Another Day, Another Phony “Subpoena” Impeachment Narrative – Rick Perry Edition…

The House democrats will keep doing this until someone in the media begins to hit them with hard questions that expose the nonsense.

Today Chairman Adam Schiff (House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence); Chairman Elijah E. Cummings (Committee on White House Oversight; and Chairman Eliot L. Engel (House Committee on Foreign Affairs) continue sending carefully worded letters under the guise of ‘subpoenas’. [Main Link Here]

Again, just like all prior examples, this is not a “subpoena”, it is a letter calling itself a “subpoena” and carries NO legal penalty for non-compliance. A legislative “letter” needs to carry judicial enforcement authority –A PENALTY– in order to be a “subpoena”.

There is no penalty that can be associated with these demands because the Legislative Branch has not established compulsion authority (aka judicial enforcement authority), as they attempt to work through their non-constitutional “impeachment inquiry” process.

It has long been well established by SCOTUS that Congress has lawful (judicial authority) subpoena powers pursuant to its implied responsibility of legislative oversight.  However, that only applies to the powers enumerated in A1§8. Neither foreign policy (Ukraine) nor impeachment have any nexus to A1§8.  The customary Legislative Branch subpoena power is limited to their legislative purpose. 

There is an elevated level of subpoena, made power possible by SCOTUS precedent, that carries inherent penalties for non-compliance, and is specifically allowed for impeachment investigations.  That level of elevated House authority requires a full House authorization vote.

In this current example the Legislative Branch is expressing their “impeachment authority” as part of the Legislative Branch purpose.  So that raises the issue of an entirely different type of subpoena:… A demand from congress that penetrates the constitutional separation of powers; and further penetrates the legal authority of Executive Branch executive privilege.

It was separately established by SCOTUS during the Nixon impeachment investigation that *IF* the full House votes to have the Judiciary Committee commence an impeachment investigation, then Judiciary (only) has subpoena power that can overcome executive privilege claims. 

There has been NO VOTE to create that level of subpoena power.

As a consequence, the House has not created a process to penetrate the constitutionally inherent separation of powers, and/or, the legally recognized firewall known as ‘executive privilege’.   The House must vote to authorize the committee impeachment investigation, and through that process the committee gains judicial enforcement authority.  This creates the penalty for non-compliance with an impeachment subpoena.

A demand letter only becomes a “subpoena”, technically meaning: ‘a request for the production of documents with a penalty for non-compliance’, when the committee has judicial enforcement authority. That process establishes an enforcement penalty.

The current demand letters cannot carry a penalty because the demands do not contain judicial enforcement authority…. because the impeachment investigation was not authorized by the chamber.

The reason judicial enforcement authority is constitutionally required is because creating Judicial enforcement authority, creating the penalty for non-compliance, gives the Executive Branch a process to appeal any legislative demand via the Judicial Branch (federal courts).

Absent a penalty for non-compliance, which factually makes a subpoena a ‘subpoena’, the Executive Branch has no process to engage an appellate review by federal courts. This is the purposeful trick within the Pelosi/Lawfare road-map.

Pelosi and Lawfare’s plans are designed for public consumption; she/they are creating the illusion of something that doesn’t exist.  The purpose of all this fraudulent impeachment activity is to create support for an actual impeachment process.

Because the current Lawfare/Pelosi roadmap intends to work around judicial enforcement authority, the impeachment process is destined by design to end up running head-first into a constitutional problem; specifically separation of power and executive privilege. That predictable constitutional issue will end up with arguments to The Supreme Court.

THAT appears to be why Democrats and left-wing activists have been working for months to de-legitimize the Supreme Court. They always intended to run into this problem. They planned for it.

The Lawfare impeachment road-map is designed to conflict with the constitution. It is a necessary -and unavoidable- feature of their impeachment plan, not a flaw.


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122 Responses to Another Day, Another Phony “Subpoena” Impeachment Narrative – Rick Perry Edition…

  1. FL_GUY says:

    Looking at the massive turnout for the MN rally, I don’t believe We the People are buying the D-rat and media-rat crap. JMHO

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  2. davidberetta says:

    The Only thought I have – Children should be seen and Not Heard

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  3. Kent says:

    …leftist trash will be leftist trash….

    Hate America Inc. is what they should be called…..

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  4. GB Bari says:

    The title of the article says it all. The subheading sentence is a perfect summary of the entire situation.

