CIA Circles Wagons – Dispatches Media Narrative Engineers to Defend Interests…

After the DOJ/FBI advanced their defensive efforts last weekend via the New York Times and NBC, now the CIA/ODNI faction step forth with the same intents and purposes.
CIA defending journalist Natasha Bertrand has been participating in the multi-year PR effort which helped frame the CIA/ODNI talking points against President Trump, and she is deployed again in the latest effort within Politico.   The timing here is predictable.

(Via Politico) President Donald Trump’s obsession with former CIA director John Brennan could be on a collision course with an ongoing Justice Department probe as Attorney General Bill Barr takes a more hands-on approach to examining the intelligence community’s actions in 2016.
[…] Durham’s report is likely to land well after the results of an inquiry by the Justice Department’s Inspector General, who is examining the FBI’s applications to a secret court in 2016 and 2017 to obtain surveillance warrants on a Trump campaign aide.

[…]  “Is the IG report going to say we made mistakes? Yes,” said one of the former officials. “But it won’t say we did so for some nefarious purpose. So the report will be a dry hole for Trump and his supporters. Which is why [Barr and Durham] have now gone to this other theory, positing that the CIA was engaged in some rogue operation to overthrow Trump and therefore feeding the FBI bullshit,” he said. “It’s complete nonsense.”

“Haven’t you heard?” said another former FBI official, sarcastically. “Brennan was a puppet-master and we were just his puppets.”

Unfortunately, Ms. Bertrand gets too far over her defensive skis when she scribes defense and obfuscation that is laughable to anyone who followed the activity of CIA Director John Brennan when she writes:

[…]  Asked for comment, White House deputy press Secretary Hogan Gidley said: “John Brennan lied before Congress when he got caught spying on American citizens and lied about having Russian collusion evidence that never existed. The only way I’ve ever heard anyone in the White House mention him is as a punchline.”

It’s not clear what Gidley was referring to—Brennan has not been accused of lying to Congress.  (read full article)

Obviously Ms. Bertrand is counting on people not knowing that John Brennan was caught lying about his instructions to CIA operatives to spy on the networks of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.  Brennan later apologized to the Senate for that effort; but hey, what’s a little forgetfulness amid professional narrative engineering.
Additionally, in directly related matters; while remembering the ‘gossip-blower’ stems from the same CIA institution headed by Brennan while a member of the National Security Council; and while remembering the Washington Post is the primary outlet for the PR efforts of the CIA resistance du jour; the mysterious “white house insider” who penned an op-ed in the New York Times last year has now signed an anonymous book deal expand on the anti-Trump intelligence community narrative.

(WaPo) The author of an anonymous column in the New York Times in 2018, who was identified as a senior Trump administration official acting as part of the “resistance” inside the government, has written a tell-all book to be published next month.

The book, titled “A Warning,” is being promoted as “an unprecedented behind-the-scenes portrait of the Trump presidency” that expands upon the Times column, which ricocheted around the world and stoked the president’s rage because of its devastating portrayal of Trump in office. (read more)

When CTH originally penned the term “The Big Ugly” we were directly describing a looming confrontation that would happen between President Donald Trump and the aligned interests of the deepest part of the Deep State.  Those interests are not along party lines, they are ideological interests directly related to the construct of the institutions of government and how those interests tied financially back to the Administrative State.
The DOJ, FBI, CIA, ODNI and State Department do not oppose the deconstruction efforts of Donald Trump as an outcome of bland institutional opposition.  Rather the institutions themselves are subsidiaries of a larger network that exists for the purposes of Washington DC as a business and financial enterprise.
The reason the DC system -writ large- is going bananas is because selling the influence of political office for financial gain is the custom and currency of DC affluence.
Selling influence and manipulating government action – both foreign and domestic – to enhance the financial interests of other participants, is a purposeful part of DC as a way to gain financial affluence.  In essence the U.S. government is used as a tool to accumulate wealth.  This process is at the heart of all Trump’s opposition.
Confronting this process is “The Big Ugly”.

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160 Responses to CIA Circles Wagons – Dispatches Media Narrative Engineers to Defend Interests…

  1. listingstarboard says:

    Looks like the Uniparty Deep State traitors feel emboldened after Trudeau’s re-election–they are certainly coming out with guns blazing today.

