Is Pending IG Report on FISA Abuse Being Held-Up To Facilitate NSA Bulk Data Re-authorization That Expires December 15th?…

With impeachment headlines absorbing most attention, there is a quiet background story happening in DC where re-authorization of the USA Freedom Act is needed prior to expiration on December 15th. Techno Fog points out the bulk NSA data collection and FISA(702) surveillance programs are part of this reauthorization.

Just yesterday, November 6th, the Senate Judiciary Committee held hearings on the reauthorization.  “Senators expressed their displeasure Wednesday with the Trump administration’s inability to answer questions about the National Security Agency’s collection of data records” (link). Which begs the question:

Is the current Inspector General report on FISA abuse being delayed due to the need for congress to reauthorize the very same programs the IG is about to criticize?

For context to this question, and considering the potential for some surprising revelations within the IG report on FISA, it is worth noting the Office of the Director of National Intelligence held back the the findings of FISA Judge James Boasberg that strongly criticized the FISA-702 process for a year.

The Judge Boasberg report was written in September of 2018 but not released (redacted) until last month.

There is a serious problem here…

FISA Court judges Rosemary Collyer (declassified 2017) and James Boasberg (declassified 2019) both identified issues with the NSA database being exploited for unauthorized reasons. We have a large amount of supplemental research to see through most of Collyer’s report and we are now starting the same process for Boasberg. However, an alarming possibility makes it important to outline a rough draft of what appears present.

Initially when Collyer’s report was declassified in April 2017 we were able to start assembling additional circumstantial and direct evidence. Two years of releases allowed us to see a more detailed picture.

Additional documents, direct testimony from NSA Director Mike Rogers, and later connected material from court filings, classified releases and ODNI statements made the understanding much clearer. What became visible was a process of using the NSA database for political surveillance. [SEE HERE]

With the Boasberg report we do not yet have enough supportive material to identify specific purposes. However, directly from the report itself there is a lot of information that shows a continuum of database activity that did not stop after Collyer’s warnings, and the NSA promises. It seems, the political exploitation continues; and with that in mind some recent events are much more troubling.

Boasberg notes the “about” query option that NSA Director Mike Rogers halted, technically didn’t stop. Instead operators used the “to and from” option almost identically as the “about” queries for downstream data review and extraction. The FISA Appellate Court appointed amici curiae to review Boasberg’s opinion and reconcile counter claims by the FBI. Boasberg was never satisfied despite the FISC-R amicus assurances. His opinion reflects valid judicial cynicism within his reluctant re-authorization.

One of the weird aspects to both Collyer and Boasberg is that both FISC judges did not ever seek to ask the “why” question: why are all these unauthorized database searches taking place? Instead, both judges focus on process issues and technical procedural questions, seemingly from a position that all unauthorized searches were done without malicious intent.

Accepting that neither judge had the purpose of benefit to overlay any other information upon their FISA review, their lack of curiosity is not necessarily a flaw but rather a feature of a very compartmentalized problem.

Boasberg and Collyer are only looking at one set of data-points all centered around FISA(702) search queries. Additionally, the scale of overall annual database searches outlined by Boasberg extends well over three million queries by the FBI and thousands of anonymous users; and the oversight only covers a sub-set of around ten percent.

As a result of the number of users with database access; and as Boasberg notes in his declassified opinion there is no consistent application of audit-trails or audit-logs; and worse yet, users don’t have to explain “why”, so there’s no FISC digging into “why”; the process is a bureaucratic FUBAR from a compliance standpoint; perhaps that’s by design.

All of that said, and accepting the FISC review is not engaged in the ‘why’, here’s the part where seemingly disparate dots start to connect and things are concerning.

REMINDER from the Mueller Report:

My strong hunch is that behind this process we would find the reason why the ‘Steele Dossier” was so relevant to Mueller. You see, investigating the dossier made the 2017 Mueller investigation an extension of a 2016 counterintelligence investigation and not a criminal investigation (later, those were spun off).

By maintaining the counterintelligence process for Mueller, the FBI was able to continue exploiting the NSA database as a FISA(702) tool for their investigation. The foreign actors played a key role in this process. So long as the Mueller investigation was targeting foreign actors they could collect downstream evidence on the “702” (American persons) returns.

In essence, the “small group” could stretch the NSA database rules to conduct electronic warrantless searches and massive electronic surveillance on targets direct (“to/from”) and indirect (downstream).

The violations that Boasberg is identifying (March 2017 through March 2018) must also include FISA database searches conducted by Mueller’s FBI team. It is all within the same system of electronic surveillance. The pattern, frequency and specifics of the Boasberg report are identical to the 2017 Rosemary Collyer report. Same violations. Same processes.

Against what we see more visible every day; and thinking about how corrupt we already know the Mueller investigation to be; now consider that without going to federal courts to gain legal authority, warrants, taps etc…. using their database access Mueller’s team could continue to exploit the FISA(702) process.

They could gather material for their criminal cases through the NSA database and then transfer those results to their spun off prosecutions.

That’s why the Steele Dossier would be so important. The Dossier formed the basis to continue making the Mueller investigation a counterintelligence operation, Title-I authority. Without the Dossier creating the foreign construct, Mueller’s team would have had to follow Title-III.

There is a better than strong possibility the Mueller team monitored all of their targets, extracted the evidence they needed, transferred it to prosecutors and proceeded to construct cases. They didn’t need too much actual investigation because: (a) they knew the Russian-collusion/conspiracy was false; and (2) they could just access the NSA database and pull all the material they needed.

My hunch is all of this exploitation is why ODNI Dan Coats sat on this Boasberg ruling for a year. Boasberg presented this opinion in October 2018, it wasn’t released until October 2019. That could also be a motive why Dan Coats left right before Boasberg’s opinion was released. Perhaps IC interests did not want anyone putting 2+2 together if this judicial review was released during the ongoing Mueller probe.

Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein authorized Mueller to investigate the Steele Dossier in the second scope memo (August 2017). If these suspicions are accurate, the reason Mueller wanted the dossier included would be to maintain Mueller’s investigation as a counterintelligence operation. [An extension of Crossfire Hurricane] As a result, all previous FBI exploits using FISA(702) database searches would be authorized.

To get the Dossier moved from “political opposition research” into valid “investigative evidence” the FBI needed to find a way to get it into the investigation…. Hence, Carter Page and the FISA warrant became the unwitting target and vehicle to carry it.

That explanation also reconciles why Rosenstein signed-off on the 3rd renewal of the Carter Page FISA. Rosenstein authorized a counterintelligence operation (2nd scope) and simultaneously re-authorized the cover story, the Carter Page FISA renewal.

The ramifications here are actually bigger than the original FISA database abuse. It means the Mueller group had secret ongoing background surveillance on all of their targets; and they did not need court authority (Title-III warrants) to get evidence. Maybe, just maybe, this is part of the reason why John Durham has expanded the time-frame for his review.

Now, bear with me…. Again, just to be prudent, we don’t have the supportive material yet to see through the Boasberg ruling, so there is some conjecture here. However, if we stand back and think about the bigger picture described; and we also think about current headlines continuing to surface; a whole bunch of sketchy new things start to reconcile.

Example: Listen to the video here for a minute as Chris Ferrell explains how people were being monitored by a State Department “war room”.

Remember all of the State Department “unmaskings” that were taking place? Hundreds of unmaskings assigned to U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power, and yet no-one could identify who was doing them?

