Further Evidence Intelligence Community Inspector General is Part of Lawfare Alliance…

Details are beginning to surface about the deep state Whistleblower complaint.  It is possible in the next few days the 6-page complaint, which utilized media reports to construct the supportive evidence for the phone call accusation against President Trump, will be made public.
That said, within a heavy propaganda report from the New York Times there are details about the Intelligence Community Inspector General that show the tell-tale fingerprints of the ICIG supportive intent (emphasis mine):

[…] Mr. Atkinson, a Trump appointee, nevertheless concluded that the allegations appeared to be credible and identified two layers of concern.

The first involved a possible violation of criminal law. Mr. Trump’s comments to Mr. Zelensky “could be viewed as soliciting a foreign campaign contribution in violation of the campaign-finance laws,Mr. Atkinson wrote, according to the Justice Department memo. (read more)

Does the “foreign campaign contribution” angle sound familiar?  It should, because that argument was used in the narrative around the Trump Tower meeting with the Russian Lobbyist Natalia Veselnitskaya.  More specifically, just like FARA violations the overused “campaign contribution” narrative belongs to a specific network of characters, Lawfare.
The center of the Lawfare Alliance influence was/is the Department of Justice National Security Division, DOJ-NSD.  It was the DOJ-NSD running the Main Justice side of the 2016 operations to support Operation Crossfire Hurricane and FBI agent Peter Strzok.  It was also the DOJ-NSD where the sketchy legal theories around FARA violations (Sec. 901) originated.

The Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) is Michael K Atkinson.  ICIG Atkinson is the official who accepted the ridiculous premise of a hearsay ‘whistle-blower‘ complaint; an intelligence whistleblower who was “blowing-the-whistle” based on second hand information of a phone call without any direct personal knowledge, ie ‘hearsay‘.
Michael K Atkinson was previously the Senior Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General of the National Security Division of the Department of Justice (DOJ-NSD) in 2016. That makes Atkinson senior legal counsel to John Carlin and Mary McCord who were the former heads of the DOJ-NSD in 2016 when the stop Trump operation was underway.
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[Irony Reminder: The DOJ-NSD was purposefully under no IG oversight. In 2015 the OIG requested oversight and it was Sally Yates who responded with a lengthy 58 page legal explanation saying, essentially, ‘nope – not allowed.’ (PDF HERE) All of the DOJ is subject to oversight, except the NSD.]
Put another way, Michael Atkinson was the lawyer for the same DOJ-NSD players who: (1) lied to the FISA court (Judge Rosemary Collyer) about the 80% non compliant NSA database abuse using FBI contractors; (2) filed the FISA application against Carter Page; and (3) used FARA violations as tools for political surveillance and political targeting.
Yes, that means Michael Atkinson was Senior Counsel for the DOJ-NSD, at the very epicenter of the political weaponization and FISA abuse.
Immediately after the Carter Page FISA warrant is approved, in the period where DOJ-NSD head John Carlin has given his notice of intent to leave but not yet left, inside those specific two weeks, the National Security Division of the DOJ tells the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) they have been breaking the law. The NSD specifically inform the court they are aware of contractors who have been using FISA 702(16)(17) database search queries to extract information on political candidates.
DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has looked into the FISA application used against U.S. Person Carter Page. Additionally, U.S. Attorney John Durham is said to be looking at the intelligence communities’ use of systems for spying and surveillance.
If the DOJ-NSD exploitation of the NSA database, and/or DOJ-NSD FISA abuse, and/or DOJ-NSD FARA corruption were ever to reach sunlight, current ICIG Atkinson -as the lawyer for the process- would be under a lot of scrutiny for his involvement.
Yes, that gives current ICIG Michael Atkinson a strong and corrupt motive to participate with the Schiff/Lawfare impeachment objective.
Atkinson’s conflict-of-self-interest, and/or possible blackmail upon him by deep state actors who most certainly know his compromise, likely influenced his approach to this whistleblower complaint.   That would explain why the Dept. of Justice Office of Legal Counsel so strongly rebuked Atkinson’s interpretation of his responsibility with the complaint.
In the Justice Department’s OLC opinion, they point out that Atkinson’s internal justification for accepting the whistleblower complaint was poor legal judgement.  [See Here]  I would say Atkinson’s decision is directly related to his own risk exposure:
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389 Responses to Further Evidence Intelligence Community Inspector General is Part of Lawfare Alliance…

  1. rf121 says:

    Swamp critters everywhere.

  2. MMinLamesa says:

    Turns out, nuke it from space appears to be about the only thing that’s really gonna work.

    • andy says:

      IM going to agree with this assessment. And I think America is not going to stomach another drawn out special council or impeachment. Nuke it from space.

      • Linda K. says:

        Barr won’t appoint a special council. He just got rid of the last one.

        • Tiffthis says:

          Linda, on One America news today they reported someone in congress (forget the name) asked Barr to recuse himself from any investigation into Trump/ Ukraine. Barr has not replied

          • Bill Durham says:

            This complaint seems so flimsy that it was a rush job put together very quickly. You do that when you are scared. Or it’s a canary trap. For Atkinson to put his name on this sketchy complaint smells of desperation or cleverness. Was Trump targeting someone. They got Wolfe. Did they have concerns about someone in the situation room? Atkinson has outted himself as a black hat if he is. He will be removed.

            • Tl Howard says:

              I keep thinking about Rudy’s words, “There’s going to be blood.”

              • billybob says:

                I also remember the words of that big German nutter, Kim.Com , back in January when he said the criminals who run the deep state will be exposed in 2019 . So far his prediction is bearing fruit . Seth Rich the last card in the deck ?

            • Austin Holdout says:

              What would cause such a hurry? How about if you were Sue Gordon, you found out you were not getting promoted to DDNI Aug. 9, resigned Aug. 9, effective Aug. 15 and didn’t believe you could be a whistleblower after your last day? The complaint was filed Aug 12. If it was Gordon, she was indeed in a hurry.
              Sounds like she was also quite busy that week lobbying members of the SSCI to try to force PDJT to promote her. Den Burr said there would be “holy hell” in the senate if Trump didn’t promote Gordon. I think I’d call what’s going on in the Senate this week holy hell. It’s almost like Burr can see into the future.

          • swimeasy says:

            Actually, a reply ws issued by DOJ concerning Barr including statements that Baar was not asked by POTUS to contact Ukraine. POTUS never asked him. So that removes the current reason for requests for Barr’s recusal.

          • Hannity/Ingraham played a montage of MSM hacks calling for Barr to recuse himself.

        • tucker7518 says:

          Barr won’t recuse either.

          • Linda K. says:

            Damn right he won’t recuse. Sheila Jackson Lee tried to get Barr to say he would recuse before he was appointed. He said “no.”. Congress will say almost any shameful and idiotic thing.
            How can they be so low?

          • dallasdan says:

            Barr will be of no use to the Deep State if he recuses. Won’t happen.

        • Bill Durham says:

          The story is a big yawn to the sheeple. It’s not getting traction out here in the real world. CNN is now running stories about the right wing media backing Trump. They do that when they are frustrated. It looks like the Dems panicked that Barr is snooping around Ukraine. Atkinson panicked and they are rushing another hairbrained Lawfare scheme. Those dummies are 0-22 with Trump. They are going to try to block Durham and Barr with this impeachment nonsense.

          • zorrorides says:

            Thanks Bill D. Here’s a baseball reference for you-
            Starting pitcher Donald Trump ruled the hill today in an away victory at United Nations. The Uniparty Ghosts eked out three hits and Trump gave no bases on balls. Uniparty celebrated an early run scored on an error by Trump’s ICIG fielder. Their lead evaporated in the middle innings. The official scorers question if the error should be investigated as an attempt to “throw” the game, i.e, lose to the other team on purpose.
            Nick-named “America’s Hope” and “Daredevil Don”, and known as the best-hitting pitcher since Babe Ruth, Trump hit a home run for the win at UN Auditorium. Today’s complete game decision lifts Trump’s record to 23-0.

            • A2 says:

              Bull Durham has a reputation here, before he was shut down. He was a repeated Putin arsekisser and bragged about his Ukraine super secret informants that only supported and condoned the Russia take over in Crimea and the deadly attacks on Ukraine provinces, that are continuing.
              He also supported China over the Tiananmen massacre, and said explicitly that the President should listen to Putin.
              How the worm has turned.
              Look it up in the CTH archives from a couple of years ago.

              • zorrorides says:

                A2 !! TY. I appreciate you taking the time to bring me up to speed. I remember vague distasteful feelings associated with his postings. Whenever I see ‘Bill Durham’ I think ‘Bull Durham’ and baseball.
                I desire all worms and snakes turn away from the dark side. Hope we got a precedent here.

    • technerd says:

      That would Coporal HIcks solution:

    • I believe you are ? percent correct! It’s like turning over rocks… there are thousands of the nasty bastards everywhere.

    • Perot Conservative says:

      I’ll try to give a practical, though highly unlikely, alternate.
      Move 20 complete departments out of DC, to various states.
      Fire and punish EVERY FBI Leaker / Bribe taker. (50-100+)
      Gut large sections of Washington FBI HQ and Field Office.
      Seat Grand Juries for all of them – McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Yates, everybody.
      Publish Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 emails.
      Examine Huma’s laptop.
      Have a new Department Policy whereby EVERY OIG referral is prosecuted.
      Partial list, but a start.

    • mr.piddles says:

      You’re in luck. I have the codes. I’ve said too much already.

    • Dutchman says:

      Nah, rods from God. Much neater, and no fall out, or radioactive fall out to have to contend with.

      • ?Gunny66 says:

        And…….have every House Rep stay and work in their own District.
        Virtual meetings and vote from home………Think of the possibilities…..

  3. bertdilbert says:

    Nobody can put the pieces of the puzzle together better than Sundance. Reminds me of a guy called Daniel…

  4. georgie says:

    Will we ever know the identity of the whistleblower?

  5. Matthew LeBlanc says:

    Like a dagger in the heart reading “Mr. Atkinson, a Trump appointee”.

    • Matthew, imagine how OUR President feels.
      A shiv in the side.
      Could this be who wrote that letter last year about working on the inside against President Trump? I think the NYTimes published it. My memory is foggy on the details, so much to keep up with.

      • Peppurr says:

        Agree, regarding the President’s feelings. It’s awful and definitely a message here to any future non politician person, to not run for President.

    • Garrison Hall says:

      The President was not well served by his transition team because the general house-cleaning that needed to be done didn’t happen and far too many Never Trumper hold-overs kept their jobs. Even now, after all we know, I suspect that nothing much is going to happen to the cabal that has betrayed our nation. They are obviously intending to be around long after Trump is gone. After all, this is their country.

      • ezpz2 says:

        If memory serves, Chris Christie of Bridgegate fame headed up the transition.

        • tommylotto says:

          Christie was forced out by Jared before any of those positions were filled. I don’t think the blame is on him. Trump tried to embrace the establishment right after being elected, because he needed qualified candidates for too many essential positions and only GOP establishment had that kind of bench. However, he was embracing the scorpion. He would have been better off with earnest novices or infilled positions to be honest.

          • ezpz2 says:

            Thank you, tommylotto.
            That’s right… Christie successfully prosecuted Jared’s father. Bad blood better Jared and Christie.

        • Rodmann says:

          He was for a very short period, replaced quickly by VP Pence.
          Christie got revenge (very vengeful guy) by convincing PDJT to appoint Chris Wray to be the next gate keeper for the FBI….

