Righteously Angered – Mark Levin Discusses The Sneaky Construct of Pelosi’s Impeachment Plan…

Thankfully word is getting out; people are starting to recognize the construct behind House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s highly political impeachment plan.  [CTH will have more on the plan details soon because key democrats are leaving distinct fingerprints.]

In the first four minutes of this interview Mark Levin outlines how Speaker Pelosi is throwing out customs, traditions, processes and protocols within the House impeachment scheme. This is not a flaw of their plan, this is a key feature.  As CTH has outlined, a concerted group of like-minded ideologues – that also consists of Lawfare allies,  are following a plan developed soon after, if not before, the 2018 mid-term election.

Additionally, Mr. Levin accurately calls-out Fox reporter Ed Henry for promoting the false narrative, containing Democrat talking points, about the Trump-Ukraine phone call.  President Trump also tweeted this full broadcast from this morning. Quite a segment:


Levin notes that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell should refuse to accept the articles of impeachment when delivered by the House Impeachment Managers, unless a bipartisan process is followed.  However, Speaker Pelosi (via Lawfare) already has a plan for that angle…. more to follow.

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223 Responses to Righteously Angered – Mark Levin Discusses The Sneaky Construct of Pelosi’s Impeachment Plan…

  1. Marcia Ponto says:

    POLITICO today has already entertained Mitch M. NOT taking Impeachment…go to POLITICO NOW!!!


  2. Sparty says:

    All these borderline fantasy scenarios and predictions. What if this. What if that. Here is a couple thoughts that comes to mind:
    Trump. Always. Wins. Period.
    Trump is the master of leverage.
    Trump is always 1 to steps ahead.
    Trump loves people. So he understands people
    Dems Self Destruct.
    Trump will win in a crushing landslide.

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  3. US says:

    The Senate trial will be after the 2020 election and we will win.

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  4. j1u2l3i4a5 says:

    I love Mark Levin. If it were up to him, we’d have a fair outcome!

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  5. neev1031 says:

    Can PDJT sue to suspend the modified impeachment process as an attempt to disenfranchise US voters? I am not familiar with rule change procedures in the House but the end result is to shut out any minority participation or even a full vote. Any CTH reader with an understanding of issues involved?


    • shirley49 says:

      Perhaps the American citizens should sue for these idiots disenfranchising us.


      • SharonLeigh says:

        I had that exact idea.. and believe it is possible that ‘We The People’ who elected Trump can sue those carrying out this coup.. by involving Judicial Watch, use the documents obtained via FOIA’s as evidence.. sue all of the bad actors for their personal wealth.. hire someone and file in a conservative federal court. Congress passed a law that does not allow them to be sued (of course)!!.. but, I was thinking of Comey, Strok, McCabe, Rosenstein.. etc.


      • botchedcasuality says:

        How do you like your Representative government? Deja Vu: remember when they locked the doors to Republicans during the Health Care Villany?


    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      I think the 63+ million voters who the demonrats and their globalist allies are attempting to disenfranchised are the ones who need to act.


    • Two things can and should happen now:

      Trump v. US House of Representatives, directly challenging the Constitutionality of the present actions in the Supreme Court.

      Because, if you read the Impeachment Clause, you learn two things:
      • Congress can only remove from office – it cannot impose criminal charges.
      • The accused is in trouble with the law and will face (or is facing) criminal charges.

      But this accused was cleared of all criminal allegations by the actual Justice system. He faces no legal troubles at all. The Founders expressly omitted “maladministration” as reason for impeachment.

      Censure, Expulsion, Disbarrment for people who, in the furtherance of a seditious conspiracy against the Government that they are a part of(!), gave false witness about the President and, by extension, various foreign heads-of-state and diplomats with whom he engages in conversation. These are criminal offenses which should then be prosecuted aggressively.

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  6. omyword says:

    The rule changes are not constitutional. The minority must have representation, be allowed to vote, be informed of changes and to question witnesses.

