Unfortunately, A Corrupt Group of Politically Focused DOJ Lawyers Isn’t The Only Issue…

Four of Robert Mueller’s special counsel prosecutors strategically and purposefully resigned their positions yesterday in an attempt to create a political narrative against U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr – through a ridiculous Roger Stone sentencing memorandum.

In a subsequent interview with Lou Dobbs, House Intel Committee ranking member Devin Nunes noted the activity of Mueller’s 19 lawyers was likely to come under scrutiny now, as people start to ask common sense questions.  [Ex. what were these DOJ lawyers doing for over two years if there was zero evidence of any Trump-Russia collusion?]

However, I would draw attention to an even more troubling issue that media pretend not to even notice.  From the Mueller Report (pg 13):

An issue that everyone overlooked is more serious than tin-foil-hat DOJ lawyers chasing DNC stories of Olaf and his Macedonian meme generating buddies on Facebook.

A significant issue is in the part of the story most have skipped past without recognizing,… because, well, simply we have become immune to the insanity of it.

... 40 FBI Agents worked on the Special Counsel?

Think about it.  For three years… Doing what exactly?

I’m going to skip over the part where everyone recognizes these are the same FBI agents investigating Trump in 2016… who transferred into the Mueller team in 2017… to continue the investigation into 2018 and 2019.  As if that wasn’t alarming enough… I digress.

Forty FBI agents, spent three years on a mission to investigate/eliminate the candidacy and presidency of Donald Trump.

Don’t let ourselves get dragged into the absurdity and travel down a conversational path where DC justification is put through a cognitive blender.  Forty FBI Agents spent three years trying to aid a transparently political effort to remove a president.

If you give them the benefit of being sound-minded, we had Forty FBI agents who transparently had to know this was a ridiculously weaponized political operation against the opposing political party of their FBI and DOJ leadership… and they went along with it.

The whole damned thing was a ruse.

What exactly would forty FBI agents be investigating?

You can take that insufferably overused qualifier: “we’re not talking about the hard-working FBI field agents here..“, and stuff it.  I’m exactly talking about forty transparently corrupt FBI field agents who, according to EVERYONE, participated in an investigation that was political nonsense from the beginning.

And they all did what?

Went along with it… that’s what they did.

That aspect doesn’t seem to be appearing anywhere.

That aspect doesn’t seem to be bothering anyone.

And where are they now?

That in-your-face issue hasn’t been discussed anywhere amid thousands of hours of pundit conversation, and thousands more column inches dedicated to discussion of this fabricated political operation.

Is someone actually going to try and tell me Forty FBI Agents didn’t know the Vast Russian Conspiracy was a bucket of nonsense from, um, at least day #2?..

These are the best investigators in the world?  These are the elite investigative units that we count on to investigate serious crimes and avoid terrorist threats?

Who are they?  Name them !  Every one of them needs to be named, publicly.  We paid for this, don’t we have a right to know the name of every person who participated in this investigation?

Now that it’s over; and with the publication of the Weissmann/Mueller report long since past; don’t we get to find out what exactly we were paying for?

Democrats say they demand transparency; OK, I’ll play.  Make them live up to their own rules….  I want the names of every FBI individual who participated in this investigation. So we can have an opportunity to watch congress sit them down in groups and question them about what exactly they were doing for three years.

Again, think about it.

What does forty FBI agents working on this Russian conspiracy case for three years tell us about the operational integrity of the FBI as an investigative institution?


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817 Responses to Unfortunately, A Corrupt Group of Politically Focused DOJ Lawyers Isn’t The Only Issue…

  1. Judiciary says:

    Little has changed since the 1964 FBI expose by Fred J. Cook entitled, The FBI Nobody Knows. J. Edgar Hoover may be gone but his FBI is still vindictive, takes political sides, and employs and is often lead by, much worse characters than they’re trying to jail! Add to all of these facts the additional fact that people hired to work in the Federal government are predominantly liberals.

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  2. Heika says:

    OPEN IT. Open up the entire thing. As the basis for the whole fraud is now collapsed, lets join the dots shall we? The obvious question is – if the first 2 Fisa’s were fraudulent (and we know the others were too), then that is enough to begin. That is enough for a full account and investigation of WHO instigated this (Rosenstein) as a first base. Bring ‘the process of the investigation’ – Mueller’s coup into the open. Peel it and let’s look at every one of their roles. Lets look at WHAT they were ‘investigating’. Chase those cockroaches down into the depths of the earth and into hell and corner them – drag them out by their skanky hairy legs and haul them before the public and the media darlings and then throw them into the clink.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Regarding “who instigated” this crooked mess let’s not forget the whole reason for spying on candidate Trump in the first place. It was to help ensure that Mrs. Clinton would win the White House. Find out who wanted that the most and you’ll find the initial perpetrators of this criminal enterprise against candidate and then president Donald J. Trump.

