U.S. Sends New Contingent of 4,000 Troops into Iraq…

First, the explanation from former CIA Director, current U.S. Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo:


Does this “escalation” have a familiar feel about it?

Let’s review the timeline:

A joint U.S. DoD, CIA and State Department effort initiated the background for an impeachment effort against U.S. President Donald Trump.

♦ A DoD Lt. Colonel named Alexander Vindman (Defense Dept.) sends false information to CIA operative Eric Ciaramella (CIA)…. that kick-starts a manipulated anonymous whistle-blower complaint through congress and the intelligence inspector general… which precedes a litany of U.S. foreign service operatives (State Dept.) testifying against President Trump.

Despite the known compromise and his certain inability to do his job, the National Security Staffer, Lt. Col. Vindman, is not removed from his position inside the White House National Security Council by Joint Chief’s Chairman Mark Milley.

♦ At the same time Vindman’s activity hits the headlines, U.S. Secretary of Navy Richard Spencer extorts the White House over President Trump’s decision to grant clemency for U.S. Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher.   Spencer offers to drop the Trident review for Gallagher if President Trump backs away from the issue.

After public exposure of the extortion, Defense Secretary Mark Esper is forced to fire Navy Secretary Richard Spencer.  Using Spencer’s firing as the starting point, a contingent of former flag officers mount a mass-media campaign against President Trump.  Joint Chief’s Chairman Mark Milley remains silent.

[NOTE: President Trump has an administration-wide military policy of allowing field commanders to make decisions closer to combat operations.  Offensive military engagement requires Commander-in-Chief approval, defensive operations do not.]

♦ U.S. officials and a coalition of Afghanistan tribal leaders representing the Taliban in Afghanistan announce a joint cease-fire as terms of U.S. withdrawal are discussed.

♦ On the same day the U.S-Afghanistan ceasefire agreement is announced, Secretary Pompeo, Secretary Esper and JCS Mark Milley travel to Mar-a-Lago to brief President Trump on a range of new airstrikes carried out in Eastern Syria and Western Iraq as retaliation for an Iranian proxy militia attack against a U.S. base in Kirkuk, Iraq, that killed an “American contractor”.

A U.S. civilian contractor was killed and several service members and Iraqi personnel injured Friday in a rocket attack on a base in Iraq, military officials said.

The attack on the base in Kirkuk occurred Friday morning, said Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve, which is tasked with fighting the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. The base is hosting coalition troops, the military said in a statement.  –  Kirkuk is in the northeastern part of the country, south of Erbil. (LINK)


President Trump is silent for three days as Secretary Pompeo, Secretary Esper and JCS Milley inform the media of new issues in/around Iraq.

The evidence of Iranian involvement against the Kirkuk base is a located abandoned truck with unfired rockets -with Iranian labels- located near the origination of the attack.

♦ The U.S. response to the airbase attack takes place 300+ miles from the Kirkuk incident.  Secretary Pompeo calls the retaliatory strikes “defensive” operations against Iranian -back proxy militias.

The Department of Defense took offensive actions in defense of our personnel and interests in Iraq by launching F-15 Strike Eagles against five targets associated with Kata’ib Hezbollah, which is an Iranian-sponsored Shiite militia group. The targets we attacked included three targets in Western Iraq and two targets in Eastern Syria that were either command and control facilities or weapons caches for Kata’ib Hezbollah.

~Def Sec Esper

♦ Iranian-inspired proxies inside Iraq then use the U.S. retaliatory strikes to mount a protest against the U.S. embassy in/around the “green zone” in Iraq.   Chaos ensues.  U.S. troops are dispatched to reinforce the massive embassy compound.

♦ As a result of the increased risk and hostility to U.S. interests in/around the U.S. embassy in Iraq; and as a result of escalating friction caused by the original Iranian-militia attack; and as a result of the two U.S. air strikes in response to that initial attack; and out of an abundance of caution that our U.S. embassy in Iraq does not turn into another Benghazi-like outcome; we are now sending 4,000 more U.S. troops into Iraq.

All of this, we are told, is the result of rockets fired into an airbase in Kirkuk by “Iranian” militia; who our intelligence services identified from an abandoned truck and un-fired missiles with Iranian stickers.

