Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Interview During Davos World Economic Forum….

Earlier today Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin appeared on CNBC for an extensive interview from the Davos, Switzerland, World Economic Forum.

Good grief.  What is so hard to understand about the statement: “economic security is national security”?

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7 Responses to Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Interview During Davos World Economic Forum….

  1. That young dude… is his last name Massengil or SummersEve? And the other no-talent hack he is normally on with – The chick with the maturity level of a teen who just “became a woman” are unwatchable. Hell, neither of them are muteable just to watch the non-eye candy.
    “CNBC Investing for idiots/millennials.”

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    • CharterOakie says:

      And to be complete, Joe, the third one, is always tripping over his tongue and is pretty much unwatchable, too. Even if he is more sympathetic to Trumpanomics.


    • GB Bari says:

      Mnuchin displayed great deference and restraint in his measured but accurate responses to the “stream-of-consciousness idiocy” questions.

      The panel did not seem to comprehend Mnuchin’s very astute assertion that the environmental issues are ONE issue out of MANY but certainly NOT the top priority considering all of the others that he mentioned. He appeared rightfully frustrated as the panel first responded with… crickets….and then the meatheaded young man next to him proceeded to keep pressing the same question about the prioritization of environmental issues.

      Mnuchin is first class and first rate – well positioned in the Administration’s Economic Team.

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    • Alex Pazzo says:

      Baited questions on BS, while avoiding historic middle class growth and wages.
      Gray parka boy needs a slap upside the assneck.
      Saudi Arabia hack, “why does potus want more trees, if he doesn’t believe in climate change”pp
      Manoosh is a Patriot!!

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    • JTaylor says:

      There is not a coherent sentence in your comment.


  2. Skippy says:

    I am very respectful and partial to our Secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnunchin and have been since I heard his announcement and researched him. I said so to my daughter who works in Wall Street at his announcement. Thank you Sir for your hours of hard work!

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  3. Janice says:

    Things are so MAGA right now but, gretagreta global alarming. Bunch of maroons.

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