Senators Grassley and Johnson Requesting Hunter Biden Travel Records From Secret Service…

Immediately after the impeachment acquittal vote, senators Chuck Grassley and Ron Johnson send a letter [pdf link here] to the Director of the Secret Service, James Murray, seeking travel records for Hunter Biden.

It appears the senators are looking into the background of Biden surrounding business dealings with China and Ukraine: ““We write to request information about whether Hunter Biden used government-sponsored travel to help conduct private business, to include his work for Rosemont Seneca and related entities in China and Ukraine.”

What makes this approach interesting is the questioning earlier today by House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler toward FBI Director Chris Wray.  Nadler asked several pointed questions to Wray about whether any FBI investigation of the Bidens was requested by the White House or Congress….  Perhaps Nadler expected some inquiries to start.

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203 Responses to Senators Grassley and Johnson Requesting Hunter Biden Travel Records From Secret Service…

  1. GREENMIRROR says:

    Time to confiscate illegally operating & unlawful traded foreign owned companies on American Soil and then auction them off to Bidders that reside more than 75% of the year in the USA.

    and secondly I’ve decided to run for president in 2024

    Vote for me


    finish the wall…finish the wall…finish the wall


  2. zekness says:

    so…here is something to chew on. to complete the circle, in advance. In the spirit of recognizing strategy and the real prospects of pro’s and con’s…

    trump asks ukraine to do US a favor. this includes investigation corruption.and biden is named.

    DIMS go nuclear and allege with articles of impeachment that POTUS ONLY targeted Biden in this call because he was running opposing candidate.

    these are the things that we do know right now. We can set aside the argument for or against this allegation, because they are moot. The senate concluded properly, the president is not guilty of these allegations. That case is settled.

    but the bigger picture and the actual cause remains unfulfilled. Does it not? There has been no formal investigation by Ukraine or the US DOJ about the former VP’s actions to extort UKR with nearly a billion bucks of loan/aid money. That remains unresolved.

    looking at the tea leaves right now..Biden’s chances of getting the nomination are bleak. I think bloominIdiot is going to nix him out. I think that’s the plan.

    So, what happens when Biden drops out from the race?

    Will Trump then excercise his power to refer a investigation to the DOJ formally to look into Biden?

    This seems rational, no? It is also a safe(R) method for exposing the corruption…no?

    By waiting for Biden to drop out, gives the DIM’s far fewer reasons to allege his actions are purely political and self enriching, no?

    I am not stating the president has done anything wrong, but it would seem to be a waste of effort to ask UKR to get involved and hold an investigation and not do a follow up in the near future…no?

    I am less confident that UKR would actually be of value holding an investigation to be clear. This was, IMHO, a less than optimal excercise by the President …It would have been much more valuable and realistic to see justice served if a referral to DOJ happened. I admit I do not understand why POTUS has not done that. Why he didn’t recognize the value of putting this on a front burner for our Justice Department. Trust issues? or was there something else of value getting UKR to perform it first? I dunno.

    But I think it is VERY VERY important to see an investigation take place by our own or lose..the case screams for some fine tooth comb.

    I will be expecting this to happen when sleepy job drops out of the race.

    At that point the DIM’s will have to invent some other wild A## narrative to condemn POTUS for getting to the bottom of this pickle jar.

    I hope this impeachment charade wasn’t a wasted opportunity.

    I can read the media already if it doesn’t happen: see, POTUS was never interested in corruption..Now that BIden is a regular sap, POTUS does nothing. The House got it right and the senate was wrong. I can read it already..

    I hope the President has a plan..because this thing isn’t going away.

    They will blame this president fully for creating a scandal for Biden that broke his chances.

    You KNOW this is going to happen. They are chomping at the bit to demonstrate act 2 of coup 3.0

    I hope POTUS has a plan already to get a fix on this and have an investigation take place, that regardless of the nonsense the left media has claimed, has never actually happened.

    I am not suggesting he wait until Biden drops out. I can see it happening right now and leading up into the election late stage. I just think if he does this while Biden is still a candidate the DIM’s will re-create the argument and it will follow the president and potentially harm him in the polls. I can see that happening.



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