Nancy Pelosi is “Grubering” The American Electorate on Impeachment – Committee Requests, aka “Subpoenas”, Constructed to Manufacture “Obstruction”…

Several years ago the architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, admitted on camera the Democrats who were assembling healthcare legislation were “relying upon the stupidity of the American voter”….  Fast forward to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in 2019 and her “official impeachment inquiry” by decree; she’s doing the exact same thing.

Speaker Pelosi, working through a carefully constructed political dynamic assembled by the hired staff from the Lawfare alliance, has sold her constituency on an impeachment process that structurally doesn’t exist.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi could never succeed in the scheme were she not assisted by a compliant media.

In the last week you’ve probably heard the media sell a narrative that Speaker Pelosi’s House Committee teams are sending out subpoenas to the State Department and White House.  However, has anyone actually looked for those “subpoenas”, or read the language of the written communication from those committees’?

Using the House Oversight Committee as the example (because that’s the one most cited and all of the letters are formatted identically), take a careful look at how they frame their undertaking.

As you read this, remember: these carefully chosen words come from the Lawfare Alliance:


Notice the phrase “sent a letter conveying a subpoena“?

That statement is not the same as ‘sent a subpoena’; actually, it’s not even close – it is pure parseltongue.  You can call any car a Ferrari, but that doesn’t make it so.

Things get a little technical and wonky but essentially the term “subpoena” literally means “under penalty“.  A subpoena duces tecu, requires you to produce documents.  In this example a congressional subpoena literally, and only, means: a request for the production of documents with a penalty for non-compliance.  Read the letter HERE:

(Page 1 – screengrab, source pdf)

The House has no independent enforcement mechanism, so each time the House of Representative wants to send a subpoena with an enforcement bite – they need to go to the judicial branch (court system) for an enforceable order.  However, notice in these letters the enforcement mechanism is internal. It is a self-fulfilling ‘obstruction‘ scheme.

Speaker Pelosi does not want to engage the judicial branch, nor does she want to give the target (President Trump) the opportunity to engage the judicial branch, ie. court.

The judiciary would likely upend her House committee “official impeachment inquiry” scheme, just as D.C. District Court Chief Judge Beryl Howell recently did to Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler for “gaming the system“.  Speaker Pelosi’s unilateral decree for an “official impeachment inquiry” without a House vote will not pass court review.

Remember when Democrats were recently delegitimizing the Supreme Court through attacks against Justice Kavanaugh?   Well, how likely is it that any legal test of this arbitrary “impeachment inquiry” is going to end up at SCOTUS?  Things making more sense now… I digress.

As a result of all the above these are political subpoenas, demand letters as weapons;  constructed for optimal political value, and framed to create obstruction articles of impeachment.

This is a carefully constructed subversion of the constitutional processes and procedures.

After the 2018 mid-terms, and in preparation for the “impeachment” strategy, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff and House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler hired Lawfare Group members to become committee staff. Chairman Schiff hired former SDNY U.S. Attorney Daniel Goldman (link), and Chairman Nadler hired  Obama Administration lawyer Norm Eisen and criminal defense attorney Barry Berke (link), all are within the Lawfare network.

As a result of the need to create the optics of something that doesn’t exist; and following the roadmap they outlined in 2018 [See Here and Here]; the Lawfare contractors within the committees’ needed to construct a penalty mechanism that benefits the impeachment agenda but avoids the court system.  As a result we see this:

Nice Lawfare trick huh?

The failure to comply with a non-official subpoena (essentially a letter); for documents relating to a fake “official impeachment inquiry” (Pelosi decree); that the House specifically never intends to enforce in any court (because they would fail); results in the House committee finding of “obstruction.” An enhancement for their impeachment articles.

Gee, where did the House Committees’ come up that that idea?

(LAWFARE Direct Link – DATE September 2018)

Anyone noticing a consistent pattern yet?

In 2018 we noted the significant House rule changes constructed by Nancy Pelosi for the 116th congress seemed specifically geared toward impeachment. {Go Deep}  That impeachment plan was made at the same time as the “Lawfare Obstruction Roadmap” was drawn up.

With the framework of the current effort, those changed rules are now being used to subvert historic processes and construct the articles of impeachment.  Without a vote to initiate an impeachment inquiry, the articles of impeachment can now be drawn up in committee without any participation by the minority; and without any input from the executive branch. This was always the plan visible in Pelosi’s House rules.

