IMF: “U.S. Removing Tariffs on China Will Improve Global Economy”…

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has a statement out today that underlines why so many global forces are against President Trump: “there are trillions at stake”.

(Reuters) – An interim U.S.-China trade deal that rolls back some tariffs has the potential to improve the International Monetary Fund’s baseline economic forecasts, which show the two countries’ trade war slowing global growth significantly this year, an IMF spokesman said on Thursday. (read more)

The baseline for the position of the IMF is the open secret amid global economic that few will ever discuss openly.  The U.S. economy generates approximately $21 trillion in total activity; roughly 20 percent of total global economic activity.

When the U.S. maintains a $500 billion per year trade deficit with China, essentially we are sending China trade dollars Beijing then uses to purchase industrial products from the EU an other nations.  Any reduction in the U.S-China deficit means China has less dollars to distribute; as an outcome the global economies have access to less U.S. wealth.

The process to retain U.S. dollars inside our own economy, President Trump’s “America First” economic agenda, is the heart of what most call the global economic slowdown.  As a result the position of the IMF is better when the U.S. maintains a deficit, and the position of the IMF is weakened by any process that stops that exfiltration of wealth.

This is why so many countries are pouring money into Washington DC, and into any political activity within the United States, with the intention to derail President Trump’s policy.   By using U.S. proxies, essentially lobbyists, the multinationals are trying to stop President Trump.  There are trillions at stake.

An example would be China -and others- funding the Brookings institute.  The Brookings Institute then funds the activity of the Lawfare group.  Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler hiring Lawfare members as contractors for their impeachment effort then boils down to China subsidizing the impeachment process.  This is one example; however, there are many more.

Stopping or stalling ratification of the USMCA is another example.  The USMCA supports more U.S. wealth and weakens U.S. investment in China. It’s all connected.

Simultaneously, from coast to coast those same multinational interests are funneling massive amounts of cash into any election that is part of the domestic “resistance”.

The U.S. Wall Street multinationals, globalists and multinational banks all hold a vested financial interest in stopping President Trump.   The alignment of these interests is what gives rise to candidates like Michael Bloomberg.  It is all connected.

Hundreds of millions from multinational corporations are pouring into the coffers of K-Street lobbyists who are in turn purchasing politicians to maintain the adverse position against President Trump.  [Lobbyist Spending Here]

Once you see the strings on the marionettes you can never go back to the time when you did not see them….

So far, in 2019 (three quarters): SOURCE LINK

U.S. Chamber of Commerce = U.S. Multinationals on Wall Street.  Tom Donohue.

Open Society Policy Center = George Soros.

Amazon = Jeff Bezos, Washington Post, CIA.

Business Roundtable = U.S. Multinationals on Wall Street.

Northrop Grumman = Syria war policy influence.

Boeing Co = Where did DOJ-NSD FISA Lawyer, Tash Guahar, go to work?  {Go Deep}

…”there are trillions at stake”… “it’s all connected”…

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154 Responses to IMF: “U.S. Removing Tariffs on China Will Improve Global Economy”…

  1. sundance says:

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    • If Germany’s economy continues to for any length of time, the European “Socialist” Union is finished. No more other people’s money to spend.

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      • bertdilbert says:

        We cannot save the world, we can only save ourselves.

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        • mopar2016 says:

          Let the EU live in their commune, some of us don’t want communism.

          Quote: The goal of socialism IS communism.
          Vladmir Lenin

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          • With the end game at this point Mopar being totalitarian feudalism.

            And they mean ownership of all people, period. If we think the human/child trafficking, sex/murder cult is bad now, just let the globalists complete their sick and evil mission.

            Camps to choose what flavor from, if you will. Seriously true, and yet millions would call me insane. Hundreds have already if not thousands on the internet. They would learn the hard way, but I hope they never do.

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          • rah says:

            Krugman. One has to really work at being so wrong so often.

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        • Bubby says:

          Globalists in this country, in our Congress, in the msm, along with American billionaires want us to save the world knowing it will destroy our Republic and the Constitution in the process. That’s what has happening every day for more than the last 50 years until the election of President Trump! They want open borders, free trade for everyone but the US, to join the World Court, to submit to the UN, give sweetheart deals to friends and family but not to WTP in flyover country! President Trump tell the IMF to go to hell!

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          • Dutchman says:

            They don’t want the U.S. to ‘save the World’; they were well on their way to destroying the U.S., in order to establish a ‘One World Government’, modeled after the CCP in China, where corruption is the way everthing works, and the ‘princelings’ aquire in ordinate wealth, dissent is quashed,…oh, and if they or theirs need a transplant, there are numerous deplorables in concentration camps, to provide.

            These are sick, power hungry ,…I started to say PEOPLE, spawns and pawns of Satan would be more appropriate.

            At a certain point, its tempting to long for the clarity, and simplicity of a ‘hot war’, as opposed to the endless drumbeat of this (mostly) cold war,…

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            • ann says:

              Dutch, peanut gallery here w kinda stupid question:
              Why the selective focus on the United States?

              Do their countries get picked on too?
              Do some countries have laws, or effective means of enforcement to safeguard the integrity of their political system from financial predators & economic hijackers ?

              This cannot be the first time in history ruling class sells out their country.

              Corruption, of course, is always a huge challenge. Yet, I’ve read quite a bit of history, and cannot cite another example of a fully nationalised people whose governing elites collaborate to legally “normalise” outside & networked entities to plunder their natal homeland, their own people.

              Nor do I know of a nation state that refuses to admit and punish individuals & groups which do not protect secrets, intelligence and security.

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              • TheLastDemocrat says:

                Why the USA? One, because we are ostensibly moral, and an interrelated Two is that we are overwhelmingly the economic power house.

