Stunning Day of Economic Gaslighting – Despite All Positive Data, Corporate Media Cheering For Recession…

A “negative yield curve“;  a pending “economic recession“.  These are the obtuse and ridiculous proclamations of the Mainstream Corporate Media today.  So let’s take a moment to discuss how stunningly -intentionally- disconnected they are.

Always remember, there are trillions of dollars at stake; and these media entities have a vested interest in maintaining the Wall Street position, adverse to Main Street USA.

First the “negative yield curve” aspect; where long-term bond rates (returns on investment) are lower than short-term rates (returns).  As Reuters proclaims:

“A key bond market metric turned negative for the first time since 2007 on Wednesday, sending stocks tumbling”…

I must admit, I actually started laughing out loud when I first read that proclamation. Allow me to introduce a radical concept in economics: “supply and demand” !

The long-term borrowing rate for return on investment dropped momentarily lower than the short-term borrowing rate of return on investment because massive numbers of foreign investors were rushing to buy long-term U.S. bonds.   Wait… what?  Yes, a ‘negative yield curve’ is what happens when everyone wants to buy bonds in your long-term economy.

There weren’t enough long-term bonds to fill the demand of those who wanted to purchase them.  Ergo, the return rate of interest dropped because there was no need to have an incentive to sell them…. everyone wants them.

So the yield drops, because the U.S. doesn’t need to incentivize the sale… because everyone is lined up to buy them.  See how that works?

Do lines of people wrapping all around the world trying to get to the U.S.A Bank and buy U.S. treasury bonds sound like the USA economy (underlying the bond) is weak or in trouble?

It’s OK to laugh out loud.

No, really, it’s ok.

Yes, Alice, it’s true.  The financial media would have you believe that customers lined-up around the building to purchase your products means your business is about to close because of a lack of customers.   THAT my friends is the stupidity of it.

The U.S.A economy is so strong, so healthy, and forecast to remain so with such intensity, that everyone wants to purchase dollars because it is the world’s highest predicted rate of return for investment….. And somehow the media can spin that into a bad thing.

No, really.  That’s the narrative of today.

Now let’s look at the second stupid “A looming recession“:

First, a “recession” is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.  That’s how you define a recession.  So to start a recession you need need one quarter of negative GDP growth right?  Well, duh, it hasn’t happened, and there is not a single economist who is predicting a negative Third Quarter growth rate (July, Aug, Sept., ’19).

First Quarter GDP growth was 3.1%. [Beating all expectations] Second Quarter GDP growth was 2.1%. [Again, beating all expectations]… and somehow the Third Quarter is suddenly going to be negative growth?   It’s OK to laugh again.

So how does CNN et al  “warn of a looming recession” when there’s not a single economist forecasting a negative GDP for the third quarter?   Well, they make shit up that’s how.

Think about it…. if the economy was contracting, people would not be getting hired right?  Employers would be laying people off right?  Businesses would be selling off assets right?  Wages would be dropping right?

Do you see any of these things happening?

No?  Why not?

Because it ain’t happening, that’s what !!!

The U.S. economy is not shrinking.  Main Street is strong, and getting stronger.

Go back to point #1, would the world be rushing to buy dollars if the U.S. economy was on the precipice of collapse?  Think about it.

Now, that said, there are some economies that are shrinking; and they all have something in common.  The manufacturing export dependent nations are in trouble because President Trump is starting to limit their access to their most desired customers, the USA. And President Trump is telling companies that operate in those export nations that it would be in their best interests to come to the United States to make their goods.

Germany, the economic engine for the EU, is a manufacturing export dependent nation, and it is contracting.  China is a manufacturing export dependent nation and their manufacturing is contracting.  But the U.S. is strong, because we are not dependent on exports.  In fact the U.S. consumes more than 80 percent of what we produce; we are a self-sustaining economy.

Our U.S. economic strength is why Asian and European investors are rushing to buy dollars (US Bonds); and why the U.S. treasury doesn’t need to provide high yield rates as incentives to buy them (hence the negative yield curve).