      • Garrison, as much as I love your posts AND not wanting to disagree with a fellow treeper, I pray you are wrong.
        God is for us or against us. I pray he is for us.

      • Dutchman says:

        THATS the thing. Why not just ‘wait him out’? Like Reagan 2.0.
        WHY this all out, unremitting assault, and exposure? As you say, they have been around since long before DJT, and if they thought they would be around long after, it doesn’t make sense.
        But, THEY know their strengths and vulnerabilities. THEY apperently calculate that they can NOT survive a second term.
        I think it MUST be the Worldwide trade reset PDJT is in the process of doing.
        It is destroying the foundation for Globalism, and once in place, they will not be able to reestablish.
        After all, what else has PDJT done, that can’t be undone by his successor?
        Funding the military? In 8 years, Obama was able to do grave damage to the military.
        Immigration? Even the wall could be allowed to deteriorate without funding, and Mexico,could go back to facilitating illegal transiting.
        If he brings down China and EU, and ends the exfiltration, destroying the multinational corporations end run around anti-trust, THAT,would be impossible to reestablish.
        He said recently, his job would be a lot easier, if he hadn’t taken on China.
        I think maybe THIS, as much as anything, is what has them panicked.

        • zorrorides says:

          Aww Dutchman, what a beautiful thought. This whistleblower/ impeach is the Uniparty’s first big error on offense. Not only is it beaten back, as usual, but suddenly for the first time the entire country notes the failure and immediately understands the Bidens sold the vice-presidency for billions. Corruption undisguised today as plain as daylight.
          What caused this uncharacteristic unforced mistake by the Dhimms? Abject panic. They can see better than we can, that Donald Trump will beat the Cabal and punish them individually and collectively, if he wins a second term.

          • Dutchman says:

            Well, I DON’T think its the FIRST unforced error, just the latest.
            I would say their first was suiting up, to contest DJT.
            Remember his sister, I think it was, saying his siblings learned, when he was still quite young, NOT to get into a game or contest with Donald; he AIWAYS WINS.
            They believed their own propoganda, never read his books, never have a plan B, don’t understand about no battle plan surviving first contact.
            They operate by committee, which means they reach a concensus, on a PLAN, and then stick to it, even when its obviously failing.
            He is ONE, and so can nimbly change and adapt.
            He has unbelievable patience.
            Yeah, their FIRST mistake was taking him on.
            But, thay said this is a BIG one. They stepped right IN it, and now that its on their shoe, and stinking, they are NOT going to be able to get it off.

        • gawntrail says:

          Because there are tons of people in key positions that are approaching expiration dates. Vanity and expediency are overlapping.

        • Zippy says:

          “But, THEY know their strengths and vulnerabilities. THEY apperently calculate that they can NOT survive a second term.”
          Sorry, BS hopium.
          As I’ve pointed out here multiple times, I think a good estimate of the size and scope of the swamp/deep state is the percent of pols, bureaucrats, intel agency personnel, and lobbyists at ALL levels of government who would NOT be willing to give up their jobs or influence even if it was for the good of the nation and would fight any such effort tooth and nail. That would be, what, probably 90% of government at ALL levels?
          PDJT is THE FIRST president to -ACTUALLY- fight them -AND- their globalist agenda. All of the rest were just bought and paid for liars. He must therefore be destroyed as far as they are concerned.
          The VAST majority of our idiocracy is either bored to death of this intentionally slow-walked “investigation” of the worst scandal in US history, were never paying enough attention in the first place to realize the seriousness of what’s going on or are listening to the media mouthpieces of the swamp/deep state and, therefore, won’t demand that proper corrective measures be taken which IS what it is going to take to get that done. The corrupt to the core system WILL NOT self-correct. PERIOD.
          BTW, are people here -FINALLY- getting the TRUTH of the following study and see that when your vote accidentally in a FLUKE event elects an outsider who only won because he HIJACKED a major party in the two-party UniParty globalist power sharing arrangement every effort will be made to destroy him by the ACTUAL powers who control things?
          Testing Theories of American Politics: Elites, Interest Groups, and Average Citizens
          Princeton University, 2014
          A great deal of empirical research speaks to the policy influence of one or another set of actors, but until recently it has not been possible to test these contrasting theoretical predictions against each other within a single statistical model. We report on an effort to do so, using a unique data set that includes measures of the key variables for 1,779 policy issues.
          Multivariate analysis indicates that economic elites and organized groups representing business interests have substantial independent impacts on U.S. government policy, while average citizens and mass-based interest groups have little or no independent influence. The results provide substantial support for theories of Economic-Elite Domination and for theories of Biased Pluralism, but not for theories of Majoritarian Electoral Democracy or Majoritarian Pluralism.
          In the United States, our findings indicate, the majority does not rule—at least not in the causal sense of actually determining policy outcomes. When a majority of citizens disagrees with economic elites or with organized interests, they generally lose. Moreover, because of the strong status quo bias built into the U.S. political system, even when fairly large majorities of Americans favor policy change, they generally do not get it.
          …the preferences of economic elites (as measured by our proxy, the preferences of “affluent” citizens) have far more independent impact upon policy change than the preferences of average citizens do. To be sure, this does not mean that ordinary citizens always lose out; they fairly often get the policies they favor, but only because those policies happen also to be preferred by the economically-elite citizens who wield the actual influence.

          • Zippy says:

            More proof of the above, this time in the UK:
            The Brexit Battle Shows Democracy Is Only Allowed When The Regime Likes The Outcome
            24 Sep 2019

            • zorrorides says:

              Zippy, is your point that Donald Trump is a wonderful phenomena surging forth from the American people, but because the system is so well set up by every power structure, the only outcome in the future is full defeat for VSG Trump, we the patriots, and the great unwashed.
              Well that is not good. I prefer hope for a better life. This is our first chance for it in a hundred years.

          • Dutchman says:

            I object to “bs hopium”. As for the study, rather than “lies, damn lies and,statistics”, I would go the other way, and say “WOW! They actually needed to do a study to confirm that? Whats next? A study to confirm Hillary is a sociopath, lol.
            Your post focuses on an important point, that I think many miss. When people say, dismissively “Oh, its just POLITICS”,…POLitics is how we, collectively detirmine POLicy, and the policy effects us ALL.
            The elites have gamed the system. They use a collection of wedge issues (which trigger strong emotiinal responces) to divide us, and make us THINK we are having some input into policy decisions, OR make us ‘give up’ and accept we have no input (the 50% who don’t bother voting).
            Anyway, we can agree to disagree, Zippy. I am familiar with your positions, from previous posts. This isn’t the first time you have posted this study link.
            I THINK where we disagree; I think the sheeple ARE looking up from their grazing. You think they aren’t, or that it doesn’t matter whether they do or not.
            Only time will tell which of us is right. And, as PDJT alluded to in his recent UN speech, even if those who seek to control the rest of us are routed and defeated today, a new crop will be back, tomorrow.
            Apperently this desire of elitist rule is an eternal strain of DNA, that,we can’t purge from humanity.

      • WSB says:

        Garrison, the entire transition team was infiltrated. If I recall VonGrack had something to do with it, so there was a lot of sedition.

      • The Third Man says:

        Tick Tock “… until the last syllables of recorded time…signifying nothing.” Nuke !!!

    • trialbytruth says:

      He is.a.Trump appointee like the teller at the bank is your personal banker. 1000s of positions to fill.
      The process goes like this. “Has he had any disciplinary actions? Does he show up every day? NEXT”

    • Kintbury says:

      I think sometimes he appoints them on purpose so he can expose them. I could be crazy.

  6. Sammy Hains says:

    Could it be that the so-called whistleblower was a suspected leaker and was setup?
    As it turns out, this person did not have any firsthand knowledge of the call. They were merely told about it by…. White House staffers.
    What this person was told happened—and what was actually in the transcript—are quite different. And it was THE WHITE HOUSE that controlled the flow of information every step of the way.
    This really starts sounding like it was an operation to out a suspected leaker by giving them bad information then watching to see where it turns up.
    Ensnaring Biden, the Deep State, the news media, and the Democrat Party was likely an unexpected bonus.

    • Linda K. says:

      No, the whistleblower is in it for the money. They want a set up, like Blasey-Ford received , almost one million dollars. IT is like Grocery Gallup Sweepstakes, where you grab everything off the shelves you can in your five minute time frame.

      • Sammy Hains says:

        It doesn’t matter why the “whistleblower” (leaker) did it. They got setup and busted, and now they’re desperately trying in vain to stay anonymous, though President Trump’s team surely knows who it is.

    • Yep, it could be.
      Apparently far too many here have written President Trump off… according to their gloom and doom posts.
      Meanwhile, I keep hearing “beep beep”. 😉
      Call me a pollyanna if you will, makes no difference to me! President Trump is racking up the freaken WINS.

      • zorrorides says:

        Hey Trump Rally Team!
        Show some Roadrunner cartoons along with the Stones’ music inside the arenas while the crowd waits for the Boss.

      • GB Bari says:

        Don’t pay too much mind to the doom and gloom crowd here as there are an increased amount of drive-by commenters since the Nov 2018 mid term losses. Yes some of the Debbie Downers are regular Treepers too, but I’ve noticed a certain somewhat steady percentage of those ever since I started visiting regularly in late 2017.
        It seems that every time some leaking event occurs or a staffer is forced out because of policy disagreements or other disloyalties, the large majority of these Eeyores immediately resurrects the same criticisms of the President in not wiping clean the entire roster of experienced DC professionals from the Executive Branch in January 2017 and repopulating it with people from Bumpkin, Kansas who are totally unfamiliar with the federal government in DC (I exaggerate somewhat here for emphasis).
        But you point out the obvious which so many seem to easily forget or choose to ignore. The President has been and continues to be hugely successful in spite of the breadth and depth of entrenched Swamp forces arrayed against him.

    • Interesting you would point that out Sammy Hains.
      That is exactly what my husband said when I first told him all about this on Monday.
      He listened intently to everything without interrupting me and then when I was done said that is sounded like Pres Trump was trying to out somebody or a lot of some bodies, that it was a setup.
      That Pres Trump had all the information and proof already but he wanted some one to be publicly outed for a reason.

      • Dutchman says:

        Or, he wanted the INFORMATION out, but with ‘clean hands’; He didn’t bring up Bidens corrupt stuff, or Durbins etc.
        Its ONLY in responce to the ‘whistleblower’ (leaker), that PDJT was ‘forced’ to respond. And the timing WAS auspiscious, what with the,Ukranian President there at the,U.N.
        AND, he KNEW they were not going to give him fair coverage of his,work at the UN, anyway.
        Probably would have been going on and on, about how he snubbed the little girl climate change monkey.
        Remember when there were 3 leak traps sprung, just before his first post election rally?
        Shades of tax return, lol. So, he sure COULD have set it up, but I doubt it was to get this leaker, IF he set it up, he was hunting bigger game.

        • That was my husbands idea also.
          Pres Trump was really after bigger game.
          He was just going to squeeze this pitiful little whistleblower and get the bigger game to pop out.
          And I am guessing that the real game Pres Trump is aiming for is just staring to run around and hire a lawyer and point fingers at every one else.
          The timing is interesting and it sure did knock that climate change teen kid and her lawsuit right off the news.
          No one and I mean no one is talking about climate change at all.
          A lot of people are really not talking about impeachment the way the Dems want it to be talked about.
          A lot of the news and impeachment discussion is about how crazy the Democrats are and what in the world were they thinking.
          This was not the way they planned at all.
          We were all suppose to be in a frenzy over climate and Pres Trump was suppose to be halfway out the door by now.