  2. jhynds says:

    I used to think only 3rd world government leaders were corrupt, seeking only their individual Personal enrichment. Clearly I’ve been wrong and it is the modus operandi for all of them….

    • Caius Lowell says:

      Can’t help but think that Jake Bernstein’s book _Secrecy World_ about the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca is at play here. I mean, the corruption reached Iceland, so the rest of the world was easy pickings…

    • Austin Holdout says:

      I’ve never thought corruption was limited to 3rd world nations. My eyes have always been open to the fact that politicians paid for to “win” positions than the salary for the position pays and, therefore, they were getting rich by other means related to the position. What is shocking me to the core right now is the utter pervasiveness, scope and scale of the corruption. It starts to feel beyond fixing. It starts to feel like the people who have been claiming civil war is the only way don’t sound as crazy as they used to.

  3. Aqua says:

    Stasi = Ministry for East German State Security
    CIA = Ministry for American State Security
    This is a Communist Fascist coup, and the armed wing of the Deep State is conducting it; Democrat politicians its visible face.
    Where are the Republican patriots? Time to defend our President. He needs some help, right about now. Patriots, where are you?

  4. Can Brennan still be charged with lying “under oath” to the Senate SSCI even though he “apologized” afterwards?
    It would be a start in cleaning the Swamp if anybody in the DOJ had the intestinal fortitude (balls) to do it.

    • IIRC from Dan Bongino’s podcast, Brennan’s on the hook for
      • Testifying he’d not seen the [Simpson]-Steele Dossier until December 2016
      • Sharing the Dossier with the Gang of 8 in August 2016
      … and now fingering the FBI for accountability if they didn’t vet it.

    • neal s says:

      It might make sense to ask him some more questions under oath. If you keep asking good questions long enough, I am confident that he will be caught out in one or more lies.

    • jeans2nd says:

      The aggrieved party must press charges.
      In this case, the aggrieved party is the SSCI, co-chaired at that time by Richard Burr and Dianne Feinstein now Mark Warner.
      We already know the SSCI is part of this coup.
      Plus there may be a statute of limitations.
      Who would press charges?

  5. IIRC, Justice has warned the M$M to TREAD CAREFULLY.
    Looking forward to indictments of M$M Co-Conspirators!

  6. Sloth1963 says:

    The Zombie Apocalypse can’t happen soon enough. That, or Sonlight needs to shine into every crevice of this broken mess that is our government. We knew there is no one party to blame. Burn them all.

    • III% says:

      Lol, every day I look around at people I feel like the zombie apocalypse is already here with the dazed out people staring at their phones, sleep walking though life.

      • Doug Amos says:

        True but as Sundance writes, there is a Cold Anger growing amongst The Deplorables. They feel it; their fancy shirts fit tighter; the free meals aren’t so delicious; every day, all day, wondering, who might crack? Lying pieces of once cackling human garbage ensnared in their own net. Confucius: “The superior man seeks the truth”; that’s us. It’s just a matter of time.

  7. Ellis says:

    Burn it to the ground.
    These people still act like they are dealing with a traditional politician.

  8. NICCO says:

    We need to lift this nation and our president before the almighty everyday.Even if you don t like praying this is the time for Gods intervention into the affairs of men.Lord,I come to you in the mighty name of Jesus Christ,the name above all names and ask for your hand of justice move against the evil and ungodly that wish to see the nation that you created be destroyed.Father we cover President Donald John Trump and his family with the precious shed blood of Jesus andthat the fire of your glory surround them according to Zachariah 2;5 that no witch craft,no voodoo,no incantations,no plots,no plans,no principalities and no demon in hell shall prosper against them or this nation.Lord you are the captain of the hosts of heaven,send your warring angelic host to bring down these evil people.We praise you and worship you and glorify your name.I thank you that you hear and answer our prayer.In Jesus name ,AMEN.

  9. cheering4america says:

    Every time I see one of these articles I worry that you Sundance are at increased risk.
    God protect you and be with you, and I pray he protects your site, too. It IS really a refuge, and I fully expect it to be challenged before the election; you’re exposing too much that the powers-that-be don’t want exposed.

  10. Perot Conservative says:

    Anonymous book Author, who recently inexplicably had extra time on his / her hands.
    Dan Coats?
    Or his #2?

    • cheering4america says:

      It took how long to out Joe Klein as the Anonymous Anonymous author of “Primary Colors”? Just a few months as I recall.