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      • bill johnston says:

        Gosh. I sure wish I could come up with names of only 2 or 3 people who might really benefit from investigating candidate Trump. Alas, my mind is a jumble of names.

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    • tafasi says:

      This HAS become a 3 ring circus. Even 10 years ago none of this could happen so blatantly in our society. I have heard the expression “Clown World” and it seems appropriate. The ridiculousness of the behaviour of these parties is mind boggling. I am a 67 year old Australian and on a daily basis I am amazed at the insanity that passes for acceptable conduct. Here in Brisbane where I live we have children glueing themselves to roads, during peak hour, to protest climate change. No one is charged at all. They are let go to come back the next day. This cannot end well.

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      • StanH says:

        Lunacy around the world.

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      • The totalitarian Left is the most successful religion of the past hundred years, from Lenin and Stalin, to Pol pot, Mao, Ho Chi Min, Castro, Kim Il Sung, and etc.

        Let’s hope it has run its course.

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        • tafasi says:

          Sadly it is alive and kicking. In the West, due to “marxist” educators being endemic in our systems. Here in Australia, 50% plus of our millennials believe that capitalism doesn’t work and would like to give socialism a try. Of course they have no idea what socialism actually is and has done wherever it has been implemented. Due to the fact that modern history with those inconvenient facts has been removed from the education system. I think that we will experience it again in our lifetimes.

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  3. rjones99 says:

    If the costs totaled $35mil and were 50% labor, 50% ODC (very conservative est of labor imo), the average salary cost for 61 heads was ~$146k/head.

    We should get an accounting of exactly what these people did to earn their money. After all, they came empty-handed except for a pile of paper, produced by the lawyers.

    We should also get an accounting from Chris Wray of why exactly he thinks “all the bad apples are gone” because it looks like he might have missed a fee dozen. I get that some folks think Wray is quietly helping and he doesn’t need the enmity of the rank and file, but WTH?

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    • MitchRyderDetroitWheels says:

      JMO but I believe The Donald will tell us the deal on Wray in the coming months if not sooner. when he brings he hammer via Twitter then we can mark the guy off the list of white hats. I want to believe that there is so much evidence of wrongdoing that Wray (if not a white hat) will be washed away regardless. A fella can hope can’t he?

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      • PDJT has Wray’s “your fired” letter in his coat pocket. He just waiting for the appropriate time to date it.

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        • gustafus21 says:

          That’s why I’m glad he undercuts “company man” Barr, who, if left yo his own devices, wants this whole event swept under the rug,

          “Dedicated career investigators believed they were serving tax payers, and both parties by thwarting the wholesale takeover of the presidency- by a charlatan, reality TV host.

          That is BARRS excuse – Durham as well.

          I want our Donald on his case every day. The DOJ just wants the FBI to use those draconian efforts on “real bad guys” – it wouldn’t occur to them that these DC fascists cannot be trusted with the power they’ve gleaned from Bush’s false flag on 9/11

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    • gnadfly says:

      My guess is the avg DC based FBI agent is making $120K a year x 40 x 2 years = 9.5 MM.


    • Heika says:

      From above. There you go. Rosenstein the rat in the nest again!

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      • czechlist says:

        Rosenstein (like Comey, Clapper, McCabe,and Brennan) has dirt on everyone who may be a threat to him. Call it career insurance. J Edgar set the standard long ago.
        Blackmail is the currency of the swamp.

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      • SSI01 says:

        These guys resigning so they can somehow make POTUS and Bill Barr look bad is like the guy who puts a bullet in his brain to spite his girlfriend. Guys like that really show ’em, don’t they?

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  4. nimrodman says:

    Fox TV has had a banner up all day:
    “AG Barr to testify to Congress March 31” (or some such date)

    He better be frikkin’ careful
    With all the Obama holdovers, it’d be easy to perjury-trap him

    Just ask a question where he’d rather evade the answer, he gives a shady answer, and they’ve got a memo / internal decision document that contradicts his answer

    Insiders have likely been leaking tons of documents, all it takes is for Dems to select promising ones and construct a narrative, just like they did with Ciaramella / Ukraine / peachmint premise.

