Jessie K Liu Senate Confirmation Hearing This Week – Thursday 10:00am…

Former U.S. Attorney for DC, Jessie Liu, is scheduled for a Senate confirmation hearing this upcoming Thursday at 10:00am. There’s also an unreported background story connected to the DOJ, Rod Rosenstein and Ms. Liu so controversial, it’s as big as Spygate.

In the event any Senator on the approval committee would be brave enough to question the participant here’s the story:

EVENT ONE – On February 9th, 2018, the media reported on text messages from 2017 between Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chairman Mark Warner and Chris Steele’s lawyer, a lobbyist named Adam Waldman. In 2017 and 2018 Mr. Waldman represented the interests of dossier author Chris Steele and Russian Billionaire Oleg Deripaska.

There was some initial media discussion of the text messages, and some eyebrows raised over why the Vice-Chairman of the SSCI would make statements saying “he would rather not have a paper trail” around the Steele communication, but generally speaking the DC media dropped the story quickly. It just didn’t fit the anti-Trump narrative in early 2018.

Unfortunately, because of the lack of media curiosity some rather elementary questions were never asked (let alone answered). Questions including: •Why were the 2017 text messages between Mark Warner and Adam Waldman captured? •Who captured them?.. and, perhaps more importantly: •why were they released?

The February 2018 story soon disappeared, and no-one ever paid enough attention to go back and see the answers to the questions….

We did.

EVENT TWO – Four months after the Mark Warner texts were made public, on June 8th, 2018, another headline story surfaced. An indictment for Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Security Director James Wolfe was unsealed on June 7th, 2018.

Mr. Wolfe was indicted for leaking information from within the SSCI to four journalists; and lying to FBI investigators.

Within the indictment we discover the FBI were conducting an ongoing leak investigation throughout 2017. Within that investigation a top-secret document was transferred to the custody of SSCI Security Director James Wolfe on March 17, 2017. The details inside that document were leaked to the media.

The indictment describes FBI investigators informing Mr. Wolfe in October of 2017 about their investigation of national security leaks. In December of 2017 Mr. Wolfe was confronted with evidence of his leaking to journalists including a woman now working for the New York Times named Ali Watkins, with whom he was having a sexual relationship – implied as a possible quid-pro-quo.

Wolfe left the SSCI quietly in mid-December and resigned shortly thereafter. No-one, outside of the principle characters involved, knows about the investigation until six months later, June 2018, when the indictment is made public. [Keep this in mind]

The June 2018 media coverage of the Wolfe indictment primarily focused on the affair with Ms. Watkins and Wolfe’s lying to investigators. Headlines quickly disappeared as the case moved into the formality of legal proceedings between the DOJ and Wolfe’s defense.

No-one drew a connection between the February ’18 publicity of SSCI Vice-Chairman Warner’s text messages and the June ’18 release of the FBI investigation of Wolfe from inside the SSCI the prior year (2017).

EVENT THREE – Slightly less than two months after release of the Wolfe indictment, another headline story. On July 21st, 2018, the DOJ/FBI declassified and publicly released the FISA application(s) used against former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page.

The release was connected to a FOIA case filed by the New York Times the year prior [NOTE THIS]. There has never been a good explanation why the application was declassified and released. Despite the pre-existing NYT FOIA case, it never made sense why the DOJ/FBI did not attempt to deny the FOIA request. The request was a FOIA for FISA information, the highest security classification possible. It would have been very easy to deny the FOIA simply because the NYT was seeking classified documents. A no brainer for shielding any release. FISA is classified “Top-Secret”.

So, given the nature of the FISA application itself; and considering the DOJ had denied a similar request from congress; why did the DOJ/FBI suddenly decide it was okay to release the FISA application to the public?

[Short Answer (ah-ha moment): The DOJ/FBI knew the New York Times already had it.]

The media discussion of the FISA application release was very heavy. The story consumed a great deal of air time, print coverage and debate from the release on July 21st, 2018, all the way through to the Inspector General Horowitz report of December 2019, and that coverage continues through today. However, just like the Warner Texts; and just like the Wolfe indictment; no-one bothered to go back and connect the three component stories.

♦ Within the Wolfe indictment you’ll notice the “Top Secret” document picked-up by SSCI Director James Wolfe took place on March 17th, 2017:

♦ Within the Mark Warner text messages you’ll note the SSCI Vice-Chairman went into the SSCI Secured Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) on March 17th, 2017, shortly after 4:00pm:

♦ Within the declassified and released FISA application you’ll notice the copy date from the FISA clerk for the FISA application was March 17th, 2017:

The information within the three events (Warner Text release, Wolfe Indictment release, and Carter Page FISA release) shows the connection of the events. James Wolfe took custody of the Carter Page FISA, delivered it to the SCIF, it was reviewed by SSCI Vice-Chair Mark Warner, and then leaked by James Wolfe.

It was the Carter Page FISA application that James Wolfe leaked to Ali Watkins as outlined within the unsealed June 2018 indictment.

Sidebar, a fourth albeit buried public release in December 14th 2018 confirmed everything. The FBI filed a sentencing recommendation proving it was the Carter Page FISA that was leaked:

I only share the sidebar (out of chronological sequence) to emphasize there is no doubt it was the FISA application that James Wolfe leaked. (Don’t get hung up here).

This explains (slightly, but there’s a much bigger story) why the DOJ/FBI released the FISA application in July 2018, as the result of a New York Times FOIA request.

The investigators within the DOJ/FBI knew the New York Times already had the FISA application from the James Wolfe leak to journalist Ali Watkins.

It’s going to get complex and I’m likely to lose all except the most dedicated readers who can understand what comes next…..

Keep in mind when the FISA court released the application copy to Wolfe on March 17th, 2017, there was only the original application from October 21st, 2016, and one renewal from January that existed. [The release was March 17th, 2017 – the April and June 2017 renewals had not taken place.]

Additionally, within the July 2018 public release (of the March 17th 2017 copy), the FBI investigators redacted all dates relating to the copy they released to Wolfe. AND, in all subsequent releases of any information from the FBI -through the declassification process- (including the initial version of the IG report on FISA) those dates were always redacted.

There has purposefully never been a clean copy release of the original FISA application and the three renewals. Therefore there has never been a clean copy release without date redactions – which includes the FISC copy dated March 17th.

When the DOJ/FBI released their July 2018 FOIA compliant set of FISA application(s) they didn’t just print a new copy, instead they re-released the Wolfe version and then added the last two renewals.

