Media Predicted Carnage Fail – Virginia Lobby Day Second Amendment Rally Peaceful…

Approximately 22,000 second amendment supporters rallied at the Richmond, Virginia capitol today to petition state government not to infringe on the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Appearing to cheer for some confrontation or violent outcome, the national media had hyped the event as a massive assembly of “right wing militia groups”; further attempting to inject a racial element around the MLK holiday by proclaiming “white separatists” would be squaring-off against Virginia law enforcement. It was all fake news.

Curtis Houck from the Media Research Center assembled a montage of CNN and MSNBC media reports from this morning to highlight how the national media attempted to set the narrative.


An incredible contrast of media nonsense against the reality, purpose and intent of a peaceful rally to petition state government for a constitutional right.

President Trump was correct on October 29th, 2018, when he shared:

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330 Responses to Media Predicted Carnage Fail – Virginia Lobby Day Second Amendment Rally Peaceful…

  1. eguthr3 says:

    I think anger, frustration, disgust and outrage are ALWAYS a great motivator.


  2. Garavaglia says:

    liberal I know..lives in Richmond..had FB post after post about Nazi’s..White supremacists..on and on. It is so delusional. It’s like they have to convince themselves these fantasies are real or their false world will collapse. It’s truly incredible.

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    • old white guy says:

      It was good to see all the armed patriots standing by.

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    • strateshooter says:

      Garavaglia…you are right I think.

      It is human…when a value system you have honestly believed in for years is proven to be false it is extremely painful to the persons soul.
      Denial , Anger, Grief ….the process is painful.
      I think many Democrat supporters feel their belief system is false but are afraid to confront that feeling.
      Their leaders sense it too….hence the ever increasing Hail Marys being thrown by the Dems, Media and Hollywood types.

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  3. Gary Lacey says:

    So the MSM after days of instigating violence….blows it again,Democrats you dropped the ball……where were your “Rent-a-thugs”?

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    • RC23321 says:

      They cucked out, per usual. Late in the rally about 7 or 8 showed up with signs and stood in the middle of an intersection and of course the MSM crowded around them to take pics. Watching the streams all rally I saw probably 10-15 people that were clearly Antifa.

      They looked scared to death.

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      • 2nd Amendment in action, folks! “So whaddaya say, punk? Do you feel lucky?” They kept their mouths shut. Wise move. And so the peaceable assembly to petition the Government for the redress of grievances continued.


    • MadKangaroo says:

      I was there. There were a few Antifa types, mostly hanging around on the periphery. Kept their noses clean except for one guy posing as one of us. He tried to get some action but was shut down w/o force or threat of force and told to bugger off – which he did. Crowd was big and enthusiastic, and diverse, and good natured. Police were professional and friendly. It was a good day, cold, but good.


    • Raymond Capwell says:

      They were probably scared.
      Didn’t like the numbers.


  4. Conservative_302 says:

    The pro gun defenders who attended rock! God for them. Don’t tread on me/us!


  5. scarlettbr says:

    The media also predicted destruction with North Korea and WWIII with Iran. Why does anyone listen to the propaganda arm of the Democrats?

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  6. RC23321 says:

    You could definitely see a couple Antifa punks mixed in but they wanted none of it. This ain’t Portland, boys!


  7. Randolph Scott says:

    I give a giant monstrously loud F U to the MSM today and each and everyday they remain in existence.
    The 2A event yesterday was a joy to watch and I hope it helped to awaken more US Citizens to our fight against the evil forces in our nation. This is a national fight. Together We Stand.

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  8. Curt from VA says:

    Crickets from CNN, except for this:
    Funny how they never publicize something that doesn’t fit their narrative.


  9. askandgettruth says:

    what will they do when some day there are 1,000,000 patriots demanding the removal of this socialist pig of a gov. when 10,000,000 march on DC to remove all the corrupt politicians and judges. a very bad storm is coming


  10. frances says:

    I don’t know if this has any merit but I read that because the US military shut down the GPS in several states that Antifa wasn’t able to organize as they would like and so didn’t participate in any meaningful way. My guess is the level of response in Va and NM is greater than their game theory told them it would be. And so my guess is they are working on a nasty False Flag in the next month or so. My advice, stay out of gun controlled state’s Malls:)


  11. CountryDoc says:

    We need to flood the airwaves/social media with before and after pictures of the places where there are “rallys” of the second amendment gathering and:
    – gun control advocates
    – pussy hat wearers
    – climate change money scam advocates
    – PETA rallies
    – Green (enviornomental) activists
    – LBGTA

    And then ask, who is more “progressive”?, who is better stewards of the environment?, who is more conscious of life and people (compare the injury rates, the assault rates, the crime rates reported in each of these events.


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