    Pitch perfect perspective, Sundance.

    AT the end (about 5:45pm EDT) of the previous thread (Doug Collins: Impeachment Will Backfire) I just posted a link to an article that echoes your observation about the real intentions of Pelousy and the DemonRATs. It’s written by leftist authors and repuvblished in Salon, but they kind of see the light with the Dem (they don’t mention Lawfare) strategy of endless investigations not really working as expected on PDJT.

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  5. johnnyfandango says:

    Congressman Bug-eyes can bugger off.

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  6. From the highest yardarm!

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  7. Zephyrbreeze says:

    The media members are compulsively pathological.

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  8. pucecatt says:

    Laughable if they think people are that stupid 😎 they can go pound sand ..looking forward to tonight’s rally , that’s what terrifies the Dems .. TRUMP 2020🇺🇸

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  9. RJ says:

    Drop the propaganda leaflets in as many zones as possible, work the people into a frenzy till their mouths fill with foam….and then…and then….introduce Hillary Clinton as the amazonian woman who can not only do battle against the “evil orange bad hair man” but defeat himl

    Here she comes…ready or not!

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  10. Sarah Palin says:

    THANK YOU for explaining lawfare’s intent here, SD.

    Treepers: obviously not hearing this info in MSM it’s up to you/us to inform others about democrats’ purposeful acts that lead to an unconstitutional impeachment process wherein they’ll challenge SCOTUS. This will be in attempt to actually delegitimize SCOTUS rulings in all areas.
    – Sarah Palin

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    • Magabear says:

      We gots bigtime conservative heroes posting on CT. 😎🙂👍

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    • Exfiltration of Wealth says:

      Treepers LOVE Sarah Palin!!!

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    • GB Bari says:

      Spot on, Sarah.

      And Greetings from a long time admirer.

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    • Curt says:

      No, thank you Sarah for all you have done.

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    • Jim says:

      I hope you can still see 2020 from your house Sarah 😉

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    • Amy2 says:

      We’re working on it Sarah. It is a slow process. For the record, I only voted for McCain because of YOU. (I’m sure you get that a lot!)

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      Can we count on you in 2022?

      MAGA sure could use you!

      Hope you keep posting here.


    • clulessgrandpa says:

      I have a lot of respect for you Sarah! We need you to really get back in the game to help save the soul of this nation. Thank you for all you have done!

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    • john says:

      Your nation owes you a debt of gratitude. You spoke truth when most of us still lived in darkness. Thank You for being a light in the storm.

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    • Can someone explain to me like I’m 7 how this process delegitimizes SCOTUS?
      BS non impeachment, leads to non disclosure by executive branch, leads to court case in front of SCOTUS, leads to loss for Dims. What am I missing? And if somehow SCOTUS is delegit. Does that mean we go back to marriage means one man one woman? Obamacare is illegal? And everything else the legislature couldn’t pass so they took it to court and forced on us…

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      • Magabear says:

        What it means is that the dimms will then run their 2020 campaign on the need to elect one of their looney toons as POTUS so they can “fix” the Court (i.e. pack the Court).

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      • “Can someone explain to me like I’m 7 how this process delegitimizes SCOTUS?”

        The delegitimization of SCOTUS primarily involved the dredging up of Brett Kavanaugh’s old accusers, by the New York Times, last month; then, republishing and relitigating all the salacious, but unsubstantiated rumors, from the various female ‘victims’. Articles such as this, “Brett Kavanaugh: A Representation of the Damaged U.S. Judiciary” were published with the hopes that Kavanaugh’s name and rulings would forever have an asterisk of imperfection and taint next to them. (

        Also, New York Times writers Robin Pogrebin and Kate Kelly released their smear-book, “The Education of Brett Kavanaugh: An Investigation”; it was vile, filthy, poorly-edited garbage, but it occupied almost an entire week of the news cycle and dragged Kavanaugh’s name through the mud, all-over-again.

        So, when the Supreme Court is called upon to make any future rulings involving the impeachment of PDJT, because Brett Kavanaugh is a member of the Court, the Dems hope that Kavanaugh’s association with any decrees will help render them somehow ‘flawed’. (It may not make a lot of sense, but this is Dem-Logic that we’re looking at.)

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  11. Shyster says:

    Until there is a full house vote, and as my grand daddy use to say, their just pissin into the wind. Pelosi and Co better get their rain gear on, cuz it’s gonna be a storm.