    • spoogels says:

      Kellyanne Conway
      What if her anti Trump husband George Conway has bugged her phone with the help of the DeepState?

  11. 94corvette says:

    I am to the point where I honestly believe that unless we dismantle the CIA, FBI and State Department and prosecute those in those agencies who broke the law our country may not survive.

    • Austin Holdout says:

      I don’t know corvette. It’s so much more than the deep state. It’s Congress, the DOJ, the media, the George Soroses of the world, the Federal Reserve, the corrupt networks that have been laid in other countries, the military industrial complex (including the military). It makes a person feel like they need to keep a paper bag on hand to breath into to prevent hyperventilation.
      Thank God every day for Donald Trump and pray for the integrity, wisdom, courage and safety of all those who are truly working towards righting our ship.

    • JoeMeek says:

      Poison Daggers pointed at the Heart of America.

      • Rhoda R says:

        We’ve seen that before. The real danger is that some people, oath-bound to protect the Constitution – are holding some of them today.

  12. CoHoBo says:

    Pure evil.

  13. namberak says:

    While we’re at it, don’t forget to update your dictionary. brennan: n. an intentional falsehood; v. to intentionally deceive; synonyms: comey, clapper, mccabe, rosenstein

  14. sunnyflower5 says:

    From WP article “The author feels their identity is almost irrelevant because there is scarcely a sentiment expressed in this book that is not shared by numerous others who have served and continue to serve this administration at its highest levels.”
    So the unidentified author shares the “feelings” of other unidentified people. Sounds so legit.

    • sunnyflower5 says:

      Treason in hard cover.

    • meow4me2 says:

      What publisher would publish an anonymously sourced book which is so libelous? Who are they and what’s the contact information? How do we let them know they’ll be losing a lot of business over this? Can the President sue?

      • sunnyflower5 says:

        WP- The author is being represented by Matt Latimer and Keith Urbahn of Javelin, the same literary agents who represented fired FBI director James B. Comey and former White House aide Cliff Sims — still a Trump ally — for their memoirs from their time in the Trump administration. The book was acquired by Sean Desmond, Twelve’s publisher.

    • subro52 says:

      As far as we know this anonymous “Senior” administration White House is still working in the White a house right? How I wish he/she could be exposed and humiliated!

  15. Marina Sapir says:

    This is a great article.
    “The reason the DC system -writ large- is going bananas is because selling the influence of political office for financial gain is the custom and currency of DC affluence.”
    It is why they dare to challenge Trump on Syria: who would pay them, if wars do not depend on them anymore?
    Trump is different, because he has huge number of small donors.

  16. Gil Stonebarger says:

    no offense to anyone here but Mr Trump had better start declassifying and putting out proof of the coup, regardless of courts or prosecutors…his time AND OURS is swiftly running out…NO MORE PATIENCE

    • Pa Hermit says:

      There comes a time when the ball must be set in motion and let the pins lie where they fall! That time IMHO, is nearing rather soon. It would make for some dynomite New Years Resolutions to be kept!

  17. Sharon says:

    Sheesh. Looking at those photos makes me think that Greta Thunberg should be or is part of this as well. At her young age, she already has “the look” down pat. What a nasty bunch of human beings.

  18. Whitehouse Clown says:

    I could write an anonymous insider book as could most you, as long as we never have to reveal sources or verify fact. Most publishing houses would list such books under fiction.

  19. ALEX says:

    From Brennan,Comey,Clapper,McCabe,Strzok,Paige and all the rest, to this ridiculous book coming out, could they come up with better examples of the Deep State ….not as good as Sundance explaining all of this in real time, but these sick folks are truly oblivious…..

  20. Austin Holdout says:

    Brennan making off the record claims that TRUMP is obsessed WITH HIM is astounding in it’s lack of self-awareness.

  21. ElTocaor says:

    Pray to Jesus Christ to protect our Nation and our President from this insidious coup!

  22. Bruce_Dern's_Finger says:

    John ‘jihad’ Brendan is the grease that lubricated the usurping presidency wheel that is searching for a pack of dogs to lift a leg on.