One of the significant changes between the Collyer report (covering 2016) and the Boasberg report (covering 2017) was an institutional inability to track who was doing the actual database searches. Some internal process was modified to create IC anonymity.

Well, against the backdrop of Ambassador Yovanovitch in 2017 and 2018 “monitoring” American persons in/around her Ukraine interests; and considering all of these database search queries identified by Boasberg in 2017 and 2018 “incidentally” captured Americans; perhaps this explains how the Yovanovitch “monitoring” was taking place.

Burisma Leadership Meeting With Ambassador Yovanovitch in October 2018 – Link

We know what the FBI and “contractors” were doing in 2016; and given how invested the intelligence community is within the current stop-trump operations (writ large); and given the political stakes for the intelligence community, well, would there be a reason they would just stop electronic surveillance in January 2017 when President Trump was inaugurated?

I suspect this NSA database is being continually data-mined by ongoing institutional operatives and contractors who are working against the Trump administration. I suspect the surveillance of their political opposition is ongoing….


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274 Responses to Is Pending IG Report on FISA Abuse Being Held-Up To Facilitate NSA Bulk Data Re-authorization That Expires December 15th?…

  1. wightmanfarm says:

    I think America (God bless her) is DONE.

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  2. iPack says:

    Another question here is doesn’t the President know?

    He can order the release and speed up the process. He has a pen and a phone. Just order the release…. But for whatever reason, he didn’t do it.


    • Alfred Barnes says:

      The Senate has the votes to remove him. They proved that when they voted against his declaration of a national emergency on the southern border.

      There’s bigger fish to fry than FISA, which is all Durham is investigating.

      At the end of the day, there will be deals cut, and the American people will get the sanitized version. In the meantime, the satanic world order controls the data on billions of people, and has the State Dept for providing cover for drug and human trafficking and money laundering.

      PDJT can’t go it alone, he needs majorities of supporters in both houses. Even then, will it be enough? Who will watch the watchers?

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  3. Bogeyfree says:

    After 3 years even PT never speaks about the spying abuse in any detail to the American people.

    Why is that?

    Why does he not speak about the Adm Rodgers audit results or the Hammer Program or all the searches to build that database we heard so much about or even the 3.1m searches done by the FIB in 2017?

    PT could blow the NSA searching Abuse out of the water but he too doesn’t.

    It’s almost like it’s a sacred cow in DC and no one wants to end it or really change it.

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    • snellvillebob says:

      I would like to see what happens if the Bulk Data re-authorization is not passed. Would the Deep State order more school shootings in revenge?

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    • sDee says:

      “It’s almost like it’s a sacred cow in DC and no one wants to end it or really change it.”

      Mass surveillance of all information, against citizens, that can be weaponized against us at will.

      What’s a politician not to like about that?

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    • harryvoyager says:

      It will be the political equivalent of dropping an atom bomb. Either it will level the NSA, FBI, and CIA, or it will fail to do so and leave them seriously damaged and with few options, or it will be a complete dud. None of these are really great wins for anyone and are only a last resort measure. Better, for now, to attempt to excise the cancer and try to save the body politic, and hold that as a MAD option.

      What we’re talking about here could destroy the government, the necessary with the bad. Or the average person cod just shrug and not care at all. We just really don’t know, but I do know I’d rather not pull that pin if we don’t have to.


    • Bruce says:

      At one point Pres Trump ordered a mass declassification (different area) and latter backed down. I was mad until I realized he probably did so because he realized (was told) the declassification order would be largely ignored. At that point Trump’s threats would become toothless. He has to tread carefully. The Intelligence Deep State is more powerful than we realize. If the GOPe didn’t see Trump as a bigger threat than the Dems and the Deep State abuses, he’d have better odds.


    • CM-TX says:

      You are right. Truth is, it doesn’t upset most people that politicians & journalists, including PDJT were SPIED upon. In their minds, they can somehow justify this as unfortunate but necessary– given the climate, so “just politics today”.

      But what WILL upset the masses– or anyone with a sense of morality– what they’ve done to everyday PRIVATE AMERICAN CITIZENS. There is NO WAY to make it seem OK in a supposedly FREE & Constitutional REPUBLIC. This scares the crap out of them (Too bad!).

      There must be a FULL DISCLOSURE, then heads need to roll.
      END it… or America is just a farce– the experiment has failed & it’s over.


  4. TwoLaine says:

    From the linked article:

    “A variety of surveillance authorities expire on Dec. 15, and the Trump administration is seeking a permanent authorization.”

    SayWHAT? PERMANENT??? Oh Noes!

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  5. not2worryluv says:

    Well Obama certainly had to be in on the Coup plan when he issued one of his last EO.
    Why would the USA give out side contractors access to the largest Intelligence Center in the world. And who approved access to these “contractors”?

    I’m still curious about Mike Rogers trip to the White House to meet with President Trump.

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      IMO – Cover


    • CM-TX says:

      Another question Mattis revealed, & claimed to disagree with… Why was the Court FORCING access to the Pentagon be granted to GREEN CARD holders, requiring they TRAIN them within?? Strange.


    • CM-TX says:

      Because OUR Gov was putting out bids on Private Citizens who didn’t share their political views. So the Contractors needed access to utilize in the harassment (or worse) of INNOCENT Americans. Think hired thugs doing their bidding. .


  6. not2worryluv says:

    Well Obama certainly had to be in on the Coup plan when he issued one of his last EO.
    Why would the USA give out side contractors access to the largest Intelligence Center in the world. And who approved access to these “contractors”?

    I’m still curious about Mike Rogers trip to the White House to meet with President Trump.


  7. not2worryluv says:

    Well Obama certainly had to be in on the Coup plan when he issued one of his last EO.
    Why would the USA give out side contractors access to the largest Intelligence Center in the world. And who approved access to these “contractors”?

    I’m still curious about Mike Rogers trip to the White House to meet with President Trump.


  8. The US Senate can re-authorize an Act anytime they want to. But, if they happen to want to be responsible stewards of these very-frightening capabilities, they would want to study the IG’s findings at great length. They would want to learn the lessons that are there to be learned – beginning with this: the FISA Court system doesn’t work. Two Judges who are tasked to administer it said as much. The Director of the Department which administers the database itself said so, too. A small handful of non-elected people were able to conduct surveillance for purely political purposes and to do so with impunity. Today, as the documents cited say, three million searches are today being done. Do we really have that many “non-US persons” that we need to watch, or is this (as of course it is) a giant loophole?

    And, the one US Person who should bear the sole responsibility – the President – was able to keep his nose clean because his name was not on the many thousands of authorization orders that should have been (and, once were) required to do any of this.

    If you’re a US Senator, you’re not tasked to re-authorize a broken and exploitable system: your job is to fix it. If these people are saying what they have been saying for many years, you need to get out your typewriter, not your ink-pen and rubber stamp. This law must be changed.

    “Knowledge Is Power,™” and so a database like this is a two-edged sword. Safeguarded in the right hands, it might be a very powerful weapon. In the wrong hands, it’s a national security threat, because “a nation consists of its citizens.” If three million searches are now being done each year, we already know “those are the wrong hands.” And it is your duty, as lawmakers, to confront the issues that the IG has written about, and that Durham & Co. are about to prosecute about, to fix things so that these abuses cannot happen again. I suggest eliminating the FISA Court concept and putting the authorization back where it once was: an explicit act by the President of the United States.