These letters from congress, they are calling ‘subpoenas’, are specifically designed to avoid the courts because of the unilateral nature of the investigations which underpin their content.  Quite a scheme:

  • The House Committee impeachment investigations are structured around unilateral rule changes made by Pelosi’s scheme team in 2018 designed to block republicans.
  • In 2019 Speaker Pelosi then launches a unilateral “official impeachment inquiry” by decree.  Again designed to block republicans.
  • Then Pelosi combines the unilateral rule changes with unilateral committee assignments, and designs an obstruction path within a unilateral investigation, again completely carving out republicans.

There will likely be more articles other than just “obstruction of justice” (Muh Russia) and “corruption of office” (Muh Ukraine), but those two are easily visible.  Emoluments may also play a role.

Once the committees’ have assembled their evidence, assuming the public becomes aware of the partisan construct, Pelosi will likely initiate the full House vote to proceed with the assembly of articles of impeachment.  However, the committees’ will have already done the investigative work without republican involvement, so the full House vote will essentially be a moot point.

You are detained and questioned extensively. You answer all the questions. At the conclusion of your inquisition you are read your rights. Your attorney shows up; questioning stops.  A week later you are indicted and the material evidence against you is your statements.  This is what Pelosi/Lawfare are constructing. It doesn’t matter that the trial judge will throw it out, what mattered was the indictment.

This is why there is such a massive narrative push by Pelosi, committee leaders and their media allies right now… they need to assemble evidence while republicans remain locked out of the process and committee staff (hired Lawfare) construct the articles.  The goal is impeachment.  They achieve that goal via a majority House vote on any individual article.

The ‘Resistance‘ and ‘Deep State‘ facilitators (writ large) are all-in on this impeachment effort.  Additionally, impeachment as an offense is their best defense to anything being investigated by U.S. Attorney John Durham, Attorney General Bill Barr and DOJ-IG Michael Horowitz.

Yes, this entire group is also racing the clock. They need the Trump indictment, aka ‘impeachment‘, to construct a retaliation narrative that protects them -all of them- from any downstream consequences of Barr, Durham or, to a lesser extent, Horowitz.


Pelosi Rule Changes

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573 Responses to Nancy Pelosi is “Grubering” The American Electorate on Impeachment – Committee Requests, aka “Subpoenas”, Constructed to Manufacture “Obstruction”…

  1. rustybritches says:

    Just going to BB to read the headlines makes me want to throw up, Why are all of these nuts given a voice on BB and town hall when they really have nothing to say and why do these idiots print the stories ? just cant understand and I too am lost with all that is going on because I thought up until PT was elected that we had some form of right and wrong in this country but realizing how crooked Obama and his goons were there is no telling how many years we will go threw all of this and will have many more years of consequences before this country gets back on its feet.

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  2. islandpalmtrees says:

    by Jim Hoft October 6, 2019

    Rudy Giuliani – Nice Job!
    Rudy brought along with him dozens of media reports on the Biden Crime Family dealings in Ukraine, China… AND ROMANIA!

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    • CNN_sucks says:

      Are Biden are out shake down all these countries? With the help of their goons in the federal governments. This is really disturbing. FU demoncrats.

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    • Parker Longbaugh says:

      Anyone who does not understand by now that the election of Hillary Clinton would have been the end of even the appearance of the rule law has not been listening.

      Had she won we would have seen armed FBI agents arresting Donald Trump and his family. The media, the courts and three letter agencies would presented unassailable proof of their guilt.

      And not a single run of the mil level agent or operative employed by the Justice department and intelligence agencies would come forward as a Whistle Blower in the Trumps defense.

      There are trillions at stake

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      • sturmudgeon says:

        PAnd not a single run of the mil level agent or operative employed by the Justice department and intelligence agencies would come forward as a Whistle Blower in the Trumps defense.
        Parker: There has not been much, if any, evidence that ANY of these “sworn protectors of U.S. Citizens” have ‘come forward’ to protect The President and His Family yet! from the PRESENT attacks.

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      • Janus says:

        Yes, there ARE trillions at stake and the Globalists mean to remove Trump from office. It is crystal clear that they mean business and will NOT be deterred. About the only thing I can think of that will stop this is two or three million Trump supporters marching to DC.

