John Ratcliffe and Doug Collins Discuss U.S. Attorney John Durham Investigation…

Earlier today representatives John Ratcliffe and Doug Collins react to the successful operation to capture/kill Baghdadi along with recent events surrounding the John Durham investigation shifting into a criminal probe.

First, John Ratcliffe discusses the killing of Baghdadi and the possibility of criminal indictments as the Durham investigation focuses on the origin of the Russia investigation.


Additionally, Doug Collins discusses current events:


Knock – Knock


Who’s there?




Justin who?


…Justin case you thought we’d forgotten about you.


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89 Responses to John Ratcliffe and Doug Collins Discuss U.S. Attorney John Durham Investigation…

  1. Sweet Jesus! Praise the Lord and our ultimate justice system…..even if it is 3 years late…plus or minus 10 or 20 years.

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  2. lowyder993s says:

    You’re getting to be quite the comedian!!! Don’t quit your day job just yet! 😉

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  3. Oh, my heavens! That knock, knock joke is priceless!!! I’m still laughing. Sundance is on a roll this evening.

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  4. Oh, my heavens! That knock, knock joke is priceless!!! I’m still laughing. Sundance is on a roll this evening.

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  5. Don McAro says:

    LOL I just spit out my water…too funny Sundance…The Obama peep show

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  6. lemontree says:

    Interesting that the Intelligence Committee hasn’t had any intelligence updates in over a month. National security issues weren’t evidently a priority. Too busy on fake impeachment inquiry.

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  7. cheryl says:

    Love that last picture. And I love how articulate Doug Collins is. Trump will be remember by history as one of the greatest Presidents we’ve ever had. History will not treat the treasonous Democrats kindly.

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    • TPW says:

      Think if they ever gain control …we are goners including our history…..Common Core!

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Ratcliffe and Collins lost a little credibility after voting with the dems on HR77 last week.
      Maybe that vote bothers me a little too much, but it’s something to remember.
      Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and Louie Gohmert didn’t vote with Nancy Pelosi and every other dem in the house. That’s something to remember too.

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    • Bert Darrell says:

      Unfortunately, D-Rats don’t care about history. All they care about is stealing, bribe collection, cheating, insider trading, and lying NOW, NOW, NOW, by all and any means, come hail or fire.

      BTW, what is foreign aid (approved by almost every previous Congress and president? You guessed the answer if you answered “a form of quid pro quo”. Why else would money be given away … except for kickbacks returned to the congress critters, senators and occasionally a crooked president or vice president that approved the aid,. Why are we now forced to believe that a quid pro quo is illegal, especially in the unique situation in which it was not proffered?

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  8. Patience says:

    Washington Post silent on bribe to silence Obama’s Rev. Wright

    May 13, 2012 · The New York Post reported late Saturday night that a bribe of $150,000 was offered to Reverend Jeremiah Wright from one of President Barack Obama’s “closest friends” for Wright to keep quiet, and that Obama personally met with Wright to plead with him to refrain from speaking in public. In an interview with Edward Klein, Rev. Wright elaborated:

    Also: Anyone remember the interview when Reverend Jeremiah Wright said he had a box.. Remember?

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  9. California Joe says:

    AG Bill Barr on the bagpipes…a weapon of war!

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  10. swimeasy says:

    Amazing what a real investigation will uncover:

    Tracy Beanz
    As per @OANN
    – Lisa Page was ALSO having an affair with her superior, Andrew McCabe.
    Quote Tweet
    Tracy Beanz
    · 4h
    Harold Finch has been calling this for YEARS. YEARS. I was on the fence. He was sure. Man oh man the plot thickens. Is that report from the other day about them? These people are the lowest of the low. “Don’t ever text me again”…
    7:06 PM · Oct 27, 2019·Twitter for iPhone
    Tracy Beanz
    Replying to
    Lots of folks saying they don’t think Page and Strzok were ever messing around – here’s my take: no one knows for sure they weren’t, Strzok has said they were. No need to scold me for this. Thanks 🙂
    Tracy Beanz
    And, I don’t want to hear ONE MORE DEMOCRAT say a WORD about Donald Trump and some alleged affair. Enough is enough with the holier than thou nonsense.
    Tracy Beanz
    Please also remember this report:

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    • Judith says:

      Chatter of the Page-Strzok “affair” was just too convenient for my taste. That was the firewall behind which too many so-called “private” text messages between them were hidden.

