Report: PM Boris Johnson Has Simple Plan to Legally Stop Brexit Extension….

If this simple procedure is true, wow… It would mean all of last week’s parliamentary teeth gnashing by the usurping Never-Brexit MP’s was essentially irrelevant.

According to a Reuters report, Prime Minister Boris Johnson simply needs to attach a letter to the Brexit delay legislation saying the U.K. government officially does not request any extension beyond October 31st.  Then ignore it.  That was easy.

(Reuters) – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has prepared plans to legally stop any Brexit extension, the Daily Telegraph reported late on Sunday.

Johnson’s advisers held a meeting on Sunday to counter the strategy to prevent the British parliament’s attempts at enforcing a three-month Brexit extension if no new deal is agreed, the newspaper reported.

A plan under consideration would see Johnson sending a letter alongside the request to extend Article 50 setting out that the government does not want any delay after Oct. 31, according to the report.  (read more)

“Boris, he’s a cheeky one”….

The prior remarks by President Trump (last week) now take on a new context:

Q Have you been following the situation in London with Boris Johnson and the Brexit vote?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, Boris is a friend of mine. And he’s — he’s going at it. There’s no question about it. He’s in there — I watched him this morning. He’s in there fighting.

And he knows how to win. Boris knows how to win. Don’t worry about him. He’s going to be okay. (link)

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209 Responses to Report: PM Boris Johnson Has Simple Plan to Legally Stop Brexit Extension….

  1. A2 says:


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    • Willy Nilly says:

      Boris’s advantage is that Parliament, not wanting an election, can’t vote “no confidence” in Boris because that would make an election happen (which Boris wants). So as Prime Minister with the support of his own party, Boris can do whatever he wants and Parliament can’t stop him. This is quite a backwards situation for the British parliamentary system, unprecedented maybe.

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      • Lee Moore says:

        Not correct. The starting gun for an election on goes off (and in any case it can be rescinded even after it’s gone off) if the House of Commons votes “no confidence” using the words ““That this House has no confidence in Her Majesty’s Government.”

        They can pass a motion saying “That this House has no confidence in Her Majesty’s current Government” and that fails to fire the starting gun.

        As in the United States, the “right” is composed of engineers, nurses, business managers, soldiers, forklift drivers and so on. The “left” is composed of university lecturers, students, government apparatchiks, and….lawyers. If it comes down to a battle of legalisms, the left has a huge personnel advantage. And of course the judiciary is composed of Big Ticket swamp lawyers.

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        • Ljh says:

          “Nurses”: I beg to differ: the employees of the National Health Service, a vast Byzantine bureaucracy of entrenched interests protected by professional bodies, for whom the healthcare of the population is a pretext, have been the most rabid of EU supporters, their spokespeople have been the most alarmist as to the possible consequences of leaving. If healthcare were private they would naturally not be so welcoming of the extra layers of administration and taxation.

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        • Dixie T says:

          But . . . it was just reported today that the Judges (U.K.) say that Parliament needs to honor the people’s vote to leave the E.U.!!! So HOW does that fit into the scheme of things?


      • lydia00 says:

        Boris may just get a no confidence vote. Lots of pressure behind the scenes. EU not going quietly. They know if Britain leaves, other countries that actually pay in might line up. Does anyone know what the EU did to Greece?

        there is absolutely no advantage to being in the EU.


      • subro52 says:

        I find myself wondering how influential Ringo speaking out aids Boris should it come down to an election!?


  2. Gort says:

    Two orange guys.

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  3. graphiclucidity says:

    If I’m understanding this move by the PM, this means Corbyn will only be able to stop it by agreeing to an election sometime next month. Which Boris wants anyhow.

    This would also assure Farage and the Brexit Party that they don’t need to stand candidates in the election which will help the Tories.

    Perhaps will see more legislative maneuvers or court action by the opposition, but they’re quickly running out of time.

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  4. Baby El says:

    Oh Crud! The traitors already took off their masks!! Gee maybe no one noticed.

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  5. dufrst says:

    Kind of reminds me of the government shutdown and how Trump always had the emergency executive order in his back pocket to get Wall funding. When Trump ended the shutdown, everyone thought the Dems succeeded in blocking the Wall, but Trump veto their bill to stop his executive action and then won in court. Now, he’s building the Wall with $3.7 billion in appropriated military funds and there’s not a damn thing the Dems can do about it!

