President Trump and Vice-Premier Liu Deliver Remarks During Luncheon Celebrating U.S-China Trade Agreement – Video and Transcript…

After the signing ceremony to celebrate a historic U.S-China ‘phase-one’ trade agreement, President Trump and the U.S. trade delegation hosted Vice-Premier Liu He and the Chinese delegation for a luncheon. [Video and Transcript Below]


[Transcript] – PRESIDENT TRUMP: I thought that we would do it the way other; that the more I thought about this, the better it is. It’s — you can get your arms around it better the way we’ve got it. I like it better the way we’ve done it.

I just want to say this is a great day for both China and the United States. This is an agreement that people have been talking about for 40 years and never were able to get even a piece of paper signed. And we never had an agreement. And this is going to be a great agreement for both countries. It’s far greater than $200 billion, and it’ll grow every year. It also unifies the countries.

And President Xi has been so nice as to talk about other things having to do — outside of the agreement — such as fentanyl; we’re working on that.

We’re going to be working very closely together on North Korea. And as I said inside, it’s like a world-class chess match or poker match. We are going to work together, and we’re going to work together for the benefit of our countries, but also, very importantly, for the benefit of the world.

So this is very big day for the United States. This is a very big day for China. This is a day that nobody thought could happen, and it did happen. So it’s my honor to be here.

And I have to say, Mr. Vice Premier, it’s been a great honor to become your friend. Thank you very much.


(As interpreted.) Mr. President, I very much agree with your words. This is an agreement that is good for China, good for the United States, and good for the whole world.

Well, the agreement is an economic and trade agreement, but its implication goes far beyond the economic and trade field. The world today is full of uncertainties. And with this agreement, I believe it will be something that is conducive to world peace and prosperity.

Thank you very much, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much. And it’s a great honor to have you. Please. Thank you.

Q Mr. President, can we ask some questions?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Thank you very much everybody. Thank you very much. Thank you. Thank you.

Q What is your vision for future U.S.-China relations?

PRESIDENT TRUMP: Great. Great relationship.

Q Thank you.

PRESIDENT TRUMP: We have a great relationship. Could not be better. I would say the highest, the best that’s it has ever been between China and the United States. Our relationship is great both on trade and even in military cooperation. This will lead to so many other things. So we have a great — really, well-knit relationship, but the best it’s ever been.

You have to remember, we’ve never had an agreement; this was like a free-for-all. This is a great agreement, and phase two will start soon.

But this was far more comprehensive than anybody thought or knew about in the press, because it covers so many other subjects, from intellectual property to currency to so many different things. So nobody knew that. Nobody really understood the deal until today, when we released it. So it’s a much bigger deal than people thought. It’s a tremendous step toward an unbelievable relationship.

But, right now, our relationship with China is the best it’s ever been.

Thank you all very much.

Q When will you visit China, Mr. President?


[End Transcript]

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40 Responses to President Trump and Vice-Premier Liu Deliver Remarks During Luncheon Celebrating U.S-China Trade Agreement – Video and Transcript…

  1. slowcobra says:

    So proud of President Trump!!!! He loves this country so obviously, and I was ready to vote for him back in 2008 even!!! He has been thinking about, and planning for, China for decades!! I cannot even imagine what it took to bring this Phase One together… the enormity!

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  2. President Donal J. Trump. Best mover and shaker. Deal maker! World class leader.

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  3. barnabusduke says:

    Just WOW… What a President! Prayers answered!

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    • Mike in a Truck says:

      The Red Chinese Communists have one opportunity to save their body snatching, organ harvesting, murdering, pirate everything regime. Screw this up and they will have the screws put to them. We are never going back to the way things were- no matter who’s President. We.Wont.Let.Them. Sin Loi

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  4. Dee Paul Deje says:

    “Exactly how are going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have.” -Hussein
    Just a couple more flushes by VSGPDJT and that shiitestain on America will be removed from the bowl.

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    • Kenji says:

      Barry’s legacy is that of a “Community Organizer”. He organized ANTIFA, BLM, and ISIS. He organized a race war more ‘Helter-Skelter’ than Charles Manson ever imagined. His “son” even took place in Barry’s race war. Barry was a Community destroyer. He destroyed our National Unity, Destroyed our Military, Destroyed our Industry, Destroyed our Image abroad.

      PDJT is a builder. And this is just another brick in the Foundation repair OUR President has been busily starting with. I cannot wait to see the Superstructure going up during the Next 4-years!

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  5. MaineCoon says:

    Truly, President Trump is standing in the gap for our country.

    This is such a monumental achievement for President Trump and his administration.


    Next….Davos…….It will be magnificent to watch. All those yappers…Merkle, Trudeau, Macron….will be left with their mouths open. Speechless, yet trying to suck up before he/they tackle EU trade agreement.

    Ready, BoJo? You’re next in line!

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    • hawkins6 says:


      “Insufferable” political puppet PM Trudeau has not yet been instructed by Pelosi to approve the agreement in parliament. It is not scheduled to resume until January 27th.