      Remember the Clinton tarmac meeting that was immediately dismissed as an innocent coffee klatsch? Nothing to see here?

      I’m not buying what they are selling. Did their TREASONOUS COUP implicate others, perhaps President Obama? Maybe they were plotting assassination in those hidden texts. I would put nothing past these TRAITORS.

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  11. Summer says:

    The current narrative is “this criminal investigation does not mean anyone would be charged.”

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    • TPW says:

      Exactly ….bone tossed to us……can see them investigating up to the election…PT loses …..I pray that PT is well prepared to deal with voter Fraud. The Republicans did 0 about it in 2018.

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  12. montanamel says:

    ALL my thumbs are “UP” for SD and that last photo…(guess how many I have??? eh?)

    Time to turn out the lights — Irene !!

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  13. Knock Knock LOL (priceless)

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  14. Mike says:

    The one thing that really pisses me off is all the players who accused Trump of Treason shield themselves in their rights and our rule of law when they gave no quarter to Trump.

    Rotting in hell is too good for them

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  15. Taffy says:

    Interesting article on Daily Mail Australia about political leaders not discussing 3 Chinese warships at Sydney. Article is about Senator Penney Wong asking about 2016 US election. She asked if government is paying legal fees for Downer. Australia’s US ambassador writing Barr in May offering to help Trump administration.

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  16. GB Bari says:

    On Lou Dobbs show tonight Sidney Powell noted that she just filed a significant brief today under seal. She couldn’t tell Lou what it’s about, but taken in context of her discussion with Lou about the Durham criminal investigation, I inferred that there’s new information about C_A involvement in her case that may be in today’s filing. Sounds intriguing.

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  17. coolmamie says:

    I occasionally read the comments on the WAPO – just for comic relief. Was surprised to find several fellow conservatives posting on a column about al Baghdadi I found this from one of them and could not wait to share it:

    ” AG Barr has just opened a new investigation to see if anyone in the Democrat Party has any ties to America.”

    It may be my all-time favorite comment.

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  18. jus wundrin says:

    So where will a grand jury be impaneled? Far left DC?

    Why not Wyoming?

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    • ann says:

      Thats what I want to know!
      It’s a stacked deck. Change the rules!,,,,

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    • Alex Pazzo says:

      No grand jury
      Tried for sedition in military court in Gitmo

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    • Article III, Section 3 ,clause 3 and the Sixth Amendment expressly require cases to be tried in the Federal District where the crime occurred. These venue provisions do not expressly include grand juries. All Federal District Courts have the subject matter jurisdiction to convene grand juries on the DC crimes. So the question is does the constitution imply the venue right also to grand juries.

      The 5th Amendment Right to a Grand Jury also does not expressly provide for a venue requirement. However, the historical references indicate that The Framers were adopting an independent common law institution from England where grand juries were local to the crime. The Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment may also require locality. It has been the established procedure in this country( at least by custom) for the grand jury to hear cases locally. The Due process clause would look at the costs and burden on the witnesses in convening a Wyoming Grand Jury. There would be less of a problem for a closer venue.

      On the other hand if the DC grand jury turns into a runaway,nullification grand jury that would violate the Equal Protection Clause because it creates a two tiered system of justice. Durham is a fierce prosecutor, but DC is ground zero for nullification.

      The US Constitution is not decisive on the grand jury “venue” issue. The congressional acts, court rules, and DOJ guidelines on this issue are even more muddled. I believe Joe DiGenova sees this as an open question. It would almost be easier to declare martial law and convene military tribunals. Court’s usually rule against “difficult”, “awkward” or “creative” solutions.

      Our side needs indictments now to build a narrative. If there are already sealed indictments that would put time back on the clock.
      However, even if another District’s indictment were held lawful the perps still could, as a matter of constitutional venue right, move the TRIAL to DC. That right cannot be changed unless the the Constitution is Amended. Even such a Constitutional change could not be retroactively applied to crimes that have already occurred. (ex post facto clause).It does need to be changed.

      Our side has known about this problem since the government could not get indictments and trials of Hillary Clinton in the 1990’s. The problem has never been fixed. There was time; now there is none.

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      • ann says:

        Loose ends THANK YOU for such a clear sit rep . in layman’s language.

        Re lawful indictments in other districts- perps can switch to DC, “constitutional venue right”. What is the principle, or custom, that empowers DC court or prosecutors ?

        “1990’s The gov could not get an indictment of HRC”.
        So young, I never knew the DoJ even tried !
        Since then, coexisting w corruption corroded institutional & legislative branches, add the unchecked powers of Patriot Act, the outcome became a veiled runaway authoritarian State.

