Peter Navarro: “The Two Greatest Days in U.S. Trade Policy History”…

White House Manufacturing Policy Advisor, Peter Navarro, appears on Fox Business with Charles Payne to discuss the ramification of China ‘phase-one’ and the USMCA for the middle-class blue-collar economy.  Excellent interview, WATCH:

Food Stamp Participation

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63 Responses to Peter Navarro: “The Two Greatest Days in U.S. Trade Policy History”…

  1. Diana Allocco says:

    Navarro: “I’m coming back when we hit 30,000” [on the Dow]
    Charles: “See you tomorrow.”

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      • hitgirl18 says:

        There is no past or future president or person capable of doing this! This man is such a genius. He really understands money! But all these so-called money experts ie wall street crooks and thieves malign him all the time about his financial policies. Yet he has massive success that bewilders them all! Gotta wonder how these hardline Chinese thieves who have been stealing from us for decades unimpeded by our own government feel about Trump’s negotiation excellence? Bet they went back to China with their willies two inches shorter thinking what the hell…

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    • hitgirl18 says:

      Have valentines day to the forgotten men and women is countries all over the world! Trump’s got em sewed up every which way from Sunday! They betray their toast!

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    • snailmailtrucker says:

      Anyone who thinks that the Stock Markets aren’t Completel;y Minipulated by the LibTurds
      isn’t paying attention.
      This week 2 of the ALL TIME Greatest InterNational Business Deals were signed…and afterwards the DOW market went up 264 points on the day the China Phase 1 was signed and 50 points on Friday 1/16/2020….THAT’S PATHETIC !


  2. trump20162024 says:

    May God continue to bless the Trumpster and his team.
    His critics, including piglosi and her fellow corruptocrats, can pound sand.
    2020 vision = Trump/Pence reelection landslide victory.

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  3. WSB says:

    Navarro: “China’s business model is bankrupt.”

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  4. TwoLaine says:

    Remember, “Tariff’s don’t work. We’ve tried that before and it failed.”?

    No, they work just great, along with all the other legal and economic mechanisms being used, and AFTER deregulation and massive tax cuts.

    Tariff’s have worked just fine for others, for many, many years, and we just sat back and took it while they raped us, repeatedly. A bunch of pansies sat behind that Oval Office desk for so many decades. NO MORE. We USED to have reciprocal trade deals, and now we will again, come h311 or high water.

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  5. Friendly PSA …..
    Beware of the Repo market & what the FED is doing..
    Negative Interest rate bond(s) + (Markets) + (Liquidity), some-one going to be eating Possum.. SOON..


  6. alliwantissometruth says:

    I just checked this site for the first time today, read a few headlines and the comparisons of what President Trump is doing versus what “our” politicians (democrats) are doing is absolutely stunning

    The President consistently and successfully continues working for the American people, bringing them win after win, while :our” politicians are doing absolutely nothing but putting forth fraudulent partisan games designed to thwart the incredible progress Trump has made, while accomplishing nothing for the American people

    Democrat voters are not only brainwashed and brain dead morons, they’re despicable childlike miscreants

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  7. A2 says:

    👇🇺🇸 Stepping up, strike whist the iron is hot

    “ In a new
    “survey, the proportion [of SE Asian respondents] distrusting China rose to over 60% from below 52% in 2019. Nearly 40% said they thought China was “a revisionist power and intends to turn Southeast Asia into its sphere of influence”.”

    US competes with China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ with US$113 million Asian investment programme
    The infrastructure development plan was revealed by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the Indo-Pacific Business Forum in Washington

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    • GB Bari says:

      Everything President Trump is doing regarding trade with China, SE Asia and globally is the result of his years of watching China execute its strategy of global dominationm via economic bullying, studying China’s strengths and weaknesses, and then strategizing how he could defeat them by using America’s strongest asset – it’s powerful, world leading economy. He just needed to get into the driver’s seat to do it. I want him to drive for another 4 years after this one.

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  8. fangdog says:

    Had Hillary been elected, we would look like Venezuela and every other crooked, corrupt Communist Government around the World. As it is, we have democrats who want a government just like them. It is not our people are not “educated”, it is they are thoroughly “indoctrinated” and paid dearly to be so.

    Nothing more useless than a college graduate with no skills, $150,000 in debt and living in his or her Mothers basement. However, they are a danger to freedom loving, self-destiny, patriotic Americans.

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  9. Bucknutguy says:

    I’m a classically trained economics grad and will confess to my fellow treepers that I was skeptical regarding tariffs. Navarro’s OpED in the WSJ yesterday was a tour deforce. Don’t know how to post it but he basically blew up the traditional theory as static analysis. those who have taken Econ 101 are familiar with the professor always incanting: “all else being equal” before drawing the conclusion. Well, in real life, all else isn’t equal. Congratulations Mr Navarro and your team as well

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    • Cliff Indiana says:

      Hopefully someone will retrieve that column from behind the WSJ paywall and post it here! Would love to read it!

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    • hitgirl18 says:

      See you economics guys with all due respect whether you be grads, wall street thieves or commie professors, dont understand money, cause you dont have any! Unless you steal it


    • GB Bari says:

      Excellent post.

      Static analysis is used far too often by so-called “economic experts” and has caused terrible policies to be adopted. Soooo many DemonRAT voters still don’t understand the fact that LOWERING tax rates INCREASES tax revenues in the US Treasury.