RECAP Chronology: February 2018 release of Warner Texts. June 2018 unsealed Wolfe Indictment. July 2018 release FISA application. All three of these releases are connected to one much larger story.

Knowing that James Wolfe was caught by the FBI and DOJ leaking the FISA application, why wasn’t the SSCI Security Director ever charged with leaking classified information?

Here’s where the poop hits the fan.

Here’s the cover-up.

Here’s where another event comes in.

Keep in mind SSCI Vice-Chairman Senator Mark Warner was the impetus for the FISA Court releasing the March 17th copy; also keep in mind the purpose of the text messages between Senator Warner and Chris Steele’s lawyer Adam Waldman.

During his initial summer and fall negotiations with the DOJ, James Wolfe threatened to subpoena the SSCI in his defense. The implication was that Wolfe was directed to leak the FISA by members of the committee; and/or Wolfe was operating independently but under the assumption of alignment with SSCI members who were not adverse to Wolfe’s leak.

The investigation of Wolfe (October through December 2017) explains how and why the Warner text messages surfaced in Feb 2018. It’s highly likely Warner’s communication with Waldman was intercepted by FBI investigators who then questioned the Vice-Chairman about those texts. Or it’s possible/probable the FBI investigators asked Warner if he was aware of Wolfe’s leaks.

That investigative scenario prompted Senator Warner to attempt to get out in front of the story about his secret and covert communication efforts to contact and meet with Christopher Steele. Thus in February 2018 the Warner texts hit the media. The texts go from February 2017 though May 2017 [SEE HERE] and encompass the exact period when Wolfe leaked the FISA application – March 2017 (with April discussion).

As the Wolfe defense team discussions with the DOJ played out throughout the fall of 2018, there was little movement. Then came another event, the November 2018 mid-term election where Democrats took control over the House.

Meanwhile, in the lame-duck congressional period Senators on the SSCI asked the DOJ to go easy on Wolfe:

Immediately after the 2018 mid-terms DC Attorney Jessie Liu dropped most of the charges against Wolfe, and he was allowed -under a plea agreement- to plead guilty to only one count of lying to investigators.

December 11th, DOJ sentencing memo [HERE], and then a very pissed-off FBI follow-up within the DOJ response to the Defense sentencing memo [HERE] dated December 14th.

In essence, after the November election, SSCI Director Wolfe was allowed to avoid prosecution for leaking top-secret classified documents; and the bigger issue was covered-up.

DAG Rod Rosenstein was in charge; the Mueller investigation was ongoing; and DC U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu signed-off on the plea deal.

OPPORTUNITY – Ms. Jessie Liu is scheduled for her confirmation hearing on Thursday at 10:00am. Ms. Liu will be under oath. If any Senator on that committee is brave enough, they would ask:

♦ Did the DOJ or FBI have evidence that SSCI Security Director James Wolfe leaked the Carter Page FISA application to the media?

We know the honest answer is yes.

The next follow up:

♦ Why was James Wolfe not prosecuted for that leak of classified information?

And then things would get really interesting… Consider the ramifications.

An honest answer would prove the media lied for 18 months about the content of the FISA application. They’ve had it since March 2017. That’s how the New York Times knew to FOIA it. That’s why the New York Times filed the FOIA, to use it more openly.

An honest answer would prove the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) was a participating entity in the coup effort.

An honest answer would explain why the SSCI would only approve of nominees who would not expose their activity. Remember, the CIA, FBI, DOJ, ODNI, DNI, etc. all require confirmation from the SSCI (including Chair and Vice-Chair); and the answer would highlight SSCI members were engaged in a seditious conspiracy against the office of the presidency.

An honest answer would explain how Vice-Chairman Mark Warner’s text messages surfaced. Mark Warner entered the dragnet of the FBI investigation of James Wolfe…. and he was questioned by the FBI about his text messages. THAT is why Warner got out in front of them.

An honest answer would also explain why former DOJ-NSD lawyer Michael Atkinson was recommended to become Intelligence Community Inspector General…. And why the SSCI approved. An honest answer would explain why ICIG Atkinson participated in the second soft-coup effort via the “whistle-blower.”

An honest answer would explain the unique nature of all the interests in/around Adam Schiff, Mark Warner, the House intel committee, the SSCI, the DOJ-NSD… Almost everything reconciles within the sunlight of an honest answer.

An honest answer would highlight several members of the 2016 U.S intel community oversight known as the “gang of eight” were participating in a covert effort against candidate Trump; and how some of the current Go8 members have legal exposure.

The ramifications are far reaching:

  • Who was Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and DC Attorney Jessie Liu protecting?
  • What institutional interests did Rod Rosenstein and Jessie Liu consider too stunning, too damaging, too overwhelming, to confront in their decision to allow such a weak plea contrast against such severe criminal conduct?
  • Is it even possible for the United States Dept. of Justice to conduct a trial where members of the Gang of Eight were implicated in the activity?
  • How could the institutions of the United States government survive the publicity of members within the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence conspiring with foreign and domestic actors to eliminate the President of the United States?
  • How could the highest and most widely recognized U.S. media institutions (NYT, WaPo, CNN and more) survive exposure within that same trial. The media caught participating in a government effort (receiving leaked classified information) intended to eliminate the presidency of Donald John Trump?

The downstream consequences are quite dramatic. The answer to those questions could create an explosion strong enough to split the atom within the swamp.

Here’s all the documents you need for citations:






…”Ms. Liu, did the DOJ have evidence that SSCI Security Director James Wolfe leaked the FISA application used against U.S. Person Carter Page?”…

They won’t ask.

Here’s the Link To The Committee Members

Former U.S. Attorney for DC Ms. Jessie K. Liu, of Virginia, will be questioned by the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affiars this week during a confirmation hearing to become the Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Crimes at the Department of the Treasury. The hearing is Thursday February 13th at 10:00am.

Unfortunately the Senate Committee is made up of squish republicans [SEE HERE] so the questioning of Ms. Liu will likely be soft and non-controversial.

However, given Ms Liu’s propensity to run cover-up operations, her movement into Treasury and FinCin is problematic.

Some Background: In addition to her prosecution of Lt. General Michael Flynn, what do the following four points have in common?