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  12. Eric says:

    Just go tell them to pound sand.

    But if it comes to impeachment, I hope everyone reading CTH will make travel arrangements too DC. The country’s very future is at stake.

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  13. Magabear says:

    Add Fox News to the impeachment water carrying brigade. Seriously, a poll that is skewed 48D and 34R?

    Their primetime lineup aside, F the rest of them.

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    • Eric says:

      Yup, and the poll was actually a disaster for the Dems if read properly. With a 3-point margin of error, it means that all the independents (who were dramatically undersampled) and Republicans opposed impeachment.

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  14. lemontree says:

    Fake subpoenas. I wonder if the left has some “Get Out of Jail Free” Monopoly cards they plan to use if and when they are indicted.


    • Landslide says:

      Oooo….now there’s a fun idea: Monopoly; The Trump Version! Of course, things change so fast, that the ideas for satirical properties and cards would be obsolete by the time the game came out.

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  15. daylight58 says:

    I swear… Schiff is truly stuck on stupid.

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    • Pale rider says:

      He has no choice. He is a ‘paid for’ moron, just like Pelosi. I think they must have a soul detector for picking politicians. If you have a soul, your out.

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  16. Coast says:

    Excellent summary of the current situation. Wouldn’t it be nice if the media was to honestly explain this to the public.

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  17. montanamel says:

    I assume that the “security bill” up in Minn was taken care of — somehow??? Since the show is going on…. How did that idiot mayor up there get a cork stuffed in him, eh?

    This daily dose of TP is handy when the lights are turned out by that utility….Maybe PDJT will take a trash can on stage with him and “toss” all these worthless “letters” in it during his speech/rally..?

    When are we going to DC for our walk-thru before taking back over?

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  18. Greg1 says:

    The amazing thing is how blatantly they LIE!

    The very press release Sundance posted, clearly labeled as a press release, has as it’s headline “Secretary Perry Subpoenad In House Impeachment Inquiry”.

    No, he was NOT.


    They also lied to the American people in the press release.

    They think the press (and the American people) is too stupid to see through their lie or they just know the press will print whatever democrats want with no questions asked because they are on the same team. You know, I think the press enjoys getting used like this because they clearly do the bidding of the democrats every time.

    They lied to the press in the press release………

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  19. davidberetta says:

    Hollywood has been involved in this ordeal since at least 2015, EVERYTHING Hollywood does (for the Democrats), is special effects – making their “Resistance” and all their other “issues” seem much larger than reality….exactly what Hollywood does – fake reality. Just like the movies they produce….it’s all fantasy and special effects. It’s no wonder that the DNC and Hollywood are locked in alignment..

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  20. alliwantissometruth says:

    “The House democrats will keep doing this until someone in the media begins to hit them with hard questions that expose the nonsense”

    And the odds of that happening within the Enemy of the People fake news “media”, where democrat political operative actors pose as journalists and lie and deceive the people at the behest of their globalist corporate masters, is about a bazillion to one

    Democrats don’t talk with real media

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  21. TarsTarkas says:

    They are trying to create a narrative of coverup and obstruction, to persuade the weak-willed and opportunistic in House and Senate to support the overthrow of a duly elected President. Because they have no chance at beating him in 2020. And of course any retorts about foreign electoral interference in the past will be called ‘whataboutism’. The bottom line is, questioning Democrats and TDS Republicans about in-office enrichment is off-limits, because.

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  22. Rock Knutne says:

    The rally in Minnesota pretty much tells you that all that polling about ‘peach foty if’ is as fake as it was in 2016.

    Stay the course Treepers!

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  23. Warren says:

    Why is no one mentioning that even the Democrats held this position A few months back when they held the vote to open impeachment proceedings and failed? Am I remembering incorrectly?

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  24. thehawkeyehoneypot says:

    Looks to be a pretty strong turnout on both sides. President trump is going in to the hornets nest where he thrives. Hes already got one scalp coming in. Lets hope he gets a couple more by the end of the night. Damn the deep state. Damn the globalist this is AMERICA! MAGA KAGA 2020-!

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  25. WES says:

    So far nothing the Dems have done in the last 3 years has appeared to backfire on them explaining why they keep on doing the same thing over and over again. Their control of the media seems to ensure nothing appears to backfire.

    We will not really know how successful or unsuccessful they will be until after the 2020 elections.

    If they are unsuccessful, then we will know doing the same thing over and over is the definition of “insanity”!