Stop me when any of the U.S. economic data has even the slightest implication of a slowdown, or “looming recession”.

Our last jobs report showed 164,000 new jobs created in July (yeah, like two weeks ago).  In addition 363,000 people moved from part-time to full-time employment… does that sound like a weak economic outcome?  Current blue-collar wage growth is in excess of 3.4%, and current overall U.S. worker income is growing at a rate exceeding 5.4%.

Does any of that sound like what you see just before a “looming recession”?

(BEA Data Source – Link)

Every actual data result exceeds expectations.

Every measurable KPI in the U.S. economy beats every forecast.

Show me data that supports this “looming recession” claim.  Guess what; you can’t because it is a manufactured bucket of nonsense.  Abject stupidity created in the basement of media narrative engineers and pushed into the U.S. mainstream talking points in an effort to create something that doesn’t exist.   You know the word for that? “Gaslighting” !


Why are the financial pundits doing this?

Because the engine for the U.S. economy is the U.S. consumer.  The Wall St./Media pundit goal is to erode consumer confidence, instill fear, and hopefully get people to sit on those high wages…. thereby creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This my friends is the battle behind Wall Street -vs- Main Street.

There are trillions of dollars at stake.

[You Can Read More Here]

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234 Responses to Stunning Day of Economic Gaslighting – Despite All Positive Data, Corporate Media Cheering For Recession…

  1. Schmitty says:

    Like I said, this is end of decade run-up. Like 1919, 1929, 1979, 1999. Bought lots of Gold miners late May, closed on house sale in June, renting until mid 2021 and holding gold until it peaks in Sept 2021. Crypto expected to bottom Sept 28 2019.

    I love Trump and study data relentlessly,

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    • Ethan says:

      I am a millennial and am finally starting to get a baseline comfortability with reading and understanding economic data. Can you tell me about the data that you posses and what it is indicating to you?


  2. sundance says:

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    • PBR says:

      There is no recession. The reason I now this is that they always wait until we are almost over a recession to let us know that we have been IN a recession. Never in my 65 years have I heard, Oh- a recession is on the horizon.

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    • LindaH says:

      Sundance, I just watched a talking head on the Kennedy show on Fox. The person stated that yes, a recession is not imminent BUT one will usually show up in around 11 months after this type of a reversal. Which brings us to right before the election next year. Deep State planning ahead? Everything is so crazy right now!

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      • Doubtful that it will hit in 11 months. The Treasury bond buyout is due to capital flight from the EU and China to the US. If their economies tank, those individuals want to make sure their savings and money doesn’t go down with the ship.

        China has lost over 5 million jobs this year and Hong Kong (a major market city) has significant civil unrest. France has had the Yellow Jacket protests in Paris for months (over a year now?) Germany’s exports are slowing down, which is driving the EU down, and Britain is going to have a hard Brexit but will be trading with the US (a loss for the EU).

        Just wait until winter hits the EU and China. Things may get very interesting then as cost of living increases as their economies decrease.


    • Dennis Leonard says:

      Like you said ,it is OK to Laugh,
      “Janet Yellen says yield curve inversion may be false recession signal this time”

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  3. trnathens says:

    Here’s why things are going to either get or look like they’re going to be worse, before they get much, much better:

    It has begun

    “Interviews with intelligence community officials have revealed that senior FBI leaders “seemed indifferent to evidence of a possible intrusion by a foreign adversary” into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s non-government email server…

    The information was contained in a letter and interview transcripts sent Monday by the majority staff on the Senate Finance and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committees to senior Senate Republicans including Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa. The letter also noted that “neither the committees nor the FBI were able to confirm whether an intrusion into the server occurred.”

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    • Alan Reasin says:

      I have thought that the destruction of the China CIA operation was due to her server being hacked by China . They have my DoE security clearance info, why not what she had on her server.


    • CaptainNonno says:

      Sure they were indifferent. They knew China paid for the keys to the server. Pay to play was universally practiced throughout the government.