  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding the Awan brothers; and how they escaped full accountability, likely due to need to protect politicians. (House of Representatives) The sweetheart plea deal.
  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding SSCI Security Director James Wolfe; and how he was allowed to plea only to lying to investigators when the evidence was clear from the outset how he leaked classified information to his journalist concubine. Again, likely due to the need to protect politicians. (SSCI, Senate) The sweetheart plea deal.
  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding Obama lawyer Greg Craig; and how he escaped accountability for FARA violations by running out the statute of limitations and burying Mueller’s evidence for 18 months. Again, likely due to the need to protect politicians (Obama White House). Sweetheart double standards.
  • The manipulated DC legal case, a non-filing, surrounding former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for lying to INSD investigators about his media leaks. Again, likely due to the need to protect the administrative state. Criminal referral (April 19, 2018); grand jury (Approx. July 2018); Status?… Oh, wait for it….

If you note the common thread is: U.S. Attorney for DC, Jessie K Liu, well, you would be entirely accurate. Oh, but wait, we’ve only just begun.

Timelines tell a story…

While newly confirmed Attorney General William Barr was “getting his arms” around ongoing corruption within the organization he now leads, there was an announcement on March 5th, 2019, about U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu becoming the #3 official at the DOJ.

Three weeks later, on March 28th, there was an announcement about a change of plans, and U.S. Attorney Jessie Liu’s name was withdrawn from consideration.

In addition to AG Bill Barr “getting his arms around” issues within the department, what else happened between March 5th and March 28th, 2019, that would so drastically change plans for Ms. Liu?:

On March 21st Representatives Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows send a letter (full pdf available here) to Attorney General William Barr wanting to know what is the status of the year-old (April 19th, 2018) criminal referral for fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. (link)


Answering the letter from Jordan and Meadows would be easy. The AG picks up the phone, calls Ms. Liu, asks the question and then sends back a response. Except, well, there was no response. Instead, a week after receiving the letter Ms. Liu’s name is withdrawn from consideration for promotion…. and later AG Barr admits there was ‘spying’.

Keep in mind Meadows and Jordan obviously suspected –as did we– that no DOJ case against McCabe was being pursued; after all, the evidence was previously gathered, it doesn’t take a year. Additionally, when Mark Meadows is directly asked about the status of this specific issue today with Maria Bartiromo what does he answer? He doesn’t… [watch the interview] he avoids the question completely.

Put it all together and be intellectually honest…. McCabe’s non-worried book-tour status was directly in-line with the politically convenient Awan, Wolfe and Craig approach.

See the picture?

Obviously in April 2019 we did not yet have a history to reference AG Barr’s motive and intentions.  However, granting benefit of doubt, CTH can imagine an eyes-wide-open diplomatic response from any Bill Barr ‘hands-around-it‘ line of inquiry….

Hence, Liu withdrawn.

Now some might ask why Barr would simultaneously make Jessie Liu the chair of the Attorney General Advisory Committee on the same day her name is withdrawn (March 28th announcement); however, Barr doesn’t have a choice about the DC U.S. Attorney sitting on the AGAC. By law [28 CFR § 0.10] the Attorney General can pick all of the AGAC members, with one exception. The DC U.S. Attorney is required to be a member.

[Nice little deep state continuity trick]

Given that Barr is bringing in people from outside the DOJ –specifically from his prior law practice- that he knows he can trust, CTH suspects Barr made Liu Chairwoman of the AGAC for two reasons: (1) keep eyes on her; and (2) busy her with administrative work.

But wait…. it gets better.

Accepting that Ms. Jessie Liu is a career participant in the DOJ aspects of deep state preservation; even acting in a role as Deputy Chief of Staff for the DOJ National Security Division (yes, the DOJ-NSD division at the heart of the FISA issues); and remembering that Ms. Liu was also a member of the Trump transition team…. well, who the hell recommended her for those roles?

Someone ‘inside’ the Trump operation had to recommend Jessie Liu as a member of the transition team knowing full well her ideology would protect the administrative state. Who was that person who recommended her, and brought her in?

Additionally, regarding the recent March 5th, 2019, recommendation for Associate Attorney General (position #3), there has to be a point-of-contact between the DOJ and the inner circle of the White House. A person who would carry a recommendation from the DOJ institution, internally, to President Trump. Who was/is that person specifically?

If the 2016/2017 recommending transition member is the same as the 2019 recommending administration member… well, that’s the person who is directly working to the detriment of President Trump’s agenda.

Again, for those who might prefer to look-away from cold data, go back to the four points of specific reference we started with and research:

  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding the Awan brothers; and how they escaped full accountability, likely due to need to protect politicians. (House of Representatives) The sweetheart plea deal.
  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding SSCI Security Director James Wolfe; and how he was allowed to plea only to lying to investigators when the evidence was clear from the outset how he leaked classified information to his journalist concubine. Again, likely due to the need to protect politicians. (SSCI, Senate) The sweetheart plea deal.
  • The manipulated DC legal case surrounding Obama lawyer Greg Craig; and how he escaped accountability for FARA violations by running out the statute of limitations and burying Mueller’s evidence for 18 months. Again, likely due to the need to protect politicians (Obama White House). Sweetheart double standards.
  • The manipulated DC legal case, a non-filing, surrounding former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe for lying to INSD investigators about his media leaks. Again, likely due to the need to protect the administrative state. Criminal referral (April 19, 2018); grand jury (Approx. July 2018); Status?…

Look up those specific backstories.

Ms. Liu should be questioned about all of it during any responsible Senate confirmation hearing.  Unfortunately, the DC system seems incapable of policing itself.


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233 Responses to Jessie K Liu Senate Confirmation Hearing This Week – Thursday 10:00am…

  1. 13wasylyna says:

    Why does Trump keep elevating the corruptocrats. It makes no sense….this is like promoting Peter Strzok to head the CIA

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    • jeffsn4 says:

      That’s the same logic we heard about Trump’s “illegal” maids.

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    • Right to reply says:

      I keep asking myself the same question


    • Sugarhillhardrock says:

      Thank you for your question/observation.
      My guess is that PDJT gets something in return, we will find out about down the road. I am speculating and troubled by her deputy nomination.

      This Attorney’s record is embarrassing, in the extreme.

      Liked by 3 people

      • KAG says:

        DJT has so many fires burning all at once. It is possible this is a placeholder move to keep a lesser priority issue nearby but not buried to deal with when the time comes.


    • MJJ says:


      Federal prosecutors are seeking a delay in the case of former national security adviser Michael Flynn, arguing that his request to withdraw his guilty plea may require testimony from his former lawyers.

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      He’s only 1 man, with a million issues swirling around him. And the CorruptSwamp is wide and deep.
      It’s like walking in a pasture where the cow patty is the only safe place to step.