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    • P.S.: If you go ahead and release the report now, it will be very quickly read by many people including data security professionals, whose input you need right now as the Congress contemplates what to do. Horowitz’s team has thoroughly investigated these issues – they do excellent work – and the public contains many people who, armed with this information and then invited to attend the hearings that you need to have, can advise you.

      A broken law should not be allowed to continue … but, in order to advise how to fix it, all of us need to understand exactly how it has failed. Mr. Horowitz has those answers. Release them.

      “We, the People” are very legitimate stakeholders in this matter, which of course affects us all and which has been doing harm to us all. You need our insights, too.

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      • Too reasonable; Congress will never do it.


      • Please says:

        To the system abusers, the system is NOT broken…it works just fine for them and their objectives. They can abuse the system anonymously with zero accountability.

        They have all these fancy legalese rules in place to make it look like there are checks and balances, but they all know the loopholes. They even know how to slow and stop any effort to derail their abuse….they continue to abuse three years and still running even though there have been two reports exposing their abuses.

        They have zero reasons to ‘fix’ it to prevent abuse. Any ‘fix’ that gets added, you can bet there is already a pre-configured loophole to continue the abuse without identification or accountability.

        Sadly, there are good things that come from the database, such as exposing terrorists actions before they occur. So burning it to the ground will also do much harm.

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        • Maybe I’m just the world’s most naïve idiot, but I do prefer to believe that there are still people in Washington who are not like the coup plotters. I think that there are still Admiral Rogers out there.

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          • Sharon says:

            There very likely are such people; however, unless they are in positions of influence and responsibility in adequate numbers, and have the willingness to assert their authority on the behalf of the Republic, it won’t matter that they are “there”.

            Their presence, by itself, does not engage the battle.

            I don’t believe that Sessions was or is “like the coup plotters”. But his presence as AG was essentially meaningless.

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            • Rajabesar says:

              The dumb ones all took a ride on the Lolita express or otherwise ended up in a video doing some particularly nasty things. These are the Schiffs, Pelosi etc that were “allowed” positions of power.
              Very clever control by the DS. They wouldn’t have let any Senator, Congress person judge or other influential person attain a position of power without those tapes in the safe.


  9. MLK says:

    I’ll remind of something I’ve mentioned before. Consider it the broadest of food for thought to consider as context.

    The American system of government has developed into something akin to a mirror of China’s twin system of State and Party (CCP). Since the end of the Cold War, and in an accelerating fashion since 9/11, secret government is now ever more brazenly challenging our constitutional order.

    Make no mistake, it long ago ceased adhering to the Constitution. Indeed, under current pressure of exposure it is attempting to use the Constitution and Rule of Law as a weapon against legitimate (constitutional) power.

    This has been a long time coming. We should remember during the Cold War, even as the Soviet system was unappealing, popular culture was replete throughout with warnings that it was superior in some respects. Particularly in terms of Spy Wars between the systems.

    The idea being that we couldn’t afford strict adherence to the Constitution in that Manichean Struggle.

    Now consider where we are today in the context of a rising Communist governing China. For a quarter century I’ve noted the increasingly Loud and Proud, if you will, praise for China’s system. The video link of you sent yesterday of Bloomberg is notable only for his momentary talking out of school.

    It’s a Cardinal Error to fail to notice how this threat to our Constitutional Republic vastly grew with of China’s totalitarian success. Make no mistake, while we were aghast at Bloomberg’s point of view, the Governing Class widely agrees. After all, just as the dream of capitalists is to become monopolists since it’s so much easier and less risky than having to compete, adherence to our Constitution and, most especially, respect for (the only) legitimate authority in our Constitutional Republic is just too tiresome.

    The FISA Court is the intersection where our constitutional order meets the secret surveillance state.

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  10. WSB says:

    I hope no one minds me reposting this special that Pearson Sharp hosted on OANN last week. Our President gave it a shout out. Beautifully explains how we got here. Pearson names names.

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  11. MitchSteel says:

    Here is what will really blow your noggin: the Senate plans to use the Impeachment, to have leverage against POTUS. The Senate has just as much, if not more to lose than the House does, with Trump as POTUS.

    MITCH has already started the process by publicly being wishy washy on Impeachment.

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    • If the House even votes on Articles at this point, the President should immediately file Trump v. US House of Representatives before the Supreme Court, directly challenging the Constitutionality of all that has transpired.

      What Schiff is now doing, after every attempt to get a true judicial finding of guilt has failed, is called a Bill of Attainder, and §1.9.3 expressly forbids them. Furthermore, the Separation of Powers purposely does not give the Legislature any Judicial power (for the very, very obvious reasons that Schiff is presenting us with right now). The Founders considered but rejected the English criteria of “maladministration.” The expulsion of the Executive Branch is not “a political act of vengeance.”


      • P.S.: The Supreme Court has used a three-pronged test for attainder:

        (1) A specific person is named.
        (2) The person is found guilty of some crime and punished by the Legislature.
        (3) No trial is held.

        “Punishment” can be identified by the expressed intention of the parties, and the intention could not be more obvious here. These people have been contemplating and singularly pursuing their act of vengeance since before(!) this man took the Oath of Office. What they’re trying to do now is hundreds of years old.

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        • Pew-Anon says:

          (1) A specific person is named.
          (2) The person is found guilty of some crime and punished by the Legislature.
          (3) No trial is held.

          2b is where your argument fails, I’m afraid. Impeachment is not punitive, but rather a constitutionally granted power of the House. Unfortunately the Constitution places no restrictions on how the House might arrive at impeachment. As long as the House is calling what they do “impeachment” that shields them from the BoA argument, imho.


      • Bogeyfree says:

        I might suggest you call into Jay Sekulow’s show at noon each day as he takes callers and your question/point IMO is spot on and would be right up Jay’s alley to comment on.

        Another option is to email Rudy and/or Jay to ensure they are aware of this angle. (I’d hope they are but just in case)


        • Judging from Mr. Sekulow’s credentials as shown on his web site, he cannot be unaware of this angle. I find it rather mysterious that it hasn’t been headlined before.

          I continue to be puzzled why Republicans act so darned impotent, wringing their hands as though there was nothing they could do – as though the Lawfare idiots were unstoppable geniuses … Thomas Jefferson must be rolling in his grave.


          • Mike, you are going to have to accept that republicons are complicit sir.

            UniParty. Two wings of one globalist buzzard pecking away at the already bare bones of freedom, liberty and American lives…

            And yes, these are evil people. What else could they be that would act in traitorous manner against the best interests of 350 million people that they are supposed to protect and represent?

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    • Firefly says:

      It was reported in fox evening (Ingraham sho I think)/ that Mitch had a talk with trump about being nice to the senators to avoid being impeached. Murkowski has some energy Bill she wants passed and Mitch suggested helping her on it.

      Trump will have the threat of impeachment over his head as a way to control him. It’s all about power, control and money.

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      • Zippy says:

        “Mitch had a talk with trump about being nice to the senators to avoid being impeached”

        Ah, another reason for the impeachment farce I had not considered. Corrupt Beyond Repair…

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        • lolli says:

          IMO, I also think McConnell is behind the Sessions run.
          Turtle is showing how they can still get re-elected even if they backstab PT.
          They do not fear reelection.
          Turtle wants a club member in that seat, not a MAGA man.
          I trust what PT said about Sessions, until some proof emerges ro prove otherwise. I can imagine all the pretty sting scenarios, but I try to stick to facts.
          Turtle has all kinds of requests from PT, I imagine.
          Remember, recently, PT said never trumpers were worse than dems, they are human scum. PT reminding us, IMO.