        • WSB says:

          Thie is why Crowdstrike was part of the conversation. Perfect. There must be some heads exploding tonight.

          • Dutchman says:

            Yes, and PDJT made it a point, to insert it into the,conversation, Zelenski brought it up.
            And yet once again, Pelosi and the Dems are in the same position, AGAIN.
            “HAH! NOW we have Trump,…RIGHT where he wants us!,..wha,..hey! DAM, HOW does he DO that?! Drat you, Trump!”
            Its similar to that,wily coyote look, just before he,starts to fall,…

            • WSB says:

              Everything is ACME again!!!!

            • ?Gunny66 says:

              Yes Dutch,
              Long term with the trade deals in place the Globalists plans for domination will fall apart…..especially with China out of the picture.
              But the Ukraine was the worlds “corruption playground.” Money laundering, proxy war, source of the Russia hoax……
              The panic arises because many more than Biden were getting rich and are involved. Both sides of the aisle….Especially Congressional Leadership
              Once again, as Mark Levin stated, this may be, and probably is, going to turn out to be the greatest crime / crimes ever in American history.
              This is far from over

              • Dutchman says:

                Agree, this leads right into the heart of the deepest, dankest part of the swamp, Ukraine and China, which PDJT keeps pointing out; Biden kids sweetheart deal in China.
                Which leads to MITCH. And ain’t that a biotch.
                Notice also how the ‘Liberal’ press has made NOTHING of Mitchs corruption with CHINA.
                One would THINK, looking at it thru Dem vs Rep, and media being Dem, that taking down a Rep Senate Maj leader would be a prime target.
                And yet, other than Peter Schweitzer, NO ONE in the msm is going anywhere NEAR,the,story.
                Yet another ‘proof’ for those struggling to swallow the red pill of Uniparty!

                • gawntrail says:

                  That was the hardest portion for me to swallow. Bitter as hell. But, the truth became crystal clear once that is behind you.

                  • Dutchman says:

                    Hard to accept that everythink you think you know, is wrong.
                    Even its biggest fans accept that WWF wrestling is ‘fake’, and ‘staged’.
                    But to be a big NFL fan, and then discover that its run the,same,way, would be quite a shock.
                    The Black socks, and “say it ain’t so, Joe!” comes to mind.

        • Exactly Dutch! I believe PDJT was way ahead on this. Look back at all the “hints and warnings” PDJT was giving during pressers and rallies. PDJT knows what is going on, knows there are “spies” in the camp (maybe not exactly who) and sets the deep state up.
          This is why no matter what the Deep State does, it always Trump boomerangs back on itself.

          • Dutchman says:

            Take a look at Rudy, his personal lawyers, recent comment on this.
            “I Have KNOWN about this for 5 months! I have been trying to TELL you (MSM) about this; Biden, Hillary, Ukraine,…but you wouldn’t listen or print it.” (I am paraphrasing).
            Now, don’t you think Rudy would discuss this with his client, both the info, and his frustration that its not ‘getting traction’ in the news?
            He KNOWS they won’t want to cover all his positive achievements at the U.N., and so will be eager for something THEY percieve as negative, to drown out coverage.
            So, why not GIVE it to them?

    • Allard Otten says:

      A characteristic for a canary trap would be an unusual and unique aspect added to the true transcript. The unusual addition is different for each mark it is fed to. Whichever version of the addition shows up in the complaint points out who the leaker was.
      We’ll have to wait to see the complaint to know if there is a claim made in it that seems to come out of left field when compared with the official transcript.

      • The Central Scrutinizer says:

        Supposedly, the canary trap was the 8 references of Biden the whistleblower is reported to have mentioned. When in fact there were approx. 8 references to Giuliani in the phone call/transcript.

    • Dekester says:

      Cheers Sammy H,
      We were watching Rudy G. On on Laura Ingrahams show the other night, he utterly destroyed the Dem puppet that was on.
      I have never seen a lawyer “ go at it” so aggressively on a T.V. show.
      Rudy G. Has some really damaging information in his pocket, and watching these T.V. Puppets dance around the facts, like Crowdstrike, Biden and his Dem Senators criminality is an education in obfuscation.
      God bless PDJT.

      • amjean says:

        I suspect Rudy, like most of us, have had it “up to here” with these evil democrap
        shenanigans. He is acting just like we are when we watch TV, screaming at these
        morons. I find it refreshing and very funny.

  7. Sometimes it feels like we don’t stand a chance …..
    But God”s got this. He will see to it that President Trump prevails!!

    • donna kovacevic says:

      Indeed. Glory to God always. Thank you Jesus. Hvala Isuse Hriste. Amin.

    • GB Bari says:

      The only reason “it feels like we don’t stand a chance” is because the MSM adheres to a strategy of publishing stories that reinforce the DemonRATs & Globalist narratives.
      Lucy is the Media and we are Charlie Brown.
      We turn to the Media every day hoping upon hope that they will realize the error of their ways and actually publish the truth. So we turn to them hoping that today they’ll hold the ball steady.
      But, nope. Lucy will never change.
      Nor will the hopelessly Leftwing brainwashed Media.
      I recommend everyone learn where the reliably accurate news is found and make those sources your daily reading list.
      It’s ok to visit the MSM if you’re curious what spin and falsehoods they’re blathering each day, but please stop letting their lies affect your feelings and outlook.
      They lie. They want to discourage and dispirit you.
      Please don’t bring that here.
      Treepers know better.

      • nats1mom says:

        Well stated, GB, VERY well stated!!

      • GB Bari, while I agree with most of your statements…
        I do not have tv and mostly only see what is posted here and at President Trump’s rallies. I don’t watch fox, or tucker or ANY of the “preferred” fox programs. So …
        While I usually always appreciate your post
        “Please don’t bring that here.”
        was uncalled for. I was only replying to the “tone” of Sundances article. So maybe your calling out of me was misplaced. And maybe you didn’t read my last statement.
        I am one of the Most upbeat posters and cheerleader there is. So please have a go at someone else. That statement was of no value.

  8. Perot Conservative says:

    FUBAR x 10.
    I believe it is Paul Sperry who said only 2 individuals on our side listen to foreign calls; 2 CIA agents.

  9. littleanniefannie says:

    Absolutely! Sundance is the best at putting the pieces together!
    Why can’t we get rid of these career swampies? It seems as though everyone in the Intel Community that President Trump is “allowed” to promote to a sensitive position is thoroughly entrenched in the web of corruption. This gives new meaning to
    Oh what a tangled web we weave!!

    • Dutchman says:

      Below a certain level, they are career buerocrats, and trying to fire them is nearly impossible.
      Above that, they are,”Senate confirm” positions, and its not JUST Cabinet level, but sub and even sub sub cabinet level.
      And for that, Mitch McConnell.

  10. OMG!!! The corrupt bastards are everywhere in government! I even heard the call from some idiot on one of the fake news channels for another special counsel!
    This is outrageous!

    • Tl Howard says:

      The only way to stop this is somehow to go after one of the media moguls, somehow make them pay. W/out the owners of the 3 networks and the cable channels telling editors how to “report” this POTUS, the Dems can always give the media nothing but lies.

      • Dutchman says:

        My strong suspicion is IF we could review the illegal spying from 2012 onward, we would find 702 about queries on ALL the media moguls.
        There is,simply too much coordination, too much blind recitation of the daily message.
        Was Rupert Murdock fond of young girls? Epstien or Deripaski snag him? Does he have something shady in his past? How about the heads of the other networks?
        After all, going after individual media,stars is too much like work; go after the top honchos, and you have the whole enchilada.
        There is no competition, fox is faux, and even with their ratings tanking, CNN, MSNBC continue to self destruct.
        Maybe its not ideology, maybe its fear of exposure?
        Could be crooked business deal, isn’t somebodies wife in SEC investigations?

        • ?Gunny66 says:

          Judge Nap is the perfect example. One day complete Trump supporter.
          Takes a two week vacation….comes back…….completely turned.
          They got something on him……..as they do with many
          I worked in DC for a while…..could tell you stories……it is a pit of perversion

          • Dutchman says:

            Yes. Its JUST like the old Mafia. You were a ‘made man’ when you ‘made your bones’, i.e. committed a murder, because then you couldn’t rat out the others, cause they had that over your head.
            The entrance fee to “the club” is being corrupt. Little girls, little boys, hookers, drugs, crooked business deals, ,….
            “Charlie Wilsons War” (movie with Tom Hanks) is surprisingly candid about showing, just in passing, how it works.
            And, is a great addition, to add context, to Sundances in depth article on Benghazi.
            STRONGLY reccomend.

          • Tom says:

            Speaking of judge nap,Tuesday nite Joe degenavoa called him a fool on tuckers show.last nite weekday he was on again and they both kinda called out the judge and Shepard smith.

          • Nappy was sucking up to PDJT for a SC appointment. Even outed the brits for spying and got his 2 week vacation (suspension) out of it. Came back turned. Probably do have something on him and the Brit thing was the last straw.
            Agree totally on the “compromising/blackmailing” of influential and powerful people.

          • BTW, Kaputo was the same way. Not really a PDJT supporter but he was not against PDJT. He went out for health reasons for a few weeks and now he is a total anti-PDJT globalist.

        • Peppurr says:

          I found this article interesting (to say the least), https://www.activistfacts.com/organizations/media-matters-for-america/

          • Dutchman says:

            I’ll check out the link. I know media matters coordinates the message, but what insures that they will all follow the script?
            You can actually flip thru the channels, and here the same EXACT, WORD FOR WORD message.
            I figure that kind of adherence to the message doesn’t come from ideology.
            And, rather than dig up dirt on the talking heads, or even their producers/ directors, go to the heads of the Companies, the CEO’s.
            Once you have them blacmailed, you have control of the propoganda.

    • donna kovacevic says:

      I wish Fox would not put snippets of video from MSM. Pooper from CNN said the same or similar with such a serious face he presented. Can’t stand him along with so many others. To think that when he first came on CNN and I was ignorant to facts did not know about Sundance and was not into the political sphere, I thought he was a good honest guy. Wow looks and the way they present themselves are so deceiving. Also it was the beginning and then they were all given scripts and money from their masters. Lord help us weed out these people. Thank you Jesus. God Bless PDJT.

  11. Troublemaker10 says:

    Oh what a tangled web…..
    The deep state is so corrupt and so deep that I’m not sure the sun produces enough sunlight to shine on it all.

  12. A2 says:

    I’m having a laugh.????
    “DOH! Did You Know There’s a Treaty Between the USA & Ukraine Regarding Cooperation For Prosecuting Crimes?
    Posted on September 25, 2019 by DCWhispers
    My goodness. It was passed when Joe Biden was a member of the U.S. Senate and then signed by then-President Bill Clinton.
    A comprehensive treaty agreement that allows cooperation between both the United States and Ukraine in the investigation and prosecution of crimes.
    It appears President Trump was following the law to the letter when it comes to unearthing the long-standing corruption that has swirled in Ukraine and allegedly involves powerful Democrats like Joe Biden and others.”
    Here is a link to the treaty

    • Dixie says:

      Thank you for posting that in several different threads. It needed to be seen and there are so many comments, one comment as important as yours is like finding a needle in a haystack.
      Again, thanks for making sure everybody has a chance to see it.

      • A2 says:

        I know I was being a reposting annoying git, but this is seminal and very ironic in provenance. I wanted everyone to ‘get it’. The President is on solid ground, paved by those who now think they can bamboozle the Administration. Some of us have memories. I think it was released for exactly that purpose— to let loose on social media before the big boom.
        I’m loving it. Having a new cocktail, ‘Irony with a twist of schadenfreude‘.