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      • GenEarly says:

        Given the choice between cow patties and land mines, You make a very good point. But there is too much poop on the floor to put back in the toilet, some clean up is required.
        How much is the question the DC Swampsters are debating. Meanwhile we Deplorable Trumpsters are very agitated at the obvious delays and obfuscation of obvious crimes.
        democRat ProgreSSives are becoming absolutely unhinged, voters and politicians alike.
        2020 the Perfect Storm arrives??? Could very well be, CYA it could spill out of DC into the countryside, then all bets are off, and the DC Swampsters become totally irrelevant.

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    • hokkoda says:

      Most likely, he delegates that kind of stuff to Barr. That’s an internal move. He may or may not know who Liu is (I haven’t seen anything from him about her). This would be in keeping with his style of letting his cabinet chiefs run their departments, and then weighing-in if he think they’re not getting the job done.

      Seems to me, a better strategy here is to send links like this page to GOP Senators on the committee or calling their offices to ask what the plan to ask Liu. This probably doesn’t get on Trump’s radar unless they start talking about it on Fox and Friends or one of the evening shows…and you better be prepared to get in line for that because pretty much everyone has figured out that this is one way to get Trump to pay attention to certain topics.


    • fhb says:

      Pompeo spoke to the Gov association that china has a “list” of those favorable to them…Gov. bill clinton is one of them ….they helped him regain the governorship and later the presidency. high ranking general bringing CASH to the white house in a brown bag…later commits suicide. reported as such.


    • Ishare These says:

      Question is who recommended Liu for Senate confirmation? This should be stopped.

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    • swamph8er says:

      It sure seems deliberate. My hope is that it’s an operation to catch the bad actors and dramatically reduce the size of the government at the same time. Similar to the leak traps that were set.

      Hire Bolton…the rats start gathering around him. The “good guys” listen to the plan and players. Then they reduce the NSC to a fraction of what it was. It’s almost impossible to fire a government beaurocrat without cause. Planned or not…hiring Bolton was by far the fastest if not only way to gut the NSC

      I’m guessing there is a mountain of evidence of the impeachment plot, but wasn’t needed…yet.


  2. sarasotosfan says:

    I am going to go with President Trump knows all of this now and he probably has informed the Republicans to press Lieu on these matters.

    And then the Republicans will very publicly vote her down, requiring her resignation.

    Too much?

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    • jeffsn4 says:

      We can hope but that outcome is doubtful.

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      • sarasotosfan says:

        I will be shocked if the Trump train does not pick up more support from senators looking to actively support him now as the tide has turned.

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        • willthesuevi says:

          Possible. Never underestimate a politicians ability to turn 180 degrees and suck up to the winner. Republicans who talk about principles are the worst.

          I saw the same crap during Reagan’s 2nd term.

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          • sarasotosfan says:

            The power of the presidency is not through the use of force to defeat the enemy. It is the strength the enemy knows you have that convinces them it would be unwise to test that strength.

            Warner is a sitting duck and he knows it. I will be shocked, SHOCKED if the committee even convenes on Thursday. Warner and his staff need to find a private practice who yearns for hiring this “prestigious” candidate. And I won’t be surprised by a NYT piece lauding her as she leaves public service

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      • Seems to me, traitors are not only tolerated in this admin, but are promoted. Can you imagine Obama promoting an enemy within his admin? He fired most of the Bush holdovers. The people who work for our great President are very slimy.

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        • jeffsn4 says:

          The President clearly still trusts the wrong people. I still don’t think he knows how deep this all goes.

          It needs to be burned down at this point. There’s no saving it.


    • Julian says:

      Why would they do that?

      She’s Trump’s nominee. If Trump didn’t want her he wouldn’t nominate her!

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    • MJJ says:

      @sarasotosfan… Interesting take and smart thinking. President Trump’s Business, Political, & own Intelligence Information has been Astounding and Uncanny. Few know why, but he has had Access to Unlimited Private Casino Investigative Cybersecurity Resources. These are actually far bigger and better than the American 17 Intelligence Agencies, Civilian and Military. They don’t require 90 Days notice or limits either.

      These Private Casino Security have No Governmental Limits on Surveillance Warrants such as FBI, DOJ, NSA, & NRO. They are allowed to Investigate anyone to protect the Casino Business Interests by Law from Card Sharks Counters & Fraudulent Operators that are ID and Banned. They use Facial Recognition, Phone Tracing Numbers of All Phone Calls & those Phone Callers Phones that been called elsewhere too. Casino’s then can Check Out Cross Financial Information with Vast Resources Unlimited. This includes being Tied in to every Casino Cybersecurity Information Data Base Worldwide to Protect each Other from the Card Sharks trying to Rip Off Casinos.

      When the Las Vegas Shooter could not be Traced for his Motives or Full Background, even the FBI that had hit a Dead End went to the Casino’s to gather more Info with their Cooperation and Permission.

      If his goes to Closed Door Hearings you can bet Ms. Liu will be fully vetted?


  3. I don’t trust her.
    Its a gut feeling I have.
    Although they are interesting, none of the above comments have swayed my opinion.

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    • Ken says:

      I completely agree, but at this point, I totally trust President Trump to – at the very least -not be fooled by any of these players. And this woman is not someone whose record allows her to “fly under the radar.” I’m presuming that Sundance (and just an impromptu shout of appreciation to Sundance – what you’re doing here on Treehouse is a service to this country right up there with mark Levin – not just being outraged, but filling in the huge gaps of understanding and articulating WHY to be outraged for the rest of us) has a way higher view of what is going on than even the the most astute Treehouse guests and visitors. Even so, Sundance isn’t Trump or his most trusted advisors (or is he? Hmmm…🤔).

      If Sundance smells a rat, we can be sure that team Trump have smelled it way before we have. He kept Comey in place long after he knew how rotten he was. He kept Rosenstein in place looong after his true colors were started to reveal. I don’t believe for a second that he was surprised that Vindman played out like he did. So while none of the above comments may be swaying your opinion, I’ve gotten to the point where I realize that while I’m inspired as beat-all get-out by the man, I’ll never be able to work the 5D chess like he does. What I do trust though is that he has and will continue to “SunTzu” the s#!t out of these people. Keep on keepin’ on president Trump – fulfill your campaign promise to make us tired of winning! (We ain’t even close yet!)

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  4. Free Speech says:

    Letting the Awans go with a wrist slap is absolutely inexcusable on the part of Jessie K. Liu. It borders on treason. Here are people hacking our House members phones and sending the info God knows where. And they are let to leave the country with no bigger fish caught? That is blatant corruption.