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  3. ristvan says:

    Lurking Lawyer here.
    Sundance is correct about Pelosi Grubering. Below a summary of a longer comment on yesterdays presidential thread noted upthread here in the middle of the night.

    It is well established that the House has subpoena powers concerning legislative oversight. But that power is limited to matters concerning A1§8. Neither foreign policy (Ukraine call) nor impeachment have any nexus to A1§8. Such subpoenas do not abrogate executive privilege.

    It is established (SCOTUS concerning Nixon impeachment investigation) that IF the House votes to have the Judiciary committee formally conduct an impeachment investigation, then that committee (only) has subpoena power, and that power CAN pierce thru executive privilege. No such vote has been taken.

    Therefore even if a real subpoena is issued (not a grubered pretend letter) it can readily be quashed because there is NO underlying Congressional subpoena power given Pelosi’s process.

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    • islandpalmtrees says:

      So what is Pelosi up to other than a hope of distraction from the anticipated FISA report expected in two weeks?

      Because from what I’m hearing from your statement is it the resistance has no hope of preventing the release of this document within the time allotted.

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      • Deb says:

        They are gaslighting their base. Making it look like they are taking down PDJT, and then when it fails they will simply yell “obstruction” and blame PDJT for all of it. It’s a twofer. They fire up their base to vote in 2020, and they use projection to cover up their crimes.

        This is about 2020. They are in a fight for their life. They don’t have a winning vision or message, so lying and spreading hate is their only strategy.

        They don’t realize just how many patriots are on to their game. We aren’t quite outnumbered by the useful idiots, and every day we wake up more and more people.

        They will be hoisted on their own petard.

        Please pray for the safety of the Trump family and for safe delivery for our country from the evil forces in both parties.


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        • Tl Howard says:

          Can we be sure POTUS doesn’t alienate enough Senators to enable removal from office?

          I think POTUS is counting on the IG report and the revelations that surely Durham/Barr have in store (indictments or not), but even the most shameful and revelatory material may not move the public at this point. First, the media could spin first degree murder in innovative ways or just not report the murder at all, and second, the public may simply grown used to news of corruption even in Presidential elections and may say, “Both sides do it.”

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          • cantcforest says:

            Tl Howard: IMO, all but perhaps a half a dozen Senators are corrupted by the funds shoveled their way. Bill and Hildabea?st were the masters of pay to play, $500,000 for a Russian speech here, selling US uranium there, lawlessness everywhere, going back to the Whitewater days. There was a comment in the last few days which listed the big operations that are lined up to lobby against closing the borders, ending the stream of money sent to seemingly every other country in the world, and against MAGA.
            Does anyone else wonder how we were almost to the point of buying foreign military hardware? Yes, it really seemed that way to me.
            I don’t worry about PDJT pissing off some Senators. The few that haven’t been bought have enough principles to put aside pettiness in the interest of really doing whats right for America.

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        • (usually lurking lawyer as well)
          I see this this “impeachment investigation” is a distraction about money and power.

          MONEY –
          Nadler, Pelosi, and Schiff are terrified that donors will stop shoveling money into the DNC and their reelection campaigns.

          POWER –
          Nadler, Pelosi, and Schiff are terrified that AOC/Omar/Tlaib will run a primary opponent against them, and they’d have to SPEND MONEY on a reelection campaign.

          The entire “impeachment inquiry” is the senior Democrats trying to outflank the Squad Democrats so that the old guard retain their Chairs and power.

          What could prove that impeachment is ALL a HEAD FAKE about campaign donations and who in the Democratic party gets to control them?

          Well, there is THIS- What was the BIG MESSAGE from the recent town hall held by AOC? “Impeachment, I’m over it…”

          Step 1 – Squad maneuvers Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff into a situation where establishment Democrats have to go ALL IN for a politically disastrous impeachment fight..
          Step 2 – Squad spokesmodel announces: “impeachment is boring”.
          Step 3 – Expect an announce “Pelosi, Nadler, and Schiff HAVE FAILED DEMOCRATS.” We need new people in charge; new leadership that knows what they are doing, leadership that resonates with people, leadership like, um, ME.”

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        • BWTraveler says:

          Judging from the high early voting turnout in Louisiana by Republicans and Independents, more are waking up, more are realizing we must stand up to these criminals.