    The trouble comes with the court system. You could sue, but with the court system, its a gamble. I know POTUS has appointed many judges. And before you could sue, house leaders will shop a judge to rule for them. Plus, the demoncrats wont listen to voters. Period. Not happening.
    Lets see though what Barr digs up with Misford. He is in Italy.


    • SMP Belltown says:

      If someone is playing for time, they might be counting on the legal details of this change taking months or years to resolve. In the meantime, maybe a temporary vocabulary will be in order? Something like replacing the phrase “Impeachment Inquiry” with the phrase “Impeachment Inquiry (2018 Democrat Rule Changes)”, so that every time the topic is discussed, there is a reminder that an attempt has been made to change the rules.


  7. LEVIN: He’s a gifted mind, but oh boy did he ruin himself being so very anti Trump post election. He, like many others (Limbaugh comes to mind) worship at the idol of “Conservatism” as if that’s the god that can fix all ills of society. Cruz was their messiah and nothing and no one could get them to see the light. Thank the One True God that the American voters saw more clearly than they and voted in a truly great American.
    I’m grateful that Levin is on Trump’s side now but he showed me his colors and I am not fooled.

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    • CountryClassVulgarian says:

      That is inaccurate. He was not “so very anti Trump post election”. He did not support candidate Trump during the primaries. He unfortunately trusted the “polls” that claimed candidate Trump could not win. He talked about it on his show often – I stopped listening to him in the run up to the election because he was buying the propaganda. He has been a staunch supporter and defender of this President ever since the election. Rush Limbaugh has been a staunch supporter and defender of President Trump. Yes, he “hid” behind his “I don’t endorse candidates during the primaries thing”. I may not have like it but he makes his own decisions.

      Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin are not our enemies. They are not trying to undo the 2016 election. They do not get on the air and call us racist, homophobes, fear mongerers, or uneducated white supremacists. They are not seeking our destruction. They don’t ask for us to be put out of our jobs or get beaten up because we wear a red MAGA hat. We keep taking pot shots and employing our circular firing squads at people who are on our side. On our President’s side. I have seen people right here on CTH who say they did not support candidate Trump when he first got in the race. They are certainly 1000% behind him now. We don’t throw them out for that. People make their own choices and hopefully they learn.

      Like them or not Levin, Limbaugh and Hannity have a combined audience of over 20 million. Constantly harping at them gets us no where. Yes, when they are wrong we call them out for it. But when they use their platform and microphones to defend our President why do we need to go back a throw past faults into their faces?

      This is the battle royale. The heart and soul of this nation are stake. The very gates of hell and the minions of satan are aligned against this country and yet many sit and aim their arsenal at our allies while the forces of evil are fully invested in disenfranchising us as they frame our President.

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      • CCV; You kind of swirl around from idea to idea, but I agree with your last paragraph 100%!!!!
        You are incorrect about your refutation of my observation in re: Levin. He was bitter and petty. He stunk up the place post election and bemoaned Trumps victory. He was not fooled by polls as you allege. He mocked the polls. Give the guy some credit here- he’s not dumb. Only dummies and the delusional believed the polls.
        Levin’s issue with Trump was that “He’s not a reeeeallll conservative” (moronic I know but that’s what they believed) and when Levin’s patsy Cruz flopped like the empty shirt he is Levin was really, really bitter. Embarrassingly so.
        Levin is also smart enough to see that being anti-Trump is bad for business. He’s not an apologist nor an evangelist – he’s a businessman after money. Alienating 7/8ths of his audience was killing him. It did-in Beck, Crystol, and Erickson too. Levin felt the chill of loosing audience and revenue and “saw the light”.
        These guys are not my heroes, nor are they my enemies. They do more good than harm and have finally gotten on the Trump train- but the fact remains that they showed snarky and at times vulgar contempt for the will of the winning voters, were loyal to their own ideology before us, and were embarrassingly short sighted in failing to accurately assess Trump. IMO they failed us and took a lot of air out of the tires early on putting a drag on PDJT when he needed a tailwind the most.
        Therefore, I encourage all lovers of America to beware the messenger- be wise and clever. Watch the acts more than listen to the words. Failing to use our heads gave us Bush 41, 43, the miserable McCain and Romeny candidates and the flaky, self serving corrupt congresscritters with R after their name we have suffered for so long.