  4. Athena the Warrior says:

    Scumbag media hacks on Outnumbered led by Melissa Francis kept using the failing Macy’s as the indicator of a possible recession. Macy’s screwed up when the CEO attacked candidate Trump back in 2015. Fox News is the controlled oppo enemy.

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    • Rynn69 says:

      Go on their website to shop. You will be surprised what you see. Models wearing hijabs. Ask any moderate Muslim women and she will tell you the hijab is a symbol of oppression and that nowhere is it mentioned in the Koran. You will also see models wearing sweaters with Santa Claus on it captioned “I Don’t Believe in You Either.”

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    • susanswa says:

      That’s right! Macy’s decided to discontinue selling Trump ties and made a big deal out of it. I haven’t been there since.

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    • amjean says:

      They also dumbed down to very cheap merchandise as they got rid of brands
      that former owner Marshall Field’s had. They started competing with Walmart
      in my opinion and Walmart won.

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      • Robert Smith says:

        Walking into a Sears is like walking a few decades into the past. They don’t care to present their retail goods in a manner approximating their competitors.


  5. JonB3 says:

    You can no longer trust Drudge Report for fair news !!!

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  6. gsonFIT says:

    Interest rates are the “rent” to borrow money. There is a market for money just like there is a market for stocks and bonds. When that money is scarce and can be put to work and at an assumed opportunity cost with a return higher than current borrowing cost, interest rates, or the rent on $ will go up, so an inverted yield implies that the slope or time value of interest rates is changing. This is technical speak for rates are falling and the economy is slowing, There are other factors including inflation and productivity, but the above is the general infrastructure of interest rates. Sundance was absolutely right, supply and demand.

    So the flattened yield between 2 and 10 year treasury implies lower rent cost on money thus a slowing economy. But this axiom was before the negative interest rate environment created in the 2008 crisis and mitigated by Obama and his Fed (Corporate America called it Financial Engineering) Here is a question that will help illustrate:

    You are a pension manager or run a mutual fund and you are bound to have 30-50 % of your assets in bonds. Would you buy the 10 year U.S. Treasury paying 1.6% or the German government yielding a negative -.65$% which means you would get back $999.35 /per $1000 face value. I know which one I would buy.

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  7. Agreed on the Leftist plot to talk Americans on Main Street into “not consuming”. It won’t work. Extra money makes people want to spend- Or invest. Both are positive for the US economy. There is another scam at work here. It is as old as a Babylonian Bazzar. Wall Street fakes a sell off with press releases and shorting Futures. Bingo! A panic. The same crafty scammers then buy the panicked sellers shares or contracts at a deep discount and like magic the assets make new highs. It’s the oldest trick in the book: smoke out the shoe string salesmen and weak eyed sisters.

    Technically speaking we made and keep making higher lows within a longer term trend channel. This is the definition of a Bull Market. As I write the Dow is + 114. Apparently there is no continuation selling in the Globex.

    As the abortion funding Satanic scumbag Buffet says “ be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

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  8. H.R. says:

    I heard this “looming recession” bit briefly on the radio on a ‘news on the hour’ break. The local station gets its 2-3 minutes of national news from ABC.

    I literally did Laugh Out Loud when I heard that.

    What they are hoping with this gaslighting is that people will buy the nonsense. They are to think, “Well, I’m doing OK, but everyone else must be having a rough time.” The YSM has done this before with some success.

    But this time around, people can’t think of anyone else having a rough time. Every store you walk into has Help Wanted or Now Hiring Full Time signs on the doors or at the entry. It’s odd when you see a store without those signs. And I’ve also noticed non-retail business that have put ‘We’re Hiring’ banners on the outside of their building to get the attention of people driving by.

    People have more discretionary income and so do their family members and friends. The stock market dips don’t affect the younger workers, whose 401k administrators in their periodic ‘Plan’ update meetings always remind the participating employees that they are in the market for the long haul and to just ignore the dips, even when they are rather severe. So fewer people than you’d think worry about a 600 or 800 point drop.

    Thank you Sundance for this well-written, highly entertaining skewering of the current gaslighting.