                As long as we are moral and economicaly strong, we are in their way.
                Ultimately, they are overly prideful and mocking of God.

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                • ann says:

                  Thanks Last D,
                  Hadn’t perceive us as a more wealthy or powerful than EU, or China.
                  Our budget goes to defense, R&D & caring for elders and poor.
                  So, Uniparty chose to fund the world is why they are leaving Us insane debt.!


              • Dutchman says:

                Why the U.S? Because we are the “shining city on a hill”; because with a strong middle class, and following the,Constitution, provides an incredible bulwark AGAINST their plans for a “One World,Government”.

                And, with China as the lead Government, sponsoring this push for Worldwide tyranny, MANY countries are experiencing the same thing, in different forms.

                OBOR, is ONE way. Go to third world shitehole countries with natural resources. Offer to finance projects, bridges, ports, etc. Bribe the politicians to agree to terms the country can’t possibly meet.

                When they default, say “Thats o.k., you can pay us with Oil, or Uranium, or rare earth metals, etc.

                Basically, loan sharking applied to countries. With Western Europe and U.S., a different route. Still starts with bribes to government officials, giving sweetheart deals to their relatives (McConnell and Biden, for instance).
                Flood the countries with large #’s of unassimilating ‘economic migrants’, sew dissention, undermine the Constitution and destroy the middle class.

                And WHY the emphasis on the U.S.?
                Because China watched what happened with USSR, during Reagan, and realised if,another US POTUS decided to do the,same thing to China, they could.

                No other country could, but the U.S.
                Our ‘exceptionalism’ includes having a consumer market, WAY outside our ‘weight class’; we’re ONLY 350 Million, and yet our economy is larger than China or India!

                WHY? Because,of our large, vibrant middle class. Because of the Constitution, and rule of law.

                Oh, and our exceptionalism is,also due,to our not needing anything; China can’t even FEED itself!
                So, PDJT is Chinas worst nightmare! He can harness the American economy, to crush China.

                They,were so focused on their 1000 year plan, they had no awareness of their vulnerability, on such a short time scale.
                Like not seeing the forest, for the trees.

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                • zorrorides says:

                  Yep ann, what dutch sez


                • ann says:

                  You integrate so well:
                  left/globalism agenda is destroy cultural cohesion, ex “post history”” progressivist” doctrine contradicts biological drives & competition for resources, constants of human behaviour.

                  China perceives financial predatation as a defensive strategy? Hence intell theft, espionage, belt & road
                  China, & EU refuse win win deals?

                  reciprocity, fair trade are foundational for long term viability.

                  “China saw what happened w USSR, & realised … their vulnerability.”

                  We still punch above our weight? After 40 years of awful leadership & trillions in debt,

                  I’ve grown up believing they ruined our wealth & shackled our future w impossible interest payments & social burdens. .

                  Didn’t realise we are still kinda strong.

                  That makes me very happy. Thank you Dutch ♥️🇺🇸💪🏼


                • ann says:

                  PS Loan sharkung, great analogy. I’ll read up on what that is. 💡

                  “We punch above our weight class”.
                  Good to feel mighty! 💪🏼


                • Dutchman says:

                  Conmunism is like a government run by the mob; by which I mean the mafia. Loan sharking is loaning someone, who could never qualify for a bank loan, a loan.

                  But the interest, or ‘vig’ is,such that they can never pay it off. Kinda,like the,credit card companies, with minimum payments?

                  The mob also uses it as a,way to aquire ‘legitimate’ businesses.

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                • American Heritage says:

                  Precisely! Thank you, Dutchman.


              • TPW says:

                Maybe I am naive and simplistic but this whole mantra of getting ready for artificial intelligence and robotics is self defeating destruction of social order and the survival of mankind. Short term profits over long term survival of economies and civilization. How can these companies think that getting rid of jobs will help their survival of companies in the long term….people without jobs can not have any purchasing power not to mention the social unrest and the lack of mental stability of society. What are these people thinking….when I think of my families own experience over the last 30 years ….stock market and investors have ruined everything from quality of products, jobs loss to cheap labor….and finally the destruction of the family, wish for the days of family first . Holidays off together . Weekends off for family time. everything closed on Sunday ….a day of worship . Pensions and health insurance that worked. God First.. Stock Market was the beginning of the end.

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                • ann says:

                  TPW, fervently agree My father told me History demonstrates forecasts of popular“intelligensia” are invariably wrong.

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                • ann says:

                  Plus, don’t feel guilty, TP, .

                  We never voted for globalism, or “American hegemony. both parties signed up, gave us no options, at least in my lifetime. . 🇺🇸🌸🦅

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                • ATheoK says:

                  “TPW says: November 9, 2019 at 12:07 am
                  Maybe I am naive and simplistic but this whole mantra of getting ready for artificial intelligence and robotics is self defeating destruction of social order and the survival of mankind. Short term profits over long term survival of economies and civilization. How can these companies think that getting rid of jobs will help their survival of companies in the long term….people without jobs can not have any purchasing power not to mention the social unrest and the lack of mental stability of society. What are these people thinking….when I think of my families own experience over the last 30 years ….stock market and investors have ruined everything from quality of products”

                  Multiple misconceptions.

                  “How can these companies think that getting rid of jobs will help their survival of companies in the long term”

                  Working repetitive mindless tasks 8-16 hours per day is bad for the soul, harmful to the body and universally hated by workers; whether they are well paid unionized workers or wetbacks.

                  Visit a large well integrated factory. Coca cola or Pepsi are good choices. One can walk through the plant and hardly see any workers.
                  The plant is automated. Supporting staff are technical and engineering maintenance staff. Currently unreplaceable, due to the intelligence and reasoning powers required; coupled with dextrous digits to fix machinery.