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        • MGBSE says:

          Fair summary.

          My 2 cents…I do not expect perfection from my nearly perfect President Trump…nor do I expect perfection from Rush or Levin…both were/are entitled to their personal preference…Rush immediately supported Trump once he won the nomination…Levin was slower…but he has been 100% on the Trump Train shortly after the election… economic or opinion is irrelevant… he’s been defending Trump from the Russia lies to now…and his defense has not wavered!!!

          Regarding 41, 43, McCain & Romney…you are 100% right…BUT NOW WE KNOW!!! We did not understand what a FILTHY RINO TRAITOR was then…we do now…We The People will NEVER forgive them…or make those MISTAKES again!!!

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        • surakvulcan says:

          You conveniently forget that Trump used to be a Manhattan Democrat. There were plenty of conservatives who legitimately wondered if Trump the candidate was real. Levin supported Cruz in the primaries, but then Trump in the general. I have heard from many good people who did the same. They are now 100% on the Trump train because he delivered. I wish you would stop stinking up the MAGA movement with your bitter resentment. America needs all the help we can get.


      • jdintx says:

        Republicans are always ready to attack other republicans. Stop; I supported Cruz in the primary till he dropped out, then 1000% Trump. Anyone attacking Levin is not an ally.What is happening is no less than an attempt to destroy our nation, not simply remove Trump.


    • magic8192 says:

      Cruz was in the lead and was the conservative choice in the primary. The problem Cruz had was that he was wobbly on immigration and has a Goldman Sachs wife.

      Trump took some pretty low shots at Cruz in the primary. Trump is not a moral man and does not see himself as a moral man. It took me a while to come around, but I think Trump is the right man for this moment in history.

      Cruz would not have been able to handle the torrent of accusations and fraud launched by the Democrats. Trump absolutely amazes me with his ability to out maneuver and stomp the opposition(D&R)

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  8. Sheri Rodgers says:

    We need to see more of this from fellow conservatives. God bless Mark Levin for calling a spade a spade. I cant believe how low Fox News has gone.

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    • redthunder238 says:

      I can, and it’s only going to get worse. And to think about how many people on here bashed me for pointing out Faux several months ago. They’re CNN lite at this point.

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      • chipin8511 says:

        I rarely watch Fox anymore Been over a year now…georgewebb.com truthleaks americanmediaintelligence.com redpill78/com X22report.com


  9. Anne says:

    I want to know where all the gutless Republicans are. Why are they just sitting back…the left wing nuts are running amok, and very few in the media or the Republican party are holding them accountable for the lies, and corruption taking place. The media underestimates how smart the American people are, and we are fed up with the corruption on the left, and still 100% back President Trump. They have not done a single thing in the House , since and before President Trump was elected, besides try to impeach him.They are disgusting, and every single one of them , starting with Obama and Hillary need to be held accountable for their crimes.

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  10. Anne says:

    I strongly encourage everyone to listen to Mark Levin, if you want the truth. He is extremely knowledgeable and tells the truth without the spin.


  11. The Lawfare attorneys are not Members of Congress and could therefore be arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit sedition, immediately suspending their law licenses until the cases come to trial sometime around 2023. During which time they are held in solitary confinement as potential flight risks.

    The President can also invoke his war powers to address the nation, pre-empting all other broadcasts as he is entitled to do, to describe “an ongoing seditious conspiracy against the Government of our Nation.” He can openly name names. He can identify Members and ask the House and Senate to censure and then expel them. He is The President, and that Office has teeth. It’s time to bare them.