    • tucker7518 says:

      There is no crime for President Trump speaking about crowdstrike and the Biden crimes with Zelensky. They can both offer mutual assistance in criminal matters. President Trump must know a lot more about the Bidens than he is letting on.
      Nice of Bill Clinton to sign this treaty into law.

    • Bwahahahahahaha!
      Ya gotta love it… I wish the hand-wringers would read the treaty.

  13. albertus magnus says:

    Just ticks me off that OUR guys and OUR Administration behave as eunuchs and dont take care of this.
    Trust the plan, my foot.
    Our people were not to blame in 2017 when they were new and took office. In September of 2019, they bear a good bit of the blame for this situation.

  14. A2 says:

    I’m having a laugh.????
    “DOH! Did You Know There’s a Treaty Between the USA & Ukraine Regarding Cooperation For Prosecuting Crimes?
    Posted on September 25, 2019 by DCWhispers
    My goodness. It was passed when Joe Biden was a member of the U.S. Senate and then signed by then-President Bill Clinton.
    A comprehensive treaty agreement that allows cooperation between both the United States and Ukraine in the investigation and prosecution of crimes.
    It appears President Trump was following the law to the letter when it comes to unearthing the long-standing corruption that has swirled in Ukraine and allegedly involves powerful Democrats like Joe Biden and others.”
    Here is a link to the treaty

  15. California Joe says:

    As I mentioned yesterday, why isn’t IG Michael Atkinson outraged about Vice President Biden’s extortion and shaking down Ukraine by threatening to withhold $1 billion in US aid? Why isn’t Atkinson outraged about the sworn affidavits lying to the FISA Court repeatedly or the illegal unmaskings of political candidates or the FBI, DOJ and CIA trying to frame the President Trump and his family for crimes that they not only didn’t commit but a crime that never even happened?

  16. joeknuckles says:

    Didn’t this guy take an oath of office?

    • JoeMeek says:

      Of course he did. And here it is.
      I swear by Allah, peace be upon him, this sacred oath that I shall at all times render unconditional obedience and servitude to Barack Hussein Obama, the Supreme Ruler of the ACORN Reich, Divine Ruler of all that he surveys and that I shall at all times be ready, as a subservient soldier, or other government employee, FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, ATF, IRS, DHS, TSA, National Park Service or otherwise, to sell my honor and my soul to keep him, and his allies, from even any possible embarrassment or other inconvenience” (Rahm Emanuel Form 666, 21 January, 2009)

  17. APG says:

    I’d like to know who the administration official is that provided the details of the call to the whistleblower … he/she needs to be gone yesterday!

    • Linda K. says:

      Paul Sperry says only two possible CIA agents.

    • mr.piddles says:

      Maybe that FBI Spy Guy is still poking around The Oval. Or maybe Rod dropped his cell phone in the Presidential Wastebasket sitting next to The Resolute. Or James B. Comey is hiding behind the Giant Blue Curtains. Just spitballin’ here.

  18. This may be a dumb question.
    Since President Trump appointed Atkinson, when this situation shakes out as a lie, can President Trump fire him?

    • No such thing as a dumb question unless you are a democrat.

    • Yep. And thank you for not being a democrat. 😀

    • FPCHmom says:

      Probably an impeachable offense.
      Of course, no-one did anything when Obama fired Gerald Walpin in the middle of his investigation into Obama’s friend and corrupt mayor of Sacramento Kevin Johnson.
      From an article when Walpin died in 2016-
      Johnson founded a school called St. Hope, which received about $850,000 in AmeriCorps grants.Walpin discovered that Johnson and St. Hope had failed to use the federal dollars they received for the purposes specified in the grant and had also, as Walpin told me in an interview at the time, used federally funded AmeriCorps staff for, among other things, “driving [Johnson] to personal appointments, washing his car and running personal errands.”
      Walpin recommended that Johnson and St. Hope be barred from receiving future federal funds.
      It turned out to be an enormously controversial recommendation. As Walpin finished his probe, Johnson was elected mayor of Sacramento. If Johnson had been barred from receiving federal grant money, the city might not have been able to receive a share of the billions of dollars in federal stimulus money being handed out by the Obama administration.
      There was enormous pressure on Walpin to back off. He didn’t. On June 10, Walpin received a call from a White House lawyer. “He said, ‘Mr. Walpin, the president wants me to tell you that he really appreciates your service, but it’s time to move on,'” Walpin recalled to me later. “[He] said, ‘You can either resign, or I’ll tell you that we’ll have to terminate you.'”
      Walpin declined to resign and was fired on the spot. His firing was a violation of rules regarding the dismissal of inspectors general.

    • GB Bari says:

      If Ozero’s firing of Gerald Walpin “…was a violation of rules regarding the dismissal of inspectors general” (per FPCHmom’s post below) , then I think we need to first review those alleged rules before giving President Trump the OK to fire Atkinson. ?

  19. JoeMeek says:

    Ah yes, the “Intelligence Community”. This is all a lot like the 1979 movie “When a Stranger Calls” where it turns out the deranged stalker is calling from INSIDE THE HOUSE, not from some miles away.
    Similarly, we now know, and have known for quite some time, that the biggest enemy of the Republic with its action to subvert, and then overthrow, America’s 2016 election came from INSIDE THE HOUSE, that is the FBI/DOJ/CIA, and not thousands of miles away from … … … Russia.
    “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves (or let the FBI, DOJ and CIA do it).
    – Abraham Lincoln

    • mr.piddles says:

      Cryin’ Chuck said that the Intelligence Community has “six ways from Sunday at getting back at you”. WELL APPARENTLY NOT!
      Which is actually kinda scary, if you think about it. Can’t even execute a proper Soft Coup, FFS. And they don’t even have to leave the damn country to do it. Sad!

      • You said it mr. piddles, evidently while piddling around you saw the truth!
        Ain’t it great? These “people” are STUPID.

        • Dutchman says:

          Remember how they call the,Watergate burglary “third rate”, to denote its amatuerishness?
          This ‘soft coup’ was SLOPPY, denoting the same amatuer nature.
          Hence, I have been calling it the ‘sloppy, soft coup’, but admittedly I like tha additional implications of,….unsatisfying and ,…poor performance.
          I can’t help it, my mind just goes that way, LOL!

        • donna kovacevic says:

          I call them the Budale Pokvarene Communities. ” Stupid evil rotten” translates from serbian.

  20. MD says:

    If President Trump was asking for an investigation into legitimate crimes by Biden and others isn’t what the members of congress are doing “obstructing justice”? Trump has every right to pursue justice if he thinks crimes were committed.

    • Linda K. says:

      Lindsey said on Martha MacCallum that Biden was his “friend” and he didn’t want to turn the Senate into a circus like the House by investigating his behavior. So, he is turning the Senate Judiciary into a tea party , and not the right kind of tea party either

      • Sherri Young says:

        Lindsey would rather not discuss the matter of Ukraine. He would rather you wouldn’t notice that he and No-Name meddled in the revolt there. Amy Klobuchar showed up too.

      • GB Bari says:

        Well that there explains everything we need to know about Lindsey Graham.
        Just become his friend and you can get away with any crime without fear of being investigated in the Senate.
        Lindsey, you’re a corrupt fool who does NOT honorably serve your constituents nor your country. Time to retire.
        Someone please remind me of this if I ever forget and post a comment favorable to Graham.

  21. Skidroe says:

    Love the picture of the Capital and all the tree roots. Fitting!

  22. Was this guy legal counsel for Sally Yates too?

  23. The Akh says:

    So called “whistleblower” has a go dund me! I can’t stop laughing. I mean, really…this again?

  24. gildie says:

    Amazing how fast President Trump declassified the highly classified phonecall between two heads of state. Imagine if Barr had the same sense of urgency in countering these attacks.
    Just releasing ahalf of dozen key declasses would knock these smug, arrogant jackasses back on their heels.

  25. Obviously, talking with the Ukranian President about high-level corruption in government is forbidden if one of the most corrupt and corrupting people ever to set foot in that country is an American Vice-President. Surely this billionaire was “asking for a campaign contribution.” Yeah.

  26. El Toro says:

    Atkinson will be exposed soon and what a joy that will be!

    • donna kovacevic says:

      I pray to God all the evil ones will be exposed sooner than later. Bass Barr I hope da ne spavas? You are not sleeping. Translating.

  27. Linda K. says:

    Yeah, pathetic. We have a President talking about loving your country, where ever you are from, and these fools are in the weeds thinking about money. That is all they understand.

  28. Gymcy81 says:

    It IS a challenging task,
    once the wizard that is – proverbially and many times literally –
    pushing button$ and
    pulling lever$ – controlling people- from behind the curtain is found by some pup,
    then many things begin to improve. : )
    Or was that supposedly just a pretend story in a movie? – that gave the nefarious, a (bad) idea to try in real lives?
    Wizard of Oz
    Seek, and yet shall find.
    Knock, and the door will be opened for you.
    It is past time for some friendly visiting.
    Bi-lats etc. etc. etc. can help to turn on some lights…
    I do not know

  29. A2 says:

    The inspector General in 2015, was Charles McCullough. He wrote the report on the first half of 2015, then no report until 2017.
    Here is a video on Vimeo at the congressional meeting where he presented evidence or was questioned on The Lunatic’s email scandal.
    Very interesting. He was stymied at every turn.
    Charles McCullough: Intelligence Community Inspector General on Hillary’s Email Scandal
    Watch him here

  30. Magabear says:

    I know SD had an article on how the dimms had an impeachment timeline already planned out once they took the House back and I think due to how many of their attempts to drum up an impeachment story have blown up in their faces (Mueller, etc.), they’re now just shoehorning any crap they can into the impeachment schedule they and the fake news have already planned out.
    They may have gotten all their top of the fold “impeachment” headlines today, but they picked a real turd of a “scandal” to ride on.

  31. Mortimer says:

    The people who are lamenting about Atkinson being a Trump appointee need to keep in mind that NO President has a clue on who to appoint to these positions.
    The particular agency/department and the DOJ tell him who they want.
    And who was running DNI and the DOJ a year ago when Atkinson was appointed?
    Coats and Gordon
    Rosenstump (Sessions)

    • Mortimer says:

      BTW, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the bogus hearsay whistleblower complaint arose from within the area covered by that crook Atkinson. Sounds planned because they knew Atkinson would push it through to House Dems even though it was a scam.

      • BitterC says:

        I didn’t read the OLC response closely, but it looks like most govt whistleblowers complaints go to the DOJ. I am guessing here, but would wager the only avenue to getting a complaint to the very corrupt Senate Intel & Schiff’s House committees is via the ICIG.
        That’s why a non IC related complaint was submitted by a soon-to-be-departed IC employee, as hearsay no less.
        KT McFarland indicated she occasionally wandered down to situation room to listen to these type of conversations. I wonder if a record is kept of who listens in? It is imperative to ID the leaker.

  32. noswamp says:

    That is why the whistle blower now says they have multiple conversations.
    And you folks are right about Barr, where are the declassified docs, waiting on the FISA Ct report?
    Good luck with that. I sense that nothing is going on here. Barr and Durham are not empaneling grand juries, or getting close to charging folks. Its just a kabuki dance otherwise known as the Potomac two-step. Everyone is dancing except Trump.

    • ezpz2 says:

      But I heard that Hannity has a tick tock for tomorrow (today).

    • Kaco says:

      Multiple conversations? Now they’re just making crap up as they go? More than one phone call? What have you heard the whistle blower is claiming?