  23. Bob Parker says:

    Alright, time out!!
    I have to ask this because I want to understand what is harpooning here.
    When I storylines like this that say “CIA Circle Wagons” I have to ask, isn’t the CIA now under PT or is it that there are so many swamp holdovers there that it is in fact the OPPOSITION that is still running the show?
    I mean, where the hell is Gina Haspell & why is she not cleaning out the CIA? Is she also part of the problem too?
    I am also confused over PT’s relative silence over stuff like this. Why is he not covertly working behind the scenes to clean out the stalls of the CIA?
    I would appreciate an education here because this is becoming harder & harder to understand from where (i.e. inside agency vs outside agency) this stuff is coming from.
    Thank you everyone.

    • tax2much says:

      90% of federal workforce is against President Trump. He is surrounded by enemies and spies every day. He is only doing the wonderful things he has by loopholes in the system.

      • warrprin1 says:

        What Tax2 said. Bon courage, mon ami Bob P. This is a filthy business that our POTUS has confronted and we are happy to have your contributions to the Patriots’ goals. Read here daily and you’ll get caught up fast. The folks here are the real deal and have PDJT’s back.

    • Chip Doctor says:

      Bob, what you are seeing is PT covertly working behind the scenes to clean out the stalls of the CIA. It’s why it is called the big ugly. And it is just getting started.
      Until you have proof that PT is not working to DTS, TRUST HIM. Criticizing or questioning him is not helping.
      As Rush says often…..this is what pushback looks like. It is ugly.

    • mikeyboo says:

      “Why is he not covertly working behind the scenes to clean out the stalls of the CIA?”
      Pres Trump is cleaning the Augean stables:
      the stables in which King Augeas kept 3000 oxen, and which had not been cleaned for 30 years. The cleaning of these stables was accomplished by Hercules, who diverted the river Alpheus through them.

    • bruzedorange says:

      We’re just wanting justice: to see individuals held accountable for crimes committed.
      But President Trump and his cabinet carry an ADDITIONAL responsibility: the resulting leadership and operational vacuum in these departments and agencies must be filled with people trustworthy and capable, and the work carried on.
      The various, legitimate missions of protecting this country and preserving the Constitution must continue WITHOUT creating opportunities for the enemies of freedom here and abroad. It’s easy to say we don’t need the CIA or FBI. But SOMEONE will still have to provide intel and federal law enforcement.
      In the fight to preserve freedom in this country, Pyrrhic victories are not an option.

      • JRD says:

        PUL-LEASE !
        Our wonderful FIB doesn’t even know who murdered Seth Rich or what motivated the Las Vegas shooter. Why, because they don’t think we have the right to know.
        So, who needs them? What exactly does the FIB do? NOTHING
        And the only thing the CIA does is issue propaganda and spew conspiracy theories.
        They are not protecting us. If they were 9/11 would have never happened.
        Give me a break.
        These sons of witches with a “B” need to be hung by the neck until they are dead.
        I can’t understand who Pompeo is. He could have fumigated both the CIA and the State Department . Why has he not? I know Trump loves him but I’ve got questions.

    • MakersMark says:

      President Trump needs to get re-elected first. He’s playing nice with most all of his enemies. All hell will break loose in his second term. As Piglosie would say “take it to the bank”.

  24. positron1352 says:

    Bob, Deep State tentacles are too wide and deep. The corruption has spread over such a long period of time. Trump has to be very careful about everything he does. He is a master but still his opponents are numerous and very evil.

    Looking forward to how we ELIMINATE an ENTIRE Compromised Intel Committee.
    RE: “John Brennan was caught lying about his instructions to CIA operatives to spy on the networks of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence“

  26. Merkin Muffley says:

    “Haven’t you heard?” said another former FBI official, sarcastically. “Brennan was a puppet-master and we were just his puppets.”
    Yes, Mr. Strzok. We heard.