    As long as Boris gets the UK out of the EU, October 31st, it doesn’t matter how, he will be victorious! Stand strong Boris! BREXIT!!!

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    • Fools Gold says:

      That was my first reaction as well. What are they gonna do pass a bill to tear it down? Me thinks NOT!

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      • fred5678 says:

        That’s why open-borders liberals/Democrats/RINOs/assorted_polecats all FEAR THE WALL, because it is much too obvious if they have to tear down a major preventive structure — much more obvious than merely cutting funding for BP and ICE!!

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      • They’d have to fund a bill to tear the wall down
        … which POTUS would reprogram to build more.

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        • Then, if-and-when forced to use Tear-Down Funding,
          • The EPA would require an environmental study on the Tear-Down
          • The Study would take YEARS to start (no cutting in line), much less complete.
          • Patriot lawsuits would be filed by every landowner to protect his wall.
          • The Corps of Engineers would require multiple rounds of bidding to do the tear-down.
          • Contract Awards would be litigated over fairness.
          • Winning Bidders would be unionized.
          • Unions would require contract renegotiations and wage bumps.
          • Rotating Strikes would disrupt Contractors, Haulers, Food & Lodging …
          • Wall-Lizard Habitats would be declared Off Limits for Demolition.
          • DOJ would file “no contest”.

          Message to D-rats: Did we miss anything from your Playbook?

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        • dissonant1 says:

          Well, that figures. B******s! At least PDJT can veto their bill.

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        • Watch POTUS freeze DoD Spending at average monthly levels thru August.
          • Shutting down the FY-Ending rush to spend Use-or-Lose Budget surpluses
          • Diverting the leftovers to finish the wall!

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        • livefreeordieguy says:

          So good to see Willard The Turncoat putting the safety of the American people above all else… To think I hosted that man and campaigned for him… and for “Snake” Ryan… Among the top regrets of my life…

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          • cthulhu says:

            I went “all-in” against Obama’s 2nd term, even though the R nominee was Mitt Romney. I thought it would be disastrous……and it was! I hung door tags, I donated, I even provided snacks for the local Republican office — and they pissed it all away to be the junior Uniparty.

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            • Dutchman says:

              Actually, the Republicons are the SENIOR half of the Uniparty. Partvof the Deception, the Democrats are NOTHING, without the RepubliCONS.

              The Dems could NEVER have turned a traditionally center right party so far to the left, on their own.

              The real strength and power, (and therefore POTENTIALLY the biggest vulnerability) of the Uniparty, is the Republicon face.

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              • The Boss says:

                It follows logically then that President Trump ran as a Republican. He takes out the GOPe host and the democrat tape worms die off and are passed through.

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                • Dutchman says:

                  Sure, as Reagan and Goldwater who also ran as,Republicans, but were both ideologically more Nationalist/populist.

                  Nat/Pop has been around a long time, and has been demeaned and villified by the establishment, as has “protectionism”.

                  We have the greatest movement the world has ever seen. May not be direct quote, but from DJT.

                  DO you think he was talking about the Republican party when he said that?

                  Me, neither.

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        • Marygrace Powers says:

          Romney – Bain Capital Started With Help Of Offshore Investors/

          “Other early investors included Robert Maxwell, the British publishing baron, who invested $2 million. After his drowning death in 1991, investigators discovered Maxwell had stolen hundreds of millions of dollars from his company’s pension funds.”

          Reasons for Romney’s rabid TDS
          will eventually surface/ interesting
          investor connections.

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        • Right to reply says:

          Obama must really have something on Romney. I’m guessing he choked because of what the deep state have on him…

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          • WSB says:

            Well, if Marygrace is right…Romney had a connection to Robert Maxwell, and maybe Ghislaine Maxwell, and maybe Jeffrey Epstein.

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            • thehawkeyehoneypot says:

              Carly fiorina is wrapped up in this as well. The people at hewlet packard dident want her anymore than the american people did in 2016. After 1 cover on fortune magazine she was installed at hp against the boards wishes. She did oblige the deepstate with a truckload of servers around sept 11. Also any connection to the maxwells is a sign of n w o connections & pedoisland

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        • Sammy Hains says:

          Lee and Romney are agents of an enemy nation within the nation: the Mormon church. It is and has been throughout its entire history in direct opposition to the US and its laws.