  6. hawkins6 says:

    This is a very positive achievement today but, as designed by the devious Dems, it is 2nd place news to Pelosi’s impeachment parade on the MSM and FNC. I couldn’t watch much of it.

    I suspect I’m not alone and the full positive impact of this major 1st Phase Trade Deal with China has been mitigated by either the anger or the concern of many of P Trump’s supporters.

    Hopefully, most Americans will eventually appreciate P Trump’s efforts in arranging this deal and devastate the Dems in November when the positive impacts of the deal have kicked in. Once this impeachment scam is over, this trade deal will still be a great campaign topic while impeachment will only be a bad memory.

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    • jrapdx says:

      Wouldn’t worry about it. To be sure, the Democrats hope to distract from the President’s successes, but their schemes are bound to fail. The benefits of the the trade deal, partial as it is, will be around long after the impeachment frenzy is but a distant faded memory.

      And yes, the China trade deal will be positive for reelection in November, echoes of impeachment amounting to hardly a whimper. Strategic planning, shooting for long-term vs. short-term reward makes all the difference in the world—in the contest between Pres Trump and the Democrats I think it’s crystal clear whose “team” is primed to come out on top.

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    • MaineCoon says:

      BUT, it’s 1st place news worldwide! It’ll be the talk of Davos. Dems are so far behind the eight ball….they don’t know which end is up. Wait unit the “real debate” (as PDJT calls it) and the first question on trade comes up. The Dem nominee won’t have a clue about any of the specifics of the trade agreements – particularly China – as they didn’t read them! Too busy with Shampeachment!

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  7. alliwantissometruth says:

    Yes, China is doing this for the benefit of the world. They have such benevolent and compassionate leaders. Maybe Xi will start a commie hippie commune next

    Never mind they were between a rock and a hard place, a place President Trump put them in

    All these people can call themselves leaders all they want, but President Trump is the BOSS

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    • jrapdx says:

      I think you gotta agree the President has a way with words. Both sides in the negotiation know the reality about who actually caved, but so important to help all parties “save face”. Even if it’s true, what merit is there in loudly proclaiming an adversary’s defeat? After all, there’s always a chance there will another skirmish, that is, new negotiations will ensue.

      Better to strive to be “friends”, have a semblance of “team effort”, find whatever areas of agreement or compromise that are workable. Let’s hope for once China lives up to its commitments. Surely they’re aware that if they don’t there will be hell to pay.

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      • alliwantissometruth says:

        Of course jrap, President Trump isn’t going to rub it in. He knows how important this is to our country and the world. He allows these immature, tyrannical little men to save face while getting what he wants and what we need

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        • jrapdx says:

          > …immature, tyrannical little men…

          For a second there I could swear you were talking about the Democrats in Congress, you described ’em so well!

          Ironic that the Chinese commies are more willing to deal than our domestic versions. I’m all for diplomatic face-saving when the outcome makes things better, especially when it really is best for all concerned.


      • GB Bari says:

        I think you gotta agree the President has a way with words.

        Yes, that’s called diplomacy and statesmanship. PDJT understands and masters the use of both, yet he does not drop to his knees (figuratively) or bow down (literally) to foreign officials like Ozero. What a significant improvement. It makes me proud to unabashedly tell others of my sincere approval of and continued enthusiastic support for our current President.

        Unlike the last four presidents, President Trump has real gravitas.

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        • jrapdx says:

          A lot of the objections to PT’s “style” aren’t based on assessing his effectiveness, but merely a manifestation of TDS without having to say it in so many words. I hear it as just a slightly less crude version of “orange man bad”.

          OTOH President Trump is genuinely blessed with diplomatic talent. When he decides it’s the best approach he’ll express himself carefully, offer praise for others’ efforts or cooperation, etc. From the beginning of his run for President it was evident to me that he’s a natural-born team player, it’s how he prefers to get stuff done.

          When others refuse to work with him, insist on having a contest, he’ll oblige. He uses resources at his command to win. If people (including leaders of all kinds) insist on a fight they’ll get it. Though he’d really prefer not having to go there.

          What I don’t get is how so many don’t understand these elements, certainly PT has not been secretive about where he stands. It’s like people have their minds made up and aren’t going to let reality intervene.

          As many of us have said a thousand times, his adversaries keep beating their heads against the wall. They ought to have learned by now: they underestimate President Trump at their own peril. And yet how remarkable it is that they persistently fail to learn this simple truth.

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  8. Feel like I should have been in Washington today cheering on the President, and jeering at the dems for sending the impeachment articles to the senate.
    Instead, I went to work, are pizza for lunch, stopped at the supermarket and went home.
    When is our time to gather and make our voices heard?
    After the senate possibly removes him?
    Just kinda feel like I let the President down today, sticking to my routine.
    He is truly alone.
    Look what he does for us!I
    Will we really defend him if and when the time comes?
    God grant us wisdom and courage.