  27. Austin Holdout says:

    Bob, just my personal opinion. Everyone who has been part of the swamp for any period of time both understands how it works and accepts the corruption. Trump is still an outsider to that. He doesn’t know who’s who when someone hands him a list of people to appoint to various posts. He just doesn’t have the institutional memory or experience. I believe this is the reason he has had so many “false starts” with various agency heads.
    In addition to not knowing himself who to appoint, he does not have a swamp savvy team around him, so he has had all of these “insiders” leaking about how awful it is. Is it really awful or is Trump just trying to run a ridiculous, fat, corrupt organization like a business. He also doesn’t have the tentacles or eyes and ears everywhere to warn him about possible missteps. The entrenched personnel are not going to risk their retirement to help out an outsider who they don’t believe will even finish one term.
    I believe the CIA, for example, is almost the same agency that Obama left behind. Gina Haspel is John Brennan without the baggage of having just plotted a coup against the President. She is just as likely to support illegal surveillance, nation building and regime change and protect the CIA against the President as Brennan would have been. Heck, his two best appointments, as far as we can tell from the outside, are Pompeo and Barr and we are all still waiting to see if they are patriots or swamp dwellers.
    The media loves to say “Trump’s CIA” or “Trump appointed ambassador” about someone who’s stabbing the President in the back (in order to suggest his own people are turning on him) but the fact is, he signed off to keep most of Obama’s State Dept. staff in place. He, like most of us who are outsiders, was naive about the fact that people with titles like “Career Foreign Service” and
    Career Diplomats” could end up being nothing but liars, corrupt schemers and thieves of our foreign aid and political nut jobs.

  28. hokkoda says:

    “Haven’t you heard?” said another former FBI official, sarcastically. “Brennan was a puppet-master and we were just his puppets.”
    Anybody who has ever worked around the government for a decent length of time knows that you don’t actually need a “puppet master” as this FBI official jokes. All you need is a trigger, and the entire wheels of the machine start turning. In this case the ICA and JFR are triggers, much like the dossier was a trigger for the FISA warrants. Once you pull the trigger, the surveillance starts, the investigations start, and the best part – because we’re all one big happy government – is that nobody ever questions the triggering event. It is taken as fact and quickly forgotten. That’s why Mueller never looks at it…it’s the trigger…and it is taken as a given to be right and proper.
    It’s like when your bank locks down all of your accounts when they suspect fraud. There’s no discussion of what prompted it…the system just shuts you down…and then there’s a long process to investigate what happened. During this time, you may or may not even be able to access your funds. In fact, the banks don’t really say this, but they consider you (the account owner) a possible source of the fraud until they can determine otherwise. All you need is a trigger, and the system cranks into overdrive.
    There’s a dangerous naiveté at play here where everyone in the Government Party at the worker-bee levels just assumes what is being fed them is truthful. That’s why this particular scandal only required maybe a dozen people to pull off…they had just the right people in just the right places to trigger the various investigations. Once the wheels were in motion, all they had to do was play the media fiddle which is pretty easy to do when the media is virulently anti-American, anti-Trump, anti-Trump-voter, etc.

  29. alliwantissometruth says:

    ” In essence the U.S. government is used as a tool to accumulate wealth. This process is at the heart of all Trump’s opposition”
    As I keep saying, too many people continue to frame it as a hatred for Trump the man, which gives cover to the real reason, a reason even the brainwashed and perpetually stupid might be interested in
    The government / politicians / fake media complex are using the narrative it’s about Trump’s racism, his bullying ways, his conservative views, anything and everything except the real reason, in order to keep that out of public view
    All the liberal / leftist sheep troops in the general population are the useful idiots who prop up the big masquerade / lie, too stupid to understand they themselves are propping up and helping to keep in power a grotesquely corrupt and criminal secret government that will eventually crush them and their ideological utopian dreams too
    This coup has nothing to do with ideology or political disagreement and everything to do with profit via the corruption / criminality of using the peoples government as a product for sale

    • IGiveUp says:

      That’s precisely my bottom line too. It’s the general explanation that explains it all and why so many people are willing accomplices. It’s not a conspiracy, it’s a way of life.
      We came to believe that there were no wolves in America, because it was America and Americans don’t do that. So the sheepdogs went to sleep, or were bought out, and the sheep were slaughtered.
      Even if we get the chance, It will take a generation or two to rebuild the culture.

    • MustangBlues says:

      ”alliwantissometruth says:
      October 22, 2019 at 5:59 pm
      ” In essence the U.S. government is used as a tool to accumulate wealth. This process is at the heart of all Trump’s opposition”
      In a Turf War, The Godfather solutions are how it really works. The ‘families’ get theirs, and the baby baptism solemnizes the excising of the cancer criminals, to start new the right way to run the system.
      So many pitiful mis-educated elitist groupies in the club, well indoctrinated beyond their intelligence. Anarchy will sort them out in pecking order classes.
      Where will the politicos and the media porno ideological hos be in that pecking order?