      • neal s says:

        I guess PDJT will have to be careful and measured in the swamp draining at least until such time as there are enough non-corrupt republican senators who will support him so that the cannot be successfully impeached and removed from office. Then the gloves can come off and it will be full speed ahead. It also helps to have more and more decent judges in place. I am hoping there will also be ways that the worst judges can be removed by one or more legal means.

        Other than Jesus himself, I don’t know of anyone else who could do this. PDJT needs God’s help and our prayers. And we all need to vote and encourage others to vote next year. It will be just as critical and important as it was three years ago.


  12. Linus in W.PA. says:

    It’s time to rip the lid off this wretched hive of scum and villainy….

    The most clucked-up thing about this is that these treasonous bastagees are still doing it!!!!!!

    Earlier this week, I suggested that we may see some joy this week. As the week progressed, I felt that I may have been somewhat correct. Now, I’m not so sure.

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  13. IMO, the entire FISA court system is a farce perpetrated to placate the public into accepting the unconstitutional shredding of the 4thA by the so-called “Patriot Act”

    In the hysteria that followed 911, We were duped into allowing the government to nullify almost the entire Bill of Rights.

    The FISA abuses perpetuated during the 2016 election cycle are direct evidence.

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    • Indeed, the PATRIOT Act – which very strangely “materialized” in its 900-page glory (no one can write that fast …) – also needs to be scrapped. In the name of “protecting us,” PATRIOT instead created enormous vulnerabilities. While we might need some kind of legislation along these lines, “PATRIOT is not it.”

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      • graphiclucidity says:

        If I recall correctly, the Patriot Act was a pre-existing bill that had been ready to go since the Clinton administration but couldn’t get enough votes in Congress due to privacy concerns. The original bill was supposed to be used to fight organized crime/drug trafficking etc., but within days after 9/11 it was updated quickly to become a needed tool to fight terrorism and passed easily when it was pushed through.

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      • Baby El says:

        The same with Gun Control. Just waiting for any event – legislation in hand, written ahead of time.

        See the parallels?

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      • To me, the implementation of the Patriot Act always seemed to be a matter of “Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste” whereby a small group of authoritarians ram-rodded a pre-planned nullification of the Constitution through Congress. Even though I was totally apolitical at that time, my hackles rose when I read about the measures being taken.

        I do NOT believe that any of the abuses we are witnessing are the result of “Unintended Consequences”

        I DO now believe that those laws were specifically written consolidate the grip on America’s throat.

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  14. Daniel says:

    As is often the case, Sundance nailed it. Yes. The last time it was reauthorizedm roosterhead made comments about it. The NSA program needs to go. Every tool of government will be abused. It’s not “if” or “in the right hands” because v that is both a stupid and short-sighted view which fails to consider the reality we have all witnessed along with the reality of employee and elected officials changing.

    It has been abused by a lawless and unaccountable group of people. If you are convinced that the criminals will not be prosecuted, then we can never trust government with such power.

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  15. bluebongo says:

    What most don’t realize is that the data gathering tools the NSA use are really just the tip of the iceberg. Law enforcement agencies work hand in hand with federal agencies in brick and mortar “fusion cells” across the country that the National Guard stood up years ago… can find articles easily.

    The bulk of data collected is primarily open source, but they do get access to law enforcement, federal agency, and bank, tax, phone and state records to combine for a formidable tool called “pattern of life”. It’s been used stateside for decades in tracking drug dealers, and with no modification needed could develop significant information about political opponents very quickly.

    These cells were all stood up under the “Freedom Act”.

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    • There is a purposely symbolic message in the story of the Garden of Eden, in that the Tree of which Eve ate was the Tree of Knowledge. (She was then prevented from eating from the Tree of Immortality.)

      On the one hand, collecting “this kind of information” and concentrating it into a data system can be a very potent weapon. But, it can also be a grave danger to the very persons who wield it, as we now have all seen. Perhaps(?)-well-intentioned laws like the PATRIOT Act have since exposed the American public to grave dangers of which they were not allowed to become aware. A very small number of well-placed people orchestrated deliberate abuses (which no doubt continue today) while concealing their wrongdoing for quite a long time. Horowitz has uncovered them, and Durham is soon going to be prosecuting them as crimes.

      But, why and how was this possible? That’s what everybody should be getting answers to. We thought the prize horse was well-protected …

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    • John Taylor says:

      The only ones who are free from this are the illegal aliens?

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    • ann says:

      Child traffficking, tier One CPS investigations, the investigative applications & potential for over reach are endless. .

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      • ann says:

        in reference to a worldview which asserts state institutions hold the innate authority to monitor and engineer subsets of populations identified as threats to the status quo under the umbrella of “patttern of life” .

        Framed in semi innocuous language that infers these capabilities are developed as a military tool that enhances timely proactive intervention in unstable volatile “high flux civilian settings .
        DORPA research & development of predictive & outcome probability programs has been an ongoing project for many years .

        Again, Without our consent or public oversight.

        Unlike the myopic FISC , I can put two & two together. The big picture: found findings and fact patterns indicate this an enmeshed DoJ, IC and. seemingly immortal, permanent Senators & House chairs is the opposite of benign.

        Human nature, history and common sense tell me this is manifestation of seizing power from citizens for top down control.

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  16. Bogeyfree says:

    If PT wanted to expose the surveillance abuse and assuming no other agency is wanting to expose it, IMO he should immediately appoint Gen Flynn as NSA Director, reporting directly to PT the day after his case is thrown out.

    My guess is we would all see rather quickly just how much abuse has gone on and who the contractors were, who they surveilled over and over and what info were they looking for and also who authorized their surveillance.

    This would be genius by PT and the American people would finally know the truth.

    If he could do this where the truth is exposed prior to 2020 election, IMO it would awaken millions of American voters that they have been snookered by the prior administration all these years and it would ensure a landslide victory for PT.

    This would be pure genius!

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  17. rjones99 says:

    That stinking FISA database is a root of much that is evil within our government. Freeing ourselves from government tyranny NECESSARILY means getting rid of that thing. The 4th amendment abuse, created by the courts btw, must end. ANY benefit of this thing does not outweigh the cost to human freedom. Why is that not crystal clear to anyone who loves our country?

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  18. Julian says:

    After what President Trump has been through – and the President has CONSTANTLY remarked that what has happened to him SHOULD NEVER happen to another President – it’s clear Trump will come out and call for an end to this program.

    Trump knows what he’s doing, so he’s playing this just the way he wants it one must suspect.