          Mormons have relied specifically on Mexican nationals to grow their ranks and their coffers. Romney’s own family fled the US as fugitives to Mexico, as many Mormons did, where they established and grew a cult on the other side of the border, which Mormons have been working for decades to import into the US by any means necessary. Romney and Lee are acting on orders of their superiors, against the interests of the nation they they have infiltrated from within.

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          • InAz says:

            Good job on alienating many people.

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            • Sammy Hains says:

              So we shouldn’t tell the truth to not offend people? Next you will tell us not to speak the truth about islam.

              Learn the history of LDS. If you know its history, then Romney’s hatred for our country and our president and its citizens falls into place.

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              • Lost No Longer says:

                ^^THIS^^ Hubby & I had a combined 55 years with LDS. I read here in the comments of CTH about the churchs’ pro open borders, globalistic direction. Anything negative about LDS in CTH comments was always disputed, but not this. This got me researching, found more truths and less than 4 wks later, we were completely out.The churchs’ anti VSGPDJT letter, with nothing ever said about obamao, tho, was our original red flag. Thank you Sammy Hains. I hope you get to read this.

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        • The Cuck Brothers.

          Damn them to hell… stat.

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      • Austin Holdout says:

        Don’t forget that Robert Francis O’Rourke often advocated for tearing down the existing border wall while he was running for Ted Cruz’s senate seat. So, yes they are exactly crazy enough to try to tear down the evil, racist wall.

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      • Daniel says:

        No, they’ll arrange for coyotes and/or antifa to acquire massive quantities of thermite and cut the steel walls down.

        Within a minute or two, a giant hole big enough for trucks and buses to pass could be created.

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    • ezgoer says:

      The RINO traitors led by Mitt Romney and phony conservative Mike Lee are trying to pass a bill in the Senate to prevent Trump from diverting funds from the military budget to wall construction. The RINO traitors are being unmasked. Nect up: Trump should openly campaign against all RINOs. I like the UK process where BoJo can just expel them from the party. Too bad we don’t have such a provision.

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    • Go BoJo Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. littleanniefannie says:

    I hope people in the US are watching. The Democrats want to scream about the “One man, one vote” concept when it suits their agenda. They completely overlook it when things can be done using their little indiscretions. If the people’s votes don’t count in Britain then it totally undermines votes here as well. This is the quickest way to a Socialist dictatorship as has appeared lately. The liberals are perfectly content for this Socialist dictatorship to come to fruition. If it happens, I will be the first to laugh at the liberal “peons” who voted to support the movement who find themselves on the hand OUT not hand UP side. And for those who loved the free college, free insurance, free guaranteed income BS, let’s see how it works 5 years in to the experiment. We won’t be able to go back and you suckers will be SOL!

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  7. Fools Gold says:

    Hope and pray it’s true for the patriots in the U.K.

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  8. TarsTarkas says:

    It the Queen does it, it will show plenty of courage. The Remainers and especially the Laborites will go far beyond bananas. Abolition of the monarch is the mildest thing many will propose. Drawing and quartering may be a moderate proposal. I’m sure her son is opposed. But allowing the bill to go forward would effectively mean the end of the UK as an independent nation, and she’s always been a nationalist.

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  9. Elle says:

    If Boris knew in advance, it was a brilliant move as he exposed all of his enemies who dropped their masks….. for nothing.

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  10. Q&A says:

    Jolly good, Mr. Prime Minister!

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  11. CNN_sucks says:

    So it was a ploy of the labour party and a handful of tories? That was easy.

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  12. TCG says:

    That’s risky, because the EU might ignore the accompanying letter, and grant an extension anyway. Remember, the EU desperately wants to give them an extension, and will do so if possible. France’s recent claim that they might or might not vote for an extension is just a head fake.

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  13. mamajen says:

    This whole debacle is making me appreciate the genius of our founding fathers and the fact that we are citizens, not subjects. Un-fricking-believable that it is so easy to undo the “will of the people” in the UK with no checks or balances. This easy apparent fix is also equally stupid, but as it works out for the side I support, I’ll go with it.

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  14. From one Winner to another. Love those two White Men.

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  15. Magabear says:

    I’m watching the British House of Commons on C-Span right now, these Scottish National pols are a whiny lot. This may be the only time in history opposition parties didn’t want to hold an election! Bunch of plonkers.