                  Progress dictates that the mindless tasks are automated, leaving skilled intelligent work for people.
                  Results? The soda industry hasn’t significantly raised prices in decades; flavor and quality are well maintained. Plus, niche markets exist to allow less automated small businesses to sell sugar, flavor and water at exorbitant prices.

                  “.stock market and investors have ruined everything from quality of products”
                  Businesses ruin quality purposely, not the stock market or investors.
                  That whole process of purchasing businesses then earning profits by trading off the good will earned over many years and selling cheaply made products.
                  Typically, the takeover companies also raid the pensions and benefits funds leaving long term employees nothing in return.

                  Quality control is minimized or outsized or eliminated altogether by these companies.
                  Moving manufacturing to China is a willful decision to outsource jobs and work to a culture well known to:
                  A) use slave, peasant, child workers at minimal pay. i.e. in communist/socialist countries, these workers receive substandard food, health care and shelter.
                  B) China’s culture is based upon “face”; which is a bizarre amalgam of respect, honor, chauvinism and image. “Quality” is solely based upon the ‘face’ of the management; not whether the product meets specifications, alloy, temper, construction, etc.
                  This is perfectly encapsulated in China’s “Melamine milk” scandal.

                  A few companies do train and utilize quality inspectors to ensure assemblage, fit and finish are met. These inspectors rarely delve deeper into metals, alloys, woods etc.
                  That it “looks good” is not a quality measurement.

                  Most other cultures are willing to learn quality metrics that match Western Culture. Only these countries can not produce products as cheap as communist controlled labor forces and corruption.

                  That any company is willing to freely share their historical Intelligent Knowledge where regular businesses fight tooth and nail to keep secret; is a key takeaway that the company is focused on profit at the expense of customers. A truly evil approach when entire industries share the concept.

                  Stock purchasers and investors are investing their hard earned dollars in companies; usually for long term.
                  Hedge funds and other fund operators, though not all funds e.g. Pensions, are not investing in a company long term! They harass and pester Boards to respond to demands for immediate returns and happiest when companies destroy company pension funds for profit.

                  Corporate raiders, especially those that ran hedge funds, are amongst the vilest of business predators; as many billionaire democrats demonstrate.

                  1) There are many opportunities for workers! Everyone hates tedious repetitive mindless labor. Automating these tasks reduces costs for everyone. Skilled and good workers can and will find work in a healthy business environment.
                  Government caused and supported recessions are bad for everyone. As Obama’s fickle government business shutdowns and regulatory nightmare proves so well.


        • Orville R. Bacher says:

          All Global growth for the past 30 years, has come from stripping U.S. factories and middle class CORE private sector, tax-supporting jobs.
          There is an inverse relationship between Global growth and U.S. growth. As Europe and China grew, the U.S. had to run ever increasing deficits to offset the lack of private sector jobs and incomes.
          Of course, with the glaring exception of incomes in the Washington Mob, U.S. Globalist politicians, and foreign lobbyists incomes.

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        • Dee Paul Deje says:

          IMF: “U.S. Removing Tariffs on China Will Improve Global Economy”…
          POTUS: “I’m president of the United States, not president of the world.”

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      • VoteAllIncumbantsOut says:

        That’s what happens when you create a union with 28 nation states but never combine all the their individual sovereign debt into one. Yes, they are doomed.

        January 18, 2020 will be the beginning.

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      • FrankieZee says:

        That might be part of Trump’s strategy, except he ain’t telling no one. The IMF can go shove it where the sun don’t shine. Us Americans are loving what Trump is doing.

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      • Rachel Guess says:

        The imf’s statement should certainly be an encouraging factor to other nations, such as the one wearing the panda mask, to work with the US to better their economies.

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        • Dutchman says:

          Been saying for some time, there will, ultimately be NO dealwith China, or EU, on trade.
          And PDJT’s goal was NEVER to get a tradedeal, with either one.

          Both are Conmunist, both do not honor their committments, and neither can agree to PDJT’s terms, without destroying themselves.

          The goal is to cut off the $, because Conmunism stops working, when you run out of other peoples $.

          Screw the EU, Screw the IMF, and screw all those listed at the end of SD’s article, as funneling $ to ‘Lobbyists’, to try to stop PDJT.

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          • So what about the USMCA deal Dutchman?

            Do you think it will go through?

            I am a lot more familiar with the way Mexico works than I am China and to try and get the Mexican Government/Drug Cartel War Lords to stick to an agreement does not seem workable to me.

            Or even desirable.


            • Rhoda R says:

              I don’t think that President Trump really wants the USMCA either but was using it to get rid of NAFTA.

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            • Dutchman says:

              IMHO, Since you asked,…no. USMCA will NOT be put up for a vote by Pelosi. Have to pull the gavel from her cold, dead crone like fingers.
              And, USMCA has accomplished the main goal, of killing NAFTA.

              Makes a lot more sense to make seperate, bi-lateral agreementswith each of our ‘neighbors’.

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              • I have always wondered about USMCA.

                A lot of posters on other blogs insist that USMCA is essential and something that we can not do without because…….well their analysis is lost on me.

                I have never understood the benefit and the “WE HAVE TO HAVE” aspect of this deal.

                Pelosi is not going to help, Canada is Pelosi’s sidekick and Mexico is run by the drug cartels.

                I have never been able to see how THIS deal is good for us.

                Some kind of a deal yes, but this one?

                And NAFTA had to go.


      • That sounds good to me. Screw the “IMF” AND globalism… period.

        I’m sick of the false song of globalism.

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      • The Third Man says:

        …and all those moslems. It’s post nuclear dystopia.