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  9. During my lunchbreak, I heard the dire news of a coming recession. I finished my salad and thought, what the heck, this is Wall Street /CoC /MSM pish–posh trying to instill doom and gloom and frighten people. I finally get to Sundance’s take and lo and behold , it’s “gaslighting”. I do want to thank Sundance and CTH; i probably wouldn’t have recognized it five years ago!

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  10. Les Standard says:

    I don’t see signs of a recession. Then again, evil people with power and money can make darn near ANYTHING happen nowdays…..

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  11. They got him this time……………/s

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  12. Magabear says:

    So this is basically the economic version of muh Russia? Thought so. 🙂

    Always remember that truth is not a value to the left. Their only value is imposing leftist ideology on everyone. If talking the economy into recession gains them power while ruining millions of lives in the process, no big deal to them. You exist to give them power, it’s the only use they have for you.

    Sadly, we have too many on our side who slurp up all this nonsense without questioning how stupid it all is, as Sundance points out here.

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    • leftnomore says:

      It’s because they are extensions of evil…their father the devil. The motives are the same, the targets are the same.
      Remember… “the weapons of our warfare are not ‘carnal’ but mighty thru God for the pulling down of strongholds.’ Second amendment notwithstanding.

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    • GP says:

      I’m glad SD did-as I was a little confused when hearing the “looming recession” gloom and doom prognostcators as I was fielding phone calls from (3) recruiters practically begging me to come back to work. (I’m 64 and retired)


  13. fragemall says:

    I’m betting on PDJT. Trudeau loses, Canada/Mexico trade agreement happens, Brexit goes off 10/31 and 11/1 a USA – UK free trade agreement. Sundance laid it out a couple days ago.
    This is just noise from drowning rats. Long hall sky is the limit for dow/s&p.


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    • Baby El says:

      Yea, our friends in Canadia can’t possibly see the economic differences between the two countries and still vote for trudope. Remember – legalizing marijuana is a trick that can only be used once.


      • Walt says:

        “… used only once.”
        And after you use ‘legalizing marijuana’ you get to pay for the trick FOREVER.
        A very special meaning of ‘one time trick.’


  14. dallavise says:

    To be fair, last time there was a negative yield curve, recession was a year out. USA is so blatantly strong compared with anyone else, and only getting stronger. Long term prospects are super strong, a bit of uncertainty short term as Trump is willing to Tariff anyone. So this time is the exception to the rule.

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    • Rhoda R says:

      We’ll have a recession if Trump loses in 2020 and the rats void out all the trade deals he’s done and bow again to China.

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    • icthematrix says:

      Any recession we might experience would be mild and brief given the economic factors currently existing. The biggest trigger would be PDJT losing in 2020. The business and investor community are not stupid; they know what policies provided this grand expansion and who triggered them.

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  15. fangdog says:

    Trump has mentioned over and over the single most burden on MAGA is the Fed raising interest rates. How is the Fed not going to lower interest rates with all this recession talk? Trump has to love this and another ultimate win result for Trump…….Keep it up Libtards …..the gift which keeps on giving.

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  16. G S says:

    Oh nose! dRumpft is gonna recess Obama’s economy!!111

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  17. CAMaven says:

    Sorry, but inverted yield curve, stock market in free fall, gold price soaring, real estate and manufacturing growth fading, are all red flag warnings of a storm ahead.

    The inverted yield curve isn’t because of any true, organic demand, but phony buying and flight from the stock market. The low yields will increasingly inhibit that, unless there is a total crash. I learned the hard way in 2008 that the plutocrats have enormous bond investments, will do anything to preserve their capital there, including committing OPM, lying, cheating and stealing. Fed committed $16 TRILLION to domestic and foreign banks in the last big crash.

    Cramming down trillion dollar deficits and more for states, municipalities, is the only thing sustaining growth right now. That will greatly increase debt ratios. When and if interest rates return to historic norms, it will CRUSH government budgets and taxpayers, earthing up any discretionary and even some non discretionary spending.

    Trump’s trade war will be good long term if prosecuted property, but short-mid term effects can be disastrous.