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    • This makes me wonder if Federal Judge (Obama Appointee) Amy Berman has the authority to order that the White House not destroy records (telephone, notes, etc) of our President and discussions with foreign entities as she just did. This was in a response to a left group suing, of course. I know it’s not Congress subpoena’s but seems like no one is staying in their lane in the Democrat side of things.

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      • wightmanfarm says:

        That’s implying that Trump would even think of destroying anything. If you did nothing wrong, you don’t need to take hammers to cell phones and wipe servers “like with a cloth”.

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        • rawflint says:

          That is the precise reason for the corrupt judge’s position. The suggestion that Trump would do something that democrats do. Along the lines of “have you stopped beating your wife, dog, children?” Berman is lower than whale feces.


    • Jaap Titulaer says:

      Why aren’t Repubs explaining that on TV?
      Just say it & repeat it.

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    • Justah says:

      Took me forever to find the 0-Dark-30 post.
      Andrew McCarthy said basically the same thing in an article yesterday.

      No Vote, no Subpoena Power
      Letters from partisan CongressCritters can all go in file 13

      This is all another stunt to get the Media to peach-45.
      Try by Kangaroo Court and ‘hope’ Mr Trump resigns. They still are clueless about who they are dealing with – PDJT doesn’t quit and is not afraid of them.

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    • paulyho39 says:

      Do they not know this important stuff…or are they just assuming no one else knows, so if they keep a “stiff upper lip” and carry on, no one will know or care how abusively they are behaving?


  4. Attorney says:

    The word, “hate” does not quite capture my disgust regarding the corrupt, cowardly, and plain dumb GOP Congress’s lack of self respect, and lack of respect for us, w/regard to it abject failure to fight a real fight.

    These timid, digusting souls are not men and women…they are little lambs being led to slaughter with us, sadly, in tow.

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  5. Collateral Justice says:

    Pay for Play is legal for “Elitist Pigs” from the blessing of our weaponized IRS who are protected by a compromised FBI.
    This is much worse than our rogue See EyE Aey abusing National Security.
    This is committed Civil War!

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  6. Lburg says:

    Remember back in April when news broke about ‘secret’ memoranda of understanding signed by the chairs of House committees? Wonder if this is latest push is part of that little confab. As in, “we won’t stop until we win OR we’re ALL indicted for conspiracy against the President”. PDJT did use the word treason re:Shiffty. What this article doesn’t say is who the other signer of the MOU w/Shiffty is….. perhaps Judiciary? Did Nan-The-Confused sign onto any of these MOUs – did she know about them?

    Sara Carter on the memos:
    Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Elijah Cummings and Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters executed a secret Memorandum of Understanding to “target” President Trump and subpoena all his financial and banking records, according to a letter sent to Cummings from ranking committee member Rep. Jim Jordan.

    Further, Jordan’s letter indicates that other MOUs have apparently been signed and agreed to with House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Ca, who has promised to continue investigations into the president despite findings by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office that there was no conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia. Attorney General William Barr released a summary of Mueller’s 400 page report several weeks ago and the redacted version of the report is expected to be released by the DOJ this Thursday.

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    • I’m trying to figure when it became legal to harrass, harangue, and simply target a President because of who he is and his party. Seems like gangstalking among other criminality.

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      • LivLovely101 says:

        By harrassing him, calling him an “illegitimate President”, a “criminal” and on and on, they are pissing off about 63million Americans but more importantly, we are being “disenfranchised” . He has committed no “high crimes and misdemeanors”, so essentially, they are telling us our vote didn’t count because we voted Republican, because we voted for Trump.
        They began planning and talking about impeachment since the night he WON. I remember it distinctly … voters, what rights do we have? Can we sue someone? At this rate, I think Trump should get a restraining order against Congress! (He has a lot of stalking and harassment proof! 😉
        I’m sooooo pissed. I wish we could do something for our POTUS.

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      • LivLovely101 says:

        By harrassing him, calling him an “illegitimate President”, a “criminal” and on and on, they are pissing off about 63million Americans but more importantly, we are being “disenfranchised” . He has committed no “high crimes and misdemeanors”, so essentially, they are telling us our vote didn’t count because we voted Republican, because we voted for Trump.
        They began planning and talking about impeachment since the night he WON. I remember it distinctly … voters, what rights do we have? Can we sue someone? At this rate, I think Trump should get a restraining order against Congress! (He has a lot of stalking and harassment proof! 😉
        I’m sooooo pissed. I wish we could do something for our POTUS.


