Economic Advisor Peter Navarro Discusses U.S. Economy Heading into 2020…

White House Manufacturing and Trade Advisor Peter Navarro discusses the state of the U.S. economy heading into 2020. The Fox crew uses the strawman poll: “some people feel”, to create a narrative that cannot easily be countered; however, the reality in the economic stats cannot be refuted.

Main Street workers are confident; wages continue to increase; inflation is low –  employment is high, consumer spending is strong and the future looks bright.

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24 Responses to Economic Advisor Peter Navarro Discusses U.S. Economy Heading into 2020…

  1. Harvey Lipschitz says:

    Economic correlation coefficients have all shifted. Let that soak in.

    We will need fresh textbooks.

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  2. MNBV says:

    You’ll know govt debt and debt to GDP is unacceptable if the US$ ever gets under wholesale pressure.
    No sign of that at all. The US prints the world’s reserve currency. So by all means, keep those metaphorical printing presses running flat out.
    There’s a story about ants and butterflies that I won’t bore you with.

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  3. Ausonius says:

    Speaking of market rigging, expect the Billionaire Globalist Club to be manipulating currencies, stock markets, commodities markets (e.g. oil, soybeans, various metals), etc. They will begin soon, in the hope that some sort of slow-down or economic crisis can be catalyzed through panic.

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  4. dbobway says:

    It used to be funny, to turn on Fox business and listen to how fast Maria had to put up with an ‘economist’ expert, explain how the sky is falling with a recession in sight.
    I would then turn it off.
    It happens so much now , I just quit the game.

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  5. Raptors2020 says:

    Low inflation is enormous. People who lived through the seventies understand. Rich and poor suffer under inflation. Jerry Powell at the Fed fights the chimera of inflation: it’s in his nightmares.

    Jimmy Carter’s solution was to increase government handouts. That, of course, makes things worse. Labor disputes and strikes were incessant in the seventies. You need a raise just to keep your head above water, not to succeed in life. And your raise adds to the problem. Real productivity gains is the only way to get ahead, but how can the average person grasp this? People on pensions, on fixed incomes suffer so much under high inflation.

    Money in the bank becomes a cruel joke under conditions of high inflation, be you rich or poor.

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    • lokiscout says:

      Bought my first house in 1971 under Jimmy Who’s watch. Lucked out and cough a low point in the mortgage rate 13.5%. My credit card doesn’t cost me that much today!

      Sure wish I could buy a house for that price today though. Three bedroom, 1.5 bath, 1300 sq ft. $18,000. My last car cost me twice that! That’s the lasting effect of inflation the interest rates, wages and economy get sorted out but the base is 10X what it was before the inflation bounce.

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    • budklatsch says:

      Gee, the question was, Has the GOP changed their strategy to address the concerns of America’s workers? Really? The Dems gave up on the American workers decades ago, so easy pickin’s for socialist Sanders until Trump stepped in and saved them.


  6. fangdog says:

    For me debt has always meant debt vs assets and not so much dollar amount of debt. One can owe a dollar but if assets are minus a dollar you are essentially bankrupt. I’d rather owe a million with 2-million assets than owe one dollar with minus one dollar assets.

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  7. paulmafinga says:

    the only (slight) concerns are promoting low unemployment numbers and wage growth.

    The BLS formulas and data collection were written into law long ago, maybe FDR era, and people fall off the unemployment stats fairly quick, basically out of the workforce. This was discussed many times when Obama tried to tout his numbers, the smoke and mirrors behind them.

    There was a time when wage growth was preferably kept low, since wage increases can cause rapid inflation. The conservative mindset generally preferred increasing buying power via innovation and the “better, faster, cheaper” approach. If the price of housing, cars, and healthcare were to drop by half, the effect on consumers is similar to a huge boost in income.

    obviously, much of this involves balancing acts.


  8. bessie2003 says:

    That was a really good interview! Covered a lot of ground and they gave him time to answer their questions. Refreshing.


  9. GB Bari says:

    No one I know is unemployed. Several are retired.
    The retired friends and acquaintances speak of children who are employed and grandchildren who are either employed or in school or both.
    Economic activity around my community is healthy, busy, vibrant. New construction, or renovations, both commercial and residential are happening all over. Commercial spaces in strip centers and along Main Street in my own little town are all full. Very Few vacancies.

    Numbers shmumbers. Just look around and talk with people. That’s the best way to measure the economy.

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  10. A2 says:

    “It’s a beautiful thing’

    -Peter Navarro-


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  11. A2 says:


    ‘ China’s top negotiator Liu He to visit Washington for phase one trade war deal signing this week, source says
    Vice-Premier Liu He has accepted an invitation to lead a delegation to the US from this Saturday, a source briefed on the matter told the Post
    US trade representative Robert Lighthizer previously said phase one trade deal would be signed in the first week of January’


    ‘ Vice-Premier Liu He is set to lead a delegation to Washington this Saturday, where he is expected to sign a phase one deal that would significantly de-escalate the US-China trade war, a source briefed on the matter has told the South China Morning Post.
    “Washington has sent an invitation and Beijing has accepted it,” said the source, who declined to be named due to the highly sensitive nature of the information. The Chinese delegation is expected to stay “a few days” in the US until the middle of next week, the source added.
    Neither side has officially confirmed the trip. China’s Ministry of Commerce was not immediately available for comment’


  12. Magabear says:

    Some people feel that some people at Fox are annoying no nothings. Some people say that. 😉

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