    • Dekester says:

      I will come down from B.C. Canada and join you. If arrested I will just play deaf and dumb, and claim refugee status from my State paid for sign language interpreter.

      PDJT truly is the best. There is nothing like him..

      I have never admired anyone more. ( except for my grandad.)

      God Bless PDJT

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  9. pyromancer76 says:

    President Trump is one of the most insightful, generous, inclusive, transformative leaders our country has been fortunate to have at the helm. Thank you, President Trump, for this beginning – turning an (winning) enemy into a more limited, willing competitor. Economics and smart relationships, not bluster and war. Face saving — with authority. This beginning could have never been done without you.

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  10. litlbit2 says:

    With President who is working for free could actually have the greedy, corrupt ego driven swamp creatures in both parties and elsewhere get out of their adolescent sand box. Followed by the puppets in all of MSM funded by evil power driven people to join in making MAGA/KAG. Can anyone with a brain visualize how far ahead the world could venture. Less crime, more jobs, more money, more freedom, more opportunities allowing all a better life. There is plenty for all, once set free.

    God said go forth and multiply. Not get in a bunker and be controlled. We see how that has worked. 2020

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  11. clulessgrandpa says:

    Trump is, after all said and done, a salesman at heart. A little exaggeration of numbers sometimes but he is usually pointed in the true/right direction. Best ever salesman for the USA!!!!!!!!! Creating more opportunities for everyone. And I think that an extra $200B in sales will produce more than 175,000 jobs. Think about all the ag jobs. Not just farm workers, but equipment manufacturers, logistics, engineering, and higher paying R&D jobs. And adding secondary level jobs as well to many more small business startups to supply these entities.

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  12. CNN_sucks says:

    Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. Is the only cure of all ill in this world.


  13. wodiej says:

    A momentous occasion. Now if they would stop oppressing their people.


    • MNBV says:

      “Now if they would stop oppressing their people.”
      Ah, the blue finger brigade.
      More wars “on other people who hate us behalf” coming.
      Slow learning should be a crime.
      How / if China oppresses it’s own people is none of our business.


  14. MaineCoon:
    McConnell deserves considerable credit for this moment.
    Prior to his statement on Hannity several weeks ago that there was “zero” chance the President
    “would be removed” from office, China was using the ‘wait’ strategy, and was no doubt hearing back-channel encouragement from Dems to ‘wait out’ Trump.
    Whether the Chinese truly understand the American political system or not, that the Senate leader would use such emphatic language must have been of singular importance to the Chinese to act instead of delay.
    In a beautifully-timed moment of statesmanship, McConnell managed both to deflate the silly ‘removal’ fantasies of Democrat partisans, AND focus the minds of the disengaged Chinese on the landmark trade deal they could no longer afford to postpone.
    A little-discussed factor of the Pelosi impeachment fervor was precisely the strategy of thwarting this trade deal by making the Chinese believe Trump might be removed.
    McConnell’s categorical statement managed to put the US/China negotiation back on track, AND signaled to Pelosi that the ‘China-delay tactic’ was no longer attainable.
    Thank you, Senator McConnell!
    PS I’ve always felt that reform of the Justice Department was of great importance. However, reform of our economic system toward free-market enterprise and capitalism was of existential importance. THAT GOAL IS BEING ACHIEVED IN SPADES SO EXTRAORDINARILY!!
    Now watch how the other important pieces will fall into place by mere force of gravity.

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  15. Alex Pazzo says:

    The Red Dragon bit it’s tongue


  16. fangdog says:

    The question isn’t how many Trumpers will no longer be Trumpers as a result of the impeachment fiasco? The question is how many democrats will now become Trumpers because of the impeachment fiasco?


  17. Pokey says:

    I hate to throw water on this celebration, but I am concerned as to why Chairman Xi did not show up to sign this agreement. I feel that if Xi did not sign this agreement, he can claim that it is not valid and will try to wrangle additional concessions from Trump before signing. Xi would love to have his own impact on our election and he can give our Communist media enough to convince people that Trump got rolled. Trump can reapply the tariffs, but that would put us back to square one. Hopefully, someone here knows why Chairman Xi was not there?


    • MNBV says:

      None of this stuff lasts past the next Democrat President.
      The Chinese know that President will be much more interested in Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming scams and males who think they are females and open borders. How they must laugh, knowing victory is inevitable.


    • A2 says:

      He has a state visit to Myanmar beginning tomorrow. The first state visit in 19 years.


    • Pokey says:

      I guess, since nobody agreed with my concerns, that my concerns are not warranted. That is great news. But, on concerns, my track record has been pretty decent. I hope I am wrong on this one, as usual.


  18. Rynn69 says:

    Ezekiel 22:30. Prophetic. Remember SD article on PDJT actually playing Happy Panda all along with no expectation China will comply with anything. More Happy Panda gestures?


  19. Jimmy Jack says:

    It’s amazing how much he is able to accomplish while being attacked relentlessly. Unbelievable.


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