  7. cattastrophe says:

    Another amazing article by CTH. Never in a hundred years would I have been able to figure out what Pelosi and company were actually doing if not for articles like this. The headlines and most articles even on conservative websites are so lacking in real information all you get are opinions about opinions.

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  8. wightmanfarm says:

    Do they not understand how sick Americans are of this sh*t ? It truly is embarrassing.

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  9. Charlotte Powell Brooks says:

    Dear nancy,
    This is a letter conveying a subpoena for you to immediately share with everyone the prayers that you claim to say for the President. Your failure or refusal to comply with this subpoena will constitute evidence that you even lie about praying.

    We The People

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  10. Jimmy says:

    Legal eagles, I assume that for a lawyer to help craft a mere letter that states that it is a subpoena and threatens its recipient is a disbarring offense. Yes?

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    • cheering4america says:

      I have been watching for years and so far I’m not sure that anything is a disbarring offense in the swamp if you’re a Democrat.

      One might file an ethics complaint over this, but I doubt that this would constitute sufficient cause for a jurisdiction to disbar a lawyer. (Plenty of other things should, i.e., the entire Russian Collusion Hoax participation – WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE THAT IT WAS A FABRICATION, use of a “dossier” wrung through the media by virtue of targeted government leaking to media, use of a western agent by averring to the FISA court that he is a “Russian spy,” etc.)


    • paulyho39 says:

      One could only hope!


  11. Sherri Young says:

    Oh Nancy dear, what else are you wishing to cover up besides your son’s involvement in Ukraine? Could it be your brother-in-law’s involvement in one of Obama’s bankrupt solar energy boondoggles?
    Why are we having to reading this reporting from a foreign news source instead of several of our own? What else is being hidden?

    Sunday, Oct 6th 2019 12PM
    Nancy Pelosi’s brother-in-law is given $737m of taxpayers’ money to build giant solar power plant in middle of the desert

    Obama administration approved $1bn in green energy loans days after failed Solyndra project due to be completed
    $737m handed to Crescent Dunes project in Tonopah, Nevada, for 110-megawatt desert solar power plant
    Investors include firm Minority leader’s brother-in-law and major Solyndra stakeholder
    Republicans warn Energy Department is ‘rushing’ $5bn in loans ahead of Friday deadline

    • Debra says:

      Way more activity in them thar’ hills then even the gold rush days . . .

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    • There is zero doubt that the truth of the matter is that every major enemy in Congress and the former White House was hip-waders deep in Ukraine. “Sleepy Joe” therefore knows he’s got all of them by the cojones … and that PDJT has all of them the same way. All he actually ever did was to ask a “drain the swamp” Ukrainian President to take a look … and his enemies, specifically including Pelosi, know damned well what they’ll find. They’ll strive to impeach the only American officer who is opposed to their: international organized crime ring.

      Perhaps the Republicans should submit a bill calling for a House vote. This will force what Pelosi actually does not want to happen … especially if it gets voted down. In any case it will allow Republicans, and people like Trump and Rudy-G, to subpoena for real. The “Lawfare version” isn’t the law. It’s long past time to stop them from dictating the rules of engagement.

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      • LarryG says:

        Here, here, Mike Robinson! I guess the question is, “Is there anyone on the right side of the aisle in Congress with the authority to do this who has some cajones and isn’t/wasn’t also hipwaders-deep in Ukraine?”. Our departed Az senator surely was, wasn’t he?

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    • LarryG says:

      Not sure it’s the one being referred to here, but there IS one apparently-functioning, large solar farm just north of Tonopah…has the center mirror tower or whatever it is. Pretty striking.


  12. islandpalmtrees says:

    What is Pelosi covering up?

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  13. islandpalmtrees says:

    Does it sound like Nancy Pelosi’s son should be on any board?


  14. icanhasbailout says:

    I should hope this Lawfare group rudely disturbed one day by Marines sent to haul them off to Gitmo.

    In other news, did anyone hear about Trump activating a Marine unit recently?