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  16. Those two “orange men” make a pretty good tag-team match in the international arena. I hope the PM provides all the intel data on the attempted coup PDJT needs on this side of the pond.

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  17. A2 says:

    Big cry-on at the Daily Mail

    “Revealed: Boris Johnson ‘will sabotage Remainer plot by sending letter requesting Brexit extension to EU as new law requires… then send ANOTHER explaining why they should ignore the first’
    Today, Bill passed by opposition parties and Tory rebels will receive Royal Assent
    It says if a deal not reached – PM must agree to postpone Brexit for three months
    On Sunday Mr Johnson hunkered down with his closest aides to assess options
    One plan under consideration is to send a letter alongside Article 50 extension “


    I liked this comment best to the Telegraph article (behind a paywall) cited in the Reuter’s report above

    Boris Johnson draws up plan to legally stop Brexit extension if MPs vote against general election

    Pat O’Connell 9 Sep 2019 10:01AM
    @Rod Munch

    The thing is I am a lifelong liberal, and I know that true liberals support democracy, that’s why I support Brexiters.

    I am also a lifelong Europhile and have worked all over Europe, inside and outside of the EU, and that’s how I know the EU is destroying Europe.

    I am also a qualified economist, and that’s how I know the eurozone will fail and take the EU with it.

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  18. Graham Pink says:

    Two like-minded leaders…I hope.

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  19. ilcon says:

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  20. ilcon says:

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  21. ilcon says:

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  22. chojun says:

    This reveals at least a couple of things:

    1) A high level of trust exists between Johnson and Trump if Trump has been apprised of UK Brexit strategy
    2) The G7 meetings likely was behind the scenes overshadowed by not just the question but the reality of Brexit and a corresponding bilateral US-UK trade deal.
    3) The Labor/Liberal Dem tactics in UK Parliament are likely part of a PR push to set up a “governing against the will of the people” scenario leading to vote of no confidence on Johnson after a hard Brexit. Its possible that Johnson may not survive politically but the will of the people will actually be respected in his wake and the UK will live onward, unchained by the EU regulatory state.

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    • lydia00 says:

      What makes you think there is a high level of trust between Trump and Boris? And why is that important. Farage doesn’t trust Boris.


  23. bessie2003 says:

    This sure is complicated business!

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  24. OSP says:

    These Daily Mail, etc. articles being cited here are saying the bill passed by Parliament “will receive Royal Assent”.

    Why do they assume this as a given?

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    • Carrie says:

      We all want her to refuse, but honestly, it’s a rubber stamp. The last one that was refused was in 1707.

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      • Dutchman says:

        Well then, long overdue for the Queen to step up and earn her keep. What benefit to retain the crown, at the costvof her kingdom?

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      • Lee Moore says:

        I agree that it’s very unlikely that BoJo will pull this Royal Assent thing.

        However it is worth noting that :

        1. When Royal Assent was last refused in 1707, it was refused on the advice of Ministers, not on Queen Anne’s personal whim.

        2. There has been no occasion for Ministers to advise the refusal of Royal Assent for three centuries because the government always controls the order of business in Parliament. It has only been this year when, with the assistance of some highly, er, problematic rulings from the Speaker that the Opposition has been allowed to seize control of the Parliamentary timetable. So there has been no refusal of Royal assent since 1707 because there has been no occasion to refuse it. Until this year, a Bill couldn’t pass through Parliament without the gocvernment’s acquiescence.

        3. For Americans, used to Speaker Ryan and Speaker Pelosi, it should be noted that in the UK, the Speaker is supposed to be an utterly neutral umpire of Parliamentary procedures. The current Speaker has moved on from that model.

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  25. AnotherView says:

    Yayeee Boris!

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  26. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Tsk, tsk, tsk, Donald Tusk ain’t gonna like this, not one bit.

    Boris, prepare to be slapped across the face with Tusk’s leather driving gloves and choked with his Hermès ascot.

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  27. gda53 says:

    Two HUGE accomplishments could happen on Monday and Tuesday this week.

    Boris triumphs on Monday (and all the ramifications therefrom)

    Sidney Powell triumphs on Tuesday (and all the ramifications therefrom)

    Keep your fingers crossed!

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  28. sunnydaze says:


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  29. treehouseron says:

    They’re going to end up forcing the Queens hand. I’ll bet there’s some archaic law or rule that’s a formality that basically she can intercede. She’d never want to do it and doesn’t want to be political but we’re honestly talking about the freedom of her country.