    • The Demon Slick says:

      Chaos! Spigots are being shut off. Classic setup for delicious struggles. If you take a tupperware container of flour, and you toss in a few flour beetles, first they breed like crazy. They love each other! Soon there are many. As they consume the flour, and it starts to run out, things change. When they run into each other, they attack! They fight until one of them is dead. It’s a classic excercise in shortage of resources. Be glad you’re in the US for the next phase. The greatest economic realignment in history is underway. There’s going to be some friction. And probably some serious violence somewhere. If the more powerful try to take it out on the weaker countries it’s going to pop. Hopefully we can get Venezuela back after the fires die down. Maybe even Cuba. I don’t expect the EU to exist in its current form either in 3 years. It’s going to be Awesome.

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  2. Caius Lowell says:

    IMF: “Importing Millions of Foreigners Will Improve Germany”… Why would they lie?

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  3. FL_GUY says:

    The American taxpayer has been the world’s ATM and the world’s police force since WW2. Thank GOD President Trump is ending this parasitic attachment by the world “elitists” that has been sucking the life blood out of We the People.

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  4. Didn’t Nikkers Haley also go to Boeing?

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  5. GenEarly says:

    This prompts the question, How much of America is American?

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    • American Heritage says:

      Thank you for not repeating that irritating “begs” the question grammatical error that is now so frequent it will probably become acceptable usage. “Begging the question,” as the term for a specific logical fallacy, has probably been lost to the academic tradition that included the teaching of logic.

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    • The Third Man says:

      Not very much is “American”.
      They just elected a Somali rag head woman mayor in Maine. That psycho Stephen King must be delighted. (BTW: Who reads his crapola ? Cars attack people, dogs attack people, diseases attack people, psychos attack people..)


  6. TwoLaine says:

    How about everyone removes their tariffs and stops manipulating their currency?!

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    • vikingmom says:

      Ding, Ding, Ding!! We have a winner!! Can you imagine what our economy could accomplish if we actually had FAIR trade rules!!

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      • TwoLaine says:

        Totally Man. 😉

        I think this applies to many organizations where we are taken advantage of. UN, NATO. The list is ongoing.

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        • I’m not an economist, but if a failing economy does not eliminate their tariffs, they will continue to fail until a revolution takes place. As their economy continues to fail and businesses close, they will have to purchase more imports. They will become dependent on those high quality US imports.
          What is the possibility of reverse Marshall plan where everyone forgives US debt to gain access to our markets? 2022 18trillion reduction in sovereign debt from China, EU, et al in order to cut tariffs and open fair trade negotiations.

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    • Yeah, everybody but us. I want tariffs to replace the evil taxation without representation and a chance to catch back up in my life that’s been purposely manipulated by the globalist banksters and their government puppets.

      That means I will damn sure vote TRUMP again, What do I have to lose???

      Nowhere near what I once had before they took it. The importation of MEXICANS killed my business, not once but twice. I started right back up both times and learned to live off less and want less. Then, a third time and I had to go into real estate management and run a once thriving renovation business “on the side”.

      A POX on all of them. You know who the #@%$ they are.

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      • GP says:

        Yep-I sounded the alarm on latinos in the early 90s. Even my family thought i was “mean”. Well now they see what I meant. And make no mistake, if they occupy a neighborhood, it’s THEIR neighborhood. There are many schools in California that are 100% latino-sports team and the whole nine.

        I don’t care how “hard working” they are. They have helped wipe out middle class Americans. They work for less, but are subsidized with food stamps, housing, and that subsidy comes from YOUR hard earned money. They also get interest free loans to start a business.

        So not only did they lower your wages, you are paying them to do it. IT.IS.INSANE

        People have jobs now, but you’re not gonna get very far on $12/hr.


    • How about
      • We RAISE the Tariffs on EVERY Country
      … until their USA Trade is BALANCED

      • We STOP Foreign Aid
      … substituting USA-Market Access for Foreign Aid
      • We START Reciprocal Bilateral Trade Deals
      … where both Nations benefit and minimize Government Interference

      • We STOP Foreign Wars
      … requiring Nations in each Geographic Neighborhood to keep the Peace
      • We START Charging Foreign Nations for Deployed Forces
      … including Personnel, Base Facilities, Equipment, Operations & Support

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  7. JOHN ADAMS says:

    We are not the watchers baby sitters of the globe! We are independent we are the example we are not responsible for the whole earth. You got countries that have to learn this shit by example and some are so stupid they are still in the dark ages. Islam is the proliferation of ignorance!

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  8. magatrump says:

    No more free USA money. No more!!!! God bless President Trump!!!!

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  9. Kokanee says:

    Then the IMF should put pressure on China to reform their trade practices.

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    • walker4411 says:

      Yeah, wait for that to happen.

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    • The IMF should be DESTROYED. I’m not pointing fingers, but some of us aren’t getting it.

      This GLOBALIST structure must be eradicated, period. Sovereign Nations.

      NO to globalist feudalism and totalitarian control of our lives while taking OUR PROPERTY.

      We have financed much of our OWN DEMISE ALREADY. Enough.

      Thankfully, that’s what President Trump says too, and is trying to do for us.

      Get busy helping in any way you can even through informing others.

      It is NOT conspiracy “theory”, it’s a factual and in your face conspiracy.

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      • And, “btw”…

        Do you all know where and by whom the UN was founded?

        “It is to the sacred principles enshrined in the united nations charter to which the American people will henceforth pledge their allegiance.”

        evil ghw bush in 1992, talking to the UN general assembly.

        “On your behalf, of course.”


  10. H.R. says:

    I wonder which way Boeing, Northrup Grumman, and United Technologies are lobbying?

    With a President Trump, they stand to gain from his Military buildup. They are also being encouraged to source and build here and export.

    And with President Trump assigning local responsibility to local forces, they will need to buy stuff to beef up their militaries.

    So, I see the Military-Industrial Complex – them – lobbying as they always have since Eisenhower warned us about – them – but their customer base will change. I don’t see President Trump turning down much in the way of funding to develop the latest and greatest military goodies.