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  26. Kleen says:

    In one hand I am glad this is happening.

    If we had a whistleblower telling us how bad corruption is, we would have never believed him

    I had no idea the system is this rotten.

    We all knew it was bad. But nothing like we have seen in the past 3 years

    It’s KGB stuff. Our country is being ruled by a criminal cartel. Terrorists.

    There’s no saving what we have. It needs to be dismantled.

    Elected officials are mostly vicious criminals. What a disgusting bunch!

    Should we even hope for justice? I mean, unless the whole thing comes crashing down there will be no justice. It’s so widespread, you can’t just arrest a few and be done!

    It’s more than 50% of our government. Involves almost all in power, media… it doesn’t end with a few bad apples.

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  27. mickjt says:

    DemoCraps, POUND SAND!

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  28. Dee Paul Deje says:

    I declare, in this here letter, a supeona (substitute ‘bankruptcy’ with ‘subpeona’).

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  29. The Gipper Lives says:

    This letter conveys the million dollars I owe you. Have a nice day!


  30. Kleen says:

    Take a good look America! These are the people who have been ruling this country and taking it further and further to the left.

    We are getting a rare chance to peak behind the scenes of the deep state. Trump has brought them out of the shadows.

    If they get rid of Trump they will go back into hiding and working behind the scenes quietly while we wonder what’s wrong with our country.

    This is it! The chance to take this people down. So far our side is being told to wait… justice is coming. Is it?

    The criminals are doubling down on their KGB style tactics.

    They are not hiding and half of the country are hoping they succeed. That is the power of propaganda. They can brainwash the population to the point where half of country is hoping innocent people are jailed and destroyed. Scary times!

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  31. Bill Dumanch says:

    Baristas must be able to identify “coffee” from “tea”
    These “reporters” (j-school grads, ’cause ed-school was too tough) say “subpoena”
    Not smart enough to be baristas!


  32. redline says:

    “…until someone in the media begins to hit them with hard questions that expose the nonsense.”
    The devil will waltz in snowshoes first, in other words.


  33. Shyster says:

    Pelosi needs to hold the damn vote. She just needs to DO IT!


  34. I continue to believe that it is time to file Trump v. US House of Representatives, directly challenging the constitutionality of this entire dance. Because, it isn’t constitutional at all.

    The most relevant clause is §1.6.7 and §2.4:

    “Judgment in Cases of impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law.”

    “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

    These clauses clearly state that the President can only be impeached for a crime – the Founders are on record as having considered and then purposely omitted the English sin of “maladministration.” The Constitution clearly states that the Congress cannot find someone guilty of a crime. §1.6.7 makes it abundantly clear that “Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment” are forthcoming – but, by the Judiciary.

    Well, in the cases of Nixon, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton, we had (have) literal, textbook cases of obstruction as would be interpreted by any Court: destroying or attempting to destroy evidence, threatening, and so on. In the case of Trump we have no crime. And now, the House is literally making up false testimony and trying to pin their actions on this, to justify what is transparently a purely-political maneuver. The matter should be taken directly before the Supreme Court before it proceeds any further.

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  35. JunkerGeorg says:

    Sad that the MSM deceives so many listeners who hang on their every word, though I think for many of them their TDS is so severe that their desired end justifies their dishonest means: they will knowingly accept lies and push them as truth if it can damage Orange Man in terms of public optics.


    • Amy2 says:

      I watched an interview on MSNBC (clip on a website) with Jay Sekulow (hottie) and some host name Ari something (who is also an attorney). Sekulow is always so polite and was here too. This Ari guy, what a slimeball. He spun every word Mr. Sekulow said, including, “so that will be your defense?” (several times) It’s subtle but it works on people who don’t question.

      There was an ABC news break on Rush today, and they reported that two attorneys “who helped Rudy Giuliani dig up dirt on VP Biden” were arrested today. I couldn’t believe it! What are people supposed to think when this is all they hear? Grrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

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  36. gda53 says:

    From Sundance’s tweet thread analysis:
    “THAT appears to be why Democrats and left-wing activists have been working for months to delegitimize the Supreme Court.”

    What I don’t quite understand is: other than spraying shit everywhere, creating confusion, dumping on the Constitution, and generally exposing the political system in the US to be the laughing stock of the world, what will this really accomplish?