    Liked by 14 people

    • Seneca the Elder says:

      Free speech. Agree with you 100% about the Awan Espionage Crime Family. Jessie L. belongs inside a super max prison, not in a position of power to send other innocent people there.
      Another thug with a law degree. Time to stop pretending that it’s ok for her, SS Weissman or their colleagues to be part of the phony Justice Dept. They are as evil and dirty as they come.
      Our President Trump saw fit to fire Supreme FBI Comey. He should do the same with Jessie and some others.

      Liked by 11 people

    • MJJ says:

      @Free Speech… Don’t underestimate America’s own very valuable Law Enforcement Institutions, Private Intelligence Agencies & National Security Dedicated Strategists either. Sometimes Cockroaches & Rats are let go, so they be turned or traced back to other Nests of Vermin that need to be located for future surveillance protections.

      Sometimes what appears as Goofy Guys & Gals making Mistakes are actually American Good Guys & Gals uncovering Bad People with Intent to Hurt Americans. One FBI Lawyer once told me something I never forgot. He said, I know we have some People will be a Thief, but once we know it, we can Control or Watch how much they steal. We are more worried about the People we don’t know are Thief’s that can really Hurt Us? It is those People and Spies no one knows that can do true damage.

      I am not saying you are wrong either to be disgusted by what looks like mistakes or failed justice, but sometimes w just don’t know everything and why it happens that way it did either. DOJ Liu did not get to the position being stupid, she has excellent credentials, experience and record on achievements no one may want out or talk about for national Security reasons too?

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      • willthesuevi says:

        Yep, the old saying comes to mind.

        Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

        I trust President Trump to do what needs to be done, however he sees fit. He knows the players and he has info we never will see. Besides, not one single person commenting here has the ear of the President. I believe Sundance has some stroke through back channels, but the rest of us………nope.

        Lately the comment section at the CTH reminds me of a Calvin Coolidge story.

        Herbert Hoover was Commerce Secretary for both President Harding and then President Coolidge after Harding’s death. One day “Silent Cal” was questioned about Secretary Hoover. President Coolidge answered, “That man has been giving me unsolicited advice for years, and all of it has been bad.”

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    • Really bad corruption.. have you read “Obstruction of Justice” by Luke Rosiak. The Dems are so corrupt it turns your stomach. I almost couldn’t read it. Vomit material.

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  5. Ira Berkowitz says:

    The needle on my intrigue-o-meter has pegged. More important, at this point, than digging out any WH insider who has presumably breached the walls of the Trump domain, from within, is the fact that our gal Jessie is no longer in a position to short circuit legal cases that are brought into DC district court.
    New (acting) US Attorney in DC is William Shea.

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  6. PCS says:

    Two obvious possibilities.
    1. The Swamp does have some leverage dirt on the President and they have told him he can work to advance his economic agenda only. Or else.
    2. Trump is the cleanest man to be President ever and knows he is up against such massive and systemic institutional corruption that the amount of energy required to create the circumstances for change is impossible to create. Therefore he is hoping the leverage created by the dynamics of a flourishing domestic economic renaissance gives him a chance at exposing the criminality and hoping enough voters awaken to help him along.

    Liked by 1 person

    • CM-TX says:

      Eventually we’re gonna have to call it… he’s either somehow “compromised,” or “complicit.” Take your pick. It’s 3+ YEARS later……………. Justice-0.

      It gives me no pleasure in saying, but I can only deny commonsense for so long– as to a rational explanation.

      I recognize PDJT was given a Herculean Task in cleaning up the DC Swamp– & it’s ALL CORRUPT! He clearly has no back-up, yet he continues to defend much of those who REFUSE to do their jobs.

      Sometimes we expect more of others than they’re capable of, or willing to give. A TRUE test of character, is whether they’ll ADMIT to it. JMHO

      Liked by 1 person

      • Fubu says:

        Or you have to pick your battles. When the real battle to remove these people starts, all hell is gonna break loose. There is no way anyone could ever get convictions of these wrong doers in DC, so Trump is gonna have to do something more radical like military tribunals or martial law.

        Can you image the chaos that would ensue after that happened? No way any of this could even begin until after he’s re-elected without costing him the election. The DS knows this and that’s why you’re gonna see violence if the Dems lose the election. The only reason I say if because there will be epic cheating attempts to try to beat Trump.

        Liked by 3 people

      • I’m runnin’ three days behind on my CTH reading, and just came across your post. Today is Thursday, the 13th of February. This is the day that Liu was to have had her Confirmation Hearing. I imagine that word has already reached y’all about what PDJT did– but if you hadn’t heard– the Extremely Stable Genius performed a “Linzzee Liu-Flipperoo” on Jessie and she got bounced out on the curb with just exactly what she deserved– Nothing! It was glorious!

        Never lose faith in President Donald J Trump. He’s one of a kind, and one for the ages!


  7. maggiemoowho says:

    One swamp creature eliminated, only to add another. I don’t understand why?


  8. HB says:

    If she works for Treasury then can’t the President can fire her whenever he wants?


    • rayvandune says:

      Yes, that was my guess too. She has been moved from a powerful, politically untouchable position to serving at Trump’s pleasure, and with him as her sponsor! One false step, boom she’s gone. As a matter of fact, if she’s been turned, she is in a very good position to follow the money, ain’t she?

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Brant says:

    Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Crimes at the Department of the Treasury. I wonder if this is a position sufficiently removed from finding out stuff that keeps her busy and out of the sensitive places. And no blame for “firing” an Asian woman. I mean treasury, at least during the 4 year spying and hoaxing, has been pretty much off the radar even with CTH. I know treasury and the tea party intrusions, but nothing much now. Maybe it’s “relatively” clean and a good rubber room to house someone while real work is done elsewhere.


    • Brant says:

      I mean dept of interior, agriculture, or BLM would be a bit obvious.


    • Alligator Gar says:

      Would there be this scruple about firing the disloyal employee if Ms. Liu were blonde and blue eyed Ms. Lewis? Or would Ms. Lewis already be fired and looking for work? 🤔🤮 sick of the skin game favoritism.


  10. Paprika says:

    Well, they certainly teed up her nomination hearing quickly. President Trump nominated her on 1/6/2020 and the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee will hold a hearing this Thursday, Feb. 13th, at 10am to consider her nomination as well as 2 nominees for the Federal Reserve System that were nominated by PT on 1/28/2020.