      • BitterC says:

        Rep Stewart was on Ingraham tonite. He’s seen the complaint and it has been declassified so he spilled a little.
        Said the complaint is based only on that one phone call.
        Unsurprisingly, there was a lot of fake news “leaks” around this whole story.

  33. Republicanvet91 says:

    I’m curious if this additional information has anything to do with Assange arriving in the US this summer.
    I can’t believe they are just letting him sit in jail making shivs.

  34. mr.piddles says:

    Re: “could be viewed as soliciting a foreign campaign contribution in violation of the campaign-finance laws”
    This seems to be the Hot Angle that the Cable News Clowns are all over: Opposition Research and Campaign Finance Laws. I.e., “Did Trump violate campaign finance laws by engaging a foreign government for ‘oppo research’ purposes? THAT’S ILLEGAL!!!!”
    I seem to have heard this a few times in various clips. Judge Go-Take-A-Nap was certainly all over that with his buddy there… the one with the oddly-space eyeballs… what’s his name? Anyway. Doesn’t matter.
    So… has anybody pointed out the obvious yet: If the Trump Campaign wants “oppo research” concerning alleged Biden-Ukraine conflicts of interest and/or public corruption, why would Trump have to go directly to Ukraine for that?
    The New York Times has published multiple articles on the topic. As recently as a few months ago, in fact. The articles highlight the dodgy transactions, relationships, and arrangements. It seems to me that all the Trump Campaign has to do for Biden-Ukraine “oppo research” is to point everybody at dub dub dub FNYT dot com. In fact, that could save everybody a lot of time, energy, and money, I would think.
    *confused emoji* “chin-scratch emoji* *shrug emoji*

    • BitterC says:

      Yeah…the campaign finance angle took me aback. Even if I hadn’t wrtten Joe30330 off after the 1st debate, my mind went right to drain the swamp. Criminal Dems running for prez to avoid charges is getting old.
      THIS has most assuredly scared the livin daylites out of 1/2 of DC.
      What happens in the Capitol is supposed to stay in the Capitol. As if the president needed more enemies, sigh.
      He will go down in history for the corruption he has exposed

    • The Central Scrutinizer says:

      Ask yourself why didn’t POTUS request any and all info on Biden be forwarded to his campaign if he wanted dirt to use, instead he asked it be referred to Barr.

  35. Just Some Guy says:

    I predict this “whistle blower ” complaint is going to be the Mueller Report 2.0
    A smear document designed to give maximum ammunition for impeachment and that uses a ridiculously broad interpretation of the law (define “thing of value”) in order to paint Trump as a criminal.

    • mr.piddles says:

      I think it’s shaping up to be more of a Michael Cohen 2.0 situation. Right down to the imaginary Campaign Finance Violations.

  36. King Arthur says:

    Look, it’s quite clear the President needs to start taking DRASTIC action against the swamp and stop waiting for the system to repair itself (Barr/Durham/Horowitz). Declare a State of Emergency, round them up with the military, Tribunals for all and DO SOMETHING. Hell, they’re all in DC/NYC practically. They will never stop and will try to destroy him and his family for generations for being elected and disrupting the cheap labor/bad trade deal/offshoring globalist agenda.

  37. Kaco says:

    I about died when I read 64 pages! And filled with media reports? Didn’t Lawfare get laughed at by Congress when their evidence in the Mueller report was news articles?
    In my opinion, it really comes down to the transcript. And the Dems are hollering that it isn’t valid. Saw on Tucker an interview, no OO phone call has been recorded since Watergate. This is ridiculous, that we should have to prove the validity of the phone conversation via the two CIA agents as well as the process of transcribing it. The thing is, I am sure the Dems all know this since it is said to be the standard practice. It’s pathetic to have to prove the validity of the transcript. But unless we want to hear all the bullcrap they are trying to insert into this phone conversation, this would be the quickest way to end it.
    Then after that is taken care of, I hope to see a prosecution of the players of another failed attempt to “get POTUS”. I’m sure that is wishful thinking.

    • mr.piddles says:

      Of course, the absurdity of it all: the NSA has the Zelensky phone calls; and Hillary’s Emails; and the Page/Strzok texts; and my entire history of Internet Activity; and knows the precise location of that Amazon package that I’m getting so excited about; and …

    • Republicanvet91 says:

      The validity of the transcript is just something to feed morons. Clapper started this a couple days ago when he said something about redactions in any released transcript. He didn’t know that it might be released with NO redactions.
      He certainly SHOULD know how this process works, and it is easy enough to describe the process in a congressional hearing.
      Of course, they could also have those transcribing the call testify behind closed doors, but why waste time?

  38. markjohnson2303 says:

    I really can’t stand them.

    • GB Bari says:

      This photo or video is not working. I see only a very blurry photo with no active content if it’s supposed to be a video.

  39. Ron says:

    Next thing we know, the whistle blower will be unable to testify due to fear of flying! Same ol’ playbook…

    • The Third Man says:

      …replete with crazy cross eyes and Coke bottle glasses.

    • Rockindubya says:

      One pundit yesterday mentioned “secret” testimony due to fear for the WB’s safety. Yeah, it’s not like he’s testifying against the Clinton Cartel…

  40. joebkonobi says:

    So, the whistleblower is not officially a whistle blower because he got second hand info that turns out to be false and it does not qualify as a whistleblower complaint because the accused is not an IC employee. The IG finds that the fake whistleblower has a strong bias for a 2020 competing candidate. Now we are to believe that two heads of State conversing is considered an illegal foreign campaign contribution, and to top it off the former democrat vice president threatened to withhold billion dollars worth of aid unless a prosecutor is fired for investigating his son, yet is not even being questioned. I feel like I have just crossed into the lawfare twilight zone!
    What the hell is anyone doing about it?. . .nothing that I can see except talk about more tick-tocks, boomerangs and election landslides!
    Reminds me of the saying “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”. I hope there is some serious investigating and truth finding going on behind the scenes but the last 2 1/2 years does not give me much confidence that is happening. Seems like PDJT is the only one that knows how to play offense on our fantasy political team. I understand that DOJ justice moves slow, but they need to pick up the pace to match the competition. Barr should have played offense and declassified already. Once House passes impeachment no choice but to play defense. FUBAR!

    • Allard Otten says:

      This is why the discussion of military tribunals is ongoing. If the Justice system is outed as being irreparably corrupt, and that becomes obvious to to a consensus level in the general population, what do you do? A watershed revelation, say the evidence that a SC Justice has been bribed. is all it would take at this point.
      The other vector not being addressed is the danger inherent to law-abiding and conscientious participants in the justice system. Witnesses “suiciding”, jurors being doxxed. What would you do if, say, Clinton were to go on trial and you got canvassed for the jury pool, or just happened to be the poor SOB who gets called to be a witness for the prosecution because something about your job is important to the timeline?
      The Clinton body count doesn’t trend on twitter anytime there’s a suspicious death just because of the yucks factor.

  41. mg says:

    Barr will never look into the Biden fiasco. This turd is Deep State. The American voter will have to shut down the worlds economy to fix this.

  42. James Groome says:

    Evidently Atkinson must have gotten word that an indictment for him has already been procured… that is the only reason he would be so stupid, well maybe unless he were being blackmailed.

    • fabrabbit says:

      Remember that those named in the IG report get to see it before release and offer rebuttals, so he likely has seen it.

  43. GTOGUY says:

    Wil E. Pelosi is going to lose her job and the majority with this impeachment nonsense

    • Dutchman says:

      Pelosi will retain her JOB, as a Congresswoman, for as long as she wants it.
      As for her position as Speaker, its an illusion. Whether she or McCarthy are,Speaker, the Uniparty maintains control.

    • BitterC says:

      For some reason this gives me unease. I am afraid the “old guard” Dems will be replaced by Socialist Dems like the Squad.
      If they vote on impeachment, there will be a good number that vote yea based on fear of being primaried. If we thought Dems played dirty, these by-any-means radical lefties take dirty to a whole new level

  44. Harry says:

    Why Trump admin failed to do vetting like this before appointing him? This type of failure to appoint the right person is a big mistake that kind of happening continuously. So many back stabbers in town!

    • Dutchman says:

      New here, Harry?
      Or just not paying attention? All the vetting in the world means NOTHING when A) you can’t trust those vetting, and most importantly B) your biggest enemy in D.C. (Mitch McConnell) can dictate to you who you can and can’t appoint.
      Does anyone REALLY believe that PDJT built his multi-billion $ enterprise, and didn’t know how to vette candidates for positions in his business?
      Unlike his businesses, its NOT up to him, otherwise Sidney Powell would be AG, and Sheriff Clark or Rudy would be head of FBI.

      • Harry says:

        Not new and paying attention for a long time.
        A) If SD can find this Lawfare connection in matter of hours based his extensive work(we all know his flow chart of characters), then why this type of info can’t be found by someone in the trump team. Then push back on such nomination even if suggested by someone.
        B) Yes, getting senate vote is important and thats why Ractcliff as DNI did not work. We all know that. However, this does not mean Trump cant raise specific issue and hold line during internal discussion before nominating someone. My point is for example, Mr X suggested this name to Putus and argues that he will be supported by turtle. Can POTUS push back saying specifically that he or she has lawfare type connection with witch hunt and hence cant do it. I suspect if a specific push back is made, then Mitch cant hold a line. or anyone cant push a choice to POTUS if he has specific concern on anything. the bottom line is that the people around trump are not probably feeding correct vetting info. he cant just rely on FBI. Such political vetting is different from legal vetting.
        it is easy to criticize other by saying if he or she is new here or not. It does not help being echo chamber either when the other side is continuously back stabbing.

        • Dutchman says:

          PDJT can not FORCE McConnell to confirm someone, in fact Ratcliff is yet ANOTHER example of the Uniparty exposing itself. Up until PDJT, there was a lomg standing tradition in the Senate.
          When a fellow Senator or Congressman was nominated, it was an automatic confirmation: even opposing party would vote to confirm.
          It was a ‘courtesy’, and a ‘we’ll confirm yours, so later you confirm ours.
          And here we have McConnell, Grasley and Graham sending a clear signal to Radcliff, that they would not support his nomination.
          This is NOT “Advice and CONSENT” by which our Founders clearly signalled they intended Congress to vette, thru confirmation hearings, but barring any uncovered obvious disqualification or conflict of interest, confirm the nominee.
          This is Senate (McConnell) DICTATING to PDJT who he can have. He has,TRIED the work-a-round of ‘actings’, but even there he is limited.
          He could not appoint someone outside, like Powell as his Acting AG, for instance.
          He could only move up someone from within. Face it, McConnell has him boxed in on this, and there is currently NOTHING he can do about it.
          And, as this has been hashed out on the treehouse extensively, I assumed any long time treeper would understand this.
          I DO get irritated when posters critisise “Trump” for his “bad picks”, either not realising, or not accepting that it is beyond his control.
          He CAN fire, above civil service level, but it comes at a political cost, and does little good so long as McConnell controls WHO the replacement will be.
          “Good evening sir! Would you like crap soup, or prefer crap salad to begin your meal, this evening?”
          He CAN turn down the soup, but he HAS to choose SOMETHING off the menu. He can NOT just get up and leave the restaurant, and EVERYTHING on the menu is crap.
          He has accepted the reality, and is working with whats available to him.

  45. ARW says:

    So, the whistleblower compliant reads like it was written by fusion gps. Which means this was all coordinated between law fare, the whistleblower, congressional dems and the media. Disgusting and ought to be illegal. Perhaps that’s why he/she has lawyered up…but then again…the lawyer was probably in place before they filed the complaint.