You decide…


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422 Responses to U.S. Sends New Contingent of 4,000 Troops into Iraq…

  1. islandpalmtrees says:

    Their is more to the story on Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. Let’s take a short look at support for Vindman. It would seem Jeremy B. Bash is not X-CIA. Keep reading.

    Former Defense Department and CIA chief of staff Jeremy Bash blasted a segment on Fox News’ The Ingraham Angle as “absolutely despicable,”


    Notice: Jeremy Bash interest in Counterterrorism Operations

    Jeremy B. Bash (e was the chief of staff at the U.S. Department of Defense (2011–2013) and the Central Intelligence Agency (2009–2011), both under President Barack Obama. As a senior advisor to Leon Panetta in both roles, Bash worked on a number of key initiatives, including the creation of a new defense strategy, formation of two defense budgets, counterterrorism operations, a new cyber strategy, and a range of sensitive intelligence operations.


    Sergei Mikhailov, along with his treasonous co-conspirators Dmitry Dokuchaev and Ruslan Stoyanov, this report states, further revealed that Dana Bash paid them for the information she received, but with them all adding that they knew these illicit funds were being funneled through CNN by the CIA—specifically by Bash’s husband, the CIA operative Jeremy Bash—and with their adding that they believed that no one could ever believe the lies they were telling as it was an American intelligence operation against their own citizens, not Russian.


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    • Moe Grimm says:

      Good catch.

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    • WSB says:

      Man, he looks like her.

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    • Mary Morse says:

      Also from the linked report:
      …”Being concerned that Russian intelligence operatives may have been in contact with the “Russian Dossier” author Christopher Steele, this report details, the FSB began an investigation on 11 January 2017 that led to the 27 January 2017 arrest for treason of FSB deputy head of the Centre for Information Security Sergei Mikhailov, his deputy, Dmitry Dokuchaev, and Ruslan Stoyanov, the head of cybercrime investigations at Kaspersky Labs, who were all found to be communicating with the CIA via email and telephonic communications with CNN’s chief political correspondent Dana Bash.”…

      And this linked Foreign Policy article from Jan 31, 2017:
      …”Sergei Mikhailov, allegedly detained at a board meeting last December, and his deputy, Dmitry Dokuchaev, were arrested by the Kremlin on Jan. 27 for treason and illegal hacking. Then, on Tuesday, Russian news agency Interfax, after hearing from unidentified sources, reported that they, along with Ruslan Stoyanov, the head of cybercrime investigations at Kaspersky Labs, and a fourth, as yet unnamed person, are suspected of passing along secret information to the CIA — or of passing it to someone who passed it to the CIA. The Kremlin, for its part, has refuted such claims through spokesperson Dmitri Peskov, who said, “…we categorically deny any assertions about the possible complicity of the Russian side in any hacker attacks,” adding, “All the suspects have been charged with high treason. This is the sole count in the case. There are no other accusations.”…

      The FP article provides this link to a Jan. 31, 2017 Moscow Times report with details of the arrests:

      Article will not copy/paste, but please see third paragraph from bottom of the article that details that the information allegedly passed by Mikhailov regards Vladimir Fomenko and his ‘server rental company “King Servers” which the American cybersecurity company ThreatConnect indentified…as an “information nexus” that was used by hackers suspected of working for Russian state security in cyber attacks.’

      Who is ThreatConnect? From their website:

      And this Moscow Times article of Jan. 27, 2017 that provides additional detail of the related arrest of a Russian hacker:


      • Mary Morse says:

        More on Vladimir Fomenko, King Servers, and ThreatConnect:

        Andrew Kramer of the NYT published articles about Fomenko on Sept 27, 2016 and Oct 4, 2016. Fomenko alleges circular reporting by Kramer and ThreatConnect noted in the linked Forbes article:

        …”Kramer described Fomenko as “the only person so far implicated in the flurry of Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee and other political sites.” Kramer based this description on the report of ThreatConnect, a cybersecurity company hired by the DNC, which (if Kramer had read carefully) tied Fomenko only to possible attacks on Arizona and Illinois voting systems. Yet on the basis of this report (dated 9/2/16: https://threatconnect.com/blog/state-board-election-rabbit-hole/ ), Kramer broadly characterized Fomenko as “the manager of an ‘information nexus’ …. used by hackers suspected of working for Russian state security in cyberattacks on several countries, including Germany, Turkey and Ukraine, as well as the United States.”…

        …”Fearing a loss of reputation and possible business, Fomenko contacted ThreatConnect offering to share information and to complain about being dubbed “the manager of an information nexus” for Russian cyber-intelligence. Fomenko shared ThreatConnect’s response with me, which shifted blame for the “mastermind” claim to Kramer of the New York Times.”…

        …’Considering the nature of the activity and that your resources have been abused by an unidentified miscreant, might we suggest that you also share this information directly with Russian and U.S. authorities so that we might establish this dialogue in a transparent and open manner. With regard to the New York Times article you reference. The term “information nexus” is the author’s [Kramer’s] words—not ours. We suggest you follow up with the author / New York Times if they need to clarify or correct anything.’…

        Anyone know of any connections between Andrew Kramer of the NYT, and David Kramer?


  2. islandpalmtrees says:


    So, what is an active member of the CIA (Jeremy B. Bash) doing backing Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman? Is CNN nothing more than a front for the CIA? You know, they are both being paid by the CIA.

    CNN Chief Reporter Dana Bash husband Jeremy B. Bash

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  3. Linda says:

    I sure hope POTUS reads, or has access to, TCTH!!!


  4. Biggyrat says:

    Oh, if only President Trump had the intelligence and first hand information of some of the commenters on this site! But of course, everyone knows he is just so incompetent and is constantly failing at everything he attempts to do. This is why I visit this site less and less. Many here seem to believe our President is an idiot. Pathetic!

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  5. Trent Telenko says:

    The Iranians have been escalating provocations for months.

    The Trump Administration has been doing it’s best to ignore them because economic sanctions are more of a threat to the Iranian Mullah’s than anything short of a full Congressional declaration of war whose terms were the unconditional surrender of the Iranian Republic,

    Let’s start here:

    Iran’s RQ-4N Shoot Down, Pres. Trump and the Expiration of the Carter Doctrine
    June 24th, 2019

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  6. Trent Telenko says:

    Let’s fast forward next to November 2019 via this Styrategypage.com article:

    Iran: Has-Been Trying To Make A Comeback

    First, the Trump Administration struck back against Iran and it’s paid proxies via cyber-war attacks:

    November 18, 2019: Leaked Iranian intelligence files from 2014-15 detailed how much Iran had infiltrated the Iraqi government and Security forces. Names were named, both Iraqi and Iranian. Many of the names, especially the Iranian IRGC commanders and religious leaders, are still around and still actively interfering inside Iraq. This was inflammatory material in Iran and Iraq, as both countries are undergoing nationwide protests against corruption and the misbehavior of the IRGC and Iran’s religious dictatorship. For a lot of Iraqis and Iranians, the leaked documents just confirmed what was already suspected, but that both Iranian and Iraqi governments denied.

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  7. Trent Telenko says:

    Nor was that the only push back from the Trump Administration.

    Via the same link:

    Iran: Has-Been Trying To Make A Comeback

    November 27, 2019: An American destroyer halted and searched a dhow in the Indian Ocean (near Oman and Iran) because an ID check had shown it to be “stateless.” That indicated smuggling and a search of the cargo revealed a large quantity of key components for Iranian cruise missiles (both land-attack and anti-ship) as well as anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles. The cargo was apparently headed for Yemen, where final delivery would probably be made by fishing boats carrying cargoes of weapons rather than recently caught fish. There are so many of these fishing boats off the Red Sea coast of Yemen that not all can be searched and the smuggler boats seek to appear less suspicious than the actual fishing boats. Iran pays what it takes to get this smuggling done and there are plenty of skilled smugglers in Yemen looking for work, no questions asked. Such cargoes used to be sent to Gaza on a regular basis but the Israeli-Egyptian blockade is tighter than ever and it is difficult to even get individuals or suitcases of cash into Gaza.