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  19. T Heckman says:

    Mitch is walking a tightrope as long as the public will not accept impeachment they will back off. There’s no telling what propaganda will be thrown at the public in hopes that impeaching Trump will be tolerated. They won’t stop. Pelosi got the nod from senate that they were on board or she would not have proceeded. Ukraine, Trump’s finances, tax records are all pending issues. I picture the senate narrative being it is the totality of the issues. Try to barrage the public with all this is just too much, ” that Trump isn’t worth it.”
    Trump supporters won’t buy it. I also think the holiday season works for Trump. People are tuning this out. On the other hand there is another plan just around the corner. Schumer warned Trump early on about the intelligence community. Comey, Clapper, Brennan, ect. Should be tarred and feathered, instead they are on msm treated like kings Barr is a player he knows how to play and Trump will do what Barr tells him to do. This is high stakes chess. If I were Trump I would not trust anyone. Graham is a perfect example

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  20. capetribulation1 says:

    What really burns me is watching Democrats move full steam ahead, get everything they want, without regard for laws, rules and regs. They make up their own rules, change procedures, use their gavel like a hammer, carve their path with a scythe and NOBODY is able to stop them. Meanwhile we sit and hand-wring, parse, color one way within the lines, wait patiently, watch while our hands get tied behind our backs and are otherwise stymied. We are being taken for the fools that we are.These agencies must be wrapped in yellow crime tape, or America is finished.

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  21. Chewbarkah says:

    No IG Report on FISA abuse, no USA Freedom Act* re-authorization. Period.
    *Vomitous name for secret spying on citizens.

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  22. Julian says:

    So with this Ukrainian Ambassador authorising surveillance on Trump associates through the State Department I have a question.

    Why would Secretary Tillerson & Secretary Pompeo support this surveillance of Trump?

    If they didn’t – who have they SACKED in relation to this?

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  23. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    Which leaves no doubt that Horowitz is a deep stater.

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  24. Zippy says:

    “Is the current Inspector General report on FISA abuse being delayed due to the need for congress to reauthorize the very same programs the IG is about to criticize?”

    FISA Court Rolls Over, Plays Dead
    Aug 28, 2013

    A newly declassified opinion shows FISA court “oversight” in the face of egregious, unconstitutional and potentially criminal government misconduct means nothing.

    Last week, thanks to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s excellent FOIA work, we got the gift of a newly declassified 2011 FISA court opinion. The opinion finds that the government misled the FISA court for over three years about the details of its illegal and unconstitutional surveillance programs. These lies hid from the court the fact that every year, the NSA is collecting at least 56,000 emails – and possibly many more — between innocent Americans who have no foreign connections and are suspected of no crimes. That’s bad, but the worst part of it is, when the government’s lies were finally exposed the FISA court demanded … that NSA analysts read our private messages right away, so they can be used or deleted more quickly. In other words, the government got not a slap on the wrist, but a pat on the back.

    This was the third lie in less than three years that the FISA court had learned about. The judge described one such pattern of lying in Footnote 14 of this newly declassified opinion. There, the clearly outraged judge said the NSA had misrepresented so frequently and systematically how it conducted its program to collect and query Americans’ phone call records that the agency had utterly subverted the Court-mandated oversight regime for that program.

    So what did the court do when it found out it had been lied to, that purely domestic communications were fair game, that untold numbers of innocent people were being illegally spied on, and that all the safeguards in place needed to be rethought?

    Nothing, really. The court suggested the NSA should train its analysts to notice when their queries turned up an MCT – i.e., an Internet transaction containing multiple messages — and then to look carefully at all the by-catch. If existing procedures allowed them to use anything in those purely domestic messages that they were never supposed to have collected in the first place, great! Otherwise, only after collection and review, should the information be deleted. The NSA adopted this approach, and continues to blithely collect Internet transactions containing wholly domestic communications between innocent Americans to this day.

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  25. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Is this a rhetorical question?
    I watched enough of the Senate hrg until I could no longer stomach it.

    Full throated support for renewal and in fact there were suggestions to revisit the bulk collection program (you know, the one they swore didn’t exist, until Snowden blew the whistle).

    Two panels of “experts”, DOJ/FBI/NSA, all of whom swore there’s never been any abuse….and in the off chance it occurred, they “self-corrected”, which is proof the guardrails put in place WORK!

    Second panel, think tank geniuses, all of whom suggested “everything’s working” and in fact let’s look at expanding….you know for ever increasing challenging threats…we have to be on guard at all times.

    It was a major pukefest lemme tell ya. Cornyn and Lindsey were almost giddy

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    • Matthew LeBlanc says:

      Getting harder and harder to read this sort of thing and not lose my mind. Good Lord kill me where I stand if I ever want to give away my privacy and above all my liberty in order to be safe from some boogeyman my corrupt government conjured up.

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  26. freespeechfanatic says:

    Does or will ANYTHING ever happen to these people? Meanwhile, Flynn is slow-motion keelhauled, Stone faces a Stalinist DC trial and Manafort rots in jail. Not to mention the many who’ve had their careers ruined and been bankrupted.

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  27. Sofa King says:

    Three buttons:
    Shut it down
    Shut it all down
    Push this button> Shut it down, shut it all down.

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    • ann says:

      Defund, close the agencies. The structural firewalls melted long ago. The DoJ/, IC, CIA , legislative & Judicial Branch devolved into a tightly enmeshed rigid subsystem of subversive power holding.
      To totalitarian stakeholders, we are a tthreat.
      No outsiders are welcome . That includes our ‘rogue’ presidents, Judges , AG’s .
      any citizen who does not conform is a threat.
      Common sense is a threat.
      Liberty, transparency and independent thought is a threat


    • bofh says:

      Shut it down. Shut it down forever.


  28. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Not sure I understand the point here.
    Fretting over delaying the IG Report (because it shows the abuses of FISA/NSA database) so they can RE-AUTHORIZE on Dec 15…

    only to afterwards release the report that exposes to the the American people how the thing JUST RE-AUTHORIZED is being abused.

    Sounds like a win/win to me……especially with an election next year to hold these people’s feet to the fire for-amongst other things- their re-authorization vote of a continually abused law.

    And hell…..maybe we can use the leverage of the IG Report to get these legislators to finally step in and FIX THE DAMN THING.

    But this article points out a bigger problem I keep seeing here….

    The implication that decades of the MEDUSA of crimes and abuse within the swamp can be handled in one fell swoop with some SINGLE imaginary MAGIC BULLET.
    Not all problems need to fixed at once.

    IMO Delay of the IG Report is HELPING not hurting.

    Just read that Nov 5 WaPo article again (or other recents ones) and compare it to those of the last 3 years and some striking things are apparent…namely:

    The “Unnamed Sources familiar with the matter” are no longer
    they are stumbling around in the dark and schittin their knickers.

    As example…according to them…the report will come out
    Nov 20
    after Thanksgiving
    as soon as next week.
    (Thanks for nailing that down for us “unnamed sources” that kind of precision is sure to get NASA to Mars…great job !!)

    They THOUGHT Horowitz was investigating the single aspect of the Page FISA but that all changed when BARR (yes Bagpipe Bill) shut down Mueller and single-handedly destroyed THAT coup attempt resulting in the IG Report getting delayed from it’s original estimated May release.

    Suddenly Horowitz–who can only compel testimony from current DOJ employees doncha know–is flying to London interviewing a British chap who was relieved of his DOJ “job” in late Oct 2016.
    (Hmmm….I guess he CAN interview ex-employees outside the DOJ..WAAAY outside)

    I’m sure finding out that “DO NOTHING” Barr/Durham flew to (at minimum) Italy and UK WITHOUT NOTIFYING THE STATE DEPT must be unsettling. Call it a hunch but I doubt they did all that to just go watch some “videotape”. And hey…who all might they want to chat with in LONDON? Even better Bill and Durham apparently came back with some souveneirs to memorialize their exotic excellent adventure:
    JOSEPH MIFSUD’S PHONES (Cool…one for each of ’em)

    Then they find out that the IG Report is “lengthy” with few redactions (Black Hat Bill’s declass authorization at work perhaps?). Interesting….as the MYE Exam Report which covered a year long investigation, Comey’s actions, AND leaking was 550 pages long and yet this report covering a SINGLE FISA APPLICATION is the size of the Yellow Pages??? That can’t be good.