  30. k4jjj says:

    Donald Trump is NOT by himself here. Millions of us are ready to tear the whole wicked thing to the ground and salt the soil beneath it. They think if they can just get rid of one leader, we are going back to the way it was. That is NEVER going to happen. There will be a civil war first, from sea to shining sea. Do not say, “Nobody is going to do anything about it.” Yes, a lot of SOMEBODIES are definitely going to do something about it. The opposition wants to destroy everything worthwhile that made this country great and enslave us under a jack-boot of tyranny while destroying our ability to make a decent living. Do you think the righteous people will stand still for that? Americans WILL lay down their lives fighting tyranny. We are playing for keeps. You can take that to the bank. Do not buy the propaganda of the LEFT.

    • 1,000 likes k4. A few years ago I wasn’t even aware of the deep state. Now, I see it daily, and it infuriates me! There’s NO WAY we go back!!

    • Garavaglia says:

      Let’s tear the whole damb thing apart. I love your post. Don’t let your left hand know what your right hand us doing.

      • n.d. says:

        oHBM & deepSt WANT IT TORN DOWN, it’s built into their scorched earth plan, that way win they win or lose they win…
        follow the constitution, our founding fathers fought tyranny and so must we, stand our ground, the enemy is within and has festered since wwilson; rip open scabs remove the pus, saving our arms and legs if possible, there are enemies outside our shores as well.

    • Margaret Garland says:

      Right on!

  31. burnett044 says:

    with folks like Sundance exposing the corruption …it is Big it is Ugly….
    the most Ugly is the fact still no one has been held accountable for the crimes….now to me that is ugly.

  32. doofusdawg says:

    A tell all book from the cabal… whoohoo. Pretty clear that the cabal is going all in with the “what if” defense… although we new that back in 2017.
    I don’t know that the electorate will buy the fact that the deep state had to spy on Trump and remove him from office because of the “what if” defense… meaning they just didn’t know what he might do as president. But that’s what they are going to try and sell. Any argument that he is unstable will help further that defense… which is what the next phase of the cabal will be… orange man has issues. And they might even reverse course and tell us he can’t help it… his age… he’s really not that bad… just crazy. What were we supposed to do. Remember the timeline.

    • fanbeav says:

      The “what if defense” should have been over after he was elected. Instead they continued with a phony 2 year witch hunt at taxpayer expense to try and remove him from office.
      That is where the electorate draws the line!

  33. Mr e-man says:

    The real problem here is the left wing media. None of this could happen if you have an honest media that reports the truth.
    Fox news and a few online blogs can not compete against the full weight of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, NYT, WAPO, etc. If those MSM outlets are all in agreement on an issue, it is difficult to persuade people that their view is false. No one can even call them out as they will respond in unison that the other people are the ones that are wrong.
    So what is being done to address the real issue of media propaganda? Who is being called out and excoriated for their false and/or misleading reporting? Where is the “whistleblower” that will not only tell the truth but actually start reporting the truth? Where are the CNN newspeople that will challenge the people in charge at their networks that suppress certain stories or ensure the news is slanted to one opinion? Until we see honest people stepping forward, it will always be a battle.

  34. Merkin Muffley says:

    I still think this whole PR blitz is being handled by Lawfare.

    • GB Bari says:

      Lawfare is guiding/advising the DemonRATs as to how far they can stretch the law and what laws they can break that won’t be challenged by the feckless Uniparty RINOs.
      Lawfare is basically engineering the coup and the destruction of Constitution-restricted government.

  35. Jimmy says:

    Bongino’s podcast of today is good. Bongino brings in CTH.

    • rashomon says:

      The more venues presenting this info, the better. This is not a competition to be the best support of our president; it’s creating a movement to insure PDJT’s reelection and expose the evil deeds of the Shadow Government, the Deep State, and the UniParty plus their advocates.
      Let’s not knock anyone who is trying to do their part in uniting behind this effort.

  36. ChampagneReady says:

    “[Barr and Durham] have now gone to this other theory, positing that the CIA was engaged in some rogue operation to overthrow Trump and therefore feeding the FBI bullshit,”
    If it’s all BS, how come you had to feed it to the newspapers and Yahoo so they would pose and publlsh it as information THEIR investigation revealed and then you could parrot their story as an independent, unbiased additional SOURCE verification? You were caught red handed at and it’s proven that you and them were TOTALLY collaborating.
    How come you had to have Clinton’s head whore Blumenthal and Shearer feeding total BS from the middle east which you also utilized as another totally INDEPENDENT corroboration. Again, caught red handed!
    To call you slime would be a compliment compared to what you really are.