    In southern Iraq (the Shia shrine city Najaf), protesters seized and burned down the Iranian consulate. The anti-Iran Shia protesters called the consulate a center for terrorism and Iranian efforts to dominate Iraq. That was no secret in Najaf and the surprising thing is Iran was not able to muster enough pro-Iran Iraqis to defend the consulate. By early December three Iranian consulates in Iraq were seized and burned down by protesters.

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  8. dscottv says:

    All’s I know is President Trump has resisted and avoided being dragged into an escalation with Iran and has tried to draw down forces in the region. He reluctantly agreed and then pulled back from attacking Iran…and was condemned for it. He resisted Bolton. We know the Neocon’s have been furious over Trump’s refusal to escalate…and now he’s sending 4000 troops to Iraq. [insert suspicious cat here]

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    • Linda K. says:

      It is possible that there is more to the story than we know or any commentator really knows. I agree, Trump wants no part of a war in the middle east. Pompeo seems ready to rumble and may have helped cause the escalation unnecessarily. But, we may not know everything at this point.

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  9. Trent Telenko says:

    Israel has also been doing a lot of unannounced air strikes on the IRGC Quds Force.

    See this link again:

    Iran: Has-Been Trying To Make A Comeback

    December 4, 2019: In eastern Syria (Deir Ezzor province) there was apparently another Israeli airstrike against Iranian weapons being stored near the Al Bukamal crossing into Iraq. This border crossing is vital for the Iran-to-Mediterranean land route. This road is essential to supporting any Iranian military expansion in Syria and Lebanon. Israel has bombed it before and will apparently continue doing so. That is what will also happen to the new military base Iran is building here on the Syrian side of the border. The base is nearly complete despite several Israeli airstrikes. At that point, the Israeli airstrikes usually intensify in an effort to obliterate the completed base.

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  10. Trent Telenko says:

    And this new Strategypage.com link:

    Israel: Fool’s Paradise

    December 7, 2019: In eastern Syria (Deir Ezzor province), there was another Israeli airstrike against Iranian weapons being stored near the Al Bukamal crossing into Iraq. There were four or five deaths, all of them pro-Iran militiamen..

    December 9, 2019: Russian and Iranian media claim that on December 6th Russian jet fighters, operating from the Russian airbase in northwest Syria, intercepted Israeli warplanes that appeared to be on their way to attack the T-4 airbase, and forced the Israelis to turn back. There was no comment from the Israelis. This airbase, in central Syria near Palmyra, has been hit by Israeli airstrikes several times in 2019 and many more times in earlier years. The T4 airbase is the largest in Syrian. This is where Iran moved its UAV operations in 2018 after its original UAV base in Syria was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike. Russia later revealed that its electronic jammers, which were supposed to disrupt the guidance systems of missiles attacking Syrian bases failed to do so during the 2018 T-4 attack. Details were not given, only that the Russian jammers were “interfered with by external forces.” Russia is embarrassed by the apparent ineffectiveness of its air defenses when used against Israeli airstrikes. The Israelis don’t rub it in and generally respond with “no comment” when asked about it.

    December 10, 2019: Commercial satellite photos clearly show Iran building tunnels in eastern Syria (Deir Ezzor province) near the Al Bukamal crossing into Iraq. This border crossing is vital for the Iran-to-Mediterranean land route. This road is essential to supporting any Iranian military expansion in Syria and Lebanon. The new tunnels are apparently large enough for trucks to drive into, for refuge from airstrikes as well as for getting across the border unseen. Israel has bombed this area many times and continues doing so. Because of that Iran is constructing the tunnels to better conceal the cargo trucked in from Iran and moved into Syria via this crossing. The tunnels are near the new military base Iran is building on the Syrian side of the border. The base is nearly complete despite several Israeli airstrikes. Once the base is completed the Israeli airstrikes will intensify in an effort to obliterate the base. Probably the same for the tunnels. Israel has had to deal with cross-border tunnels before, on its Lebanon and Gaza borders.