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    • Allard Otten says:

      One theory I’ve seen is that there is/are a flaw(s) in Benn’s bill in that assumes that there is not a necessity for a Queen’s assent. A Royal assent and a Queen’s assent are different, they wrote. A Queen’s assent is necessary in bills/laws dealing with international affairs, IOW, it falls into a treaty/domestic law conundrum.

      The argument was something along the lines of Benn’s bill was based on a precedent bill that involved domestic law and she didn’t amend her version this new child bill to include a Queen’s assent. Basically, that creates the effect of Parliament attempting to go over the Queen’s head. That’s not going to fly as it completely trashes tradition. Another argument was that Benn’s bill in some way implies that BoJo’s approval is necessary (which seems to be similar to the OP’s premise here).

      They explain that BoJo pulling the filibuster, which was only set in place to buy time for BoJo’s legal autists to find holes in the bill, was due to those flaws being exposed. Benn was either unaware of the holes, or she was hoping that they wouldn’t be found out if she ran a no huddle offense.

      That’s the gist of what I’ve surmised by reading info, so take that into consideration. Only time will tell.

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  30. cthulhu says:

    Shouldn’t the headline be, “BoJo has a Cunning Plan…..”?

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  31. Lee Moore says:

    1. I’m sceptical that Boris has a cunning plan to win, but…

    2. ….if has a plan, he’s not going to leak it, before he lays down his cards. So this is not it.

    3. On its merits this plan is very flaky anyway, because it relies for its success on

    (a) the UK courts accepting that doing this complies with last week’s Remainers’ Bill, and
    (b) on the EU interpreting the two letters as not constituting a request for an extension

    4. Neither of these decisions are controlled by Boris, and it’s arguable whether the the UK courts, or the EU itself, is more fanatically biased in favor of the EU. So if he tries this he’s likely to lose both legal arguments within a matter of minutes

    5. So this story is just a head fake for the Remainers to try to panic them into voting for an election

    6. Which won’t work, but no harm in trying

    7. I certainly hope Boris has got a good plan to run down the clock successfully, but if he does, this “send another letter” idea is part of the deception operation, not the actual plan.

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    • US says:

      Having been surrounded by Marxists, as all of us have, I know they are highly intelligent. Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi would have an answer for an easy legal question. They always have the better lawyers, unfortunately. I wish all the best for Brexit, for it will be the beginning of the end of the anti-American EU.

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    • Lee Moore says:

      And here, right on cue, is an actual (retired) Supreme Court judge explaining just how long this alleged scheme woud work :

      He added there were “plenty of ways” in which this kind of obligation can be enforced. “An application will have to be made to the court for an injunction. The simplest way of enforcing the injunction would be for the court simply to direct an official to sign the letter on behalf of the PM and to declare that his signature was to be treated in every legal respect as equivalent to the prime minister’s,” he explained.

      “He” being a former Supreme Court Judge. And not one of the most Eurofanatic ones either. I think in the case the Remainers brought back in 2017 arguing that the government couldn’t give Notice to leave under Article 50 without passing an Act first, which the Remainers won, he was one of the dissenters.

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  32. Sammy Hains says:

    God save the Queen, and save England from Germany.
    And this time, let’s hope it sticks.

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  33. Sammy Hains says:

    President Trump can defeat the collaborators’ Project Fear by standing next to Boris and declaring that the US will see to it that there will be no food or medicine shortages when the UK exits the EU, and we have a big beautiful trade deal ready to go with the UK as soon as they are free.

    China’s loss will be England’s gain.

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  34. dallasdan says:

    Last week the Brexit remainers thought they had beaten BJ, and the pundits were quick to pounce on him as suffering a humiliating defeat. It was believable, until the bill sailed untouched through the House of Lords. Then it became obvious that BJ had a plan to win the confrontation.

    Today, the plan is revealed by the globalist-slobbering Reuters news organization. Seeing the remainers and Reuters having to accept a clean Brexit would be a highlight of my summer.

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  35. Mike in a Truck says:

    The Globalists can sacrifice children to Baal and use sex majik but it wont stop the Trump Train and the Boris Express. The Great Unwinding has begun and we are entering a New World Order- it’s called America First.