    The only reason I see for them to throw their dollars against President Trump is because stuff gets broken in wars, which gives them a nice cash flow from providing spares and replacements.

    I see the names up there, but I’m not sure which way their dollars are going. I inherited some Boeing and United Technologies stock, and it’s going up. Why would they spend money against President Trump when he seems to be doing them a solid?

    But I could be all wet and those companies just hate President Trump on general principles, the usual TDS. I dunno.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Historically all the major defense companies and commercial businesses donate based on location of HQ, Tax Homes and major facilities. They donate to both parties from 50-50 down to 60-40 splits, depending on political party power in locations I cited. Their donating pattern has nothing to do with politics per say and all to do with mark-ups on budgets, appointments to committees, influence on merger support and mark ups on regulations.

      I wrote quite a few position papers and marked up quite a few congressional inputs during my career for members of the house and senate from both parties. These were funneled through our Washington DC office, congressional liaison team. They included some of the smartest and best looking women with whom I have ever worked.

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      • thedoc00 says:

        Do not confuse businesses that make things with bankers, financiers and especially the individually wealthy who have money and assets that exceed the value of many major corporations who actually make stuff.

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      • GP says:

        And your point is?


        • H.R. says:

          I get his point, GP. I was an Engineer at three different aerospace companies, one a Fortune 25 company. Last time I worked in Aerospace was 1993.

          I was aware of the lobbying by the various companies to get their project selected when the DoD called for competitive prototype designs. Sometimes, due to better lobbying, the best design didn’t win.

          I was also aware of lobbying for contracts to either move to or remain in certain Congressional districts.

          But after being laid of 3 times in a declining aerospace industry, I put at the top of the list of my job search goals, “NOT Aerospace.” ;o) Really, I did.

          So thedoc00 did me a favor by reminding me how it all works. I had forgotten about all that, saw the big bucks on the list, and was thinking the bucks were for or against President Trump. That’s not where the money goes.


      • H.R. says:

        Thanks, thedoc00. I actually knew all that at one time but had forgotten all about it.

        My ‘why’ I forgot was in a response to GP.

        Thanks again.

        P.S. Walking in the plant one day, the nose assembly of C-17 #1 was sitting to the side ready to move to the next station. I went up and patted the nose assembly on the nose, just so I’d have a story to tell when I was old and gray. I was there for #1.


      • GB Bari says:

        Agree completely with your points.
        I spent the majority of my professional career in an aerospace /defense company. The top management’s concerns that directed their lobbying efforts was rarely Democrat versus Republican. It was always about competing product lines, platforms, technology.

        My company was far less frequently chosen as a prime contractor but much more often as a subcontractor to the prime. We made very few primary warfighting platforms (airframes, ships, land vehicles), but we made loads of equipment with ultra-advanced technology that enhanced both our and others’ platforms.

        So lobbying expenses were always directed at promoting our engineering, performance, history, reliability, overall value. Also, a lot of lobbying was spent to try and capture R&D programs as well.


  11. scrap1ron says:

    Screw the IMF, screw their Global economy, screw China, screw their American proxies. I live in one of those rust belt, white working class communities that the globalists and their Never- Trump proxies say “deserve to die”. Their reptilian depraved indifference toward my family, friends, community, and the millions just like me mean less than nothing to them. Yeah, this is personal.

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  12. Somebody's Gramma says:

    Thank you Sundance. Thank you thank you thank you. Can you imagine what life would be like if ALL of our money was pulled back in… it makes me sick as I look over my life and realize how hard I worked, how much we struggled, how much we went without, to feed the global Beast. I fight now for my children and grandchildren.

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    • Mike in a Truck says:

      I want see Red China crushed. They are not our friends- never will be. I dont give a rats arse about the E.U. With the incompatible immigration they are importing they will eventually revert back to their natural state- warring principalities that delight in butchering one another, with a Muslim twist. A pox on them all.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Me too Somebody’s Gramma, me too.

      We raised five boys and scraped and went without and worked 12 hour days 6 days a week.

      Just like so very many here on the Treehouse.

      And it made me SICK when I finally realized how badly we were hobbled just so the Global Beast could grow.

      Like you I fight for my children and grandchildren.

      I think they might have a real chance with Pres Trump and hopefully with whoever we can elect after him.

      Sundance does a pretty good job describing my state of mind as the rock solid COLD ANGER.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. CNN_sucks says:

    Same IMF who lost billion for Ukraine? Burisma accomplish? Time to audit IMF.

    Liked by 4 people

  14. Baby El says:

    Any idea why realtors are such strong lobbyists? Sure, I get amazon and f**kbook – pure bribery.

    … and yes, realtors are just too dumb to qualify as lawyers, but just as honest.

    Just don’t see the connection…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • xbonesny says:

      I’m a realtor…..and yes I am much smarter than 100% of the political class, and didn’t go the lawyer route for the reasons you so eloquently laid out. I am in it to make a buck…but the lobbying angle is a bit skewed….that NAR lobbying number may be part of the Builders unions…like in NYC, LA, etc. If the Brokers can convince on the builders union side…win win for the unions…and hence local city fat cats, etc etc etc

      Liked by 1 person

    • Chimpy says:

      You don’t see the connection?

      It’s right there, obvious as day. Even “dumb realtors” can see it.



  15. sarasotosfan says:

    The world economy is not our responsibility. We don’t owe anyone a corrupt means to support anyone.

    Liked by 5 people

    • GP says:

      And here’s a shocker for you. Both WW1 and 2 were financed by US bankers. German tanks, trucks, etc., were made by Ford. Hell, Ford had factories and assembly lines IN GERMANY, that were churning out trucks FOR THE NAZIS. Then after WW2, Ford sued the US for bombing their factories in Germany-and were awarded millions of dollars.

