Excellent News – HJC Chairman Jerry Nadler Demands Testimony From AG Bill Barr – Scheduled Hearing March 31st…

Now this is what we call almost too much winning….  The House Judiciary Committee is demanding testimony from U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr and specifically identifying three issues they wish to target.   AG Bill Barr has agreed to testify to their concerns on Tuesday March 31st, 2020.  [cloud pdf Here]

Considering the issues outlined by the Democrats; and knowing the rabid nature of their base of resistance that demands HJC action; this is the biggest briar patch in recent congressional history & AG Barr is one big rabbit proclaiming: ‘don’t throw me in’. When you read the issues of concerns, you realize this is going to be epic.

Chairman Nadler says in his letter: “we have repeatedly warned you and your predecessors that the misuse of our criminal justice system for political purposes is both dangerous to our democracy and unacceptable to the House Judiciary Committee.”  Oh my!

The HJC goes on to say: “In your tenure as Attorney General, you have engaged in a pattern of conduct in legal matters relating to the President that raises significant concerns for this Committee. In the past week alone, you have taken steps that raise grave questions about your leadership of the Department of Justice.”…  Oh dear!

So what are the three pressing issues that Chairman Nadler says “are enough to require our immediate attention”?


  • The ongoing developments following the removal of U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu, who oversaw the prosecutions of President Trump’s deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates, President Trump’s former national security advisor Michael Flynn, and President Trump’s longtime political adviser Roger Stone.

See?  The HJC and Lawfare staff are clueless.  First, AG Barr previously slobbered all over Jessie Liu; he couldn’t praise her enough.  Barr had zero conversation with President Trump about withdrawing the nomination, and only gained an understanding of the Liu concerns independent from President Trump.

The Lawfare crew has no idea what they are walking into if they start down the path of asking about why Jessie Liu was: (a) removed; and (b) had her nomination withdrawn.  For all intents and purposes AG Barr is an ally of Ms. Liu, and it only highlights the independence of his office that President Trump’s action is independent.

  • The creation of a new “process” by which President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani can feed the Department of Justice information, through you, about the President’s political rivals.

The “process” of receiving information on possible criminal conduct is open to anyone and everyone to report, including all Americans.  Obviously the HJC and Democrats writ large are worried about their financial schemes to exploit wealth and sell influence may be hampered by any corruption investigation of Ukraine…. but more importantly, they are seeking to find out how much their own activity is exposed.

I cannot think of a single bullet-point easier for Barr to have fun with than a committee that is verklempt about the U.S. Department of Justice allowing people to report possible criminal activity.  The entire framework of their argument is silly and fraught with pretzel logic.  That’s the purpose of the justice system, to allow people a process to rectify criminal activity.

Secondly, didn’t the same House Committee just spend months complaining about Giuliani operating independent investigations?… and not following the “established processes and norms”?   Now they don’t want Giuliani to be allowed to contact the DOJ and engage in long established processes and norms?  Their argument is circular.

  • The decision to overrule your career prosecutors and significantly reduce the recommended sentence for Roger Stone, who has been convicted for lying under oath, at the apparent request of the President — a decision that led to all four prosecutors handling the case to withdraw from the proceedings in protest.

This point of oversight concern opens up a world of opportunity for AG Barr to lay out how members of the Mueller team were rogue prosecutors.  Truth is the greatest disinfectant and Bill Barr has actual examples of tiered-justice based on political bias.  Again, the point they are concerned about will backfire; bigly.

“These are not the only issues that our Committee intends to discuss with you when you appear, but they are enough to require our immediate attention”…

This March 31st hearing should be buckets of fun.

Lastly, why March 31st?

All of the points raised by the HJC are transparently easy to knock down now.  Why postpone for two months?  The likely answer is John Durham will be finished…. drops of information therein will take place…. the hearing is pre-scheduled… etc.

The HJC has just boxed themselves in to holding a hearing…. Think about it.

Remember, the HJC never held a hearing about the IG Horowitz FISA report because that type of hearing is adverse to the political interests of Democrats in the House.  They don’t want to hold hearing where former administration DOJ & FBI abuses are discussed.  However, now AG Bill Barr has a hearing scheduled on the books.  Now AG Bill Barr has a date on the congressional calendar the House cannot avoid.