    And the same night they find this out….”Reviewer” Durham announces his CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION and comes out of the closet as a “SPECIAL COUNSEL” after all. (just ask Ratcliffe or ANDY MCCABE what Durham IS)

    All that …AND THEY HAVEN’T EVEN SEEN THE IG REPORT YET for “principals review”

    They KNOW the rules, procedures and laws they violated but apparently….

    THEY CAN’T EVEN PUT OUT A PRE-EMPTIVE NARRATIVE to soften the blow of the IG Report….

    The best spin the Targets (not their media stooges) can do is half-heartedly say
    “I hope Barr isn’t being political”
    “HOPE” huh? Imagine that….
    Hey Bagpipe Bill….I hope you see you way to looking past this whole “coup thing”
    THEY are now quoting TRUMP.

    Maybe Barr is doing exactly what he said he was going to do: “Let the chips fall where they may”.
    (Gonna have to grab me some dip. Does French Onion come is 5 gallon buckets?)

    Seems to me..

    The optimal time to release the IG report is AFTER Schiff’s Schitt-show lands with a dud. It will be a absurd, pathetic disaster (and that’s not even considering a court decision possibly emasculating this Impeach-a-ma-Jig)
    A rerun the likes of Mueller, Cohen, and Lewandowski for 2 reasons:

    Americans have a fundamental sense of fairness and this all started with a WHISTLEBLOWER and they will expect him to testify.
    Unlike with the 2 year Russia investigation, the MSM hasn’t had enough time to mind erase HIM (like they did the Steele Dossier) as the instigator of it all.

    You don’t need to understand complicated foreign affairs, archaic parlimentary procedures or the intracacies of whistleblower statutes to understand this simple premise:

    John Q Citizen…Imagine losing your job over an ANONYMOUS allegation.

    A first grader can understand the unfairness of THAT.
    The Dems and MSM will be forced to vociforously sell and defend FUNDAMENTAL INJUSTICE.
    The only “poll” you need to “read” to understand the impending doom of that idea….
    is Nancy Pelosi’s press conference
    NOT WANTING TO TALK about the baby she had just given birth to the VERY DAY BEFORE
    (660: The All-New Pelosi Method of Impeachment)

    Good luck with that, Proud Mama.

    The timing for the release could actually not be BETTER.
    One of the most frightening things over the past 3 years has been that the MSM has LEFT THEMSELVES NO OUTS. They are ALL-IN.

    Meaning the people they have “brain-washed” would be UNABLE to comprehend and therefore ACCEPT the truth even if it was laid out before them in coloring books
    Which is one of the many reasons the nauseating clarion calls at CTH to

    However a watershed moment…a red-pill moment occurred this past week:
    James O’Keefe’s Amy Robach video.
    Do not underestimate the importance of this.

    This wasn’t Trump or Hannity or Alex Jones claiming “fake news”…
    IT WAS ONE OF THEIR OWN…one of ABCs First stringers…the one that got the Hunter Biden interview…

    even ALEXANDRIA OCASIO CORTEZ TWEETED this Project Veritas vid OUT.

    An actual “tipping point”…
    following NBC/Ronan/Weinstien/Lauer, Juicy Smoolyay, Trump/Russia Collusion, Kavanaugh, etc

    And the MSM/Pelosi/Schiff UKRANIAN IMPEACHMENT will be landing on the heels of this…….

    What could be a better time for Barr/Durham/Horowitz to step forward having done
    and present it to the American people who EXPERIENCED THEMSELVES REPEATEDLY that the MSM they’ve been following protects the interests of the elite foremost, is “fake” and this confirmed by some of those MSM elites themselves?
    As Lee Smith called it in his Epoch Times interview: a possible “Extinction Level Event”

    Precisely what we need to get as many Americans as possible to be OPEN to realizing the magnitude of what actually occurred and be ABLE to accept what it was:

    A COUP.

    If it happens in December…..fine.

    One more thing…
    Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein authorized Mueller to investigate the Steele Dossier in the second scope memo (August 2017). If these suspicions are accurate, the reason Mueller wanted the dossier included would be to maintain Mueller’s investigation as a counterintelligence operation.

    If DAG authorized Mueller specifically to investigate the Steele Dossier than that would be the THIRD direct time Mueller committed perjury before the HJC as he specifically said the dossier was “out of his purview” and others within the DOJ (Barr/Durham) were looking into that.
    The other two being:
    He wasn’t interviewing for the Director job.
    He didn’t give his press conference to relieve a potential contempt of court charge in the Concord Management case.

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    • J.Thomas says:

      Probably the most powerful thing about Trump is that he has natural appeal to the kind of person who watches gossip/entertainment news, and that in that context he is a likeable authority figure even with his confrontational style. In that role many people already had an understanding of him as a jerk billionaire, but one with a heart and an enviable celebrity life style. He has already established his reputation as a person who only cares about results, not about who you are or what you look like…that was the whole purpose/plot of The Apprentice. Ironically people like Jeff Zucker helped him create that persona.

      So, many people probably already have some understanding that this guy doesn’t need to enrich himself through his office and a rudimentary feel as to why he would fire someone because or their perceptions of him through The Apprentice.

      Trump is almost the perfect person to topple the media. These incessant witch hunts help people who may not otherwise view him as a sympathetic figure to think of him as a foil to the status quo.

      Trump was elected not because he is a foreign policy genius. He was elected because Americans are sick of perpetual war, sick of being treated as though they have no say in their governance, and sick of what we now fully understand as the Deep State. Trump was elected because he called it ridiculous to its face (literally to its figurehead HRC) and his pragmatic, common American perspective was a threat to the hidden motives and corruption of the Deep State, which Trump has brought into the open.

      We really are standing on the precipice of what could be an “extinction level event”. It’s the American people vs. the Corrupt State…one of them will persist at the expense of the other. THESE are the times that try men’s souls.

      It will take women and men of conviction to stand up to the illusion cast by the Great and Powerful Deep State. Are there enough of them left among us?

      Sidney Powell stood up. The rest of us need to stand up too.


  29. TomA says:

    Nuts and bolts, and you can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube.

    Electronic communications (EC) are digital pulses of voltage moving through wire, fiber optic cables, and broadcast electromagnetic waves. They cannot be directly interpreted by humans. You need instrumentation and computers in order to understand what is being transmitted. As a result, the only practical way for NSA to monitor EC (and presumably protect public security interests) is to vacuum up and clone everything, and then organize and archive it for later review and analysis. And the USA is not the only one doing this. Many foreign governments and private entities also do exactly this same thing. Privacy is extinct and has been for about two decades now.

    In theory, the Patriot Act prescribes legal protocols for who and when this enormous database can be queried, and for what reason. That is a sham and a scam. Once the database came into existence, powerful forces in DC made in a priority to circumvent these laws, and the database has been weaponized ever since. Nothing will be “fixed” by writing new laws because the rule of law is also extinct now. To really solve this problem, you must dismantle thousands of EC interceptor nodes located all across the globe.