      So many folks still don’t understand that human behavior, especially regarding their money, is NOT static but constantly changes as the conditions change that affect that behavior.

      Ronald Reagan understood it, and used it as far as he was able. It’s no surprise that someone as bright as President Trump also understands how to use simple economic stimuli to change human behavior towards the positive.

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      • yucki says:

        That’s why there’s always that “mu” [µ] variable at the end of the array of simultaneous equations that model the economy: The Unknown. Queers the set.


  10. dufrst says:

    Peter Navarro, an unsung hero. Take a bow my friend! He’s been absolutely right from the beginning. MAGA!!

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  11. A2 says:


    National Security Senators Introduce Bipartisan Legislation to Develop 5G Alternatives to Huawei

    Jan 14 2020

    WASHINGTON – Today, a bipartisan group of leading national security Senators introduced legislation to encourage and support U.S. innovation in the race for 5G, providing over $1 billion to invest in Western-based alternatives to Chinese equipment providers Huawei and ZTE.

    Heavily subsidized by the Chinese government, Huawei is poised to become the leading commercial provider of 5G, with far-reaching effects for U.S. economic and national security. With close ties to the Communist Party of China, Chinese state-directed technology companies present unacceptable risks to our national security and to the integrity of information networks globally. However, U.S. efforts to convince foreign partners to ban Huawei from their networks have stalled amid concerns about a lack of viable, affordable alternatives.

    Today’s bipartisan legislation, the Utilizing Strategic Allied (USA) Telecommunications Act, would reassert U.S. and Western leadership by encouraging competition with Huawei that capitalizes on U.S. software advantages, accelerating development of an open-architecture model (known as O-RAN) that would allow for alternative vendors to enter the market for specific network components, rather than having to compete with Huawei end-to-end.“

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  12. Bucknutguy says:

    I’d also like to tip the hat to SD. Until finding this site a few years ago I was a blind believer in free trade. What your posts help me realize is that none of these so called “free trade agreements” are what an economist would consider true free trade. They are all “managed trade” with the only thing they manage to do was exfiltrate our wealth. Thank you SD for my graduate degree in real life macro economics.

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    • zorrorides says:

      What people imagine “free trade” is :

      Free Trade is when a business owner/operator in one country makes a business deal to buy/sell/pay for a good with a business in another nation, and the deal is made to the betterment of each party without government interfering in the transaction.

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  13. dufrst says:

    USMCA passage clears the way for US-Japan 2 and US-UK trade agreements, as I believe both countries can simply “plug” into the USMCA framework. USMCA is the centerpiece trade agreement and basis for all US trade.

    Frankly, judging based on this interview, US-China 2 could also be completed in the same manner. China needs to end the trade uncertainty and tariffs associated with the Phase 1 agreement if it is to resume its economic growth and transition its economy as Navarro describes. The sooner Phase 2 can be done, the better I assume it will be for China. I think if any Phase 2 agreement is done, it will be post-election.

    My preference is a decoupling from China with Phase 1 being the only agreement necessary.

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  14. frank field says:

    Navarro is an unsung hero of the United States of America.

    We salute you as such.

    Trump for Rushmore 🕶

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  15. TwoLaine says:

    Secretary of Commerce Wilburine Ross is on with Lou Dobbs right now. Excellent interview so far!!!

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  16. gda53 says:

    The Two Greatest Days in US Trade Policy History, and all we get is 38 lousy comments!

    C’mon people!

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    • MD says:

      Trump in the last two months has killed Albagdadi and his number 2, killed Salmonilla (whatever his name is). Signed a China trade deal, signed USMCA. Got some more judges appointed, visited troops overseas on Christmas. I’m sure I forgot some stuff. All this while being impeached. This would be an exceptional list of accomplishments for a two term president by itself.

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  17. Mike in a Truck says:

    Clinton,Bush,Obama should be hanging thire heads in shame ( they wont) for not doing what’s right for the American worker and economy. Notice the silence from them.Traitor’s.

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  18. Garacka says:

    What is the likelihood that Nancy now directs Justine to hold off a Canadian approval?

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  19. Lucille says:

    Another excellent video essay by the ever-optimistic Dr. Turley…

    China Trade Deal and Trump’s Astonishing 3D Chess!!!
    Dr. Steve Turley – Published on Jan 15, 2020

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    • kirgistan says:

      jeah, but he is a zerohedge, pro putin guy.. and ignoring the Russian globalism – Restoring Sowjetunion…

      He thinks Russia is an european country with rule of law..


  20. After a career in export promotion and mfg, this is the happiest time of my entire life. Trump not only pointed out the sickly results of previous trade policy, he accepted the challenge to turn around our economy and he succeeded in three short years!

    Whenever people start dissing Trump, I ask them if they are willing to put up with his brash style to maintain this record low poverty for single mothers. Or I just say “Peace and prosperity.”

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  21. snailmailtrucker says:

    Anyone who thinks that the Stock Markets aren’t Completel;y Minipulated by the LibTurds
    isn’t paying attention.
    This week 2 of the ALL TIME Greatest InterNational Business Deals were signed…and afterwards the DOW market went up 264 points on the day the China Phase 1 was signed and 50 points on Friday 1/16/2020….THAT’S PATHETIC !


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