    He better be practicing “I don’t recall” and “To the best of my recollection …”

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    • nimrodman says:

      …. promising narratives would be the Roger Stone sentencing dustup, the resignation of the 4 deep state attorneys, the Vindman relocations, etc etc etc (to quote Yul Brynner)

      Any daylight between what Barr testifies or has said publicly on those matters versus what might be on paper on internal documents and Dems can make hay of the difference

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  5. LafnH20 says:

    SD asks, “Think about it. For three years… Doing what exactly?”

    Rubbing elbows while Attending
    “Get togethers”
    Hobknobbing and generally increasing their “Cred”
    More or less… Looking the other way;
    “cuz, that’s the yob”
    Oh, and –
    Cashing the checks…
    Never fails – CASH incentives.
    After all
    It’s what they do, Best.

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    • Randolph Scott says:

      to add to your list, they were also …
      fabricating evidence,
      destroying evidence,
      more lying and more stealing.
      turning in expensive meal receipts,
      they were doing anything and everything they could to enrich themselves and steal from the US Citizens.

      This organization of criminals needs to be deposed of immediately, the organization outlawed and all members banned from all government jobs forever.

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      • G. Alistar says:

        Add to your list, some of them IMHO were double agents working for Mueller in name only but rather reporting back to POTUS and the Trump Administration, keeping evidence, copying important corruption by Weismann and Mueller, etc. IF not, how do we explain the numerous releases of texts, messages and emails which have been so damning to SC Muller, Comey, Brennan, etc.


      • Deplorable Incisor says:

        destroying evidence

        That is the key. We know they didn’t get it all, but they probably got enough to keep them all out of jail, or at least keep the ring leaders out of jail.


  6. Alfred Newman says:

    Karma is a bad bitch that drives a steamroller to work. Nothing will stop what is coming their way. NOTHING.

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  7. zekness says:

    I did the MATH..

    May 17, 2017,,,Mueller investigation “begins” (arguably the date is probably much earlier ..technically this investigation began in the counter-intelligence unit, FBI…..but for this math exercise I will not include that)

    May 29, 2019…Mueller “ends” the investigation and releases the redacted report to the public (arguably this date is probably 24 July 2019; Mueller Hearing in congress. But for this math exercise I will not include that.)

    this is a 737 days…including holidays and leap seconds (lol)

    Estimated Cost based on open source information: 25 Million – 30 Million USD$

    * reported as of December 2018…so the cost is likely higher, around 30 Million give or take.(arguably, there were “gains” from investigations that led to collection of unpaid taxes, penalties, fines, seizures, etc…s….and those are estimate to be 48 Million..however, I do not include these in calculating the “balance sheet”….For the sake of this math exercise these collections are simply not relevant)

    As SD has reported, officially in court documents the US government claims 40 persons (plus 1, mueller I would argue) were hired, assigned and paid to conduct this investigation.
    ( for the purpose of this math excercise I will assume they all were hired at the start, observed 8 hours a day, for a full 7 day workweek, and did not take any vacation or days off and worked…because surely this was of such critical importance, one would expect nothing less..eh?)

    30 Million / 737 days = 40,705.56 USD $ per day.

    40,705.56 USD $ per day / 41 agent working =

    992 dollars average for each of the agents per day.

    now, where I am from high level attorneys tend to get compensated at around 100-250 depending on the case and the person who they represent.

    992 dollars per agent for a standard 8 hour workday, is a compensation of $124.00 per hour on average per agent.

    but….the estimated cost figure also mentions this was not exclusively the cost of compensation and benefits…but also the 30 million cost would include things like per diem, meals, travel expenses, reimbursements for out of pocket expenses, etc.

    so it was likely far lower than 124 bucks an hours

    I do not have access to the pay scale for these particular 41 agents..but I think even at much lower compensation rate of say around 90 bucks an hour, the US taxpayers got taken to the cleaners.

    This was a shameful waste of money….knowing “at the least by day two of the investigation start) this entire fiasco was based on a a complete and utter LIE….this was criminal. 30 Million down the toilet to smear a president.


    …now here is where the math really gets interesting:

    41 agents working 7 days a week for 8 hours each day for 737 consecutive days

    that is 1,692,152 total investigative hours.

    folks this is nearly 2 MILLION MAN HOURS wasted looking into a “matter” they knew to be a fraudulent investigation!!!