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    • Mean Old Man says:

      actually, this is not true…
      There are many stories out there about the NSA getting access ISP networks.
      Most phones networks are now digitized across many of these same networks. (Mobile ISP is almost always the same as Mobile carrier. One connection to those gets you both.)
      Non-encrypted traffic is super easy to organize and search on even with standard commercial-based unstructured data repositories.

      Encrypted data is a little different…

      (possible access to encryption keys)
      Domain level spoofing across ISP networks is 100% possible if you own the domain servers and the network. And I’ve long suspected that Domain Server providers have been compromised. The level of technology innovation and security vulnerability typifies that of government run institutions.

      Access without encryption keys are still possible, just not with the level of ease as what I mentioned above. But as computers get faster, the older encryption becomes easier to break.


      • WhiteBoard says:

        the NSA database only surveils america wired phones and cable services. a phone encryted or wired dark is not subject to it.

        the database spys on americans only. it should be shut down. and let intel do its own spying processes.


  30. islandpalmtrees says:


    In perhaps, one of the most important government systems continues without enforcement for years. This issue sets firmly with both of these judges in the FISC court.

    These judges, must be complicit through willful blindness or sheer stupidity.

    Sundance wrote:
    “FISA Court judges Rosemary Collyer (declassified 2017) and James Boasberg (declassified 2019) both identified issues with the NSA database being exploited for unauthorized reasons. ”

    There seems to be, an old saying that covers this. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

    Strongly criticizing the actions of a government department is not enforcing the rule of law. The FISC court has not effectively performing their jobs, that is to protect the American citizens.

    Sunance writes: “FISA Judge James Boasberg that strongly criticized the FISA-702 process for a year.”


    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Should be:

      Strongly criticizing the actions of a government department is not enforcing the rule of law. The FISC court has not effectively performed their jobs, that is to protect the American citizens.

      Sundance writes: “FISA Judge James Boasberg that strongly criticized the FISA-702 process for a year.”

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  31. k4jjj says:

    I notice judges don’t just criticize street felons and let them go with a warning. Only government lawyers and government employees who commit felonies get off easy.


  32. islandpalmtrees says:

    REASONABLENESS – taken from the section 702 2018 certification

    The first case in point, James Boasberg thinks that his job is to balance the rights of the American citizen under the fourth amendment with the needs of the law enforcement community.

    Well I have news for the judge, the fourth amendment was given to us by the writers of the Constitution. I don’t recall any such amendment or article giving law enforcement equal rights.

    When in doubt judge, your job is to protect the American citizen!


  33. unconqueredone says:

    Perhaps our communications with our Senators and Representatives ought to simply be: Dear Sentator/ Representative, If they can use this database against the President, they can (and will if they desire) use it against YOU. Please kill this program.


  34. islandpalmtrees says:


    These judges, have apparently allowed NSA database query training to take place on active data sets. And somehow, they have allowed this process to continue for years. This comes across, as allowing anyone who’s taking a class on NSA database queries to conduct searches, unsupervised.

    The point is, judges who are not trained IT professionals can hardly be allowed to interpret how and when NSA database searches should be carried out.

    The same logic, applies to politicians, writing policy on complex systems they don’t understand.

    You or I, would hardly go to a mechanic, if we wanted, a haircut.

    It follows, that we should not be surprised by the results given the people involved.


  35. bofh says:

    With AI you don’t program the rules, you merely show the machine enough examples and the AI intuits what the clues are for making the sample decisions. Those clues can be quite subtle or even subliminal to humans, but with enough examples, the machinery finds the pattern and extracts some sort of logic. Mere humans may not like the result, but it will be “logical”. Gee, who do we know that collects a metric buttload of sample data? (hint: not just the Feds)

    Collect enough info on everyone, and eventually no one dares oppose you. Pretty much mostly a question of volume of data determining the breadth and depth of knowledge about a given person. This is already beyond the slugs in Congress, because the vulnerabilities of each of them has doubtlessly been studied. Those currently controlling the process, presumably at the tip of the system’s administrative pyramid, are holding lightning in a bottle.


    • unconqueredone says:

      Further, they don’t need real data. They can simply falsify anything and who can prove otherwise? They could plant any information anywhere in your history and you cannot prove innocence.


    • islandpalmtrees says:

      Congressional members, should now be scientist, for the basic starting point.


  36. Zippy says:

    What Senator Frank Church (D-ID) feared in 1975 did not require a dictator as he believed. The tyrant is the anti-democratic Deep State and, as revealed by SpyGate and UkraineGate, we have passed over, probably long ago, into his feared abyss. And now, unlike Democrat Senator Church, Democrats and their lapdog media now facilitate what Senator Church feared. Your only protection is that you alone simply aren’t worth destroying.

    From the opening scene of the video below:

    “In the need to develop a capacity to know what potential enemies are doing, the United States government has perfected a technological capability that enables us to monitor the messages that go through the air. These messages are between ships at sea. They can be between units military units in the field. We have a very extensive capability of intercepting messages wherever they may be in the airways.

    Now, that is necessary and important to the United States as we look abroad at enemies or potential enemies. We must know at the same time that capability at any time could be turned around on the American people and no American would have any privacy left, such as the capability to monitor everything, telephone conversations, telegrams. It doesn’t matter. There would be no place to hide if this government ever became a tyranny, if a dictator ever took charge.

    In this country the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort to combine together in resistance to the government, no matter how privately it was done is within the reach of the government to know. Such is the capability of this technology.

    I don’t want to see this country ever go across the bridge. I know the capacity that is there to make tyranny total in America and we must see to it that this agency and all agencies that possess this technology operate within the law and under proper supervision so that we never cross over that abyss. That’s the abyss from which there is no return.” – Senator Frank Church (D-ID), Aug 17, 1975

    Church Committee

    The Church Committee (formally the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities) was a U.S. Senate select committee in 1975 that investigated abuses by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), National Security Agency (NSA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Chaired by Idaho Senator Frank Church (D-ID), the committee was part of a series of investigations into intelligence abuses in 1975, dubbed the “Year of Intelligence”, including its House counterpart, the Pike Committee, and the presidential Rockefeller Commission. The committee’s efforts led to the establishment of the permanent U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

    April 24, 2007
    Amazing Statement Of Congressional Impotence By Senate Intelligence Chairman Jay Rockefeller

    Charles Davis, a freelance reporter, briefly interviewed Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) last Wednesday. Rockefeller, Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, made this startling statement about how the U.S. government really functions:

    DAVIS: I wonder if you’ve heard some of these news reports that the Bush administration is backing extremist groups in Pakistan to launch attacks against Iran? Are you familiar with those news reports?

    ROCKEFELLER: I’ve seen no intelligence that would verify that.

    DAVIS: Reports quote administration officials as saying this is going on and it’s being done in a way to avoid oversight of the Intelligence Committee. Is there any way—

    ROCKEFELLER: They’ll go to any lengths to do that, as we’ve seen in the last two days [during hearings on FISA].

    DAVIS: Is there anything you could do in your position as Chairman of the Intelligence Committee to find answers about this, if it is in fact going on?

    ROCKEFELLER: Don’t you understand the way Intelligence works? Do you think that because I’m Chairman of the Intelligence Committee that I just say I want it, and they give it to me? They control it. All of it. All of it. All the time. I only get, and my committee only gets, what they want to give me.