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  11. Trent Telenko says:

    Israel went out of it’s way to blow wind up the IRGC Quds Force back side mid-December:

    Israel: Fool’s Paradise

    December 16, 2019: In an effort to reassure Israelis that the Iranian threats to use hundreds, or thousands of cruise missiles to attack Israel, the air force revealed a capability of the F-35 that was suspected but never confirmed. The F-35 AESA radar and fire control was designed to track cruise missile or small UAV type targets over a wide area and uses its own missiles to destroy them or, more importantly, to pass that data onto other aircraft or ground-based anti-aircraft systems and enable a coordinated attack by all these to destroy the incoming low altitude threat. More details were not revealed but what was disclosed was enough to force Iran to reconsider how it would use cruise missiles. Fear of Iranian use of cruise missiles was triggered by the use of cruise missiles to carry out a surprise on Saudi oil facilities in September. The Saudis were not expecting such an attack from Iran and that enabled Iran to carry it out because airborne radars or special ground-based ones are the only systems that can guarantee to spot such an attack.

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  12. Trent Telenko says:

    This is the last entry Strategypage.com dropped regards the escalting tensions for Iran before X-mas:

    Israel: Fool’s Paradise

    December 18, 2019: Israel believes Iran is moving short-range (under 1,000 kilometers) ballistic missiles into Iraq and concealing them in areas where pro-Iran militias are dominant. These would be used in the event of a war with Israel, along with rockets and missiles already in Lebanon and Gaza. This could cause problems with Iraq, especially since a retired IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps) causally admitted, in a recent media interview, that Iran controlled the many rockets and missiles stored in southern Lebanon for potential use against Israel. An official denial was issued because Iran has always denied having direct control over Hezbollah, the Shia militia that has controlled southern Lebanon for decades. It is no secret that Iran controls Hezbollah but officially that is not the case.

    Iran–backed Shia rebels in Yemen recently threatened to use their Iranian ballistic and cruise missiles against Israel. These rebels took credit for the September 14 attack on Saudi oil facilities. Iran supported this claim but the physical evidence clearly showed that the attack came from Iran, and inside Iran, it is taken for granted that this was an Iranian, not Yemeni rebels.


    Since early November Israel has launched multiple airstrikes on Syria five times and smaller, one target missions much more frequently. The multiple airstrikes were different in that they went after the best defended Iranian targets and that meant attacking Syrian air defenses in a big way. Russia did not like this because Syrian air defense systems are almost entirely Russian and the apparent ease with which Israel destroyed these targets was an embarrassment for Russia. There were public protests from Russia but no threats as Russian and Israeli leaders remained in contact. Apparently Israel convinced Russia that the Iranian threat was still serious and required decisive and destructive action. Russia wants things to calm down in Syria so they can implement their planned reconstruction projects. These are rather modest (about $300 million, only a few percent of what is needed) and concentrate on rebuilding the port of Tartus, where there is a Russian naval base. Also planned is building a railroad from Tartus to Iraq where it would connect with an Iraqi railroad to Basra and the Persian Gulf.

    Russia needs to remain on good terms with Israel despite the fact the Russian allies (or “partners”) in Syria (Turkey, Iran and Assads) all want Israel destroyed. Israel will continue to attack any Iranian moves towards Israel, especially the Israeli border and those attacks have recently become more intense.

    Iran was surprised by the Americans withdrawing their troops from Syria and leaving the Kurds without American air support and the presence of U.S. troops. That was not entirely true as the Americans are keeping about 600 troops, and air support, to protect the Kurdish run oil fields in eastern Syria. The Americans moved their withdrawing troops to the Iraq border. Finally, the official American policy is to stay in Syria until assured that locals can handle counterterrorism operations, especially against ISIL (Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant). The Americans admit that this may keep their troops in Syria for years, but the U.S. does not see any alternative.