      This One World Government has been at it for 100 years. FDR just LOVED Stalin and thought communism was a fantastic idea. Don’t believe me? Do you own research. The US didn’t win WW2. There was a deal made in 1943 between Allan Dulles and high ranking Nazis. Hitler escaped to Argentina and lived to be in his 90s. The Nuremberg trials were a joke. Himler and Goering didn’t commit suicide, that was a cover story.

      Do you know that the US sent treasury printing plates to the USSR along with the special paper to print all the money they wanted

      Things have never been like you thought they were, We have been lied to about every significant event in history. You can start with Project “Paper Clip” and go from there. Be aware that this is info is going to be like a death in the family and if you go as far down the rabbitt hole(s) as I did-you will go thru a grieving process.

      It’s all been a big, fat lie


  16. chojun says:

    Look no further than the AIIB – the investment bank established to finance China’s Belt and Road initiative. Europe is heavily invested in this bank and if Chinese GDP falters because of tariffs, then their investment is put at risk.

    Nearly the entire world economy (as it pertains to the largest economies in Europe, EU included) are configured to become a service economy as China overtakes the world as the #1 economy, and not just in manufacturing.

    This is where all investment lies. And so this is why the world economy has grown ill because China is faltering.

    Liked by 4 people

    • jeans2nd says:

      And why is China faltering? Because Orange Man Bad imposed tariffs on the ChiNazis.

      Have you not yet figured out that all the world’s ails are the direct fault of the United States?
      Obama spent 8 years convincing everyone in the world of this “fact.”
      Now Orange Man Bad is “proving” it.

      Not my opinion, i could not care less how the world turns, just leave me and mine alone in our safe, secure, exceptional country.

      Liked by 3 people

  17. Randolph Scott says:

    I don’t give three flying f,,ks at a rolling donut if China’s economy never improves. I honestly hope the IMF falls into the deepest crevasse on earth and the earth closes up on them.

    Liked by 8 people

  18. Pyrthroes says:

    On a 36-year “structural epoch” basis, three 24-year generations constitute a remarkably stable historical pattern of 72 years, such as America’s from 1788 to 1860, then 1860 – 1968; the Soviet Union’s 1917 – 1989; now Communist China’s 1949 – 2021 (as we shall see).

    Dating the post-Napoleonic Concert of Europe from ye ole Treaty of Vienna in 1815 through Versailles, followed by transnational UN and EU deliquescence through c. 2031, despite Enarque dirigistes’ bleats-and- squeaks, reversion to Bismarck’s agglomerated realpolitik seems
    a foregone necessity. If a self-anointed, crypto-canonical clerisy (“diverse” as all hell, and with poverty-stricken masses available to prove it) won’t deliver peace-and-prosperity, national security, aroused citizenries will install those who do.

    Economics aside, transnational elites’ extreme antipathy to such as Trump boils down to well-founded “status anxiety” based on insecurity stemming from awareness that, in general, their Deep State rentier-class is nothing but a gang of thieving parasites, exploiting productive private sectors as their kind always has.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Richard Belforti says:

      OK if you say so. But you forget the IMF is a criminal enterprise that has stifled economic development in third world countries for the last 50 years. It modern day colonialism.

      Liked by 2 people

  19. Shyster says:

    The best possible outcome for the good ol’ USA is that there is no deal with China, the tariffs go up, the Chinese devalue their currency further, all the supply chains vacate China, and Germany and the EU are broken along with China. Given the nationalistic momentum and gains in Europe, the destruction of the EU economy will only hasten its end and the complete dominance of the nationalist takeover. To POTUS I say, stand firm as our previously exfiltrated wealth pours back into this country. There are trillions at stake!

    Liked by 5 people

    • Sentient says:

      Remember, too, that whenever US stocks go down lately, so do interest rates, which helps anyone buying or refinancing a house, etc. So a continuing impasse with China should be fine with Realtors – one of the biggest lobbying groups.

      Liked by 2 people

  20. DiogeneseVindicated says:

    So why won’t these charity case cut a trade deal with thw US? Walla, problems solved.


  21. PinotNoir says:

    Those Europeans are so sophisticated….translates to”we bet on China and we are soooo screwed!”


  22. covfefe999 says:

    Obviously other countries need to get better leaders who understand their economies. NOT OUR PROBLEM.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. 2Alpha says:

    EVERYBODY needs the US. – EVERYBODY!
    President Trump has an America First agenda that focuses on America’s prosperity and wealth instead of that of the ‘globalist’ bankers. That’s precisely why they must remove President Trump.
    He holds the key to the vault!

    Liked by 1 person

    • American Heritage says:

      The economy of the world appears to be based on the systematic looting of our wealth by cartel oligarchs. What wouldn’t they do to stop Trump from interrupting that yuge cash flow?

      Liked by 4 people

  24. The Boss says:

    I’ve been emailing links to these economics articles and have been hearing from once skeptical or NeverTrump acquaintances that they’re warming up to the America First concept. Apparently there is something to the maxim “It’s the economy, stupid!”

    Liked by 3 people

  25. TreeClimber says:

    Boeing’s really biting the hand that feeds them, eh?


  26. trapper says:

    “IMF: “U.S. Removing Tariffs on China Will Improve Global Economy”

    Actually, no, it would not, any more than giving a drink to a sweating shaking drunk improves his health. The global economy is addicted to sucking the lifeblood from the American economy, rather than developing a world comprised of independent national economies. Giving the global economy another drink would just prolong the pathology. Cold Turkey. It’s what’s for dinner.

    Liked by 2 people

  27. vfm#7634 says:

    I was afraid I’d have to leave the country if HRC was elected.

    Instead, there’s another PDJT voter, with a job in St. Louis.