        IMO. relying on Congress to legislate is a no go.
        Cold objective assessment: the DoJ operates in denial of an obvious functional collapse of capability to fulfill chartered missions:

        Record of failure to punish & inhibit political & public sector corruption, provide domestic security, protect our surveillance & intell are some examples.

        DoJ, CONgress & probable Judiciary are enmeshed in a symbiotic dysfunctional system.. what shall we do?
        everyone says military tribunals are not legal, but our institutions were/are commanded, staffed & networked within a highly deviant antisocial subculture which normalises operating outside law, constitutional limitations .

        I read Yates & Baker, as OLC promulgated a admin law that declares the DoJ/Bueau above outside scrutiny. Its ridiculous.

        so don’t we need to go outside to fix the skew?

        How do we do this?


        • Lionel Mandrake says:

          Devin Nunes and Jay Sekulow have both stated that the fight must be moved to civil courts. I interpret this to mean we the people suing any/all government employee(s) engaged in illegal activity as individuals in our civil courts. Brilliant. We FORCE the court / oversight system to do it’s job. It appears that President Trump and his legal team are pivoting in this direction. To date we have seen zero repercussions out of Washington DC for blatant criminal activity. Go fund me anyone? Name it LawCare?

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          • ann says:

            Lionel. Agree civil courts offer an arena to bring jeopardy to these SOBS

            Not my field, but I believe civil law uses a lower standard for finding?
            But first one has to establish cause,

            substantiate your standing as plaintiff & who, why, how on what grounds suit is brought on defendants.

            Is it probable various ngo’s, corps, amicus & fed, state will enter.
            clogs every process, from extracting evidence from third parties to spreading liability among multiple defendants ?

            Again, I’m not expert,
            over the last twenty years I’ve observed a steady encroachment into our ability to bring matters to court or to the electorate.

            Exs protecting the integrity of elections
            voter referendums,
            voter ID,
            transparency of rolls
            Media blackout (equalitarian treatment for flyover & WC districts

            Reform , restoration is obstructed by admin regs, intradepartmental protocol, Human Resources, public unions, state AG’s , NGOs, county & city attorney

            simple common sense measures!

            I truly believe Dems failed to mature, . intellectual growth froze circa 60-70s. Watergate, Ho Chi Minh, structural racism,
            First Worlder feminism. Faugh!

            Public sector supervisors organise & use resources & networks to hyperinflate politicise and introduce partisan divide.

            Baby boomers identity was infused w ideological politics & careerism

            , post gender/feminist
            , subjectivism. .
            Post colonial Liberation historiography
            structural determinism
            socioemvirnmental causation
            Ad tedium

            This cohort, esp post grads, pack academia, politics, soft sciences & administrative careers . They aren’t used to being challenged and escalate to emotions.

            peer, colleague, social status> Volatile group dynamics> ugly, irrational Herd behavior.

            entitled, insulated & secure in solidarity, & puffed up w moral hubris from twenty plus years of fact free immunity by DoJ, media, and their peers. Older, rigid occupants of power, closed to outsiders,

            Younger generation prosper by Conformity.

            Legacy Media, polls, milieu uses skew to , project a false belief in consensus, for members & aspirants

            younger generations conform mentored ship of younger reinforcement .

            substantive cause & jury /court finding is preponderance of admissible evidence.

            evidence, not than reasonable
            However, the scope is too broad

            Nope, Military tribunals or disassemble, downsize & relocate the damn DoJ out of urban zones.


  19. Julia Adams says:

    Luke 18: 9-14
    Jesus addressed this parable to those who were convinced of their own righteousness
    and despised everyone else. “Two people went up to the temple area to pray; one was a Pharisee and the other was a tax collector.

    The Pharisee took up his position and spoke this prayer to himself, ‘O God, I thank you that I am not like the rest of humanity –greedy, dishonest, adulterous — or even like this tax collector. I fast twice a week, and I pay tithes on my whole income.’

    But the tax collector stood off at a distance and would not even raise his eyes to heaven
    but beat his breast and prayed, ‘O God, be merciful to me a sinner.’

    I tell you, the latter went home justified, not the former; for whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”

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  20. Graham Pink says:

    Obama won’t be indicted for any crimes.
    A fitting and more lasting fate is for the world to truly discover what a lying SOS he is.