Now AG Bill Barr has a target date and two months to coordinate releasing the information gathered from within John Durham’s investigation.  Release the Durham information a week prior to March 31st and the HJC is trapped into a holding a hearing about topics they don’t want to see public.

Chairman Jerry Nadler has just scheduled a hearing for Bill Barr.

Funny how that happens.

The timing, the purpose and the likelihood of what is going to happen is so transparently obvious it’s as if knuckleheaded Chairman Nadler is working for Bill Barr.

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660 Responses to Excellent News – HJC Chairman Jerry Nadler Demands Testimony From AG Bill Barr – Scheduled Hearing March 31st…

  1. Jennifer Verner says:

    Do they have any idea what’s going to happen to them? He is goi g to absolutely destroy them. They are insane.

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    • FPCHmom says:

      This is my favorite house committee to watch because the intelligence levels of the republicans is so much higher than the dems. Remember how Corey Lewandowski ran circles around them?

      Jerry Nadler, Sheila Jackson Lee, Eric Swalwell, Hank Johnson, and Ted Liu
      Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, john Ratcliffe, Doug Collins and Louie Gohmert

      It’ll be epic.

      Liked by 14 people

      • calbear84 says:

        It’s an embarrassment to our nation that mental midgets like those on the Dem side sit on ANY House Committee, let alone the Judiciary. On the other hand, the Republicans have some brilliant men, as you pointed out.

        Liked by 6 people

      • nimrodman says:

        FPCHmom – after reading the article I began to frame a question in my mind for posting:

        “Gee – I wonder if we’ll have any hot guns on our side who will ask the questions Barr will want to be asked to illustrate all the criminal collusion against President/Candidate Trump?”

        Then I saw your comment listing:
        Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, john Ratcliffe, Doug Collins and Louie Gohmert

        … and realized I need not post the question here (it would be superfluous)


        [illustrates one of the great aspects of Treehouse: people in the know of certain facts freely post them, to the point that questions needn’t even be asked; the relevant information just flows in for everyone to read; thanks to all for your knowledgeable comments always]

        Liked by 2 people

        • TPW says:

          I have a question……Why in the world …..if Barr has all the info and intends to utilize….would Nadler …who should know the extent of the evidence… put himself/themselves in this position of further exposure, The reasons given by Sundance don’t seem to justify the risk. I think something else is going on. Like Nadler knows Barr has no intention of bring down the institutions and is utilizing projection against Barr. Or is Nadler is this stupid… or slight chance…ignorant of the extent of corruption by his superiors? But then again Pelosi would have stepped in to stop testimony. Don’t mean to be confusing but there really is a chance that many democrats do not understand nor want to believe the amount of corruption. This coup, unmasking, Awan, Ukranian mess is complicated with many branches. I have forgotten over half of the indictable offenses, lies , leaks, it has been impossible to follow. Anyway I don’t expect any great revelations out of Barr. For the reasons of ….being under investigation…or his covering it up.


          • beach lover says:

            yes, Nadler is that stupid, and so far they have had the upper hand on the narrative (with MSM help).

            Barr may have put this off till the end of March for a very very good reason, can we even hope?


        • trump20162024 says:

          “Who shot Seth Rich, and why?”


    • dallasdan says:

      He could…and should. Let’s see.

      Liked by 1 person

    • JiminCO says:

      Nadler didn’t even write the demand letter. He’s too stupid or stuffing food past his lap band.

      I realize that waddler is from a safe blue district, but he is such a baffoon, that I’d be embarrassed for him if I was Karl Marx.


  2. Santiago 1314 says:

    GoNadler vs Barr.!?!?!?… Why do I see a cancellation, due to Sick Wife.????

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  3. waicool says:

    46 days or so away, that’s a lot of tick tock

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  4. Llyod says:

    Meh. Not sure about Barr. He was CIA also. But let’s see


  5. dallasdan says:

    “The timing, the purpose and the likelihood of what is going to happen is so transparently obvious it’s as if knuckleheaded Chairman Nadler is working for Bill Barr.”