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    • Snow Patrol says:

      Remember when the economic failure of Greece was causing global markets to crash?
      And TurboTax Geithner was flying to Brussels weekly (2011)? Then all of sudden, the global markets moved out of bear territory, and Timmy was back in D.C.? Later we find out that the Fed “loaned” even more money to failing European banks. I am still pissed about that.

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    • Vicus says:

      “stock market in free fall, gold price soaring,real estate and manufacturing growth fading”

      As the stock market has been rallying since the dip, even today (+300) and gold down today (-8.20), and only up +6 for the month.

      Real estate and manufacturing growth fading? Your looking at data during that, you know, long term heavy winter that blanketed more than half the country? You idiot.


  18. Vince says:

    I’d like to thank everyone who panicked today, so that I could buy some shares on sale.

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    • Baby El says:

      That’s the beauty of computerized trading. All you have to do is trigger it and the results will be very predictable.
      Whoever put out the “inverted yield curve” talking points likely made a bundle today.


  19. leftnomore says:

    A shut-in I know panic texted me as CBS was breathlessly reporting that stock market was crashing and we were going into a recession. He was reeling from the “news.” When I replied that his news source was a joke, he asked me how I knew this.

    Yes, there are people out there who do not know that corporate media gaslights the public for fun and profit. I wised him up.

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    • GP says:

      Well, August is typically a slow news month-and Epstein can only “die” once, so there’s that. IDK much about economics…I’m thinking just print some more money.

      But I know financial “advisors” on YouTube love to use phrases of which I have no idea what they mean and at the end of the day, it’s BUY GOLD.


  20. Retired and not heavily in the stock market as far as corporate shares. Still a recession is not good no matter how much you hate our President. God Bless Pres. Trump and the USA.


    • Child of Morning says:

      You know it is fake by watching tv news or listening to radio news. An inverted yield curve is a wonky thing. Most folks have no clue about it, especially the dolts and dingbats that “read” the news daily. Yet I must have heard “inverted yield curve” 20 times today. All news is fake.


      • GP says:

        I like this one guy on Youtube “MainstreetforWallStreet” but he talks like he’s a market expert but yet is always begging for Patreon money so he can “pay the bills and literally keep the lights on”. You know where I’m going with this so I won’t bore you

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  21. millwright says:

    Remember, “up or down ” regardless of which way the market moves someone’s making money on the movement ! The current media rants regarding the market are just as fictional as the ‘ legend of black Friday ‘ . The real market downturn came a year later .


  22. dallasdan says:

    The economy will very likely be the principal and most visible plank in the President’s reelection platform.

    With multiple, gargantuan efforts to shame and remove him from office having both failed spectacularly and blown-back hard on the Dems, IMO their last gasp effort will be to tank the stock market to create the illusion of MAGAnomics being a failure, and to significantly diminish voters’ 401k plan values, which the President has consistently highlighted in his talking points.

    Having worked after baccalaureate graduation for a leading investment banking firm on Wall Street, I fully understand and abhor how the market is easily manipulated, on both the upside and the downside, by the institutional investors. They make megabucks on movements in either direction, largely because of coordinated trading strategies and schemes.

    Regardless of stellar, nearly miraculous improvements in the overall economy, the msm, the financial segment in particular, has jumped through fiery hoops to downplay the primarily Presidentially-driven achievements.

    I will not be surprised by both continued and intensified efforts to induce a very significant “bear market” and blame the President, all the way to election day.

    Such dishonesty would never succeed if the stock market was a fair market.


  23. beachbum31 says:

    same news service, same bull 9 months ago. They’re running out of Christmas’s to sabotage before 2020.

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  24. calbear84 says:

    Thanks for this post Sundance. I love it when you talk economics!
    Don’t know how many times I’ve tried to explain to non-conservatives that the FED Funds Rate was ZERO from 2008 to 2015, yet all we heard from the media was praise for Obama’s economic “recovery”!
    Now under President Trump the FED has raised rates EIGHT times! But that fact is never mentioned by the financial news geniuses when the market dips. It doesn’t take an Einstein to see that only a booming economy could withstand these rate hikes. At least the FED seems to have received Trump’s message to stop interfering with growth.