    Liked by 3 people

  28. Mncpo(ret) says:

    Of course the IMF is complaining. The disengaging of suckling on the teat of the United States is world wide. They’ve been draining us for over 30 years.

    It’s hard to break an addiction. The entire world has been addicted to our tax money for decades.

    Cold turkey is sometimes the best treatment.

    Liked by 2 people

  29. hokkoda says:

    “Lift your tariffs, so we can get back to looting your country.” – IMF

    Liked by 3 people

  30. Doppler says:

    Says Trump: “Heads I win. Tails you lose.”
    Trump’s policies have had such an outsized effect on the investment markets, and watching in awe has also been learning a great deal.
    It appears that almost every currency but the US dollar is declining against ours. This attracts foreign investment in US denominated securities, because even unchanged in value on the US markets is growth to those living overseas.
    Our economy is 70% consumer spending, and the yuge job growth and gaining wage growth are driving most of our economy upward.
    Trump has always advocated for Free Trade, and has educated me, at least, and I think many others, that the US has had the lowest tariffs and trade barriers for anyone wanting to export to us, but everyone else has higher tariffs and higher trade barriers to protect their own exporters. They’ve been taking advantage of us. Trump has placed and raised tariffs on China (and others) to gain leverage to force them to open up their second largest in the world economy to our (and the rest of the world’s) exporters. We’ve continued to grow, both in dollars, and especially compared to those holding other currencies, while everyone else is suffering.

    But don’t miss the point that, once China cuts its tariffs and other trade barriers so that they endorse, for the first time, “free trade,” and other countries also drop their own barriers to allow us to sell into their countries, then there will be a gargantuan stimulus to the entire world economy, which will start to grow again.

    Trade is a plus sum game, and free trade means more trade, and more plusses all around. Our dollar might stop growing so fast against other currencies, but that will further facilitate our exporters. So, our economy is Trump’s answer to trade war fears: “Tails you lose.” Capitulation by China, approval of USMCA, new deals with UK, etc., etc., will mean “Heads we win, and you will, too, when you embrace free trade for everyone.”

    Liked by 3 people

  31. Michael D Ancell says:

    You can’t fix stupid or corruption apparently…

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Lanna says:

    Seems to me PDJT is improving the economies of countries that play fair with the U.S. Win-win.

    I hate the Brookings Institute, and actually all these damn ‘think tanks’ who promote an opinion favorable to anyone who pays them, then that oh-so-important paper promoting that opinion gets peddled to the media to sway political favor. Undeclared lobbyists!

    Liked by 3 people

  33. OSP says:

    Global growth slowing significantly…
    US of A…not so much


  34. 335blues says:

    Like the UN, the IMF is controlled by
    communists/globalists who have among
    their goals to destroy America.
    America out of the IMF!
    America out of the UN!
    UN out of America!
    We should not only keep the tariffs on the CCP,
    we should increase them. The money stolen by the CCP is used to increase the very military they will use to threaten the world.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. donnyvee says:

    I believe that China today is just like Japan was in the 1930’s. We are much better off dealing with them now versus another Pearl harbor.

    Liked by 1 person

    [updated from post above]

    Tariffs to END TRADE DRAIN
    • We RAISE the Tariffs on EVERY Country
    … until their USA Trade is BALANCED
    • We SANCTION Foreign Leaders & Corporations
    … until they END Currency Manipulation & Negative Interest Rates

    Market Access to END FOREIGN-AID DRAIN
    • We STOP Foreign Aid
    … substituting USA-Market Access for Foreign Aid
    • We START Reciprocal Bilateral Trade Deals
    … where both Nations benefit and minimize Government Interference

    Host-Nation Funding to END FOREIGN-WAR DRAIN
    • We STOP Foreign Wars
    … requiring Nations in each Geographic Neighborhood to keep the Peace
    • We START Charging Foreign Nations for Deployed Forces
    … including Personnel, Base Facilities, Equipment, Operations & Support

    Liked by 4 people

  37. Justin Green says:

    It’s already time to start figuring out the post-Trump era. 5 years will come quickly and the usual suspects will return us to the “free for everyone else” trade system that has hurt the US so much.

    We can’t have a Romney or McCain on the ballot in 2024. We’re going to need another fighter.

    Liked by 2 people

    • trapper says:

      I have every confidence that PDJT already has a plan to groom his successor. Actually, the Trump team of America-first economic and foreign policy, strong borders, and no endless wars has a pretty good bench if you ponder it a bit.

      Liked by 1 person

  38. dd_sc says:

    An example would be China -and others- funding the Brookings institute. The Brookings Institute then funds the activity of the Lawfare group. Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler hiring Lawfare members as contractors for their impeachment effort then boils down to China subsidizing the impeachment process.

    If only a Republican would drop that bomb next time they’re in front of the cameras.

    Liked by 5 people

  39. mtk says:

    News flash to bonehead Economic PhD’s.

    Are you folks listening to the left in USA.
    Those idiots will cause a 4-5 trillion contraction in the USA in the first year alone just by winning.

    Then what happens when they actually get down to go after shale. Re-enter Paris Accords, go all Green New Deal on every form of carbon. Burden the living crap of the middle class on energy costs inflation. Tax the capital wealth into fleeing offshore and stop making capital investments.

    Then there is the ‘medicare for all’ absolute death nail to the working middle class. Everyone know the Progressives are going. Employee $180-240/month + employer 440-600/month times times 200 million.
    Not gainfully employed well then a Business Social Medicare tax is needed to offset the costs for the unemployed.

    Just Fork it over to the Govt. It is Rath of God Money for the Treasury.

    The f’ing fallacy is… In the assumptions, gainfully employeed is the operative word because businesses will most definately close up shop in a heart beat just to sweat the Govt out over its desire to take over all aspects of Health care.
    Big Business will gladly push all of health premium and adminstration burdens onto the Single Payer Public sphere.