    Will the SC be intimidated? Hardly
    Will PDJT be impeached by the Senate? Hardly
    Will PDJT’s reelection chances be harmed? Hardly

    Will the indictments keep on coming from Barr & Durham? Surely

    The fuse is lit and no one can put it out now. I’m focused on the signal and ignoring the noise.

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  37. TwoLaine says:

    We’re not kidding around. This is serious. You better do what my harshly worded letter says or else.


  38. XO says:

    Can I send a letter conveying a subpoena to Elijah Cummings?

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  39. In the Land of Poz says:

    SDNY is running the Michael Cohen script almost word-for-word on Giuliani.

    They may have already wiretapped him through FARA violations by Parnas and Furman. FBI and Deep State desperate to know what Giuliani has on them, and use it to drive hearings and “subpoenas” in Congress. Parnas’ bank records were mysteriously leaked to Buzzfeed and reported same day as the arrest and indictment. All this right before the IG report is set to drop.

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    • In the Land of Poz says:

      Also, keep an eye on the FEC meetings Oct 16-17. They are legally null but the MSM will amplify them (i.e., the Holy Word Of Weintraub) incessantly on the 17-18th to mitigate IG report.

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  40. SAM-TruthFreedomLiberty says:

    The Trump admin isn’t complying with these “subpoenas”, right?!?
    They can’t go to the courts to enforce them so sooner or later it will be obvious that they have no power, media narrative or not..
    So this will go nowhere, it’s a dead end for them!

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  41. sunnyflower5 says:

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  42. The Gipper Lives says:

    These subpoena-flavored letters carry less legal weight than little Virginia’s letter to Santa Claus.

    Your grocery list is more legally-binding than these faux-demand letters; “Honey, on your way home could you pick up a gallon of milk, a loaf of bread and the presidency? Oh–and some arugula.”

    They have no legal weight because Nanzi is hiding her shame from the Courts by failing to pass a Grown-Up inquiry.

    If administration officials fail to comply with these little fairy-tale forgeries, they are accused of “Obstruction”, the same ploy they used on the President. They extorted Flynn, threw Manafort in a dungeon, arrested the president’s lawyer, tried to get him to fire Rosenstein or Sessions or Mueller and launched an amphibious assault landing at Roger Stone’s, all to goad the president into something they could sell as “Obstruction”.

    BTW, she has a greater chance of me picking up the Oval Office after work than some arugula. Because of the Rakings Clause.

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  43. gda53 says:

    “The 2020 Democratic candidate with whom the CIA whistleblower had a “professional” tie is Joe Biden, according to intelligence officers and former White House officials.”

    Of course it’s Joe Biden! Did we really expect someone else?

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  44. Dogsrule says:

    Here in the people’s republic of nantucket Ma. there is a weekly question in the local paper. Two weeks ago it was ‘do you support the democrats impeachment efforts’. 4 out of 6 said NO. I was quite surprised. Usually when there are political questions the libs win hands down. Anecdotal but ….. one can hope.

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  45. JunkerGeorg says:

    Part of me wishes the event could’ve been held in Duluth, for reasons of further solidifying more votes from dem dare Finns up dare in Norteast Minn-eh-SOE-duh…a political region that used to be light-to-solid blue before economic depression started opening Finn eyes to see the jobs/wages benefit to them of Trump’s anti-globalist MAGA reforms. If that area turns solid red, then the dark blue Twin Cities/Rochester votes won’t be enough to keep the state blue.

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  46. Paul says:

    The wonderful thing about the truth is, you don’t have to make it up, you have no trouble remembering it. Stupid is as stupid does. May the good Lord keep our President Trump safe and may he be at peace amidst all this sedition.

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  47. joeknuckles says:

    The Democrats and the media, along with some crooked Republicans, are in the midst of the biggest, most coordinated disinformation campaign in the history of the world.

    Prove me wrong.

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  48. glissmeister says:

    “The Lawfare impeachment road-map is designed to conflict with the constitution. It is a necessary -and unavoidable- feature of their impeachment plan, not a flaw.”

    Seditious conspiracy? Maybe so.

    Certainly could make an interesting cohort of co-conspirators. Guantanamo would be too nice for this distempered lot of seditious saboteurs.

    Law schools will have a few faculty vacancies to fill.

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  49. Keep the faith!!🙏🙏

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  50. billybob says:

    Well, if you drag a hundred subpoenas through the fake media you never know how many people you can con – All of them, if they are democrats ,is my guess .

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