    Nearly 2 Million MAN HOURS that was NOT actually fighting crime, solving crime, or making out country stronger and safer.

    where do I go to get my money back.???


    and on that note.

    there are approximately 329,270,316 citizens in the US (including outconus and territories)..

    30 million divided by this population number?

    about 8 cents..

    I still want my money back.

    I will gladly spend at least 40 bucks to finance the attorneys, 41 is that is what it takes, to place every single one of these corruptors in a courtroom and charge them with a serious crime of attempted political coup…or whatever the attorneys want to call what they did.

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    • 1stgoblyn says:

      No way they worked 7 days a week and surely not 8 hours each day. And what about the support staff? There were 19 attorneys who were assisted by Department lawyers and support staff. Can we really ever know how many people who were employed by the gov’t worked on this fiasco in one capacity or another?

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  8. Randolph Scott says:

    to add to your list, they were also …
    fabricating evidence,
    destroying evidence,
    more lying and more stealing.
    turning in expensive meal receipts,
    they were doing anything and everything they could to enrich themselves and steal from the US Citizens.

    This organization of criminals needs to be deposed of immediately, the organization outlawed and all members banned from all government jobs forever.

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  9. Danny Schroder says:

    Not to get nit picky because I LOVE everything CTH ans Sundance do, but they way I read that is forty (40) people of various sorts worked on it, some of which were FBI agents. Still ridiculous no matter how many…maybe I’M the one reading it wrong…

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  10. trumpetter says:

    I believe the answer to the question of what these 40 agents did is twofold.

    1. Trying to put together a scheme to get Trump on anything.
    2. Trying to destroy evidence of corruption by FBI and Obama regime.

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  11. As I recall, the Mueller text you highlighted in red boxes was a disclaimer put into the report by Weissman to say that the felonies committed by Strzok, Page, Clinesmith, etc. were the responsibility of the FBI, not the Special Counsel.

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  12. Apfelcobbler says:

    Justice Reform is indeed urgently needed alright, just not of the type that the loud leftist demands.

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  13. Rowdyone says:

    Perhaps an even more disturbing question would be what are these 40 agents now doing? Did they meekly return to their offices, feeling defeated and turning their attention to legitimate non-political work? Some, no doubt, are editing their email and otherwise trying to cover their tracks but most are probably up to something equally nefarious as their last endeavour.

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    • G. Alistar says:

      Not forty….about 37. Two or three were spies working for the Trump Administration and carefully reporting back to POTUS, documenting corruption and criminal activities if the coup. Explains why Team Trump was always a few steps ahead of Mueller, why critical and damning emails, texts and other documents (I.e., Strozk/Page, dirty Senator Warner, etc.) were not just leaked to the Public but can only imagine how extensive that the information they sent back to the likes of Matt Whittaker, Trump Administration leaders, lawyers in DoJ, etc.


      • trumpetter says:

        That’s interesting. Curious to how you know that information?

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        • G. Alistar says:

          I don’t know….but neither does the members of the Mueller team. Logical deduction which explains why so many “public” key leaks and releases have happened revealing the corruption and criminality involved. My personal experience with FBI agents….salt of the earth, honorable men of integrity. My experience with Obama political appointees in CIA, FBI, his Administration = 0. Importantly, Trump’s team seems to always be one step ahead. Not just because he was smart and innocent, he was tipped off on the original Russian collusion allegation and as the Muller/Lawfare team morphed into setting a trap for Trump to obstruct justice, he never took the bait and used the info to set traps for corrupt actors. Time will tell.

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  14. Republicanvet91 says:

    “I’m going to skip over the part where everyone recognizes these are the same FBI agents investigating Trump in 2016… who transferred into the Mueller team in 2017… to continue the investigation into 2018 and 2019. As if that wasn’t alarming enough… I digress.”

    Perhaps I am not remembering correctly, but I believe the dossier was known to the FBI to be questionable back in 2017. What exactly were those 40 lumps investigating after that?

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  15. Janet Howard says:

    I just wanted to thank everyone involved in saving our great country and to the patriots who have worked tirelessly many hours to see these truly evil people are put to justice. I enjoy reading your posts and the comments. These people must be held accountable. The only explanation for their actions is pure evil. So proud of President Trump and all the Patriots who are seeing the plan through.