    The Iranians have more than Turkey and Israel to worry about. The Syrian effort is costing Iran a lot of money, which they cannot afford. This has led to a major reduction in Iranian mercenary forces in Syria while remaining Quds and IRGC forces there are mainly concerned with carrying out attacks on Israel. The humiliation of constant defeats in the form of Israeli airstrikes and loss of Iranian lives has enraged the Iranians. But it has not empowered them to do any better. So far Iran has tolerated the losses and continues to pour resources into permanently establishing itself in Syria. Iran is determined to finally achieve a victory over Israel using its presence in Syria but is encountering resistance from Russia, Syria, Turkey, Iraq and most NATO nations. Now there is the Turkish invasion that has made the Iranians a potential battlefield opponent of the Turks. Iran made it clear it was not willing to do much about halting the invading Turks. Over the last four centuries, Iran has fought the Turks many times and usually lost. The same pattern exists with Israel more recently. Over the last two centuries, Russia has also been a difficult foe. Back in Iran most Iranians are more willing to recognize what a bad place Syria is for Iran and since 2017 there have been more and more public protests about that, and other shortcomings of the Iranian government. Hundreds of Iranian civilian protesters have died in the last two months as the government tries to suppress the protest movement. Iranians are fed up with their three decade old religious dictatorship.

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  13. ezpz2 says:

    Could you perhaps give us the Cliff-notes version/s along with a link or two?

    No offense, but that’s a whole lotta text to read in the comments’ section on New Years Day.



  14. Trent Telenko says:


    This Iranian behavior is the classic “Irrational/Nutball regimes become more so under pressure” hypothesis in action.

    The basic concept here is that for certain unstable regimes (or even stable ones with no effective means of resolving internal disputes peacefully, particularly the succession of power) domestic power games are far more important than anything foreign, and that foreigners are only symbols to use in domestic political factional fights.

    What you are seeing here with Iran’s Mullah regime’s escalations, including the past summer’s “Limpet Mine Tanker War,” the downing of the RQ-4A drone. the Saudi Refinery missile attack, and now the paid Iraqi Militia attack on the US Embassy are the externals of the internal Mullah factional power games of ‘Who can be more nutball than thou‘ to gain more short term power without regards to external reality.

    “Nutball” in this case meaning either attack Israel or the USA (the Lessor or Great Satan respectively) to show you are more daring, militant, and blessed by Allah. Thus deserving of power, money and followers inside the Iranian Mullahocracy.

    None of this script is working for the Iranian factions.
    Pres. Trump’s economic sanctions are the most effective the Mullah’s have ever faced.

    And Trump’s refusal to strike Iran leaves the militant factions of Iran rather like the submissive of an S/M pair demanding the “Top” beat her.

    And the “Top” smiling and saying very quietly:


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    • bluenova1971 says:

      “Spank me, Daddy”

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    • ezpz2 says:

      Thank you…I think 🤔

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      • Trent Telenko says:


        As an exercise in “Irrational/Nutball regimes become more so under pressure” pattern recognition. Go use this template and replace “Foreigners” with “other political party.”

        Hint — In political parties and other non-government organization’s it’s all about being captured in a “Patron-client” relationship by the narrow interests with the most money.

        Now look at Speaker Pelosi, the Impeachment of Donald Trump, and all those Wall Street derivative trader billionaires throwing millions at House and Senate Democrats.

        If you want to know why things are so crazy in world and domestic American politics.

        Applying the “Irrational regimes become more so under pressure” hypothesis, which is driving Iran’s craziness, will do much to answer the question.

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  15. I distrust the Swamp completely. However, we do know that the Iranians are deeply involved inside Iraq and inside their militias. This has been public knowledge for well over a decade. That being said, we need to be careful of running to the conspiracy well every time something like this occurs. Confirmation bias is a nasty thing. Let’s not discard the possibility but let’s also be open to the Iranians actually being the instigators here – just like they were regarding the British oil tankers and the missile strike in Saudi Arabia.

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    • Trent Telenko says:

      Dale (@DBCopa),

      Not everything is about the USA and its Swamp versus non-Swamp factional fights..

      America’s enemies get a vote.

      Such is the case with Iran.

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  16. HickTick says:

    Bottom line the CIA has drug PDJT back into war with more troops just because they can . Every time he mentions withdraw they get busy .


    • MNBV says:

      Yeah…….. but any non Admin State Army General PDJT talks to will tell him that the US Embassy in Iraq is easily protected by 3 Apache helicopters against any mob attack.

      4,000 new troops?…… WTF for?
      PDJT’s been conned.


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