    That’s pretty fast action for a Senate committee, especially with the Senate Impeachment Trial taking up much of the intervening time frame. Compare that with Graham’s oft promised Judiciary Hearing looking into Biden and other oft promised other “investigative hearings”.

    I think she will sail through her hearings and brought to a full Senate vote as quickly as possible. I think it usually takes a minimum of 10 days after committee hearing on her nomination for written questions and answers before they then take a vote to advance nomination by committee vote to the full Senate. Then Mitch can sit on it for as long as he wants or place it immediately on the Executive Calendar for a full vote.

    We shall see.


  11. TimeIsNow says:

    At this point ya’ll has to be alerted that POTUS and Allies are just another branch of the Deep State. Sure theys do some good for the ‘little people,’ but that’s a pose to keep ya’ll ignorant. So’s ya needs to buy lots a prepper stuff, and join some cool paranoid cults to protect ya’ll’s souls. Just happens that I sells prepper foods, and am creating a insanely paranoid cult ya’ll can join.


  12. Bogeyfree says:

    Having Liu in the Treasury to oversee Money Laundering crimes is a joke IMO.

    Awan and Flynn case is all Americans need to know.

    My guess is PT went with this based on Barr’s recommendation.

    THIS is why PT needs to have Sidney Powell as his WH Presidential Appointment whereby she is Special Liaison (think czar but a good one) between the WH and DOJ.

    She sits in on ALL Barr and Durham meetings along with all Barr and DA meeting (especially Treasury)

    PT also gives her the authority to declass any document related to:
    Russia Collusion
    the Dossier
    FISA Abuse
    FBI Contractor Abuse
    Uranium One
    the Hammer Program
    HRC unsecured server
    the DNC hack
    Seth Rich murder
    impeachment fraud
    Ukraine corruption and alleged money laundering of US taxpayer monies.

    She can read and review all of this info unredacted and reports back to the President. She in essence is Americans MAGA Insurance Policy.

    Yes, in the end AG Barr and Wray may chose to quit and if they do so be it.

    PT simply follows the agency hierarchy policy of next person up so there is no issue with Senate confirmation or crying from the left, as PT is by the book!

    But Sidney stays in place.

    Ask yourself, if Sidney was in this role how long do you think it would take her to get to these unanswered questions and so many more?

    1. Has the DOJ deposed the two U1 WB yet?
    2. Has the DOJ deposed Assange yet?
    3. What happened to the Wiener Laptop and the evidence on it?
    4. What happened to all 33k HRC emails that the NSA has?
    5. What happened to Mifsud’s phone and the information on it?
    6. What happened to the 47 Hammer Hard Drives that Montgomery turned into the FBI in 2015?
    7. Was all the evidence gathered by the FBI on the Seth Rich murder turned over to Judicial Watch and Ty Clevenger’s as their FOIA requested?
    8. What happened to the Rudy’s Ukraine evidence he turned over to Pompeo?
    9. What happened to the Lindsey request to Pompeo on turning over all Biden communications with Ukraine back in 2016?
    10. Did they ever trace the serial numbers on the PapaD money he was given?
    11. How long have they known Mifsud and Halper were ALWAYS western agents?
    12. Why hasn’t a joint investigation between the DOJ and Ukrainian Government not begun considering we have a treaty with them to jointly investigate corruption?

    Sidney comes with 100% trust by the American people where transparency, truth and justice is not just words.

    With Sidney in place the benefits are:
    1. PT gets a second set of eyes and opinion on all things.
    2. PT and the American people get peace of mind as we TRUST Sidney and with her on the job accountability, truth and justice can’t be far behind.
    3. The investigations continue and the odds of evidence getting lost, misplaced or overlooked is reduced greatly IMO.
    4. It gives Sidney a running start into 2021 and your second term.
    5. It gets the Ukraine investigation moving sooner than later.

    So if Sidney as the “Justice Czar” between the WH and the DOJ (Barr) works like I think it can, PT could do the same with Rudy as the “Law Enforcement Czar” between the WH and the FIB (Wray)

    And the best part, no Senate Confirmation is required!

    PT could make this happen with a stroke of his pen within 24 hrs.

    IMO it’s Pure Trump Genius!

    Liked by 5 people

    • Bogeyfree says:

      Sidney because………

      Sessions, Whitaker, Huber, Horowitz, Wray, Barr and Durham isn’t working!

      Firings IS NOT JUSTICE!

      It was TWO attempted coups on a sitting President of the United States!

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Zorro says:

    Perhaps she’s been told she has one more chance to be a “good” girl,


  14. TwoLaine says:

    “Financial Crimes”

    So, could she NOT give Congress records on scum like the Bidens? IF so, is this a trap to see how well she performs when asked, or will she dither and refuse to provide the docs for legitimate oversight?


  15. George 1 says:

    This type of stuff is why I pay little attention to any of the DC goings on anymore. This Liu woman is just another traitor that gets promoted so she can do more damage. She is just like numerous traitors that the President has allowed to hang around. John Bolton another example. A self serving Neo-con placed in a position of influence who, surprise, surprise, stabs the President in the back. At a certain point Team Trump has to bear some responsibility for the traitors. The administration is allowing them to stay on.

    I did see that the Vindman Brothers were finally removed from the White House. I guess that is some progress.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Sherri Young says:

    Jessie Liu withdrew her name from consideration for Associate Attorney General because Senator Mike Lee was set to oppose her during the confirmation process in the Judiciary committee. He used to clerk for Justice Alito and is a proud supporter. Jessie Liu was the VP of the National Association of Women Lawyers and her name was on the letterhead when a letter of opposition to Alito’s nomination to SCOTUS was submitted. Her signature was not on the letter, but the opinion was expressed for the group and would have included her agreement.

    Mike Lee seemed ready to call Ms. Liu’s conservative credentials into question. It is reported that he and AG Barr engaged in a heated discussion over her fitness for AAG. One reporter called it a shouting match. That description probably is embellished.

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Sherri Young says:

    The greater issue to consider with Jessie Liu, or anybody who fills that office at Treasury is this:

    President Donald Trump fights his wars mostly through sanctions rather than bombs. Enforcement of those sanctions includes following not only the movement of money under sanction but humans too and observation of those with whom they affiliate. That involves policing and international intelligence gathering and is why the Secret Service is set to be moved back under Treasury. The rise in importance of the Secret Service would offset some of the importance of elements of our current IC. Notably, the nomination does not go through the SSCI although Warner is on this committee.