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    • Monadnock says:

      As much as I’d like to see him pay for what I believe are legitimate crimes, I think you’re correct in what would be more fitting.

      Mr. Me, Me, Me, I, I, I has such a high regard for himself that I believe it would stick in his craw for the rest of his days if his true nature was exposed in detail to the point that he found himself shunned by the vast majority of Americans.

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      • Judith says:

        Obola never gave a rat’s arse about Americans. He was never one of us, has nothing but disdain for this nation, and doesn’t care if we know it. He only cares about his choom gang, the Mooskie Brotherhood.

        If *they* were to reject him, he would be absolutely devastated. He carried their water all the way into the White House. Hope and change, remember?


      • Dixie says:

        I want him to be deported and banned from ever entering the USA again so he can go home… his real home where he belongs.

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    • ChampagneReady says:

      Wait until somebody gives a death bed confession that they participated in doctoring the birth certificate.

      Graham should be hauling his rotten carcas in front of the Judiciary Committee and grilling him until he turned white.

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    • Doug Amos says:

      Pay close attention to what is going on in Ukraine and you will find out that Obama is tossing and turning all night; every scandal (and there are lots) traces back to an American politician and $ (and there were billions of that). The swamp drains slowly and the wheels of justice do likewise.

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      • RJ says:

        In your dreams Obama is tossing and turning…nope, it ain’t gonna happen to that slime muslim loving, America hating neo marxist. He is planning his parties for the Hawaii vacay and then the spring break on Martha’s Vineyard at his new mansion. (sell you Netflix stock now!)

        No one will lay a glove on Obama-Mao due to his light-dark skin color. He is higher up the chain than the Chinese stone sculpture of Dr. King. Besides, Brennan will take the fall for Obama, both being muslims, etc. if anything gets close to his master.

        The swamp ain’t gonna be drained either. Those creatures will just bury themselves into the mud and wait it out, till another time when one of theirs gets to the top dog spot. You want proof?

        Think of those pythons that got their freedom down in Florida, now wrecking the Eco-culture of the Everglades, etc. Till the citizens scream loud enough for all out war on these invasive species (add some bearded dragons, etc, into the mix) they will thrive due to all the easy pickings for food down there.

        What you and millions of other Americans are really seeking, in my opinion, is what used to be known as “unconditional victory.”

        I like that concept…a lot!

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    • Eaglemom says:

      Agree. They will never go after Obama. But, I really, really, really, want John Brennan indicted!!!

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  21. coolmamie says:

    The ultimate punishment for Barack Obama will be the re-election of Donald Trump.

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    • RobInPA says:

      That, and complete exposure for the fraud that he is, totally clueless to the most nefarious and dangerous political domestic / international crime operation ever run by the U.S. Government.

      He’ll be nothing but a long forgotten fading crap-stain in our history books.


  22. ChampagneReady says:

    One of America’s finest days will be when he’s handcuffed, thrown in the back of a blacked-out window van and hauled to Leavenworth.

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  23. That was a perfect Knock Knock!

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  24. Rynn69 says:

    Perfect Knock, Knock.

    Please Dear Lord let AG Barr and Mr. Durham be the Godly men they have been described to be to restore law and order in our country, and by extension the world.

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  25. Bob Parker says:

    Tough acts to follow for sure. GREAT POSTS, GANG.

    But with all of the good that’s been & about to happen, how about a Little DRAGNET music!!

    Ladies & gentlemen the following stories are true. The names have NOT been changed so that all of the guilty parties can be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    (Cue the music, please).

    I would also recommend that the Dragnet music be used more frequently as a way of introducing all of the indictments that are on the way.

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  26. There’s one thing that the Democrats, in their corruption-ruled self blindness, simply will not see: “The American People love Justice. In 2016, they had already realized that their Government was working against them and that it was doing so in purely-criminal ways. When they elected a man who promised to “drain the swamp” (as the Ukranians also just did …), they understood that it meant “take a bite out of high crime.”

    To this day, the corrupt leaders of the Democratic Party continue to believe that all of the members of their House caucus will obediently do as they are told, no matter what it is that they are told or by whom. They believe that, if they are presented with Articles of Impeachment that are simply drawn-up by a couple of secret committees, charging a man with a crime (although the Congress has no such powers …) that the actual Court system found no reason to indict, all of these people will be obedient lemmings and jump right off that political cliff, right on cue.

    There’s an interesting WikiPedia article on “Defunct American Political Parties” – it’s quite a long list, actually – and I think that in 2020 the present Democratic Party will join them … a victim of suicide.

