphabet agency with so many levels of corrupt sycophants that it would take 3 or 4 terms of President Trump and a Republican Congress and Senate to make a dent in this criminal cabal.


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  25. Reserved55 says:


  26. johnnyreb says:

    Good to know that in the future, I can just lack candor with the cops, and the IRS, and all will be forgiven.

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  27. Sue says:

    With today’s news of McCabe and others, I guess crime does pay. This is all so discouraging.


  28. Carrie says:


    • Carrie says:

      He also was in charge of the Flynn 302’s, part of the insurance plan, opened up Crossfire Hurricane, and lied about the information in the FISA Carter Page warrants. He also was the boss of Strozk who flew to London and was in contact with Alexander Downer during the Papadopoulus shake down. Along with Comey, this guy was part of the nexus of evil in the FBI.


  29. SmilinJackAbbott says:

    Worth remembering at this point McCabe isn’t just guilty of lying to the FBI. He initiated an investigation of fellow agents in NY by angrily telling the head of NY the leaks were coming from the NY office and to find the leakers, then sat by for months as innocent agents were interrogated over his own leaks! He framed fellow agents for his crime. Are you trying to tell me lying is the only thing he could have been charged with over that?

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  30. kleen says:

    John Cardillo
    McCabe wouldn’t be on CNN gloating if he was going to be charged by Durham.

    He spent 23 yrs at the Bureau. He knows how this works. He knows he’s free and clear.

    Stop the delusions that there’s more at work here.


  31. Not taking down McCabb, who was low hanging fruit, says that the target(s) are higher up the chain.


    • USApatriot says:

      @thelastbesthope hahahahahahaha I wouldn’t hold your breath! Nothing will happen unless We The People, make it happen.

      I am so tired of hearing, oh, Republican don’t protest! What a crock of whooy, we are getting out butts kicked day in and day out! What do we do? Take to our keyboards and type how mad we are!

      What a Joke!

      Thanks for everything over the years CTH, no sense in wasting my time here anymore, nothing will change.

      God bless all!


      • kleen says:

        I completely understand.

        We the people, just bend over and take it.

        It’s how it is.

        On that note If Bernie wins , his radical communists would not put up with we are putting up with. They would burn DC to the ground and drag swampees’ bodies on the street. That’s why the DNC will stop Bernie no matter what.

        They are even allowing a Billionaire to buy his way into the nomination and don’t care how bad this looks.


  32. grumpyqs says:

    All the kids, their professors and assorted radicals are watching this circus and laughing till they snort. It’s obvious the FBI cannot/will not investigate itself and the DOJ cannot/will not prosecute itself. It’s even more obvious the depth of corruption is deeper than most people expected.

    Wanna know how your kids are gonna solve this? SOCIALISM / COMMUNISM! With an icon of Bernie as their martyr; Burn it down boys and girls; AOC will lead the way! Listen to them; understand their point of view. We are diminishing; they are increasing, but they’re not stupid either.



  33. kleen says:

    Bo Snerdley
    Paul Manafort sits in a prison cell.
    Roger Stone sits – awaiting sentencing which DOJ prosecutors want, in effect to be a life sentence.

    Andrew McCabe sits at CNN. With no worries.

    This is not equal justice.

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  34. Brutalus says:

    Ohhhh….it’s over….what are we going to do? They won. Trump can’t do anything. It’s a two-tier justice system….the deep state is just too deep.. whoa’s us….yada, yada, yada….I swear, unless you’re a troll, there’s a whole lot of people here who need to sack up…there are many moves to be made yet in this saga…resolve to fight back until the final out, or seriously, get the hell out of the dugout


  35. kleen says:

    Tom Fitton
    Comey referred for prosecution. Declined.

    McCabe referred for prosecution. Declined

    14 FBI officials/agents leaked classified or sensitive materials. Not one prosecution. But Flynn, Stone set to be thrown in jail.

    DOJ double standards has caused a rule of law crisis


    • McCabe’s was declined after a grand jury for 18 months wouldn’t indict or made it abundantly clear to prosecutor that they wouldn’t vote for or sign an indictment. I believe sufficient effort was made by the prosecutor to obtain the indictment.


      • kleen says:

        In that case, why do we waste time seeking justice if it’s in the hands of DC grand jury?

        Why not just drop everything and say forget it!