    The position at Treasury is effectively the sanctions czar/czarina. She would be the shadow secretary of war. There is a lot to consider.

    The handling of the Awan case should be loudly criticized and in detail as a national security issue.

    I don’t know who should become the next undersecretary, but the choice should be made very carefully.


    Liked by 1 person

  18. MLK says:

    I’ll be brief, because it seems as if I’m off on a tangent, though it’s anything but.

    Trump just survived the latest, most likely to succeed coup attempt. The impeachment and Senate trial were mere context, not the main event.

    It explains, I believe, why Pelosi held the impeachment articles. She was waiting for, in short, a near pitch perfect replay of the ’79-80 Iranian Hostage Crisis that sunk Carter’s reelection, immediately following a ‘Benghazi’ (deaths of American personnel in the seizure), for good measure.

    I mention this in this seemly unrelated thread because Trump is on track toward reelection in a landslide. Elements within the National Security/Administrative State will continue to attempt a game-changer to derail his reelection.

    This is a still raging factional war, extending well beyond US domestic actors. Art of War counsels not to press a desperate enemy too hard; to leave him an avenue of retreat.

    It’s been evident to me at least, since Trump took the oath, that in the twin objectives of protecting the malefactors (and for malefactions preceding their destruction/coup-making against Trump), on the one hand, and advancing the Democrat Party via elections, on the other, the former would always win out.

    It’s bone-chilling to think about how long ago the planning and predicate-laying began in preparation for the Hostage Crisis replay, with Bolton merely one cog in the wheel. Unless I miss my mark, the NSC purge is rightly extends much further behind the curtain.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. Eileen McRae says:

    The question remains, “Who pushed Trump to consider her?”


  20. Brant says:

    Remember, Trump is provided a list of people who will pass conformation. He must choose from that list. Folks he and we would like would not make it 5 mins out of the nomination stage. I can’t blame Trump for these things. I don’t know if there are ways around these. He has to choose from bad choices.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Harlan says:

    “Who was that person who recommended her, and brought her in?” …in reference to the Trump transition team.

    That might be the most telling question of all.

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Hello Kitty says:

    Some of the members of the Committee are, indeed, liberal RINO squishes –just as Sundance has told us. However, we can make a difference! Each of us should pick out a few of the Repub. “truth-tellers” (i.e., Tom Cotton) and email, TWEET, etc.
    Let them know that WE KNOW! Put a little pressure on them to fight this appointment!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Zy says:

    Jessie Liu, she’s Coup too.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Rock Knutne says:

    The question also remains…if one assumes President Trump knows at least what Sundance knows, then ‘why’ place Liu?

    Starting to get a little ‘trust the planny’ no?

    Liked by 1 person

  25. noswamp says:

    Trump is trying to do the Potomac two step. I didn’t know he knew how to dance. Should be interesting to watch. Bolton 2?


  26. randyinrocklin says:

    I read an article about some guy in the personnel office is responsible for recommending these deep-staters. I think his first name is Jonathan. I really can’t remember where I saw it or who wrote it. I am thinking it was Ned Ryun, but not sure. Anyone else recall reading that article? it was about cleaning house in the admin.


    • Lefty says:

      Perhaps you are thinking of John DeStefano, but he left the WH in May (?) 2019, so he would have not been involved in this Liu decision at all.
      DeStefano resigned from his WH job to take a private sector advisory job at Juul, the e-cig company.


  27. Zachary Navarre says:

    Just called my Senators (Perdue) office and gave them this list of 5 cases Mrs. Liu was involved in.
    I’m sure they’re aware, but I want them to know that I’m aware.
    Hopefully Perdue won’t be a rollover during the confirmation hearing.

    I’m not holding my breath.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. Don says:

    WHO recommended this jessie Liu for trump team???
    That’s a goood start…
    Like Don Vito warned Michael–“Whoever brings you the set up for a meeting, is your Traitor”


  29. Bogeyfree says:

    Since Barr is skeptical on Rudy’s Ukraine evidence then I have another suggestion for PT.

    Tell AG to appoint Patrick F. Philbin as a Special Prosecutor into Ukraine Corruption and possible money laundering of taxpayer monies.

    Philbin was brilliant in PT’s trial and has the background and credentials IMO to be stellar in this role.

    Plus PT has already said with the treaty the US has with Ukraine, he has an obligation to investigate corruption and especially if it involves possibly the stealing money from American taxpayers.

    So we have threes very actionable moves for PT to do now and no Senate approval is needed just the stroke of his pen!

    1) Make Sidney Powell the WH Presidential Appointee or Justice Czar between the WH and DOJ/Barr with full authority to read and review all documents unredacted and report back to PT and sit in all Barr, Durham and US Attorney meetings.

    2) Make Rudy the WH Presidential Appointee or Law Enforcement Czar between the WH and FIB/Wray with full authority to read and review all documents and report back to PT and sit in on all Wray and Staff meeting.

    3) Tell Barr to appoint Patrick F. Philbin as the Special Prosecutor on Ukraine Corruption. Since Lindsey and Barr seem to be suggesting the narrative on Ukraine as more Russia BS it is time to put Philbin in. This way the Senate can not interfere in a Special Prosecutors investigation (just like nobody could interfere with Mueller’s investigation)

    Also with Patrick Philbin in as Ukraine Special Prosecutor it stops IMO the Lucy Liu counter move into Treasury as Patrick would be the Sheriff now.

    And I guarantee you, We the People will see significant movement whereby accountability, truth and justice are paramount.

    And if Barr and Wray want to quit, then let them. PT moves the next person up in the succession hierarchy so no Senate issues but Sidney, Rudy and Patrick stay in place.

    If you like these three suggestions, please tweet as I don’t, to anyone who who may help get these suggestions to PT.


  30. Don’t fret over Ms Liu’s fate.
    She can always get a job as a chauffeur for DiFi.


  31. saintoil says:

    Chill folks, biggest win in three years and you guys are right back at it. Take a break from the pessimism. Does wonders.


  32. emeraldcoaster says:

    Just talked with Senator Tillis’ staff and expressed my concerns with Jessie Liu. Said conservatives in WNC want to hear the senator press Liu to explain her lack of action with McCabe, Awan brothers, etc. We’ll see if Thom comes through.


  33. Orson says:

    Ok, if the Trump Team was being spied upon…and the “two hop” rule was in effect….AND… Attorney Liu was a part of the Trump transition team. How was she not in a “conflict of interest” position relative to handling the McCabe scenario?