    Yup, one short step away from the Govt as the quasi procurer of labor delivered to the beak and call of Corporate Interests.
    Sounds a f’ing alot like China’s Marxist Labor Theory.

    Please may I have some more, as I holdout the obsolete hamburger bun for the fake burger.

    Liked by 2 people

  40. comey's empty head says:

    Translation: The US again allowing the world to rob it blind will improve the global economy.

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Fools Gold says:

    I’d say it’s a Great Time for that Brit exit Boris!


  42. This is not to short-shrift the manifold genius of SD, but for the life of me I can’t understand why this particular brand of economic heterodoxy -steeped as it is in common sense and pragmatism- is still a stubborn sell in America. Of course part of it is due to a generation of neoliberal economists and academics who’ve been paid to look the other way. Also, the US C-of-C is doing all it can via its media outreach and lobbying NOT to draw attention to the War on Exfiltration. I would say Paul Krugman is due some rare praise for his recent mea culpa on globalization. May more of these limited walk-backs start happening.

    It helps me to think in terms of bonds qualitatively laddered from high-quality corporates to junk. Global GDP conforms to a similar qualitative laddering i.e. not every global GDP dollar is the same.

    In a qualitative sense there is first-order or ‘originating’ global GDP, i.e. the type of national income the US produces. Then there is the second-order ‘exfiltrating’ GDP generated in other nations’, much of it non-originating i.e. advantaged by preferential trade agreements, some dating back to the post-WW2 era, and long-since antequated. The latter is fed by the former. Of course this qualitativeness is more a continuum than a two-stair step. But that’s the idea.
    Through a truly unique combination of resources, work ethic, innovation, rule of law, liberal immigration, auditable financial records, securities law, interstate highway system, unimpeded flow of cross-border capital, etc .etc. the US offers the world an unparalleled demand market. Also, because the US navigated the middle-income trap many decades ago, our highly-developed demand market is deep, wide and flush with discretionary dollar, in short, the envy of the planet.

    If we’ve learned anything from the era of American de-industrialization, it is that factories can grow anywhere like weeds. In fact there’s a deflationary overabundance of global manufacturing capacity. Anybody can address a market by grabbing some peasants from the hinterlands and putting them on assembly lines. The real trick is creating a climate that can furnish solid and sustained demand that others can sell into, and as SD points out create a secondary sales cycle of, for example Europe to China.

    Think of a large industry convention that gathers a concentrated market of buyers and sellers. Examples would be NAB or NHBA. Nobody gets to dump product into those venues. On the contrary, the confab charges kiosk and entrant fees. From his business life, Trump knows a thing or two about creating and valuing venues. So he instinctively knew that America, as a vestige of its Marshall Plan largesse, was still selling itself short(literally) on the world stage, when the world had changed quite dramatically since 1948.

    I would say the cornerstone of Trumpnomics in its trade permutation is domestic demand revaluation.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. TMonroe says:

    Mask is off for Realtor association, all but one county supervisor they supported in NOVA elections were Dems. Cannot ever remember this level of open partisanship.


  44. Tom Hansen says:

    For every tariff dollar the U.S. gets from China, that is one less dollar that China imports from the EU. That is why the EU and the IMF are pressing the U.S. to remove the tariffs on China.


  45. Lisa says:

    We the Americans do not want your global, society of control humanity! We will be treated fairly and we will fight for our country that God Blessed is with! All of you have not used your gift of money to succeed in happiness but for control of all!! You don’t understand you have lost control with God and his people!! It’s not Americans fault you can’t succeed without us. It’s because you do not have Jesus Christ!! Shame on all of you


  46. yewtai says:

    China started the trade war against the US in 1994, by weaponising the Yuan with the full approval and support advice from Kissinger.

    In 1994, US$1 = 8.9 Yuan
    In 1993, US$ 1 = 5.7 Yuan
    In 1992, US$ 1 = 5.3 Yuan
    In 1990, US$ 1 = 4.8 Yuan ( after Tiananmen Incident )
    In 1989, US$ 1 = 3.7 Yuan ( before Tiananmen Incident )

    The above shows there is a drastic devaluation from 1992 to 1994, which China weaponised the Yuan to be more exports competitive.

    China cannot even compete with the South East Asia countries in 1993 when US$ 1 = 5.5 Yuan.
    After 1994, China become the cheapest labor cost value for money in the world, and caused the Asia Financial crisis 1997-1998. This Asia Financial crisis destroyed economy of South Korea, Taiwan,Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

    Before 1994, most of the global supply chain are from south east asia countries, Taiwan and South Korea. After 1994, when the Yuan is drastically devalued, most of the MNC supply chain moved to China, thus destroyed south east asia , Taiwan and South Korea economy.

    ……there has been considerable debate over whether China’s 1994
    devaluation triggered the Asia regional crises of 1997 and concerns in the region that:

    “the PRC’s entry [into the WTO] will lead to an acceleration of investment flows to the PRC and a corresponding reduction in flows to themselves.”

    China claim they have the most advanced technology in the world. Then why does China continue to devalue Yuan to be competitive ?

    China is the biggest global currency manipulator which was approved by Kissinger/IMF/World Bank.
    China biggest mistake is to peg foolishly the Yuan at such low rate in 1994 USD1=8.9 Yuan.

    China unintelligent leaders are very desperate to get FDI from American and Japanese MNC, to create jobs and earn enough foreign exchange surplus in US dollars.

    This ultra cheap Yuan policy is a big mistake and has now come back to haunt the unintelligent leaders of China.

    China will forever trapped in ultra cheap Yuan policy due to their own initial greed and incompetencies, in a currency war with the US.


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