Devin Nunes Formally Requests Testimony from Adam Schiff….

HPSCI ranking member Devin Nunes has sent a letter to HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff formally requesting his testimony prior to the public impeachment hearings next week.

On its face this might seem like a stunt; and it might indeed be dismissed by Adam Schiff; however, at the heart of the issue is something quite serious and quite factual.  There is mounting evidence the entirety of the Pelosi, Lawfare-Schiff proceeding is a collaborative event that includes the coordination with a CIA ‘whistleblower’.

Specifically because the issues in/around the originating ‘whistleblower’ have become a risk to the effort, and in a complete reversal from the original premise, Adam Schiff is now refusing to present testimony from the originating whistleblower.   Nunes is now engaging in a process with the goal make the political coordination self-evident:

(Source – pdf)

These closed-door sessions with Adam Schiff and his Lawfare-contracted legal aide, Daniel Goldman, were pre-planned; the process was designed last year.  The current HPSCI legislative impeachment process, and every little aspect within it, is the execution of a plan, just like the DOJ/FBI plan was before it in 2016, 2017 & 2018.

After the 2018 mid-terms, and in preparation for the “impeachment” strategy, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler hired Lawfare group members to become House committee staff.

Chairman Schiff hired former SDNY U.S. Attorney Daniel Goldman (link), and Chairman Nadler hired  Obama Administration lawyer Norm Eisen and criminal defense attorney Barry Berke (link).  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi then hired Douglas Letter as House General Counsel – all are within the Lawfare network.

The use of a ‘whistle-blower’ was pre-planned long ago.  The agreements between Schiff, Lawfare and the CIA ‘whistle-blower’ were pre-planned.  The changing of whistle-blower rules to assist the plan was designed long ago.

Adam Schiff and Daniel Goldman are executing a plan concocted long ago. None of the testimony is organic; all of it was planned a long time ago, long before anyone knew the names Marie Yovanovitch, Kurt Volker, Gordon Sondland or Bill Taylor.   All of this is the coordinated execution of a plan.

The anti-Trump members of the National Security Council and U.S. State Department were always going to be used.  Throughout 2018 and 2019 embeds in the ‘resistance’ network were awaiting instructions and seeding evidence, useful information, to construct an impeachment narrative that was designed to detonate later.

When Bill Taylor is texting Gordon Sondland about a quid-pro-quo, and Sondland is reacting with ‘wtf are you talking about’, Taylor was texting by design.  He was manufacturing evidence for the narrative.  This was all a set-up. All planned.

When Marie Yovanovitch shows up to give her HPSCI deposition to Daniel Goldman with three high-priced DC lawyers: Lawrence Robbins, Laurie Rubenstein and Rachel Li Wai Suen, having just sent her statements to the Washington Post for deployment immediately prior to her appearance, Yovanovitch is doing so by design.  All planned.

Whistleblower Attorney, Mark Zaid:

Source Link – January 30th, 2017

July 2017 – Tweet Link

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198 Responses to Devin Nunes Formally Requests Testimony from Adam Schiff….

  1. Zy says:

    Don’t forget these Democommunist hypocrites.

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    • fhb says:

      Someone please submit to Rush Limbaugh that his premise that zero being angry at the “woke folks” was because of his girls is inaccurate. his anger at those folks was because they went after justin trudeau for his blackface. he endorse him and he won but like whoopi goldberg said she knows “blackface when she sees it” . That is 2 examples where “blackface” is NOT racists. I have a copy of a free local newspaper whose editorial board has put in print that the EVMS photos of Va governor northam in blackface with a klansman in full gear while sharing a beer, that the photo was an inanimate object and therefore it is not racist…..(????). The Hampton Roads Messenger Oct 2019 Vol14 number 1 issue , front page above the fold.[Yet they want to pull down flags and statues ]. Also with eric holder work in gerymandering and winning elections in Va speaks to the fact that they strategically used northams blackface issues to push their agendas…HBCUs got millions more funding, gun control, abortion, & illegal immigration {voters/votes} with re-districtions….{michele 0’s white flight comments}. sum it up…”we can use this , folks, we can get something out of it…so don’t be so woke”

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  2. Zy says:

    A well written thread that goes through the timeline of aid to Ukraine and supports Sundance in his analysis that “many things were pre-planned in this coup”.

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  3. Mike says:

    Hey, The Grand Inquisitor Torquemada doesn’t testify, peons. He is the one tightening the Thumb Screws.