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  15. David says:

    AG Barr is directly over target as the conspirators enter end stage meltdown mode:

    Dustin Volz
    Sen. @MarkWarner told me he worries AG Barr’s unusual trips abroad “could put the Five Eyes relationship in jeopardy.”

    “If Australia starts to feel that their intelligence is being used … to smear an opponent of Mr. Trump, then that trust breaks down.”

    Ben Rhodes

    The Attorney General is personally leading a sham investigation to justify a bizarre conspiracy theory and doing so in a way that puts at risk the intel cooperation of allies.

    10:31 AM – 6 Oct 2019


  16. Donald Hilligoss says:

    A Coup d’etat?


  17. Magabear says:

    This article by SD explains exactly why the Senate can simply ignore what the dimms have done in the House. Either by changing Senate rules (if Pelosi can do it, why can’t McConnell?) or simply just saying no can do, the only place for Pelosi to turn to then is the courts, which is the last place she wants this to end up at.

    I was in a hotel lobby today and they had fake news CNN on. On and on the pathetic talking heads they had on were dutifully mouthing all the words and phrases they’ve been instructed to say, with all the conjured up agnst they can muster. When there’s no substance to the story, you have to resort to death by a thousand made up accusations.

    That there’s another alleged “whistleblower” ready to come forth should suprise no one, it’s part of the preplanned rollout. The lefts hope is that if they create enough layers of fake news it will overwhelm the public and create a Watergate like demand for PDJT to be removed from office (with the added benefit of never having the lefts real crimes brought to light).

    Stay strong, the hysteria being created by the left will only get more hysterical.

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  18. arze says:

    The Lending Agency

    No one says it better than Colonel W. Patrick Lang, a retired senior officer for U.S. Military Intelligence and U.S. Army Special Forces, the Green Berets:

    “The lawyer representing this person states that he has ‘multiple whistleblowers’ as clients. Ah! How clever! Are all these public spirited citizens career employees of the CIA?

    “Little birds still twittering in the trees in my back garden tell me they are. This sounds like a CIA conspiracy designed to force Trump from office.”

    “The WH and NSC staffs are peopled by some political appointees and a horde of career people detailed from various departments of the Executive Branch; CIA, Defense, State, Justice , Treasury, etc. The lending agency selects the people who are lent. The opportunity for someone like Brennan who still has a lot of faithful followers at CIA to plant a group of informants and operatives in Trump’s WH has been evident and remains so.”

    At some point, the Congressional Drones complicit in this CIA dirty work will either read Marbury v. Madison, 5 U.S. (1 Cranch) 137 (1803), or get slapped silly by the Supreme Court for their abuse of power and unconstitutional perfidy.

    A note on Tucker Carlson’s recent essay published at Daily Caller [that Byron York has been busy re-Tweeting] in which Carlson states:
    “Donald Trump should not have been on the phone with a foreign head of state encouraging another country to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden. Some Republicans are trying, but there’s no way to spin this as a good idea. Like a lot of things Trump does, it was pretty over-the-top. Our leaders’ official actions should not be about politics. Those two things need to remain separate. Once those in control of our government use it to advance their political goals, we become just another of the world’s many corrupt countries. America is better than that. That’s also why it’s good that there are finally investigations looking into the extent to which the Obama FBI may have used our government — and even foreign governments — to try to crush Trump in the last election.”

    Leaving aside what Trump actually said in the phone call with Ukraine president, Carlson, who usually pays close attention to and allegedly is against Lying, Pomposity, Smugness, and Group-Think, has stated over and over again since Biden announced his candidacy for president that Biden has zero chance.

    Carlson has even stated that Biden’s attempt is “not a real campaign” and is a “zombie effort.”

    The point is that Carlson, on this mess, is the sworn enemy of simple logic, or rather, logical laziness.

    If Biden, according to Carlson, is not running a “real campaign” which is at best is a “zombie effort,” then, via simple logic: how can Biden then also be Trump’s “political opponent”?

    Irrespective of whether Carlson’s essay that Byron York loves is accurate and factual, and the like, Carlson has criticized the president for, in Carlson’s words, “encouraging” an investigation of someone Carlson says is not running a “real campaign.”