    • fabrabbit says:

      Also why Schiff for brains was way out in front of this saying the DNI had to give the complaint to Congress and in his typical fashion said the law was being broken. Sorry, Shifty, it’s not “urgent” so no dog and pony show for you.

  46. John Rawls says:

    CTH had a piece on the crowdstrike element of transcript. Interestingly, G.Webb highlights the text prior to this, which is about Javelin sales. He points out Javelin sales go through the State Dept. and suspects the whistleblower is connected to a Clinton network involved in Ukrainian arms trade. Because Zelensky mentioned Javelins, this piece of the text came to their attention.
    Zelensky: …We are ready to continue to cooperate for the next steps. specifically we are almost ready to buy more Javelins from the United States for defense purposes.
    The President: I would like you to do us a favor though because our country has been through a lot and Ukraine knows a lot about it. I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say Crowdstrike… I guess you have one of your wealthy people… The server, they say Ukraine has it.

  47. Dutchman says:

    If it were not clear that only ONE person could possibly have sent the NYT’s DJT’s tax return, I might dismiss the idea that he deliberately set this whole thing up.
    But, thats the thing with him, you just never know. Is he playing masters level chess, and 15 moves ahead of his opponents, or is he just counterpunch reacting,….?

    • paper doll says:

      Since coming down the escalator, the only real political danger President Donald Trump has ever faced, has come from the disgusting, venal, backstabbing Rinos. People lament his hires ,indeed. But he hires these swampy, Mittens, Jeb , spittleback retreads to keep the group from turning on him..( He can’t fight the Bush mob and the Obama mob both at once .) The Rinos turn on him anyway, but not enough as yet to really endanger him. Thank God the fund raising is going well. That hopefully will keep them in check.

      • paper doll says:

        Oops, I meant that as a stand alone….not as a reply. Dang fat finger syndrome!?

      • Dutchman says:

        PDJT is a MASTER at turning what others would see as a downside, into an upside.
        Previous POTUS’s have used the term limit to there advantage; “I’ll have more flexibility, pen and phone”.
        After the Dems have been destroyed in 2020 election, and PDJT doesn’t have to concern himself with reelection, he can focus on making McConnell regret ever being born.
        In fact, if Mitch were smart, he would announce, due to health or wanting more family time, he isn’t seeking reelection in 2020.
        “NO recess appointments? Giving me choices of crap or crap,..DICTATING to me who I can and can’t have on my team, eh MITCH?
        BOY and I going to make you pay, for all you have done, to hamstring my Presidency!”

  48. ChampagneReady says:

    The democrat complicit swine never DREAMED John Durham would take the investigation all the way back to their felonies and the subsequent coverups in Ukraine. They know he’s going to rip back the black curtain and find what all these cockroaches were doing in the very early stages of the frame up.
    This phony quid pro quo crap was an attempt to throw a smokescreen and to divert the media into their usual role of covering the manure pile with perfume. Only one problem–they didn’t have enough time before it started falling apart like wet cotton candy.
    Now, Biden is going to be in the crosshairs instead and it’s their worst nightmare.

  49. fabrabbit says:

    Judge Napolitano used the same campaign contribution angle on Shep Smith on Tuesday. I’ve seen him use this before. Has he gone over to Lawfare?
    On another stream of thought, I’ve been reading numerous books about the USSR in the past few years, most recently Eugene Lyons (Assignment in Utopia and Red Decade). So much of what I am seeing is taken right out of the Communist playbook. Is Lawfare an organization set up specifically to promulgate that philosophy? Globalism is no different than the Kremlin’s desire for world domination.

  50. Dutchman says:

    Who is the “certain wealthy citisen of yours” who PDJT seems to be saying HAS the server, I wonder? Is he talking about $oro$?
    Computer illiterate, but WHY would the DNC computer be in Ukraine?
    In fact, why hasn’t it been soaked in bleach and smashed with hammers by now?
    It could possibly contain evidence, of a motive for MURDER. IF it shows that Crowdstrike uncovered that Seth downloaded to a thumbdrive, AND that they told the DNC, well,..theres your motive.
    Doesn’t PROVE they did it, but its ONE element of the crime.

    • stephen fenlon says:

      IIRC the owner/founder of Crowdstrike is a Ukrainian Oligarch

      • Dutchman says:

        Hmmmm,…but highly unlikely to turn over the server, IF he is the one that has it,…

        • farrier105 says:

          If you are talking about Dmitri Alperovitch, he is Russian. Alperovitch was, in early 2016, Crowdstrike’s chief of technology. Shawn Henry was in charge of the surveillance of the DNC network. Henry was the FBI executive in charge of cybercrimes response, what is called “Incident Response” in the private sector.

          • jeff montanye says:

            he is russian but he hates the russian government. he is a member of the atlantic council and generally a neocon/neolib supporter of the attack on russia including the ukraine putsch led by victoria nuland, hillary clinton and barack obama.

            • TJ says:

              Which gives us a “Russian”…who setup security and tested(hacked?) that security with his company, CS.
              So an anti-Russia Russian, working with the Clinton/DNC, that is the CTO of CS, investigated the “hack”, and concluded, “Russians hacked the server”.
              Google/Schmidt also invested $100 Million in CS.

              • Google/Schmidt was a high level advisor to Clinton and Obama both, has contributed to one world government, is a ‘master race’ supporter, an abortion supporter and….a pal of Soros.
                …begin to understand why ever since I learned who Schmidt was I’ve done a 180 from my early Google loving days and now loathe and avoid it with a passion…watching as it implodes as all companies do that go off on a political agenda.

            • Jimmy Jack says:

              Thank you. I was going to say he is part of the apparatus behind the Ukraine protest nonsense. Tiki torch fiasco (that looked just like Charlottesville).

      • suejeanne1 says:

        Was Andrew’Andre/Andrei/Andrej
        Bakaj born in the Ukraine and does he have ties to Ukraine that played a part in all of this?
        I find an Andrew Bakaj whose family was from Ukraine and settled in Passaic, New Jersey – is there more to his connection than “just” being a lawyer or with the CIA?

      • snellvillebob says:

        Copies of Hillary’s Bleachbitted emails would be a great treasure of blackmail against her. Why wouldn’t an oligarch want to keep them for protection from her?

    • Austin Holdout says:

      I read that one of the owners or investors in Crowdstrike is Ukrainian. Maybe Crowdstrike decided to “disappear it” to Ukraine where the FBI couldn’t find it. Maybe it has been destroyed, but the way things work there, it would more likely be held for its blackmail value.

    • Joshua2415 says:

      Physically, the DNC server was never moved. Crowdstrike created a digital image of it for their “analysis”. Copies of that image could be anywhere. Heck the “analysis” may have been done in the Ukraine.

      • Dutchman says:

        Yeah, I’m not that savvy on computers. But, it IS really interesting that DJT brought up both ‘server’ and ‘Crowdstrike’ in that conversation.
        Seems like desperation, the US ambassador to Ukraine denying visas, etc. to block this info getting to PDJT.
        Telegraphs how scared they are, raw nerve territory.
        And, I like how with reporters, he keeps turning it to CHINA.
        Ukraine was certainly a sinkhole of corruption, but CHINA is the real deal. Ukraine is the appetiser, China is the whole darn meal, desert included!

        • you meant ‘dessert’, but considering what beautiful terrain and cultural history China has, the past 100 or so years are certainly turning it into a desert.

          • Dutchman says:

            Exactly. Its not racial, or even cultural. The chinese are capable of innovation, the invented gunpowder, etc.
            And they are capable of phenominal quality of work, look at their great art.
            Its Conmunism, with a chinese influence, but Conmunism, nonetheless.
            PDJT, in his first UN address, hit the nail, right on the head; Venuzuela is NOT a case of Socialism ( Conmunism) done ‘wrong’ , its a perfect example of it done just the way its intended.
            The culture doesn’t matter. The ethnicity doesn’t matter. The HISTORY of the people subjugated, doesn’t matter.
            And, the ‘ideology’ used to CON the people into accepting it,…doesn’t matter.
            Its a CON. Like a ponzi scheme, it works for awhile, just long enough to get the people behind the Con in power.
            And then its hell trying to get them out, as we see in Venezuela, China, The EU, GB, and here.
            But, it WILL ultimately fail, thats also ‘baked into’ the mix. And, if history is any guide, 10’s of millions will die, in the process.

        • Bird Watcher says:

          Re: “Seems like desperation, the US ambassador to Ukraine denying visas, etc. to block this info getting to PDJT”.
          The one thing I have never understood is, how hard is it really to get the information to people who need to know it? Put it on a thumb drive, and give it to someone going on to visit a relative in USA. Once there, the drive could be replicated, and distributed to 100’s of people. Why just give it to one source. as was eventually done? I am big on plan A, plan B, and plan C.

          • Dutchman says:

            First of all, chain of evidence. Ukraine doesn’t know what U.S. is going to do with it, but if they are going to prosecute, there needs to be a clear, legal chain of evidence.
            Second, its highly sensitive CLASSIFIED information. You don’t handle it in that manner, at all.
            It IS, potentially blackmail info, in ‘the wrong hands’.

    • bruzedorange says:

      I”m guessing the server was always physically located in Ukraine, for Hillary’s security.
      I’d also guess that keeping that server intact is for a certain wealthy citizen’s security…
      To protect against–how do they say it in Kiev? “Arkan-cамогубство”

      • Dutchman says:

        Sorry, are you conflating HILLARYS ‘server’ with the DNC and DCC ‘servers’?
        If so, its a common mistake that has generally benefited Hillary and the Dems.
        Hillarys server was located in a closet in a bathroom of her N.Y home.
        Its hard to fathom the DNC and DCC had their servers located in Ukraine, during the campaign.
        The # of people who are candidates for arkanticide has grown to astronomical #’s, hasn’t it?
        Seems like at acertain point, it no longer is a practical option.

    • Kintbury says:

      It may have always been in Ukraine. They are so concerned about security and all.

      • Dutchman says:

        I suppose with the Inet, anythings possible. Seems to me if I was concerned about security, I would want it close, like Hillaries server.
        But, maybe thats an illusion for those that aren’t computer savvy.
        Actually, I’m not sure there is evidence to support that they were all that,concerned about security.
        Hillary sure wasn’t, using cell phones in unsecure areas, etc.
        And podesta using password as his password, etc.

    • TJ says:

      He’s donated at least $10Million to the Clinton Foundation and Mueller tried to tie him to the Trump foundation for a donation of $150K back in 2015.

      • Mary Morse says:

        It’s reported that Michael Cohen solicited the donation.
        Michael Cohen personally took a $1m from Len Blavatnik, for unknown services.

    • marymorse says:

      themarketswork make interesting connections that run thru Victor Pinchuk:
      IMO, Len Blavatnik and his Center for Cyber Research at Tel Aviv U are suspects.

      • Dutchman says:

        Just to start following the Clintons connections guarantees you a journey down a rabbit hole of every sleazy enterprise on earth, but there are,SO many, its easy to get lost or overwhelmed.
        Thats probably why Hillary had,Huma; to keep it all straight, er shouldn’t use that term with Huma/Hillary connec,…relationsh,…well, YOU know what I mean.

    • potential black mail of future politicians.

  51. Rynn69 says:

    So, let’s get this straight.
    There were several people on this “Ukraine” call. There were people taking notes of the call to compile a transcript. There were people putting the transcript together. And none of those people are concerned. None. But one secondhand “whistleblower” is? LMAO.
    We all have a new game here. Everything is an impeachable offense.