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  12. Most importantly: “what Joe Biden and his son did was criminal.” This has been going on for a long time in Ukraine – so much so that Ukraine entered into a mutual law-enforcement cooperation treaty with the US which is now in place. But as we now see, “where did the corruption that they are battling now … come from?” Obviously, a lot of it came from the United States, and from the very US officials who are screaming against Trump the very loudest now.

    If a person – who, by the way, isn’t “a political opponent” since the Democrats haven’t officially picked one – is a felon, then it’s not “political dirt” to speak with a foreign head-of-state with whom your nation has an in-effect law enforcement treaty about investigating those [alleged …] felony acts.


    • Mike Robinsn says:

      Nancy Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, the various Senators and Congressmen who have spoken, now plainly reveal themselves to be Organized Crime Bosses who intend to throw out of office the President in order to protect international crime that we are party to.

      It’s time for the President himself to exercise his lawful powers to make an address to the nation that every broadcast venue in the nation must – by law – carry in its entirety. Unleash the flaming “terrible, swift sword” that is the Office of the President and use it to demand Justice.


  13. bill says:

    Not only should these Democrats all be tried for treason but I’ll volunteer to hold the rope or load the guns for you. This will only end with a civil war and a blood bath.


  14. Trialdog says:

    After the house passes articles of impeachment – which they will, make no mistake – then we go to trial. Trial is where the defense gets to question and call witnesses. Republicans had best be preparing. They also need to create a scorched earth witness list of persons they will call adversely. This list must include Adam Schiff, Hunter Biden, the “whistleblower” and any person he conspired with, Nancy Pelosi’s staffers, ect. And no. No person is immune from being called as a witness Mr. Schiff. This is a trial. When you are a witness to the creation and fabrication of evidence, you are a witness.

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    • Kay says:

      You mean Adam Schiff who is involved with Igor Pasternak, the Ukranian Arms Dealer (to Syria) that raised $ for Schiff’s congressional campaign? Or that Nancy Pelosi was at the reception with her picture taken with the Ukranian Arms Dealer too?

      Its no wonder that President Trump, as the top legal officer for the Constitution, knowing that there are spies in the White House, that the conversation had to be moved to a secure server, that the favor to connect with Barr and look into Biden was because both sides of the congress and the senate were complicit in graft, and this is why the whiff of 30 republican senators might vote him out is because Trump is going after their gravy train – money for themselves and their family. How else do these people go in to a job that is for $210,000 but come out as millionaires?

      Story about Schiff and Pelosi being in bed with Pasternak here:


  15. aProvider says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these so-called media geniuses and loud-mouths just read this website? If they do they don’t seem to believe anything here. The Republicans are acting just like Petain in France—Vichy government.


  16. Kay says:

    That’s it. I absolutely will not watch FoxBusinessNews during Neil Cavuto’s 2 hour show. He’s actually pushing for impeachment. He had on Mark Cuban who said there’s a different ‘air’ about this now then there was 2 weeks ago. 2 WEEKS AGO? There was nothing going on 2 weeks ago except Mueller was a joke & gone. But Neil jumped on that comment and it was off to the races: So you think he’s (PDJT) is nervous? That’s he’s worried? That he knows he’s going to be impeached and it will go to the senate where 30 republicans have already said they would vote against him.

    LIES. All LIES. The best time Neil Cavuto’s show is when he’s not there & a substitute is in reporting the news. Neil is so anti-trump its almost like watching Shep.

    Read carefully: Ingraham, Hannity, Tucker Carlson on Fox News Reg Channel are ok to watch IMO. On Fox Business? Maria B, Varney, Charles Payne (as long as he doesn’t have Judge Napalitano who is an anti-trumper on his show), Elizabeth McDonnell, Melissa Francis, Bull and Bears, Lou Dobbs and Trish Regan. PLEASE don’t watch the Clayman Countdown or Neil Cavuto if you want real news instead of “push opinion”.

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