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  4. thedoc00 says:

    Need to add the evidence discussed here on CTH that testimony has been shared and coordinated before it was even delivered to committee.
    Need to also add Schiff’s conduct during the hearings: limiting answers to Republicans and changing rules on the fly and calling witnesses to his public hearing that do not meet his own established criteria, to be a witness.


  5. Chewbarkah says:

    If Schiff is guilty as charged, he will never testify. But if he does, he likely planned ahead and used intermediaries to orchestrate his plot. The questions directed at him must cover that possibility. All of Schiff’s staffers need to be deposed subsequently, since Schiff can be expected to lie — it’s what he does.

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    • littleanniefannie says:

      So question #1 for Schiff should be “Did you agree that Jeff Sessions recusal was the correct and lawful ruling by DoJ?” Then question #2 (# being answered affirmatively) “Will your recusal letter be submitted before this hearing proceeds or will it be submitted prior to the next hearing?”


    • Vegas Guy says:

      “If Schiff is guilty as charged, he will never testify. But if he does, he likely planned ahead and used intermediaries to orchestrate his plot.”

      Sorry…you give him a bit too much credit.

      Let’s keep in mind that anything & everything Shifty has done or has tried so far has blown up in his face. Why expect anything successful to come from this farce?

      He kind of reminds me of Super Dave Osborne ( who passed away earlier this year R.I.P). Actually resembles him a bit too. Each & every attempt at a spectacular feat ended in significant harm to himself with zero positive outcomes…except for laughable humor for those of us watching.

      This “impeachment” attempt was not thought through very well & the Adam / Nancy show is loosing traction every day that they insist on continuing to “win over” the American public’s support. Same American public who, BTW, are not as naïve as these 2 would have you believe. Judgement day is arriving soon & even if none of these fools are criminally put to task, at least their deeds are exposed to sunshine……

      LOL….Best mis-calculation to date from Nancy is entrusting this “inquiry” to Shiftty, She might actually have had a better outcome from “weeble – wabble” Nadler…..& his inherent incompetence would have produced a better & more believable “scape goat”.


  6. The American Patriot says:

    This should not be a testimony

    It should be an interrogation behind close doors.

    And nobody gets out until Schiffer brains spills out the beans


  7. testpointwp says:

    The letter was misaddressed to the “Honorable” Adam B. Schiff.
    No such address exists. Return to sender.

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  8. littleanniefannie says:

    I would ask Ben Carson to perform an exam to ensure that there actually a brain from which the beans can spill!!

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  9. joan p calhoun says:

    Filthy maggots, all of them.

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  10. capetribulation1 says:

    What an effing farce. These D criminals walk among us, ever more brazen, free to sow ever more chaos, calling us what they themselves are, accusing us of what they themselves do. We are placing absolute faith in Barr & Durham. Is such faith justified when they have not so much as thrown us a bone or a crumb? And big mistake to think Trump wins a second term given the IC’s ability to vote flip elections. It’s how they took the House in 2018 after all.


  11. Petrel says:

    Israel Shamir reports ( in UNZ, October 25, 2019 ) that the original Zelensky — Trump phone leaker was not some mid-level Pentagon and / or Langley cut-out, rather Alexander Daniluk, located in Kiev.

    A close associate of George Soros and an embezzler, Alexander Daniluk was the Ukrainian Finance Minister who oversaw the Ukraine end of looting 3 Billion Dollars of US Aid, while VP Biden was Proconsul. Doubtless, a 6,000 mile distance and caution were reasons why details of the phone call were initially distorted , e.g. a 7-fold mention of Biden to capture Schiff’s attention, and why the Daniluk complaint took a while to reach Washington.

    When news of the phone call broke in Washington, President Zelensky investigated his end of the call and concluded the leaker was Alexander Daniluk, who was promptly fired. Doubtless, this information and the firing explains why President Trump seemed particularly exuberant during his presser at the UN with President Zelensky.


    • Petrel says:

      PS Perhaps the sudden distancing of Democrat movers-and-shakers from Vice-President Biden and the current crush on Bloomberg may have to do with a corruption investigation of Daniluk, who now boasts an arrest warrant in the US.

      $50,000 per month — or is it $168,000 per month, who is counting? — to Hunter Biden may seem deniable by his Dad to a 0.0001% of Americans in THE CLUB. But a chunk of $3 Billion of US Aid would be much more difficult to explain in a presidential election.


  12. Raquel says:

    I’m hoping Schiff’s humongous ego gets the best of him and he agrees to testify. Should be interesting viewing.


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