    • mr.piddles says:

      Yeah. My take: this latest Impeachable Offense is most definitely not “strong like bull”.

    • GB Bari says:

      Correction: they don’t care if a DemonRAT President or DemonRAT Congress member breaks every law on the books, but if President Trump does something entirely legal and within his authority, if the DemonRATs don’t like it then it’s an “impeachable offense.”
      Therefore, any DemonRAT charges of impeachment of President Trump ought to be considered the same as an offer to sell the Brooklyn Bridge. They are meaningless. Blatant hypocrisy.

  52. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    Great work, Sundance. You nailed it.
    As I wrote in a comment on the Sept 26 presidential thread, this attempt to find a law that POTUS broke (which DOJ smacked down, as you stated) is a clear sign IMO that we have Lawfare Coup at work here.
    As I said in that other comment, I now expect — as the Dems create their new “Mueller Report” — the Lawfare gang to come up with some new and convoluted ‘law’ interpretation that they can use as rationale for their impeachment. Because right now they have none.

    • jeff montanye says:

      my question is how this guy atkinson, with his crossfire hurricane credentials, got appointed inspector general for the intelligence services by the trump administration?

    • Actually, Larry Elder thinks that they want to impeach him because if Ginsburg goes and he suggests another supreme court candidate they can say that they will not honor the suggestions of an impeached president, stalling for time until he is re-elected.
      Pro life, Roe v Wade is HUGE.
      just heard on our 560 AM Bay ARea dial with Brian Sussman that there had been a Catholic, pro life bar owner who ran for congress and won (in the Clinton presidency)…and the very first week you are assigned to a committee that ‘fits’ you.
      Donna Shelayley (no idea how to spell it) approached him and said that if he wanted to ‘go anywhere’ he had to dump that pro life ‘s**t* right away.
      He didn’t, lasted two terms and left, totally soured on the Democrat party.
      today 560 AM radio podcast in the 7:15 to 7:45 a.m. hour would have the bit.

      • Marshall Gill says:

        You are correct, nothing is more important to the Left than the destruction of that thing which they hate more than all others, human life.

        • MGBSE says:

          Agree…This would explain the speed with which the RATS have moved forward on impeachment…she must be very close to death.

      • Kintbury says:

        I remember that Clinton got a judge through while under investigation and looked it up and it was actually two. I think Dems are screwed on that point.

  53. fabrabbit says:

    Hey, Sundance excellent investigation and analysis. Hey, folks, don’t forget to donate to CTH.

  54. Countrywatch says:

    Well, they have certainly flushed him out into the open. Another one’s activities laid bare.

  55. Sentient says:

    Is there anyone in that F’d up city who isn’t against the People? I swear to God we’d be better off if somebody would blast it to smithereens – and my damn brother lives there.

    • chipin8511 says:

      9//11 they hit the wrong target should have been the W*** H instead of the pentagon.They would have done us a huge favor…..

    • donna kovacevic says:

      I agree with you Sentient and personally I would give Putin the pleasure but make sure PDJT and a handful are out of there, then go for it. Boom. How evil and corrupt I can not fathom that at all. How does the President do it with all these snakes around just waiting to get at him. I pray for him daily and his family.

      • I believe that 40 years working in the corporate world AND with beauty pageants AND with hotels and resorts AND with reality television AND with international wheeling and dealing…probably makes him think that these folks are doing massive evil…but they are not that bright.
        He is.

    • TPW says:

      Do you think lil Kim missiles could reach that far …I mean if he is going to threaten such an attack might as well go for the big enchilada…….to those peeking in for nefarious reasons…..this is a joke…..sorta. But isn’t it strange that all these demented idiots who go and kill a bunch of people can’t seem to go after meaningful targets. But then again thats the aim of the Democrats to pit us nobodies against each other and take the eye off the real culprits of racism…and all their other isms. so thats these globalist self appointed genius rulers can go about their deconstruction of the US.

  56. farrier105 says:

    Sumdance’s reference to Lawfare expertise in FARA is important because Marc Elias, who succeeded Lawfare contributor Robert Bauer as the head of “Political Law” at PERKINS COIE, the lawfirm at the epicenter of the DNC Hack Legend and the creation of the Steele Dossier, is an expert in such things.
    The bio confirms Elias’ role in both the Hillary Clinton and Kerry campaigns, as well as the DNC and other prominent Democratic political organizations. “Marc is currently general counsel to Hillary for America, the presidential campaign of Hillary Rodham Clinton. He served in the same role for John Kerry’s 2004 presidential campaign. Marc’s clients include the Democratic National Committee, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic Governors Associations and U.S. senators, governors, representatives and their campaigns.”
    It further describes him as a “nationally recognized authority in the Federal Election Campaign Act, Lobbying Disclosure Act, Ethics in Government Act and Foreign Agents Registration Act,” and “a preeminent counselor in the areas of congressional and executive branch ethics and gift rules, and federal and state pay-to-play laws and rules.” According to the law firm biography, Elias “also advises and litigates claims under the Voting Rights Act, Help America Vote Act and National Voter Registration Act. Marc has litigated voting and campaign finance cases throughout the country in federal and state court. He has been involved in voting rights and/or redistricting litigation in a number of states, including Texas, Florida, New York, Ohio, North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada and Minnesota.”

  57. Tim Holden says:

    We have now discovered the sense of Biden’s seemingly ridiculous statement about truth and fact. There is a difference. In the current Democrat world you can manufacture “truth” and you can ignore facts.

    • Mark Levin was pointing out that Biden is NOT a nice guy, but a hatchet man. He first went after Bork and then Clarence Thomas and then Kavanaugh…and of course now we know that he went after the prosecutor so that he could claim to be not that wealthy, while his SON can take care of him in his old age with the billions he anticipates his corrupt help will provide him.
      Also had snips on Larry Elder yesterday of Pelosi, Biden, Schumer and Nadler piously pronouncing how evil and disrespectful to voters one party impeachments were. They pontificated on how it is inherently wrong to have one party so filled with hatred that they will give a middle finger to the president the people have elected.
      That is still out there and none of them even blink when you bring it up because as with all of their dogmas and creeds,…there is only self-interest and no courage of conviction will stand if it is not convenient.
      Explains COMPLETELY why the 10 commandments would be krypton for them

  58. gvillewill says:

    I know that it would look bad if POTUS started firing all of these Government employees associated with Lawfare, but maybe he could have them reassigned to some very cold outpost?

  59. TheDAwg says:

    C’mon Sundance, FFS so who recommended Atkinson to Trump?
    Answer that. Dont ask us.
    If you know the answer then you know the link to the deep state.
    Stop asking questions you know the answer to. Its pathetic.

  60. Julian says:

    So presumably Durham has an indictment with Michael Atkinson’s name on it regarding the false FISA applications?
    Part of Trump’s plan to Drain the Swamp no doubt?

    • When FISA findings – and pray for indictments – come out, Atkinson’s Chief Counsel role for the perps should immediately disqualify him from ANY role related to National Security. Terminate him immediately for failure to disclose what they did … then flip him.

    • beaujackjangles says:

      Unfortunately, Michael Atkinson May have just given himself “ political” immunity by blowing on a whistle. It doesn’t matter that he couldn’t find a legitimate complaint, but it sure looks like he achieved his goal of the valuable Whistleblower title. Not to mention that he now also has the undying support of Nadler, Pelosi, Schiff and company.

  61. Fake Ruby says:

    Precisely right on the foreign campaign contribution angle.
    The proof?
    Our old friend Brandon Van Grack is now the head of DOJ’s FARA office.
    From March 6. Justice Dept. to Step Up Enforcement of Foreign Influence Laws
    Mr. Demers said that the department was overhauling its FARA enforcement unit and would assign Brandon L. Van Grack, a former prosecutor on Mr. Mueller’s team and a deputy chief in the national security division’s counterespionage unit, to oversee it. The new role shows that the department has shifted “from treating FARA as an administrative obligation and regulatory obligation to one that is increasingly an enforcement priority,” Mr. Demers said.
    Mr. Van Grack was involved in some of the special counsel’s most high-profile prosecutions, including the cases against Paul Manafort and Michael T. Flynn, former top aides to President Trump.

  62. Countrywatch says:

    Very interesting tweet quoting account on why impeachment proceedings by Dems will not ultimately get anywhere, but in the meantime allow the President’s attorneys to subpoena and question under oath of all the key operators and get the evidence to bring them down – P Trump and his 5 D chess?

    • icthematrix says:

      Perhaps this is why it was said by some that President Trump welcomed such a move. Seems a ridiculous and dangerous gambit, but brilliant if you know the entire apparatus of the swamp is against you (including a feckless AG who wont pursue justice).
      BURN … IT … DOWN.

    • Rockindubya says:

      Don’t you just love it when a double-reverse works just like it did in football practice?

    • William says:

      Never believe anything you read where the first thing the writer says is “I have a degree”.

    • Grad says:

      Don’t be ridiculous. There are many Senate republicans who wouldn’t be able to take the sunlight of a trial. As soon as it comes to the Senate, McConnell will move for an immediate vote, and then it will end. Without the President showing his side of things. (And without the House showing theirs, but that will have been aired already in the media in the days leading up to it.) And the public will feel gypped out of its show trial, and people will nod sagely to each other and say, “those corrupt republicans, the fix was in.” McConnell is already on record as saying he won’t even waste one day on a trial. Pelosi wouldn’t have come out in support of impeachment, without a guarantee by McConnell that there wouldn’t be a trial.

  63. frank field says:

    Appointees matter. Grrrrrr. Just encourages me to pray more.
    Trump for Rushmore.

  64. lettruthspeak says:

    So if Sundance has this all figured out shouldn’t we believe that Trump’s lawyers also have it figured out, and why has nothing been done. More and more I feel this entire government is a LARP, and with all the lies and made up fake history this nation has had to endure that this fraudulent government has been in place for decades or longer. Come on folks, remember the old line about fooling some of the people all of the time…. Shakespeare wrote “all the world’s a stage”, and I suppose he or whomever was trying to clue us in so very long ago about the way things really are. Think about it. Where else on earth could you put together a herd of dingbats like the crackpot, freak show looking, crazy eyes staring, ridiculously outfitted doofuses in our Congress and across the globe? Seriously, it’s beyond pathetic. Don’t believe it, well just stay tuned to more action-packed stupidity masquerading as leadership because it is nonstop and coming your way.

    • F2000 says:

      I’d like to think they have it figured out, but Atkinson coming from coup-plot central to an IG position has me a bit concerned that they don’t. Who pushed Atkinson for that role and are they still in or around the Prez?

    • YvonneMarie says:

      This is the result of 500 years of humanity turning its back on God; turning its
      back on the Church that Jesus Christ gave to us.
      Predictions are that the bad guys lose in the end.
      And we are supposed to have a period (300 years?) of peace on earth
      before Antichrist.
      Anyway, as for now times,
      I have a feeling Trump (we Deplorables) will beat the shit out of
      Deep State.

      • donna kovacevic says:

        YvonneMarie I am with you and I pray in Jesus’ Holy Name all the time , so do many others that know our Lord. He will not forsake us I pray. Amen.

        • Yep…and more specifically almost 70 years of Jesus excluded from the public discourse and zeitgeist…and even MORE specifically, with the rise of Messiah Obama, Islam fed into our education and every venue of influence.