    Carlson in August said:
    “As of today, the polls say Biden is the Democratic front-runner. They tell you he has a good chance of becoming president. But don’t believe them. Officially, Biden may still be in the lead, but let’s be honest, Biden’s campaign is not a real campaign. It is a zombie effort and lurches from one blunder to another. Some catastrophe will eventually put it out of its misery. Even Biden’s allies want him to stop speaking in public so often. Why? When people see Biden, they realize he’s not a distinguished elder statesman but a fading one.”

    A reporter’s “official actions” should be, or should not be, “about politics” Mr. Carlson? Is Biden a candidate or not, according to you? If he is fine. If Biden’s effort is “not a real campaign, it is a zombie effort” then make up your mind what it is, so that we are not “victims” of Lying, Pomposity, Smugness, and Group-Think.

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  19. LarryG says:

    Bogeyfree’s comment really lays things bare. All those things have gone on while we’ve all watched…and grown more and more frustrated and angry, and waited for the good guys to come forward and stand up for our President and our country. Where are those “good guys?!” If all this has gone on–and obviously it has–for longer than Bogeyfree’s list covers, and continues to go on without any legal response or anyone ending up in prison, our system is already broken…and waiting to “fix it” at the polls or for the “good guys” to step forward and correct things probably comes close to the insanity we’re seeing displayed on the left. We’ve been doing the same thing over and over (observing the lawlessness of the left and getting angry) expecting that “this time” our anger would somehow magically motivate our representatives to (for once) represent us and bring about some justice. I have always been fairly idealistic, but I’m more and more inclined to believe it ain’t gonna happen. It’s up to us.
    Nearly a third of the population of Hong Kong (while praising and appealing to the US) has taken to the streets to stand up for what they value; hundreds of thousands of French workers took to the streets to voice their objections to their government’s policies, even the crazy left in this country has managed to encourage a few thousand people at a time to hit the streets to shout and scream. I’m not typically a supporter of “marching”, but is it time for several million conservatives to don the yellow vests and white hard hats and hit the streets and halls of Washington? Surely out of 63 million, there are at least a million or two of us who can make the trip! This waiting for Horowitz,
    or Barr, or Durham, or Huber (what the hell ever happened with him?!), or the next election to take action is not going to get the job done…methinks. Thoughts?


  20. Dilemma says:

    On facebook, someone from the Left countered with this? Would you say this is not a “legitimate congressional function” or how do you reapond to this? I’m not a lawyer…

    Congressional rules empower all its standing committees with the authority to compel witnesses to produce testimony and documents for subjects under its jurisdiction. Committee rules may provide for the full committee to issue a subpoena, or permit subcommittees or the chairman (acting alone or with the ranking member) to issue subpoenas.
    As announced in Wilkinson v. United States,[7] a Congressional committee must meet three requirements for its subpoenas to be “legally sufficient.” First, the committee’s investigation of the broad subject area must be authorized by its chamber; second, the investigation must pursue “a valid legislative purpose” but does not need to involve legislation and does not need to specify the ultimate intent of Congress; and third, the specific inquiries must be pertinent to the subject matter area that has been authorized for investigation.
    The Court held in Eastland v. United States Servicemen’s Fund[8] that Congressional subpoenas are within the scope of the Speech and Debate clause which provides “an absolute bar to judicial interference” once it is determined that Members are acting within the “legitimate legislative sphere” with such compulsory process. Under that ruling, courts generally do not hear motions to quash Congressional subpoenas; even when executive branch officials refuse to comply, courts tend to rule that such matters are “political questions” unsuitable for judicial remedy. In fact, many legal rights usually associated with a judicial subpoena do not apply to a Congressional subpoena. For example, attorney-client privilege and information that is normally protected under the Trade Secrets Act do not need to be recognized.[9]”

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    • Somebody says:

      Your answer is within the text you copied.

      First the committee’s investigation of the broad subject area must be authorized by its chamber.

      That means a floor vote by the house in this case as the house is the chamber in question. It doesn’t say by decree of the SOH.

      Second the investigation must pursue a valid legislative purpose.

      What is the legislative purpose here? POTUS is in charge of foreign policy. Yes Congress controls the purse strings of foreign aid, hence the initial quid pro quo argument which the transcript disproved. Side note, the discussion about military equipment was in regard to a purchase by Ukraine NOT the aid package. It’s being purposely misrepresented, don’t fall for it.

      The third condition would only apply if the first was met. It means their subpoena power will be limited to what is enumerated in articles of impeachment that are passed by the house.

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