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  27. repsort says:

    re: Ratcliffe
    Seems to be saying the right things, but… I never trust a guy who doesn’t know how to smile.


  28. Zippy says:

    This could have come about LONG AGO if Trump’s investigative so-called “allies” had simply contacted Mifsud long ago. His lawyer has been in contact with him all along. As far as I’ve found, I can find no no one asking in the MSM or even in the alternative media WHY in the hell he was hiding. NOW we find out that, in a surprise to NO ONE with a clue, he claims he feels his life is in danger. WHY?

    The fact that this -OBVIOUS- Mifsud path to obliterating the Mueller investigation at its very origin via a simple revelation that, unlike the rest of the very complex web of the coup attempt, even your typical moron could understand makes me doubt that this current “why in the hell are you only now finding this out” “breakthrough” will lead to the prosecution of the relevant perps.

    The fact that Mifsud’s testimony is and always has been the KEY to exposing the coup attempt is WHY he started long ago to fear “an accident” If you had information that could expose the criminal efforts of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, Five Eyes, and the “retired” spook good old boy network, wouldn’t you?

    Simply to question WHY he was hiding SHOULD have led to doing everything possible to get his reason for doing so long, -LONG- ago and not only recently. BUT, it didn’t for some reason. And that’s why I believe that to this very day all of the “investigations” are intentionally slow-walked farces. I don’t buy for one second any “they were too busy with other things” or “they were prevented from questioning ONE guy by the deep state” or “they didn’t know.” It is a continuing cover-up, IMO.

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    • Beau Geste says:

      Similar questions, same answer:
      Why not subpoena the DNC and hillary servers? Bust in the middle of the night with 17 armed FBI agents?

      Why not investigate hillary-britain-steele foreign 2016 election interference?

      Why not interview Julian Assange, who said no russian source?

      Why does the FISC refuse to discipline DOJ counsel and evidence-oath-signers? Why does the FISC refuse to withdraw its ill-gotten political spy-on-Trump FISA warrant?

      Why did the DOJ refuse to prosecute Wolfe for releasing the super-duper-secret-spy-on-Trump warrant? Or prosecute the Awans?

      Why was, and is, the weiner laptop deep-sixed? The Montgomery Hammer hard drives deep-sixed? The Uranium One whistleblower evidence deep-sixed?

      What happened to the $4.5 Billion in unmarked cash secretly flown to Iran in the dead of night, which Iran said it might release? Who got it (any US congresscritters families, US State Department officials, foreign “allies”, terrorists to kill US soldiers, …)?

      Why did IG Horowitz refuse to interview carter page, known CIA/FBI asset, who the DOJ/FBI presented as a russian spy asset to get a “2-hop” spy warrant on thousands-to-millions of people in the Republican 2016 Presidential campaign? And then on the President and Whitehouse staff?

      The answer is not incompetence, it is “corruption”…

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    • dallasdan says:

      “This could have come about LONG AGO if Trump’s investigative so-called “allies” had simply contacted Mifsud long ago.”

      I am convinced that the President has never had “investigative allies,” which supports your assertion in the first paragraph.

      “It is a continuing cover-up, IMO.”

      I agree, completely. SD’s commentary yesterday on Barr’s support of Gray is encyclopedic in its content to the informed reader.


  29. x says:

    Barr commented today in Chicago. Referenced ‘leadership failure’ at FBI in 2016 and ‘part of’ 2017. Clearly referring to Comey as failed leader, and perhaps McCabe as acting director… Doesn’t bode well or them.


    • willthesuevi says:

      Yet, Barr did praise Wray for his cooperation with the IG. Trying not to read too much into it. Maybe something like the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Hell, who knows.

      Not sure how people work in that D.C. cesspool. I am simple, can be read easily, and I do not have a duplicitous bone in my body. I wouldn’t last a day.

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  30. Pyrhtroes says:

    Suppurating media’s “austere scholars” infesting Idlib-friendly compounds must be wondering what all that whup-whup-whup and rapid-fire zippo-sound’s about. We take our text from Ethan Allen, charging the quarters of British Capt. William Delaplace, Fort Ticonderoga’s Commandant, on May 10th, 1775:

    “By what authority do you enter His Majesty’s Fort?” shouted Lt. Feltham, a young artillery officer rushing to his commander’s side.