    Situations like this are incomprehensible, and they manifest the chaos that pervades our government. I wonder if this will be the initiation of Barr’s coming-out party for administering justice long-delayed?

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  6. Rynn69 says:

    The Democrats are halfwits because their specific requests expose their corruption and desperation. Like a magnificent path of crumbs. AG Barr and Durham better deliver for the American people and right the ship. And not on low-level charges like ‘ole Jussie Smollett. Otherwise, there is still two tier justice which is not justice. Copping to lower level crimes to temper punishment d/t political pressure or whatever is NOT JUSTICE.

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  7. Liberty ONE says:

    Me thinks the DemonRATS are going to come out of that hearing with an ADDITIONAL A-Hole.


  8. jim says:

    We’re gonna need a bigger Brier patch.


  9. John-Y128 says:

    One thing if the narrative doesn’t get change before March 31th, we’ll be having impeachment 2.0.

    Reading all this about Mueller’s prosecutors and Stone, Sundance made it sound like they were black hats, everybody here was backslapping him for his great work, but it didn’t come out that way in the MSM or even on FoxNews did it, the democrats being the minority are in total control?

    It’s a bad bet putting the Hoax, FISA abuse, etc. all on Durham, the democrats will trash his investigation with leaks in the week before his release. The media isn’t going to believe Durham, they scream ‘retribution and interference’ by PDJT.

    AG Barr should of went wild on the left after getting the job, until there are indictments, the only criminals are republicans (for what the democrats did, investigating the Trump campaign), Schumer is crushing them in the media!

    Liked by 3 people

  10. nimrodman says:

    Is that a General in desert fatigues in the photo over Barr’s shoulder?
    If so, which one?
    Wonder what the occasion was


  11. ChampagneReady says:

    He gives interviews in which he loves being very calm, subdued and playing very coy. But you can almost see the twinkle in his eye.

    Barr knows what’s coming.


  12. Conservative_302 says:

    I still cant believe the FBI raided Stones house. Time to burn the house down. Purge the agencies, indict the corrupt, and pardon Flynn, Manafort maybe, and Stone.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Ken says:

    Nadler is just stockpiling sh*t to sling at President Trump, for when Michelle enters the race.


  14. Jim Mars says:

    The GO in the photo is David Petraeus. Look closley.


  15. Rich Gorman says:

    What are the betting odds that the ” Lincolnesque” Statesmen , The Horrible Hank Johnson , actually forms his lips and completes an understandable question ? ? Another grate American.
    Johnson also signed the Nadler letter.


  16. Pingback: When The FBI Does It, That Means That It’s Not Illegal – Small Dead Animals

  17. jbrickley says:

    Nadler is oddly looking precisely like Daffy Duck:


  18. Antonia says:

    This is delicious! Can’t wait.


  19. DanJ1 says:

    I think they chose the date because they want another impeachment hearing and they want it to be an April Fools surprise. Unfortunately for them, they will suffer the same kind of spanking from Barr that they received from Trump’s dream team of solid attorneys in the trial.
    Look for Nancy to hold a House vote on rules for the hearing limiting questions to only those hand picked by Nadler and Nadler will have the sole ability to stop Barr’s answers at his own discretion.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. iconoclast says:

    You can’t fix stupid.


  21. cazzograndissimo says:

    The Daffy Duck piece was just a short history of Nadler and Trumps past competitions with DJT being Bugs Bunny. Hilarious.


  22. Linda Kurtz says:

    Great news! However, I didn’t like your reference to AG Barr “slobbering all over” Jesse Liu. That was very disrespectful, but otherwise the info in the article is the best news we pro-Trumpets could have! Go get ‘em AG Barr! The destruction of their credibility and exposure of their partisan corruption is long overdue!


  23. neo anderson says:

    “Humpty Dumpty ” Nadler and Adam Sh%t will ignore all the questions Barr will ask/answer and just after the Barr hearing they will bring up impeachment charges against him …IF they do, I hope the are successful….then MAYBE the NEXT A.G. will have the balls to go after all of them and prosecute every one that has committed a crime…..BUT I doubt it.


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