  37. Jimmy says:

    Bongino podcast:
    There was significant commotion when Durham was said to be making plans to interview CIA people. Is it possible that after Durham interviews CIA people that he will announce intentions to interview Obama? I wonder what kind of commotion would follow from such an announcement.

  38. Chieftain says:

    “The reason the DC system -writ large- is going bananas is because selling the influence of political office for financial gain is the custom and currency of DC affluence.”
    Yes, the corruption is deep, long term and tentacled.

  39. Jimmy says:

    I listen to Bongino’s podcasts, rather than watching. In the podcast today at around minute 16, there is an excerpt from an interview with Brennan in Feb of 2018. To me Brennan sounded like he was lying.
    Interviewer: When did you first learn of the Steele Dossier?
    16:08-16:10 Brennan’s throat tightens up as he starts his reply.
    16:16-16:30 Brennan seems to recite be a memorized story
    16:30-16:35 Brennan offers answer to question not asked, “I did not know what was in there…” (Of course you didn’t know what was in there, John, because you hadn’t seen it yet. So, why would you say that? No one asked you whether you knew what was in it before the date you claimed you first saw it. Why would anyone ask such a strange question, John?)
    16:40-16:48 Brennan emphatically answers question not asked “It did not play any role whatsoever in the IC assessment….” Now, why would you emphatically say that, John, given that it has nothing to do with the question?
    I think that if even I can sense Brennan was lying, then he was already very nervous.

  40. emet says:

    During my 30 plus years with US Customs/CBP I turned in more than a few of high-level government grifter/parasites to IA, Office of Professional Responsibility, IG, and once to Congress. One of the scams involved millions of dollars, essentially extorted from an airline, and included people in other agencies.
    Of course, nothing much happens to the players, and that is, of course, a fraud upon taxpaying Americans.
    But what disturbs me far more, is that there are people at the top of our security agencies that would welcome another terrorist attack. And there are people at the top who would very much like to see Iran get nuclear weapons. These occurrences would bring them more resources $, and thus even more power, and with it more money-making opportunities.
    Ironic, no? The people who should be protecting our nation find it more attractive and lucrative to sacrifice it.

    • IGiveUp says:

      What a filthy, stinking,putrid rotting corpse is our gov’t. Almost too much to bear.

    • warrprin1 says:

      I would not have believed that in 2001, emet, but I believe it now.

    • rashomon says:

      I don’t “like” what you have shared, but know it exists at every level. “…there are people at the top of our security agencies that would welcome another terrorist attack.” Too true, but not many on Main Street know this. Your truth has to be spread across the land to people who really don’t want to hear that Mom, and apple pie, and the American flag aren’t honored any more, but stamped upon at every opportunity.

  41. Kerry_On says:

    It is bigger than we can imagine. What I do NOT hear anyone discussing is this is NOT just an American issue, it is a GLOBAL one. The media (owned by many of the same corporations are just as bad or worse in Europe. The illegal immigration flooding across nations where the sheep-like populace advocate for “Open Borders”. The IMF, the UN, The Committee on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergs, the Tri-Laterals, the secret societies, etc., are ALL the same people. It ALL has to be dismantled! As long as you’re up, might as well clean the WHOLE HOUSE!

  42. Pierre Danger says:

    Natasha Bertrand is 26 year old. Keep this in mind when assessing her Brennan defense piece here. A young journalist just a few years out of college is firing off a piece absolving the United States CIA from any wrong doing, categorically labeling anything to the contrary as a “conspiracy theory,” and shamelessly spinning it all as an outlandish inconceivable inquiry that must — simply must(!) — be nefarious in origin and effect.
    My guess is that Natasha Bertrand’s professional career wouldn’t survive an audit. 26-year old Natasha Bertrand is plugged into the highest levels of the Obama admin CIA leadership and inside sources within the tightly compartmentalized group at issue here, AND they trust her as an outlet for their leaks? How does that happen to a very young reporter at the beginning of her career?
    Something is fishy here. Paid by Fusion elements to publish under her banner? (Possibly, even likely, but certainly 26-yr old Natasha Bertrand is the only “journalist” willing to publish pass-through articles, many of whom have more established reputations and careers than she does…). Personal relationship with someone connected to the events (similar to NYT’s Ali Watkins’ relationship with Wolfe? — wouldn’t surprise me; She is cute.). Personal or family connection to DNC players or CIA insiders? (I’d bet money on this one).

