Merkel Takes Her Tin Cup to China…

As if, on cue:


CTH – […] The problem for China, and ultimately for Germany, is that Trump’s trade reset has stopped a big amount of U.S. wealth from arriving in Beijing. Simultaneously, Beijing is countering Trump’s tariffs by devaluing their currency. The rebound economic impact is doubled. China has: (1) less income; and (2) less value within their own currency.

Where does this dynamic show up?

…. Anytime China is going to buy something.

China’s currency devaluation makes their exports cheaper; however, at the same time it makes any of their imports more expensive. As a consequence China buys less… and that now exhibits in lower purchases of German stuff. See how that happens?

So yeah, the ramifications for Merkel’s German economy -twice as bad as originally forecast- are based on China fighting Trump. The fact that China is bleeding cash, and has simultaneously dropped the value of their currency, means China can’t buy stuff.

All of those nations who were counting on Chinese purchases are now going bananas. This is why the multinationals blame Donald Trump… and to make matters even worse – the U.S. economy is thriving, while they watch from the sidelines. It’s a delicious dynamic.  (read more)

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183 Responses to Merkel Takes Her Tin Cup to China…

  1. yearningabstractly says:

    Astoundingly clueless analysis in that video! I LOLd a few times.

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  2. big jim says:

    the graphic clearly illustrates
    €200B value exported to china
    €400B value imported from china

    uhhhhhh how is that better for germany or EU ?

    I mean you lose €100B here and lose €100B there;
    and pretty soon your talking about some real money . . . .

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    • Mike says:

      Germany is running a small deficit with China in terms of imports and exports, i.e., around 14 billion Euros.

      Economy. Bilateral trade between the two countries reached 199.3 billion euros in 2018. This made China Germany’s most important trading partner for the third consecutive year, ahead of the Netherlands (189.4 billion euros) and the United States (178 billion euros).
      Germany exports

      The top export destinations of Germany are the United States ($111B), France ($103B), China ($95B), the United Kingdom ($90.3B) and the Netherlands ($84.5B). The top import origins are China ($109B), the Netherlands ($89.9B), France ($69.1B), the United States ($61.6B) and Italy ($58.5B).


  3. Conservative_302 says:

    I’d be happy if we stopped all trade with China. As the famous saying goes. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” I thank God Trump loves America and knows how great our country is. God bless the USA and Trump.

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  4. Michael Jones says:

    I still don’t understand how she’s able to show her face in Germany. She completely destroyed the country. KARMA will be ruthless with her traitorous ass.

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  5. Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

    Explore exciting business opportunities in the ALL NEW CHINA!!*

    *Internet not included or available. Bring Stamps**

    **The Chinese government reserves the right to read your mail.


  6. lydia00 says:

    What’s in Germany for China? Lol. Their EU tomatoes?

    China is all over the Bahamas as saviors. They want communication towers there.


    • Pokey says:

      China is the only real enemy we face. After all the Eurocommies retreat to their collectivist cocoons, we will pretty much be aware of it. Germany has always been ruled by totalitarian collectivist claptrap. There was never any hope for a Germany of liberty loving individuals. They have never understood the concept. Now PDJT is exposing them. High time. I hope our collectivists can comprehend this exposure, but I seriously doubt they ever will.


    • wondering999 says:

      lydia, wartime propaganda against Germany began during World War I and continued long past World War II. It is astounding how many people hate on command — not only in Germany, but here as well. If the TV broadcasts “hate/despise/kill Germans” messages, vast numbers of sheep fall obediently fall into line.

      What is in Germany? Are you aware that both the US and Soviet space programs used scientists from defeated Germany? Many of their patents were also taken following World War II. Germany’s educational system has produced generations of top-notch scientists, mechanics and builders of all sorts. Have you ever heard of Siemens Corporation and their medical equipment? Thyssen-Krupp elevators? Volkswagen and BMW? Germany has a great deal to offer, even in the worst of times.

      I hope that Germany and China do not fall into an alliance, but there would definitely be reasons for that to happen. And I cannot tell you how sick I am of people falling for hate propaganda directed at specific nationalities. It is a stupid thing and needs to stop


      • Dennis Leonard says:

        wonder,go play SJW somewhere else.


        • wondering999 says:

          Dennis Leonard, disagree that this is “SJW”. It is being practical and honest. Intense media hatred has been directed at Germany over decades. Maybe you have forgotten that there was an attempt to direct this stale sick tactic at our POTUS as “Drumpf”. It is stupid. The truth does not have an agenda… but anti-German propaganda does most definitely have an agenda, and I don’t share it.


      • Pokey says:

        If Germany is so great, why do they constantly flirt with the Chicoms? They can’t sell enough of their supposedly superior cars in Europe and the Western Hemisphere? I criticize them for failing to pay a pittance for their own defense while they race to try to undermine their chief defender by making lousy economic deals with the Chicoms? Germany had better get on the right side of this battle or they will end up losing a lot more than car sales to China. Germany has suffered economically because of their interminably stupid politics. Just my opinion, but I will stick to it for the time being.


        • wondering999 says:

          Pokey, if the Republican and Democrat parties are so great, why have they been flirting with the Chicoms for decades? (and why wouldn’t Germany, which has been almost a colony of the US for decades, follow their lead?)


  7. Pegon Zellschmidt says:

    “Germany’s going to get rolled.” 5 seconds.


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