    • rayvandune says:

      Not sure if it is what you meant, but she was herself a source of “intel” under the two-hop rules! She could have planted anything and/or coaxed/goaded others into saying almost anything! Remember, we are talking about a top federal prosecutor, among whose core competencies seem to include every form of deception, intimidation and double-dealing! I get the impression these hotshots with 98% conviction rates probably felt it was beneath them to pursue actual crime, but instead saved themselves for the higher calling of screwing over the innocents for the deep state!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Orson says:

        Yes, I’m sure it was a charade. But, she would have been in the pool of that group subject to the FISA warrant application as a member of the Transition team. Therefore, whether she accepted it or not, her privacy rights would have been violated like everyone else caught up in the “two-hop” rule. So, it would seem to be an obvious conflict of interest to be involved in any application of the law relative to violations of those abusing the Class 1 Warrant. The only way around it would be investigating to assure that she WASN’T ever touched by the warrant in any fashion. And, who would be doing that investigation (if it was ever even entertained)?

        My point is that Barr could have removed her from the whole deal based on that conflict of interest. He didn’t. And Liu refused to indict McCabe.


  34. SundaysChild says:

    Trumps worst enemy is most often his own Administration. First there was DeStefano, hiring all the old Bush-rejects & keeping anyone with MAGA credentials off the employment rolls. We survived his tenure but apparently self destruction is alive & well in the oval office.

    He rolled 70 heads out of the NSC which is great but my question is – why did it take 3 years? I know he has a lot on his place but “Personnel is Policy”.


  35. ChampagneReady says:

    Trump was steered right into the ditch and too many times he willingly went there. Not so much anymore but it is my opinion that he still believes in too many Judases yet.

    Why he hasn’t gotten rid of Wray or told Barr to do it really bothers me. This is a Comey-twin mole of the highest order. Liu I don’t know about because I believe she recommended prosecution of McCabe.

    But I do know about Wray. And Trump should throw him out so fast his shoes would leave skidmarks.


  36. Questioning says:

    Maybe Liu is the ‘ask’ from Mitch to shut down Impeachment? Obvious China connection….


  37. jappy says:

    her loyalty is to her mother country
    she is what happens when you let a country become a cold race war theater

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Lucille says:

    Will everyone who has a senator on the U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs please send a message using Sundance’s four points, at least, and ask that Liu NOT be confirmed. I just sent my Republican senator such a request. Just go to their websites and go to the contact page to send an email or call their direct number.

    Mike Crapo (R-ID)
    Richard C. Shelby (R-AL)
    Patrick J. Toomey (R-PA)
    Tim Scott (R-SC)
    Ben Sasse (R-NE)
    Tom Cotton (R-AR)
    Mike Rounds (R-SD)
    David Perdue (R-GA)
    Thom Tillis (R-NC)
    John Kennedy (R-LA)
    Martha McSally (R-AZ)
    Jerry Moran (R-KS)
    Kevin Cramer (R-ND)

    If you want to bother writing the fascist Dems, their minority members are:
    Sherrod Brown (D-OH)
    Jack Reed (D-RI)
    Robert Menendez (D-NJ)
    Jon Tester (D-MT)
    Mark R. Warner (D-VA)
    Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)
    Brian Schatz (D-HI)
    Chris Van Hollen (D-MD)
    Catherine Cortez Masto (D-NV)
    Doug Jones (D-AL)
    Tina Smith (D-MN)
    Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ)


    • American Heritage says:

      If you write to the Dems, you may get back nothing more than scurrilous Democrat boilerplate lies and character assassination of PDJT, such as that which I received from Sen.Tim Kaine. People complain about Trump’s style, while Democrats like Kaine go so ethically, intellectually and personally low it turns your stomach to read their vile political rhetoric. I was shocked that anyone, even a professional politician, could write something that dishonest, hateful, and stupid and send it to a constituent under their own signature.


  39. Related to Liu,
    Post Shampeachment, The knife fight is on- someone here posted an update on Flynn, about the prosecutors asking a delay. Here is 3 hour old reporting in Epoch Times on the prosecutions anger…


  40. SD, done and done- calls and email sent asking Senator Cramer to sideline Liu.

    another Patriot


  41. Curt says:

    Liu, a deep state traitor and scum bag par excellence, promoted to become Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Crimes???? Bizarre after what she’s been up to. Just as hard to understand as appointing Judge James Boasberg to clean up the FISA abuses. It goes on and on…….. sickening.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Richie says:

    Xi Jing Ping is licking his chop sticks


  43. Kent Clizbe says:


    You’re on the right track following Liu. It seems like you may be missing the scent, though. She’s a neocon snake in the grass–which of course, means she’s a Deep Stater, but of a specific species.

    The Treasury post she’s going into is reserved for neocon war-mongers. The last Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Crimes (TFC), Sigal P. Mandelker, was a citizen of a hostile foreign nation, intent on dragging the USA into that country’s wars.

    The TFC unit is infested with such anti-Normal-American snakes. They slide back and forth from government to “think tanks,” serving their master.

    This is foreign influence up front and out loud.

    “Mandelker was reportedly involved in brokering the infamous Florida deal that allowed the wealthy child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein to avoid federal charges. Since Mandelker’s appointment as Under Secretary of Treasury in 2017, she has been described on pro-Israel news sites as a “former Israeli” and “Israeli-born.” Asked by The Grayzone if Mandelker currently holds Israeli citizenship, and if so, whether she was given a special exemption that allowed her to obtain a security clearance, the US Department of Treasury did not reply.”


  44. KAG says:

    DJT has so many fires burning all at once. It is possible this is a placeholder move to keep a lesser priority issue nearby but not buried to deal with when the time comes.


  45. platoriusnepos says:

    so….Liu resigns her DC position (DJT’s request?) to go thru the confirmation process for the Treasury position…and whamo! Barr replaces her with a bud and Trump withdraws her nomination. Sweet.


    • Kent Clizbe says:

      Here’s the neocon angle:

      WEDDINGS; M. B. Abramowicz And Jessie Liu – The New York Times…/weddings-m-b-abramowicz-and-jessie-liu.html
      Aug 15, 1999 – Jessie Kong Liu, the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Wu-Schyong Liu of King of Prussia, Pa., is to be married this afternoon to Michael Bernard Abramowicz, a son of Dr. Helen Abramowicz and Dr. Mark Abramowicz of Larchmont, N.Y. Rabbi Emily Korzenik is to officiate at the home of the bridegroom’s parents.


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