  43. Jimmy says:

    “Washington DC as a business and financial enterprise.”
    The federal government is a perpetual multi-billion dollar opportunity for the organized crime network. In positions of power, members of the network skim off its wealth for the rest of their lives.
    There’s a long road ahead. 1. Barr, Durham, et al have to have the guts to seek indictments. 2. They need to do something to protect their prosecutions and President Pence in the event of DT’s removal by the Senate. 2. If Barr, Durham, et al fail, then there needs to be a second attempt at removing the criminal network in the following years. 3. After the criminal network is removed the federal government needs to be returned to its Constitutional limits. Otherwise, there will be a new criminal network within a generation. The Founding Fathers’ main point was that you aren’t going to be able to prevent corruption of this sort, which is why you need to keep the government small and limited.

  44. chickenhawk says:

    do they sell brennan dolls.
    pull the string, he scowls
    I want one!

  45. Zy says:

    Does Natasha ever sound like a Russian agent.

  46. chuckyschmucky says:

    “Is the IG report going to say we made mistakes? Yes,” said one of the former officials. “But it won’t say we did so for some nefarious purpose. So the report will be a dry hole for Trump and his supporters.”
    The old favorite “no intent” canard.
    Very, very disturbing, but not shocking in the least.

  47. James Groome says:

    Stripping away the old way of doing business leaves all of DC and Corruptocracy with no means of conducting the affairs of the government, procuring legitimate contracts which are awarded to the most comprehensive bid at the lowest cost would throw a monkey wrench in many procurement programs, supply chains they would not know how to adjust.
    Problem is AI will catch the nonsense in little to no time.

  48. Daniel Wright says:

    The author of the “A warning” didn’t write the book for monetary gain according to the WAPO. I’m sure he was given adequate compensation from Hillary,Obama,Soros,and or a surrogate. The actual motive is obviously to help ensure the ousting of the POTUS. The left was stopped at the brink of it’s take over of the USA under a Hillary dictatorship. The hand of God intervened and put an imperfect man with patriotic motives in the white house. I thank God for his intervention. He forgave King David for his murder and adultery to anoint him as King of Israel. No man is perfect yet the left would rather have a dictator than a man committed to preserving the USA as it was intended by the founders. That is beyond sad. It is an outrage on steroids.

  49. HickTick says:

    Have some Faith , Somewhere out there is a room so big you cant see the other end . In this room is a Giant board , A Perry Mason timeline . It shows Jan.6 When Comey and Clapper went to the WH , The next day they went to TT to brief the President Elect , It shows what was leaked to the media what the story was , Who said what on Tweeter and Instagram ETC . Its all on the time line . Every move they made , Every phone call the President made , How long it took to leak it , What they wrote in Text messages , They have it all documented . They know Who leaked to Who , what Lies were inserted the whole COUP has been documented on a timeline . Even the Two Scoops of Ice Cream . Soon they will have employees in deposition say , We were ordered to work endlessly to remove Trump or we would lose our Jobs . He who thinks this Coup will just fade away , Don’t bet on it . PDJT is not showing his cards just yet . People like Pierre De-Dumass has outed themselves .

  50. Jim Raclawski says:

    the 6x “rogues’ gallery” captures that unique moment in the owner/operator’s brainwork that triggers “subtext” facial “tells”… of all these treacherous mooks, she –ms page — (at least in the mug shot…) looks like the “light bulb” just clicked on….. and she realizes the full extent of her perfidious conduct…. put the squeeze play on this one… ’till she pops like a zit ..
    the rest are zealots & ideologues that have to be played against facts&evidence-depositions gained through subject interviews/interrogations…. start with the weak link… go up from there…

  51. Raquel says:

    I love the term, ‘gossip-blower.’

  52. Every now and then I like to remind everyone that, after three years none of these crooks involved in Russiagate have been indicted, convicted or sentenced as a result of the investigations by the DOJ/Durham/Huber/Horowitz or Lindsey Graham. NOT ONE PERSON!!

  53. foodog says:

    I am reminded that Trump negotiated with the Mafia for decades in NY and Atlantic City.
    These white shoe analyst dipsquat desktop jockeys in Langley and Quantico dont even know what is about to befall them…

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