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  16. Bill says:

    Nunes repeating Sundance’s position on this thread on Hannity right now. Asking what exactly were these agents doing all that time after they knew the dossier was fake. He said it was an obstruction trap and that’s it. But why go for the obstruction when they know there was nothing to obstruct.

    It’s so F’ing clear it’s just ridiculous. I’m sorry but there is 100% grounds for Trump to declare Marshal Law if Durham comes back with no indictments. And if people want to call him a dictator, so be it. He should declare it, have GOOD soldiers and white hat intel guys raid the offices and computer clouds of:

    1. The MSM. If you can find incriminating colluding documentation showing that the MSM is in fact working in concert with the alphabets this will settle the nerves of 55/65% of fence sitting moderates that would be scared by the marshal law declaration.

    2. The entire top tier of each agency. The equivalent of a private for profit businesses top execs all the way down the the lowest rungs of middle managers, stopping right above the team leads of each department. So basically stop right at the guy who is studying for his PMP license but hasn’t gotten it yet and hasn’t been fully brought into his bosses and their superiors.

    3. All the FISA judges offices and homes. Flip their dogs outdoor kennels in the backyard and dig for buried safes and

    4. The DNC, CF, Strokeout and Pages personal residences as well as their family members because that’s probably where they turned to to hide the most sensitive dirt.

    5. The gang of eights entire lives. Turn theirs anyone they KNOWs home upside down. Offices. Staffer offices and homes. Babysitters home. EVERY ozgg

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  17. paintbrushsage says:

    “Profound concerns”: The two attachments (graphics) in the IG report showing the phones from the reporter to all the FBI peeps are pretty awesome! It would be fun to pull those two graphics out and do a piece on those 🙂 Lou Dobbs would love to tell that story. President Trump would want to make change to that kind of organization too. He is an organizational genius!

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  18. I won't back down says:

    Wish me luck I’m going back on FB for 2020

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  19. Paul Cohen says:

    Just when we may think the situation could not get more absurd and outrageous, the Clinton News Network has their special “law enforcement expert” ANDREW MCCABE commenting upon legal penalties for lying. Only Trump supporters should go to jail, and for NINE YEARS:

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  20. ezgoer says:

    The FBI is corrupt from top to bottom. Appointing Wray, another Comey-Mueller buddy, was insane. The chance to dismiss him and do a house-cleaning at FBI will occur after the election when it’s customary for many staff changes at beginning of 2nd term.

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    • gotham1883 says:

      You are correct. The FBI was all in for Hillary. Nearly unanimously. Plus the rulers of the FBI and CIA have histories of communism. The FBI and CIA were both infiltrated by communists long ago. They both are now arms of the CPUSA.

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  21. Eric Wickman says:

    My guess is four of them were helping Mueller in gathering documents and making phone calls. The other thirty-six were going over all of HRC’s emails (they always had all 66,000 of them) and Weiner’s laptop to remove any and all legal jeopardy that might befall her and any other high-level democrats. They had to clean up Obama’s messes he left behind, the Clinton Foundation pay-for-play scheme, the illegal NSA search scandal etc… Check the electricity bills and check invoices for high-volume paper shredders that were purchased. They had to shred tens of millions of documents to clean up the mess left behind. Check out who was driving all the van trucks stuffed full of shredded paper. The drivers will tell you if you ask them nicely and flip them a 50.

    Eric W.

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  22. Patricat says:

    They always focus on “not letting this happen again” instead of prosecuting the perpetrators. This is a quick and easy way to identify the traitors at the top. Wray fits this suit of clothes perfectly.
    The FBI should be abolished. It appears obvious that its only roles are perpetrating terrorist plots against America behind the scenes, organizing political coups against America, protecting other traitors that have infiltrated into the government, and making lists of patriotic Americans that they wish to persecute.
    We can do without them.

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  23. lee says:

    what were they doing??? ummmmmm … money laundering, overseeing human trafficking operation for the DC elites drug trafficking, playing video games, chasing UFOs and humping the secretarial pool? Just suggesting possiblities.

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  24. gotham1883 says:

    The FBI is an anti American criminal organization. It has always been that. Ever since it started killing people in the name of prohibition which was also anti American in intent and purpose.

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  25. FBI Frat says:

    Surrounded by FBI agents decades ago, 2 gals dating FBI agents. They were like a mafia cult, suspicious of non-FBI persons and would only socialize with each other. They bragged about illegally surveillance and doing unlawful background checks.

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