    Schumer: Intelligence Agencies ‘Have Six Ways From Sunday Of Getting Back At You’
    SEPTEMBER 27, 2019

    …something Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer spoke of in glee, in response to then-president-elect Trump’s criticism of U.S. intelligence agencies. “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” Schumer told MSNBC’s host Rachel Maddow.


  37. JohnCasper says:

    The naming of the “Freedom Act” is right out of Orwell.

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  38. furburt says:

    Hi Treepers, Long time lurker, first time CT commenter: Zippy, thanks for the vid which reaffirms what my gut has been telling me. JC, I agree , straight out of “84”. These times call for wisdom and discernment. Question to All , is it possible that the DS/Swamp runs so deep and wide that to drain it leaves (practically) no one left inside the beltway?


    • WeeWeed says:

      Welcome Furburt!


    • Joemama says:

      I will answer with what I believe, but I claim to have no special knowledge of the DS/swamp. It is based on my lifelong observations of human behaviour in large organizations.

      I believe that there are a fair number of good people in DC. I also believe that there are a lot of really evil people too. If I had to guess, I would estimate that maybe 5 -10% are truly evil. Most of the evil ones gravitate to the higher level positions in the organizations over time, since they are criminals, lazy scumbags and backstabbers. To do this they have to be intelligent, evil people.

      I suspect that the majority of people in the DC swamp are “go along, to get along” types. Morality/ethically challenged, but not intrinsically evil. There are undoubtedly some very good, frustrated people within the swamp, but these people are probably a small minority.

      So I believe (or maybe it is hope), that by cutting out the really evil upper echelons in the swamp, you can create an environment where the Morality/ethically challenged will revert to doing the right thing, once the brass are replaced with MAGA types.

      $h!t flows down hill. Bad apples, like Comey/Mueller/Brennan/etc., set the culture for the entire organization. I believe that this has actually been studied academically and shown to be the case, within the limits of precision for that kind of “science”.


  39. Atomic Hillbilly says:

    Let’s hope that Barr and Durham are doing the same thing against the coup plotters.

    They would be justified for national security reasons to be monitoring the entire network of swamprat coup plotters and round them all up for prosecution. (Including their coconspirators in the media and judiciary).


    • jello333 says:

      Yes! As important as it is to bring to justice the top conspirators, I think it’s every bit as important to also take down a few MSM types. Preferably a few household names. I understand why the media in general has special constitutional protections, but it’s now gone WAY too far. They can do pretty much anything, no matter how harmful and evil, with no fear of punishment. THAT needs to stop!


  40. Mean Ol' Man says:

    VOTE NO!
    No approval until its proven that abusing the system has criminal consequences. Until then…. Any vote for yes is a FK-U vote to the american people.


    Million Gun March on DC!


  41. Theckman says:

    Anyone that’s been a part of Washington establishment either party,
    overlap in many instances. That said Trump caused short and possible long term consequences that have uspet the plan for the country/world.
    The people waiting on the edge of their seat for Durham/IG report
    May be disappointed. Comey, Brennan, Clapper, HRC, Yates, Rice(calling Graham “a piece of shit”) are shouting from the rafters the illegitimacy of Trump. Why do they feel so emboldened and shamelessly spout off. Why, because they know they are part of the chosen, corrupt club that can not be held accountable. They are too powerful and the people investigating have their own issues and/or are part of that club. Barr may have done some damage control, however, he also may have stepped in for damage control. Sites like this are on to these so called intelligence agencies.
    I bet Trump can’t wait to retire to Florida and no I don’t see some tell all book from him. DJT values his life and loved ones. Trump is a quick study, still even he didn’t think it was as corrupt as he now realizes it is. Doing business seems like child’s play compared to what he deals with. Remember what he’s said multiple times that he would rather deal with world leaders then congress and senate, including Republicans.


  42. Fools Gold says:

    Spot on Sundance. Excellent analysis and Thank You for being the voice of reason!


  43. Judiciary says:

    This idea that intelligence agencies, or any Fed agency, can operate under an assumption that employees will be honest (we promise) is just too ignorant of human nature. Even people who follow a code of honor, so to speak, like Christians, are sorely tempted when it’s easy to take advantage of others. Not that they do but the temptation is always there. Even the Pilgrims of Plymouth Plantation started out with a communal, almost Socialist system, of sharing everything regardless of how much work was contributed. However, the system broke down because people naturally get jealous, greedy, or just sick of carrying those who won’t work. My point, other than noting the first example of failed Socialism, is that our government workers will do wrong if given the chance. It’s just human nature. But, many are already predisposed to work against a Conservative President.


  44. islandpalmtrees says:

    Just a Guess, maybe good, maybe bad

    Note: Page 126 of 138 – Document regarding the Section 702 2018 Certification

    Guidepoint Security is partners with Threatconnect and Corwdstrike

    *Guidepoint Security* contractor that was developing software intended to facilitate review of
    Section 702 information. See Quarterly Report to FISC Concerning Compliance Matters Under
    Section 702 of FISA, Sept. 15, 2016, at 131. At the time of the Court’s April 2017 decision,
    *CARY DAVIS* returned the information in question to the FBI, but the FBI still planned *Crowdstrike* personnel to install the software on an FBl system. See April 26, 2017, Opinion at 86. The Court ordered the government to report ( 1) the results of an investigation it had undertaken to
    determine whether there were other instances of improper access or disclosures, and (2) to report
    the circumstance *Crowdstrike* anticipated installation of the software on an FBI system, including
    whether its personnel received access to unminimized Section 702 information in the course of
    their work; and if so, an assessment whether such access complied with the FBl’s minimization
    procedures. See April 26, 2017, Opinion at 98.


  45. TwoLaine says:

    I will say it once again, the whole FISA court thing is eerily similar to the DIM Star Chamber.

    All due process has been stripped.



  46. Yippeekiyay says:

    Excellent article, Sundance. Your investigative skills, excellent journalistic skills and analysis are amazing. Thank you for your dedication in getting the truth out. God bless you and the Conservative Tree House.


  47. Republicanvet91 says:

    “They could gather material for their criminal cases through the NSA database and then transfer those results to their spun off prosecutions.”

    Sundance, is it possible some of this illegally collected intel is what the Democrats are after in trying to get all of the information collected by Mueller during his sham investigation?

    It doesn’t make sense why they are trying so hard to get that information since if it was useful to them, you could assume it would have ended up in Weissmann’s report. That they are still trying so hard to get everything collected makes one wonder what they are really after.


  48. ezgoer says:

    For the USA to be saved FISA must be ended and dismantled. There is no political will to do that. Even Trump buys the Deep State and military position that it’s needed to spy on the bad terrorists that would blow up America. Such garbage. The real danger is that IC spying will always be used for internal political mischief. It has to be ended.


  49. BE says:

    We must take the House of Representatives back next November.


  50. CM-TX says:

    Correct it did NOT stop after the inauguration. And they took it way BEYOND President Trump’s extended circle.

    More answers can be found in the Federal Gov Contractor “Bids” that were placed on PRIVATE American Citizens… those who had NO ties to the campaign, NO FOREIGN connections, & NO affiliation whatsoever to any organizations– political or otherwise.

    The fact that this effort was continued under PDJT’s administration, is most troubling. Not to say he was in any way aware this was occurring on his watch, & was also a victim of that ABUSE.

    But it will NOT be OK if he allows this BS to yet again be RENEWED. There MUST be a FULL DISCLOSURE of what they’ve done, followed by a necessary & swift reckoning!

    Liked by 1 person

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