  65. georgiagirl says:

    I’m checking which republicans are going to be in the committee with the inspector General hearing today. I believe Doug Collins? I’m calling to encourage questioning about their work with NSD of DOJ . Perhaps they can get him in the hot seat.

  66. Interested Observer says:

    Campaign Finance violation?
    Stormy Daniels ring a bell? Same people involved with the same stupid legal theory.

  67. Conservative_302 says:

    I read about this subject in an article on Rush Limbaugh. I found this article which sums up the elites, what drives them, and the times we are in. https://theopolisinstitute.com/the-principalities-and-powers-part-1/. The last paragraph sums them up perfectly. They will lose to Trump because nobody can’t beat God.

  68. Lou Zimmer says:

    Wondering if there is a way to chart where the black hats were when the soft coup idea was hatched to where they are now. Would greatly help to forecast Deep State’s next move.

  69. Appalled says:

    Michael Atkinson’s wife is Kathryn Cameron Atkinson, chair of Miller & Chevalier. Quotes from the law firm website:
    Miller & Chevalier’s Criminal Antitrust Investigations Group defends companies and executives in criminal cartel investigations and related litigation.
    Our team has extensive experience handling cases involving allegations of both domestic and global conspiracies to fix prices, rig bids and divide markets.
    Our White Collar Defense lawyers often operate at the intersection of international business and domestic enforcement of U.S. laws.
    Why wasn’t this considered a conflict of interest for Michael Atkinson’s appointment to any intelligence post? There are plenty of non-intelligence lawyer jobs in DC. Who vetted Michael Atkinson?

    • Redzone says:

      Appalled, you ask who vetted the ICIG because of his wife’s job, when deep down you know his wife’s job was a prerequisite. I am just surprised she uses her married last name on the website.

  70. Good grief, these former Trump-Russia Collusion cabal participants & co-conspirators are like cockroaches, scurrying about & leaving their excrement everywhere! We need an army of pest control professionals for the Intelligence Community!

  71. F2000 says:

    Who pushed Atkinson for IC IG? And is that person still in the administration? If so, they should be removed ASAP, or at least quarantined.

  72. We the people know says:

    Victoria Nuland’s Admits Washington Has Spent $5 Billion to “Subvert Ukraine”
    In the race for most despicable woman ever, Victoria Nuland is tied with Hillary Clinton.
    Also, here’s the entire Joe Biden video with CFR where he admits to strong arming Ukraine into firing the prosecutor looking into the corruption involving his son.
    Start listening at 50:34.
    I think an even bigger shocker was when Joe said, “But I don’t want to acknowledge you guys (the Council on Foreign Relations) are spying on the intelligence agencies.”
    Oh, and at the 52:20 mark Joe says he’s gone to Kiev 12 or 13 times. Between Joe and Vicky, Ukraine was completely subverted.

    • We the people know says:

      “Fuck the EU!” (original File) – Victoria Nuland phoning with Geoffrey Pyatt
      Pyatt became part of a diplomatic scandal in January 2014, when his conversation with the Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs at the United States Department of State, Victoria Nuland, was apparently intercepted and uploaded to YouTube.[7][8][9]
      Assistant Secretary Victoria Nuland and Geoffrey Pyatt greet Ukrainian President-elect Petro Poroshenko before he met with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Warsaw, Poland, on June 4, 2014
      Pyatt supported the 2014 Ukrainian revolution against Ukraine’s President Victor Yanukovych.[7][10]
      Pyatt characterised pro-Russian separatist rebels in Donetsk and Luhansk as “terrorists”.[11]
      On September 25, 2015, during his speech at Odesa Financial Forum, Pyatt criticized Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office.[12]

    • TJ says:

      Victoria Nuland is married to a passionate RINO Nevertrumper that openly stated he was no longer a Republican, and would be voting for Hillary as a “liberal interventionist”.
      Asst. Sec. of State for Europe, Victoria Nuland, phone call to US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt, leaked to the news media on 4 February 2014, talking about the soon to be deposed Yanukovich and how to “glue this thing together”.
      “you need Biden”…”Biden is willing”…”F*** the EU”.

  73. Don McAro says:

    so to sum it up…sooner or later we are going to lose our president to someone on the inside

    • Don McAro says:

      Oh and it explains Ben Sasse’s comments on the whistleblower

    • Bob says:

      Old crazy Uncle Joe turns out to be as dumb as a fox. The illustration of him as being inept are obviously over rated…all this phone call hype is to cover Biden’s tracks, where he extracted a ton of money from foreign countries. Jail time now.

      • TarsTarkas says:

        Disagree. He is dumb as a possum. Boasting about his strong-arming the Ukraine on video. What could possibly go wrong with that? But like so many dumb leftists he has always had plenty of people willing to scoop up and cover up his poop. That’s why they are so sloppy.

    • …if you want to believe that and it gives you comfort to anticipate defeat, have at it.

  74. snellvillebob says:

    I suggest that if we cut the salaries of all government workers in half, so many would leave that we would get our country back again.
    Five decades ago government jobs had low wages but an excellent retirement package. Then the unions moved in and demanded higher and higher wages until it now seems totally corrupt.
    Unlike GM and manufacturing, our government cannot move to Mexico, Canada, or China and a revolution would mean much blood shed. Is there any other way we can reduce the curse of these people?

    • John says:

      No after the financial crisis, the usually haven for the ivy leaguers and big money dried up and they shifted from finance to government.

    • litlbit2 says:

      Maybe yearly personnel audits for government workers starting two years prior to appointment through five years after leaving even if deceased.

    • Kintbury says:

      They could move to Alaska though not that we have such excellent communications.

    • MGBSE says:

      Nope…the very worst / corrupt would stay and be subsidized by s0R0s.
      It must be even more drastic then you’ve suggested …in one announcement confirm changes effective immediately…don’t give evil does time to organize:
      1. Cut salaries in half
      2. Cut number of agencies in half
      3. Cut number of personnel in half
      4. Move Fed Government Offices out of DC
      5. THOROUGHLY vet all remaining employees

  75. Brant says:

    Isn’t SCOTUS Chief Justice the judge in the senate part of an impeachment? A bit scary know Roberts leanings, but maybe forced to rule more precisely than before.

    • Grad says:

      I am no expert, but the Chief Justice just presides in an impeachment. He does not act like a regular trial judge, he makes no rulings at all. McConnell (and his majority) reigns supreme. If he has the votes, whatever he says, goes.

  76. wightmanfarm says:

    I didn’t hold out any hope that the upcoming IG (Horowitz) report would be anything but a nothing burger. But with this recent display of Democrat panic, I’m beginning to think that it might be devastating for the Dems. I now think there is a 40% chance that it may be a game changer.

    • My sense is that we have already just had the game changer, in this new “whistleblower” saga. And I can specify the game change precisely: President Donald Trump has now taken up the reins himself, and is wielding them with immediate, electric effect.

    • chipin8511 says:

      Douglas Gabriel former NSA american intelligence media.com said it 2 years ago IG is where the truth goes to die… 9/11 Uranium In One Las Vegas Epstein all cover-ups…Washington DC is a cesspool of criminals.

  77. dawg says:

    And Charles Mcullough, the former ICIG, is now with Compass Rose Law Firm, along with Andrew Bakaj, the attorney for the “whistleblower”!

  78. John Haney says:

    My “cold fury” is turning to red hot rage.

  79. Bogeyfree says:

    At least JFK was smart enough to put his brother RFK in as AG. It worked for a couple of years but it does show two people alone are not enough to fight the deepstate.
    PT must start going OUTSIDE the Beltway and bring new conservative, MAGA blood into DC government in leadership roles.
    It should be automatic disqualification if the person suggested currently resides in DC.
    Can you imagine how many applicants PT would get if he tweeted. I’m looking to drain the swamp in DC but I need your help and volunteers to come to DC so we can do it together!

  80. owtolunch says:

    Trump just needs to say he was complying with the Treaty the US has with Ukraine regarding “Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters” that was signed by Al Gore in 1999. This Treaty puts forward the criteria for cooperating and investigating criminal and civil matters that cross our borders with Ukraine and vice versa.. It is exactly the mechanism that is required when requesting support in investigating wrongdoings by respective person(s) in each others countries. The interference by Joe Biden and the actions taken by his son Hunter Biden fall directly into the criteria in this Treaty.
    It could be quite embarrassing to the media to see they have completely missed this Treaty with Ukraine. It was passed as a specific action by the US Congress for these very purposes.

  81. Gonna be another long day.

  82. John-Y128 says:

    PDJT went up against the Intelligence Community from day one, and their #1 Enemy is their very own POTUS, surprised they haven’t JFK him by now, must be hard to find the right patsy.

  83. Concernedcitizen says:

    Think of Atkinson as a sleeper agent embedded in the Intelligence Community by the Deep Swamp.
    Sleeper agents are extremely valuable and only activated in times of crisis. The Swamp is in crisis and desperate to destroy the one person who can take them down – President Trump.
    There are other sleepers out there like Atkinson and we’ll see them activated from time to time in the lead-up to the election.

  84. Fools Gold says:

    In version 1.0 we had Jeff sessions and Huber, in 2.0 we have Barr and Durham. Are we again being snookered in 2.0? The only difference I see at this point is Barr plays bagpipes and blows harder…I haven’t open my pop corn since this all started. Instead I’ve purchased a Evirnonmental suit with an oxygen mask to be able to breath. I’ll take it off when big dominos began falling.

    • Fools Gold says:

      Just a little pessimistic this am…my theory is a few good men (such as a seal team or Trump team) can take out a rather large group of very bad guys but not a complete army battalion of swamp rats.

  85. askandgettruth says:

    pres trump is going through the most evil and corrupt band of commies this world has ever seen. it is a wonder he can get any work done. HIT-LLRY is behind all of this. she and her rapist hubby need to see the long arm of justice. god help us all

  86. pochas94 says:

    There is entirely too much clowning around in Congress. We need a constitutional amendment to require that impeachment proceedings be authorized by the Supreme Court.

  87. aProvider says:

    What a joke. Kill them all.

    • Tl Howard says:

      WE know MItt is a weakling. For him to have been so out in front the last week against Trump on this Ukraine thing has to be because he’s afraid his own name and Bain Capital will be revealed in any investigation involving Ukraine.
      Mitt liked his life on the Coast, in his neat beach home near San Diego. He was talked out of retirement because something could possibly touch him and his buddies.

  88. maggiemoowho says:

    This whistleblower could be a CNN fool or even Adam Schitt himself. Anyone can come out with second hand info or just made up info. Does anyone know who this person is, other than the inspector guy?

  89. Atomic Hillbilly says:

    More of the same old swamprats who think they get to decide who the president is…..
    I wish I had more confidence that Barr and Durham are actually on top of this and not just waiting for those other swamprats to finally railroad Trump….

  90. YeahYouRight says:

    Andy McCarthy has let me down again for his failure to get his head around the corrupt conduct of his (once) noble colleagues. He vouched for Atkinson as a good guy from his days at DOJ. But from the beginning, this smelled to high heaven.
    First line says this is second hand information. It should never have been classified as “Urgent Concern” until cursory investigation was conducted. The Urgent Concern here to me is the “whistleblower” himself.
    Wake up, Andy.

  91. william chandler says:

    Where is the DOJ, FBI & CIA? Why have the Bidens not been indicted for their corruption- recorded& televised.
    When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you – you know your nation is doomed. -Ayn Rand
    Trump’s JOB as Chief EXECUTIVE is to prosecute Law Breakers — The Bidens are criminal FILTH.

  92. Atomic Hillbilly says:

    Geeez…..another koinkydink…
    Why am I not surprised?

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