        If that’s our justice system then it’s rotten. If that’s our mentally then we lose.


        • We should still seek justice. This problem has been known for 25 years when the DC grand jury wouldn’t convict Hillary. No one on either side has the political courage to talk about racial or political bias. Alot of what needs to be changed is guaranteed by the constitution which would take 25 years.
          DOJ needs to admit that it cant get high profile indictments in DC because of the demographics. That is why they are going to Connecticut or are pursing alternate venue through a Rico Action. I don’t know how Barr could do that politically without being called a racist, butt.
          DC’s venue privilege is a result of an act of Congress that adopts a Supreme Court Rule.
          Changing that is easier than the Constitution but still hard. Thinking outside the box may be good. DC wants to be a State


          • If that happens trade some conservative justice reforms including the State of DC gives up its venue privilege for federal cases that have a national impact. I don’t want DC to be a state but maybe this is the only way it can be done.


  36. kleen says:

    ·By now, after Rosenstein, Huber, Whitaker, Durham, etc., you should see the pattern: announce a “independent review” to quiet the base, distract Trump, then cover up for the #DeepState. #McCabe #DOJ


  37. kleen says:

    Robert Barnes

    Is the “review” of Flynn file just another pretext to stop
    from issuing a pardon? #Barr

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  38. kleen says:

    Stefan Molyneux

    When the legal system becomes weaponized

    peaceful solutions become harder and harder


  39. spoogels says:

    They’ve only dropped the investigation arising from Horowitz’s 2018 referral.

    This has nothing to do with Durham’s investigation which is still ongoing.


    • kleen says:

      Funny how no investigation is dropped for our side. They INVENT crimes to investigate to entrap people to charge them and then jail them.

      Do not buy into that.


  40. kleen says:

    John Cardillo

    I’m retracting my earlier tweets giving benefit of the doubt to Barr and Durham

    If anyone should have been made an example of, it was McCabe. He was literally fired for a 1001 criminal violation.

    This is unacceptable, and has shaken my confidence in both of them.

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  41. littleanniefannie says:

    Why should your party determine whether or not you are prosecuted for a crime of which there is overwhelming evidence? McCabe was found by a Democrat IG to have lied multiple times and he will walk. James Wolfe leaked top secret documents and got a pat on the wrist. Roger Stone is found guilty by a tainted jury of lying and he gets a potential death sentence. Time to move the agencies all across the country. DC no longer stands for the District of Columbia. It actually refers to Democrat Corruption. Justice needs to go to Oklahoma. Trade can stay in DC. FBI needs to go to Kentucky. CIA can go to Alaska. Education can go to Utah. Energy can go to Alabama. Commerce can go to Maine. Treasury can go to Idaho. IRS to Nevada. DNI to Nebraska. HHS to Michigan. HUD to Indiana. State to Wyoming. EPA to Hawaii. Homeland Security to Texas. Labor to Arkansas. Commerce to Wisconsin. Transportation to South Carolina. Interior to Illinois. Agriculture to Iowa. Defense to North Carolina. Veterans Affairs to Virginia.
    Spread the joy around and stop the concentration of deceitful Democrats in the corrupt area!!


  42. James Groome says:

    I’d tell BARR that unless shit starts happening I (Trump) am going to start declassifying everything about EVERYONE and I don’t care if it DESTROYS the FBI and DOJ!

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  43. CorwinAmber says:

    Well, as a long-time denizen of Northern Virginia, I know there is absolutely no chance of convicting these bozos in DC (or the surrounding counties in MD/VA for that matter). The solution lies in taking a page from the late, great Senator Byrd and move the FBI HQ from DC to the WV panhandle (Martinsburg comes to mind). Then, when dirty deeds are done, the jury pool will draw from the local Mountaineers and justice will be done. Imagine a jury made up of Hatfields and McCoys!

    There is no freakin’ reason why the FBI HQ needs to be in DC…a small branch office in the Eisenhower Office Building is all that is needed IMHO. Move’em out tout de suite! (certainly there must be an empty trailer park out there somewhere, which is all that is needed)

    All in all, this episode is really great justification for moving many Federal departments out of the DC swamp. Can you imagine what will happen to all of those Department of Agriculture bureaucrats who were recently relocated to Kansas if they act the DC fool in the great, patriotic Midwest? No “nuance” or “lack of candor” out there!