    “Brandishing his cutlass, Allen bellowed, ‘In the name of the great Jehovah and the Continental Congress!’– or so he later claimed. According to Lieutenant Feltham’s official British account, however, Allen invoked neither the deity nor Congress, crying instead ‘Come out of there, you damned old rat!’”

    Channeling Allen’s Green Mountain Boys, our equally enterprising President DJT echoes Ethan Allen. As for Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, “great Jehovah” preserves a special Hole in Hell.

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  31. foodog says:

    Thanks Sundance for hosting these videos here.
    Bartiromo deserves a Pulitzer for her work- and I’m actually glad that Ratcliffe wasnt confirmed for Nat Sec Adv, for he is so much more useful and effective clearly and professionally explaining the process to the American people.

    I like how he points out that Durham empaneling the Grand Jury now gives him legal power to investigate and compell testimony from the CIA, which Horowitz does not as IG.

    And that we are not there yet- a fair and reasonable reflection of the presumption of innocense, and an example of how the real traitors- HRC, DNC, CIA/FBI CounterIntel, McCabe and Comey, and Obama are still being given that presumption,

    at the same time that Pelosi and Schiff are prosecuting Trump in the Star Chamber and demanding he PROVE his innocense in the court of public opinion.

    Thats the bitter pill we are being forced to swallow daily, that unfairness and hypocrisy that would otherwise be pointed out in BIG RED HEADLINES on Drudge and every LSM outlets first page and chyron- were the situation reversed.

    Keep calm and press on. This will be resolved one way or another. Lets hope the Dems wake up and decide on the Rule of Law, or suffer unknown consequences that might even spiral out of control.

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  32. TwoLaine says:

    Joe diGenova Discusses the Continued Impeachment Push
    28 Oct 2019


  33. foodog says:

    Couple thoughts about that second clip- I am so proud of some of our Congress people- and notice the most tenacious, most principled are coming from flyover country- Doug Collins is a good old boy, Devin Nunez is a farmer, like Chuck Grassley, Louie Gomert a typical blunt talking Texan- Jim Jordan the midwestern coach everyone knows from their kids school, the list goes on.

    This connects to flyover country, as Fox has figured out now for awhile- and people are responding with viewer loyalty and interest in the educational process that must be done to realize just how deep and insidious the rot has become in the Deep State- to those of us who have followed this for awhile its obviously THE BIGGEST SCANDAL IN US HISTORY- the abuse and weaponization of the nations spy agencies to smear, obstruct, defeat and then attempt a coup- even today, by first Obama a sitting president to attempt to seat his successor Hillary, and then his partys leadership- Pelosis is number 3 in the succession, to attempt a coup after.

    This is so outlandish its almost science fiction, and because of the active participation by the US Press in the setup, the smear, the witch hunt, now rolling into version 3 in the Schiff Star Chamber, most average Americans just dont even know whats going on- except Orange Bad Man, and everyone who supports him is RAAAACCCIISSST!

    We are at a tipping point. Lets keep fighting the fight by explaining to our family and friends whats going on- so they know from someone they can trust, that they are being lied to- and the stakes cannot be any higher in 2020.

    Keep Calm and Carry On.

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  34. foodog says:

    Here is a thoughtful clip from Dave Rubin interviewing Tucker Carlson, that touches on the above-
    On Trump, Mainstream Media, and Revolution | Tucker Carlson | MEDIA | Rubin Report

    Its long, and a bit insider-ish, but funny- and some real insights, even for long-time newsreaders…

    watch it before it gets shadow-banned…

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  35. foodog says:

    On the Tucker interview above, TLDR:
    22;00 how and why the media lies
    23:50 Big Tech control of information- “20,000 engineers working on Google Search right now…capability outstrips the Russian military, even Red China…threat to the nation state…”
    31:00 “They are Party people (the MSM),they feel powerless except as members of a group- thats the main distinction between Left and Right ..they (MSM)feel threatened, and you are the threat (regular Americans)”

    anyway- not trying to hijack the thread- just reflect on the importance of Fox and the videos that Sundance is platforming here, educationally on the BIGGEST SCANDAL OF US HISTORY, and noting how the MSM is as Tucker says- turning it up to eleven on the scale of ten,
    (in desperation? the end-game? Pushing Thru The Resistance… ends justify the means..)

    My view is we have two jobs as individual Americans-
    1. be the trusted guide for those who are ready to #Walkaway,
    (and they are everywhere- see Kanye’s latest)
    2. Demand as constituents, supporters, donors that the GOP get in the fight, and pick our side-
    or they will be replaced, one by one.

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