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  25. JAS says:

    The socialists need recession fears to defeat POTUS in 2020. The have done it before (Bush vs Clinton). Day after Clinton won the economy turned out to be hunky dory. Most people didn’t even notice. Queue ass**** supreme Maher who was the first one to start spreading the bull****.


  26. Bill Maher proclaimed he wanted a recession to get rid of Trump. DNC looked around and said, “Why not!” Now we see the Media Matters narrative rollout.

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  27. Elle says:

    I understand and agree that many foreigners are buying US bonds and real estate as a hedge against downturns in their own countries, but any chance “they” are buying now to sell right before the election to generate headlines that the Trump economy is a bust?


  28. kurt72 says:

    My firm manufactures construction products in America. I sell them to lumber yards. The first half of this year was the best in 20 years for me! Highest commissions ever! We are trying to hire more for our plants across the country by increasing wages and benefits. They just offered me unlimited vacation time. They pay 100% for my Masters degrees. I have stellar insurance benefits and they’ve put 6 figures into my 401k. I am blocking recruiters constantly because I’m happy where I am. This economy is rockin’ with no end in sight!

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  29. Rick says:

    Democrats need a recession, it’s their only hope in 2020.

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  30. Nowut Ameen says:

    The Dems don’t need an actual recession so much as they need a looming recession and shock headlines like “DOW craters 800 points!!!”

    Local TV is right now running a “global looming recession” story blaming Trump and plumping every minor indicator as proof of loomingness extraordinaire.

    Ooga Booga!


  31. That’s why they’re called fake news.


  32. Lionel Mandrake says:

    Sorry – I can’t laugh. The propagandized MSM will stop at nothing to achieve the goals of their masters, including the creation of a real recession complete with reduced spending and fears of diminished personal wealth, ie: 401k’s, IRA’s, real estate, etc..

    Look no further than the fact that they were able to convince over 50% of voters to support a presidential candidate running a massive grift operation, When evidence surfaced that she destroyed court subpoenaed evidence and then lied under oath to congress – they voted for her anyway!

    Our only defense against the relentless drumbeat of leftist domination is the man with the biggest cajones in the U.S. – PDJT,

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  33. techherder says:

    It’s clear BLOOMBERG GLOBALIST NANNY STATE scumbag talking heads haven’t found internet sites such as IMHO.

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  34. The doomsayers may be correct if they can argue they are referring not to the US economy alone but the global economy in toto. The rush to US treasuries is a flight from relative risk into the traditional safe haven of the US economy.

    It will be interesting to see how long it takes for some commentators to modify their recession talk to refer to the global economy. I guess then they’ll simply say that it’s only a matter of time before the US is dragged down. However, the smart economies will by then already be adjusting to drive growth by tuning into the US engine.

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  35. wwwrobotC says:

    Read Sundance, make money. Laugh. (real laugh)


  36. deepdivemaga says:

    A very close relative of mine works in the bond market. On the sell side.

    Keep in mind she is NOT a Trump fan.

    I brought up the fact that the DOW Jones dropped ~800 points yesterday and do you want to know her response?

    “This was THE BEST day of business we have had in YEARS.”

    Everyone wants to buy US bonds. How about that?

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  37. Zippy says:

    Sorry, but there are ALL KINDS of signs of an impending recession, and not just the factors mentioned in the column above, in the US and the entire world. The consumer angle means nothing because low unemployment and DEBT-based purchases allow that and employment is ALWAYS a lagging indicator (doesn’t predict a recession, but reacts AFTER we are in one).

    Unfortunately, unless the Fed applies MUCH more of the rate cutting that got the US -and the entire freaking world- into this -DEBT TRAP- (why else do you thing Trump is calling for that?), we won’t make it to the 2020 election without a reset. One is long, LONG overdue.


  38. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    Always comes back to the 21st Century Progressive Media mantra… “If it’s bad for America they are all for it; and if it’s good for America they will oppose or ignore it.”


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