  44. matt3480 says:

    This is really discouraging 🙂 We’ve been shown and publicized TRUTH for 2 years and this joker – driving his 200K Porsche (didn’t even bother to hide it) – documented on record to having lied, is not clear as a jaybrird

    This – COULD – be a tit for tat for the Jessie Lui kill shot, or a warning in advance of a Stone or Flynn pardon….

    If PDJT is the fighter I believe he is, then he comes out immediately and pardons BOTH Stone and Flynn and makes the general the head of the NSA, if he does nothing then the DS is truly too deep to overcome

    More than at any point I fear for our presidents safety, there is no DEM that can beat him except MAYBE Bloomy with Mittens as his running mate…. but their most likely path to freedom is to get rid of him

    I’m scared and praying, this was a massive return of fire by the DS and Barr let it go.
    The peoples will is not going to be enough

    A little down tonight fellow treepers 😦


    • vladdy says:

      Agree totally with everything except one — cannot understand why people keep saying (even ‘Maybe”) that Bloomberg could beat PDT! Maybe in VA.. but
      in the heartland, people do not even know who he is, and if they do,, all they know is that he was so controlling that he banned big sodas. For those getting the first look at him, he is not at all appealing, with his size and obviously made-up face. The fact that he was mayor of NYC is a bug, not a feature. He seems like the LEAST likely to beat Trump, and that’s saying something. Maybe there’s a different view in other parts of the country, and we’re just not seeing it around here. (And as soon as he’s labelled anti-second amendment, his numbers would drop even more.) And, of course, Mittens would drop him even further.,

      But about feeling down? Absolutely. Right there with you. If
      Barr was any kind of fighter, he would shut up about PDT’s tweets and instead, be apologizing to the country about his inability to get a grand jury indictment in DC, if that IS the problem. This is not PDT’s fault–it’s Barr’s fault, and he sounds like Hillary, blaming someone else for his complete failure

      That “makes it impossible to do my job,” is rude and nasty. He should keep his mouth shut or at least making it something like “While I realize it is the only way to get his ideas out to the people, it somewhat hampers the investigation when the president tweets” and then add something about what a shame it is that the media isn’t doing their job correctly.

      Shame, Barr—shame.


  45. Troublemaker10 says:


  46. snarkybeach says:

    Lou Dobbs with John Soloman on Two Tiers:


  47. hoosiertruthfan says:

    Fox Business is hitting this hard, first Lou Dobbs with John Solomon and now Trish Regan with KT McFarland.
    Bottom line on each show, the DOJ is corrupt.

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    • kleen says:

      Yep! But that doesn’t stop our side from making excuses for them and hoping for a miracle while telling us to keep waiting and waiting.

      We wait and get news like that all the time.

      Barr is rotten.

      I do believe Durham is investigating but not for the reasons we think.

      I think the Bush/RINO side is gathering blackmail material on the Hillary side so they can play politics and power control, in DC games.

      It has nothing to do with justice. It’s politics. One side is is collecting material to be be used in negotiations with the other side. Durham is really investigating.

      Notice how none of the crooks are nervous, but just mad.

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  48. McCabe is a proven liar and gets off? Shame! Shame! Journalism is is dead in the US and Justice is on life support and about to take its ast breath. Barr needs to be booted. Now!


  49. Republicanvet91 says:

    What’s interesting about this is how the media treated all of this. Yes, there was a trickle of reporting on McCabe being referred, but if you were watching today, it was wall-to-wall headlines shoving it in our faces that McCabe is getting off.

    Disgusting. Hope is not a good plan, but I am hoping Barr chose his words carefully about McCabe not be prosecuted for lying, and being left unsaid that he will be prosecuted at a future date for other crimes.


    • Boots says:

      I am hoping Barr chose his words carefully about McCabe not be prosecuted for lying, and being left unsaid that he will be prosecuted at a future date for other crimes.
      And millions of bald men are hoping a cure is right around the corner. Other millions of bald men know there’s no cure for baldness and don’t fool themselves into thinking there is.


  50. Brian in CA4 says:

    McCabe was referred by the OIG for lying, but he did worse than that as part of the coup. His lying is still very good evidence in a RICO case against the group of coup plotters and that is a better use of legal resources.


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