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  36. Martin Robins says:

    When the Tories win the next election they need to get rid of that lousy Fixed Term Parliament Act. Enacted in 2011, it’s the worst parliamentary act in UK history (apart from the Surrender Bill last week). Until 2011 the Prime Minister had the power to call a snap election; since 2011 it’s the Leader of the Opposition who has that power. Crazy.

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  37. leftnomore says:

    I like a man who drives to the office with the top down, and looks it. Bojo is my kind of guy! Angering all the right people is half the job.

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  38. Pyrthroes says:

    Per “Washington Examiner”: Britain’s employment is at record levels, the deficit has been eliminated; polls show the governing Conservative (Tory) Party ahead a full 10 points. China aside, the free-and-open U.K. has attracted more foreign investment than any country in the world. London’s stock exchange is surging; there are more EU nationals working in the U.K. than ever, belying the NYT’s idiotic claims of a faltering economy, let alone rising xenophobia.

    As for Parliament: Johnson’s policies betoken “not a Brexit but an un-Brexit crisis,” due solely to renegade MPs’ refusing to honor electoral pledges, seeking to overturn Cameron’s June 2016 Referendum. To recap: On Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 4th), the Commons passed a motion obliging Boris Johnson’s government to seek as many extensions as the EU wanted. As Prime Minister, Johnson responded by calling for a General Election, whereupon Corbyn’s Labourites, who have demanded a national poll pursuant to Cameron’s 2011 “Continuity Act” for some two years, suddenly fell silent. Since polls showed overwhelming support for Johnson’s Tories, Labourites now prefer to stay in session.

    As’t stands, negotiations with Brussels are at a joint standstill, with zero prospect of resumption, meaning that Remainers’ “Ben-Burt Bill” has zero substance (not to mention endless Upper House amendments, running out the clock to prorogation). Moreover, by deferring an election, Labour plays into Johnson’s hands– once out of the EU by end-October, Ben-Burt becomes irrelevant while Corbyn’s strength will likely fall by 10%. If not in principle, the practical precedent set here may well preclude such Parliamentary shenanigans in future.

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  39. DiogenesVindicated says:

    Does this become a clock management issue? Seems like you’re giving the ball to the opposition to make the last play.

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  40. Ausonius says:

    I just heard the interview with Ringo Starr where he said: “The people voted, so get on with it” and do what the people have voted for.

    Ringo then was asked why he was in favor of breaking away: “It’s always a good idea to be in control of your own country!”

    It says much about our current era, when T H E O B V I O U S is not obvious to so many people, and must therefore be delineated for it to be recognized.


    A country should not kill its babies, born or unborn.

    A country should control its borders.

    A country should not let its lunatics run through the streets at will….or run for Congress.

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  41. ozymandiasssss says:

    The best idea is to have Italy reject the UK request for an extension.

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  42. Alligator Gar says:

    I just read that Macron has signaled that France will not vote to extend! Wow.

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  43. The most amazing thing to me about this “controversy” is that the EU is basically controlled by …


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  44. 335blues says:



  45. Hopper Creek says:

    HEY Barrack , Look who s going to the front of the Line !

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  46. The Gipper Lives says:

    Boris could try the old “The bulldog ate my Brexit homework”-ploy.

    Or better yet, he could use the Gay Lord Gaylord Stratagem: claim 24 times that “I can’t do it because I’m not a king”, and then do it anyway, issuing his own DACA–Deferred Action on the Crown’s Assent.


  47. lydia00 says:

    Macron and EU Council claimed no more extensions in order to whip up Leave. Don’t believe it. They know Boris is wobbly. His own brother walked out on him. The Tories never wanted to leave. The EU is playing them to save face, too. (England is 2nd largest contributor to their unelected EU Council elite lifestyles in Brussels.

    As Farage feared, Boris is already softening. Parliament will bring him down for not acting on their latest legislation. So either a Corbyn caretaker gov or snap election. The Tory traitor Bercow has announced he is leaving.

    Boris is killing conservative party. Evidently he has a history of making bold declarations and backing off.

    The elites are deceivers. Never trust them. The peasants don’t revolt so why bother?


  48. SwampRatTerrier says:

    Remainers Plan to Replace Prime Minister with Unelected Civil Servant to Stop Brexit
    (but EU member nations such as France are already saying enough is enough to the EU and that the “never exit Brexit” must end now.)


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